Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1912
Page 6
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6 THE JOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENINa N OVEMBER 7,1912. PCTORSMSE I tPERIMS $av^ by Lydla E. PinkhamV Vegetable Compound. ' ownrtJiroorr. Pcniv - "-.F'or Mlpnn •ye»r8 I suffered untold aj^ony, find for . one pffricKl <:i noarly I two years I had hemorrhages 'and the floctors lold me I ^vouK^ have to un^ litTco en operation, ; hui. I hepan takinj; I yi!i:i v.. PinkhRm'g Vtjrotu l>le Com- J. ini! smij pm in I p, • Tilth now. a. ' O J. . ' i cannot prair.c your\' ec: itoohighly. EverjiiVt rniin ^ i.that time. I rccon'r.i i-! f;Bnd young for femab irc hUMlLY SUUMERSGILL. Sw : BnJtlmoro, Md. -" My i ::«rith the loss of a child. ;-orrii8KC8*for four uionih.s A TAu: or mtBotfjosK I over the I '• I.iiV and •.•rritwi.ii' -itHl . :<>!!io!t •' Jirs. • ..'.r.'. P.",. r h I • i hi-m- . „ _ , • . .for •naid an operation w.ii v •vgFury. '..ui ! idrcaded it and o i-. ird ' try 1 . ' ;Pinkfiam*8 VVpoi.ih:.- r • 'xm:.! .medicine has nia<. / i:i<- a ^ vll wo .. •ill.. l.feel stroiii; uuu Mrs. J. R. PICK'S. JJalUmore. Md. • Sinee we guarari - nlal« which wo pu' ;notfairto8uppo .s<ham's VcRetablo l tuc to help these ^. other woman wh. r? •. v)\vn 'W • • lj:>i-,vv.r :., nil f- <i .r4' >;enui! . it f l.ydlit K ' . •• umi has il^. 'I will iirlpxinv • 'in:; in a like maimer? If jou want 8p4>eiAl .-tim irritotn Lydia £. riiikbam Mcdirinr Co. icoutl. dMtial) Lynn, Moss. Tour IcHrr y'tV. I)e opened, read and answrrcd by ; ifoman aad beld la strict confldruce PROUIBinOMST CLAIMS U.VIX. Defeated Presi'i nihil >'omiuoe Tells Hhj !'..rJy Loses. Chicago. Nc. -Euppne W. Chafln. Prohibition cii ait- f""" president. ' said concernia i Ve sliowingr made by • his party: V "Seven men c,.- v, ten throujrhoul ; the L^nlted States ar.^ opposed to tl saloons. If they ha-: -iled as they be lieved, there wouitl /e been a land flide carrjinp every Proliibltion tan didate Info office. "The idea that th«» Kppublican par* ty has no chance f PIICCCSS is the • thing that defeats i The man who is opposed to saloons . <•>• not vote for • men of 'his own co: -lions, because he thinfrs he would h iiRrwinp away f his vote. He wants to !nce his vote wihcre he thinks it will count. "I believe complete reuims will show a substantial inorea.'/' in the Pro - hibition \-ote thrtjughout the cmintry. CHAPTER I. An Unpteaaant Situation. When, lato in May, 1S68. Majoi Daniel McDonald, Sixth Infantry, wut flrst assigned to command the new three company post established aouih west of Fort Dodge, designed to protect the newly discovered CimarnsL trail leading to Santa Fe across the desert, i -.i 'd, purely by courtesy, of flcially termed Fort Dcvere, be unt- ur; :H V iisidered it perfectly safe .c inv : • >: ouly daughter to join bin; there I..I ii.T summer vacation, in deed. nt. that lime, there was ap pr.ronily no -.alld reason why lit should deny himself this pI <inRi :r<> K.tcept for C( rialn vague rumors ro garding uneaiilui >88 among the S IUI.N warriors, north of the Plntte, tho vnrl 0U8 tribaa of tho plains were cnurii.-.- no unusual trouble to military uuthc.: ties, although, of course, there «. fj no lime in the history of that coiitit.-y utterly devoid of peril front yoi:;.; midors, usually nided and abet led ^,> outcast whites. However, tl-o S.-itiin Fe route, by this date, hud become .1 wtll-travcled trail, protected by sc.- 6outh: cfc.^c. . CORyiOQHT'jSI« BY A.C.M=CIURG? & CO. men, retained for courier aervice. HIi only remaining commissioned offlcci at the post was the parf.aJly disabled cavalry captain, acting temporarily a» adjutant, because incapaoitated foi taking l».o iield. He had waited unti' tee laft possible moment. truBting :hat a lihift in conilltions migkt bring back some available oificer. Now h€ h:vd to c'.iooso between aisiduty af communder and as father. Furthei delay was impossible. Devpi\! was a fort niei My' by cour tc%y. In r<VTlity it consis^ol only o; n sinnfl i'to.-lcndc hn :;lHy I K tit cif cot tonv.ofid ti:iil» r. r.urretiiidlnfj In parti.-;' protnctleii .T l<.::lf liii.'.en r-iick."!, nr .i one f:il"ly d^^ent lo;; hnvM.. Tlu nltu.ifion w..:-. » ro'i « .»liir: ; elevalloi ovt -rlook!!': ih.' Un\\, sotiu low blulT/ li.ire of tii-.iber lull srec". with .Itiii* i:r;!;'s to the no'ihv.ard, wh'le in ev I rv otl ;«r .lin;>ion extendi J an In li riidiuililo !«;iiid-de(.-ert. e ><T shiflinF l> tn'flth "ind blasts, pri<»»»i ting j:: desoI .Tlf- a scene as eye ooiibl witness Tho y.tlo«' flood of (h<' riier. stil swollen hy melting mountoln snow W.IK a hundred ftiet from tb' storkadt pile, and on Us' bank stoiul the loi terod posts along its entire route, fre.j c:>vn1ry stsibles. Uelow. a scant hnli STAB DISTRICT. (S M Dickenson) - NoTrrhber 6 —A heavy rain fell Wed • nesd.iy niplit followed hy jilcet and , snow en Thursday. The ponds are 'now yieldinp enough water for .=tock. • Ku ?!:ice Bozcman was in Cokny ; Fritliy. Mr. and Mrs. Oral Goodell nnd 7.elila ^ took dinner at Harry Hays - M -'ay. .. . Mr. .ind Mrs. Cha,'!. Hay wire up from Chanute and spent the week end with relatives at this place. Mr. and Mrs. B. Dlckerson visited nt H. Hannah's of Oniony, Sunday. Mrs. Clms. Dickerson and Glen visited Mrs. S. P. IJorcmon AVednes<tay mornln;:. Mr. Dlckerson 'las n <>t yet recovered one coming lttT> . -ar old steer. ^ Mr. C. T. Hay md stvn. Harrj- are helping Dlcker.^on bmtliers haul hay • today. There are now e '"ven pui >ilK en- Qucntly patrolled by troops, and merely Bonaidercd dangerous for smnll par -j ties, south of the Cimarron, where rovj ing Comanchcs in bad humor might be encountered. Fully assured as to this by offlcers met at Fort Ripley, McDonald, who had ntfver before served west of tJ.o MIsBlssIppi. wrote his daughter a loric letter, describing in careful detail tite route, set an exact date for her departure, and then, satisfied all was well arranged, set forth with his small command on the long march ovcriand. He had not seen hia daughter for over two years, as during her vacation time (she was attcndini; Sunnycrest school, on the Hudson i. she made her home w-ith an aunt in Connecticut. This year the aunt "w* in Europe, not expecting to return ur tir 'fall, and the father had hopefully counted on having the girl with bin once again in Kentucky. Then catr.e his sudden, unexpected transfer wesi. and tho final decision to have her join him there. Why not? If she remair- ed the same high-spirited army she would thoroughly enjoy the f.> usual experience of a few months of real frontier life, nnd the only bard ship Involved would be the long stas" ride from Ripley. This, however, wa.s! mile away, were the only trv-es visible n Kcrnpply grove of coct on woods while down the face of th« bluff ant act.i.-:s the flat ran H IP slender rib Imn of trail. Monofomxis. unchanging, it v.-as .1 desolate pio i:re to watcV day after day in the hf* summer. In the gloom following an earlj supper the tuo o.'.'icers !>at togethei in the single room of the cab!3i, a candle sputtering on the table bdiiiic them, smoking silently or moodily dis cussing the situation. McDonald was florid and heavily built, bis t;ray mustache hanging heavily over a firii mouth, while the Captain was of an other type, tall, with dark ejvs an<. hair. The latter by chance opcnct the important topic"Uy the way, major," he said care lessly, "I guess it is just as well you stopped your daughter from coming, out to this iiole. Lord, but it woulc be an awful place for a woman." "But 1 didn't," relumed the othei moodiiy. "I put it off too long." "Put it off: Cnod heavens, man dif^u'l jou write when you 5p(ike abnu! dojiig Fo7 Do you actually mean thi girl is coming—here?'' McDonald groaned. "Thai is exactly what I mean Travers. Damme. I hnvfut though! altogether pralrio travel, monotonou--} of anything'else for a w.-k. Oh, I rolled-at Star and th' creditable work und« Smajl. their youthful i The storm Thursday . two parties in our vicini : A shower, fell here Tr. noon, delaying voters who miles to go to the polls. Mr. Owen Harbison , moved to lola Monday. are doing very ' i?s Yerley • Harvey Dowler. of Chere visiting friends. >red with : - after- i se\-'eral family .le is Women who bc ;.r -tjlldreii ar.u *- jnaln healthy are tt .ose who pr ::i-e their systems In hu -.anc© of bu cdmlog. Unless mother aids nature In Ita pre -uu; .1 va .k the crisis flsda her ayetem ^nc :to the do- manda made upon It, ^ u : la often left with weakened health or chronic atlmenta. No remedy Is so truly a help to nature Mother's Friend, and no expectant mother ahoidd fail to. use It. It relicrea the pain and discomfort catmed by the strain on the Ugamenta, m^kcs pliant and elastic those fibres and muscles which nature Is expaE 'Mng. prevents numb- sees of limbs, Foothes the inflam- tnetloa of breutt j.'ands. The ayateiia beloc thus P-' iLired by Mother"! mend diapels Ue fear that the cdals may not bo saf.... met. Mother's •JTrlend aaaures a ;.i eedy and complete reterery for the ni< he, and abo U Jeff a healthy WOT ;..' to enjoy tho rearing of her child. Uother'e Friend ia sold at drug stores. Write for our free book for expectant mothers whici! i -oritalns much : Taluable iDtomation. .-t .id many sut> ftjsttoas of a helpful aature. .nmm KGQOUTOR ^ enough surely, but v.ithout sped.-. danr°r. and ho could doublles-s ar- rri' • • o meet her himself at KuJis;;?; !';•• • r send one of hl> oJUcers fo.- 1! •••irposc. 'i! .0. was tho sIluatijB in May, but by the middle of .Tune conditions h:u! greatly changed throughout all i'.i<broad plains country. Tlie spirit on savage war had spread rapidly from • know now I was nn old fool even tc conceive of such a trip, hut when 1 wrote her I had no conception oi what it was going to be like out here There was not a rumor of Indian trouble a month ago, and when the tribes did break out it was too latt for me to grt word -back east. The fart is, 1 am in the devil of a fix— ithout even an officer w-bom I can the Platte to the Rib Pecos, and j ^end to meet her. or turn her back. scarcely a w-lld tribe remained dis .-if- fected. Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Pawnee,! ^ eourt-marti.-.l. If 1 should go myself It would mean Comanche, and Apache alike eapous-.' Travers .slared Into tho darkness the cause of the Sioux, and their ; through the open door, ssucking at his pipe. "Iiy George, you are la a plckln." l>-» neV.nowledsed slowly. "I biippo.<:ed s'.ie h.-.d hr>pn h'^aded off ago. noflldl<!5 Friend young warriors, breaking away frotii the control of older ^hiefa. becamf ugly and warlike. Devere, Isolated as \ It waa from the main route of trav-l j (the Santa Fe atagea still followin': UEven 't heard yoa mention tho mat, the more northern train, heard merely rumors of the prevailing condition ; through tarrj-Ing hunters, and pos.^^i- • bly an occasional army courier, y<-; ^oon reallied the gravity of the slti:-,' ation because of the almost totr.:; CPFS --: I't travel by way of the; Cimi .T:. and the growing insolenc of the buir' snding Comanches. D<-; tails from |he small garrison were. ^ under urgent orders from headquar- i ters at Fort Wallace, kept constantly i scouting as far south as the fork of the Red river, and then weat to it" mountains. Squads from the single cavalry company guarded the few caravans venturing still to cross the Cimarron desert, or bore dlspatchc-.-- to Fort Dodge. Thus the few soldieis remaining on duty at the home station became alowly aware that this outburst of savagery was no longer a mere tribal affair. Outrages were reported from the Solomon, the Republican, the Arkansas valleys. A settlement was raided on Smolcy Fork: , stages wore attacked near the Cwhes, and one burned: a wagon train war: ambushed in the Raton pass, and only escaped after desperate fighting. Altogether the situation appeared extremely serious and summer promised war in earnest. McDonald was rather slow to appreciate the real facts. His knowledge of Indian taittics was exceeding-, ly small, and the utter isolation of his post kept him ignorant. At first ho was convinced that it was merely a local disturbance aiid would end as caddenly as Itesuti. Then, when realiraiion finally came, it v.-aS al- ' ready too Inte to stop the girl. She ;vou!d be already on her long Journey. What could he do? What immedlat«< stops could he hope to l.nke .for her protection? Ordinarily he would not have Tiesitatcd. but'now a decision . was not 80 easily madu. Of lis com-'' <o keep thinss clear of hustlles down mand scarcely thirty men remained • ">!^ way." at Devere. a mere Infaptry Rum). to-! "Supposed to—yes: but we can 't cether with % small squad of caralcy-1 patrol five hundred miles of desert CONSTANTINOPLE, TURKS CAPITAL AND STRONGHOLD OF THE MOSLEMS. AFTER LAPSE OF FIVE AND A HALF CENTURIES, IS SOON AGAIN TO BE OCCUPIED RY CHRISTL\N ARMY. The lasi Met ill Ml ..• (•.' Ilie Italkaii w;u" tli.-.-ii:i- 'li. \,\\'.. gartaiis Into ('<'i;.-!..i-i:... •!• 1.-; •-.- IH'cled luinrl.\. Till- Turks li- il i" ..'U I KMI' I I :II Ihi'ir i-:ipi:al ami tiinv ,1 in:ik :i!;; their last .sLind in i !us ti ;i.- ;:r .:.i .Moslem striiMj;h(ilil. 1 in \ -wV, ini :ili: I'lo ttir'.i'iand tin- 'attack ".f ili.- !:•''- ;j;;;riani. .inil soon :i ('llr',^!i.-ii iU*.'-.. ' liir 111. lirsi tiiiii- in iner.- ;li 11 j ;i;iil i >U'-li.ill iTiiuirir.-i. will ..-i i' I on iln' Itosi'lioru.-:. I'lilistaliliiiDpIt' " A:IS .r.«iii! Il^ ! .-ilalii ini- ilie ti!-f:i' in :::'.'>. on i|.. ! >;i ili>' .Ami" III I'.;, vtiii'iiini I'lii;.- .1 ' visiiMi of I'r' Itomaii Miiipir.- in I il li 'i-iiii.- ilii' |-<'.-i!<!' Mfi- oi' .!!•• p. •• <•! 111. I-;^:.-;!. !'> ^-Iioli:; iKiHtii- - I^' .iJic.'. < :l ; ii. . • I. • . rr .! a,;;.!!'!-:! 'Ii-- : f: . 1.- .1 i..;-. •. :. . Ill VV':-'''•\ • i.r I : . •- ,. 1 ;-uii lM'.>i-'i.;. <1 hy 1!:.' 'i'ljM.i-:- -^r'.-i! i;i ••• I. .iv.l • : ,\'. \ ' . s:r >' T 1 K-ilv 1 V " .| ' • . ii M:I-.- :'';,i!i> . • , • ,. ' ••1 ! 1:::: :i ''l -r •• : • • . ... •>-.. . (I > \ 1 l .tiiMt (".'•..;., ' i 1 ^ '; :i.u;Mn.-t :.'IM...IIMI ! ' .— •• till- Turtii- :i I ••\>\' 1 .11-' • '. !.. n- •• v ;. .11, h\ ;L (• ;;-'i.iii w . •;'•..<•••. '<• '!.>• i;-: - •• .1,- ;ii:i :ii :t ! • m •[',• t-ns '. ' •. !•' -r.- . I - '• Mill ino- . '! •• IMJV --1., :•' ;:'T !>p.' arc .;:!•:.:. tl,. ri.y li-•. i 'i;.- I 1 '!• •• '-• I '•• . illy ciir- I I.; "i' : ; I'liiojii' — ..I! ••• •. • ("•: ••. • !. •• •••••> Id he (!•• „i .1 . .•»•• . I :t: • -. . IS I 'llll IE WEATHER LOWERS WHEAT l.lltllMl. KH KlI'TS tl..vO IMTi s«»iKTiii>«; Tt> iMi niTii in:< i.i>!; IhiL -N \re Slill riiiiiliiiur ami « a:- S.t:t\ ill the Mtsh PiiriireN l'r<- >ailin!r I'lir Souie MreJvs. .1:. Ill- .\ ••- .1- !•:. - > <';i.. ." \\ i|i -a,i • 1 • •: on ai-i-o'ini of i .n.- «f.u 'ii-r ai..i iii.- ri't .-Ii.i^. aii.i; tdini a i|'iair <i i- ••r III -111 r-.>,-..tli ! i^-I-l'i-. 1 1. I ;l::'.iivi Mi',-.', lo ' ... \ .;' .\ • ii. '. .I..V .11 lo lip. I'll ;>p ^• SOe. Chii-airo <!<i >e. U IIK .Xr-- i>. r .liily ;i'i-'.,. rt»i:.\" ii [i :•• .:lv 1-. it .-iTS— !i.-e. -'"si". I'.)!:K .I ,!I I. API' .1: :i .\':i\ •11' haiioao Cil} Crain. Kan.^a.-i I'iiy. .V larkft iiiii-liari; :'. J ! aiM i>. L" V <i. >.^>; Iv-- I..-.-. ^••••'^•••^ < (tUN .Via:!..-!. \. (.ill .".I., i oi.i -M. iu:\ :.i :•. • "7. Ii. u -•..;./ : ;• (•••..- I'.-, 17'-; .;::;> 17<> \ .'.>-; .M .irk 1 %li.i.-. .\.. Ii.i.i •lian« i;>-ii !!>»:- ol V. i --('a>u Ui !i. lo I;;; . .Ma.I ir!s ;;-.l :' '.it. . ... ..!;! . ;».'-: liiiv.i. |:r. "Damme, I-Haven'> Thought of^An; thing Else for a Week." ter since we -first got here. Where do you suppose the lass la by now?" "Near as I can tell she would leave JJipIey the 18th." "Humph! Then starting tonight, a good rider might intercept her at Kort Dodge. She would be in no dan- tier traveling alone for that distance. The regular stages are running yet, 1 suppose?" "Yes: so far as I know." "Under guard ?~ "Only from the Cachos to Port Inion: there bus bi>on no trouble i-'oas <he lower Arkansas yet. The irix>ps from Dodge are scouting the cjuutry north, and we are supposed with a hundred men. most of -them doughboys. The devils can break through I '.ny time they get ready— you know that. At this minute thcro isn't a mile of safe country betweeu Dodge and Union, if she was my daughter—" "You'd do wliat?" broke in McDonald, jumping to his feet. "I'd give my life to know wiint to do!" "Wh.v, I'd sent somebody to meet her—to turn her back if that was pos-'. sible. Peyton would look after her there at itipley until you could ar-^ range." "That's easy enough to say, Travers, but tell me who Is th«>re to send? D11 you chance to know an enlisted man out yonder who would do—whom you would tnist to take care of a younp , girl alone?" '• The captain b"nt his hrad on or, hand, silent for s^otae minutes. "They are a to»?;i lot. major; that • a fact, when you stop to call the ro! ' Those recniUo we not at I>>.-»venwor( were mostly ronvh nock?—.sf-ven ' • them tn (he c -ard -hou?.' t .-iiii;-lif. -Ov. • best men are all out." with a wav , of his hand to the south, "it's on' the riff-raff we've got left, at J\ vere." "You can't go?" The captain rubbed his lame Ic '• regreffull.v. • "No; I'd risk It if I could only rid" ' but I couldn't sit .1 i.iddle." j "And my duty is hi'r-; it would co» 1 me my commission " ' There was a Ion.:; rhouphtful sjlenc- both men moooily staring on through the door. Aw.'V in the darl i ncBS unseen sentiii.-l." rallf<l tht- l.o-.:; j Then Travers dropped one baud o the other's knee. "Dan." he said swifll.v. "l:-!-.• nlie'i that fellow whocan^e i-i v ' r .s from Hnion ju.-il looked like a real :i .a '. "1 didn't see him. I was df>« n rivi with the wcod-cutters all day." Trax-ers ?ot up aad paced tlie floor "1 remember now. Wiiat do yoi Kay? Let's h^ve him in. anyhow. Th"never would hpvo trust.'d him for th:: ride if ho hadn't beep the rii,'iit sort He strode over to the door, withov waiting an answer. "Ilf-re. f'art.-!r. he called, "do you know v.'iu-re th?. cavalryman is who rode in from Foi I'nion this afternoon?" A face appeared in the plow r. light, and a glo-.-ed band rose to ct lute. "He's asleep in 'B's' shack, sir,' the orderly replied. "Said he'd beei cn the trail two nights' and a day." "Reckon he bad. and some riding a^ that. Rout blm out, will you? Tell bin the major wants to see him here a* once." The man wheeled as If on a pi-/ot and disappeared. "If Caner could only ride," bega; McDonald, but Travers interruptei Impatiently. "If! r.ut we all know he can'i Loral -Harkets- Worst I ever saw, must have origiua! ' iVrodurc quotations fu;:'.isli'-<I daily ly been a sailor." He slowly refill.^ ' ,v rophill l.'on.mission t'oaipaiiyi his pipe. ".Now, see here, Dan, it'.; I'.fTTKIt-'ilc i-er pound, your daughter that's to bo looked at | ter. and therefore 1 want you to 8lz» | this man up for yourself I don'i ptx ; i„^,,„ .Oe .ad. tend to know.anything about bini, only ; n^ifSK HinK.S-*;! 00 to $-• 7.'. ho looks like a soldier, and they mus!' I '|.;|::F H1I »KS— inc. think we of hitn at I'nion." .McDonald nodded, but with.iut en ihuslasm; then dropped his h> ln*« bi^ hands. In the silcnee a coyote howl«d>niuurnfully not far away; then a shadow appealed on thu log step the light of the candlo flashing on a row of buttons. "This is tho man. sir," siild the or derly, and »umil aside to permit iht other to enter. (^jnl ' s, Liltr f.-.^y I'^vl, Morr. ifr:;/. •7 ^mi ^ ' .1. W .\I :M k. !• v.. I.' K ,.r Knees Became Si^f'i Fivo Vcars cf Scvc.-c Rh.-u-.---rjt.STi • :• \ ;.-;..r. i- tl ' : ,1 V '. . . 'i..; - 1 ... .. : I ^;:. .. .1 . -i .-i.(•••. • !••/•:; : :. :;-. :• -. . • v. • it fl E. Mewcomb ami) TiHNGS TO EAT! lN.\V ; i hone 161 Oil!' Pricfs Arc PJ.dit I ;;i' iK'li .'''i'lc.-: .'li 'c ri.trht, • i'li!' i;!'ri-<.-t'!<'.> ai 'c I 'ijcrht Call on Us K '.Mi-^a- .\..». >il.!> •-. .Ma ;ii • lt'i>::'^ S:>t'i\>- <u-'-ry . V -; i>l..| lif.l.-.-s .».';.L'-" •-• ^ • •• •...i' I ry- *i 7 J •; !i •' " calv.: J". t '<.:•<• !i()»;.< !••... i;,;.-; :..i.... \: •I''- ;,i ;;ii .T V. •;H1-:-:S ji'i'l l-.i'i-,..>^ .r. riiirauii S.ivc -ltrt-K. t'lii. .1^... Si.: .". r \T ! :.i: .\i .r 'K - I .-iov.. , i,; « II' 7.'.; .-till k.: > ;i I'.'i 7 1.'.; I iiii.l : 4". iKiCS - .-ii.t.- •L-' i.iL-t: -7 i-"'! •>'. ;*'_'|'. lil•a^^' .>'7.l ''''i^ Ill-- :, ., I .I 1 -,: I, , .1:. \t ••- \. .•!...•!' :- r I •• • I'-... • S ,r: . . f : 1 1 ; . r 1 -! 1 .-- - ••• - :• - •'- - • • : .-:-..:. I f ! • . ,. ; . . • ; .->... V ill 1 I • . : i -I • . . ' :i j ; Sars3 *ahs. • Ti •. :, ^ i: .• .11 i,. \^. c.^ l> C • . • " - y.-- ^::.• r. Mrs .J O: mmMmmMommiOLmm .111 1. IM I .-I S Mi;:!..' ' i!,;\>'i! J7 Kiili^a^ Clij I 'riiiluec. K :iii>..r <'i'y. .\' V. 7.- I !'i TTl-:!' r'-aiii-'r;. -"<•; lii!-;.. 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