The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 18, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1892
Page 6
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THE MARKETS. mlviers round l.ivo HUSKY A Nil STOCK. NEW YORK. MCIV \ii ni«'.n. .U'i. MIJMOUI-I I'.iclilc. Itm-k Islanil. H'-H. si. iMiil. 7«. I'nltin I '.-H '.ltk, :m>,. Wp<icrii Union. I'ltoimcK. ChlrliKO. I'IIICAOII . Way IS —[Npuciul icivi'd tiy Uii.' KmiKiiK drain Stoi -U c.oiripnny. |— WIIKAT —On tlieourb yesU'rihty afternoon .Inly wheat sold •it soJic. on an authentic report that thi' Uussian \ikiu>o would he removed .lime !. TliiR was supplemented with I he news of a heavy failure in the Knjr- lish ^ r "'iin trade. The morning papers eontamTio intimation of Hie removal of the nhase prohibiting wheat exports, and 1/ondon euhles lUrny that there was'any failure in the frrniu 1/iverpool reports no name is '^iven APPLES-tl.r.oaa.OO per bushel. ONIONS—In fair demand: red, 7(ic per buiOicl, home grown; Spanish, $1.25 per bimhgl. OAIIIIAOK—Fair, -Ic per pound. TUKNIPS-ln demand, 4oc per bushel. HKKTN—Stenrtv. ,'iOc per bushel. SIVEKT 1'OTATOES—Plenty. 50075c per bushel. HAY—Haled. jr>.MX&r>.r >0; loose, J3.00as .r >0 per ion. Grain, WHRAT—No.','soft 7Mc; hard OSes No. j:i HoftHAc: hard (10r. (XIUN-'JBc UYK—No '2 05c; No. !l 00c. OATS-'.Mr.. Uvo Stoek. CATTI.K-Hleadv: stockcrs S2.36Aa.7li: feeders S'-.VJ.'iiiiJrt.So: fat cows and heifers in demand at >l!.U(H%i!.7n; til steers, »:).00® 4.00. IIOOS—Steady; wagon, tops, 14.00: car, $4.10H>.4 .sn. SIlKUI'-ln demand;54.00. Any Water Would Da, ' i Whon Colonel Boh Iugeraoll tired in Peoria, Ills., a man came to him one day to have him prepare the papers for the incorporation of a company to handle a new mineral water. He exhibited a very handsome bottle, and a beautiful label, with an impressive name for his spring. The colonel admired the label as a work of art, and mildly inquired where the spring wa« located. "Oh, that has not been looked after yet," said his client. "We have got the name, and wo have got the labol, and we have got the bottle. We can get the water any placo."—Argonaut AppoaraneeB Are Deceitful* ... I. chasing agent of the New York police department, and the most noted member of the Creek Nation i» General Porter, of MuBCogee, I. T., who has represented his people as agent at the national capital toi many years. He is a very picture of Indian manhood and vigor, for ho is tall, straight and swarthy. His eye glistens like an eagle's. His title of general arose from the skill with which he put an end to the three Crook insurrections iu 1873, 1870 aud 18M. the grain trade a failure there, but which is an indication that, it is also a canard circulated to depress values. U is evident that foreigners, while taking our wheat fairly, are working industriously to depress values. To this end bogus bearish news is being constantly set atloat. from that quarter. The world's shipments reported yesterday were overstated more than t?, 000, OHO bushel- whether purposely or not. The crop oullooU is growing more serious, ilreat damage has been done to the winter wheat, possibly millions of acres being under water while in the northwest one corresponding says that not over If. per eeut. of the contemplated acreage bus been sown in North Dakota and northern Minnesota, and, what is more, it can't be seeded thib season. This means a great reduction ot crops, probably fifty to sevenly-llvc million bushels, and it will soon be recognized us an annual eala mity. CoiiN AND IIAT.S —The market has not been as buoyant, to-day as the situation indicated. Probably this is due to the weather. The short interest having covered so generally and investors dislike bringing what looks almost like famine prices until assured that, conditions are really as bad as represented, besides many traders remembering the sharp break that followed a day's sunshine are now short in anticipation of another break break on the predicted clearing weather, but the lauds are in such condition thev could hardly be planted for ten days or two weeks under any circumstances, and it is proable that fresh storms will occur in the menntime. Provisions have, shown rather more strength, but the demand has been light, and nothing but the strength in corn apparently sustains the market. The following is the range of prices for active futures: Open 'il Hlgb't. Low'st CloB'g. WHEAT. May «1 HHi July K1S, KOJC CORN. Aupusl 43}» 4:i s i July 44 1 4 :t\ June 4 -,>4 o, r > 4r>s 44 ?i iV' May 4 -,>4 o, r > 5.-1 i~t 'i OATS. JulT :io :in -'ll?i Wi May :<<> i)0 '.Illi :<<> i)0 '.Illi POUK. July n 7714 !i fin H 80 t> 724 11 IliS4 » 77!i 11 liyj -j September. n 7714 !i fin »tin t> 724 11 IliS4 » 77!i 11 liyj -j I.AHIJ. July ii no It tiTW «:to September.. 0 4 ,"i II 4 .1 0 4.". 11 43 nius. July r, HA ."J HS4 0 S2V September.. r> or. a II.") i"> 112* 1124 WHKAT—Close: No. - steady: cash sic: May Blc; Julv WMftSOMc; Decembers'-^.; OOHN-No. :>higher: cash 4<iV4«t51',4c:May .-•8'4c: June 44^44Kc; July 4;i;ic asked; «c. cash ;J0c; May July S0.77H: SU .S7K @U .:i0; July Sii.HStf: Poultry ttml Willi (fame. CHICKENS -ChlckeuB SU.00 per chickens SVic per pound; hens (ic perpound: roosters 4c per pound: turkeys 7Hc per pound. (iAME— Wild ducks in demand at 81-00® '..\00 per dozen: pigeons in demand at $1 .00 per doz.: geese Sl.ooiftl.fio per doz. (iossir. It is raining in the northwest and windy and cloudy in the central west. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, 0 out of 48; spring wheat, 20 out of 38; corn. 4 out of 171; oats, 37 out of 107: new corn, 1(17: No. S. 2. r >: No. 3, 101. KANSAS BANDS. rroeeeiliiijfii of the Annual Kcunlon Now l» HcHHlon at. Kingman. IVINOMA.N , Kan.. May 18.—[.Special,] —Fully fifteen hundred people packed the opera house last night at the grand concert given by the bands participating in the second annual reunion of the Kansas Hand Association. The K. of V. band of Kingman, twenty-six men. opened with ".loan of Arc" overture, and the hearty applause attested 0 line appreciation on the part of the audience of the splendid rendition. The High School band of Hutchinson followed with a selection which was well received. The Citizens' Hand of Medicine Ijoilge rendered a splendid selection, after which the Second Regiment band of Hutchinson played Von Suppe's "Poet and Peasant" overture in a style that captivated the ntire uudienee. When the Kingman bund had given a catchy ethiopean ex, travagunza, the Juvenile band of Medicine Lodge gave an overture, which heartily encored. The Second Regiment band played a selection from "Erminie," and the program was concluded by an overture by the Arlington band. The annual business session of the association was held this morning and resulted in the election of the following officers: President—Sol. Iluwthornc, . Kingman. Vice-President—A. 7 J. Hamilton, Peabody. .Secretary—Rimer May, Hutchinson. Treasurer Dcisein, Garden City. . «i Musical Director—Chas. Steinberger. tjuite an interest was manifested the selection of a place of meeting for next year. Ellsworth and Wellington had hard working, delegations on the ground, but as these two places repre sented the extreme limits of the present membership, it was decided that owing to its location and superior rail oad facilities Hutchinson was the most available point, and the next reunion will be held nt that place. THE START MADE. •August and September 4:*! BC OATS—No. U steadv; ca SDSc; July 29?<c. PORK—Cash $9.Ti',i MESS September Jt».M CAKD-C.iHhSM.17'4; September »0.42V4©I1.4 SHORTlllllS—Canto 85.824 July September (fi- ""4 IIYE-Steady; 71 HAKLI3Y—No. a nominal; OOc. 7r>Vic. FLAX SBKD-NO. 1 lirra; gl.053{. TIMOTHY SIOKD-Prtme, nominal; $l.:to. llUTTKIt-Stcady. KOOS—Steady. 81. I .lllllK. Sr. I,onis. May is and Mav. higher; cash July. 71l !£iS7tfti August WHEAT-Oash 80!^; May 804; 7KHc. CORN—Oaah higher; May. 44c; tuturea lower; July 403»®407,c; September, 40j£c. OATS—Cash higher, ilflc; futures (inn; May, ;t24c; July, 2li?ic; September 2»4r. POHK-lJulet: lobbing. 1.0.:I74. LARD-Ullll; JR.IIfi (ft §0.00. KunmiH City. KANSAS CITY, May 18. WHEAT—Dull; entirely nominal. COHN—Active and firm; No. 2 cash, 42Wia 411; May, 40«. OATS—Quiet and steady; No. 2 cash. May, ;U4i-.; Junetllc. LUAY—Firm; timothy. 0. KORS—Strong at 13c. HUTTEK—Steady. Oreamerv. inctauOc bid for May. 31c; Foruljfii Orulti MurkutH. LavKiieoot., May 18.—}?ed wheat very dull l ©14d lower: white tlrmly held, quotably unchanged. Corn steady with fair demand, prices unchanged- Mark Lane spot wheat tiulet. Corn llrm. f .oNOON, May 18.—Cargoes oil coast: Wheat weaker, :i(&»d lower; on passage, weaker; prices unchanged; fresh country markets steady. I.IVK STOCK. CATTLE—Receipts stronger. HOGS-Recciptn 1,500: ST. LOUIS, May 18. 2,000; active and fair to ... . . strong; choice heavy, *4.f>5<a4.70;uii!teil^4.10@4.06 vorkcrB, $4.55 @4 .U,'i. ' SHKEP-Bcceipts 700: steady. Chleilgo. CniOAoo, May 18. The B-icnlng Journal reports: CATTLK-ltecclpta 11.500; big exports En- llsh >4.00a500 per head lower; nice handy wteers strong to a shade higher; butchers' stock rather easier. HOOS-lJecelpts aT>,000: active and 5c higher: rough, »4.00®4.50; mixed, $4 .r>r«ij 4.1174, heavy »4.l!74@4.B3; light, S4.II0S 4 .75. SttEEP-Itecelpts 7,000; In good demand and steady. liauMUH Olty. KANSAS CITY, Mav 18. CATTLE—Receipts2,:I00; Hhlpiuents 'l.AUO; steers strong: cows steady: feeders weak. HOUS—Receipts 10,200; shipments 5.000; market active and 10c higher; extreme ranget4.()0«M.00: bulk S4.40@4..'i0, SHEEP—Hccclpts, K00; shipments 1,400; good sheep steady: others weak. HUTCHINSON MAKKKT. 1'rotliiee. ..-••»• ....4, <• ir latent. »2.40; second Special atten'ti lc i 8 ao °- , nr „ * , ud; creamery, 2,1c fine cakes for partiry, 15c; common, Fliegende Blatter. ATrtalto Deinonstnite tlio Utility of the Hiej'cle ill Military Servlee. CmcAtio, May 18.—A few seconds before 12 o'clock to-day, A. E. Ijums- den and 13. C. Bode, two of Chicago's crack wheelmen, mounted their wheels settled themselves comfortably in their saddles, adjusted their feet^to the pedals and with a friend supporting them on either side awaited the stroke of noon, at which time Maj. Gen. Nelson A. Miles, commander of the department of Missouri, was to hand them a message addressed to Maj. Gen. O. O. Howard, commander of the department of the east. Prompt to the second Gen. Miles stepped forward and thrust the missive into Lumsden's hand. In a jiffy it was safely stowed away, and with a friendly push and a cheer from the crowd the great relay road ride was started. The object of the ride is to demonstrate the utility of the bicycle in military service, and if the message is delivered in New York city within the time agreed upon, four days, this object will certainly have been accomplished. The run has been cut up into eight divisions, and each division into from four to a dozen parts according to the condition of the roads and the number of riders available. The men will go in pairs, there being about 140 of them altogether, and the distance to be covered by each pair varying from seven to forty miles. The approximate time that will be occupied in covering each section of road has been carefully estimated, and the men arc all under orders to be in readiness to receive the message |from the previous mun and bear it forward to the next without delay. The roads in some places aro simply attrocious on account of the recent rains, but the military feature of the enterprise has been impressed upon the riders and their orders are inflexible to push for ward through mud and water, rain and shine, regardless of everything but getting there. Wheelmen are enthusiastic over the idea, and claim that a record will make the fabled stories of the pony express dwindle into insig. niflcance. Oeorgln Democrats. ATI.A.NA, Ga., May 18.—The Cleveland and anti-Cleveland forces met this morning und selected candidates for delegatcs-ut-large to the national convention. There will be a hot fight between to two factions. The convention was called to order at noon, Chairman Atkinson, of the state committee in a preliminary speech said Georgians did not worship at the shrine, of any man, but at the shrine of principles. The principle for which Democrats must fight next autumn was that of tariff reform. The candidate that was true to that principle would bo elected whether he was Cleveland or Hill. - The Science or Shopping. See the lady. Is she a pretty lady? She is a pretty lady—that is to say, if accused of being pretty she would deny it; if not so accused she would be mad as a wet hen. Is the lady rich? It looks like it. She does not see anybody else in the world. Oh,, yes, Bhe is rich. What is the lady doing? Let us see. See her go into the Btore. • Did she s.tep on the pretty boy who opened thej door for her? Not quite; but the hoy had to hustle to escape. Why does the baldheaded man behind the counter have such hard work to look pleasant? Some people find it hard to look pleasant anyway. Does he enjoy pulling down all the goods in the store, as the rich, pretly lady requests? He Bhould. She will probably buy large amounts of the goods. But no. Seel She is leaving the Btore without buying anything. Does the baldheaded man seem tired? He seems tired. He has half a day's work before him to put the goods hock where he found them. See the lady. Is she having lota of fun? It is to be hoped BO. Nobody else is. Does she work other stores in the same way? She works a largo number of other stores in just the same way, Does she buy anything? Not a solitary blamed thing. What is she doing? : She is shopping. Is the lady shopping? She is shopping. Do many ladies shop? They all shop. Is there any .cure for the habit? No.—St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Troubled Over a Definition. "Papa," said the boy, shaking his heod dubiously as he looked up from his book, "I'm afraid I never can understand all these words." "Tut, tut, my boy," returned the father laying aside his paper, "yon mustn't get discouraged. Once you learn the definitions you will have ho trouble at all in understanding how to use them. Take any word you wish" " 'Fast,' papa," suggested the boy. ; "Yes, of course. 'Past' means rapid, speedy. Understanding that you can 't mako any mistake." "A fast horse ir. one that rung, isn 't it?' "Well, yea, sometimes. You're beginning to understand." "But, papa, a fast man generally rides, doesn't he?' "Urn, well, my boy," and the old gentleman looked at him over the tops of his glasses, "you 're beginning to get technical." "And a fast color is one that won't run, isn 't it?" v . "There, there; that'll do"——' "But, papa, I want to know" "Run out and play, and don't bother me any more when I'm reading the paper." And so the lesson came to an end.— Chicago Tribune. Some Difference, Springtorj—1 met Witherby today, and he said you were a fool to pay so *mnch for a spring wrap. His wife got one for ten dollars less than yours. Mrs. Springtop—Yes, my dear; but she only spent a day in looking for hers. It took me a week to find mine.—Cloak Iteviow. • ' • • - •• •'. • Indium or Ability. Several full blood Indians have of late years shown their ability to succeed in the avocations of the white man. Gen eral Parker, the Iroquois, was General Grant 's cldef of staff and is now pur- IVaa Not a Ball Crank. The minister entered an electric car yesterday morning and sat down beside the young bank clerk who sings tenor in his choir. Tho minister had just been reading Gladstone's speech on the woman suffrage movement, and the bank clerk was finishing an' account of Monday's Pittshurg-Louisville ball game. "Grand old rami, that," said the minister. "Wonderful intellects so fertile in resource." The bank clerk lookod up a little surprised and folded bis paper. He did not expect to see so much enthusiasm on the part of hiB pastor.. But he replied: Yes, indeed, he is a grand old man, and. as you say, ho plays every point in heady way. That 1B the way to win too." . The minister was pleased to see the young choir Binger so well posted on English politics and thought to expand the idea a little further. He has groat force, don't you think?" he Baid. Yes, great speed," replied the bank clerk, "and can strike a corking blow when hits aro needed. It mokes me yell like a pirate to see the old horse trotting over the bases on a tied score." This mystified the minister a little and rather pained him to note the use of slang Bpeech on the part of his young member. But ho said quietly: "Grand old man!" , "Grand old sportl" murmured the tenor. . • • The minister looked at him over his lasses. "Are you referring to Gladstone, young man?" , Gladstone!" The clerk turned seven different colors. . "I was talking of Pitcher Jitmnie Galvin. Were you not at tho ball game yesterday?" .'; • The minister signaled the conductor and got off the oar quickly with "that tired feeling" showing on every feature of his kind face.—Pittsburg Dispatch. Wliat n Baby Can Do. It can beat any alarm clock ever invented in waking a family up in the morning. In a given time it can smash more dishes than the most industriouB servant girl in tho country. It can fall down oftener and with less provocation than the most expert tumbler in the circus ring. It can choke itself black in the face with greater ease than the most accomplished wretch that ever was executed. It can be relied on to sleep peacefully all day when its father 1B in town and cry persistently at night when he is particularly sleepy. ; J [ It may be the naughtiest, dirtiest, tagliesti most fretful baby in the world, but you never can make its mother believe it, and you had better not try. It can be a charming and model in font when no one is about, but when visitors are present it can exhibit more bad temper than both of its parents pui together.—Baby. • MethodlHt Conference. OMAHA, Neb., May 18.—The Methodist Episcopal conference to-day adopted a resolution expressing the satisfaction of the conference upon the efforts of the fraternal delegates from the Methodist Episcopal church South and the Independent Methodist church. J. L. Hurlbut was re-elected secretary for the Sunday school and tract society. The chairman read the. result of the last ballot taken yesterday on the election of a second agent of the Cincinnati Hook Concern, which showed Lewis Curts of Chicago, elected over Stowe.. Tliejackgon-Slavin Fight. LONDO.V, May 18.—The directors of the National Sporting club have fixed Monday, May 30th, for tho .lacksou- Slavln flghk. Tho price of admission for non-members is 8125, and reserved seats from 810 to 850 extra. Try the NEWS want column. IVORY 1 SOAP 99 '100 Pure. THE BEST FOR EVERY' PURPOSE. POWDER • Absolutely Pure* A cream of tartar baking powde: highest of all in lcaveujng strength.— Latest U. S. Governmen t Food Report AN HONEST MAN'S OPINION. „ • , • , • Mor.iNE, Ivan,. April a, lso:i. New York and London Electric Association. Kansas City, Mo. „ OKNTtiEMEN: You ask my honest opinion of your treatment. 1 answer 1 fully believe it to be all you claim for it. anil one of the most marvelous iltscovcjles of the age of progress, beeause my afflicted eye, that wan to be cut out by I'tof. Tiffany orDe Lap. has been entirely free from pain since I Ural used "Actlna" In your ofllce two months ago, and Is being slowly restored to ItS'natural size and appearance. The sight of the other eye Is better than for year* past. I have useiP'Actt- na" for Catarrh andBronchltif with most satisfactory results. My wifehas broken up several attacks of the asthma with it. Rev. Isaac Hill bought on*. M me and with It perfectly relieved his eyes from pain and lungs from soreness. .His wife, by three weeks experimenting, completely removed from her eye'ail a' -* growth which art occulist of high repute told her must be removed, lr» at an expense of 5200. Through these wonderful results of "Actta'tf-v liev. Hill bought of me a full suit of your Mrgneto-Conservalive riartnents ai _?™fi_" 1 i 1 ,?A rl . n . fluencc J» as marvelous as that <jf the-.'AcUtlB-., jNiakeup the morning feeling like a new man in a new world William Elstun, inventor of the "Elstun Truss. three days In said* uXActlha' |istunl8hes ted by specialists in Sl c v 11 J ave Daltl hundreds of dollars to have my Catarrh trcTUed by spe< St. Louis and elsewhere, but'Actlna' has done for me In a weeks,more than all.' Mr. Calvert is satisllcd with his "Actlna." and will soon OrOnx Garments. Many others have used "Actlna" with like satisfactory results. If desire to publish this or any part of it you arctit liberty toaoao.: Yours, etc REFERENCES TAKEN FROM'AMONO TJBN8 OF TltftOSANDS. Rt, Rev. Louis M. Fink, O. S. B., Kansas City; Kan. Bishop Ussher, Reformed Episcopal church, City. Benjamin F. Holmes, ex-Mayor, Kansas City, Mo. Judge Henry P. White, Criminal Court, Kansas City, Mo. Scott Harrison, P. O., Kansas City. Lon V. Stevens, State Treasurer, Jefferson City, Mo. Eev. M. J. O. Dwyer, Kansas City. Sisters of St. Joseph, 934 Tracy, Kansas City, Mo. Charles Baird, Manager Midland Hotel, City. Dr. Lewis; City, I'hyslciany Charles li'owre, llullanc, Jloore, Emery &Co.,'Gity.. •Col. L. E. Irwin, Irwin\ & Eaton Crockery Co., City. 1. V. Randall, M. D., Ml Orvillostreet Kansas City, Kan. J. J. Helm, Helm Brewing Co., City. Rev. P. Maurer, Church of the Sacred Heart, Salina, Kan. L. E. Downs, Gage, Downs Co.. Chicago. J. L. Rcdfern, Oniyersity Club, Washington, D. C. Dr. L. S. Skinner, 11 Bourbon street. . . Now Orleans, La. I will give 81,000 to any physician who, will produce such references. Listen to your 1 doctor and die. Wear Magnetic-Conservative Garments and live.i A VALUABLE BOOK.FUSE Ou application. Contains treatise on the human system, its disease and cure, and thousands of references and testimonials. New York ami Lontlmi Electric Ass'n, Manufacturers. DR. F. B. ROBINSON, Manager. • BRUNSWICK HOTEL, ••••••••arana HUTCHINSON. VJx& Universal XLes3a.eca .3r for IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA , STINGS BRUISES THE AILMENTS OF MAN- BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND 0ALLS SWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it. It should be kept in every household for emergencies.* It will save many doctors' bills.*' For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1.00 a bottler HIGH GRADE FURNITURE ATLOW GRADE PRICES V Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. — Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the, age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Bed. H.W.WILLITT. Corner Main and Avenue-A.

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