Covina Argus from Covina, California on November 7, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
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M. F^AEIRICK Look Over There COVINA SEASON FOR HOUSE HEATERS Air-Tight Stoves, Gas Heaters, Fire-Place Grates PABRIOIC'S HARDWARE ARGUS VOL COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, NOV, 7, 1908. [NO. PROFESSIONAL CARDS t)R. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. . STEVENS AND BARRON OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays Dr. Emma Barren INFANTS FAIR Monday Afternoon Club Twice Fills Hall For These Attractions. Question: "Besides oranges and lemons, what else is grown iu the Covina Valley? Answer: "Babies." ur. ivmma uu-.u,. Chairman Mrs. R. O. Simpson rose Mondays and Thursdays to announce the result of the momentous contest of the baby show held by the Monday Afternoon Club. She ROXIE E. BATES, M.D. Special attention given to treatment of diseases of women and children. Office and residence East College St., first door E. of First National Bank Office hours: 8 to 10 a. tn. 2 to 4 p, m. Phone 238 Covina, Cal. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS •G. D. JENNINGS !llld • sisters and relatives. Here and I. D. REBD 8-10 a m 10- 12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Resi-1 there a man eddied to and tro, snn - denceof Dr. Reed E. BadiUo st. Phone |i,ig determinedly. Glorious tall An. "d __^<ln^*n.-. r^-f T~\v* Tonrlinird i"^Fl • __..i.l _»...-. *^» ,, \-,\ said: But nobody in all the world knows what she said, for there were sixty babies in the hall, sixty babies large aud small, and heavens to Betsy they did—well, the beautiful little pink aud white contestants received tbeir pri/es anyhow ,aud every baby carried home a gorgeous souvenir of the occasion; every baby was a prize aud received a prize. The clubhouse on Wednesday was filled to overflowing with the mothers 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. £)R. J. C. BARNEY, DENTIST Over Argus Office Phone 284 Covina, Cal. —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., Covina, Cal. § H. WEDGWOOD ARCHITECT AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR Residence, Cienega, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 QEO. H. SKIDMORE ARCHITECT The Veruon, Myrtle Avenue Phone, Red 296 Monrovia, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY - AT-LA W Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. Saturday's in C'ovina. Ofiice Argus Block. QR. O. T. AMYKAULD VETERINARY StJRGKON AND DENTIST WTT1C3 ii J J -\ <JtJ TTJfc Graduate McGill University, Montreal tlimmlm colors. Office and Res. San Bernardino Roatl Phone 1016. Down town office, Reefer's Livery. chrysanthemums bloomed everywhere, for these flowers were on exhibition for prizes also. Over 400 people enjoyed the affair. Tho heaviest infant, the lightest, both boy and girl, took prizes, arid there were prizes for straight hair and curly, etc. The winners were: Lawrence Mausterger, Spencer Coltrin, -Gladys Layman, Ralph Lougbeed, Robert Scofleld, William Wallace Nash, Hazel Perry, JJ,ary Elizabeth Hanr,is, Floyd Welch, Ralph Nye, Iris Galdweli, Carolyn McCarthy, Lawrence Perry, William Ray Goodrich, Frances Elizabeth Elliott, Alice Wright, Spencer Coltrin (younge&t baby), Delphine Longhead, Delvert Smith, Vclora Tucker and Erastus Lycurous, the last named being an ebony bit, of human driftwood whose parents are not. BLAZE OF COLOR. In tho evening an exceptionally] good program was arranged by Mrs. j jSamuel Ascheubrcnnor aud Miss An 1 gie Griswold. Mrs. Aschenbrenner created a beautiful Htage picture out oE a bevy of costumed children. The small tots who sang their dolls into j dreamland made a decided impression on the audience, and the hoop drill, in brilliant color, by larger girls,was encored and enjoyed. Miss Hazel Tobey of Los Angeles sang pleasingly, accompanied by Mrs, Andrew Mo- Allen. Prof. R. W. Groom played, "The Lost Chord." aud "Oh, Promise Mo" on the cornet. Miss Anna Reynolds rendered a fine number for pianoforte. Mrs. R. M. Douglass, who had charge of thoohryMintljuiniim i exhibit, gave a short explanation of 1 the. methods employed in growing this flower. The display of chrysanthemums at this exhibit, would have been a revelation to any eastern grower. The flnweis, some of them, had reached an enormous sixe, while still retaining their delicate beauty. The hall was transformed into a bln/n of color. Many odd blendn of beauty were mixed with the uaual chijnaii- VAX VLIKT an-! 1'IANO Grailuale from Kui-opt-un ('"n.-i-rvaim-y. ti-n years expL-rieni-t! in t<:a>:hinK ulu-nuil .Spf<-iali.-,t fi/r udvani.-i:<l pupils. Kriri'jviriK ilefin'i.t in U'fc oiv<ui;\ of siiwch a rfitt^-iaUy. METHODIfAJ. Si'KAKIKo' Full attention Kivt-n to ljcK'>»ni:r.-.. 'dial l"-j.i"ii free. Jti-reptioa hours Thurrtlay from tw.< IK four. Ke.-iiiit.-K-i', Ka-it Colieife .Slrcc-t, (,'ovina. | The following it) (be lint of chry- • santhcjiiium entries and awurd^: j llest collection, Mr.-. S S. Artcben-' hre-iimnr, t-ccoiid best, Mrs. <'. K. j ..Craw fold, best collec! ion for general i e/fect, li. L. Keynolda, hieond Lest, j • Mrs. J. I!. Elliott; best single', men, MLS. .). C. Suavely; hi s,t . tiloom, Mr«. S. K. As-chmbrenrM r, ; htcond I.est. bloom, Mrs. Jjodswoi th. of A/iir.a; birge.iil. bloum. Mii. J. 1>. il'IMioti; best plume, MIH. ('.. IK. (.'lawfosd; he.>it VUre lit.-lili-li U'eiJ JOBBERS WON OVER. manager Huff Says California Fruit Is Preferred In Eastern flarket. Manager D. Eyman Huff of the Co- viua Fruit Exchange and wife returned on Saturday from the extended trip which had its inception in tho convention of growers and shippers in Kansas City. Mr. Huff is enthusiastic as to the prospects ahead for the whole country. In talking with hundreds of business men in all the principal cities of the United States, he found that but, ouo thing in their minds intervened between prosperity and the American business in general, that of the possible defeat of the Ro- publican party in the election, and with Mr. Tafl. safely elected, Mr. Huff says that he is positive of an immediate change in business for the better throughout the United States. In speaking of tho orange trade, Mr. Huff said: "I found the jobbers in all the j cities very markedly in favor of the handling of California oranges. They seem to be only too glad to get the navel, if it has good color and si7.e, taking it every time iu preference to the Florida oranges. Some very good Florida oranges are iu the market now. I sampled good fruit from Florida in Oklahoma City. Tho Northern California oranges and the Florida output will continue t,o supply tho Christmas trade, very few coming from Southern California." While in the southern states, Mr. Huff bad ample opportunity to note the fact that an immense cotton crop is to be put on the market, iu fact a banner crop, which only waits the settlement between the "uif?M riders," who are conrject«d with the association T of cotton glowers; acid the independent growers, to be placed on the market. "The sale of a large cotton crop means the stile of oranges in those states." Mr. Huff stated. Tho trip was an enjoyable one, as the weather was fair aud agreeable throughout. Double WeddlnR. In these materialistic; days church weddings arc becoming constantly nuiYe rare, yet it secmH most fitting that such serioua vows should be ratified in a building cotiBflcratcd to the worship of the Divide Father. On Saturday tnoruiitig at 11 a.m., Holy Trinity Church was tho scone of a still more rare event, a double wedding, when the two charming English girls who lately came over tho seas with Mr. and Mrs. .1. W, Popperwell were united to two well known Charter Oak ranchers, also Englishmen. The bridee, Minn Anna Denriant of London and Margaret HehhoH of Rothwell, England, were united respectively to Walter Jackson and Ernest Johnson and v.eie daintily gowne.d in white with hats nn Hiiite. Two «w<«;t little bridesmaids were tho Misses Mildred and Vernii) Jackson and Messrs, (ieo. ArniJIIcd and Leonard Jackson acted as groomsmen. The little, church WIIH ir'ttil.v decorated with flowers and smilax and Mr. Kd rtprolle acted a'-i ushcsr. To thii Hi ruins ot the wedding riifiich fiom Lnhei'tM in. pbived by Mr. Aiidei.ii.ii, the parly entered the church, precedfd by the Hev. Alfred Fletcher, the officiating minititei, and at the concluHinii nl this beautiful and im prims! VD cere mony, .Me.mlelhhohiiH'H wedding march wan heard. Shov.eied by rice, the party drove iiwtt.v and wine entertained a) the homes of vai iotiti relatives i;i Chaitei Oak. ftlr. and Mrs. Jw.kmui left Inter fur Lou Angeleit, where they an: '-pending their hunej u.oun. Building I A;;, .eel DOI5KRT M. PHILLKO TEACHER Of THK Mr-. \V. i'. Watts, A. \V. I'nuli-.y and S. 1'. Ji-iiiiiM'-n. l-'ull list i,l (iiti ii-h: S. S, Ahi'hfcnbrJMiner, MIH. .John Special atU-ntion paid to the bc-j,'ii.iu-r. ,, liu)] j) ,-*. O. E. Ciav.fni.l, Ji. L. ! Limited number of pupils f-.r ..r.-.h.--,- ,j,. v|| , jl(1 Mr , |, , M Jj^^l^s. Mr-, tral work under improved metii- - ' | i T-K-)h'.nc 50 ; 4 •'• ''• H"""'' 1 ! Mrs. ( • J-- ''" i<!( ~> •''''*• I ,J. U. Huii-ci, Mr.i. C. L. JIu !<:»-,.•• II. M. Houifcr, Mn. -I H. Kllioit, Mr-. L. M. liutler. Jose[.fiii,<j Hliimpt Mi>. .). C. Snav eiy, Mrb. K-lv.aid For Kent i-'ur Dished n.r.nis I light Apply t.. Mi>. l;ich, Mi-. '' -\ • Kol S. E. Coons, Wi?=l badillo -.tit-fat, Edwaid L..ymnu, Mr.-,, ii phone Uis^. A/u-.a. (i hi.'!'.i a, The IciieH to the Cuoliuan hall, dp | ositc lh(; H. I'. l)e|:iit, has hc.ea hil/ned hy the. board of directors of the Covina Christian Cultme and Athletic; flub, and a pc.neial meeting will he held in the new club quarteih nn Monday evening. A hpecial >neet | ing of Ihis kind is in.pnrttint, ni:-H eieiy rlnb n.eriiher in requested to t.e i .-me and come. J-'ii.m now on lh< elnb is to be pu-.h'-.J ah':<»iJ rapidly. (,'onsidfeiable i;i:poitanl husine.-iH will be dieriisse.d at thii meet inn, and ;•. rep'/rl of the entei lainmenl ifceentli j ul V en will h<: lead. REAL PROPERTY ON THE MOVE Large Deals Immediate Result of Election Outcome. The closing of several big real estate deals is the immediate result of the removal of all business strain by the election. This business began at onee to improve as soon as the long period of anxiety came to an end, and besides a number of saleH, inquiries have been pouring into the realty ottlees during the past three days from Los Angeles and vicinity, and the prospect looks very bright for the remainder of the season. One of the moat important Hales is that of the ranch owned .1. H. Pan- 1 key on Citrus avenue and Workman street. This tract of 51 acres, 2B acres oC which is planted to oranges and lemons, was sold to Mrs. Mary K. Kouso of Redlauds for »-ir>,000. The tract is a splendid piece of interest bearing property, aud is considered by experts to bo a flue investment for the consideration given. Mrs. Rouse lias sold a big orange, ranch in liodlaiids to come hens, and has already taken possession, with the idea of making Covina perman- itly her home. Mrs. Kouso states that she considers Covina much more suitable to comfortable living than towns further up the valley. The ranch also has a well started walnut grove. Tho sale was made through the realty firm of Pollard & Hutou- FJNOH BLOCK SOLD. (. C. Fairly reports tho sale of tho T. E. Finch building on Citrus avenue in the center of the town t;> Nelson KnodgniHS, who takes the building iu exchange for eight acres of oranges on the east, side of Lark Kllen street adjoining the Southern Pacific railroad. The former owners of the block, Hamuel and George A.'iChcuhronner, make practically an even exchange for the ranch property, with a valuation of SH.UOO. I.O. Fairly also sells the A.O. (mill, residence on First, street, together with an equity in a house on Dexter street aud an equity in a lot, on Fast Jiadillo street, to N. Matney of Irwindale, the properly being exchanged lor 10 acres of oranges in the Hathaway tract. Consideration 8-1,000. H'-sides the sales and exchanges effected, Mr. Fairly has sold a piece of hfH own property, a five acre tract of vacant land in the McCarthy tract, facing on East li:idillo street, to 1'earle Harris of Covina, consideration «I,(JOO. 'I he Wheelbarrow Ride. To the victors belong HIM npoils! Hear Ye, Hear Ye, lli-ar Ye! Oi Tuesday allernoon at 1C. If) the forfeit will IK- paid, and he who followed (lie. 1'iM-rU'iin NehiHHkan to bis defeat will IIHV the m ice in the market place, all the populace may h«:i'. H. A. Welch, local coiinniUwi man tnr the iJcimoe.iutid county cc-.u Ira I committee, will wheel ,f. L. Mat, lluws, editor of the Argus, from tin (.•rammar school IIOUHII to the I'acKU Kluctric car lino along Citnih avenue Kve.ry.jiie is invited tn M:I> the, ovenl, There, am no reserved Main. 'I he wheelbarrow has been provided, an.I the high school bund will head the l/anrlc, v.ilh enlhiihiuslic K f|iubl lean henchmen going nn heforc lo lay laliji leavr-h in tho track of the vc hii'le. 11. will he made, a "eneuil lime nt rejoicing. Come and c.en Mr. Welch pay hin be.1.. Watch this space next week for list of Prosperity Week Goods Nov. 16th to 21st you will be asked to "biry and boost 1 ' Home Products WIC 1IAVK, THKM. DIRECTORS G. T3. Andaiwm C. V. Chmii .1. U. UllliiU W, 11. Ilollliluy . A. I Marco H. llellimm II. M. Hoiium- J, O. llwiNui 1 (!, Mi'iicfm W. If. HOM.IDAY, I'nmliliwl MAUOO II. I1KM.MAM. Vlc« Pi-en. ,1. It. KI-,UOTT, VI™ I'IVH. W. M. (1UIHWOI.I), CimliW J. (;. MUTCHINHON, Aiml. Cimlili-r Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina Dallcy Savinas Covina, Cal. 1MKKCTOKS tin.. K. Anil«iw)ii W. II. llnlllilay ,1. It. Klliul.1. H. M. lliiiiM-r Mlirci) 11. llrjlliniin A. I'. KiTi'liln.fl' A. I'. KKKCKIIOKI' 1 , l'1-i-i II. M. MOI.'SKK. Vlri- 1'r .1. C. IIUTCIIINSON, Ciinlil.-r W. M. (il(ISWOl.l). Aiml. Ciiiilili-r Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo AJL f? ^«W/« Vt «•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••»•••••••••••••••"*** WE THANK YOU jnsti-d. lip of I moweif, Hhiil W. S. Hiili.s. Mrs. Mollie l!(n,ni; hf.enl. Wednehday wilh her moihet. Vli». (i. W. Hi'pt'iir. liuya ginov'ifig knife. (.'me f'-i 1 l^uiri (Jirease in your (jichin'i. 'I h ( : Kellar 'J'lio/iianoii Mfg. C'o. l-i,r Hale J'iim<: '] hdiikhj.') > ing tnrkeys. (Jiiler i.ow of MIH. \\J.\H. j'honh :n:ji;, ii v/indaie. nil Carnival Day a Big Day With Us Sold nil our "Armour's Very 14-001 Is by Sold Ncwm;irh v . blcinl, by Home tin w« so libera c-xtcnd y jj;it.roni/.< '! OKI ranir, ai air . a cor»li;.tl- \Vflconic at all linn--, al our Yours lor i.n .iii' 1 Home's Grocery I I li IIII • j II I O I i <' t '' *•••*»••••••••••••••••••••••••*•••*••••••"*•*•'**•**

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