The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 3, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
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Thursday, February 3, 1977
Page 3
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Obituaries Mrs. Joseph Butler MrsSarahliutler.SS.motherof , . , . „ .. . „. , IwlocalrcsidcntsdicdFridayat < * J*n Butler and Charte her home in Pittston. Pa., where B " ' er »' NaugaUick; 29 grand•she was one of the town's oldest chl **"• 7 fcat-grandehildren residents. ani1 . . ..» greal-great Mrs. Buller left 137 survivors. Her husband Joseph died in 1933. She is survived by six daughters, four sons, which in- and 13 grandchildren. The funeral was held Tuesday in Pi listen with burial in Ihe St. John's Church parish cemetery. Mrs. Joseph Grunt IlDbert J. Grant, Southbury; and Florence M. (Osborne) one daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Grant, C7, 513 North Spring St., Sealy, Riode Janeiro, Brazil; two widow of Joseph Grant died grandchildren, and several ' Mrs. , Wednesday evening at SI. Mary's nieces and nephews. following a brief illness. Funcral services XAUiATl'CK NEWS K'ontU Thursday. June 10.197B- I'aKe:! The release was signed by Mayor William C Kadi) »"« Michael T. NoWc. attorney for the IBl'O. Members of the arbitration panel are Borough Clerk Michael Mormile. representing the town: Henry /uilkowski representing the union, and Michael < Culhane, appointed l>y Ihe first two mcmlicrs. who servos .is chairman The mam poinl "I contention between the Iw factions has been Ihe mayor's request that the union accept a wage moratorium this year Continued From Page t will be settled between the parties uilhout Ihe need of an award by Ihe arbitration panel. "Among the ground rules agreed lo was the c-xclusbn of the media from the hparingswilh Ihe proviso that the parties would issue a written, mutually agreed and signed news release following eavh session. "Future dales for meetings will be June 17 or 18 (tentative),.lunc 25. June 28, June 30. July 7 and July 12" S ELECTRONIC REPAIR SERVICE > SNOW REPAIRING^ 5 CB RADIOS £ THE ANDREW AVE. SCHOOL PTA held ils annual dinner al ,..- . . .., , , „ , ' * Portia's Restaurant recently. Principal Kduard Mariano installed S . h . e ™l to ™'!'W™ socke !'.! ( ' Saturday at 8:30j.rn. froirUhc the Mw „„,„„. J-e(1 ,„ ^ , J e aro „„. Jar , et (ial , owa) , I., March 22, 1909, daughter ol the Green and Packer funeral late Clarence and Hose Osborne. Home, CO Terrace Ave., to St. __^_^__ She was a communicant of St. Francis Church for a Mass at 9. Francis Church, a member of Burial will be in St. James ,/ Today's AAHP, and a retired employe of Cemetery. llniroyal Inc. where she worked Friends may call at Ihe funeral president; Mary Karabanowski, first vice president; Kathleen (iracie second vice president Ann Dickinson, treasurer: I'ani Ainato, recording spcrrtary; and Barbara I.ulkus, torrcspending secretary. At Ike right is Mariano. l\KWSphoto by Edward Newman) most of her life. home Friday from 3 lo 5 and 7 to 9 She is survived by one son, Her nurd J. Moran Sr. chairmanship ir he is cleared in (he investigation of his activities. They wanl the party caucus lo remove him from the post formally. WASHINGTON (DPI) - A Bernard J. MoranSr., 82, of 109 North Hoadlcy St., died Wednesday afternoon at St. Mary's Hospital alter a short illness. Mr. Moran was born Aug. 2-1, 1894, in Ireland, a son of Ihe lale Joseph and Bridget lUwens) sislers, Mrs. Sidney Bayliss and Mrs. John Sweeney, all ol Naugatuck; 16 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be held Friday atlO:30a.m.fromthe Buckmiller Moran. lie was a relired employe FlirK , ra i Home> 82 Kairview Ave., of Uniroyal, Chemical Division, toS , Francis Church for a Mass where he worked for 32 years. He uas a member of St. Francis Church Mr. Moran leaves two daughters, Mrs. liila llossi, and Mrs. Hnnatd E. Myers; Bernard J. Moran Jr.; son two of Christian Burial at 11 with the HOT. John Lynch celebrant of Ihe Mass. Burial will be in St. James Cemetery. Friends may call al Hie funeral home today from 3 to 5 and 7 lo 9 p.m. Mariano Oliver Continued From Page I in a heavy thunderstorm. She will be cared for by doctors at the nursing home under newly adopted guidelines history of the CIA of the Morris County Welfare polished by the Senate Select Board, which preclude the use Committee on Intelligence of extraordinary medical treat- warns that private telephone inenl to keep alive patients conversations, which are trans- with Hltle likelihood of recove- mined beyond Ihe local area by ry. microwave relays, can be listened to by foreign embas- WASHINCTON (Uf'fl - Ohio s i cs . Democratic Rep. Wayne Hays, The rc p 0r t added: "It must involved in a sex scandal, was | )e anlicipated that certain expected lo offer to give up his powers will use such infonna- llousc Administration Committee chairmanship early next week, it was reported today. He already has announced he will step aside as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee lion not only for affairs of markets, stock exchanges and stale, but simply to earn funds bidding prices for large con- by taking advantage of infor- tracts), which is obtained in tnation iconcerning commodity this way ..." * "FIRST CLASS LICENSED TECHNICIANS" tf : A.L. PURCARO : ^ 98 BRIDGE ST., NAUGATUCK N % 729-1331 OR 729-4259 ^ i/ Housing Continued From Page 1 brothers. Hid Awarded Authority Chairman Robert Mariano Oliver. 67. of 127 Ixxust St., died late Wednesday af ternoon at Waterbury Hospital. Dr. Joseph Vincilorio, medical examiner, said death was due lo natural causes. Mr. Oliver was born Feb. 22, 1909, in Fall River. .Mass., a son of Ihe lale Manuel and Emiley (Perry) Oliver. He was a retired employe of Uniroyal, Inc., Footwear Division, where he worked -17 years. He was a communicant f.flfjl.Sl.'.^jMar.j'^ Church/.and Maiato, Mrs. James Murray and Mrs. Casimir Belcinski. all of Naugatuck. and Mrs. Nicholas Ciscciola of Massachusetts; a brother. Evelino Oliver of New- Jersey; a grandson and several nieces and nephews. The funeral it-ill be held Saturday al 8:30 a.m. from the Buckmiller Funeral Home, 82 Kairvwr Ave., lo St. Mary's Church for a Mass of Christian Burial at 9 with Rev. Roland LaPlante celebrant of the Mass. Burial will .be'.tn~Sl>i James Hays 1 closest colleagues told , lult signc( i an a g rrern cnl uith UI'I they are certain he will p ran j; Uu ^ | nc [ or t t, c pur . "step down" from bis adminis- (-haseof a pickup truck for 56.518. tralion committee post, al- y^s ( j rm w;lb ( | 1C . ] ow Bidder without a trade-in. The present vehicle osvned by Ihc authority is being sold to the Park Dept., uilh ihe approval of Ihe Finance Hoard, for S1.200. The new vehicle being purchased bv the authority uill be though some members fear lie may try to reclaim the s KhodV Island Continued From Page 1 .year give NEXT TO THE WALL RELAXER' 100% NYLON FATHER'S DAY SUNDAY JUNE 20th J^KROEHLER rctirnl Men's.Club of Naugaluek. Cemetery with Rev. Edward Mr. Oliver leaves his .widow. Donnelly offering prayers at Ihe Mrs. Florence iSousa) Oliver of grave. Friaids may call at the N'migatuck: a daughter, Mrs. funeral home Friday from 3 lo 5 Ixonard Beckett of Cheshire; and 7 to 9 p.m. lour sisters. Mrs. Margaret James J, Nohelty of the rural area. Federal and stale officials said il could'take l\vo years before the environmental impact slucly is reviewed, Ihe Kr mile highway designed and a bond issue to pay tor the work is put lo the voters, The stale reporl on Ihe project was submitted last Friday l»fore lhe uridn.£lit deadline- K approved, state officials estimate the project would cost So8 million or more. The federal government would pay 90 per cent. Connecticut environment all- Donald W. Nohelty ot Stockton, sts °PP° siT « mc roai1 rcccn ">' LHr.hMlKrj JiimCS J. iy Wll(I iu u. iiuncjij u* ijiv^tvivn, , , - . , Nobelly.ra.ofllSGIenbrookDr., Calif .. , wo daughlers, Mrs. ™ d a slate-sponsored reporl^n president of the New England Carrol Skowronski of Prospeel, ' """ Welding Supply Co. of North an( j f,\ K j§ n i ce Keyes of For- equipped with a plow for use in plowing oul Oak Terrace Streets. The Dcpt. of Community Affairs has approved the purchase and the cost will be pro-rated on all projects under jurisdiction of the aulhorily. .-.-,,Funerals I)AMi:i..l.RADt) Military Funeral services for Daniel j! Rado of 135 Coen St.. were held yesterday morning from the liuckmiller Funeral Home. 82 Kail-view Ave. to SI. Francis Church for a Mass of Christian Burial with the Itev. Ihe proposal showed it would Patrick Aquavia officiating only create 95 jobs. Proponents l>llul>l£ UU|<^<J tu. „, ..«.,.. ()|1U ttlla. UdjLl^C l\C*l» Ul I Ul' : •„ L. J A t Haven, died suddenly Wednesday dhood, Texas; two brothers, John claim ituill mean hundreds of at Ins home. Dr. Charles Dayton, medical examiner, was notified. Mr. Nohelly was born April 2, 1913. in Lynn, Mass., son of the Robert Nohelty. both of Lynn. Mass.; two sislers, Mrs. jobs in the area. assisted by Ihe Rev. Raymond Pitruzzello. Madeline Baker was the organist and Mrs. James Farrar was the organist. Burial was in St. James Cemetery with Mary Pecuteis and Mrs. Claire Violano of IAS Angeles, Calif., , v .„„,..:_ ._.. Kr Piin, zz <,|| 0 Cashman, both of Ly.n, Mass,, Joseph Violano of Illinois, John ^^'Sg the gravesldTstr vices. Bearers were: Mayor William Itado, Fire Chief John Caspar. and six grandchildren. Violano of Shelton, William lale James and Agnes I Donohue) Funeral services will be Violano of Oxford, Dominick Nohelty. He was president of the Saturday at 9:30 a.m. from Ihe Violano of Seymour and Robert New England Welding Supply, slater Funeral Home, 2« South Violano of lieacon Falls- five Inc., North Haven for the last t2 ' lie leaves his widow, Clare (Paquctte) Nohelty; a son, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. John A. Violnno SGVMOUR —John A. Violano, 82. of 13 Curry Hill Iload. died until his retirement in 1958. He Wednesday morning al Griffin came to this country and Derby . . , . . ... ,. William Schmclke. and Miss Jennie and Miss Mary Violano, both ol Us Angeles; a brother, Joseph Violano of Italy; 27 grandchildren; three great- grandchildren; and several -as a self-employed carpenter nieces and nephews. The funeral will be held Friday sday morning a. urnnn «m e 10 ,m s ™u,ury anu «ru>- * 8:15 a . m , a '"! C ,"""'i'Tl Hospital in Derby after .1 long in Wll am) moved to Seymour in , 1 / 0mr ^ d ,?i 9h ? H , M illness. '939. He was a member of ihe "* ^.^"'t™*??*; j\)r Violano was bom June 11, Church of the Good Shepherd. Buna will oe in Mt. M. racr s ulullltlo .„,„..„. 1893 in Castelvelere Su! Calore, He leaves his widow, Mrs. Cemetery, Derby. rrtcnds may W alcrbury-Prospeet Hoad, loSI. Italy sonoflhelateVincenzoand Wilhelmina (DeTullio) Violanool f" at the furieral home loday Anthony's Cliurch for aMassat9 Gcnoroso (CresUvo) Violano. He Seymour; six sons, Vincent Irom21o-land7to9p,m. a.m. Uurial will be in St. James Cemelery, Naugatuck. Friends may call at the funeral lome today from 3 lo 5 and 7 lo 9 >.m. The Catholic Daughters of \merica will meet in the funeral lome at 7:30 p.m. Memorial conlribulionsniaybemade to the St. Anthony's Church Iluilding •'und. IIEXISK.BRODKR1CK PROSPECT - The funeral of Denis F. Broderick, 58, of Chandler Drive, aide lo Mayor George S,it», «ill be held Friday al 8:30 a.m. Mr. Broderick died Tuesday at St. Mary's Hospital after a brief illness. The funeral will be held from the Uuckmiller Brothers Funcral Home, Here's the newest COMFORT CHAIR by Kroehler It's called "Next To The Wall" RELAXER * WEEKEND SUPER SPECIAL Today • Friday • Saturday Dress up your house for Spring 20% off on all our curtain styles Choose from the following Ball Fringe Curtains Calico Cape Cod Style Solid Color Cape Cod Style ' Floral Printed Batiste Tailored Curtains Ctiss Cross flatinn Ninon Sheer Curtains With Tie Bath Floral Print Dacron Ninon Sheer Curtains Solid Color Datron Ninon Sheet Curtains Daisy Chain Print Dacron Ninon Sheer Curtains White Dacion Ninon Flocked Tailored Curtains Antique Satin Draperies Please allow 72 hours for delivery!! NAUGATUCK ML VIEW SHOPPING PLAZA OPEN Mon.-Fri. 10-9, Sot. 10—5;30 723-0373 MHS.AXXAJASU.AVir WATERBURY - A private toeral for Mrs. Anna lOpaitist Jasulavic. 85. of Lakeside Boulevard West, was held today at 11 a.m. from the Stokes Funeral Home, 134 Highland Ave. Hurial was in Lithuanian Cemetery. Friends are asked lo contribute to Lithuanian Cemetery Association in her memory Julie's Store 87 Maple St. 500 PRS. JEANS Name Bfand Hillbilly-Cheap Jeans OPEN WEO.-SM. 10 A.M.-5 P.M. (Illustiation to the left) It's large, comfortable and can be used in a small room. Let us demonstrate it to you. la-Z-Boy @ makes every day Father's Day for every father In Addition We Have Put Every La-Z-Boy Recliner on sale at large savings Here's another CITATION RECLINER by KROEHLER It's one of the best values in a long time. You'll never expect the price so low, for such a tine chair. It's a Special tor FATHER'S DAY. '129' FREE DELIVERY AND TERMS IF YOU WISH NAUGATUCK Church St. 729-2251 Thurs. and Friday fo 8:30 P.M. CARLSON'S 175-185 Church Si, NAUCATUtK '

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