Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 7, 1912. on I When B S Eviying 1 I Baking ' I Powder I • • Q F.irihip is tl.o g S liikiti/ powdi r m * lhai •iii.ikcslbe • B baking lititei." B ;' 9 It Icav. :,s tli</ B f 1 ' i 11 d c I' c n I y ^ to ihro '.ighiMit; p'iffi * it up : 1 ,iiry li -'Ii:- • Q. lie--, r.inkcs It dr- | • li^^lr.iully .'i|)()Li :r- a * iiiga.icj v'ii )lcs <inic. ^ * Kcincmiicr, Cslu- 5 I nicl is iiKvlcratc in li • fjiirc — iii*.:!icsl in'ft r finaiily. _ 5 Asl< yctir i;r'>c?r for _ B Cal— i .''-t. U'.n 'tt .kca C f S'lbjliUit-. I r ncccivED HICHC?;T »v.'*ro^. K Vfoftfl s Purr. F»o4 Ci.XiA»la?n. ^ F'anu, Barcn. IdlZ. Q SKETCHOFFRMHINKEY.STIIR HAG A KINK ARTICLE TELLS A LITTLE OF IILS RECOKD. ZTiredFestWHhBat aSingleThoiiglif-TIZ FormiT lolan, Mrifrhiiiir 140 I 'onnilN' >Vvn Fame anil Caiitniiir}- of the " •Varsity at Yali\. For Aching, Blistered, Bimioned, Chafed, Tired, Sweaty Feet —Get TIZ. Send for a, Fre« Trial Faekage QjUck. Ytiu iii -«H !irt niM "T—tci wH- f«>l iiilwry: , II Is I' to >-«mr nttvntlon o-ury <luy. Tlicrc was never :i man in lola t:. ro isnt lui mflch oflt ^ tlioro about whom so many intcresiinK news paper stories could have been written nor one of whom the repojters would '. have preferred to write than Frank Hinkey. who was herek with the Lanyon Zinc company for years. Hut Fr&nk, one of the bright pHrtlcul »r; stars of the Yale football fioUI. ] thot )Rh he went back year afHT ytvn-; to dsBint In coaching, as evory «'x- ' Captain is in honor bound to do. talk- I ed football only at rare times aii'l' then only to intimate friends. Wish ; wholly convincinj; earnestness he rc- peatcdlx warned a Register reporter • that any publicity would sever even ) speaking relatlonbliip, and the report . , . . . , ...... »./vnHS ,l : "-''1 to 1v>. TIZ tins c<Im-nt.-l iis to n , 1 , . • , . >• ..t cnmforl. TI7. work:, on a new Milt Frank has sone to Illinois and ^ i:,, i..!.— Ki>^-r. ip\o tUc r.wi-.ii. pl.inds taken unto himself a wife and si 't- if f,.« t. forros thvm .to rxndc all lied down to being a private citizen, fort- m-UU un<l i)i'i.-"n.< ihut cause .ind the followinR miRhfv brinf. and '-'"t troul!l,.i, TIZ soTt.n.^ co.'ns. cal- whoUy inadequate story of the rec-i '"x'" l>unlo:i.'=. th.y^iirlnlt nn.l or,, and reputation Hinkey made at J '^^^L^Z •Vale when he welshed but 13D to 1-Jo ! ,,,,^1:,^ ol«o to tirfcc the pl .-ice Iiounds, was written by Kdward Lycll j , j „ TIJJ foot b.-uh. Got a 2T, cent box Fox and published, in the current Kv- .'.-(.lu nny druc ttorr. t '.irtinfDt or vn orybody's MaRnzine. as a pan of an < mi Mur.-. or, if jo :i wint to ppov it. article about college football stars, vvritr t .Kl i .v to \V:il!. r l ...;:i.r A r-.., -|i,„ sketch <!-»v <i- • ^- ^^-'''-^l' - 'Mi-nsn. m.. for n Hut now let us turn to the Now ,,,„,,.„„, vo;:rf..t win ii.-v .r want nny- llavon heroes. You liavo heard of D.ins bat TIZ. them—Coy, Chadwiok. HeffelfinKer, Hinkey, poor HoRan, many of them. it was early October a score of years aRo, and footliall practice was fairly under way at Yale Field. From tho players' bench. ".losh" Hart well and Crosby, veterans, who had been injured in one Of the openinp Ramos, were watt-hinp. Hnrtwell api>eared particularly interested -n ji frail-Iook- inR youth who was :ii 'o end of the ".Scrubs." Sometliiii.c :a the youuR- sters' alort, cat-like movements interested the veteran. He saw in llu- slender, ilark-haired boy the latent powers of a brilliant.- end. And as Hartwell watched, the impression prew—prew until. liinRinj; down tho crutch he had been loaning on, he criod: " ' "ituni anklo or not, Vm going out to l)racliro tomorrow: If I stay away I much longer that kid will have my 'job:" ('.•o.sby. who heard hitn. only prin- I'otl. But sure eiicuch. l .Iarlwell. was out the noxt d;iy. .41so, when tho I'riiireton Rnme came around, his name appeared in the Yalo lineup as right end. Crosby's was nowhore The frail-Iooking youth had won his Colonel Pawnee Brown will make a speech on Demwracy in front of tho Smith cafe this morning at 9 o'clock. This bet was made with" .1. B. Coiinol- ly, who would htive made'.a speech on Republicanism, had the Republican •icket been elected. This addross is | open to the public. Como out and ! hearian nfter-olecricn addrofs. Mij. Roods will wheel Frank Davis from! the Frisco up Wall stroot to tho I Wallj and .Main cornor. This soan<'o i will be staged just prior to I'awnoo] BroU-ns democracy address.—Fori Scott Republican. Such w:'s the bojinnius of tho foot- i ball iaro(>r of Hiakoy—called triloly. i "tho grratrst end Yale over had." j I'llerly foarless. as <iniek as a cat. clrvr. resourceful, a bundlo of wires that know no fatigue, Hinkey trrror- irod oppcsinc teams for four years ' I'.rhai's his greatest sir< ngih lay in his v.rsatiiity. in lii..: tirst Harvard ganw -r for instance, he broke through, laiklinp a man from behind the line 1 and .saving Yale from being scored ap oii at a critical moment. In another Harvard game when tho entire Yale line was demoralized by a new "flying wetipc" that had carried tho ball ihv itiigth of the lield, Hinkoy soIv<<! the trick and checked the advance, in his first Princoton game by his al, most uncanny alertness at recoverin? (K Ioii!i-()iii - fumbles, he made pOssiblo Yale's .Nov. f..-T!ure i.s ' i.o ' soi:ool ,his • Jo'^'^-do ^n And, meoting Princeton week on ac.<:u ;;t of -Uo , io.iion Ix- '"^ ^''^^ furnished intoiference for a ing hold Tu.s.iav a, il,o SO|K,O 1 house ronwrkable run and then, with time an dtho toacl.or. .Miss Boor.srler at- "'"'"s' •'''^^K '^'J V'""" ^'""^ tending th- ^ua.- t .a.l.ors association I nnoeton s goal post... •It Topoki ' could go on and tell you other IVotra.^-'.d ,;,.onn -4s will ,„„Un,,.. f''-'''-^ V''""' ""T at iho cliunli '>' enduring at Now Haven, but they •t).ir sohool h...... ,.nrol,,,s.d a fino would be an article by theinselves. Victor Vi .t .'ol:, talking tnaohino from ^ "'lfi«'">''' '"""o-a the llo.s l.iim Co.. of Humboldt. I'-ro like Heffeinngcr, that great Miss Zolla .Nov. s loavos Thursday ^''O '=>"!"'t linemen for a visi, v .i .l, fri ..,:ds and r.-la-ivcs ^ """e ;'s valuable as weiRl, HelToIfinR- •Jt .\forns fikl • ""^ called all legs, who Mr. atid Mrs" Spon .or line roturned • ^rom ''is Position at guard to the Derlaro War on Cnlds, A cru.<5:ide of odiication which aims "that common colds may become uncommon within the next genoration" h«s been begun by proininont Now York physicians. Hore is a list of the don'ls which tho doctors say will prevent the annual visilntibn of tho cold: "Don't sit in a draiighly car" '.'Don't sleep in hot rooms " "Don't avoid the frei?h air" . "fion't stuff yourself at moaliimo < place on the loft wing of tho Yale line., Overeating reduces your rosistance.'; .r .1... f . . .j.^ .which we would add—when you I take a cold got rid of it as quickly as j possiblo. To aci 'omiilish thai you wiU.j lind Chamborlain's C<mRh Romedy most. excellent. Sold by all doalors. AIHMT niKISTlAX SCIEX'K. II l> Nut 1o cU Coni'tMiniled With -\ew Tlionglil." ( tiTTAt.K (;|{OVE. from iheir visit in Iowa. Kos-.voU !'.ro-v»i had llio misfortune to ruu a l .irL'-' sHvor ttiroupli his " wrist. Dr. I'ayno romoved it. i -Mr Jind -Mrs ]1. It. .lohnson and tarn ily ami .Mr. and Mrs. Ciiiv Smith visited at .1. H. .Injinsnn's Sunday. Miss Booi s'.lov's little noi.liow visii- od lior a. f> w days last wook. ' The young folks who uio aitondiiig high sohoid iii Clianute and lluiii- tirddi .no onjdving a two days' vaca- I'lin this week witli homo folks. To the Kditor o fthe Daily Registor: .My attontion lias been called to an ar'iclo which appeared in a recent is- 1 .sue of your paper, under the ciptlon, "A Ijidy's Commont on .Medicine a'nd Roligion." in wliidi ll'.e writer includes Cjiriftian Science in tlio Fame caialogiie witli now thoug'al and tug- go^tive tlierapeutics. j Oiristian Scienco wlde!y differs from thesp teachinES. While it is tnio ' ('!iri.=tian Science declares all is in-j finite Mind Tinil its manifo-iation yet t this declaration doos not admit <if any • belief o fa min<I apart frrai (Jod,— ' who is Mind. , Tlio beliof,s of iiiinri ovor mind or mind over mattor for good or for evil ; aro not found in the teaciiing.< of; t"instian licience.—they belong to the: belief of it jiower apart, from Cod ! wliicli wctild dplJirone omnipotoiice. | As fhrist .fesus gave to tJie world he true methoil of healing.—mankind must be saved from fals-e methods of head of the interference and cleared [ healing as well as from sin, the path for great runs. many of McClting 's .MVS, .\ f.-.oxe. Iltr, Dayton A \e.. M 'iihita. Ka.s^ states: "l suffered with ki(!:iey M 'niife. \\i;h a .'e\ere ptiln aiTo .ss niy t^aek and folt inisorable :ind all tiro) ot;i. loii alter taking Foley Ki<!tioy Piils io:- a few da>s. the pain Ie!t my iKi" k and I l'« It lull of life jind.arn\;;\ Cladiv do I rei -oiutnend l''o!oy KiddieV I'ilis to all wliimi havi- kitlr.ot troii'Mlo • r.uiroirs Drug Store A Mirht of Terror. Few nights are more torriblo than iliat of a mother looking on her child 'dioking and gasiiing for breath during an attack of croup and nothing in the house will reliovo it. Many moth ers havp passed nights of terror in iliis situation. A little forethought will enable you to avoid all this. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is a cer i:iin cure for croup and has never been known to fail. Keep it at hand. For sale by all dealers. >t»W FtH: THE FREAK BETS. .Mrs .1 \V House, of .Maiiliattan. who I'.is li >i II h'-ro visiting friends reiuiiird homo this aft-moon. Kl. Sridl .Moosrr .Mu>t Hake n Ilenio- crallc SjHMM-h. Two election bets will be paid this morning, the one by Pawnoo Brown, probably the strongest Roosevelt tnan in tho couniy. and F. H. Rwds. n reporter on an «'Vening papi-r, and a ' strong advocate of Mr. Taft. and death. Suggestive tlierapeutlc-s "and new I tiiought can in no way be associated ' witli Chri.^tian Science, noither can maioria niodica ho akin to or openile tiironigli rho Ciiriftian religion. He who usl'ored in the religion of Christianity, recognized no jxiwor nor intelligence out -side, of (;od—divine .Mind—to heal disease, destroy sin and ovorconie death. —' It was an understanding of .le .siis tlieology that enabled his disciples to do the works he did: ^.ii^d todays through the spiritual knowI^^Ko of the word of Oral.'mortals are learning that (;(H 1 who forgives their sins heals | tlieir diseased hoilies without the use of matorini means. WILLIS I). M'KI.NSTRY. t'liristiim Science Committee on Publication fwr the Slate of Kansas. — P R. Mass, Benchley. Texas, says••.My baby had a daiiRerous attack of eroii]!. and we thought we would lose- hiin. Uiit 0De -l>o(tlc of Foley's Honey * Tar Compound pul cd him through Wo would not be V thout it In our !:eus4S." Burreir.<».X)rug Store. M«kc. a j ;re «t difference in moM women. They are troiihled with " nervct• SrECI'LATI.Mi 0.\ THE JOBS. Ihcy nuScr from hackachc, headache, klcepleK »nest, a sensation o( irrilabilily or ! rMritchinj!, Imf iiakhe», di/ry tpclU. or tndny other symptoms o» female weakneu. I ^n^lmil'*ll'r!ihIps at Slake Xow Thai The local disorder and inflamroation sh.^>uld be treated with Dr. Pierce's l.ACion Tablets and tho irrv ^ularily and weakness of the female system corrected and FtrcnKchcncd «itli Dr. I 'ic 'ce'» I'avoritc Frwcriplion. The strain upon the younjC woman or the woman of middle a<e—upon the ncr«« and blood forming sinictures— may be too great (ur her slren£th. .This is the time tojake this restoratiyte tonic and strcn£th-£ivinii nervine end r«£uialor. For over forty Tears sold by drui(j(ists for woman's peculiar wcakne:;s:s<ufd dist reusing ailments. The erne rrmedy so perfect in comp'«.itiou on<; t,o Koud in curative effects as to warrant its makers in printing its every. ingredient on its outside wrapper. Thf one remtJy w^ich absolately contains neither r.lcubol nor injuriu;is or habit-forming drugs. Following letter selected at random from a large number t't kinitar ones and cited merely to illustrate these remarks : "III the win'j ^r of 31 *1?. I became strratlr run dawn and Inesular." vTitet Miu. Ui:.vnr Soorr, of Swan Creek. Hkh.. Bouta 1. Box 43. " I ! lowli- iMit survly i :Tc\' wane, and. at but, resolved to apply to tfae doctors for litlp. The doctor said I had inRainiDatioa.cnlai«nient and lacer- atkm. I «-a» in tied eleven weeks and got no Ijetter. The doctor said I would Iicvc to have an operation, bat to that I would not listen. Hy nus- land rumiaavd two bonles of Dr. Pierce's Ptvorite Prescription. When 1! tartwl bt lake lIU* remedy I could not walk across the floor, butafter 1 liail Uken three buttles I could feel myself ssinin ^so I "dropped the dwior aiid took Dr. I'ierce'n Favorite Prescriptiun. Only for it X think I H .MIM have been d<»i-i leally tMKe«-« ii saved lay !>!«. t fed bettct noMrifaaaintweoQryaaia," ' >\diiiinl.>lnUion I'luiiierr*./ 1US.S0OIT. With the state and consrcsfiional district apparently Denrbcratic, Interest hore as elsewhere Is being ex- prei<sed in the possible changes In the federal offices, including postmester- shlps^ There is no information available on the subject as the election Is too recently over, but it is generally supposed Uiat one or more lola statesmen n1ll tender their services as postmaster to Senator Tfaompeon and Cnn- KTessman Taggart When the matter will come up for decision is, of course, unknown. It vi-as suggested tills mom ing by a local political speculator that the Cleveland rule of allowing incuitt- bects to eerre out tbelr terms before making a change misitt bold. In tbat case Postmaster Spencei^ would con- iHmpJP' 9f0c« wftta fmjf *R Reasons Why We Urge Our Patrons to Bny This Reliable Make and an Earnest Plea to Particular Housewives to Inspect Our So I>cautiful arc tlie NCH[...J'WHITTALL" Rugs, so perfect are tlieir imitation of rare, old Ori<entals, as to bo justly termed "Real Oriental Rugs In America." T iicy have the rich lustrous sheen and the d ;ep rich pile that is characteristic of Oriental weaves. In the ma king the "Whittall" mills use exactly the same sort df wcels as arc used in the much higher priced products of Palestine, Persia, Arabia and the Himalayas. y[ Pure aniline dyes forced through the yarn give these "Whittall" Rugs their beautiful lairting shatles, colors and tints. The fineness and beauty expressed in the New "Whittall" weaves add grace and dignity to .iny home. The range of colors and shadings is of the widest. The Rugs are adapted to any purse and purpose—rFor Living Room, Dining Room, Sleeping Room, Library, Parlo r. Hall and Den. ( We price and describe a few of our manv qualities: r L "Whittair Aoglo-Persian Rugs Made from carefully .scli cled worslcd yarns and woven so closely that they rival the fine hand-made Persian importations. Dyed by the .fastest known methods with a high lu.slroiis finish, making the most beautiful and .servicc- aMc Hugs in Ainorica. Designs are faithful ctipics of rare inijiortcd lluffs including the "Kermanshah." "Kashan," •'Kurdistan," '"'Tabriz," "Sarabau.s" "Soumak," "Gorevan," and "Saruk." We show a complete line of Wautiful Rugs, including the designs nientitmed above, togtUhcr with many others now being shown. The 9x12 feet si/.o sells f.M- S.->7.r)() The 8-3xl0-() feet size .sells for. .,$55.00 Special sizes of these Rugs obtained within rea.«:onable time; they are made in 26 sizes from 221/.X86 inches up to* 11 feet 3 inches by 15 feet. 4i WhittaU's" Royal Worsted Rugs Ik'st value f(»r the price in u Wilton Rug, nuifle from selected yarcis, clnsely v.oven in a wide range of designs and colors, including -Mokbara." "Saruk," "Kcrmati.shah'' and other designs. ., / The !ixl2 f-ct siz,c .;ells al .$.1.5.00 Tl«c 8-:]X1(M; feet size selL< al..S10;00 r "WhittaU's" ChUdema Brussels Rugs The best quality Body Brussels Rugs at a popular price. We cari-y a very complete line of patterns and colorings, especially suited for dining room or living room ,also special Rugs to tirder in high coloring for chamber. The 9x12 feet size .st?lLs at $32.50 The 8-:^xl0-(; feet size sells at..$30.00 Whittall's" Peerless Brussels Rugs These are Standard gi'ade Body Brussels Bugs in a wide range of popular jvatterns. Newest Fall Designs now being shown. , The 9x12 feet size sells at...... .$27.50 The 8-3x10-6 feet size sells at...$'25.00 J L Special Sale Price on all Bagdad, Wiltons and Bigelow Body Brussels In order to clos eouL the Rugs that we have in stock of these qualities w eai-c offering them at prices that will surely interest you if you are looking for a high grade rug iiX a very low pij-ice. • • i .Ml 9x12 feet sizes Bagdad Wiltons, i-egular S!5.<K) value for ....... $30.00 and .$.32.50 All 9x12 feet sizes Bigelow Body Bru.ssels, regular ^iOM vjilue at $21.00 Hodges Wool and Fiber Rugs Arc the ideal bed-room Ruj::., We arc fii.s- lilaying a large a.ssortnient of these Rugs in blues, tans and greens, and can furnish the Rugs in anv size from 6x9 feet to 9x15 feet and n -3x 12 feel. We refer you to any number of-our customers who are using Rugs, who will testify as to the fastne.^s of the coloiv and the) (luality of the Rugs. The -9x12 feelr size .cells' at $11.00 and $11.^0 J WePayMfleage. Rug and Drapery Department Isl Floor, is

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