Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 31, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 8
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; Social (Hews # ! * Principal mid Mrs. A. H. Collins entertained at dinner on Monday evening, the guests being -ill gradu- atns of the Indiana University. Luncheon guests nt, the homo of jMm. Bon K. Thorpe on Thursday Just wore Mr.H. Helen Himvno of LOB Angeles, Mrs. ('has. Thor[ie rif Man- cheater, (own, and Mrs. .John Wil- kii\H. A delightful entertainment WHH uiven iHHt Saturday evening by the sophomores of the high school in honor of I lie freshmen elasH. Tin; auditorium waH prettily decorated for the occ.HHion and games ami elans «o7igs added to tho evening's enjoy- of waited corn bread were passed around but wore HOOU followed by more viands. (luofitH at tho home of Rev. and Mrs. Paul Stevens t.liJH week weie Rev. and Mm. Oorrior of Klmhunit for luncheon on Sunday, Mr. (ier- rior having preached at tho Presbyterian Church at the morning service. Kov. Hharpe of Hod Bluff, who wan a classmate of Mr. Stevens at the Han Francisco PrcHbytorian .Seminary, WIIH a luncheon gucafc <ui Monday. Mr. tiiid Mr.s. Iloiiick of Han Ant.hel- 7110, Cal., were, dinner guests on Wednesday evening. All wore delegates to tho Presbyterian synodica! meetings at Pasadena. On Wednesday morning at. 0:110 o'clock, a quiet homo wedding at, tho homo of tho brido, united M'st, Hess Sanders and Mr, Herman Allison of (,'rowoll, Texas. Only tho inimo- diate relativeH and a few intimate friends were present. Tho ceremony waH performed by tlio Hev. W. < 1. Conley in tho parlor, gay with chrysanthemums and calla lilies. Miss Samkrs haH during her two years' residence in Covina made many warm friends who rejoice in hor happiness, Tho groom JH a member of the firm of tiio Allison Dry (loo.Is Co. of Crowell, Texas, tho homo town of the brido, where she wa« formerly a teacher in the public! HchoolH. Light refreshments wore served to tho bridal party. Attired in a becoming blue (raveling gown "'id hat on suite, tho pretty brido with hor husband took tho 10 o'clock train for their now home, where they will bo welcomed by many friends. HRIMIS TWO BRIDFiS. J. W. Popperwell Horns I. Oratltude of Younjt flen of Charter Oak. A long journey across the "great pond" brings Mr. .J. W. Pop perwell of Charter Oak back t') hifl bin ranch, and with him rorno ! two brides. Neither of these young 'ladies is for Mr. Popperwell, but on :the contrary the wealthy rancher re! liiu|uishes his guardianship immo- diately on arriving here, and two well known young men are made happy through his kindness. As a result a double wedding is solemni/ed this morning in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Covina by Kev. Alfred Kletcher. The stoiy is something of a romance. When Johnson and Waller .Jackson ciirne from Kngland to California, they left, their hearts re- spcelivoly Miss Margaret Hebhes and Miss Anna Dermatit. Tiio young men have been industriously enuaged in preparing a home in the land of (lie golden afternoon . It is not known how Mr. Popperwcl) was inveigled into taking up the matter of escorting the young ladies across the ocean, but. he readily acquiesced, and the weddings this morning are a testimonial l.o his fidelity in the matter. Miss Margaret Hobbes, who comes from London, as the bride of Krnest Johnson will receive the welcome du« to the bride of a popular young man, and Miss Anna Denriant arid Walter Jackson enter on married life in this community with a host of friends iiK lendy made. Mr. Popperwoll was accompanied by his wife, who assisted materially in the chaperonage. Southern California's .Surprises. The following is nn editfirial which appenrnd in tho Los Angeles Times of Hnturdny, Oct. 21 : "A ff-w dnya a«o the Los Angeles Rrifiiiblican county fornniiltee had Senator Hhortrid^e biilerl to siieak in (Jrivina. Thfj state committee ordered the date canceled on the K r "urid that the place WHH not important enough to justify a meeting. "Later, (>ov. Oillelt, who has iu- tirnato arfuialntflnce with K'inthrrri California as- it is today, set 11 meeting at Covina. The Hhartridge meeting was to IIH'-B been in the averting. The (iillett meetiiiK took place in the middle of the day. In spite of this disadvantage, the (Jovernor ai.d his associates spoke to I'jOO periple, an audience of thoughtful, well-to-do r/i(!ti and women, who paid Iheclo.seHt, attention to all that was fiald, and gave (jillett and the other speakerH the most hearty reception. "Ho rnakeH a mistake who bases his judginerit of Southern California on information four years old. Co- viua is only about half a dozen years on the map. Knur years ago the place wan small. This year it is important, enough to have hourly .service with I..OH Angeles on a line of it.s own, constructed during the year past. "Covina lies in the midst of a valley teeming with riches, full of population, hovering in indescribable beauty. It, is only a short rido over good roads to other towns, and an audience may he relied ou any tune, day or night,. " Bargains for TODAY Shoes Onr ftitire.' line of VY. I.. I. shoes, S 3.50 and $4.cxj <ir $3.10 200 pairs hoys' $2.50 tan shoes Special Union Revival Tomorrow. The churches unitiiiK in the special serviiioH, llui Ilaptisl, Christian, and Presbyterian, ex pool, to make Sunday a hpoeial day in tho largest, actiM) of tho word, Tho order of will-vices for the day will be as fidlows: At 11 II.IIA, services in each of the cliuivhcs, with sermons by the pas tors, an opnorninily being this time for any who desire the church to do so. At, ;i p. m., grand young peoplo'H rally. This nervine- w ill bt> helJ HI the Haptist Church and is to bo made one of tho great, features of the week. .Spirited music, and an address on a vital topic have homi arranged with a view to till! iiileriHln of young people. Tho young people's meetings will not lie held in the various churches this evening. At. ":'ll), grand union revival service at Hie Presbyterian Church. ( music will be a feature of tho evening. The sermon will bo by one ol tho pastors, and the whole service is expiolod to bo a lilting climax to the splendid Hcrvires of tho week. Roherta-Clawsoti. Miss Louise Clawoon, niece of Mayor K II. Luheo of Covina, was united in mariiage at St. Paul's Pro- (Jathodral in Los Augelea this week to .John W. Huberts, a well known architect in Southern California. Aliss Clawson lived with hor slater and brother in-law, Mr. and MrH. H. M. Smit.ii of Third avenue, and after a wedding breakfast, loft on a honeymoon to the north, whero the trip will bo combined with business, as Mr. Roliorts haw interestH to attend tn in the. northern portion of the atato. MiHH ClawHon, now Mrs. Huberts, has attained coiiHiderablo reuutntion as a buHirit'HS woman in this state. A large amount ol! property in her own right has boeji a,bly managed by Mias CbiwHon without the aHHiatanco of agents, and her astute business cm pacify lias come to be distinctly recog- ni/ed She me,I, her husband while engaged in work which called for an architectural expert,. Tho young hidy is well U'lown and likod In Covina, where she resided for nomii lime. Realty is Active. ] The Kdwards ,v Wildcy Company | reports the sale for C. H. Harrol.t to J ('.. S. DcLano of -JM acres on (Jrand avenue, bet woon Cionega and Ucmii'a, given at. for a ooiisidoriitinn ot 317,000. Tho to join I property consists of iibout If) acres iu lltyear old trees, and the hal- iiiici', including Home waste land, vacant. Tho piirchnsor is a well known musician in Los Angeles who Services $1.25 100 pairs oxfords, women's patent colt $1.00 Choice of any women's £4.00 shoe in the house, $3.50 Attention. An expert workman of the Wiley B. Allen Music Co. will lie in Covina Nov. 4, 5 anil (J. Tuning and repairing of pianos, mechanical piano- players and organs will receive close attention, and ail work will be guaranteed, Orders may bo loft with Mr. McLeod of Webb block. It A Table for the Whole telly at the- Hotel Yenflome We cater especially to home trade -and always to the traveler and tourist. They say we serve better meals than the big hotels of Los AugeU-s. I ( c:t us prove it to you. thicken Dinner Dress Goods Reductions on every piece of dress yoods in the house. None reserved. To the Voters of California Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 31 Sixth on Ballot St'Jintc Constitutional Amendment No. 31 prrmitH pri\fite business, l.e- unvnlr'nt and rcliKioiis corporations to f-.xtend their term of existence. It prohibits the Legislature from extending any franchise of any publio service, corporation. Kvery citizen should vote for this amendment and use his influence for it.s adoption in the interest of business and financial stability. ]t is endorsed by: The State Federation of Labor The Building Trades The Labor Council The Commercial Bodies of every large city in the State The Real Estate Boards The Clearing Houses The Merchant Exchanges By Nearly Every Bank in California, and by all the citizens who have carefully considered the intent and purpose of this Amendment Vote lor Senate Amendment Sixth on Ballot Covina Orange Groves We have a large clientage buying good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. Clothing We have just received a new and up-to-date line of men's $30 suits. Choice of any suit, $25.00 Broken lines of men's $10 and 12.150 suits, $7.50 Men's pants reduced. "IT PAYS TO SEE US' EDWARDS & WILDE\ CO. 232 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles U. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 1295, Covina C'O-V-E'R'T has sold $75,000' worth, of^ paying 'orange and lemon groves in the past month. The man wliu sells is the man you want to list with. Want to sell your ranch? Want to sell anything? Doing business when others are idle. ni Wi'diH'M'.av and Sunday. ^ j V\'omf-ll's sk'irts lit Cost. J. .1. KITXCKK'AI.U, I'n.p buys tor Investment. This wtlo illustrates tho fact that I ho Kdwardn & Wildcy Co. anil their Cnvina representative, Mr. I). W. Ma.'Donald, are deserving t'f their reputation for M'.iick work. The grovo was listed with the linn by Mr. llarrolt about the ITith of this mouth. It was ml- vortised on tl>" '.ifdh and inspected by Mr. DeLano on thu 'JTlh. On the 'J'.)l h tile sale wan closed. J. M, Stiintuii reports the sale of sovi'ii acres ot oranges on the north east corner of Sierra and Badillo The services for the past weok havo j H t ree tn, to K. P. Martin of Los Ang !„.„„ held in the Christian Churoh i elen; uoinddi'val inn #K,l)(Hl. Tho properly wan formoily owned by P. W. iu tint evening, and tho Methodist Church in the afternoon. Tho pus turn uniting in I ho mu-vicoH drew luls for their turns, and much inter CHI ha-i bi'fii aroii.-i'd over tin- novel VVHV ot cniiiiiH'l ing special Borvii-i's. The iitlciiilancii has been exeullflit, and many cummeulH of approval have bi'i-ii heard cuiici-rning the spirit ot unity by the cliuiclu-H. A Illlllllil-r IlIlM' l:|:l Sll.N iVill!|..--l'd Cull venioii, and tl.c liilrirst K sui-b thai the hav n.iunriii^ I tut IHI i i III^M in \l M'l'\ il'l"i \\ i 11 hini I In- even inn •"''' ^ i' 1 ' 1 '" '" li,ll 'Inn ell ne.\ t u IT|>. .salo was for Mr DoLancey cash will hid ten that ho resident** DcLaiHM'y. Tin without trade. move across tho street on acres, and Mr. Marl ill staton will build an altriictivo shortly. W. A. Layman bus made salo of hi* rc.-idi-uco lot at \\'csl Adams and Niirmandy siri i el-«, llmiuuh A llli..u-e lii. , . «..»*.» *>*•»*•»•»« 4 Hello! is this tV.e advertising man? well, you're the man I want to talk with. This is Crerishaw U»b Cn-nshaw. u rr "- cery near the S. P. depot, uu-at shop and all that sort of thing you know. Now what I want you lo do is to put me up a good readable notice--Got a line trade here -want more. You tell tin- people that I handle Cudahy's beef, mutton, pork and cured meats of all kinds. Tell'em that Cudahy sends all his meet out in modern refrigerator cars, killed right and cured right and kept right. You can't make native meat compare with this meat ot Cudahv's. The peoole know it but I want to remind them of it again. Finest meat shop in tlu- valley. And then our grocery depart- nt 1 want COVHKI to k:i-i v that we keep tabs oil that's new in grocery e\el'V line Spo'il cotUm, cS spools for 25c with olliL-r ^ociLle only. ()ur hif^e and splendid line nf hosiery enables y<>u to secure' heller hose at the price you are paviiv.: for inferior tnalces. ( Hir CIAl )li I" line embraces a nru principle in hosiery making, the malcers having adopted Ihe IH-SV machines, which practically revolutinni/e the hosiery trade. George Covert Office on Citrus Avenue 11-7 Underwear i if i-ntt'il) We Arc Told That Taft Will Be Elected Bui business is tfoin"' to be g-uod anyway. Business is good with us now. We have the largest stock in the San Gabriel Valley of Builder's Hardware, Tools, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heateas and Kanges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Cutlery, Gloves, and House Furnishing Goods. Inspect our stock of scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, GAL. ) ! ^ j i n uance nl llio ile aMel llin.ll "be Mel 1 Wilbiunli loin:iTl> '. 111 i nai 'I n tin. lePA S t"I .ill. Our low expense account enables us to sell goods upon very do*? margins. V/hy not trv Covina? owin A^ain M,.l.;o up \«, mind t.. la'..- -.-u-e ij'.-w in:i.-!nii.-r\ . Save tune, labor ..iul worrN i.y ordering \oiir tanning too!> ot V'--. ! Gang Plows, Sulkies, Disc and Walking Plows Kvery kind of a vehicle or farming implement that ! s<ul want. ! T\A/onie-v &. DHle-r ',• r

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