Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 31, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 7
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The Constitutional Amendments. Fourteen changes iu our state constitution are proposed for popular| judgment, next Tuesday, and three other questions require like judgment of the electors. Below, the nature of each proposed change is briefly stated and the opinion of the writer indicated where j he has any. j The- amendments are considered j herein in the order in which they will be found on tho official ballots. To save space "S.C. A." is used instead of "Senate Constitutional Amendment," and "A.C.A.," instead of "Assembly Constitutional A mendment." S.C.A. No. 1. — - This amendment proposes to have state taxes levied on certain classes of property, and county and municipiil taxes raised upon other classes of property. Equal taxation would be impossible. All sorts of property in any municipality, if taxed at nil, ought to bnve equal assessment and pay equal taxes, as far as possible. S.C.A. No. 14 -- To mise state officers' salaries: the governor's, from 86,000 to 810,000; Heat-governor's, from 810 per day during legislative sessions, with milage, to 14,000 per annum; attorney general's, from 83,000 to 8G,OOC per annum: all others', from 83,000 to 15,000. Why raise the Jieut-govern- or's compensation full 400 per cent, the attorney general's 100 per cent, while the rest get only a two-thirds raise? S.C.A. No. 1C—Changes compensation of members of the legislature from 88.00 per diem to 81,000 for the regular biennial session, and 810 per diem for special sessions not exceeding thirty days. Removes the limit of time of regular session. Also limits the allowance for expense of employer to 85.00 u day for either house. This amendment was submitted two years ago and defeated. It is said that the expenses of the last two legislatures have been greater than they would have been under the changes hereby proposed. The limitation of expenses for employer will make the difference. That limitation is proposed by itself iu an amendment to follow. S.C.A. No. 26—To strike out the provision for the taxation of mortgages, etc,, which is said to have become imperative. S.C.A. No. 29—Extends the term for which state bonds may be issued to seventy-five years. Long term bonds bear lower interest. - S.C.A. No. 31—Allowing the ex-, tension of the term of existence of corporations other than qnnsi-publio ones, by prescribed act of the stockholders. Avoids dissolution and reorganization under a new name, with loss of prestige and standing be- louigag to the old one. S.C.A. No 32—This proposes to limit the expenses for employes of the legislature to S3.00 a day for either house. It is the good feature of S.C.A. No. 16. S.C.A. No. 33—Exempts stockholders in any company organized to promote a world's fair from liability for debts beyond tho par value of the stock subscribed for by such stockholders. Who should Jofio if not the stockholders? S.C.A. No. 34—Requires the legislature to pass laws to prohibit the fictitious buying and selling of cap! tal stock of corporations, iu any • fitock board. Also declares void it 11 contracts for the purchase- or sale of such stock without, tho instruction to deliver and receive tho same. Auti- Htockgnmbliiig. A.C. A. No. 3 ThiH requires the legislature to "enact laws providing for tliu dirout noinitiiition uf candidates for public oillci! 1 ' without conventions, at elections to be known as "primary clociiuvis," All parties have promised Hiic.h legislation if the amendment prevails. Strictly up-to- date. A.C. A. No. 7--AH far as I can eefi this makes no change except to raise jnrior'n fees SO pr-r cent. Unuccftu- nary, 1 think, for thr SUIIIH men appear willing to nerve HH often, at the yresent rate, a.s the l;iw allows. A.C. A. No. H---This aeetns to authorize the legislature to c.iiiso a special school tax to be levied for the support of day and evening KOC- niulary nchuolH and technical schools \vhir.h this amendment includes, however established, in the common school evbteni. Hchool boards and superintendentH eeeui to disapprove of the change. A.C. A. No. 24 Changes the composition of the state board of education, increasing the membership, arid requires a boaid of education in every county in the state. Cumber eonif. School ^'';Hi'li-i anil hii[;f-riri- teiuJenta mi- i_'cii<-ially against this change. A.C. A. N.,. -J-i KxtcnJr, to tlility days the time of I he governor for consideration of Mich bills ;;M aie not disfn.s-.Ml of 'Ahe.n ihf- legi.-latiirt; ad j(;niUS .Sllieti Mrfciled. TLen cou.eb >.tn:-it«- Hill N<;. BoO A proposition to remove the seat of government of this state from Sacramento to the town of Uorkolcy. Shameless graft! Senate Bill No. 461 in a law for the construction of harbor improvements in the city and county of Sa*.i Francisco, and the issue of state bonds for the payment thereof, the same, principal and interest, to be repaid to the state from the collection for harbor dues of all kinds, There seemo no reason why this should not be approved as other like propositions have been. Senate Bill No. 812—This is a law to authorize aid in another project for the benefit of the state's interest in the harbor and harboi improvements in the city and county of San Francisco. Tho state is to pay the expense in the first instance and collect it from harbor duty. S. P. JHNNISON. Foot Ball Today. The Covina High School foot ball team will line up for their first game this afternoon on the high school campus, Immediately after the league basket ball game. The game will be a practice for the benefit of a team which has been lately organized in Azusa, and which is preparing for a game at Azusa Thanksgiving Day against San Bernardino. The lineup is as follows: C. H. S. Azusa W. Aschenbrenner L.E. O. King W. Daniels L.T. L. Layman E. Nigg L. G. McNeilley B. Grajalva C. R. Briggs L. Hodges R.R. B. Hendrickson W. Nigg R.T. W. Stewart F. Aschenbrenner R.R. E. Alalone T. Reed Q. J. Ostler R. Crotise R.H. R. Winder W. Reed L.H. B. Kuox E. Goodell F. Smithy New Millinery Quarters. Mies Reckaid's new millinery establishment just opposite the Warner, Whiteel & Co. grocery stoi-e, is a model of neatness, and the display in her windows goes to show the ambitious of the owner of the store. New paint and papering in the building makes it attractive. Miss Reckard has her millinery signs displayed on each side of the door, and her window display is attracting a good deal of attention. She says that she is much more satisfied with this location than with the one further up the street, as it ia a more central location. Where Bullets Flew. David Parker of Fayette, N. Y., a veteran of the Civil war, who lost a foot at Gettysburg, says: "The fjoorl Electric Bitters did is worth more Hve hundred dollars to me-. I spent much money doctoring' for a bad case of stomach trouble, to little purpose. I then tried Electric Bitters, ;ind they cured me. I now take them as a tonic, and they keep me strong and well." 50c at C. P. Clapp's drug store. Place your spare cash in the Covi Valley Savings Bank, a safe inve ment at -1 per cent. The Oreen Marshall Company's Talk on Paint. We manufacture almost everything in the paint line and guarantee every article. Prices consistent with the quality of our goods. You will find our selected hard oil finish and pure mixed paints now on sale at C. H. Kistler's paint and wall paper store Photic No. 51. Schedule For Ulectric Cars. Leave Los Angeles Leave Covina 5:50 a. in. 5:50 a. in. 7:05 6:55 8:10 h:30 <J:30 'i;50 10:50 11:10 12:10 \> in. 12:3o p. in. 1.30 1:50 2:50 2:35 3:35 3:45 4:45 4.35 5:35 5:45 6:4.5 6:35 9:00 8:00 11:30 10:00 Notice. Office of La Puente Co operative Water Company, Irwiridale, Cal. To Stockholders: Please take notice that tlu: annual meeting of the btock- hfilrk-rs of the La Puente Water Company will be held at the office of said corporation at the pumping fetation, Irwiur'aie, I,o-> Angeles county, State of California, on Tuesday, October 201 h, 1'JOrt, at 10 o'clock, a. rn., for the purpose of the '-lection of directors for th<: t-M.->uintf >ear, and the trans-action of such other biiMiie-vj a a may coitie before- the nn-eti tjj,'. The transfer book.i will bi: closed at •'• .'clock p. in., >ct"b<:r loth, and remain closed till 10 a. in. O, tobt.-r 21at, 1'Min.«:tfui;y. W. S. SAV.Vt.K, Secretary. uct'.bcr 7th, I'drt. DIRKCTONS (T. R. Arutorson C. y. Clap|i J. R. Klliott Marco II. Ili-llman W H. HOI.l.IDAY. H. M. Hmisor J. O. llouser \V. H. Hulliilny C. Mrnofw A. P. Kcri'kh.-ir MARCO H. HKU.MAM, Vic-.- PI-PS. J. R. ELLIOTT, Vu-<> Pros. W. M. (UUSWObn. Cashier J. C. HUTCIIINSON. Asst. Cnohlrr Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina tDalky Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. DIRECTOR'S OFFICERS Goo. E. Anderson W. H. Hollidny A. P. KKKCKIIOKF. President. J. R. Elliott H. M. HoiiHor II. M. IIOURER, Vice President Marco II. Hcllmim A. P. Kei-ckhofT J. C. HUTCHINSON, Cnshler W. M. GRISWOLD, Asst. Cnshier Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo Contract FOR YOUR Now ORANGE and LEMON trees. FRUIT TREES, assorted. EUCALYPTUS, leading varieties. PALMS for street planting. WE CAN supply anything you wish in the TREE and ORNAMENTAL line. Drop in and talk it over with as. , Home Phone 125 Covina Nurseries — 222 East College St. ! SUCCESSFUL t3ff ~ snNI) FOR rm:u CATALOuult POULTRY RAISERS USI2 Los Angeles Incubators I-VIIRVTHINQ IN POULTRY SUPPLIES LFE'S EGG MAKER Acme Roup Cure—S(lc I'oMpiild _; _ HI-NRY AI.BRRS CO. .S.M S. AlAIN ST. M)S ANOP.UiS Why tint buy your MILL FEED where you get the best for the least money? We make a specialty of Rolled always fresh of the most approved brands, tested by years of experience by poultry fanciers. HIj2;H Grade sold on unit basis. You pay for what you what you pay for. and Deliveries made to all parts of the valley. San Gabriel Valley Milling Co. Eat What You want of the food you need Kodol will digest it. You need a sufficient amount of pood wholesome food and more than this you nei-d to fully digest 11,. Elso you CUM'I gain strength, nor can you strengthen your Bloimichlf It Is weak. You must eat In order to live and maintain Hlreiitfth. You must not diet., because the body requires that you cat a nulllc- ient amount of food regularly. But this food must be digested, and It must be digested thoroughly. When the stomach can't do It, you must take something that will help the stomach. The proper way to do la to eat what you want, and let Kodol digest the food. "Nothing else can do this. When the stoniiu'.h Is weak It nucds help; you must, help It, 1)3' giving It ro it, and Kodol will do thai. Our Guarantee Go to your druggist today, and purchase a dollar bottle, and If you can honestly say, that you did not receive any hcnefltH from It, after using the entire bottle, tho druggist will refund your money to you without question or delay. We will pay tho druggist the prlc« of t ho bottle purchased by yon. This offer applies to the large l>ottle only arid to but one In a I family. We could riot afford to make ouch 1 an offer, unless wo positively knew j what Kodol will do for you. It would bankrupt us. The dollar bottle contains 2J4 times as much as tho fifty cent bottle. Kodol Is made at the laboratories of K. (J. JH)W1U & Co., Chicago. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing "* 4- -I- Why Don't You Move to Covina? * 4 Hi* * -J* **• -*« **• 4» **• Hint* Hr «*• 4* •f * H- +• JIOf.I.HN JSJ'.CK ST!<I'.I',T Covina offers you homesites at reasonable (inures; miles <jf beautifully sliaddl str.-rtv, jris, t-lc.:tric lights and tdcuhouos grammar and high schools in particular above criticism; irlci trie and strain ti"an-,]r>rtalion l<> .aid from L(JS Angeles. Covina will give you mountain scenery that is a daily inspiration; a climate with nit. fn«,t-> an ] mi v^aked by lo^-,; uiouutdin and well water in abundanct-. Uesides all these idea) conditions in which to live, Ci;vin;i oilers tin- b<--,t. cljaiic.i: to tin- investor, the businessman, the agriculturist and horticulturist. Why ilorrt you • «*uie ln-ri- and rnpy life? TJIJ., Ai<(;n.s will be ^'ad to furnish anyone interested with further information. HI HI ^ *£" *f* *£* *f* Hf* *$* *t" *£ *f* *?" i *•

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