Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1912
Page 4
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^ 1 1^ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEll, THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 7, 1912. The lola Daily Register llM loU Dally Raeerd «M UM loU Dally lnd«x. TBS BBGIStER FUBLISHIHG CO. CHAS. P. 800TT. Prm. and VAHor r. W. BRK\yBTER Manaser Kntarad at Uie-Iida l>oiititnc« aa Bacond- dass Matter^ A ^Ttrtlaiiic Ratea Made Known on AppU- ouUon. ^ OfflLlal Papar City of lola. Official Papar City of Bamtt. Offlelal Papar of Allan County. lli &MCRiPTION RATKS. •y Caitlar In lola. Oaa City, Lanyen* vlHa. Canarato, LaHarpa and Baaaatt: Ona WMk .V. 10 cntii Ona Month « cent* Ona Yaar »or BY. MAIL: Ona Taar. Inalde ouniy jS .OO Ona Tear. ouUIda county ...|S.or TCL'EPHONBSi Boalnaia Offlec W §ok*i|nd'BSndl»T "Dclit"!!!!!!!!!!.* 11." '.Ul THE REPl 'BLirAX PARTY. The Republican party has met will the most overwhelming defeat evci administered to any political party 4n:our history while it was yet In power, ^ates Hke Maine, Massachu- setU and Minnesota, Vhich have never before left the Republican column in a Presidential year, have gone pver to the opposition by apparently, de , cislve pluralities. Xot one Of i thf ' great States of the Union remains un der the Republican banner, and out of 531 votes in the electoral collegt onljr 12 will be cast for Republicir ; candidates. The already large Dem ' ocratic majority in the House of Representatives will bo made stiir larger and after the fourth of next March the Senate-will be Democratic by i wide margin. A political, defeat, oi the face of the returns, could hardl: have been more crushing and com plete. What, then, of the future? Is thi the end? Has the Republican' part fought its last battle as a great na tional organization? Looking no deeper than to the fac of the returns the answer to thos< questions would be in the affirma tive. It has been the historj- of po litical parties in this country tha ; when there has been a split In one o them and the bolting section of th party has shown itself stronger I: the first election than the regular or ganltation, the parent party has gon out of existence. The returns ar not all in as this is written, but ai parently more former Republican voted for the national Progressiv party than for the Republican part, in the late election. If the precedon is to prevail, then, the Republirai party should pass quietly off th stage. But the Republican party will no pass oft the stage quietly or other wise. And here are some of the reas ons: In the first place the meagre vot< cast for President Taft was by n< means representative of the rea strength—or weakness—of the Re publican party. . in ever>- State thofis ands of Republicans who are just a loyal to the Republican party now a: they ever were, cast their votes fo" Wilson believing that was the onl; way. of at least the surest way. to de reat Roosevelt. That was notabl} the case in New York and Massachu setts, and in Ohio and Illinois. w|iil< in South Dakota and California through the machinations of the "re formers," no Taft electors appeare( on the official ballot. In the second place, the Republicai party does not deserve death. It ha: committed no capital crime It ha: not been recreant to its principles ^t has not been corrupt or "incapabli in the management of public affairs It has not made shipwreck of th- business of the country. On the con , trarj- it can turn the. books over to it: ! victorious adversary with every pen ny accounted for. with every irus faithfully administered. , with th< great republic at the ^Te ^y pinnach of its power, and with the industries of'the Nation In the most prosi)erouf condition they have ever known. > reactionarj- party, a corrupt party, an inefficient party, a senile party, a de cadent party, a moribund party, a pai ty about to die and deserving to die. would not be able to give so good ar account of its stewardship. But in the third place, and chiefly: The Republican party jCill liv« because it is the only insiru ment through which the fight can be kept up for representative govern ment. for those sound cqpstitutional principles through which alone thf rights of the minority are to be kept secure and progress made along sane, safe and orderly lines. If there had been any real danger of- the election of Theodore Roosevelt last Tuesday there would have been but one issue in the .campaign, and tjiat would have been: "Shall the .United States remain a constitutional, representative republic, or shall it be changed into a pure demiDcracy. with no limitation upon the executive and with no i'estraint upon the power of the majorityr' That will be the issue in the next or some very near campaign. Roosevelt and the men who surrouiid him will not stop with their present defeat. The Progres- slve leaders at the National head- quarteVs in Chl(»go made no secret of their plans. "Smash the Republican paity tbls^time. then gather all of the radiotl element of the cou;itry Into one partjr and elect Roosevelt the next time." That, waa the way they put It. And that Is what they will try to do. You may have aotlced that Col. Roosevelt has never suggested putting any new restraint upon the executive. Ho is perfectly willing to clip the w^ngg of legislatures and Congress through the Initiative and referendum, and he Is" perfectly willing to hang the sword of Damocles over the head of the courts through the recall of Judges and Judicial decisions. But he has never hinted that any new restrictions should be put upon the President. On the contrary he has made It perfectly clear that he thinks the President should b* subject to no limitations except those put upon him by direct action of the people. In other words he believes •ihat the will of the cxocutivc should be supreme so long as he is doing what the people want done.—he to be the judge of^ what the people want done. Without doubt he and his lieutenants will put in the next four years .Igoronsly building up a party whose dominant Issue shall be (he rule of !he majority without regard to any written constitution or to the authnrj- ity of any court. That Issue must be fout:1tt and d<-- 'eated if the I'nited Stafs is not to •ic transformed into another .Mexico •)r Honduras. What weapon Is Ihcrn, oxo«|ii thr •Republican pahty with which to ni:ik<- hat fight? The Democratic party is IS deep In the miiV of dirrct d«-moc- acy as the Bull Moose party Us-^lf It is committed to the initiutivf. n'f- •rendum and recall, and the radicals Aithln its ranks are in the saddle. There is only one party which car nake the fight for the things that arc undamental In the life of the Repul>- ic, and that is the Republican parly And that is the main reason why he Republican party will live .-nd lot die. It saved the Nation onct from those who endeavored to tear ii o pieces. It will save it again frniii hose who would insidiously under- nine the foundation ui»on which ii rests. THE CASE OF .MH. BRADY. Personally the Rfgister regrets !hi lefeat of J. L. Brady for Congress. But he is "big enough, old enough lught to 'a knowed better." than t( ry to ride the Elephant and the Bull vioose at the same time. Mr. Brad.x ay? in his pai>er that he does not harge his defeat to his endorseinen' >f Roosevelt. But that is procisol> vhere it should be charged. Ho lominated as a Republican and if ht lad stood squarely for Taft and ShcT nan and the Republican platform h' vould have been elected, jusi as Campbell and Anthony were. It never pays to duck. Mr. Brady was beaten because sev- ral thousand Republicans would not ote for a candidate for Conprosf vho, while claitiiing to be a Republi- ;an, was giving his influence to ; 'residential candidate who declarer hat his purpose was to destroy tin Republican party. He was defeai-.-i >ecauEe several thousand protection sts would not vote for a candid:tt' vho. while claiming to be a protec ionist. was supporting a Prosidcii iai candidate the only result of whos< •andidacy was to make certain th» •success of the anti-protection party Mr. Brady lost his home county.— vhich never before in its hisiory. si ar as wo recall, refused Its support o a Republican candid-.ue for Congress. —by majority, and li*^ lost he District by 1.200 or 1,.500 major ty. because by bolting the Republi •an candidate for President he ab ••olved every Republican in th" Dis riot from any sort of obligation t( support him. In politics US in some other things nen like, to know wheihT the par icular article under consideration is 3sh, flesh, fowl or good red herring THE 5100 OK THE .XOOSE. William Allen White, Bull Moosf Vational Committeeman for Kansas enounces that in the near future h« will call a convention for Ihc organization of the National Progre.ssivr parly in thls'Slate. It is well. It is what qught to have bw-n done, in all honesty, last August. It is what would have been done, we have no doubt 5Ir. White will admit, but for the Influence in Bull Moose councils of Gor. Stubbs and .Mr. Capper. These gentlemen, being candidates for office, w-ere of the opinion that they wooUt stand a much better chance for election if they could have the advantage of the good name of the Republican party than if they should be obliged to go over into the camp where they belonged. And so Mr. White and Mr. Allen, who really wanted to play fair, yielded to their entreaties and the farce proceeded,— the farce of men seeking office tinder CREAM Pare— Wholesome—Reliable— Indispensable Its fame is world-wide. Its superiority unquestioned. Its use is a protection against alum food. In buying baking powder examine the label carefully and be ^ure the powder is made ^om cream of tartar. Other kinds do not make the food healthful. polls Tuesday and voted the Democratic ticket. Why? To make sure that the bolter, Theodore Roosevelt, should not have, another term. And other thousand and thousands of Republicans In nearly every state went to the polls and cast their votes for this same Roosevelt. Why? Because they were bis strong iiartisans in his fight for the Republican noihlnation. and when be was defeated they resolved In their hearts they would vote for him anyway. And they did. Many of these followed him out of the part}-, but a vast number did not, Having defeated Taft the latter are now satlsfled .nnd are ready to resume . their rel.ntlons with the old party. JAII over the country there will be a getting together of Republicans. Including these Roosevelt men who have never admitted that they were not still Republicans. The movement is already taking sha|)e. Here In Kansas City. Immediate action will be had. Tonight there will be a mass meeting at Republican headquarters on prand avenue to form a Republican state league, with a view to re­ organising, strengthening and building up the party In Missouri. Similar work will be done in other states. The Republican |»arty "destroyed?" Just watch it! In i;>lt; it will be the liveliest corpse that ever' broke up a wake or kicked over a tombstone. IIKEAKS rOLO IN A KKW HOIR.S. one banner whi^n everyhody knew their real allegiano. was under .in- other. It has endtMl. forliinat«-ly. ,is such false pretrnses slioulil <'iiil. in defeat and humiliation. .\nd now there is nothing in tlit> way of iln- organization of th«> new party. " And when the c;i!l CUIIK s i! wil! h' interesting to see who will respond ;o it. U will be particularly interi'St- ing to take note of tliosf wljo vvi-p-t-.-iii didates on the Ilopubliran ti«-k'-t. i!>! see how many of them rrspoiid to ilic • moo of the Moose.—for every om- wlm does so will proclaim liims "lr a .s";f-! seeking liyjiocrite, a man wlic» >v;is willing to pnSend to IP" WIUH h- w.i.s not. in tlie hoiK* of winning an onii-'-. Let the call come, and l<"t it come ionn. It will be a goodly .sightjo .'^I'l'. (his partiim of the glxep .Miii i!n> 5oats. Iliis s'^paratioii of tin- tni<-i- .nnl the aivn. I like .IIKIK • Siiiarl was lioiind to do. llen> is jii-^^i •' runiiins that our il' frirrid .luil^'- Thompson, v.ill ni'V«r iu> 'i-li<is<n i'uiii-d States .S'-naior from If the Ir^Lsla- lurf is Ki-!iul>!ii-an, a R>'publican will be rhocen. Anil if MK' l>-gisl:iture is I I ><iiM «rr;itl<- Hugh Farn-llcy or I.'i'n- ; ii<Ts<»n M:irlin will h,> i-l.-cti-d. I It \v;ts \\'<M )dsoii foiiniy's turn to lii'V.- ilif S.'al'- .S'liator, but hardly any <.rii' curr ili.'n-'si'i'nieil to want ii. All"! of roursi' .Mli-ii county ran look af!«T it two tf-rms in stii'cession if our iins'Hfish niiglilmr rvally insists upon it. "W.'ll on«- tiling is certain." rv- n:ark<'ii an oM man in this ollice ilu' :!iotnitii; afn.-r. "it oiitlit to be easy scing lor t(!c Deniix-rats,—it will lie ill til!' way down hill." It has Ki'ailually leaktd out that fudge Smart's spci-t-h in lola on Vnu- lay night was. in one resixct, a ;;ri>ai disapjiointment to the proinot'Ts thereof. The real purpose, so ii is claimed, in inviting thf Ottawa jurist iK-re was lo have liim say ihinK.s that would aid in tlie ati-nipl i-i di- feat Judge Fousl. But when \w reached that part of his speech flr> orator delivered a glowing eulogy upon his lola colloaKtit,—as a STti;in' :••>•:••><•<'•><'•><"><"> • • • • • :• AS OTIIKK.S SKK THINtiS. •:• • <• .;. .> .> .> <..;. .> .> .> .> .;. .> .> .> .> ICepiihiicai: Parlv "Ilestrojed T .Noi yr.r.r UU-'.^ Tlii-re an almos: i.' not Miiit'' as many Kcpublicans in loiHitry today .-is in "But the • •Ix-ticn ri!urn.> tfll a diff'-n-n! story." riii'ii llic story ol th" let-jrns is false. Thovisanils -.iiid t1io<is;tiii1s of Republi- cT .ns in nearl.v every state went to the r= -r -j-r= T^jii^ trw^ V\r>\ l»osr ni Tape's lold Coniponnd Kellrvr.'i All (Jrlppe .Misery. After file very rlr.-t dose of "I'ape's Cold Compound' 'you i!i.=iin'?tly fee! thi? cold breaking and all the dis-agrce !il>!e grippe symptoms leaving. 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Tho nio.-st n'!v:>ner-il pliyslel .ins of < this country aro no'w agrcoil on tlil.<, nnd > :iro i-rc.TriliiTi^ u. v.a.-Ci o'->vinli-i>;rten. tiiymol ami olli-T lajrr.Allenlr. for j-rxcma ; nnJ nil otlier Hkin <;isi>«<!.-.<«, Ttiiit rom- foisnd Ks known a.s i>.L'.L>. l*rcscrtr''-:on' for Ilrxrmn. IT. Ilolriiy. t'-f TTi-U knnn-n i«t;'n t-ne- rlativt wrili-.s. -I < otr. itii-.-.I i.iul the 1»I'.1>. iTi 'Mrlptioi! Is «•> luieh a sj-rK-illo for f«-»et!Ui at f|Hintne I'lr innliirl i. WV |;ivr l>.-<>n j r, .srrll'lwr lli..- t'.l'.''. r- m»>0.\ , for vcar-i • Wc, our8Clv«a voutU for iho D.Xi.O. ' Spcfial Agefat—S. ^re^«•rlptlon f.-r re-'-mn.' nnd al-notuteiy ttiaruiilic iii.ii ii wi!l take uwjy tbb UXili the inst'.iiit yon iM>i>ly It. 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Gibson xvas elected to the house hy the Republicans in thr Southern district by a majority of. 46n Stubbs an dCapper were both beater in the county by about TOO. Campbell^ for congress, carried the county over Brady by about 4fln. and Brewer of the Sticlalists e;irrled the county ovei Campbell by about 2"10. Chairman Price clainis the electior of Campbell for congre-.s h yl.OOO. TIi< Socialist vote came mainly from thr" n)ining cimps. This count yis alsr •!;e home of the .\ppfal to Re;!son Tl'e "r.ajoritv o ft'ae So.-ia!ist roiin:.\ •icket runs from ir. to 20n. LKfiALS. IFirs^t l'iiMis:e,I Octrber it, 1!tl2.) ; Votice «f .\ppoinlment. Administrator. ;t;i:e of Kansn.s. .\l!en County, :-s. In : llie matter of l!;e estate of Kllen | I'rirketf, late of Allen Cfrinty. Kan- ; s.a.s. .\oTici-: OI' APPOI.\T.MK:NT .\otice Is Meredy t;iven. That tin l:e 2:;rd day of Oct.dier. A. I>. i;t!2, the inderjiiKned was li.v/tMe Prohale Cmirt ;f .Mien County. Kansas, duly appoint•d and qualified as Administrator, vitit th'' will anne.\ed. of the F;.state of •:ilen Priekett, late o{ Allen County, lereased. All parties interc.-ted in aid e.state will take notice and govern hemselves acroidincly. I.KO.NARD MOO.MKV. .Xdniinistrafor. •:winlr. f5ard ^- C.p.rd. Attorneys. •I0i-2l-.:i-tlIi-7 Warm Floors a^d Healthy Chfldren Make Happy Homes There is ho better wsy for you to avoid .vorry and -.ripense than by ir.:;urin2 your children's hrilih. Warm floors in the hoTzz, which is the childr- n*.s play house in winter, zsc assured w' using Cole's Ori. nal Hot Blast Heater. ' The steel base an<J body c-r -truction allows the heat to be radiated to the floor bccpins ii v.-r.rn3 during the coldest weather. Cole's Original Hot Blast Heater The Cleanest—Sasiest to Caro For Burns Soft Coal, Lignit?, E3rd Coal, Crushed Coke. Wood and Cobs. Users of coa! must rememb'^r that the oz dinary heater is m big care to operate. 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Itv the meantime White o.vpects to organize a prc- visional Progressive state committee "At le .Tct two-thirds of the Rciwih- lican i.-arly in Kansas, he said. i.« now propre.'sive. and I think will join us .Xlw 'iit eighty of the 1*'." ,-oinmltteemei' i of Kansaa are Procre.'.sive-." Cnrter tl;e law W^ite stated tliat r new party must be organized severa' • months before the stp.e i)r!mary so a."to get Its ticket on the primary lial- ! 'ot. The i>arty will be organized at i the convotrHon wiiich Mr. White will TO!!. ( Paldished n.toher 21. i:tl2 ) PrUUCATION NOTICK. ^tate of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the District Court for said County. . .1. W. W;igus, Plaintiff, vs. .1. W •a!ton. R. W. Onrwell and Ed Pcttit, tefendants.' Said defendant, Kd Pcttit, will take vitire that he lia.s been sued In the bove named Court nimn a promissory lote executed Ijy .said defendants to daintiff, .ihited June 20, 1»«6, for MO.fiO with 10 per cent per anniim in- erest from date at Gas, Kansas, and !ue fi months after date. That in said ibove entitled aetion on October 11th, •912, plaintiff has procured an order •f attachment to is.sue out of .-aid listrict court againstythc property of aid defendant, Kd Petiit, and that tinier said order tlie sheriff of Allen bounty has atached and levied said jrder of attachment upon I-ot 9, Block of Cruses 2nd .-Vddition to the City >f l^Harpe; Allen County, Kansas, iaid property heinjj attached and Icv- ed upon as the property of said de- endant Kd Pettit, and said defendant •:d PettU answer the petition •led said i)laintiff on or be- ore the Tth day of necember, .\ D. 912, or said petition will be taken a.s rue. and jadgment for jilaintiff in aid action for said sum of;$4".i.'n to ether with ten per cent interest hereon per annum from .lune 20th, •90R. and for costs, and will be ron- lered accordingly. .Xnd saH attach- nent procfcdinss will h" confirmed aid lands will be ordered sold there- inder and proceeds of sale wiH be ipplied to payment of p!aintifr.< said •laim. Seal) .lOII.V RIJOW.V, Clerk of Said Court. Cwing, Card & Card, .\tlorneys for Plaintiff. if>i-2i-::i-iiii-7 - What Is JYour Problem? \ Cost of Ijvinjf ! Ciood Roads I Soil Problems ^ ! Rural Church and ^ Rural Life Factory Development Possibilities of the Small Farm Farm Home Problems And many other <iiie.<:tions will be discussed by .such experts as P. n. Cobiirn. .1 H. Miller. If. .1. Waters. Chanielior Strong. O. T. NMrhoIson. .1. R. Ki.ontz. II. U. Sludge, Arthur Ca(>per, <;. II. llodg"'.--, and orl-ers at TIIK Kansas Agricultural Industrial Congress HUTCHINSON November 19^20 GO TO_flUTCn'-NS0N VIA Santa Fe For information about fare and train schedule apply to W. E. Ralston, Agent riione 3;.> lola, Kans. CHinM* of Invnmnla. The most common cause of insoni-. I nla is disorders of the stomach and I constijiatlon. Chamberlain's Tablet.• correct these disorders and enabU you to sleep. For sale by all dealers TASTE, SMELi Hi, HEARINGJESTOBED A Simple, Harmless* Remedy' Quickly Relieves Ca-/^| • tarrhal Deafness, « The thotisands who suffar the mimriMof cohU and. catarrh and claim they bars nvver found a cure can got iii.<>tant relief by simply anointing the nostrils witb Ely's Creain, Balm. i ' Unlike intemsl medicines which, upset Ui«, stomach, or strong snuffs which only aggravate the trouble,tbi-'t cleansing, healing, antiseptic Bain\ instantly reaches the seat of the trouble, stops the nasty discharge, clears ' tbn nose, head and throat, and brings back the sense of taste; smell and nVy. fo'r the furnishing ofaUmaterrai j (First Publi.-hed 1912) XOTICK TO rO>TRArTOK .S. Scaled hids will lie received by t!ie ;oard of County Comniissioners of .M- rn County, Kansas, at the office of 'oiinty Cierk in City of lola. Kansas, intil 12 m. Thursday, .\oveipber 21. md the erection of one hridge" cross- ng Siveet ItiTinch between Sections 9 md 10. Townships 2.'> and 21." for a <tone or roncrrte span of S't feft. or wo double ar.-hes of IS feet each, ''lans and specifications of which wlH le on file after Xovemher 12. 1912 \!so one across Big Creek rn be Alien and Xeo.'sho county line outh of Section ^6-2fi-19 . Nit les.s | han. I2(i feet clear span of which •ridge bidders may submit their own dans and specifications; all plans to :how coiirr^te floor. Kach bid wi4I be j ealed and accompanied •heck ac-ftrding to law. The Board -eserves the rig it to r<,-ject any anil all bid.^. R I-:. cri-r.KRTso .v, Count v Clerk. ('.. yi. RKV.NOi .ns, Chairman. strengthens tho weakened and diseased t issues, thus protecting you against a n^- tum of the trouWe. This remedy will core a cold in a day. and prevent its becoioiBg chronic or resiilttng in catarrh. . \, Kasal catarrh is an inflammation of tha membrane li&icg the air }»|aages, and cannot l>e reached by miztii^^taken into the stornich, nor can it bo cored by snuffs and pfiwders which only cause additional irritation Dgnt waste time on them. Geta .'•0 c^nt bottle of Ely's Creain Balm froift your drnggin. and after naing it for a day Tou. will wish yoti had tried it sooner. , ' Mothers shonld give the children Ely's !)y certified ; Cream Balm for colds and cronp. It ia ' perfectly harmless, and pleasant to taka. Special Aeent—S. R. Burrell. Enrbililr Rerord". J Pittsburg. Kas., Nov. 6.—Monmouth township. In Crawford comity, claims . the record Roosevelt vote of the Unlt- • ed States. Out of 2.3.i vote.^ cast yes' terday, Mr. Roos«velt received one. —Joseph McCaffrey, Vice-Pres. for i Sebr. Greet ers of American. Omaha, states: -1 cheerfully recommend Foley's Honey & Tar Compound as s sure cure for couehs and colds. 1 bare used It myself and have recom- mendfid It to others wbo have since told me of lu great curative power iv disease of the thro,it and lungs." Burrell's Drug Store. XF.MA. (Opal Townsley) .Voieinber K.— Our first snow .»torni was Thursday. ^Mrs. Mona Stevenson spent' Weilnes .day with Bob Stevenson and family. Mrs. Hattic l»ng si»ent Sunday wUJi i .Mrs. .John Mel ford. Roy Townsley hauled A load ot hogs to Blue Mound Monday. Street Whitcomb returned home Monday fcjiving been vlsidng in Texas. George Ro?s spent Sunday with Roj- Guder. Mrs. Mose Whitcomb returned home Wednesday after spending a month with her daughter. Mrs.' Broadback in Kinsley, K»ns. Frank Cloyd spent Sunday with Tom and Mckinley Johnson. Farm Loans " L«Wi<st Bates ^ Branch Office of . L The Merriam Mortgage Ca. ^ Topcka, Kau. Optional PaymentR. xVny Time... Will I>et 50% OM^nd Valne. BEST liOAS I.V ALLCX eOCSlT SEE. lOLA LAND eOMPY f -Inrle Joe* >0)s«!(_ThroBsli. Danville, 111., Nov. 6.—Oomplete returns from fixe of six counties in the Ei.ghteenth district tedlcatflt former Speaker Caaiton will be returned by less than 100 plurality. Mr., Cannon started this aftemooa for PaQsma.

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