Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 26, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, Tuesday, Jdnuafy 26, 1954 LIVfefitOCK , , Hi. ft; moderately - ac- lt> Tigr steady . ta -weak; ghtl Sitfidj '(o 25 lower; 1b -Wfcak Wr weights 'f - stfdnjs oh heavier .rmer's Waek «-t iii-A fit- / Bi u y : jr v '-7 ^ iweaters rawers ' ,, Brothers Store- weights; choice 180-230 Ib 26.25-65; Several toads choke No. i and 1 Under 826 Ib 26.75; 240-270 Ib 25.0026.60; few, at 26.2SJ l'SCM7<Mb ,25.0020.60: sow* 400 Ib down 22.75-23.75 hefiVfj/ 1 Sows 21.75-22.75; boars 10,00-20.00. I ts 4000, (Salves 1,200; oper.- ' active . and ' fully steady on and helfsrg; Pevei-al loads high t;ood and choice steers 21.5024,28; few commercial and good 18,00-80. 00 : eanner and cutter cow* <md fully sleatiy; utility arid rclal kinds slow and barely steady few utility end comme/f- iial cdy/s 11.00*1/1)56; odd head '.00; Cahners ' and cutters 8.501.00; bulls steady: utility and commercial ' 12,0044.00; cutter bulls 10.00-12.00; vealers fully steady; prime .'4.00: gopd ami choice 25.00-32.00 commercial and gaod arorife at 18.00-25.00. NEW YORK SfOCkS NEW YORK — iJitficuily ift holding to gains was experienced today by the Mock market. Thd market over-a!i was higher, byt joitness in' the list was a|j- afpfrnx by the manner in Which prices backed away from their best levels. Pric-3 changes ;an from around a point higher to fractions lower, ftubbprs as a group were stron', and higher ptices were the usual thing in the railroads, oils, coppfnc, electronics, chemicals, and Utilities Steels Were steady to a little higher. POULTRY AN PRODUCE CHICAGO — Live poultry steady to firm; receipts 058,coops; F.O.IJ, paying; prides unchanged; heavy hens 28-31; light herts 19-1£ fryers or broilers 24-27; old roosters 17-19; ducklings none. Butter steady; receipts 1,OG4,G04; wholesale ubying prices unchanged to ono cent higher; 93 score AA and 02 A 65; 90'B 03.25; 89 C 62.5; ca'rs 00 E 63.75 09 C 02.75. EgsJ.s firm; receipts 14,420; Whole gale : buying prices unchanged to 1- Vt centp higher: U. S. large 4949,5; U. S. mediums 46.5; U.'S. Standuids 46; current receipts 43.5 c'lecks and dirties 41.5. LITTLE ROCK Wi — Poultry market, Satesville-Fioral area:' Market barely stead}. Offerings fully adequate to in c-xcess of the fair demand. Most buying on a day to day basis. Trading moderate to active. Prices at the farm, broilers or fryers, all weights, 2'/2 to 3>/i pounds, 22-23 cents. Bulk of trading centered on 23 cents. SPECIALS FOR FARMERS DAY THURSDAY JANUARY 28 Hi QODCHAUX SUGAR 16 KC Can 23c FRESH. GREEN Pound 1 Lb. 42c CAMP FIRE Pork & Beans 4 \£ 25c PURE MESH BAG Country Style Pure Pork SAUSAGE 45c Pound B A n SUPER Jf mf MARKET |X D DIAL 7,4501 , Aft-1^ \VE FEED THE PARKING METER FOR YOU —- you a cordial to yisit our store during farm- Always more for less at in Quality ... More in and More in Service. ALL DAY WEDNESDAY restocking and marking down all fall winter merchandise for the sur~ a r lifetime. f?AKl$ THUHSPAY MOHNING - mtf ', ..*•* , L, *-Sj£* NEW YORK COTTON NEW YOKK —Cotton futur.es were steady today on fairly active trade cmd commission house buying. Iwhich found hi'rtgc snllirlg 'li'mited.' Profit taking was also/'light in the face of rising prices for spot cotton, partly due to the ' heavy movement of the stnple into the loan. Some of the demand was credited to covering agaiist export business, with foreign inquiry for United States rotton improved. Late ofternoon prices were 35 | cents lover than the previous close. Men 33.72, May 33.91 and July 33.91. GRAIN AN PROVISIONS CHICAGO. —A flurry of buying late iu the day sent 1954 crop wheat futures to now seasonal highs frr the sixth straight session on tho Bord of Trade today. Wheat .closed 4i lower to % higher, March $2.1»8/ n -, corn '.{> lower to higher, March $1.53c, oats lower to f'n higher, March 79-, rye unchanged to lower, March. $1.24% ' Continued from Page One last scone until five minutes after it was over, but the director said: "We pan't take a chance. We'''e given the corpse rola to a bronze bust of Maurice pl&ying Hamlet. The bus.1 has been made up with greasepaint and. hair to look like King RJohard, and we feel pretty sure it won't flutter its eyes." When I;asked where that left.me he said: '"Most actors ctart their careers as offstage noises. "We'll start you as an onstage silence. You'll bs a lord at the court. You-don't say anything. You ,iust st.-.nd there and look as sober as an old English lord;" , ' I shared my debut with three other newcomers to the theater; two Borzoi hounds named Nicholas and Lisa a brother and sister act and a horse called Southern Com'- fort. : - v " t * Lisa was so nervous she had 'a' stomach, upset just before, her But then she straightened up' li the game little trouper she is. ' y "Good luck, kids," I whispered.' They -trotted out and came, back a few minutes later, wagging their tqils like veteran actors. . , Southern Comfort also did about as fine a iob of p.qting as any horse I can remember off hand, but when his 'groom led. him back he said: ''Looic at that horse's knees. He^g, still yhakin,? like a leaf." Southern Comfort reached over and tried to bite him. I was on during the first and last scene. I stood so still that after the first scene ended one of the piop men started to pick me up then dropped me. explaining "are you alive" Quite a tribute to my acting, I thought. Just before the firtal death scene I whispered. tp ah actor: "will it be ail right if I wave goodby at the Kind's corpse when they carry meout It'll make the scenielook jess somber." "If you even so much as twitch your rose," he hissed back, "the director will cut your heart out and put out in that coffin for good." So I stood as stil! as a waiter while they carried the made-up bronze bust offstage. I must say that bust played the role of a corpse ,t6,the hilt, It couldn't have been much' more dead-like. Later Evans thiew a champagne party for the c^st. As Southern Comfort didn't , care for champagne, and Nicholas 'fiid Lisa were too young for it, I sipped their share and went homo feeling better—feeling, in fact, more like an English lord than ever. Next week, "East Lynne." Bitter Mother of Continued from Pag6 One Two Killed in Continued frofri Page One mother, said at JPlum'efville, that himself, stepped into the open to she doesn't remember her son ever i order Strachan to surrender* He saying anything about b e ing opened fire with nis pistol, but shot over the hunted man's head. Strachan waited until Hanna whipped by policemen. The confused Mrs. Garmari said, "I just don't understand what is going on. 'fh all of his letters home Willie always said he wanted to come home and then all of a sudden they tell us that lie does not want to return." She said she hasn't heard from . - , „ , White rince before the : armistice ;P astllre and wooded land, and was signed, stopped shooting to reload. Then lie shot the piece officer in the heart. All hgihway patrolmen in thp Texavkana district were called into the search after Hanna was killed More than 100 peace officers sepl< ed off a five square mile area of She paid, "the Army should make all those boys come back to this sido where they belong. "I just don't think the United States should over there" leave those boys she said, adding "They were fighting for us, now we should fight for them," WELCOME FARMERS areln Hope. Headquarters For PR, HISS STOCK RIMED! ES PITERS Veterinary Serums Jv^rything to take care of your stock Double <lflil« Stamp* on All Your Cosh John P. Cox Drug Co, •r j *« HIM 7«4ol j rafflP'^n^f^ XJUI'I'K .1- i ' .t V.w .. • DIAL 7-4431 • FREE DELIVERY SERVING YOU SINCE 1896 SPECIALS FOR FARMERS DAY lOLb. Sack POTATOES Sack SLAB BACON Sliced 8 Lb. Pail LARD Rib and Shoulder Round Steak gati to comb it methodically. Jtnt before sunset a 13-year-old girl, Virginia Crabtree, saw Strachan enter a clump of bushes and Called the troopeis. Four officers itl a patrol car parked on a country road and advancpd toward the thicket, They darted from tree to tree, calling to Strrchan to surrender. Strec'-.ari, sitting up against a tree began shooting at the troopers. But his rifle, which Strachan had boasted would never misfire, jam- ed and Trooper Lacy Thomasson hit him. a i WELCOME FARMER FRIENDS We the people of Burke's Shoe Store are happy to cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce (Retail Merchants Division) in making this week a Happy and Enjoyable one for you. To show our appreciation we offer you (Any person with a number from the Chamber of Commerce) P. S. ISC CUNT On any thing in our store. Including Sale Shoes Check our store for Two (2) Treasure Hunt Gifts SHOE 'STORE HOPE m REPHAN'S SHOP AND SAVE SHOP AND SAVE // CRINKLE SPREADS Regular $1.69 Crinkle Bedspreads in assorted colors — Special for you Mr. Farmer Mr, Farmer/ 7 Here Are some Mo^ buys thdf >yill show to you our appreciation for your patronage in the paist, present, and Fruit of the Loom PRIM Beautiful patterns in regular 49c Fruit of the Loom Prints 3yds. II^HHHI^HDi^lHH ^^^^^H||^^^^^^ Farmers Week Specials ^n|M|HHM^^^HH^HHBMHflB||BHH^B^H^m MEN'S 9 Oz. OVIRALIS Mens 9 oz, CaseyJones Overalls, vest back, sanforized y with a v money back guarantee. Size 81x105 $100 farmers Week Specials ••••••••• CHILDREN'S DRESSES Children's Cotton Dresses, in sizes 4 to 12, Values to $1.98 Assorted colors Sizes 28, tp 44 $2.7* Farmers Week Specials Farmers Week Specials J^^f ""Ir flW^^^^^^ ^W^^ ^^^w. ^ flnpf

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