Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 31, 1968 · Page 12
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 12

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1968
Page 12
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f 4 —B rHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1968 Watching TV TONIGHT 6:00-2 News 3 Cactus Pete 8 The Big Picrure 6:30—2-3 Mod Squad 4-12 Lancer 5-6 Orange Bowl 8 Book Beat I1 Bli!=bor,nil Bowl 7:00-8 Who h 7:30-2-3 It Takes a Thief 4-12 Red Skelton 5-6 Julia 8 What's New 8:00—5-6 Movie: "Come Back tittle Sheba" 8 Passport Eight 8:30-2-3 NYPD 4-12 Doris Day 8 French Chef 9:00-2-3 That's Life 4-12 CBS Year End Report 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 News 8 NET Festival 8 David SussU^nd 11 Perry Mason 10:30—2-3 Jouy Bishop 4 Movie; ''A Song H Born" 5-6 Johnny Carson 12 Movie: "The Keys of th# Kingdom" 11:00-11 Movie: "The Night My Number Came Up" 11:30-5 Guy Lombard; 12:00—2 Movie: "The Undead" 12:40-4 Movie: "Fort Worln" WEDNESDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:20—4 Summer Semester 6:00—4 Town and Country 6:30—4 P.S. Four 5 Focus Your World 12 Gospel Roundup 6:45—6 Thought For Today 6:50—2 Farm Report 7:00—2 Lone Ranger 4 News 5-6 Today 7:30-2 Fury 4 Cartoons 8:00—2 Romper Rocrn 4-12 Captain Kangaroo 8:45—11 Cartoons 9:00-2 Dick Cavett 3-11 Jack Lelane Show 4-12 Rose Parade Preview 5-6 Orange Bowl Pared* 9:30—3 Dick Cavett 4-12 Cotton Bowl Faradp 11 Love Th3t Bob 10:00—2 Pay Cards 7 1 Outer Limits 10:30—2 What's My Line? 4-5-6 Rose Parade 11:00—2-3 Bewitched 11 Twilight Zone 11:30—2-3 Funny You Should Ask 11 Cartoons 11:45-11 King and Odle 11:55—2-3 Childrens Doctor Afternoon 12:00—2 Charlotte Peters 3-11 Dream House 12:30-3 Make A Deal 11 TBA 12:45—4-12 Cotton Bowl 1:00—2-3 Newlywed Game 11 Make Room For Daddy 1:30—2-3 Doling Game 11 Woody Woodbury Show 2:00—2-3 General Hospital 2:20—4-11 12 News 2:30—2-3 One Life to Liv« 3:00-2 Movie: "Kismet" 3-11 Dark Shadows 4-12 Linkletter Show 3:30—3 Lone Ranger 4-12 CBS Year ErW Report 11-12 Underdog 3:45-5-6 Rose Bowl * 4:00—3 The Hour 11 Flintstones 4:30—4 Dennis the Menace 11 Gilligans Island 12 Mike Douglas 5:00—2 Combat A Leave It to Beaver 5 News 11 I Love Lucy 5:30-2-3-4-5-612 News 11 Rawhide Evening 6:00—2 News 3 Cactus Pete 6:30—2-3 Here Cimes the Brides 4-12 Daktari 11 Truth or Consequences 6:45—5-6 Orange Bowl 7:00—11 Of Lands and Seas 7:30—2-3 Peyton Place 4-12 The Good Guys 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 Movie: "Ride the Wild Surf" 4-12 The Beverly Hillbillies 5-6 Music Hall 8 Passport Eight 11 Steve Allen 8:30—4-12 Green Acres 8 International Magazine 9:00—4-12 Hawaii-Five-0 9:45-5-6 Bowl Game Highlights 11 hr>n*ymooners 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 News 8 Kaliedoscoue 11 Perry Mason 10:30-''-1 Joey B'shop 4 Movie: "Only the Valient" 5 Johnny Carson 6 Accent 12 A'lovie: "Battle if the Coral S&a" 11:00—6 Johnny Carson 11 Movie: "This Woman ie Dangerous" 12.-0C-2 Movie: 'Tear No More" 5 News 12:30-4 Movie: "Scotland Yard ; Inspector" Call tarry Burkert For Courteous, Personalized Service — At — BURKETT REALTY Office: 242-2860 Home: 242-4006 LISTINGS WANTED THURSDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:20—4 Summer Semester 6:00—4 Town and Country 12 Summer Semester 6:30—4 P.S. Four 5 Focus Your World 12 Gospel Roundup 6:45—2 Thought For Today 12 Breakfast Show 6:50—2 Farm Report 7:00—2 Lone Ranger 4 News 5-6 Today 7:30-2 Fury 4 Cartoons 8:00—2 Romper Room 4-12 Captain Kangaoo 8:45—11 Cartoons 9:00—2 Dick Cavett 3-11 Jack Lelane Show 4-12 The Lucy Show 5 Snap Judgment 9:30—«6 Romper Room 11 Ed Allen 4-12 Beverly Hillbillies 5-6 Concentration 11 Love That BOD 10:00—2 Pay Cards 4-12 Andy of Mayberry 5-6 Personality 11 Outer Limits 10:30—2 What's My Line? 4-12 Dick Van Dyke 5-6 Hollywood Squares 11:00-2-3 Bewitched 4-12 Love of Life 5-6 Jeopardy 11 Twilight Zone 11:30—2-3 Funny You Should Ask 4-12 Search For Tomorrow 5-6 Eye Guess 11 Cartoons 11:45-11 King and Odie 11:55—2-3 Childrens Doctor Afternoon 12:00-2 Charlotte Peters 3-11 Dream House 4 Dennis the Menace 5 Merv Griffin 6-12 News 12:15—6 Pastor Speaks 12:30—3 Make A Deal 4-12 As the World Turns 3-11 TBA 6 Hidden Faces 1:00—2-3 Newlywed Game 4-12 Love is a Many Splendored Thing 5-6 Days of Our Lives 11 Make Room For Daddy 1:30—2-3 The Dating Game 4-12 The Guiding light 6-6 The Doctors 11 Woody Woodbury Show 2:00-2-3 General Hospital 4-12 Secret Storm 5 Another World 2:25-4-11-12 News 2:30—2-3 One Life to Live 4-12 Edge of Night 5-6 You Don't Say 3:00—2 Movie: "Blood and Sand" 3-11 Dark Shadows 4-12 Linkletter Show 5-6 The Match Game 3:30—3 Lone Ranger 4 Movie: "South of St. lou's" 5 Mike Douglas 6 Snap Judgment 11-12 Underdog 4:00—3 The Hour 6 Popeye 11 Flintstones 12 Mike Douglas 4:30—6 Perry Mason 11 Gilligan's Island 5:00—2 Combat 3 Cartoons 4 Leave It to Beaver 5 News 11 I Love Lucv 5:30-2-4-5-12 News 11 Rawhide Evening 6:00—2 News 3 Cactus Pete 4-5-6-12 News 8 American Land 6:30—2-3 Ugliest Girl in Town 4-12 Mark Twain Tonight 5-6 Daniel Boon* 11 Truth or Consequencej 7:00-2-3 The Flying Nun 71 Of Lands and Seas 7:30—2-3 Bewitched 5-6 Ironside 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 That Girl 4-12 Movie: "Splendor in the Grass" 8 Passport Eight 11 Steve Allen 8:30—2-3 Journey to the Unknown 5-6 Dragnet 9:00—5-6 Dean Martin 8 Bridge 9:30—2 College Talent 3 Music Hall S USA Poetry- 11 Honeymooners 10:00-2-3-4-5 6 12 News 8 Movie: "Gentleman's Agreement" 11 Perry Mason 10:30—2-3 Joey Bishop 4 Movie: "Mr. Arkadin" 5-6 Johnny Carson 12 Movie: "Ride the High Iron" 11:00-11 Mivie: "Private Hell 36" 12:00—2 Movie: "How to Make a Monster" 12:05—4 Movie: "An Ideal Husband" 12:10-5-26 Men APOLLO EARTH VIEW—This view of the rising: earth greeted Apollo » astronauts as they came from behind the moon after the lunar orbit insertion burn. The unnamed surface features in the foreground are near the eastern limb of the moon as viewed from earth. The lunar horizon is approximately 780 kilometers from the spacecraft, and the width of the photographed area is about 175 kilometers. The earth is 240,000 miles away. (NASA Photo via AP Wirephoto) The Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. SWALLOWED BY THE EARTH—Residents of a hillside slum in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, peer into a 300-foot deep quarry whieh swallowed about 26 homes and left many persons dead or missing. (AP Wirephoto) Albany, cloudy 27 Albuquerque, clear .. 38 Atlanta, rain 54 Bismarck, clear -11 Boise, snow 26 Boston, cloudy 30 Buffalo, cloudy 30 Chicago, clear 34 Cincinnati, cloudy .... 43 Cleveland, cloudy .... 34 Denver, clear 33 Des Moines, clear .... 19 Detroit, cloudy 31 Fairbanks, cloudy .. -42 Fort Worth, cloudy .. 59 Helena, cloudy -15 Honolulu, cloudy 78 Indianapolis, cloudy 38 Jacksonville, cloudy 66 Juneau, clear 9 Kansas City, clear .. 26 Los Angeles, clear .. 74 Louisville, clouds' .... 50 Memphis, cloudy 58 Miami, clear 75 Milwaukee, clear 33 Mpls.-St. .P.. clear .... 10 \ew Orleans, rain .... 71 New York, cloudy .... 36 Okla. City, clear 33 Omaha, clear 4 | Philadelphia, cloudy 36 I Phoenix, clear 61 Pittsburgh, cloudy .. 34 Ptlnd. Me., cloudy .. 28 Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy .. 14 Rapid City, clear -5 Richmond, cloudy ... 40 St.. Louis, cloudy . ... 37 Salt Lit. City, cloudy 27 San Diego, clear 72 San Fran., cloudy .... 52 Seattle, snow 18 Tampa, cloudy 73 Washington, cloudy 39 Winnipeg, cloudy .. -16 (M—Missing) 9 17 . ! M M! -24 ...| 15 .09! 21 ... ; 24 . . j -8 .08! 35 .011 32 .... | -6 .04 1 -15 .... 29 .09 -52 .... 16 .... -34 .... 64 .... 15 .35 52 .... -11 ... -7 ... 54 .. . 37 .01 34 .05 72 ... -11 .. -17 .... 59 2.55 31 .... 1 .. -19 ... 23 .... 36 30 ... 10 ... 9 -18 33 4 16 43 .. ! 45 12 .41 [ 60 .... ' 31 .. .; -24 .051 MT. VERNON WEATHER Monday high 38, low 9. Rainfall Monday .75. Rainfall to date 1968 37.85. One year ago today high 30. low 6. Five years ago today high 28,, low 5. Ten years ago today high 18, low 13. Wednesday sunrise 7:22, sunset 4:45. (CST) STATE TEMPERATURES Rockford, clear 31 -12 .15 Moline, clear 30 -12 .03 Quiney, clear 33 -07 T Vandalia, clear 36 -07 .35 Chicago G.P. Cloudy 35 -04 .20 Peoria, cloudy 32 -08 .07 Springfield, cloudy .. 34 -02 .16 Belleville,, cloudy ... 43 11 .35 MIDWEST Dubuque, clear 22 -17 .14 Paducah, cloudy 55 34 .03 Madison, cloudy 27 -12 .17 South Bend, cloudy .. 34 06 .0C When blood is needed... make sure it's there! .501 .4»? .18 Brood vs. Litter Brood is the word used to designate offspring of egglaying ani-' mals and birds; litter is used for j offspring of mammals that regularly give birth to more than! one young. I tfeTHE AMERICAN RED CROSS By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK i APi — A program like NBC's two-hour treatment Monday night of the ferment in big-city slums by Negro minorities may have run into an audience problem by its meticulous, careful presentation. On one hand, persons concerned about this aspect of urban crisis are well aware of the conditions which the long por- gram painsiakingly discussed widespread breakdown of edu- \''Jon txr.C housing. It showed! some successful experimental' in progress—a demonstra-j lion school in Rochester, N.Y., a j jircject to train and hire \ .\"egroes in Detroit's automobile • ...ctories. It examined the frag-j mentation and various view- : points within the Negro communities. With considerable sym• \ihy, it looked at the difficult rosition of city officials, from: mayor to the policeman on a YOU Can Avail Yourself of the Services Offered by This Agency. Our Many Years of Experience Are Yours For A Call. VIRGIL T. BAILEY, INC and illustrated. They have been s i u mbeat— "an outsider enforc- written about and many other . ni r mc ru l e s," narrator Frank television programs have told of ;\i c Gee described the latter, them. Their audience must now j; lack _ whito rc i ationships are be more interested in possible fa[ . (QO Jed cornpIicated nt\mc than in Qnnthnr mnn^t nn 1 iral too controversial to do more cures than in another report on symptoms. On the otiier hand, the public which is not informed on the subject by now probably would not sit still for such a lengthy and often painful lecture. "The People are the City," one of a series of three "white than touch a few obvious bases in a two-hour program. This! presentation was very talky, but [ raised no new issues and action to enliven it was in the often imaginative camera work. There were the familiar. scenes of street disturbances— j papers," focused primarily on | racial barriers and resulting Ne & 0 crowds shouting at the tensions in Boston, whose popu- XBC cameras attempting to lation is about 10 per cent Ne- takc shots for lhe series. There gro. The program moved to ofh- was film of squalid living condi- er cities to illustrate a point tions - 100 troubled faces of the when some leaders of the city's victims of poverty. Negro community refused to The two hours were spent cooperate. raising complex questions to Prof. Charles Hamilton, a Ne- which there are many suggested gro and a political scientist, ex- answers. And the program end- plained that "black people have ed with a big question asked by gotten fed up with white people Hamilton: Will the white major- coming in and trying to to)' ily "see the dissension as some- their story through white eyes." thing healthy or simply as a The program explored the dif- contentious outcry of a lonely ficult employment situation, the and depressed people?" WANTED REAL ESTATE LISTINGS We have buyers for roar home at a fair price. Call Us Dial 242-0251 WILLIAMS fir RICHARDSON Realtors SIS S. 10th "I REALTY CO. CALL BOB SHAW With Jamison Real Estate For All Yeur Real Estate Needs. Telephones Office 243-0372 Home 244-8766 THOMAS A. PCCKETT, Broker Mt. 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