Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1912
Page 3
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 7,1912. f Iftwe'r Prices on Groceries If YOU are trading at f J- c c delivery c red i t stores and paying- high priced don't blame anyone for the high cost of 1 i V i n g but" yourself. ,Compare o u r prices with what you pay at other stores. Flour! Flour! Vii' I'll} flniir (lirrfl from Uit' tlltli^ ntid r;iii ^in(* roll moiici. Woir I 'ri'niiinn Kloiir. liigl-.ost li.-it.nt. sacV - -«1,2lt :Vs-ii,. s ;t .'k Turtfv l>iit.:it r !.»ir. s;nk iSl.i't • Sinks . *5:{"> •'• Sa<k !(its. sark $l,i't Old <;!oiv l'li>.ir. .si.k J'l .L 'il J Sa.k< lol sa. k Sl.l .'t ^ IMUVTOKS. .'tifO I "|I> I !I I N fiiM- ^^ i«<nii-.iii |uil;i (<>r». liu-llfl 7iic r\inm;i:. •r .,»Mi!l ri)i:ni|<. Fai^» >ii:;lMrit r , ., ;. -J.-.f .1.' •r I..-. . .S.'.r .i -J:.)' WIi .l.' •^.••>- '\ i; I 'M .'•"r.ri •_'.">'• •2 .-.C (•ililiauf.. iKuniii I 'Ml |lllllll(Iv iMri' M .'i! : , l -lfi '-.lili •;; n-.i, MM', iiav.< Silk . (•a IS Wliil t l>ais .Willi. 'A Ills I 'aai V \',< ail li; I r -s .l :rran Ki. -<; Ih:- riUl" il- i;:y ( 111-; N<vv N.'vy ihs i-ipk !:.'i>i- Ills l .Mua n.'.i;.-- [hs. Hiillcii |Vits ;!. I'aokau.'s P U. U .N I Oats ;! pkKP I'.niicaki' i "!<uir I' pkjrs. r,i;ip"-.N«n= L' .jikps. filiitHlti.-il Who'at S cans Oil Sariiinos .» t'aii^ .MiisranI Sar<lincs „ i»f Tall cans Pink Salmon lOr •fall.cans JJcii Salmon, li cans :t.">c Cgrn Starch, jiackapo _.'>r n f:\us Kiiincy Iicins 25n ;! t:aiis T'oik X lii-ans i'tC cans lliiiuiii\ :\ cans ru ;r ,pkiii . , -'tc ;! can-; Kiaii! ^ i'lC S -IIi.s New Kraut 25c Stoii.-" Jar \i';>li' l!nlt<'r . "J-V l ^irRC Jar <)!i \.'s ^ •J:.C •j:.c L».-.<- er .r •Jdr iV.r • l.arKc Cans Milk , . . f. Small Milk ;! fans Oyst-rs . (iiil!(in jir T(iir:aiii ('a!s:i|' (iallini j:.V .V;:s!ar<l '„ . . Nbrili Pole Syrup, iiail \yiii1c Syrap. pail (Mr lOc INrrc Country .»^or^|}nm pail IJtlr <;iio'l lirnnms. each 1". Hills Toilet Papi r_ , 'IM' irii> •C 'lotltt'? Pirs . ..'.1 <tr ."••(•.Tns Crcrnuicli hy'"" -^f i; pkijs. 17nli-Xo-Morc :<'• Pounil.s Hiilk Starch Ti I'oimds .'-".•il Siitia I I'ountjs Soiia I lb Black Pepper I 11). Uakif;; nmcolate 1. 11). Sweet Cliocolatc . Pounil (.'ocivi 2- pounds Oooil rnffee _ Piincli PackaRc ColTeo. Ih .Xrliticlvlcs" CiilTee. lli. . Moniinn lllory Cdfi 'et', Hi . Tmporia Tea. 11) .liipan Ti-a. lli I Ih. r, P. Te.l 1 11). Mive.l Te.i :', l\ickaKes» Mai aii'tia Ilis S KI I M <'rack>-is I.;i)»;e lii>\ SiMla, Ci iiiKei Ihs tllliuer Sl':i|is |i' II'.'- (iiii^er S»'iaps Ciller \'iiieK.;t. Will'ill W'l-.jte Vinegar. ;;alleli :r*;as Maatl.'S " 111 liii- Pure I.aril ' IU\ .Salt .M.'.i!. 111. ;. ll<s Hex r.acDii r. I's \\l;ite IJlM.nll Cijl'l] •I'niaruariiit 11' ll-s Whit. < )!e;ii;;a 1 .';arl!i •J lbs. :;iic oi. 4 saekst Salt ill Mnik .<alt .".n !h .s.iek- Salt -I 'UMS .M.l 'iheS liDxes Matcli's III liii\es 'Matches I-'n. -all.ins Ceal Oil Five uariiin Cnal On A. lin> ills llraii •_'ilf .|(l<. •i.u- :{«<• ..W P —|i<)c ..AM. •J.-.c - l'.M- 3'lc . I .V :><ic :t.-.c T'lr • I'.V Jsr !«I..VI |.Vr I .Vic IJililiiin ('nuni. 111 i ".r. •_ni (v Can l.> Iiir Ulr ••?I .>1. i [PERSOHM, MBmON.! Hcv. I. H. Pratlior. of Clianutc, who J MS l)ppn lioro vigtling frlemls. rc- lunicd home this afternoon. —Farm and CItj I ^jans. R. M. Cun- ' Mrs. R. K. .McDonald wont lo Cof' foyvlUo this aflonioon for a visit with ;' relatives. I —l)r. 0. L. Cox, Ocniist. ." Pearl MiUpin went to Hnni- holiit this alleriuion for a visit with friends. R. H. Rtlc>- of Sprlucfli>Id, Mo., was a biiBlncMs visitor here yesterday. KiRctton day i >a»scd with no disorder of any kind to tW« city. Tlicro was no conftiflon at the polls; KUtncnts neide from ilioFo thai usually are Incidont to an idcctlon, enUrtly j pnnii tempcri'J and within pcod naturcl^ Iirjited and not an arrest was made, i Mrs. J. K. Martin of Topoka. who liaa been visiting friends here returned home this morning. (Mianute Trihiin<?:' .I.iidpc .lames W. Finlcy was re-elected yesterday. He will have a majority of more tlian i.r>("t. Neoslio county c^ve liiiu a majority of 77.'!, and the report.- from Wilson. iJie other cminty in his district, indicate that it dill d<« ennally as well |iy him. —If yoii are loote^ns ftM- your Dress Hat. you should not. buy until you see ; the elegant showinjr at Itlcliardson's. I — — 1 M. .1. Unl^-er, of Carlyle was in th ' Mrs M. .1. Trainmell and Mrs. Mary | city today. ! Troxel went to Chanuie this afler- . noon for a visit with friends. —Ilr. H. L. Hendricks, Old ftmrl IIi>u!<^. CallH nnxnt-rcd day or ntfrbt. .Mrs J. M. .laeksiiu went to C'lianuto tiii.< afternoon for .i visit wi;h friends ibr ri-m.-iinder of the week. -I;' you htiy your Hal at Ivichard- -.tis \i-u will be surprised .it the litlleilest: in price. I--, l.cie; •r 'MU '.i ca • wcii; 111 |i\isiuess. Chaiuite till lie a liiie lilt of Kniit Trees for .\ 1! lirow n...'.l,. S ("iiltMnwomi .Miss Kilna lire 1 ove » ;.-riii>iin. Fie"iii;.ii ,inil ' KUir- I'lii to lluiub.^lill ;lii!; al- Ti:.' ni>\) W.'nl Dress tloods never •.\e:e MI picUy Itlcl .ardson s Mrs ^\•. .\." Wiioilley. St .lV )e. wlio 11..:. 111'!: ':ire visiiiuj; Munil.s went u) 'Clia.n;n Ibis rill on. . lor eotiiplele iLie of itnr .Mcrj . H J OC K >ec .1, .M. .Iaek>«ii. Phone llMt. J .\. Hrii;lif.-.cil ucm ; :i ri'.oiiii mi luisiiio.-s. lo Krie tliis ller-f. is the aoenrale .ind seer-like last hunch of Dill White recorded in his Ktuperls Oaxette the nlulu of election: "Wotnlrow will take his skin- red nop.irin to bed ioni.i;1it at !• o'clock but hero's odds of "J to 1 that he has the nii;!i'n', of a m(.-.'>se hnil. clad in khaki .in;! e,ir-yint a Springtleld rille i :i I ne hpnil .in! a hofjU-cf M.-Ca.iiey's ••-::-.y"s ill tae et.i'V Ptlo;e nililnlpirt." [ Mrs. K. We'.s'e of Kansas City, wlin has been vv^it f'ic.uds at Si. John's Just go through this wonderful stock of oui-s and see what's here for > ou. There's any number of good styles to choose from this season. All the new styles in the new fabrics.for this season; the long belted coats, the shorter coats in the novelty styles, and plain black coats, and Crav- iiiptt Rain Coats in all colors. Overcoats . .,.$7.50 to ?2.">.00 Barclay-Shields Clo. Co. "The House of Quality" BIG SUFFRAGE PARADE m NEW YORK ON:- SATURDAY; LOTS OF MEN TO BE IN LIN.B hospital re;iir:!:ii lueue lilts afli r- .Mis C.iiy Ciilduravi'. e; DiitTali). V. ho bas l.e'ii Ipre visiiiui; Mrs. W. I'. l.,>o"is. Win; 111 llaAa ti .id .i.\. T e Iniiiisir c'i- S;a!i' • V;;; ••ii'tir.a'. ',ec::, a el wit;« : sense liiiiiior lli ;hi.- ene; 'Tlii- . e •111! :iel a' C'c C: ilece. in a coins shwinc the stiiileiils. includi s rnai V Will- — C .rauiiate Nuist"; .ible Pi^oae loti.'! terms leason- j ,Joe Dills, of Ft. Six)tl. who has been I lure .isitiir.; friends went to Cherry' vail liiis afieniooii j UOrsKIIOIdl (iOOILS Wit S.'Vl.K I alternoons betwren :". and li. C. K. Perl ;,;Ui!. !"L' CetonwiHitl. I Frank Animerman and son rcril. : C. W. .Vdams, Trninaii •I'honipsoti. I A-S I lie and Joe Wolf.- were aiiion.y the ! Uumboldi visitors this afl'-rtiooii. — Itrs. Mull & linll. 0.*:(oo|iaUis. rcIepiiDne.s It'll, tJfil. Cliude Thorpe \isiiin.i; returned liiis afti rnoiiii. wi.o has been here tf Collinsville, 0)i. There is somethin.s special at the Kni ^iit .s ^- L.iiiies ol .Security Tlmrs- (iay evrnint. .Ml members, requested 10 be iiresont. Commiltee. i;. W. .s.iiil'ord ol Coffeyville. who has bi-«'n here visiting friends relum­ ed home this afternoon. Ceor;;'!' Hill of .\rkansas City, who has hien here on business relumed home ihis afternoon. - Farm and Ciinniii}rha»n. Ciiy U'lans. U. M. Dr. S A Coffman ^vilo has been In tlie city vlsitinn his family iiiid old fri. mis rilurmd to Pinsburj: this ;:ftil Iliioil. Mrs W .\ lias been 111 r< • ••I ImiMi- this • Jilllie.v. n| Tiiiieka. w lie visiiiiiK I 'rleinls iiliirii- afiernoiiii i-Airi low pi lie- on ne« and ii-ei! lias and (\ial StuM--. Kd iiennenm'r. We-; Madison Mr. ami .Mrs. Frank Coyclte. of I'Us- m !>re \\lio haw l>'*fii he -.-e visilill): trii mis. I'll lor foilnis> tile. Okl.i . iliis afienioon. Mrs. A D. Williamsim and thrci dauuhicrs went |o Clierryval'- 'his aft. II!. ion fur a visit will) relativ.-s. C H Cole, of SprinK(i<Iii. on his visit with e Pp'siili 111 Mo . is heri l\u.- .Morrow at the I'niied Iron Wi.rks and for an inspection of the w.iiks ELLIOTT'iS Yoirr Order T>pHrtred for 10c I 1- i l ..-a >i "t: cJiai).-" for i;r.>y Dress Model city sunn. Pi'.on." 7"*>. .J. 1-1- 1. Cut Flowers • When you waiu Cut Flowers of any kind. leniciiiiier J. w. I'KI «MI:K :»4 H»>t Lincoln. has thehi ol all kinds and of the 'best (luaiiiy and stows niitliing •else. ('lirisunlliciiiiiniN Ko .ses, Carnations, Vlulels clr. 'Qu.iliiy Uie hiubist—prices the lowest. r We also I'urnii^h any kind of decorations and'all kind8 of de" sign work ami RiiaruJitep per• i«;rtccl satisfaction. . Phone 101 .\rranKeni.nts Iiad Ii-.'en made for a foot liali fiain'- tomorrow at Yates Ceiuer iHiweeii tiie hl^li s.-hool team of thai id.-ice and the tola school team hii; I he i;;inii' was <'a!l."d ofj' tod:;y by Vates Cehtrr.-for some r. U-^on. i Tlie Presbyttrian and " .\i.'fhodist • basket b .il! 'earns wii; m< ei at the "N". M. C A tomorrow evening at S o'clock for the second pame in the city leap.:.'. The first of th.- Series was played .on tlie ii'pht of November firsi. * — .Ae <iuaimance wanre'.i with yoiinp i:n!v or widow; matrtmontnl intenTJotirt P (). Dox '.is. lola. Mrs. Chester Fe**. of Albany. .Mo,, is j h'-re visitinp Mrs. .1. C. Thomas. | ::uiis. t .'niiev sru,;. :jt oi j(.,irualism. 'i.vw I" u i-;!-,'; s •heol in Sio>'kton. Ka•; a ;ii 1 i>,i: iiin;r with -Mrs. Crowe Jii-. 1 ;:v. - I am leacIiiuK in Rooks C'liintx I'o 'i'; slioet; I Mill unarm.-i!.' TiM- .;.ill w .u not deveK-iped in this de- jiartnii-nt " Pa.ul Itemincton. .>f Channie. is vis ilinj; his cousin. Miss Adelyni- Lyons. Mrs. A l.;isai.'i' went to Colony ih|s all. moon for a visit with r.'lativ.'s. The l..i-.> •• a .-e iliviiti '•a\.- till-' Coa. h M .-.--S... 'Himself a Dull .Munser. pidli il t'le K. r. f (H !:haII leam soiipv i.'ay- aL 'o on the i-aiTra.c.' <|ue-:i:on and 111- « It I'.ie oniy < a.' I 'f the entin' fiiu .tl tl'.ai vo'.ed in favor of the ameniliiifat. .Vow rl:nt tlie Ja.iies e .in vole. f.Diball may be in .ianaer of beini: olficiallly barr.'il as "brrtalizin.:;."' f'n.' luindred and fifty te.'iehers left on ihe morniuK train for Tr.p'ka to allMid the t.'acl)"rs ass 'iciatiiiii sessions. Four extr .i coach.'s «.r.- ai- ta'lii d '<) :li.' r(;n!l.'ir iraiii .\ trav.'l' iv..'; lipic I '-i'iiy s ;ys tl ;:'.t lie was in K .msas Cl :y i'.io iiii;:'! rf electiin. .\o! h '.ter'tlutn ".' o 'clock I'll' Kans 'is Cjiv I 'dst very chteri'iiHy •icr.e '.I 'll " t!ie election of Wilson. !iiit was no! until clore midniirht )),.five t'ae Star admitted tliat Roose- M 'l; !iad lo.-t a .nd tint the Star ha'I '.11': led its readi'ts to the lust. I.;;»:,nce Dazct;.': Karly in the ."iniiiaian iWUitifi Moruaa. .lespair- inir of ";;ettins anywh.-re" on strai^lit political lines, decided to devote l:is tin:.' to t 'iie'"innoc! ami ini.'restint: •.;i -'.'me of secarinu v,-,tes for women. II.' '.'as bei n a power in their causft. and his work hr.uiKlit tlioiisands of Note.- in for the wcmen on election i !;.y 'I'bi' .Miua! suffi:i;:ists ow.' him I .lebt 111' i;ra 'tild.' lliat they will n .'Ver lie aid.- to pay. C.itniM Ki'view:' l»ri>..' .irciis ml menai'.i 'iii' wl'ih adv.'r!is .'d to app. ar in (iiineil t 'niny, I'.iileil li> a . li'iiali/.' It was h.'ld up by the •^'••riiT at Pitisbiiru. 'I'll.' "anc'-l" of i;te -'i.iw. a aKna- widoxv, "staki 'd" if in i :.c Mil I oi ^l.i'ixi last spring, in .l. as sh.' wasn't -.i.'ttiim her money I'.u'U as lapidly as she i'iHiiii :!:t proper, im: le :lIl.^ saw no oiipiutimify to fxrl ;'. si'.- b'l '''d on till- .-i; On a. park I. ilea u \o uray h .'ads •.•'•re (!o:e loccMoM' ami tin- c<inversa- '• I'J wa- '•ariiest "Th.' ele'.;tion's over •pii' y .iir « r ins ;!in;;." sht iiteil a pass- •vliv -W'-'ri' net wramilinj;." repli- .;il \\" I! Uoliii "I'al and I were just -.lyiiv.; I'r.i; warm sun would make it • )-!"•• for MS to cr. w.l .ml fr.'in nnd.'r 1 •'• -ni''«.' ard MiCali'-'s laii^ht en- dois.'d the stateiiiefli. Wiien You Make Your Mark You can buy at t. . I;,...k St.^r.'. • ••ii-ii!; ••> '.vi •• ). !i-.iiii a ''C tablet to Crai).'"s l.iio'n i.a »Mi. the best papi 'V r.ia.l.' in .Suit re,i. iiiu^ '11 v. i'h from a !'• ;.' r.i II !" a F.i:r.t:iiu I'.a. Evans Bros. BOOKSTOKK. Thcr« •win be a pictureaqae safbam' parndo on 6th avenue^ ITew ToilCn nc-VLt Saturday nlgbt It ttrlU dltbr from all other suSrags D^irades In the past in that many men—perbapa :',i}00—will be In line. Just how many; women will participate has been varl- t'usly estimated at from 5,000 to 10.- They say they Till outnumber, the men two to one. AinonR the prominent -women who iviii have a hand Inthe management 'f the parade will be Mrs. Jean N. l'."inoId, Mrs. Beatrice Hale, Miss !ii. 2 Mllholland. Mrs. August BeU iiiont and-Mra. Carrie C. .Catt. ma. tlorlirultural .Heeling. • Tlie Allen County Horliculiural Society '..ill hold its Nov'-mlxr meeiiii): on Friday Slli ai .^Ir. Klaiimann's ollie.' on south Jefferson str.'cl. We v.ant to hav. an ohl fasliione.l bis meeiini;. If you have lii.- s.'iuiitest in- ti risl in fruit raisin:; he sure ii) at. lend and help its discuss the work to I lie done to insur.' a uood crop next ; year. A picnic dinn.T at noon with ["pumpkin pie" and i>lher Kood ihinss. , Subjects for discussion—What va- ; riety of ajiples and peaclies shall one '. idant in this cotiniy? Kieciion of d"l ! fsatt^s to til.' slat.' meetin};. Outside cellars and cavs for k.ei)iii|i; fruit. • Come and m.'.'i with u.s. it will ilo you ; Kood. D. F. I• A.\'Cn.\.ST. S-c. SOME MORE WANTS I'll'; SAi.i-: c.noi) SIRUKY A.\I> '.iinoss chcjip '.''•1 .Soiilh 4!h 1 Mrs. .T \V. Delaplain went to Kan; sas City this afternoon for a visit with ' friends. Thi» siil'l'i riir." atii'tidir.eiit in ihis coiiiuy carri 'd by .i V 'ry small majority, thirl y-'ivlii MI I .S 'O be . .\a< I. Af'er moiiil.s lO \M"I; jed 'AorrN. ili'' laiihfiil r .'W .'I th.' loral si'lfr.ii;.- as- so.'iati.m lia \e lull id win ;!ie b .ilbc i.ol .mly tie- till II . > 1 .es |i!i; ali 111.- »iiiii>-|i of Iv.ii ami alilioii^ii lb.- majority «as n.ii as ;:ra.1ilyiiit; as ii mlj ^iii li. 111.'.* .-I'' -Veil pl.'as .-.l K»'er sir.-i- if'- li» j;lliMlii; o! ..-i";- pai>:a ilie m. ti ll:.^l- slniwn 'luire i .i- ilifli r .'llCi ill. '11 aiM '.al .'innw'il ion to till' measure and uni a i>:iuir''d III'' <Hl--s li 'li .!!ii 'L ;e|l.. 1 . bill 111.' fa. -I ri mains fia' ilc vMiiii '-n i.::\f won whai ili.'y v..ill .IS ;bey usii.iily do Fvi p liott . l !ioii :;ii lie' he idli' lor ill.' iiidii)'lent .iiid imior.uii nmsi hi' '-'liiealed to Ml. 'i-.- !"ii;"-r M';" o! a pri'-il .'T.'- t!;at lias so ion;; I M 'ii ib- lli' d 111'm j:is ;''il an.I the room repaired AUo'it the same tint.- tii<' sheriff l.'vie.l an e.v- •: iti'iti on Ii" llo(i ;;cs rcsfiranl. the op Riilu" Call', nn n-rtli .I'-ffi-rson. to -:i i-v a 5"111 el:i:t!.' nio:'tc.a'4e ni\en ; • '. \ l-'n.-r and I'aiil Irwin. THE BEST IN a III KVIIM; IHH SK I ire "lie and "if >»0J)(- !.osT-.MA.\"S i >r!:sK n.\ FAST Lin'-oin containing J-I'.i .ia). I.eav.'» at P .riiHtPr Oflice and !eci';ie reward STOVES CoaI,^Giif ADd Wo «d Heaters! CombJiuiUon Coal and Gas, Uot Blast and llr TIgtaU ECONOMY RA?iGES BornV ronihtnaUnn Coal and Gas lUngo—the liest made. I'rlcos Bight! Tliel.H.WisliardHdw. Jtist Received New line of Dried Cherries, Raspberries, Prunes, Apples, Peach- -es and Raisins. Fresh Oysters, Fish, Vegetables Fresh Meats Fancy and Staple Groceries We sell it cheaper Newby Grocery Co. rbonr mt m S. n'nshlnston HHIver lo .Vuj farl of llie (11) IKOMU.Is Sheriff V .ni >llter 1 iiiie. I .'ia- is - IT ; .r;' "•'•11 111.- sieriff III'- b.air d -)."'n re'rc-.tshiiicni p'ai-.-.s are out i>f :• Bnmis- sion and soii;c time may e\iii-..- L'-f' "•- tlio uaps are' lilled. Tile old •••)::-• ho'.is.' iir.' clo .-i -d III.' Ha:-der S!-:"rs' hakei'v ..anil i''-laii; ,int .m.-a.-t ison un;il tb.- in-;iiran(-'' ran l-e ad- ( !eMd \l' • '•:.-:. 1 '•:;;ini: f:(.. i 'iii.--. ami I lie lire fend, 'wo Tliiv »•«'. Snnie Biyir. Sun. lay School teaclu -r was tell- .'lil 'dr .-a th.- story of Klisha. ttiii'u tl'..' old pro|ili."t Was walk- 1 ; a !oni; one day." slie related, "the •>:••]•• tel !s Us that a lot of nau ):h :y ' iiilreu i-ame out and j.-ered and mo.'k . 'li 'I Icy cri .'d '(hi up. thou ha!d< iI" .'ii;.l nth.-r band liiinBS. Ali o! -ui 'd.-n !«.' b.'ars . ime out of the Ol!? and at'-'y of t'le-.' bad cliild- -1 lip. .Vow. e -i 'ilreii what le.-son wr I .arn from this stor.v?" Only oii'- iin'mbi-r of t^^• class aii- • ••••'-.I to l ::Me any opitiion on th.- suh- :-I'-lii irp !-ls hand. "•\\i-i;. Will-'. what b-sstm il.r you irr 'ri .ic I In- story '.ii' Klisb.".'.'" •'• •• I '-iri' fa: one b.-ar kin boh! .'•an 1 aiJilri-n. (;•-.'. l .ii; tl;at was •m 1^.11 " Mrs- II A. Aii-iii-.(.11 W'-ni t' Cjihmy s -ifi'-nioo!! for .1 visit with frit-nds. .Airs. T. Donal'l w.-nt Kansas Cit;- ijiis nil r.';ooii tor a visit v.iib rda- li'. es. SOUVENIR FREE! FREE! SATURDAY TUMBLER* In addition to the usual profit-sharing checks, with Spices. Baking Powder. Teas, ColTees, E.Ktracts. etc. GranuIatedSugar 25 Ib. Bag$1.39 18 lbs. ...$l.dO 100 lbs. . .$5 56> U/)e Union Pacific Tea Co. , 1.. It. ta,.U»FKI/rEll, Mi;r. Phone 336 No. 7 N*rth Jefferson lola. Kas. Charlie Brickley. i^t CbiirUe'Brickley. HarvanJ 'a big haU back. U one of the blssct figures in footl >{iII tbia aeasoD and looks plenty good enough ^cr .- plac- on the All-Amerlcan. 'Jc the Harvard- JWncelon gnme Brlekley covered himself ail over with glory by making tlir«« difficult neld goals, MAJESnC XBEAlll _TONIGHT! J PRSGRAIM .syrATTEK'.s tHii.n FeaiuriUB .Nick Conway. TIIK KJSTir .W.WI>K>. -M.VNY A SLir. ^ I >l ET— niien We Were SrluMil- mates. .WISH . . I'l.l.Xtl 4 DRI.HS -AM SEAT­ 'S* -^FOR- Friday and Wc guarantee full weight jBiid measure and give quality goods at aciieap. price. Call and see us, or phone 58. I'l ibs. I'ure Lard fl^ III lbs. Comiionnd ^1.00 .'. lbs. :.e.-t Dry Salt -Meat Ite.y IJest Bacon, lb 23c •. n..,, best Bacon . *1.IU Pure Cider Vinegar, gallon. dor.en Pickles :: lbs. Soda Crackers ".cans Blackberries -T-. 1' cans tjooselh'rrics '.: cans IjivRc T( matoes :; .-alls Best Peas :j cans C.i-se Pea.s _ :; cans I'uinjikin .'! <-iins Kidney Beans _ . _.2.>c canSiCreen String Beans. S.'ic cans Lima Beans i"i>e 3 c;;ns liominy . -. . __2.'H: :! .ans OyStcrs _ . 2.1c :; c-ins Chill, _ 25c 'i'all cans Pink Salmon _-IOc !b:;. Bulk Starch 1 ,20c lbs. Sal Soda .". bo.Kes Toy Oa '^s . 3 cans Banner flats 1' ho.ves Sliredded Wheat,_ Best Parlor Brfom ;{ ho.xes .Macarqni ?. bo.xe-s Sjiiighet'tl ... — :i boxes K KS Soup Kings_ .'.II lbs. Salt ' , s boxes .Match<!:|i ----:•• Cas .Mantles i I D lb. iiail Bed kyriip in lb pail Whii|> Syru|) Calion l<i/.e Peaches Onllon size Apricots Cat ion size Apples Fancy I>ry^ Peaches, lb Fancy I ..;i -rge ifnines. lb.. Bulk C'dfee. Ib^ Arbitckl«s' Coffee, ib. Best Coffee. Steel Cut 4 lbs. .lapan Rice ;! glasses Pure Jelly :? pairs (iloa-es I lb. Horseshoe Tobacco. 1 lb. Iiiitar Tobacco _ - 1.S oz plus Battle Ax Tob _4<»5 P.est nuniKtwder. Imiierial or Jn;pan Tea. per lb. .V)c Piccalilli, per iar _ - Wc 2 cans Van Ca,mp Beet.- 25« . fjreen Gage Pluinii. c|in 15c ^ l^mon CUng FeaclieS. can -15c •J cans SpanWb"Pimento Peppers for .4 25c i lbs. Until Beans tnew )._25 !> Ibs.^'ew Kraulibring pailt 25c .j Red (Jlobe Onions, peck 30c' 4 bars Toilet Soap-._.; lOc :{ bars H9ney8nckle Soap __.23« 3 Bars Sweet |Pea Soap. -,-25c 3 lbs. Yellow Pop Corn ^lOjp " cans Best Iowa Cota . ---25c; Polar Bea.r Flour tIJSr r S. Flour - J .Mof.nliKht Flodr %\M 17 lbs. best Cane Su.^ar. ...-.jl/JO Kic 25c_ --25c ._.30c -_ 2.1c 25c - .25c -.35c --2..C- .2.1c -<•'•<:,, .Vic" 1 loc «c .25c -lOc l»c ...a -ic ..«.1c ..3«? 2.1c -.25e -25* - -4.1e I5.r Special! Special! 21 i .lis. Snssir l»r $!.«« «itB trrocerv order of :?5.0<l. We deliver your order free of charge. Hnci'sGroea'y 209 S. n=iishWgton Fhone 58 S. •'Walter went to Colony this afternoon for a visit with his sister. .Mr.i A. B McCrowl.'v went t «i Colony ihi.-* afterniHin for a visit with rri«uds.

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