The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 1, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1977
Page 3
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NAl'GATL'CK NEWS (Conn,(Tuesday, June 8.1976-Page 11 FREE STUDENT ADS...CALL NOW TV PROGRAMS TRUDY 7.00 O CS CBS NtWS-WiH* Cronktt. Q NBC N£WS-John OitncMlai Q ANDY CRI rTiTH-CoirMty @ Bainey worries that he's belr>g eased out of B Job Rogers: Mark Millar. Barney: Don Knotl* Thelma Lou: Bstty Lynn. a ABC H£WS—Hury Rtltontr 3} CONCtNTRATIOH-Cwvt QlRONSIDC—Crtnn Drama Oidered lo piolecl a visiting crown prince (Biadford Dillmin). uonude lindi his task complicated by the prince's penchant for San Francisco's nigtit life. Boodaris: Wesley MrJv. (60 mm.) 730 O HCW TMASU* HI HT-0»m« CDBOMY VIHTON-VMWy Jim Stafford tfcwa ».wnv*nrM*/)c* production number 1o "You'll Never Talia Me Aliv*," rKiln "Mr. Bojan- gj«" lo mu sjcal K compertlmmL OWILOKJNOIXMI •« O (DKALLY MSIE: STAMINO THC NUTSHfll I0t»-C«too<l 8p*d*h Repeating Maurice SendaX'9 cartoon. For details. ««e the CSo»- up opposite. (I've Got a Secret" returns at tnia lime neiil week.] B 69 CITY OF ANGEU-C4M OIK.... _„„, Q) MARK OF JAZZ The Rirnwy Lwrij trio perlormt "The 'In' Crowd," the song that brought lt>er* (ame and a Grammy. The oroup alao does 'tJun Godoau." HIU.4J.: PCOPU AND MUTICS 5*gmenbi thta" week carter, on the Calitornta primary. Included: a look at the record of Edmund Brown Jr. as the state's governor and a profile of Senate hopelul Tom Hayotn. 160 mn) TJujceciTA 3 WW*-*j*a/Spring BtUYlKTH HOIM - Fkxi Ely. Patli Deutsch. Beverly Garland. Stu Gffliam. *tk °** fe lh * host ol tne eertes tjoOtl oooo TIMES Zsa Zsa Geoor. Andy Gritfim; Jack Weatav and Kamllton, Joe Frank t Reynolds are the gueals «orl Undsey orchestra {90 mln.) d (J) LAVERHE a SHBfJEY -Comedy The *077lh's monthly foot inspection is but one at several tichliih mallei s that Radar oVicribes in a letter lo his mother. Radar Gary Burghotl. Hawkeye. Man Aid* B J : Mike parrel). Potter Harry Morgan. Hoi Lips Loretla Swil FianV Larry Linvilk! Klinoar: Jamie Fafi (Repeat) O<25 POLICE WOMAH-CrlrM Oreme O'(D HOVlE-Cometf! fc» ti ID ONE DAY AT A TIME —Comedy Impressed by the Ufa style ol a rich friend. Julia decides lhal a new waid- icoe and an enpensive private education are mandatory lor hei fuluie happiness Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Julie: Uackeniie Phillips (Repeat) © OUHSTOflY-Orama Curiosity doesn't pay lor an airtine stewaide« wlxiee questions about a Eaige rf\ipmenl of Federal pesenre tunds soon lead to her untimely dem- 1» DorTHo. wfw plays hkneell. ainfls -Tiny Bubbles" and "A«l I Low You ' . Albert [Repaat: 60 min ) § MARY KARTHAM, UARY rUHT- MAN—SeiW Loretta't lecotuing eenioo b atleoo- ed by one too many. Loretta. Mary Kay Place. FcJey: Bruce Solomon. Tom: Greg Mullany. Mary. Louise Lasaer. ON£W»—£«i/B<x>o» (J3HCWS O LUCY SHOW Ann Sotharn pleys Ihe pennllees Counter Framboise, who'e wifflno to try any scheme lo make money. Lucy: Lucille Ball. Mooney: Gale Gordon. Dora Dunbar. Beta Shaw. 0) HOMCYHOONERS—Com»Jy @ Korlon (Art Carney) Hie! 10 win a promotion. Ralph: Jackie Gtaason. Alice Audiey Meadows. Trixie: Joyce Randolph. S3 WCX VAN DYKt-Comedy BS Color Laura gieenl Rob's become a pretty art Veacher-s peL CD U LIAS, YOGA AND YOU QJEVININO BXTWH WITH MARTIN AODOHJKY OJLUCHAUME Captioned for the heliinQ-lmpaiied. @|BROKEN ARROW fS 11-JO OCX OO DB® WtSlDEB- TIALPfUMARlfS SfNdat Mmary results from Calt- loinia. New Jersey and Ohio. O MOVlE-Crlma Ore ma © -The Killers " (1946) The Ernest Hemingway story ol two hoods who come looking lei an ex-bo»er. expanded into a lop Clime film. Butt Lancastei. A»fl Gaidner. Edmond OBrien, Albert Dekker. Sam Levene Packy: Charles D Blown. Nick: Pnil Brown. Kenyon: Donald MacBride (J hrs ) (D BURNS AND ALIEN —Comedy @ A merry mix-up starts when Blanche (Baa Benadaretl buys a minx stole '•* " 'SiWge Burns. Grade Allen. (33 PEYTON PUCE 4 Land for Sale NAL'GATL'CK BEAUTIFUL I.OTS - In GunntownDev. All utilities underground. Smallest lot \'i acre, wooded from S 13,900. NAL'GATL'CK VALLEY AGENCY 720-2511 r'OR SALE - 1876 m" Travel Trailc 138 Professional Services wmmw Plumb. 4 Healing J.SW VT acres. Excellent limber, ample frontage. SI50 per acre. Begin and Chaloux Realty. 149 ll.Fl. SI St. Johnsbury, VI. 802- 74WIG9. 16 Autos Wanted HIGHEST price paid for junk and wrecked cars picked up. Fusco'sAulo Salvage CAIU'ENTRY. masonry, painting, land-scaping, trees cut. gen repairs, any areas cleaned. 729-1336. CARS AM) TKU'KS. Up to S75 some models. KD'S AUTO I'ARTS WTBV.756-S3I5 9A Apartments Rent for 4 KM. APT. 1st (1. h 4 h w furnished, ret. fc sec. Call after 5 p.m. 729-1690. "I'm going straight up to my room, Mom — I'm not worth wasting words on!" 16A Repair Automotive FURNISHED APT.. 38 Cherry St. Full balh, h & hw included. Call 723-0916. 10IIN HIMKUS Used Cars Auto Body and Painting, automotive glass Cherry St. Exl. Call 729-1232. AUTO.PAISTINO Ctimptete Auto FRANK'S ALTO BODY CLASSIFIED DEADLINES 1 P.M. DAY BEFORE •PUBLICAIION NEWS WANT ADS WORK Solvent Notice District of Naugatuck ss. Probate Court June 4,1976 — Work Wanted rcONNSKSHIil-clnldde- velopm'ent major, will lutorvour child (grades K- 6) in'most subject areas. Experience with exceptional children. (292859. ANIMAL LOVER «« t= k e care ot your pel while you are on vacation, tall anytime 729-76M. 3 Brokers — Estate Real 2C Babysitters You are about lo invest money lor a Classified Ad. and you are entitled lo get the best possible resulls. To accomplish Ibis, you should TELL ALL about the details ol your oiler. He sure you don't make any ol the (ollowinB mistakes lhal lend lo cul flown on resulls Be sure to include the address JManv out-of-town readers killf virile to you but hesitate to pay lor a long distance call. \2. Be sure to include the phone number I Manv readers will call you IbuliionotiindUconvcnien I In come to jour home. |3. Avoid blind box numbers Illon't use Ihem if al a possible. Many PtoP might passo\er>our one 1 4. Be sure to include price... Isurveys show lhat a , percentage ol refers w I NOT answer an ai! unl Ihe price is given. 5. Stay Home on Ihe days you advertise... Many good prospecU »ij NOT call the second lime i your phone is unanswered NowThat You're Thinking of Spring Cleaning i ,/ fniiig in tin 729-2753 ongratulations Birthday? Anniversary? CALL 729-2228 ESTATE OF Vito Rado, late of Naugaruck, in said District Deceased. The Court ol Probate for the Districl of Saugatuck hath limited and allowed three months from date heroot for the creditors of said estate-to exhibit their claims for seltlement. Those who neglect to presenl their accounls, properly attested, within said lime, will be I debarred a recovery. All persons indebted lo said Eslate are requested lo make immediale paymenl lo Hose Rado, Executrix, 13S Coen Street, Naugatuck, Connecticut 06770. Rose Rado Executrix 6-8-7C WILL babysit days your home or mine. Ages 3 and older. Call 723-1939. JOHN MEALY Heal Kstale 7297398 When YOU Wanl Tu Hen! - Buy Sfll — CALL B«!os FRANCIS T. ZAPPONE CO. Realtor — Appraiser — MLS 707IiubberAvc. 723-1124 !r. Mp.r. Joseph H Himany THOWKHICGE HOUSE APARTMENTS 38 Highland Avc. Centrally localed, close to everything, quality 1 bedrrjorn apts. available, including heal, hot water, and electricity, with every modern appliance. An all adult building for senior citizens, single adults or newly-weds. A'O pets. Available August 1st. Call Mrs. McKenna. 72963% or 272-7211. t'Ol'CH PAIXT1NO ('(»Free estimates — fully insured contractor. Call 7299119. _ ROSCO i BRAL'N POWER FOl'IPMENT. 8 Curliss St.. Union City. New and used lawnmowers. tractors and chain saws. Hours 8 a m - 6 p.m. Von. - Sat. ripen 9 a.m. • 1 p.m. Sundays. We repair all types Iractors. lawnmowers, and chain saws. Call 729-0654. 1NTKRIOH and Exterior Painting and wall- uaperine. Free tall Torn Pohorilak 729-1849. Associated with Stokes Paint. 18 Boats and supplies PHYI.I.ISFI.EMING Heal Kstale Broker 729-5333 HENRY ENGLE Real Estate Broker 729-2981 J7"DOC" AQUAVIA Heal Estate Broker I FOOT Homemade boat and trailer, 5 hp, Evinrude - must see - S300 firm. 7231593. 24 Farm Products ItlCH farm loam 0 F.xcavatina. 729 IfiSI - SW12VI! NAl'fiATl'CK \V:ilerhury Line Mattatuik .Manor Auts. No. Spring St. Quality 2 hdrm. apts. heat, hot water, cooking gas. range, refrigerator, garbage disposal, TV antennae, parsing, shimming pool, washer anil dryer facilities. No pels. Adults only. Call Mrs. Johnson, ren'lal agent - 729-2W3 for appt. 272-7211. IIOItSK r>r cow manure fo <ale. ^> I'enls per bushel Your containers Wil rlrlivr-r by iritck-load. 729 1B51 nr 729.3 WORK done reasonable, fully Free estimates collect 1-736^)338. very ired. Call DaSilva Realty Showcase ol Homes Display at 168 l > rospEClSt..N'au6. 723-HJ5 — 758-5867 1 — Help Wanted JOHN L. WOERMER Iteal Ksialc Mroker 72'J-ir.lli 72'J-SUS7 & tSh ^'•' Ask about our l State-uirle lisling Service Rl'PWANI ASSOCIATES Real Kstatf and Insurance MSI Nr-\\ llavcnlld. Naugatuck til hr. service ZIGBAKANOVySKl Broker Appraiser Property Management Naugatuck 729-1127 NAUGATUCK VALLEY AGENCY Henry Kogul Hroker "Listing with us bringsresulls"729.2j|l afler5-729-S422 KENNETHGHOHS PlumbingiPiping 72.1-20SI Experienced and Dependable Master Charge BankAtnericard CAHI'ENTIlYii PAINTING of all types. Ceramic tile. Hoofing Wallpapering. References on request. Fully ins. free Esl. Jack Stan'czyk 723-1118. ^ » 28 Ar Pnr Sain * or hale 3A Business portunities Op- WANTED - A mature woman lo work in a local insurance office. Average 35 hr. week. Musi have al leasl 2-3 yrs. experience in all kinds insurance. Good pay, also excellent benefits. Send previous employment to P.O. Box 526, Naugatuct:, Conn. AVON SEES BIG II IN YOUR FUTURE! Make excellent earnings this summer selling quality S roducls. I'll show you ow. Call Mrs. Cray 7299851. WORK AT HOME on our new telephone program Earn 525 - S100 weekly depending on lime available. 729 8250. NOTICE OF PUHLICHEARING ON rONNFCTtCUT CONSTRUCTION GRANT PROJECT ' PRIORITY L1STFOR MUNICII'ALSEW AGE TREATMENT WORKS FORFISCALYEAR 1971 In conlorraance with the provisions °l 11* Federal Water Pollution Conlrol Acl Arnendrnents of 1972, Public Law 92-500, and the requirements of Title 40, Chapter 1, Part K, Section 35915. Code of Federal Regulauons. IB published in Ihe Federal Register Volume 39, Number 29, Part 111 February 11.1974, the Connecticut Department of EnviroranentalProteclion will hold a public hearing;lo (Sscuss the Construction Granl Project Priority List for Municipal Sewage Treatment Works for the fiscal year 1977 (October .1, 1978 lo September 30, 1977). The Public Hearing will be held in Conference Room A, B, & C, second floor, 340Capilol Avenue on June 29,1976 3 Copiefof the proposed State Water Pollution Program Plan am! ConstpMion Grant Priority List are available for inspection al 122 Washi«lcs Slreet, Hartford All persons who wish to belieard, must Me a notice of such desire in writing and in duplicate, written statements must be submitted lo the Department of Environmental Protection, Water Compliance, !>'ale Office Building, Hartford, Connecticut 06115, on or befoce the date of the hearing. •l-Sil.S 75S-725S Mrs..Mberla Christie 729-6J5U NAVIGATIJCK — lovely 3 room apartment, convenient location. Slove and refrigerator. Call coll«t 1379-7389. lll-B Miscellaneous Rental F.-7. RENTALS. 457 N. Main St.. Union City. 723-2009. Open 7 days a week. Tillers, chai'nsaws. floor sanders. cement-mixers and finishers. Floor polishers, rug shampooers. tow bars, generalors. pumps, automotive needs, parly goods and lawnmowers. Repairs on all makes of mowers and small gas engines, sharpening.' Daily'7 a.m - 7 pm.. Sun 7 a.m - 1 p.m. SWIMMING POOLS Gua-aritced luxury above ground pools. Musi SACRIFICE! 19' x 31'- O.D., complete with filter; liner, ladder, pump, sundeck, J A ASSOCIATES company specializes in interior and exterior painting. Sheet rock work, carpentry of all types. Alcoa siding and gutters, paneling, refinishing of all types. 729-8355 anytime. PROFESSIONAL Dress- DISTRIBUTORSHIP The latest "Meat Snack" item is now available for vending. No spoilage. Over 500,000,000 sold las I s^ear across the counter. You may slarl part-lime. We provide locations. Invest- menl levels: S2,43G — S3.975-S7.950. Secured hy equipment and producl. You pav $24.00 case delivered. Your equipment sells ANDKE's (statewide! WHENCE M. SWEENEY AGENCY WILLIAM YANARE1.I.A 2S-5SSS 729-2125 A.llF.NHYHAimiCK Real Estate Broker 190 May Sired 72W715 DOMIMt'KSCAYONE Real Eslalc Broker Appraiser ' 729-59 JI 729-59S5 OPENINGS AVAILABLE for hostesses an masseuses. Earn over $15 per wk.. days or eves Travel allowance. Appl 156 Arch SI.. New Britain Conn., or call 1-223-9709 HcalF.sUlc 1200.00 WEEKLY possibl ™ <N™ St. Naugatuc stuffing envelopes. Send i Appraisals seHrcssed.. stamped 7-M-iut 729-1 atrii'auui (.j.ivu, si.u...^..— envelope. Edray Mails, Box 188 N.S. Albany, MO 644*2. , equi it for $50.00. r or info, and or itm-iew call (7031 6592147, or write inducting phone No. lo C.M.I., P.O. Box 317, Stafford, Va. 22554. , , , fencing and stairs. Com- making and alterations; pletelyinstaHed for only 1 good prices. 7231593after 3 $647. Financing available'. 1 p.m. Call toll free Mass res. 1-' 800-332-9670. out of state 1- SW628-96ff7.9a.m. 7 days a week. •9pm., I'HETA IIROS. Concrete work and stone walls. Call after 3 p.m. 729-2037. 729 3511. SWIMMING POOLS, ColeCO guaranteed luxury above ground pool. Must' SACRIFICE 16'x31' O.D. complete with filter, pump, liner, ladder, sundeck fencing and stairs. Completely installed for onlv S7S7 Financing available. CaB Carl toll free, l-800-38?«8f anvlime. MOWEUS. Tractors. Chain Saws, small welding & braiing Hosco&Rraun Power Equipment SCurtissSt. UKGLAR & FIHE SECURITY manufacturer looking for qualified marketing individual or firm lo start security Co. in the Naugatuck-Prospecl area. Complete line of securilv products available. Will Irain. high profit, low over-head, less than So 000. secured investment. Call 1-288-7421. 3D Houses for Sale MASSAGE. We come to you? days a week. 24 hours a day o'r come to us. By appointment only. New Haven lOOPondLilly Ave. Exit 59. Wilbur Cross 14 Autos for Sale SHEA MOTORS 700 Rubber A%e., Naug. 72S-22A9 7->3-22SO:| ll'I.MOl.ARKIN Chrssler-l'lytttouth Tlioniaston 283-1316 \VESCAI11LI.\C- 01.KSMOB1LE '\VhfreK\fr\body Saves" FOR SALE - Avocado gas stove; Maple dinette set. 4 caplain chairs, 1 maple bed. poker table — 7231510. I 34 Dogs, Cats, & Pets ^X^>t^W^>Xi>x^x^«^«^) POND HILL PET SALON Piwrile Hipping MAN for general cleaning. ' offices and homes. WUI also cut I awns, small trees, hedges trimmed, fertilizing. seeding and grading. Good prices, 723 1593 afler 3 p.m. ^X^-Ox^VTx^Ki^xOxOx^ 38A T.V. Repair A.I..ITRCAUO Kleclronii- Repair Service 729-1239 2 _ Work Wanted PIANO LESSONS - Experienced teacher has openings (or September. Call 729-6648. COLLEGE STUDENT needs work. An) 1 kind, part-time or full-time; life-guard eligibility. 729-6779 alter 6 p.m. . Director of Water Compliance and Ha zardous Substances DEPARTMENT OF ENV1RONMENTALPROTECTION Robert B.Taylor COLLEGE sludent needs ,».*-_ ^—1:*««* parl-tirne secrelanal vs'orX .M.Yt'EERU'KSItN HKM.TOK APPItMSEIt MIS .VtliUubher \ie. TJ.l I in: F.E. (Red) Smith RealEsUleBroVer 729 6IM-729-3130 HOUSE on West-Side - 3 bdrms. upstairs, country- style eal-in kitchen. 20x11 with pine cabinets, new perma-wax linish linoleum and self-cleaning oven. Urge L-shaped L R. wilh wall to wall sage green carpel. Lovelv land-scaped private y^rd with patio; It, baths, modern wiring and plumbing. Many ex• Iras Reduced to $41,000. Principals only. Call daily before 10 a.m. and after 5 1 p.m., 729-3704. 751-6135 FRANK BUtCK. INC. Aulhoriied Sales i Service Butck-Opei-CiMCTrucls 373 No. Main St.. Naug. 729-S20I doyoulook for a job? JOHN F. UEEGAN Realtor-Appraiser M.L.S. ,729-5073 729-5W4-SSW027 mornings, good shorthand and typing. Please call 7232670. MANl'ELN. \1F.IRA 30iChurchSI, Real Eslate Insurance The Person to Person Agency 729.2211 alterS — 729-6670 Y OWNER-Naugatuck 7 rm. Garrison Colonial. Livingroom, DininRroom, Fam rm., large kitchen. Many extras. Principles 01%. 7294839. BY OWNER — 5rrn. ranch, 2 cargarage.landscapedlot wall lo wall carpel, screens 4 storms, h.w. firs. Ca! 729-2949 before noon, 7295782-3-7 p.m. Byappt.only FOR FORD SALES i SERVICE 757-2711 Savelle Ford 623WokollRd. Walerbury, Conn. ( PONTIAC Tempest Wagon, S400. Needs work. Call 729 9366. IIENRU'K CHEVROLET INC. 125So.MainSlreel Naugaluck. Conn. 06770 BOscononr.K 799NewtlavenUoa(l Naugaluck;29-45«4 FIND IT IN THE WANT ADSl

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