Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 31, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 5
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( iocal Events. \£ —--- -- - QsasfeS-V-••--•---•••• ---••-•-- 30 cents buys a regular »0c size liottle "Sagene" today only. Miss Rose Ilepnor spent Thursday iu Los Angeles. Miss Anna StauUm <if Chino was a guest at the home of hor uncle, L\ H. Stanton, over last Sunday. Mr. ami Mrs. Winflelrl 13. Marshall are the parents of a girl, born Oct. 22nd. Mrs. Bon F. Thorpe euteitained a number of ladies at afternoon tea ou Wednesday last. A baby girl has como to make clad the family of Leonard Keeg of Irwindale, born October 2nth. Miss Etta Dawson of Los Angeles was visiting friends in Covina on last Sunday. "Sngone" grows three inches of hair in 30 days. 40 per cent off today. Nasb, the druggist. Bny a grooving knife. Care for gum disease in your orchard. The Kellar-Thornason Mfg. Co. Mrs, Mary F. Coo of Hollywood was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. A, M. Pence on Tuesday. Bocf and tomato bouillon at Mattison's, corner Citrus aveuuo and Badillo street. loe cream and sweet things. II. M. Houser has retnrned from Elsiuore Springs, whoro he has boon spending a week for tho benefit of his health. Misses May .Rexroad and Effie Neher of Lorclsbnrg college wore vis- "Rapone" today Mr. and Mrs. I). 10. Fluff arc returning today from the East.. The Rev. Harry \V. White spent Tuesday at Long Beach. Bargain Sale today, »0c bottle "Sngene" 30n at Nash's. Mrs. J. D. M off tit and daughter Sarah have moved into the Eckles home on Cottage Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mobus and family left this week to reside at WhHtier. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Pence spen Sunday with the hitter's sister, Mrs. P. A. Smith, of Gardena. Mrs. Ella Hubbard has rented an apartment on Washington street, Los Angeles, and will move there on Monday, to spend Ihe winter. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Philleo have moved into the Hubbard home on Cypress avenue, lately occupied by Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Thorpe. Mrs. Rosa C. Clarke entertained at dinner last Tuesday evening. Among the six ladles present were Mrs. W. B. Broad well and Mrs. D. Poster. iting friends in Covirui the week. the first of Kebham and returned Mr. and Mrs. M. daughter, Miss Pearl, from a three months' visit with relatives in' the East. Mrs. M. Havolin has returned|from a three months' trip in the East. She spent her time with relatives in Pennsylvania and Indiana. Mr. Arthur Molliday of Los Angeles was a luncheon guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cnolman ou Saturday last. Mrs. J. Wilkius spent Wednesday with Mrs. II. M. Houser, Thursday as the guest of Mrs. B. P. Thorpe and Friday with Mrs. W. B. Broadwell. Mr. and Mrs. John Punk and children are going to Loa Angeles this evening to visit Mrs. Pun-k's sister, Mrs. W. E. Pish and husband. Mrs. C. A. Plant is expected home from Oakland on Tuesday after an extended stay with northern, friends aud relatives. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Seoloy have returned from a pleasurable trip to the East, where they were the guests of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Eckles and little Elnise of Redondo spent Tuesday and Wednesday with the former's father, J. S. Eckles. , T. E. Pinch, manager of the San Gabriel Valley Milling Co. returned this morning from Bakersfleld, where he has been making a short stay in the interest of business. Mrs. Lottie Fector went to Los Angeles on last Saturday to meet her mother, Mrs. Jane Mclntire, who had just arrived from Tennessee, aud who will winter in California. Mr. and Mrs. Watcrhouso motored to Pasadena on Friday to attend the Presbyterian Synodical meeting, taking as guests Rov. and Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Root and Miss Virginia Knot. The large Bible class formerly conducted by Mrs, W. G. Cotiley has been reorganized and divided. Mrs. Con lay has retained tho Burned (boys) class and Mrs. Gilmoro will have tho Philathon (girls 1. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Arnold of Pomona spent Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Job Trout. Miss Mattie Trout returned with Mr. and Mrs. Arnold to spend about ten days at their home. OUR AdMTS: Winer, Whitsel & (§. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary laondry Hurrah! The Carnival! Even if you have to come late, he sure nnd be at tho big political and bargain carnival today. Going on all day, remember. Some of the host speaking in tho afternoon. Hitch up your team or steam up the automobile and get into town. You will bo the only one not iu Covina if you stay away. Senator Frank P. Flint, Hon. Lee C. Gates, Hon. Webster Davis, Congressman James Mc.Lnch- lan, Senator Thompson, Judges Curtis D. Wilbur, Charles Monioo, Nathaniel C. Conrey, Fnrak R. Willis all thefe will deliver addresses. There will bo a basket-ball nnd football game, the Seventh Regiment band and toe High School band will play. Them will bo male quartet and glee choruses, free coffee and a general good time. The merchants all bavo special bargains for this day. There will be five thousand people here all day. See that you are one of them. JEROME REYNOLDS j REAL ESTATE { < ( Orange Groves. City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches C.M.I. AND l.IST YIM'K I'KOVKKTV Office with A. M. Pcuco, Koed Ulk. COVINA. CAT.,. L. G. Cornell and family, residents of Covimt for tho pnst yenr, re- tmned this week to their former home iu Gullatin, Mo., where they have extensive property interests. Ben F. Thorpe made a bnsines trip to Pasadena today. Ilo has i pant,' of men working in the Sail Gabriel canyon for tho A/AIMI Irrigating (.V.i. On Thursday, Nov. 12, the Woman's Guild of Holy Trinity Church will hold their tin until sale in the Womaun Club House, which this year- will take the form of a department store. A handsome baby boy was welcomed last week at tb« home of Mr, and Mrs. M. G. Coltrin ou West Center street. Grandpa Spencer is about as proud of the new arrival as the fond parents. Messrs. G. II. Ward and J. E. Brown of H. E, Huntingtoii'.s office, and connected with the Coviria City 'Water Co., were luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. CooKuan ou Wednesday- lust. Mrs. Havelin has arrived bomofvorn the East aud will be glad to see her old patrons buck again. Chicken every other Wednesday. If you haven't etiten with me, coma and givo mo a trial.* Mrs. M. Havelin, College street. 11-'21 Mrs. Chas. Thorpe of Manchester, Iowa, is vifdting at tho home of her nephew, Mr, Bun J' 1 . Thorpe. Mrs. I Thorpe is spending tho winter with her daughter, Mrs. A. II. Conger of LOH Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wyoth were in Ontario on Sunday where they met tho mother and sister of tho hitler, Mrs. ,1. L, Trapp aud Mrs, ('has. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous, If you fool like flOo just, buy a bot- tlo of "Sagcno" today only. Want $4000 building loan for business block. Interest monthly. K. Box 8, Covina. Thoroughbred White Leghorn oggs 01 sotting, Sll per 100. H. K, Ward, Charter Oak. Phono 1'201. tf Program Better Thnn Ever. The Farmers' Institute, held in Covina on Friday and Saturday ot last week, under the direction of tho University of California, was largely attended at all the sessions. ,1. B. Neff of Anaheim conducted all tho sessions, and speakers of national repute wero heard on the various subjects concerning the tiller of Ihosnil. Especially enjoyable wero tho talks given by Ernetit Brnuutou of Los Angeles ou tho maintenance of streets and intelligent work in private landscape gard n uing. Mr. Neff tilso gave several interesting addresses of a nature interesting to (hi! grower o p citrus fruits, and O. 10, Bom's, county horticultural commissioner, read an authoritative p.api-.r dealing \vilh the fumigation or orchards. Tho institute was tho moat SIICCOHS- t'ul and best attended over held in Covina. Especial praise should be tendered to the arrangement of the musical program, which WHS -under tho dircfltion of Mrs. C, E. Betnis. Meetings at tho tent will continue | Itunok, who arrived on tho overland next week us usual. Meeting every j from the East to visit their Califor- nigb except Monday and Saturday. I 11 '' 1 ' relatives, Subjects of great interest to all will be presented. Come and bring your friends. S. d. D. Anderson and daughter, Miss Marthu, loft Wednesday on a trip to San Jose and San KianciM-o to visit Mr. Anderson's two di ,. i "The (era. They expect to bo gone ahnul two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Eunia of Hasting-,, Minn., will arrive this evening to tqiend the winter in their Oovina homo. They will bring with them a young lady guest, Mi^ti Agiu-s .Mail's <.f St. Paul, Minn. ,1. H. Paukcy of C.,vina and W. A. Mclntosh of Los Anu'i'l'-s have dis- hol\ed parllifcl'.ship and the orange, jirovi- un the curlier i,f (.'itiu-i a\em:e and V\ orkiiiiin street, fi/rn.erly o'.vned by both [larties, m.^ belongs to ,j. H. i'iuikey. Services iu (Minrr'i uf the Holy rrinil.\ .All Saints Day: Holy Cmii inunioii 'i:'!ii a m. Sunday School I !> d y ( 'din IDIIII ion 11 a. m. '' i he HIal e nt t lie I iepiii'1 e i -ill' j. 7 : ill) |i. in. nut: jerl, • i 11." A |i'icrv phii. '' Oii'cr- by Me. Sprolle. CHARTER OAK. Mir'-i ilennie Frater lias returned from a thri e months' \\~.}\. at Klk horn. Wisconsin. (in li. r way home she b|)Cnt two w (•(•!<•' wild her t.lot her .Jul'ii ut (iiveidii Id, Ca!,. an.) i,i-ouj.!i,t IRWINDALE. Mrs. Way man and daughter, Miss Bertha, of Brooklyn, are spending the winter at the homo of the former's sister, Mrs. D. C. Mousing. Miss Winuifred Ciirruthers of Pasadena was a week end guoat of Misti Wiunifrod Watorhouao. 13. Ward of North Vinoont stroot, has traded TUB ranch properly for land in Korn county. John McLoorl of Los Angeles was her*; this week looking lifter his ranch. The family of lid O'Toole havo moved to Los Ange.los. Mia. Taylor of Chicago, mot her of Mr. Frank Sontt, arrived on Sunday to spend tho winter hero. Cement Work All Kinds. I have iu my yards in tho ronr of tho Covina Irrigating Company, Mast Oollejir street, (ii'inent irrigation pip" i,t hi/on ready for instant, delivery. Let me furnish you estimates i,n all cement mrba and sidewalks, f'.iiindiit.iuus, etc. Loiitf yearn of experience iu hiving cement irrigation I ij),'. You can HIVO money by seeing me. .1 \.MKS I10NHAM, I'. (J. bo.-. :! I I. Yards, K. (,'olleu-o St., Covina. Wells f : aruo & Co., lixpress. "Sagono" Hair Food and "Sugono" Pile Salvo are homo products, matin in Covina. (lot them tir, Naflh's. fiOo. Walnuts for salt?. Milo nnd one- half west on San Bernardino. Ad- dross M. II. Porry, Covinn, Cnl. A 1 Walnuts for side. Any qutui- tity. BR1MBLIO KANCII, Uaraiica St. South from end of oar lino. tf Buy a grooving knife. Cure for gum disease in your orchard. Tho Kollar-T'homason Mfg. Co. For Salo --Buy tnarn, sound and in j good condition. (I. W. .Loo. Phono '200 H. For Salo A span of good nll-pm- poso horses. Mrs. (J. .). Keynolils, Phono 10;<8. For Sale Modern sev residence, just coni|deled. pain. Jerome Reynold". Fur Hn'.n Team of linn-i'-' sel I ono horse. " Weight eli'Ven nnd twelvo hundred. Ad- diess All!?: Loo, or telephone 1 17. For Sale---Olio good pair T.IOO -Ih. mules, U M wagon and harness for 8.3.00. Inquire Williams store, Azusa. ll-7p WANTED—Covina property in ox ohange for small improved alfalfa ranch including ton in and tools, etc. Jerome Knyuolds. Table board by tho meal or week. Mrs. Mary B, driiy, first house (Mist of Wilson's paint whop, K. Hadillo street. tf For Sale- Team of horsoH, weight HI 00. Also harnoHs. A bargain. Plume (M. Covina P.O. K. K. Mis- sol dine, tf For Ront- Five room cottage on West Ojpress avenue, water in house and all modern conveniences, Ad- drcHS B. Miller, Phono fiOIJH. tf For Sail! Muscat, grapoH for table, drying and canning, delivered in box lots. J'hone fi'2'.il). Ulendora, I. B. Not/loy. For Sale Two burner Jewel .Jr, gasoline Hlove and oi'ori, used two months. Cost 8H.:iii, will Hell for ?(;.()(). Mrs. (J. I 1 '. ProHton. f'liono 2010. For Sale Oood team of ranch horses with harness, also !l '4 inch "b'irdsoll" wagon with platform bed and hand bed, will sidl whole until! oheap or will separate. C. S. Whit onnib. Olendnrn. Tolephone \'2'2',\ or Ki'.l. ll-7|i l-'nr Mxe.liangc In Los Anueles, large "i neiin modern cottage, 2 room IIU.IHH in rear. Want acreage near Covina with s uno little improve, merits. No real estate man need ap ply. 7)1 10. list, Los AngoNtH. lip « * ANNDi:.\V.KMKN'l On and after Nnvemtier 1, deli very st:rvi<: living \\ I.. Wile..,-,, «a, i nn.-day he-it. Ml- l''ian! Mir- (ilaii.-v.-,, '.n '1 intr.-day >i ent at ti.e I SI','.M'I1. i|i-d i,t ('(ivilli't, (iNI, 1 , vice 1 will not tje t ili-nce iii-,ti ii t. m,-nt-> vv j til ill- wiiereliy t'ln-v ' ler, at ' (!'• t' ,11' afl. .H.I I'i'lH, tree iil'id'' to Hl.'rfl - •|!l.n JNs'l IT l "l'l'is>., ui'l e \i K i s'i. ll'n ~.l-•> I''r< e deli very -,er- h ndi'd In i hi- I'f-ii- tl i '.''• iiia'li' •!; ra n ^e vi n.i 'i'ra n.ili-i" ' '"., ill did i vr expr'-->tt inat- .vin;; \* .:•; r.ite-,, t'. all Ii-, 'oilier I I'i 11^ MH.Il FIK 10WOO I) |ie(i|ier wood at. FOK HALT' l)r.v tho A/.usn l''i,ot tiill Cilr'iis ('<>. 's ranch. 8<i.'") per cnrd ill. Ihe ranch, or #H. 0(1 per cnid -de liveM'd to you. .See mo at t tie lancli or call me on the Home phone. I; I'. 'I'naxle.r, ]() :M !• il/flc/aU A-. Murry >,f I'n^.nlena loan n.'-iiey mi innidici ami iii,|iniv ed tea! ehlale at InucHl. ciiriei/l. lali-.-t. Write i,r tele).hone them at Pasadena or call ii|i J. \V. PienlisM, (,'nvina |ili(nie '!. I !i 1, *..';<) at-k In hiivi' a reiim >:entiili\e ''f the firm call i,n yi.o. t.l /hi - 11 - i •I 1. I :: One ton i Well ( in e **n i .-el v. i.i i- a i I,'",',, i -. ,. u i. year dlr bi-'.ke, h .1=.- ;:'•• .in- -Hi, I'.illilliL' J.| Sll MI Y :.!-.•• ( t.,i •I- THE I Covina Peoples Store | (INCOKPORATKI)) ^ OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE, FAMIL\ Although we do not sell WET GOODS, we do sell DRY GOODS for wet weather and WAKA\ GOODS for cool weather. Knit Wool (icrtnantuwu Faseittalors 25c to $1.00 Knit Wool (Icnuaiitown Shawls foe to 1.50 Knit Wool Gormantown Haby Bootcis ISc to .50 Knit Wool (Tcrinatitowii Jackets *? 25c to 1.50 Knit Wool (Jermsintovi-n Mittens . .. 25c to 1.00 Knit Wool (icrinantown Ladies' (Moves 25c to 1.00 Ladies' Outing Ni»-ht downs 50c to 1.50 And. numerous other yood tiling's. NO T.KOUHLIO TO SHOW GOODS ftpma," W Soap Soap Soap My line nt soaps Han been plfketl H'lth an Iden of pleimlnil eOnry oln.ii: <>( xiiop user iiniigilinbln, as ii>cll as to anpu it>ltli the puuullar uandltloits "( C'OUKKI'I,- ivNitor. Any price soup. Any scent of MUI/I. 6'onpc tlial iv'l// lather. Soaps that can hu uxutl on buliy it'll/mat un aflfr application of lalmim pviftler. SuaPs that M'lll cut tliu aream anil i/rlt of tilt! it'orkhifi mini anil /o«i/'c' Ills liniuls soft and if lilt e. LET MK SKI! YOUR HANDS AND I'LL TKLL YOU WHAT SOAP TO USK. Baokincj-Do Ysu Do Any? If not, why not? Did it ever occur to you tlmt a bank account, even though it may be a small one, is the safest means of doing- business? Your checks are the best receipts for all bills paid, and your funds will In- neither lost nor stolen from our vaults. The Covina National Bank Capital $50,000 Y and M VUIH SHOP MANUFACTURERS or GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work F*ot terns THE KELLAR-THOMASON MrG. CO. ;i nrl Olfine S. ) '. l>--\i i, I'.il. BEN F. THORPE CI;MI:NT CHMHNT IRRKiA'I'INCi '. , ! : / • . • ; 11 : : ' '. '. • '' • • .

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