Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 7,1912. A Little Boy'ii Lullaby. . Little groping liands tliat must learn the weiglit of labor. Little «ye8 of wonder that must learn to iweep— Mother is thy life now: that shall be tomorrow. Time enough for trouble—time enough for sorrow. ' . Xow—ali'op! Little dumb li|>8 (hat Khali wukt- and make u woman. Little blind heart that shall Icuow the worst and best— Mother Is thy love now; that sliall b<^ • herenfter. Time enough for joy and iliiie cnoiiph for laughter. Now—rest'. Lltle rosy body, n<w-l)orn of jiiiin and besiuty. Little lonely soul, new-rl.srn froiii the deep Mother is thy world now, whole and Si'.risfyin?;. . . Time enouRh for livinp—liint- enough foy dying. Now—sleep'. —Hrian Hooker. PyraUii, Ivory . Toflet Affleles Nicer Than Silver. See Them in Window BURRELl'S""*'* STOKE The Bexall Store were Miss LucHe Ritchey and Miss Wilberta Renner. * * •:• —bi^ suipment ot new Suits.— Richardson's. Mrs. Becklcy, who lives with her i daughter." .Mrs. B. .M. Powell, re- I turned home yesterday after a three ' months visit in Chicago. The tb ".a birti'day of Master Millard T'.uis was celebrated yesterday^ : altcrnojn \. lU a party. Miss ,Glad>'^ ; Uinyon and Miss Nadine .N'icholsoq, : assisted Mrs. Teats in entertaining the following little guests: Margaret Rob' rts. :»lildred Burck. .Martha Beck er, .Maxinc Doggetl, Kalth Powell, HyUn Gregg. Kathleen Ljin.von, Marie Iroiif :;nd Gladys Core, Harold. Coblentz, Arthur Shannon, Reid Jones, David Reid. Laurln SJiegler, John I..e; van and Charles Scott jr. j .Mrs. F. \V. FItsgerald who has been I visiting hero several days went to I her new home In Webb City, .Mo., lo- I day. .Mrs. Fll«gerald has been living I In ttravctti'. Ark., for some lime. were .Mr? Turner ami Miss Dllh-v. •>•{••:• .MIS. .S|O;I,I of 41! Ki-sl Lincoln .itrci'l v.ill leave .it i't\i\ o( tliei * * •> week lot- ('l'lc:iso to spend the wiiiiori .\ira II. Ct. Watterson went to Kan-* Willi lier .l.mpliter. j .sjis Ciiy today for a short visit with. <• •:• •!• ' relatives. At' I'lp nil "ting of tlJ.< Wninans For- •** ••• •isn .Missionary .soiI<ty oi" the i-'Irsi j Mrs. .Milliird Teals and son Mll- Me'hodist rhureh ve -terday afli-rnoon i'nrd jr., went to Chanute today to, :t il .e liniiie iif .Vrs. Teats the study spend a week wilh friends there. The Sorosi.s club Iield a prist poind .meeting yedter<lay afternoon at i!ie home of Mrs. W. R. Coodin on lCa:;i Madison and the program wliieh was announced for last week w.iscarri.-il out. Mrs. Kwini; led a discussion on the storing of fall fniit.-i and vesola- blcs. The papers for tlie .nfiernoon were "Kconomical ami Wasteful Cook ing" by Jfi>. Scott, am! • Wliy the Housekeeper Should Hav^' " Business Education," by -Mrs. Anderson. The Sorosis is the only chib in tlu' city belonging to the St;iie Federation and Mrs. L. H. WishanJ w;is eU-.-i •cd as a delegate to the district c5n- vcntion to-be held in. Lawrence next week on the 13th and Hih oi" this! niontii. The Hutchinson News is tlie| official paper of the Federation ami a ; letter from its president. Faiinie Coop i er Atkinson, was recently pulilisindf in that paper announcing; the toi)ies for discussion at the various conventions. The following items from tl:is letter are of special interest to local club members. of ..I new l<ook. "Ch!n:i"s New It.iy.. was taken up. and Miss tSrace Bixli-r I i'a>e a very intere«ni!jr account of the' ICiiipress l»(;\vaijer. After the husi-, 1!.-ss nieiiiiif; -Miv. Teats, assisted by Mr.s Knot, (".aid riii'l .Mr-;'. .\r:na- 1 ei;..-;. .serv.i !;:i!V-hr(;n '. + •ir •> Miss .Mary Calvert ot Barnesvillei O. ,is here for an r.xtonded vac-iition with relatives. ,' * <• Miss Viv'cn Davi.s of Pittsburg, Ks., the gii'si of .Miss Florence KIlis !:nil .Midse.s .M.iry atid Martha .Marker. -Silks: tlir.l will .bll!;!il voii; the I A + :iew ihini-s yru v.i'll fiad iicrc. ItUh-j ^''ss Wamla liavis went to Colony ii:i.'>iin"s. i today to"be tlic guest of .Miss Glaily.s • «. ••- :• I Kraasi- until .Monday. SHOES Toniori-ow afternoon the ladies of i the .Miss!on;iry society of the Presliy-i lerian eliiircli will s.-rve tea .it thej iipme of Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Hilsclier. j A. literary and musical pro.i-'rain has j lien prepared and. :ill the friends of i I he cliurch wlio v,-isli to enjoy a! I'leasant arterncpn and feel inclliieU j ! to h«»lii the EOcie-,y are cordially invited to siiend a part of the after-; i;oon at the manse. | V V V — P:.- ir^diicfion ca all triiiimed hats •;iis \ve;l: at .\Ir.«. P-flj-.s. ]ii:t i:, Madi.'du, lola. Kansa.'.-. To Keniove Siillnnness, liluirhes or tVriiikles ' ,—, • Scholarsbip fund as ' reported the Scholarship Committee. Kndowment fund, bejn.s; a fund to be raised by voluntary contributions. $1,500 for Kansas, of 2.ic per capita ^ from clubs, this fund to be loaned ' and the income to be used in conduct ing the work of the General Federation.. This fund is to be called the "Sanih Piatt Decker Memorial Fund." Amend district by-laws to conform t'n state and general federation bylaws, by creating the followint; stand I r -o yoit realize th.itijust beneath that 'l>-,a:.-e. miii'.ilv or tUF?o!orcd complex-' j ion thereV an e:<iinis:tely beautiful !>kin of y.iuthful tint :'.nd delicacy? If —Fifty New jJuils in all the wanted , ycu could only bring this complexion iiiaterial.s. priro.-i from .$MVnn to |;tO.OO. jthe surface, discarding the old one: Richardson's. f You can—in the easiest, simplest, most * n:i!ural inanier ii>\3,i;Inable. Just get >!ss l.iieile Uitt li«y. who is attend- :.n mnce «; 3 liniry mercolized wa.'c , in:: «hooI at Piitsburg this y-\ir is .r, any u. jvo. anply nightly like by yjipuilini; a weeUV v:ic:ition wi:h b< T «oId cream, removing it mornings with I parents here. I -va::!! v.ater. Tiio wax assists .Naturr 111 ililVC * •:• • M 'v .madiially itiking^ off the ilnserins —An eleirant line of .New Suit.= and ' pa: Tide- ,)f ..ead and !:a;f-dead siir Coats marked special. Richardson's. ; i i-e ?kin. -aiL-Sng ^^ discomfort what•** <• • ver. Ordinarily it takes from a week nne nl' 'he lar.Lv-t fiundav sclic.o! .''ays 1o jomplete the transform(•'::.:. fs III the i itv :s that of 'he Irfiv- ati.uv Ciifaneiims defects<ike pimiiles, al Sons of the Clinstian chuieh. but hlou :,c;^, liver! spots, moth patche^. likj> Oliver Twist. th;v are not .satis-"'' course disappear with thi tied and w:in! iiiore. It is tl-.e aim of the membeis tint only to have •;: • l.-MSest class 111 the school but the ing committees to be appointed by j inruesi in the citv. ..^t present they the president: Art. civics, civil serv-I me irvin- to uel rnaterinl for a stroni; ice reform, household economics, in-i.-iuss b:i£k'-t ball team and an invi- duslri;il and social conditions, edii-, i;;tion- Is exiend.-d to all vouns iii.n cation, conservation, legislative, liter-I ;vho have no church horn them ary and music, library extension. Ask clubs to embody at least some of these departments in their outliin-s of study. Discuss th2 matter of biennial instead of annual st:!tc meetings. • V •;• Mrs. Joshua Butler left yesterday! frtr an extended visit at various Ohio ' points. • Discuss the proposed expansion of; . i,;,up ,,!eit tf *ihe King of St. | Tiaiothy's church will ir.eei tomorrow ^ afttrnoon with Mrs. C. W. Nan at the; rectory ;it half ;iast two. At the i close of this meeting the Uidies Aux-' iliary will p.aei at 3:30. A full at-i tendance cf nieml)ers of both societies is desired. •'' •^ -Mrs. R. n. Brewster ami .••-kii;. .Nothing else.that I know • ; .ijl :u'':-.n!np!i.-ii ."iich wonderful re•a'.:- in so shni: a time. Fiiie lines and even the deeper wrln- "Kles often appear at an early age. In .';u.-!! ea.-es nothing is beter than a face !ia:"i ij!:ide by di.-solving 1 oz. pow- io join '^^"''^ saxolite in '/i pt, witch hazel Phi* is remarkHbly-effecdve. • !••-'.• rni! . ly yoiif SIio(;.< lini* whfiT v<ni :i Inrp.' stork 1o rln .Mi .s' ffoni .iiiiil wlii'i-ii' von ;;••( (In- IK'SI UI IM; li.iil for (lii'ituMK'y. Fr .iiii I lie \v ;ty • i>i:i- Sliiii' lii !siiii's .>J is p:i )\viii^ ih;' |il'<iiilc iciljiiiily :!ii)iliMi :iIi' liii» \:'!i!f.'< Mii 'v -ii'i ii. L.MMKS" SIlOj.S in |>:;li ':it, i:ni. }!iiii niciiil iin <l kiii IIMIIHTS, pri.i -.i ri .Mii ?i.riu. §1.7.-,. s-j. *2.rii. §;:.•.(! :iini ?i. SCHOqi. SHOES. I5it_\s' (It'll:-' Siliniil Sli<if.< wv i-:,i-r\" (III- IM'> I liiir <ii: llie mar- kfi. I 'liii 's r:inj;!' fii>:ii :t.", .'^I.T.". .*-J !<i ('iMtie wlili ill" ffiiwds. \'.n\s' ;iii(l <'ii?ls' <IrtJiiil let warm (ijiiVC.-i ill I:t!l ;i :i'I lil .-h'k. J.IT |t.!il- jifO GIRLS' YARN GLOVES. <iiri.>«* V;:iii <;! iv-, I Miiu-ns. :lll culois. Ji :ii|- 'iTit^, \V:ii ;ii fi Oh!. . . . (Mitii KLMONAS. I'II'I'ICJI Kini<iii:is pri :i -;l SI r«) ii:3.5a GOWNS. Fl:itint'l •iiiwns. jirir.'d :ll ."Or. (',.•"„•. T .'ic. fl t (i .Sl ..~iH. MUFFLERS. INMIU'IIIIM-I - r:irn iliv cle- lit;t!i-.l Unu!l(.y .Miiffli-is ill .III ijie \v;li:tc(l colciis: ciili AVL4TI0N CAPS in while :inii riijois -:lH Ihc- ii<;v sii;l|.cs. I'lired ;it ."idr. (Cr. SI.lit), *1.L'.~) :lllil .•«:l.."'.ll. AT $1S.00 < hviii": III :i lull Iiiiny.-* siiiiiciliiii;: new in I.;i(lirs" t'<);ii.>-. ' |tinrli:isi' i »f Uhlics' t'ortis lioii-ihl :i\v:iy iindi'i- price—we uir iilile lo ulfrr .von ilie niosi jilinn- live ('o:Us ;il i*l."> voji iiavr SIMMI Miis s«';n:i>ii. 'I 'lifSf fonts woiil.l In- woiih - if li.iimlit in ;i rci;iilar w:i\ fioni $'2.T>tl In ^7.."(l nioi-«' th:iii \vc ;isk. Vmi will fttnl inn- :ili ill" PI'Wc- 1 sixics ;inil roloiiii;;s. from. . I:ii!:i' .•is .>!i .rlniriil of niiui- ('..ais. siM '<i:iIlv pricnl ?.">.C'« lo jj^SSOtl SUITS If von >irc ill:- lii 'iiiHirn! new Suits wi- Jill- sl:"\\ it!'.;. .Mill will li;> loiiviiici-il Ihi'.v :irc llic must lM -:intifi!i j::ii-- ijiciKs .Mill liiivi' lookftl :it iliL<! sr;is«in. .iiiil ilu- prices arc lower ilian CISOWIKMI —(pnilily .-uiii st.vlc <oiisiii<-if(l Von will find them here in all th6 newest weaves and coior- ing-s—specially priced from SlO.Ot) T<» .•i?35.(M) Mentor Crepe iiii-!irs wille. I(i,)ks like wool; - ••Ii'iiiinl foi .uiiis' iiiisscs. in iliffiT- illl coliii- pl.iids: yai:i 19<^ OUTINGS in li^hl :iii(! •!;:ik ici|iM>: price:) at .-|-. .S'.ri- atui lt!i- :i FLANELETTE I\iii:>i:!:i^: prii^-'I :ii lOr. li."-> anil l.-|- a \ .'iii. KLMONA SH.K. Keainlii'nl pjil leii.'.-^, pii -eil ii.-ir. .^."ic. >;! ami ^1.•_'."> ^a^ll. Children's Coats Von will s;ive liii;e ami iiitniev !>ii.v romin;: here liisi for voiir «'liiUlren's I'oals. t »nr assoitment is ilie Iwsi we Inne ever shown ;in<l oiir piiees are liie lowest. I'riceil fi-.mi S1.50, Tl, TO Si^KKSO FURS I'm- liii.vinj; time is liere ami we ran snp|>i.v your w:inls wiili the hesi line of Fiti-s to lu> foiiml ami onr jnires' w ill save von iimnev on voiir Fnr pnirliasi-;. S<-ls l.ii.ed fiiMii ' J|«4.30 Tn ii;25<) 39c Dress Goods Special 39c Due lol of I>n>ss lioo.Is. eonsisiinii of Serires. liasket riolli. I >ia<;on:ils. Sniiinjpj. I'laiils. eic. Tiiese iiialeri:ils are ."Hi inrlirs wide—s.iiiii"' ar:' pari eiiinni :im! soihe are wool - iiio«ii :til llie wanted rolorin<:s ;ire lien-. These are rejriikir ."illr and t;."ir values. S |K 'ria! price fi'i- OOo Friila.v ami Satnrda.vJ per .v:ird w«lu BLANKETS. .•<j.eri::!!y prired ai Tr,,-. s], ^I.i'l SI. no. ^±i,0 lo jiair. COMFORTS. riired from .Si. 00. Sl..~o up to ^:!..">o each. RUGS AND DRAPERIES. .\ visit to onr IJn^'aiid I>rap <M -.v I>ei«:iiliiieiil. lipslaiis. will profit Von. HAiffD BAGS. ill all the nevyesi slia',>es; sjK'iiall .v priced from -"•Or. .51. SI. 2."). $I ..'iO, ;:i'.."'.0 t., .i:iO ..-,o. RIBBON SPECIAL. I'lain and Fam-.v'Hiiilions. <! and 7 inrlies wide, worth :5."ic and 4,")i; .»aid. siH -rial •i.'><* mTNSlNG WEAR for women .iiid rliiidreii. None lieiH-r - few as irood. Wear ilieiii once and Mmll aUvavs wear ihem. srn.i: A <:i:.\Ts FOK HU.A. the traveling libraries by a travei- jug library visitor or organizer, to be authorized by leeislative enactment. Mrs. M. K. German of Neosho Falls rind .Mrs. Grubbs of Oklahoma City. w'lO have been visiting Mrs. M. Croft, lert today for Neosho Falls. + • -s- —.\nother big shipment of New Coats only in the advanced styles.— Richardson's. * •> •> The meetinc of the MoMi'i:,- rlab 'yesterday was very plea.';niit in every way. The progrHlii was Carried out as announced. The guests of the club K!e;inor, of Kansa.s City, .ire tlii' .titie.sts of her parc'iis. .Mr. :'nd Mrs. C C. McC.-.rty this we k. <• • Mis'.< Ktliel Harris epterl;"iiii'.I the I! O. M. Club l:ist night. At the close of a smiial evening the hosless .served .. daiiily Imiciieon Tlej club guiisis EdBcator Shoeis! for boys and girls—the Sl'o .j that lets the foot grow, as it should—patent and dull. $1.50, $L75, $2 THE AMERICIIN RED CROSS iSave lO Per Cent CHoi'ce Gifts Ready For Yo^r Inspection i.- r >^-n^o . . Gifts may be vselecic from our excellent stock at veiy moderate expense. Isfothing else can convey so much expression of esteem and reveal such good taste in the giveras some lasting article f i-om this jewelry stoi'e. You can easily fit your jnu'se and will be sure of selecting a suitable gift if you will come hei'e and inspect our superior line of Dian^ondt. Watches. Cut G!afs,China Novrltirs .Etc. Remember you save 10 per cent Qn all purchases made before December 1. Kvery article carries our usual guai'ahtee., ; Send for our catalogue. .-^.tr.r5:^>>!y'C^ 31 (1. Fac, .Sauta Fe and X.'h'. £ T. Wuteb Insi>cr(ors. \ppeal fering entailed by such a winter com- i>aign. Hecau.'-e of the distance .'the American Red Cro;-s will not send e.xpedi- of I'rrsident Tafl ahd Tlic In- ""aineo personnel^ but it ear- tprnatinnul lielirf Itoard. To tlie Kid tor: Sir: it is difllcult to bring home to ilie public in this country the appalling vufferiag involved in a winter war in he I!:ilkans. Communication i.-= dlf- i;-ult. (!ic cold is intense, and even niinnientary t ransimrUitIon i« a matter of extreme difficulty. .\lore:)ver, the (iffliting in this particular war is like- y lo be of an o'spcci'illy hitler and s<!vere character,' while on the other •>an>l the medical organization avall- .:l)le is quite inadeipiale to cope with •he large numbers of wounded. Reports have been recei\-e',l from th our dliiloniatic representatives in Turkey, the llalkan St.ites and Greece, and from the Red Cross sociclies, of the desperate conditions of the thousands of sick and wounded and the in- idenuato mcilical service. Wth these reports have come urgent appeals to ihe Americ«n Red Cross for aid. The IJritisli Red Cross and those of 'ontinental Kiirope arc sending ineil- 'cal detachments of doctors and nurses •ind hospital supplies in order to mitigate in .some measure the terrible sjif- Hoto to Make Better Cough Syrup than You Can Buy A FaaUIr Sappljr, Savlaic 93 aca Fnllr Omntatwd. nestly appeals to the'^enefwsity of our peoplo to aid the sick and wounded .-nldiers of aii the c;>untrie» involved. Though an armistice may he de- c'.ared, the great number of sick and wounded must be cared for during a number of weeks and the troops muirt remain under arms in the field for months during the severe winter wcat::er, with all the suffering and ^!;•kneKs this wiil entail. ' The services of the Americin Red ('r^^<••.•; will be rendered impartially to all i;ie comi:atanls coni'emcil, but it !.-, of cource. f.pen to'any subyrriher te lif! Ignare a donation for the epcc- ial a.-^sisliice of one pr the other of t'le lieligerent |)ai:i<:s, and m.-truc- tinns to that effect wHl l>e strictly observed. Contributions should be sent to the American Red ( ross, Washington. I). C.. ti,> .Mrs. .lacob II. Schiff. Red Cross Ollice, fniled Charities Ruild- 'ng, .New Y«)rk City, or any otiier lo.•al Ileil Croi-s treasurer. - (Signed) WM. II. TArr Prisident, American Red Cross. Ill -NTTNOTON WII»SOX. Chairman, International Relief Imard. % MKKK.MAN WI.NTHROP, Vice Chairman. A full pint of cough syrup—a-s much I 08 y <iu eould buy for ?.J .3ll—ciin caaily bo iiuido at liouie. Vtm will tind nothius I that takes held of an obatinate ci -ugh ' more "piickly, usually ending it inside »f i 24 iiour.-*. i -Acellent, too. for cmup, ' whooping couth, sore lungs, asthma, ! boitrsenrss and otltcr throat troubles. ilix one piut of gninuUtc<l sugar with ' Vi I'iat of warm water, and stir for '2 ''jninutcs. I'ut2'.a ounces of I'jncx Uifty , tents' worth I in a pint bottle, then add I the ^ugur Svrup. Jt keeps iicrfectly. Take a teaai'ioouful every one, two or ' three tiours. This 18 just laxative enough to help cure a cough. Also Ktiniulati-d the appetite, which is usuallr upset by a cough. The taste is plea-ant. Tlie effect of pine and 8u ;^r syrup on . the inflamed membranes is well kntrwn. Pines is tlie ni"*t valuable c«mcentraled compound of Xorwav white pine extract^ rich in f^aiacol and all the natural healbiK.P ne elements. Otlier preparations will not woric in tliis formula. The Pinex and Sugar Symp ircipe is now used bv thousands of IiousewiTes throughout the United States and Canada. The plan has be<-n imitated, but the old siieccssful formula has never been equaled. A (luarantr of absolute satisfaction, or mone.t promptly refunded, ene* "uith this recipe. Your dmpwint has Pliie.x', or will eet it for wii. If wit, send to Tlio I'iua. Co., Fu Wa.vae, lad. i OIUTIAKV. i .Mrs I). M. S'lilth. wlios.- maiden name was Ceor.sjia .A. Perkins, was born at .North .Middleboro. Mass.. March ls':N When but a girl 14 y >ars of age r.lir> began leaching p|hool. coiitimiiiig ill that _work. In vxhich she was \ery successful, ten v|ara. She then took up missionary work in the city of lioston. in which she was engaged four years, when she was inarrie<I to Mr. D. .M Smith. Soon after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Smith moved to Pella, Iowa, where tlu-y IIVJM! until atHUit the .v«>ar 1S69 when they came to Kansas, set- illng on the farm in ("arlyle neighbor* hood which they continued to occupy until the death of Mr. Smith in lltO.><. Since that event Mrs. Smith has lived with o«e or the other of her -surviving children. Mr. C. D. Smith or I.ily Pearson. It was at the home of the former in Liberal. Kansas, as already reported in the Register, that I .Mrs. Smith passed away, on the :.'iid day of November, IfillV .. Mrs. Smith was a tender hearted and devoted mother, a good neighbor, a loyal friend, and an earnest Christian woman. Her influence upon those who knew her was strong and helpful and her memory will dwell long in the hea?lB of her friends. A Dozen Photographs Such as WE Know How to Produce, Make Twelve Splendid Christmas Gifts. GIBSON'5 vSTUDIO rii«!o-rorlrni!i>t> niul FriiHie-.MaKiTs, fNOT A GYPSY FORTUNE TEIXER There are many conscientious ministers, iiiariy good doctors and; soiue bad ones, unscrupulous lawyers and a few good ones. Just so with every , profession. .Mine. Ix)uise Pedn. the noted • lile-reader who is at prcspnt located at 'Jl^ West .Madison avenue, this city, claims to be a good one. Her readings, which are thorough and scierttilic, have nothing in common, whatever. With the fictitious readings of illiteratii . unreliable humbug: "palm- and asked him if he wouldn't vote against their |>apa, bec:iuse. as fhe.v lold him in chnrus. "then, we ran go liaek to the farm." According to a Wichita jiaper. a reporter intervieweii » schixU teuclier on ihe new rule prohibiting teachers from kissing pupils. She spoke flrm- ly and learnedly on the microbe-laden danger of kisses. The story suddenly ended thus: "You've b>vn kissed, haven't youT" the reporter was brazen enough to ask and Uie expected took place. The school ma'am handed him a Johnny-.vou-may-remain-af- ter-school glare and swept away in all the maj»sty of a late f:ill suit. B^VLD HEADED YOUNG MAN" Emporia Gazette: Sheriff Tom O'Connor's kids are pick of living ai the I.yon County iail and w^t to go back to the (arm. While their dad hair been running his legs off on his cara- iiairn rounds the |iast few weeks, the hhUe have lieen plugging ngalbst him. Today they held up the milkioan "1 know he is only 3S." said one .voun; lady to anothe.- at a social function, "liut he looks like 0'>." "Better say he looks like C'J." replied the other Vonng men who use Parisian Sage never grow bald because the hair root is sopplied with plenty of nature's own nourishment, which means at all times an abundance of healthy hair. Young Man, if your hair is thinning out; if that little bald spot on top Is beginning to spread, try Parl.s. ian Saee. it is guaranteed by C. B. Spencer & Co. to stop falling hair, banish dandruff and scalp iteh, or iiioney back :•*> cents at dealera everywhere. isis. asirolb.gcrs. fortune tellers, etc," who. by tiieir disgraceful conduct, ^drag the noble profession Into tlie mire for fortune telling and fraud. A satisfactory reading can only be had from one who has thoroughly mastered the laws of these wonderful sciences through years of critical study. .Miue. Perln, it must bij truthfully siiid. employs none of the mysterious machinery which Often serves to make spiritual manifestations suspfcious. She tiuprosses her gifts upon the people who consult her without the employment of a single mechanical ag- enc.v. She uses neither darkness nor iiimiiuiery in her readings. You walk into her parlor, where strict privacy is maintained at all times, and sit down (tuietly at her desk with no more mystery than if she wore your lawyer Y'ou tind yourself consulting a woman who respects and who commands respect, who indulges in no oracle vagueness, but gives you facts which startle >ou |by their accucacj- . Amazed at her revelations, you will leave, •an added one to the many who have consulted h er and benefitted by her adrtce. The cost of the reading is but 50 cents If you are satisfied; '-not pne cent If you are not. —Chas. g. Hedge. 146 E. 2nd St.. Hastingsj Nebr.. writes : "I have been troubled with severe pains hi my bacfc^ and kidneys,' and pains .were e.Hpeeia'.ly jevere momlngs. 1 have used fnree boxes of your Foley Kidney Pll'.s a!id tiie pains have entirely left m". I now feel well as ever." Bur^ li-ll':; iwu;: .^t4>re. 1 Begbter Vfunl Ad. WIU QtX It.

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