The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 1, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1977
Page 2
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Pagt 10-NAUGATOCK NEWS (Conn.)Tue»d»y, Junes, l»?6 Redeye Dear Ann Landers: Now that every housewife In America has decided she is going to lake up tennis, I hope you will print this letter for them to see. Please, ladies, tennis outfits are supposed to be worn on the courts, not on buses, in supermarkets, to the beauty shop and while running neighborhood errands. You do not look fetching with your lannles hanging out of the ruffled panties and a blue network of varicose veins exposed for the world to see. Would you consider going marketing in your underwear or a bathing suit? Well, why parade around in something that shows just as much? If you don't care how you took, consider please those of us who have to look at you. Thanks a lot.-Mr. John Q. Public Dear John: Can't say that I've seen a great many tennis outfits on Ihe loose, but then I live In Ihe heart of town and I haven't been in many supermarkets lately. If the shoe fits, gi rls, pu I it on—or lake it of I. Dear Ann Landers: 1 am a fairly intelligent woman (or so I taught) in a state of shock. Why? Because I didn't know the first tiling about inheritance laws. 1 sit here dumbfounded at my ignorance and angry at my deceased husband for not educating me. I Maybe HE didn't know any belter either, but he should have.) John and 1 were married 33 years. We have two children. Five years ago our son ran off with a girl we never liked. We haven't heard from himsince. Our daughter is living in California with some hippie - weaving baskets. We wrote her of! in 1972 when she wrote us a nasty letter about our "crass materialism." Two weeks ago John died o! a heart attack. He was 57 and in the best of health. No history o! a coronary problem, ever. He had a physical in December and was pronounced lit as a fiddle. John left NO will. When the lawyers told me I am entitled by law to only one-third of my husband's estate and our daughter and son will divide the other two-thirds I almost keeled over. Yes, that's the way the law in Illinois reads and 1 am helpless.. I am writing in the hope that you will print this letter and wake up others who are as stupid as 1 was. — Don't Know What Hit Me Dear Don't Know: Here's your letter and I hope it gets a few million people to thinking. Do YOU women out there know what would happen if your husband dropped dead tomorrow? If you don't, call a lawyer or your insurance agent and find out. Nobody likes to think about death, but it's virtually the only thing YOU can count on. I SHOULD <3fcf ONB OF THOSE. PUT ON ME ...SITTING ON THIS PAMP (SROUND IS <31V/INS ME RHEUMATISM! WtwS THAT THIM6 ON YOUR BACK Heart 0! Juliet Jones WHERE AREVOUTAKINSMEf I GAVE YOU THE AtWESS.' Bringing Up Father THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID LAST WEEK AND SHE CAME HOME WITH HER ARMS FULL OF PACKAGES.' IF SHE DOES THAT AGAIN, I'LL SEND EVERVTHIN6 BACK.' eROOVER,V/H£RE H SHOPPMS? SUES NOT 60INS "^ TOBl// /W/THINS/ by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 39 Matter (law) 1 Voice 40 Sicilian 5 Radio or TV volcano 8 Rose or DOWN Super 1 Encourage 9 Hacienda 2 Ear part bricks 3 "Damn 13 Central Yankees" song (3 wds.) 4 Cheer 5 Ancient Italian 6 Roman Buz Sawyer /WHERE'S THAT YAMMER-HAMMER "N f/ SWMER? HE BOUGHT SLOPPY HEW I'*'"' r MEW CLOTHES,/^'* /GONE BACK " [TOTHE STATES. I WHAT.' LEFT WISHOUT W I HAVE/WHAT RESPECTABLE GIRL^l A RIGHT I VJOULP WANT TO KNOW YOU TOSHEEMYl WERE HER FATHER? BOTH OFYOU.' Dear Ann Landers: Today 1 found out by accident that my mother had a marriage before she married my dad. I don't k now if any of my brolhers or sisters know. (They are older.) Should I tell ray mom I just found out about her first marriage (which was a bummer) or should 1 act like I don't know anything? Would it be better to ask my brolhers and sisters if they know and maybe get Ihe details from them? I am really upset and need your advice. — Bolt From The Blue Dear Bolt: Why play games? What you heard may or may not be true. Go directly to your mother and ask her. I believe children have a right to know about previous marriages of their parents and the information should come Iran Mom or Dad — not frwn strangers. --•-:} '• f,,]> • ' '-0-: : Parents, what should you do if your teenager is having sexual relations? Ann Landers' new booklet, "High School Sex And How To Ural With It - A Guide For Teens And Their Parents," gives no- nonsense advice.on how to handle this delicate situation. For each booklet, send 50 cents in coin plus a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, Illinois 60120. Hi And Lois FOR WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1976 Look in the section in which DON'T count returns you have your birthday comes and find not and MAY NOT receive. what your outlook U, according Mixed influences; use care in to the stars. all things. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Without much planetary assistance, you can still net top returns now but, before acting, plan well, be sure of facts and details, and DON'T procrastinate. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Important now: common sense, logical analysis, ease of action. Regular business and work matters highly favored. Don't waste time on regrets. AQUARIUS ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) The emphasis is now on choosing the correct project and issues on which to shower your handiwork. No day-dreaming! TAURUS H/3? (Apr. 21 to May 21) " w* Don't dissipate valued qualities or waste time. Reject propositions unworthy of your attention. See to it that your talents do not rust. GEMINI r (May 22 to June 21) * You may have to make some (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19)' compromises. Restrain no one Front by past mistakes and from expressing his opinion, but by sound advice. You have a be careful whom you eventually wonderful chance for ac- complishmenlbut day needs the right push, steadiness. PISCES vx>r (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) "feA Tangible gains indicated U tree 14 Lodging for troops 15 Part of AT&T (abbr.) 16 Odometer reading (abbr.) official 7 Sanskrit Yesterday's Answer 12 like a 26 Armadas; Turkish flotillas bath 28 - M eu! . 16 Not yours 32 Friend of 19 Dessert Androcles uine 33 Architec- 18 Think ( 2 wds.) 23 Expunged 20 Aunt (Sp.) 11 Most 24 Bakery 21 United unearthly treats n "- There Eyes" 23 — nous 24 Bard's art 26 Primarily (I-al.) 28 Dormancy 29 Old French coin 30 Initials of a Stevenson 31 Dockworkers' union 31 Tie the oxfords 36 Ireland 37 Forsake 38 Denny- brook * 5 M H 25 25 21 34 n ^ « i "K e, & n y I $ 4b JH M, 9, '%, * H> za 30 n It 2b %!i 21 S s ! 1 i% *- it 56 '5H 4O 35 Chalice veil 36 Before H ' 20 il 'A '9, 32 H il it 33 follow. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Some opposition possible now, but your keenness and sense of „ humor will help you win more you pursue work and handle '' force or obligations without unnecessary interruptions. Don't ne- points than would obstinacy. (July U to Aug. 23) Certain changes of plan may be suggested. Discuss fully and gleet the substantial for "flashy" but momentary gain. YOU BORN TODAY are a agree only if they seem truly person of great individuality; are endowed with a lively imagination, versatility and ingenuity. Your ruling planet. Mercury, gives you alertness — both mental and physical; also, a great love of travel. Any occupation involving travel \s, therefore, a "natural" for you. Other fields In which you couid shine: journalism, painting, the theater, music. On the personal side, you are outgoing, warm- feasible. VIRGO lfl)V£k (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) "' A Mixed influences. You may have a desire to do something "different" but, before you do, be certain that it will be to your advantage. LIBRA (Sept. H 1000123) An auspicious day for business ventures. This is a period in which to give your hearted and generous almost to finest performance, to capital- a fault. -Trails to conquer: gift of good ize on your management SCORPIO m,#C. (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) vr * Counting one's blessings makes every picture rosier, but hypersensitivily and extravagance. Birthdate of; John Howard Payne, composer of "Home, Sweet Home"; Robert S. McN'amara, former Sec'y. of Defense, U.S.A. Cleveland, Ohio was the first Chicago is the greatest U.S. city to plan and construct slaughtering and meat-packing a avid center. center in the world. ,, HE WAS 'ASHAMEP FOR HER TO 5EEXOU, AND FIVE ) TO STOP/// THREE TO <3EF READV AND FOUR To 60" CAPTAIN BOWER, WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DEMOCRAT AMD A REPUBLICArJ? V IT?; MICE TO BE 'AT-S THE MOS' STUPIP AN' RIDICULOUS , WHAT OOE5 YOU WANT WIT' ME OLIVE, VA BLA-STD GOOM? ASK OP A LAW.' IT'S A UTTl£ TOO SOON TO BE ABLE TO AWE AS ACCURATE YE/W.'W1THITY OKAY. YOUCANTER 'EXPERTS, WHETHER ITU RAIN OR NOT y THE ^~ ,,—7 WEATHER V I BE LIKE THIS I V WEEKEW? DftDBURN LrttV FEMALE!! WHV DIDN'T MflW CHOP SOME KINDL1N' WOOD flFORE SHE TRAIPSED OFF TO TWIN FORKS ? DAILY CRYITOQUOTE - Here's how In work it: A X V u I. B A A X It h I. 0 X G F E I. I. I) IV One letter simply stands for anolher. In this sample A is used for Ihe Ihroc I/s, X for the I wo O's, elc. Single Icltcrs. apostrophes. Ihe Icnglli and formation of the words are all hinls. Each <lay Ihr code Icltcrs arc different. CRYPTOQUOTE B K P I. Q K 0 P E E K I. U N K B K C', - YJBI; QK I. P Y YKUKG BKXX A Q K G K Q J N J Y F. X M K Y I. K N B T 0 N. - QKYGI PFPCN Yesterday's Cryptoquote: ONE IS NEARER GOD'S HEART ffl A GARDEN THAN ANYWHERE E1SE ON EARTH. DOROTHY GURNEY Improving Retirement Income Q. Help'. I'm a woman of 69, DO dependents, with a portfolio worth about $100,000. It produced a total of about $7,400 last year. In addition I receive about $2,500 in Social Security. I'm frightened because I've been cutting Into capital faster than I had expected. Would I do better converting It all to an annuity? A. An investment income of J7,400 from JIOO.OOO is not bad but could be a lot better i! you weeded out a half-dozen stocks which don't belong in an income portfolio. 1 won't mention them here because I don't want to encourage interest in wild ventures sell ing a 175 cents or $2 or S 3 a share. These should be liquidated for whatever they can bring and the proceeds put into some solid preferreds and bonds which today can yield 8H to 9 per cent. If transferring the money now in junk stocks doesn't lift your income sufficiently, you ought to then turn your attenlion to selling some of your low-yield, marginal oil and technical stocks. These might deserve a place in the portfolio of a 29- or 49-year-old investor, but not in one requiring maximum income. When you evaluate these, be sure to divide their dividend by today's market price — not by the price you paid. A lifetime annuity is always a consideration for an elderly income seeker. You may find that at your age a woman can .count on income of somewhere around 10 per cent of what you pay in. That isn't loo bad. But considering that an annuity would consume your capital, 1 don't think a 10 per cent income is enough more than Ihe Sh to 9 per cent you can get from bonds currently to justify going into a program which would wipe out your capital. However, shop around for an annuity. If you don't find anything you like, you can be sure the payout will be much belter when you go shopping five years from now. * • » Q. I sold a couple ol hundred shares of a slock last November at (10. A short time later I received the share proceeds of a 5-foM split plus $1.88 tor a fraction of a share. Mow Ihe broker says I can keep the check bat must return the extra stack. The stock now sells at $8. A. U the stock dropped trom 10 to 8 on the split (a logical move), you are not entitled to the additional (split) shares or the SI,98, either. You can't receive the pre-split stock market price and the post- split shares. It's one or the other - not both. I). 1 own 100 shares ol a finance company's preferred. Dividends were not paid ID the lasl two quarters. It was my understanding Ihe dividends would be paid regardless. A. Regardless of what? If a company suffers losses and has no "fat" how will it pay dividends? When you bought stock yielding 12 to 13 per cent didn't you pause for a moment to ask: "How come I'm so lucky?" You have two choices: Sell out and take your loss, or hold on and hope for a comeback. Your preferred is a "cumulative" preferred, which means the unpaid dividends accrue as a claim against the company and must be paid before the company may again pay any dividends on the common. * i i Q. My husband, who is older, is disabled. What best use can 1 make ol $5,200 which will come io for the next lour years, so that I can build a source of income for later years? A. I would put the money into insured savings certificates expiring when you get the last paymenL You will then have fu nds with which you ca n go into high grade bond market. Q. I have large blocks of leisure Industry stocks. Should 1 sell part now and invest in prclerreds which would give me far more income for retirement In 1979? I'm in the 50 per cent income lax bracket. \Vhat about a list of high yield bonds? A- Your problem is .not financial — but grammatical. You must distinguish between present and future tenses. You are now in Ihe 50 per cent income tax bracket, and most likely, will remain there until retirement. Why, then, lake on more taxable income now — from preferrcds or bonds? 1 f you want to cut your tax bill until retirement, consider tax- exempt bonds due when you retire. Wait three years before you reinvest tor higher income. MR &KULSKV wrkonxl »nlltn queVioni. %ul fte will t* AMI 10 (MOYHje tnintrt only lh*cu«K l*vt Fcr iAUrmMiOn on corpoflli ind lai uccrpt btxxlv CI«JI« includf i itll ASdrctitd. tlamptd eiwrlopt

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