Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 13, 1949 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 4
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Thornton Host to Anivet Auxiliary roMr, ~ - e «° oro county convention of the Amvet Auxiliary will be held at the Amtncan Legion hall Monday With registration at 9:30 a. m. The Thornton unit will give the address of welcome, with response py Clear Lake. A memorial service will be given by the Mason City unit. State and district officers are expected. Judge Stops Music Boston, (U.R)—David Caplancan practice the piano to his heart's content—but not after 6 p. m. That curfew hour was established by a district court judge after neighbors complained that Caplan's piano was producing music 16 hours a day. Sleepy Head Memphis, Tenn., (U.R)—Theater Manager John Graber isn't too keen on youngsters going to sleep in his movie house. A 4-year-old boy got his head caught under the arm rest and they had to use a hack saw to release him. CHICAGO POTATOES (Thuriday'i Market) Chiciro, {HI— (USD A) —Potatoes: Arrivals 128, on track 365; total U. S. shipments 734; supplies moderate; demand light; market firm for best stocks, dull for others; Colorado Red McClures $3.2560; Ideho Russet Burbanka $3.90-4.00; Minnesota-North Dakota Red River Valley Pontluc $2.50-70 washed; Washington Russet Burbanks $4.10; Wisconsin Chip- pewas §2.15-20. Produce (Qiotatloni bv K. O. Mori«> At 10 a. m. Thursday Eggs, No. I 50c Eggs, No. 2 •• 38c Eggs, pullet 25c Heavy hens 18c Leghorn hens 16c Sprin&;r, ' eavy breeds, 5 Ibs. . . 22c Springs, heavy breeds, 4 .Ibs. . 20c Springs, Leghorns 18c Old cocks, heavy breeds ..... 12c Leghorn cocks : lOc Eggs, at retail 49-55c Butter, Corn Country .... 68-70c Butter, Iowa State Brand. 70-71c Rake—Mr. and Mrs. Gay Ferley and children, accompanied by Mrs. Clifton Houge and Mervin visited A. J. Sabin at the St. Joseph's hospital in Mankato, Minn. Coffee and muffins to make km say m-m-m! From the first bracing taste to the last delicious sip : ; ; Hills Bros. Coffee is a flavorful delight. It's a blend of the world's finest coffees .; . and "Controlled Roasting," an exclusive Hills Bros, process, insures uniform goodness by roasting the blend a little at a time —continuously. You get the same delicious flavor in every pound. It's vacuum-packed for flavor-freshness: WALNUT-ORANGE MUFFINS Vt cup sugar 1% cups cake flour 3 teaspoons baking powder y:, cup eranga Jute* Va teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon grated V* cup Shortening orange rind */4 cup chopped walnuts Sift together cake flour, baking powder, and •alt. Cream shortening, sugar, and beat In egg yolks. Add dry ingredients alternately with orange juice. Add grated orange rind and chopped walnuts. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Fill muffin pans % full and bake in moderately hot oyen (375° F.) about 25 minutes. Decorate muffin tops with pecan or walnut halves. Serve with Hillt Bros. Coffee Tmhmuli R«f- U.S. P«L Oft. CopyrifM IMf-MHi KM. Goths, te I 1 IOOK FJOR — v THE YELLOW BAND Everybody likes H.lfe Bros Coffee TWO GRINDS: V Regular Grind V Drip and Glass-Maker Grind Set a good table with A/I EAT GOOD tAJIHG-GOOD NUTRITION Loin End PORK ROAST 1st Cuts, Quality BEEF POT ROAST » 49c Fresh GROUND BEEF, lb At~\ Decker's Roll Bulk - I Morrell's Pride 45 V | SAUSAGE, lb ...... ^A- I 37V I SLICED BACON, lb. Tide 25c|Drcft... BRING US YOUR PROCTER & GAMBLE COUPONS 27C j FRUITS. VEGETABLES 49c JUICE ORANGES, 2 do*. Red Jonathan APPLES, 4 Ibs. . 29c Louisiana } YAMS, 2 Ibs.. 27c Krieger's Home Grown RADISHES, Bunch Griddle Mix PANCAKE FLOUR, 3-lb. Bag Libby's Bartlett PEARS, No. 21/2 Can NOW! Jack Sprat "New' MARSHMALLOW5, 10-or. Cello Bag. . . 19c Hills Bros. COFFEE, lb. 51c Libby's, Happy Vale PINK SALMON, 16-or. Can 39C Jack Sprat Golden SUGAR CORN, 2 Cans Decker's "La Grata" CHILI, 12-ox. Tube "Allsweet" OLEO- 2O£ I MARGARINE, lb. PHONE 420 FOOD STORE /3^5 N. FEDERAL USE OUR PARKING LOT FREE DELIVERY New York Stocks Oct. 1$, 19« Maien City Clcbv V. D. COYLE —Chairman A. J. JOHNSON —Co-Chairman KARL JfOHANNSON —Co-Chairman Midwest Livestock (THURSDAY'S PRICES) Albert Lea, Minn. Trend 25c higher Good Butchers— 140-150 Ibs 150-160 Ibs 511.75 160-170 Ibs $12.75 170-180 Ibs $13.75 180-200 Ibs. . HEAD HEAVY INDUSTRY DIVISION—One of the most important divisions in the Community Chest campaign is that made up of the large industries of Mason City. Pictured above are the men who head this division, No. VII, in the Chest organization. They and their team members will*""—•— take part in the general solicitation to get under way Oct. 24. Following are the team members: Team 61, American Crystal Sugar company — Captain, Thomas Brophy, lieutenants, Val Albcrry, Jacob Leu and Delbert Wagner; team 62, Automatic Washer company— Captain, Kenneth Davis, lieutenants, Gordon Coyier and Orie Stanford; team 63, Jacob E. Decker and Sons—Captain, Ray Sward, lieutenants, Harold Myrton; team 64, Sand crushed stone, gravel, rendering plant—Captain, K. O. M y 1 i, lieutenants, F. W. Krueger and Earl McGowan; team 65, International Minerals a n d Chemical corporation—Captain, I. E. Furness. Team 66, Lehigii Portland Cement company — Captain, R. A. Speidel, lieutenants, A. W. Secory, S V. Stott, G. Elioff, Jess Pence, Roy Moon, Bernard Leath, W. Bohnsack, C. Baker and G. Severs; team 67, Mason City Brick and Tile company—Captain, C. F. Garland, lieutenants, S. L. Barron, M. J. Wheaton, G. B. Miller, and A. L. Smith; team 68, Northwestern States Portland Cement company—Captain, Guy Blackmore and W. J. Birch. 180-100 Ibs. 190-200 Ibs. 200-220 Ibs. 220-240 Iks. 240-270 Ibs. 270-300 Ibs. 300-330 Ibs. 330-300 Ibs. ... Good Packing S 270-300 Ibs 300-r.30 Ibs 330-3fiO Ibs. 360-400 Ibs. $15,50 $16.50 $17.25 $17.25 517.00 $16.75 S1G.50 $15.75 $16.50 $16.50 $15.75 $14.75 400-450 Ibs $13.75 450-500 Ibs $12.75 500-550 Ibs $11.75 Austin, Minn. 50c higher S S.65 $11.15 $12.15 $14,00 $15.50 $16.25 $17.50 $17.50 $17.00 $16.50 $16.00 $15.50 S1S.50 S16.GO $15.50 $14.75 SH.OO $13.00 $12.00 Waterloo 25c higher $12.75 S14.25 $10.00 $17.25 $17.25 $17.00 $16.50 $16.25 $15.50 $16.50 $16.25 $15.75 $15.25 $14.5(1 S13.75 $13.00 Am Crystal Sug 17i Anaconda Cop 28J Armour & Co 6i Bendix Aviat 32 Beth Steel 291 Boeing Airplane 21 Chrysler Corp 53J Columbia Gas 11 f Gen Elec 38 Gen _Mqtqrs J55f "Illiridis"CenlraI"3~Cfi Int Harvester 27 Int Tel & Tel 9* Montgom Ward 51J NY Central RR 10J Radio Corp 12 j Sears Roebuck 42J Sinclair Oil 24 Stand Oil Ind 43| Stand Gil NJ 72J Texas Co 62| US Steel Cedar Kapids 25c higher $15.25 $16.25 $17.25 $17.25 $17.00 $16.50 X16.00 $15.50 $16.50 $16.25 $15.75 $15.25 $14.50 $13.75 $12.75 NEW YORK PRODUCE (Thursday'! Market) New York, (£")—Butter (2 day* receipt*) 871,683, steady. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons. Creamery, higher than 92 score (AA) fi2V-i cents; 82 score <Ai 82; 90 score (B 59"/i; 89 score (C) 55-55'/». Cheese (2 days receipts) 703,796, steady prices unchanged. Eggs (2 days receipts) 22,278, irregular New York spot quotations follow: Midwestern: Mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights GO-61. Extra 1 larg 58-59. Extra 1 medium 46 Va. Extra medium 45-46. Current receipts 48-5 dirties 47 checks 43Va pullets 39-39!'=. MM*B ctJ?u. Stock Market Moves Ahead New York, (&')— In one of th« heaviest trading days of the year, the stock market moved ahead Thursday for gains running to more than a point. The volume of business was estimated at around 1,900,000 shares for the entire session. The buying surge started with the opening bell and put the quotations tape behind floor transactions for a brief period. Within a short time, however, the pace slackened but continued at a high level. Profit taking cut down a great number of the best advances and the market fell back from its peak. CHICAGO PBODL'CK (Thursday'* Market) , (;P)— (USDAt —Live poultryi Steady; receipts 24 trucks; prices unchanged except to a cent a pound higher on Leghorn fowl at 22-23, FOB. Butter steady; receipts 429,255; price* unchanged except a cent a pound higher on. 93 score AA at 62. Eggs: Top firm; balance steady; receipts 5,465; prices unchanged except • cent a dozen higher on U. S. extras at 57. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Thursday's Market) Chicago, (/P)—Wheat: None. Corn: Now: No. 4 yellow 1.12%-20>/a; No. 5, 1.05'A- 08 Vb: old; No. 1 yellow 1.27'/a-29V2; No. 2, TVi-W\\ No. 3, 1.24V4-26V4: No. 4, 1.20; No. 5, 1.18'/2-20; sample grade 1.10-13. Oats: No. 1 mixed 67%; No. 1 heavy white WVt-IOVf, No. 1 white ea'A-'A: No. 2 heavy white 69Vi: No. 3 heavy white 69'A; No. 4 white 64'/«. Barley nominal: Malting 1.20-G2; feed 90-1.22. Soybeans: No. 2 yellow 2.30 1 /« Indiana; No. 2 yellow Illinois 2.34; both track Chicago. Distributed by: GAMBLE ROBINSON CO. ALWAYS TOP QUALITY FULL-WEIGHT PACKAGES \ POUND. 1 POUND, * POUND TENDER IN 5 MINUTES Soybeans Drop Several Cents Chicago, (/P)—Soybeans dropped several cents on the board of trade Thursday, weakening the rest of the market. Losses in other pits were limited mostly to fractions. Hedging pressure was a factor in the soybean sell-off. Another was the splendid harvesting weather throughout the mid-west, expected to speed up marketing of both soybeans and corn. Corn futures sold off with a decline in cash prices. Receipts were fairly large Thursday, particularly by barge. Wheat was tinder mild pressure all day. The market ignored senate passage of the Anderson farm bill and the agriculture department's Oct. 1 crop forecast. Wheat closed |-| lower, December $2.118-3, corn was unchanged to I lower, December $1.17j-i, oats were i-i higher, December 68J, rye was li-2J lower, December $1.47J-i, soybeans were 3J-4J- lower, November $2.30}-i, and lard was 5 cents lower to 8 cents a hundred pounds higher, October $11.55. THURSDAY'S GRAIN' CLOSE Chicago, (.f)— WHEAT— High Low Close Dec $2.12',i $2.1Ui $2.1 l^i,- 3 ,; Mar 2.13^ 2.J2*'» 2.12',!i- : !ii May 2.0B'A 2.07 >\ 2.07 V*-V* July 1.92 l.SOTi 1.81 CORN— Dec 1.18% l.mi l.m.-Vi Mar 3.21 1.20»'« 1.20»,» May 1.22V« 1.21% 1.22 July 1.22% 1.2 Hi 1.21',i OATS— Dec 68V< .B7Va .CBV* Mar .66 May 63V. .63 .63% July 57!'« .57 .57V« RYE— Dec 1.50 1.47V* 1.47V«-«,b May 1.54 1.51% 1.52'.'4 July 1.50V< 1.49 1.49 SOYBEANS— Nov 2.34V* 2.30'/j 2.30%-Va Dec 2.33'i 2.29Va ajflli-Vi Mar 2.31 = 4 2.27 = i 2.28'A-28 May 2.29',i 2.20 3 /* 2.26^-26 July 2.26'A 2.23 2.23 LARD— Oct 11.65 11.40 11.55 Nov 10.77 10.62 10.72 Dec 10.67 10.55 10.62-65 Jan 10.85 10.57 10.60 Mar 30.67 10.65 10.65 Hogs, Cattle Both Lower Chicago, (if) —Hogs were steady to 25 cents lower Thursday, cattle were steady to 50 cents less and sheep steady to 25 cents down. Most good and choice butcher hogs brought $16.50 to $18.25, the practical top price, although a load grading choice reached $18.50. (USDAl—Salable hogs 9,000; very dull; steady to 25 cents lower early but bulk butcher hoe sales fully 25 cents lower; top 18.50 for one load choice 250 lb.; practical top 18.25; mos* .Rood and choice 200-300 lb. 17.75-18.25; 170-190 lb. 17.2517.75; good around 160 lb. 16.50; sows around steady; good and choice sows under 400 lb. 16.75-17.50; few 17.75; 425- BOO lb. 15.75-18.50; odd head 525-800 lb. 14.75-15.50; prospects Incomplete clearance. Salable cattle 3,500; salable calves 500; slow; slaughter cattle steady to 50 cents lower; vealers and stock cattle steady; actual top 34.50 for 2 loads choice 1,108 lb. fed steers; bulk good to low-choice fed steers and yearlings 28.00-33.25; medium to low-good kinds 20.50-27.50; load choice 850 lb. heifers 3*1.00; medium to low-good heifers 20.00-25.50; lew good cows 16.25-17.50; common and medium beef cows 14.00-16.00; canners and cutters 11.50-14.00; medium and good sausage bulls 17.50-19.50; medium to choice vealers 23.00-27.00; practical top 27.00; 4 loads good 850 lb. Montana feeding steers 22.00; load medium 725 lb. natives 20.00. Salable sheep 2,000: slow; early sales slaughter lambs and yearlings about steady; 'ewes weak to 25 cents lower; small lots good and choice native wooled lambs 23.75-24.00; early top 24.00; load mostly just-good Colorado wooled lambs 23.50; deck good and choice 91 lb. yearling wethers mostly fall-shorn pelts 21.00; most medium to good slaughter ewes 7.75-9.00; choice ewes scarce. Stocker and Feeder CATTLE SOLD EVERY DAY AT PRIVATE SALE. FINANCED IF DESIRED. CLEAR LAKE AUCTION CO. CATTLE For Sale 1900 good quality Hereford steer and heifer calves, weight 250 fro 450 Ibs. 500 good quality Hereford yearling steers and heifers, weight 600 to 800 Ibs. Hereford steers, weight 900 to good quality 1150 Ibs. DELICIOUS WITH MEATS, POULTRY, CHEESE, FRUITS, VEGETABLES, FISH. SOUPS. Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Thursday Oats, No. 2 57c Corn, new 94c Soybeans, 10 day $2.12 ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS Chicago. (fP)— (USDAl — Estimated salable livestock receipts Friday: 5,000 hogs. 1,500 cattle, and 1,000 sheep. PACKED IN EVERY CAN OF KEN-L-M10N Sl/PfftOMRGfD WITH VITAMINS "OH STOP SHOWING OFF>"' 100 Hereford feeding cows. « CATTLE ARE AT OUR YARD IN MANLY Oswald Strand&Son Manly, Iowa Look far thl> Yet Costs Less than Butcher Meat looks Good! Smells Good! "Tops" for Yoor Dog! *Ycs, every can of Ken-L- Ration is chock-full of all the food elements your dog needs for top health. Lean, red meat — nutritious U. S. Government Inspected horse meat—plus vitamins and minerals dogs need daily. Yet Ken-L-Ration costs far less than butcher meat. Just open and serve. Get 3 cans of Kcn-L-Ration from your favorite dealer today. rill 000 BOOK-Nothing like it! Send name «md address for your Free copy today. Ken-L-Ration, Chicago 77, Illinois. Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Thursday Twenty-five cents higher. Good light lights 160-170 $12.00 Good light lights 170-180 $14.00 Good light Sights 180-200 $16.00 Good med. weights 200-220 $17.25 Good med. weights 220-240 $17.25 Good med. weights , 240-270 S17.00 Good med. weiphts 270-300 $16.75 Good med. weights 300-330 $16.50 Good med. weights 330-360 $16.00 Good sows 270-300 $16.50 Good sows 300-330 $16.50 Good sows 330-360 $16.00 Good sows 360-400 $15.25 Good sows 400-450 $14.50 Good sows 450-500 $13.75 No hogs received after 5 p. m.—Jacob E. Decker ic Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Thursday Choice steers and heifers .. $25.00-27.00 Good to choica steers and heifers $24.00-25.00 Good steen and heifers .... $23.00-24.00 Medium steers and helfera .. $21.00-23.00 Fair steers and heifers .... $15.50-17.00 Plain steers and heifers .... $14.00-15.00 Choice cows $15.00-16.50 Good cows $14.00-15.00 Medium cows $13.00-14.00 Fair cows $13.00-14.00 Good bulls $15.00-1750 Medium bulls $15.50-18.00 Bologna bulls $18.00-19.00 Canners «nd cutters $10.00-13.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Thursday Good to ch. veal, 160-220 Ibs. $24.00-25.00 Medium '. $19.00-20.00 Common $14.00-15.00 Culls $13.00 GENUINE 8PKING LAMBS Good to choice $21.50 EWES Good to choics lights $7.00-8.00 medium $5.00-6.00 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Thursday's Market) South Si. Paul, ttJ.PJ—(USDA)—Live- stock: Cattle 4.500. Fairly active all slaughter cattle. Steers, heifers fully steady cows, bulls strong to 50c higher. Good slaughter steers, yearlings 27-30, choice mixed yearlings 31; medium grass steers 19-22, common 18.SO-lS.i50. Good heifers 26-28, medium grassers 18.50-20, common 15.5017.50. Good cows J5.50-Jff.50, few good westerns 17; common-medium 14-15, canners-cutters 11.50-13.50, strong weight cutters 14, light canners II. Medium-good sausage bulls 17-18.50, cutter-common 1416.50. Stockers, feeders market steady. Good-choice stock steers 22-25, medium 19-21, common 16-18. Good-choice stock calves 23-26, medium 19-2J. Dairy cow* steady. Calves 1,500. Vealers steady to 1.00 higher, good-choice 24-27, common-medium 17-23, culls 14-16. Good-choice slaughter calves 19-22, common-medium 18-18, culls 12-15! Hogs 8,500. Fairly active, barrows, gills strong to lOc higher, sows generally steady. Good-choice 200-270 lb. barrows, gilts 18-18.10, gocd-choice sows 400 Ibs. down 16-17. Average cost, weight Wednesday; barrow*, gilts 17.92, 212 Ibs; sows 19.28, 471 lb«. Sheep 3,500. Supply around 2,000 mixed natives, Dakota*. Slaughter lambs xvenk to 50 cents lower, good-choice wooled slaughter lambs 23-^3.50. Early sales slaughter ewes ateai'y, good-choice 99.75. Lake Mill*—Irving Strandell of Albert Lea and Mr. and Mrs. Grant Anderson visited at the home of Mrs. Anderson's brother, Russell Thompson, of Rochester. Livestock AUCTION Saturday, October 15, 1:00 P. M. There will be another big run of cattle as follows: 1350 CATTLE 130 very choice Hereford steers—wt. 600 to 700 Ibs. from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. These are the Henry Kittle cattle that we have sold for many years and will suit the most particular feeder. 170 choice Hereford steers—wt. 600 to 750 Ibs. from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. These are the Wm. Hittle cattle. Wm. Hittle is a son of Henry Hittle. 75 choice Hereford steers—wt. 600 to 700 Ibs. from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. These are the Holt cattle. 100 good Hereford steer calves—wt. 400 to 500 Ibs. from Colorado. 40 rood to choice Hereford steer and heifer calves—wt. 400 ]bs. from Montana. 30 Angus steers—wt. 650 Ibs. from Montana. 13 Angus heifers—wt. 600 Ibs. from Montana. 87 good Hereford steers—one brand—wt. 600 to 700 Ibs. from Craig, Colo. 50 good Hereford steers—wt. 800 to 900 Ibs. from Steamboat Springs, Colo. 100 good Hereford steers—wt. 500 to 650 Ibs. from Whitewater, Colo. ' / 92 good to choice Hereford heifers—wt. 500 to 575 Ibs. from Augusta, Mont. 90 good Hereford heifers—wt. 550 to 625 Ibs. from Shelby, Mont. 225 good Hereford steers—wt. 600 to 800 Ibs. from Montana and Wyoming. In addition to the above listed cattle there will be several other loads of stock cattle of various weights. SPECIAL REQUESTS: Please do not bring any natives to this Saturday's Auction. We have ample capacity for any amount of them on" Tuesday which is the day we sell natives now." HOGS Can sell any amount of feeder pigs and they are in good demand. TO OUR FEEDER CUSTOMERS: You will be pleased with the quality of stock available in our auctions. Ninety pe^r cent of the above listed cattle will 'be mountain bred long haired cattle. Quite a percentage of them will be thinner than the cattle we have been getting as they are starting to show some effects of recent snowstorms in the west and weighing conditions will be the best of the year. As you know it is only a short time each fall that the really good mountain bred cattle come and cs we all know they are the kind that make big gains in Iowa feed lots. We feel that the big western runs will terminate quicker than usual this year as the movement started earlier and the volume has been big each week. In our last Saturday's Auction our calf trade again was considerably lower, in fact quite a few calves sold here lower than they oould be bought in the west. Our yearling trade was fully steady and quality best of the year. If you are in the market for stock cattle we feel that the sooner you make your purchase the better your buys will be as prices in the range country are $2.00 to $3.00 per rwt. higher than they were a month ago. We do not expect them to be any cheaper. With corn picking in full swing the crowds will be much lighter and we feel you will be able to make some attractive purchases this Saturday so plan to be with us. SPECIAL NOTICE: All Cattle Inclpdlnr Cmlves Win Be Sorted Into Uniform L*)to And i*UI By Weight. MARVEL SALES CO. WEBSTER CITY, IOWA

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