Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 31, 1968 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1968
Page 11
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1968 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS 3—B |ll!l!ll!llllilllMIIIIIIIIIII|[fflllllll!l!lllllllllllllllllinillIinillllllllllllllllllinillllllHllimillllllM!lllll^ MAKE 1968 WILL-REMEMBERED 5lllllllllllllllMillllllllllllllllllll!limill1llllllllll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM JANUARY 4— -Hanoi offers to talk peace provided U.S. stops bombing North Vietnam. 0—.Surveyor 7 successfully lands on moon. 11— Israel and United Arab Republic agree on prisoncr-of- war exchange. 14 -Earthquake rocks Palermo. Sicily, killing hundreds. 18--Soviet Union and U.S. submit treaty to ban spread of nuclear weapons to U.N. disarmament conference. 22—B-52, carrying four hydrogen bombs, crashes into ice off Greenland coast. 23—North Koreans seize. li .S. ship Pueblo with crew of 83. FEBRUARY 9— Cyrus Vance is sent, to Korea as special representative of President Johnson. U.S. jets intercept Soviet bombers off Ncwfoundla nri coast. 10— Figure skater Peggy Fleming wins gold mtsdul for U.S. in Olympics. 11 --Howard Lindsay, playwrit- er-ae!or-dircclor-producer, dies at 7S. 13 -More than 10,000 GIs arc rushed In Vietnam to bolster lie- defense lines. 16—Hanoi releases three U.S. fliers shot down last fall over NoiMh Vietnam. 2.3--Author Fannie Hurst dies at 78. 2,'>—Sen. Fulhright calls 1 o r congressional investigation of administration's Vietnam policy. Panama Canai is blorked as Japanese ship sinks midway in Isthmus. 2fi Thirty-two African nations vole to boycott summer Olympics in Mexico City. MARCH 2—Commission on Civil Disorders reports nation is moving toward two societies—one black, one white—separate and unequal. 6—Rhodesia hangs three convicted murderers despite their repieve by Queen Elizabeth. 11—Thousands of demonstrators clash with police in Poland, protesting stringent Communist control of cultural affairs. 12—New .Hampshire primary boosts McCarthy, Nixon. Bobby Kennedy enters race; Rockefeller hangs back. 14—U.S. casualties in Vietnam pass Korea mark, making ii the nation's fourth costliest conflict. 15—Czechoslovakia gets under Moscow's skin with campaign for new liberalism and freedom. 16--Dr. Philip Blaiberg, world's only living human heart transplant recipent, goes home from hospital. 17—Seven nations back dual gold price and pledge support of dollar, stemming European gold rush. 22—Gen. William Westmoreland is recalled from Vietnam to become Army chief of staff. APRIL forces in Vietnam, Gen. Westmoreland, 11- President Johnson signs civil rights bill with expanded open housing provisions. 16- Edna Ferber, novelist and playwright, dies at 82. 20—Pierre Trudeau becomes prime minister of Canada, succeeding Lester Pearson, retired. 1:4 -C o 1 u m b i a University closes campus after two days of student demonstrations. 2o—Arthur J. Goldberg qui!~ as U. S. ambassador to United Nations; George Ball, former undersecretary of state, succeeds Mm. succeeding ; 16 Union split oc.urs with | suspension of United Auto Workers tor failure to pay AP'L-CIO dues. JUNE 1 -Helen Keller, who overcame blindness and deafness to become a symbol of courage, dies at ST. 5—Sen. Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated in Los Angeles alter speech announcing victory in California primary. 7—Sirhan B. Sirhan, 24. is 6—Billlo Jean King wins women's single tennis championship at Wimbledon for third year in row. S—Leftist foes of U .S. in Japan are set back as voters endorse government headed by Premier Eisaku Sato. 10— Dr. Benjamin Spock and ! three others arc sentenced to I two years in prison for eon- I spiring to counsel evasion of the ; draft. 15-- Soviet airliner arrives in ; N 7 ew York, inaugurating direct 27—Russia and Czech leaders agree on slow withdrawal of occupation troops. 28—Chicago police accused of "Gestapo tactics" in handling of demonstrators and newsmen at Democratic convention. 39. weds billionaire shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis, 62. 25—President Johnson becomes grandfather again with daughter born to daughter Lynda Bird Robb. SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER I KELL Visitors with the Dal Ferguson family Christmas day vere Mr. and Mrs. Loren Leuty and two children of Belleville, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Leury and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mercer. The Kell Grade School had a very nice Christmas program under the direction of Mrs. Busby. We were so sony 1o hear of I he death of a good friend of our family, Mr. George Blankenship. He was horn and raised in the Kell neighborhood and operated the store at Kell for several years. His family has our sympathy. Mrs. Eloise McDaniel visited Thursday and Friday with her granddaughter Mrs. Vickie Brumley who is sick with the flu. Visitors with Mrs. Eloise McDaniel Christmas day were Mr. and Mrs. Gene McDaniel and three children, Mr. Wayne McDaniel and Connie and her boy friend Kelvin. Mrs. Lois Mc- Brido and daughter Patty. Mr. and Mrs. Gary McDaniel and Lorna, Mr. and Mrs. Don McDaniel and Dana, Mrs. Vickie Brumley, Mr. Len Densmore and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Long and Iwo sons of Dix. Mrs. Elmer Iloskins nas been sick with the flu. The Kell Methodist Church had 4—Dr. .Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated in Memphis, Tenn. 5—Widespread rioting, burning and looting in nation 's citiec follows slaying of Dr. King. I 6 -U.S. troops reach the Khe |Sanh, relieving Marines under siege by enemy since Jan. 21. ! Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson ! officates at opening of Hemis- j Fair, world's fair at San Antonio, Tex. I 10 —Gen. Creighton A brums is • as I named commnnder ot American | M. their Christmas supper Monday I evening with 28 present. Our J minister's wife Mrs. Omar Jones j fixed the turkey which was en- 1 .joyrd by all. : There has been a few cases of measles in Kell. Four of the teachers from I he Kell Methodist Church Mrs. j Eloise McDaniel. Mrs. Linda' Simmons, Miss Evelyn Simmons, ] and Miss Elizabeth Heflin had ! their Christmas party for the' children at the home of Mr. and ] Mrs. David Simmons. Refresh-; ments were served by Elizabeth ! and Linda and they had their gift i exchange. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Leuty and two children of Belleville spent i the holidays here with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Leuty and Mr. and Mrs. Dal Ferguson. Mrs. Laura Alvis who is in a critical condition in the oGod Samaritan hospital js about the same. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baird visited Christmas day in S;Jem with her mother Mrs. Sadie Baird. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baud had a phone call Christmas morning from their son Mr. Lyle Dean Baird and his family from Las Vegas, New Rev. and Mrs. Omer Jones and family visited Monday evening with the Rob Simmons family. . . . Mrs. Eloise McDaniel, Cor. 27—Vice President Humphry enters race for Democralic presidential nomination. MAY 1 —Sixteen European nations offer to speed up tariff cuts to help ease U.S. balance of payments problems. 2—Allied for:es launch sweeping offensive into the A Shnu Valley, former North Vietnamese stronghold ;i —North Vietnam and United Slat's agree to meet at Hotel Majestic in Paris fir preliminary peace talks. Israel celebrates 20th anniversary as nation. 4 - Dancer's Image wins Kentucky Derby, then is disqualified after pain-killing J.rug is found in his system. Russia ratifies consular treaty with U.S. establishing rules, procedures and rig' ts of consulates. 12 Geiieriil strike c«H"d in Paris to support demonstrating students, develops into national crisis threatening government. IP.--"Resurrection City. U. S. A." is d'di'rated in Washington as cani')7i'ound for Poor People's indicted by Los Angeles grand | U.S.-Soviet passenger flights, jury in death of Sen. Kennedy. \ S —James Earl Ray, suspected \ j of killing Dr. Martin L u t h c r ! King Jr., is arrested in London ; by Scotland Yard officials. 19—More than 50.000 niarcn in Washington in support of Poor People's campaign. 21—Chief Justice Earl Warren announces he will retire from Supreme Court; President Johnson nominates Abe Fortas as iiis successor. Strike of 1,250 Canadian workers for higher UJIJCS shuts down St. Lawrence Seaway. 23—Gaullists make substantial gains in French election, control National Assembly. 25-Pierre Elliott TrucKni wins Canada election, beating conservative Robert Stanfield to remain as prime minister. 19 -James Earl Ray returns to U.S. under heavy guard lor arraignment on murder charge in death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 23—Ten killed, including three policemen, in night shooting, burning and looting on Cleveland's east side. AUGUST n ! ' eipam • JULY ; 1—U. S. Soviet Union agree ! on talks to limit missile systems and sign ban on spread of i .u- cloar arms. 2 —Soviet U n iu n release* American airliiK -r foic.'d down Ion route to Vietnam wilh 214 U.S. servicemen. 4 -Alec Rose completes aoio sail around world after 254 days out o, Portsmouth, England. 5 -GOP convention opens, nominates Nixon and Agnew. 6--Former Piesident Eisenhower suffers another h e a r i attack. 12 Watls erupts again: three killed. 18--Twenty-ninth International Eueharistic Congress opens in Bogota, Columbia, hears Pope Paul. 19-—President Johnson rules out further de-escalation in Vietnam without" significant peace move by the enemy. 21—Russia and four allied satellite nations imiule Czcch- osolvakia and overthrow liberal government. 21 -France explodes her first hydrogen bomb in South Pacific. 26—II u h e r I Humph-ey ;,nd ] team Edmund Muskie nominated by ! Cilty Democratic convent ion. 1—Thousands die in Iran- Turkey earthquake. 6—Charles E. Goodcll named to complete term of late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. 51—Teachers' strike forces closing of New York schools. 13—Czech Assembly approves re-establishment of direct censorship on press, radio and television. 14 Pitcher Dennis McLain of Detroit Tigers racks up oOth victory. 17—U.S. \v » r n s Russia that intervention by force in We:»t (iermnny would lend to immediate response by NATO. 26 -James Wiggins is I'.S representative to U.N., replacing George Ball. North from OCTOBER 2 - Abe Fortas withdraws name from nomination as chief justice of Supreme Court aftei" Senate filibuster by critics. 3—Soldiers* and police battle demonstrators in Mexico City; 28 lire killed. 8— Israel presents 9 -point Mid­ east peace plan to U.N. 10— Detroit Tigers win World Series from St. Louis Cardinals. 11 —Apollo 7 orbits earth with three astronauts in successful 11 -day prelude to possible lunar orbit in December. 12—U.S. wins 106 medals and championship in Mcxicc summer Olympics. Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, 1— V. S. bombing of Vietnam stops on order President Johnson. 5- Republican Richard M. Nixon electee) President in close j race. ! 14 U. S. announces six-point City i program to North Atlantic Aln' nnce to bolster American military strength in Europe. 1(5—Soviet Tnlon orbits 17-itin scientific satellite, largest nin'o- lnntlo spnee station ever luiinrli- | eil. I 19 -France's budget slashed i in effort to stem run on the ' franc. ! 20 Series of explosions in j West Virginia soft coal m i n e 1 traps 7S mind 's 600 feet below | surf nee. | 21—Darrell H.amniarley rc- j tired airlines pilot, receive.-second heart transplant six horn's after first proves unsatisfactory. 24 - P'r e s i d e n I De Caulk •orders austerity for France in fight to defend franc. 20- DECEMBER 1—West Virginia mine sealed with 78 men in it. 2—Israeli commandos destroy Jordan bridges; jets silence Rus- sinn-made guns deep in Jordan. a—Dr. Sam Sheppard severs connection w i t h Youngstown, Ohio, hospital; German wife sues him for divorce. Nixon names Henry Kissinger j of Harvard security chief. I 4—Nixon asks Henry Cabot | Lodge lo head U.S. peace tall? Legal Notice NOTICE OF MEETING OF ? l f VRFMOLDE"^ OF THE K T NG C'TY FEDEP U. SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION "*n\ VERNON. ILLINOIS Notice is hereby given that the an '-MtP .l meeting of the Shareholders of the King City Federal Spvmes and Loan Assneiainn. 117 North Tenth Street, Ml. Vernon. Il'inrlis will br> held on Wednesday. January 15, 1969 at 3:00 r>.m.. for the purpose of electing directors amending the By-Laws and for the transaction of such other business thai may properly come before I he meeting. GUY WOOD. JR.. President 1-7 I team in Paris. I STATE IS MOVED | mi ,'s said she was awaiting a HILLINGS, Mont. (API •- If ] dividend check on some stock j you happen lo be back East and slle 0W11S i" a company which \ are looking Tor directions— " as i<s headquarters in New Hillings, Mont, -forget it. York. Mrs. Louise Bradford of Bill- The check was late in arriv- 9— Poisonous beans used as jewelry decorations cause scare. ! 10—U.S. sends 2 destroyers on | cruise into Black Sea. Thomas ; Charles Fuller gets 198 years for slaughter of five Mattoon. 111., children. 11—Nixon names his new cabinet, including Wm. P. Rogers as Secretary of State. 13—Hong Kong flu spreads in the nation. 14—Kidnapers of Barba ra Mackle dropped their $500,000 t ransom payoff and ran. ; 21—Apollo 8 blasts off. headed : for the moon. Arthur John Stein• beck dies at 66. Barbara Mackle was found alive buried in a pine" box in Georgia after her millionaire lather paid $500,000 ransom the second time. Z!—North Korea frees 82 Pueblo spy ship crewmen held captive since last January. The for- I nier Julie Nixon and her new ! husband. David Eisenhower, mar- i ried Sunday, were honeymooning. .Gary Steven Kris! is seized in a ! Florida, accused of the Mackle kidnaping. Practically all of the ' 5,")00,000 ransom was recovered. 'it Apollo 8 flies around tile moon 10 orbits. 26—Arab terrorists shoot up Israeli airliner in Athens. '27—Apollo S returns from the m.'oii to a pinpoint landing in the Pacific, marking the end of a perfect voyage in space. Pueb- ; lo crewmen in San Diego meet families, >uffer from malnutri- ; lion. 28—North C e n t r a 1 airliner Hashes into hangar in landing at O'Hare field, killing 27. 29 -Japanese check falloul from Chinese nuclear bomb explosion. 30—Israelis retaliate for Arab plane raid, burn 13 planes at Lebanon airport and threaten further reprisals. ing. Mrs. Hradiord finally received it addressed Billings. Montana. Canada. To lop it oil. Canadian tax was wilrheld from her dividend. NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY and DANCE At The GABLES TAVERN 10 Miles West on Route 460 Everyone Invited Music By The Castaway and C. T. Topper Band ADMISSION — $1.00 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MORE IMPRESSED with camera than U.S. golfer Billy Casper is this pair of lionesses at Johannesburg, South Africa. Casper has won a lion's share of tournament money on the U.S. circuit this year. BELLE RIVE NEW YEARS EVE SERVICE At The CALVARY APOSTOLIC CHURCH 25th and Jones Tuesday, December 31 — 8:00 P.M. * SPEAKERS: BERNADINE CALDWELL DAVID PATE EDWARD LUCAS JAMES LUCAS ir SPECIAL SINGING * LORD'S SUPPER ir FOOT WASHING EVERYONE WELCOME E. J. McCLINTOCK, Pastor .Air. and Mrs. Bohhv Slull aiv 1 son of Chie-igo spent Tuesday night with his grandmolber Mrs. Til lie Slull or'.Mt. Vernon and Mrs. Rosa Shane. Mr.'and Mrs. .lohn Heil and children, Mr. aivl Mrs. Dor. Powers and ehild'rn of Lock Port. La.. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Aydt and children and Mrs. Lalheren Maker and son of Ml. Vernon spenl the HoIUrlays wilh their uarenls Mr. and Mrs. John Aydt. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tennison of Dahleren. Mr. and Mrs. Ever- f eft Moore of McLeansboro and Nanev Atchison were I hristmas dinner guests of iheir daughter son and sister Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tenneyson. Mr. and Mrs. Boh Hul'fs'ultler and son Jimmie and daughter Ruthie of Harmony spoilt the holidnvs with thee- parents Mr. and Mrs. Marion Capps. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Capps ; ^\/[ rs _ and family of Opriyke, Mr. and , }j v Mrs. Marion Capps and family visited with their pa-'cnts Mr. and Mrs. Marion Capps over the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Morris B-tehel and children of Wnodlawn. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Campbell. Miss Gertrude Snodsmilh, Gene Harmony of Mt. Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Elyn Belehel ant! Mrs. Loren Tarr snenl ihe holidays w ; ;h her parents Mr. and Mrs. Mvron Belehel. Mr. and Mrs. Pall Atkinson of McLeansboro visited during the holidays with her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Cole. Mr. and Mrs. Dale r -Vwvn and daughter .Tet .i of Waukcgan j the holidays with his moth, pi' Mrs. Delia Eiimon and son ! Mike. M'\ MPd Mi 's. Hallarh Voyles i •>iv the proud narems of i new d -m-'hU'r born De:\ 14. 1968. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ross and sons of Robinson snent Sunday j with her mother Mr. and Mrs. | Elyn Belehel and brother My-' | ron. Mrs. Delia Esmon and Miss: ; .Teta Brown of Waukegan sivnti , Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. j Gc-ald Loss and family, j Mr. and Mrs. Trd DavenwrL ! snent Sunday in Mt. Vernon' ; with their daughter Mr. and] Clifford Hawkins and fam-l Several from the Belle Rive! Christi 'in Church sing Christ-] mas son-rs in their Sunday j School classes. T'.w who heard i them, renorted they did a wonderful job. Ruby Winn, XOTICK OY PITSIJC HEARING Public notice is hereby given • that a he-'.rirg will b:' held before ! the Zoning Board of Appeals of [ the City of Ml. Vernon. Illinois, , on a petition and apnlicaiionl filed by Mt. Ve-non Executive | Services. Inc.. a Corporation, ' seeidng a variance from the provision;, rules and regulations of : Article 21 of Ordinance No. 66-12, ! the Revised Code of Ordinances i of the Cily of Mt. Vernon, Illi -j nois. being the Zoning Article' arcl Ordinance of said City of Ml. Vernon. Illinois which petition and application seeks to permit the construction o r an apart- . ment or multiple family dwelling, f.-'cing -n exisiling apartment' huMding af) feet awav from the existing building, rather than 70 , feet as required by the Zoning j Article and Ordinance, said prop- ] erty being described as follows: I Commencing al an old corner post 524.04' West and -116' ; South of the NE Corner of the SE '.i SW 1 -., Section 30. : T2S, R3E. 3rd P.M.. running ' thence South P.07.2'. ! hence \ Eas1 50'. thence South 132' lo ihe Norlh right-of-way line of Broadway, thence N 84' 30' W along said North right- of-way line 171.9' to an old steel axle, thence North j 426.5' thence West 220.0' to ' the place of commencement: siluated in Jefferson County. Illinois. (The street address of said property being 2020 Broadway. Mt. Vernon, Illinois, i; and lake further notice thai said | hearing will be held on Monday, ' the 27th day of January, A.D.J 1E69. at the hour of 7:30 P.M. in; the .Ml. Vernon Cily Hall Building. Ml. Vernon, Illinois, al which time and place all persons interested may appear and be heard in the manner provided by law and the Zoning Arlide and Ordinance of the Cily of Ml. Vernon, Illinois. Dated at Mt. Vernun, Illinois, this 31 day of December, A.D., 1968. ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS OF THE CITY OF MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS By Jack J. Setzekom, Chairman. AN OPEN LETTER TO: THE CITIZENS OF MT. VERNON We are facing a critical period for Mt. Vernon. The many problems facing our city must be solved using reason and a new forthright approach. The course of our City must be plotted with imagination and foresight. I firmly believe that Mt. Vernon, RIGHT NOW, is in direct and exacting competition with Carbondale for becoming the most important area in Southern Illinois. Although we know Mt. Vernon should be the center of progress and leadership in the future — WE MUST NOW MOVE WITH IMAGINATION and directed foresight towards that goal. I am a candidate for the Office of Mayor of Mt. Vernon, and although a young man, I know that with your help and dedication as forward moving people, I can — and will — provide the direct, aggressive and imaginative programs to put us far into the lead over any Southern Illinois City. Since filing for Mayor, I have been asked many times — "Where do I stand?" My previous civic endeavors and public announcements have always been directed toward working for people and making Mt. Vernon the best city possible. I see no reason to change my attitude nor to build a wall around the city and will do everything possible for the growth and best interests of us all — AS MT. VERNON PROSPERS, SO DO THE PEOPLE. This I can promise you and confidence and vote. I Will - with your help, NOT REACT #AVTJAG AUTHORIZED SALES — SERVICE — PARTS — FEATHER ST III) ACT- PROGRESS - NOT PROCRASTINATE INITIATE - NOT IMITATE REACH OUT - NOT REACH IN If I am fortunate enough to have your support and vote — and above all — your help, I promise you a start towards an exciting and vibrant community that will put dust in the eyes of other areas and bring Mt. Vernon its desired goals. I will, as the days move on, attempt to provide you with issues and programs for you to be the final judge — NONE WITH A NEGATIVE APPROACH But all towards our future together. Sincerely, R0LLAND W. LEWIS CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR OF THE CITY WITH THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY AND FUTURE Mt. Vernon, Illinois (Pd. Pol, Ad.)

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