Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 31, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 3
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TRY THE COVINA TURN ITURE co SAFEST PLACE TC TRADE FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF .HIM Of FLOOR COVERINGS W. Q. CUSTER, Manager Yoscmitc Valley. Yosomitc X'alloy is now reached daily nfler short and pleasant trip via Southern I'acilic. to Merced, Yosemite Valley Railroad and 12 miles sta^c ride. Information may lie had at Southern t'acilic ofliee. Why Taft Should be Elected. Continued from first (her citi/.en s<> ful';. equipped n cru st ami starve when there is n on this work :M William !!. | wbo]o j, mf? Tho nnswcr is "n wen-- ing it fast and loose 1 . It is easy te> start a bank in Oklahoma. Bryan also would have interest rates the same in all states — same in Reno as in BoMou! This is entirely impraeticahle. Where slionld •we look for wisdom in financial affairs f to the hankers of New York. London, Paris. Merlin, or to Bryan and Governor JIaskell of Oklahoma?' Issues Past and Gone. In '!)(! Bryan injected himself and his issue of Hi to 1, embellished with his ''cross of gold,' 1 into the great national nrena, split the Democratic, party and the Prohibition party wide open, slightly fractured the Republican party, convulsed the nation and came near riding triumphantly into the White House. Bryan made his Hi to 1 not only pnra- jnonnt but. it became the most tremendous issue since thy Civil war. In IStOU Bryan was again in control of the Democratic party, bringing his "Hi to I with him, but it had become stale as an issue and would no longer serve as paramount. But Bryan was oi|iml to tlie emergency, he, had discovered a new issue which loomed large upon his vision, and he brought, if triumphantly with him. He was opposed to colonization by the United States of foreign peoples, opposed to monarchy! lie stood for civil liberty for all peoples! He was opposed to imperialism! Yes, that was the chosen work, the slogan portending victory! But Bryan did not get so near the White .House! this time, although he had brought two fairly good sized issues with him. ]n !1004. Ilryan was shy on issues. The old ones had been repudiated by the people!, 1 have no to carry Taft. lie is level-headed, consistent, dependable. Me lias be-t! nied. We know what he would do, wli.'it he and his administration would str/nel for, and that, under his direction the country would move forward along present lines. What Can We Look for From Bryan? But, not so in the case of Bryan. His ideas, his viewpoints, his conclusions, are' ever changing; not like Mie moon's phases, for they are known; but no one knows what Bryan would think or say or do or what sort of a cre-w he would bring in to man the big ship. Waiting the Result. There are thousands of business men and business enterprises waiting the* decision of November lid. If the news flashed over the wires on the night of November 3 is, "Taft elected," the morning sun of November 4 would find thousands upon 'liousands of men all over the land, with renewed confidence, renewed courage, instructing, ordering. clearing the way for the new movement of prosperity. But, if it could lie possible and the news should no me. 1 , ''Bryan elected,' 1 most of those waiting thousands would say: "Is'o; I'll wait. We don't know what he'll do. We can't tell a thing about what's going to happen." The man who thinks it would make no difference which one is elected, or thinks we would have better times or better conditions under Bryan than under Taft is not wise on these things. the 1 Peerless •would not serve, tine <me>" hist his job. In the preseiit campaign, Bryan has <|uite a biine-h e)f issues: ''Hhall the people rule 1 ," government guarantee of all hank deposits, iiniforin rates e>f interest in all state's, put all trust-made goeuls em the free lists. What Caused the Panic of 1907? The- panie of 1007 was the inevitable result lit' the ten years of the contimi- eius McKinley-Koosevelt. prosperity from November, fsOli, to November," 1006. The panie of l.SO.'!, which was in den-eland's se-coiid term, and was caused by the; law, then existing, compel'ing the government, to purchase a large riiiioiint eif silver every month, and stacking it in the; government vaults when we; had no use for it exeept to hold up the price of silver for the exclusive benefit of the silver mine owners (which law was repealed under Cleveland and for which he deserves much crpeji.t), ane] the fftor among business men as to the results of tile operation of a new tariff on elemo- erntic lines. Hard times contimie-d eluring the remainder of Cleveland's see-.ond term, mid, in tho e-ampaign of '!)(), with Bryan and his e-o-worke-rs preae-hiag Hi to 1, the wheels of industry e-ame to nearly a lull stop. Those were very hare'! times. McKinley Restored Confidence. I mmediate-Iy after the election of Mc- Kinle-y, with confidence' rest.oreel, came•new i-e)iirage and ne-w hope. 1 and the bus, iiiess e>f the country began to move- forward; slowly at first but. gradually increasing in force- and volume, until in ICOMMUNICATKII] A Ticklish Tariff, a Ticklish monetary System, and the Grinning Monkeys. Is the free-trade Dingley tut 1 iff responsible for tbe present industrial panic; responsible for nn overproduction, (underconsumption), and several milliem workers being out of employment? Was tbe high-tariff Wilson-Clormiiu ^j]) responsible fejr the tinconsumcd surplus products of 18!)!?, and the consequent industrial paniei, wbcu that surplus of goods WHS piled up under a free-trade McKiuloy tariff bill? If the Wilson bill hnd anything to do with the panic of 18!);!, then the Dingley bill is the cause of the panic e>f-li)08, now on. Tariff has little to do with panics. They "just happened so." Don't you Democrats "monkey with the taiiff;" you mo not UP enough on tariff. That bottle of -T'Op'") so fill lack iif understanding," as to their economic intciests. lint that would bo n revolution. Yes. tneist assuredly. Why not freedom from wnge slavery us \vclj ns chattel slavery? Tho campaign of 1012 will bo individualism versus socialism. Yours respectfully, Socialist. S. Koberls Ileadley. Chrysanthemum Pair and Baby Show Finns are well under way for the- chrysanthemum fair and b'lby show to be given by the women's club during the week of election dny. Entries feir these occasiems will not be limited to club members. Premiums will be awarded. Anyone wishing to display chrysanthemums should notify Mrs. R. M. Douglass, chairman. There will be prizes awarded in the baby show for the heaviest, lightest, nicest looking, tiniest, youngest, etc., boy or girl. Tbe age limit is three; years. The baby show will be held on I he) afternoon of Wednesday and tbe club house will bo furnace heated. Tho chrysanthemum show will bo Wednesday evening. Anyoiui wishing to make on tries for tbe baby pbow, notify Mis. R. O, Simpson, chairman. Cement blocks for Hale cheap. M W. Gage, agent for D. E. Stitcs. tf Furnished roorn.s for rent. Apply to Mrs. Martha llibach, Cottage Drive. tf lOOij-IKi came abounding tremendous prosperity. "Easy come, easy go." Plasterer getting .-(is ;r day; wife buying $20 hat; beefsteaks ever}' day, turkey often; investing in oil stocks, gold mining stocks; town lots laid out away into the country; extravagance the rid >, frugality the exception;- speculation gone wild. Bankers are, as u rule, the most conservative of men, but there were bankers who speculated on their own an.' on other people's money, and when .-'ouie Kinks, managed by speculators, had to close, people got, scared, and .all ban'-s, nearly all of them sound, found it, wse to (lose in order to protect the bnsint'n .intere-sts of the country. Then the people "sat up and took notice," wondered what was the matter, some thought the banks were to blame for it all! It high time for the bankers tit go slow in paying out the coin. Kven they had gone fully far rnemgh with the tide. Such conditions could not last. The (dump had to come-. Prices of real estate, of rentals, of building materials, of houeshold go.nlH, wage rates, nearly everything, too high--far beyond real values. The exaggerated prosperity, the 1 to our infant industries, has long since curdled, and our "puny" trusts ure really distressed, and anxiously looking for foreign markets wherein they may vemiit up some of the co- iigu luted conglomeration. Keep bunds otf, they will soon choke to death. Tho tariff is a bugaboei. II's high, low, jack and the game. It's (.be game of our musters, and they rake in the; peit. Your poor jacks. The orange growers play for high tariff on oranges, the railroDds trump with higher freight rates, and are the emly winners. You poor consumers. The growers turn spades, the railroads wear diamonds and tbe consumers receive clubs. "Don't monkey with the minis." W»s the late lliumoial panic of 1007 caused by any monkeying with our monetary system? any money laws changed or new ones enacted? It jtifit "happened so." Why did you Democrats try to get reenacted a bill for free unlimited ceiinago of silver, that was tecretidy No. 13579 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. NOTICIC <)I-' I-IKAKINC; Ol-' I'RTITION I-'OK I'HOIIATK (II' \VII,I.. In tbe matter of the estate of Columbus C. Uohaiinan, deceased: Notice; is hereby given that the petition of Mary E. Bohaniiati for the probate of the wil! of Columbus C. lio- baiinan, deceased, and for the issuance of letters testamentary thereon to Mary E. Behanuao, will be heard at 10 o'clock a.m. on the 2nd day of November, 1908, at the court room of department 2 of the Superior Court of Los A.tijjftloa county, California. Dated Oct. 13, 1908. C. G. KEYES, County Clerk. By W; L. Warren, deputy. A. M. Pence, attorney for petitioner, Stockholders' Annual Meeting. To the stockholders of the Covina Garage & Machine Shop Association: Please take notice that the annual meeting of tbe stockholders of the Covina (In rage: A Machine She>p Association will be bold at th<: oflico of the corporation, in the city of Covina, Los Angeles county, California, on Monday, the 'Jtb day of Novembir, V>OH, at 2 o'clock p. in., for the purpose of electing directors and for the transaction of such othe.'- business as may properly come before the mcx-un),'. B. M. GIVEN. Secretary. D. E. STITES Cement Contractor lU'IT.niMC, Hl.OCKS A SrKOtAI.TY Can save you dollars on your building. Am e<|iiipv>ed to do your job large or small. Blocks fur sale cheap. S. W. (JAGE, Agent, Covina Call and See Us If volt need anything in the' HARNESS' line and we will give the best goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cowlna Harness & Saddlery Co. Phone Home 1170 BARBERS AND SHAVERS | ATTENTION ! Shaving a delight. Use- ;i Sunset Dry Heine. 1 . Four strokes before- each shave all that iK-ee-ssary to insure- perfect shave. Maileel to any address on receipt of price—regular size$1.00; large sixe S2.HO. Agents wanted. .1. T. Crowe, Manufacturers' Agent, 507 Delta Bldg. , Los Angeles, California. knocked out in "high finance." teui is O. K., if HO. Allow lift to tatiem an to tho cans-en of the neiw beHct UH by asking a few 187')? That was Our money HJ'H- yem only though! give emr intiTpre- Ihat Assessment Notice. Covina Vallery (Jas Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Leis An- ifedes, State: of California. Notice is he:re-by ^iv*-'" "'at at a regular nice-tin^ of the: elirectors, held on the twenty fourth elay of September, l'.H)H, an assessment (No. .S) of three- (.1) cents jjer share: was le-vieel upon the: <-;i p- iial stock of the a hove name-d corporation, at the- secretary's olllct- at Covinii, KILL THE COUGH AND CURE THK LUNGS WITH Dr. King's New Discovery AND ALL THROAT AND LUNG TROUBLES. GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY OB MONET REFUNDED. COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. • j Citrus Avenue Having recently installed the latest improved shoe machinery, I am now prepared to do all kinds of shoe re-pairing at she>rt ne>tice. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every respect. Men's sewed balf soles T^c Ladies' se;\verti ball' soles ''Or. Ladies'nailed -^Oc Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogden Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions from T/os Angeles to New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the I "last, without change of cars. Through the warmer climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '4°-, and across Great Salt Lake—"going to sea on a train." f I). H. SCHKNCK, Agent. Covina Home phone H4 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agent, Pomona Home phone: M; Sunset Main 7(1 Southern Pacific Los Aiifrulcs Office;, (iOO S. Spring St., corner Sixth Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. Money to Loan on real estate, privilege- tei pay ftlOO.OO or multiple tluM-eeif at any interest paying elate. I buy trusl ek-eels, eleeiel cein!rac:t.H anel first mortgagees. At Argus eiflice- a'ftornemns of Tm-selays anel I'Yidays; at home- em I 'm-ule- St., e-xecpl M<indays anel Thurselays. Telephone ;i2S'>, OSCAR MII,I,KK. Hince we preiducii three time-H more: poods in thin country than we e-on- snrne, Jienv e-nn tlie wi.iUei" buy back the fiiirplns they liave pre.elnccel, when their wii^i'S only equal \'l per boom, had gone- too far and too fast; cent of the value of the geiodH pro- it had to stop, and, there- had te> be> a return tide. Such things are- unavoidable. The vast majority of people, go with the wind and tin- tide. We have- had tn t.'ike our meelii-ine. It was a h't ter d'ise fur many. County eif I,os Angi;le:s, State of (California. Any strick upem which this asse-ss- ment shall re-tn.iin unpaid on the 2nd elay of November, I'Mirl, shall be ele-lin- e|iie-nt anel ael ve-rl ise-el lor sale at puhlie | auctiem, anel unless pavmetnt is made " before, will he sole! on the- 2oth elay ofNove-mber, !')(«, a t le:n o'e.loe:U in the forenoon, at the ottiee- of the company in Ceivina, dainty of J/o-> Ange-h'H, State of Ca'ilorni... t.. pay (hi elelin- ipient ,i>-e---.ine-nl , toyellier V.Ilh e.o-it ot ,iel ve.-rlisi nj.' am) e,\(.en-e "I -ale, C. K. Clapp, Si-crtrtary. Ceivina, Cal., September 2:;, 1'tMH. Til 1C NKW IRamblcr /\uitomot>ile Heller than ever. Metier Uian any, regardless ed price. We e:an "sheiw you." See- local agent or W. B. COWAN .MM S. Hreiaelway, l,eis A ngi h•» At'ent feir Southern (California H E A L D ' S 614 Sniilli Gruml Avnnun, Ixi« An«oln«, Cr.llforlil«. im Iriiinliiif ItmllUiUiin In Ilin tieiutli. ()|,i!M elm-lux llm unllri' yeiar. Write! for I Prosperity Now Returning. ii'_;liT nnw. with tin- e-ainpaii/n in.! Brvan afi'-hl, hut with Koeise' ill .-it tin- helm and :i lai-gi- pruport imi •i< Taft will take his phu-e-, the - ..f' the i-niiiitry ii in goeid e-mi- ,-IIH| iiii[irnviiig. Tin- sirk mail -.ivej-ed. After N'oVelnher '.',, he in fi^ht in^' ruiidit lull. Taft the Man to Carry on the Roosevfilt Policies. h el need? Will the [impeded law of (jniiran- bank eleposilH lo ele poHitorn ;le: the- uiK-inployi-d, a'ld I hi: Ha pe-r e-enf e;f (In workeih who ha\c in. hank elepositH, ln-lp seihe: that H.III pi UK |,"-i,ble-m NOW? Keally, now, is not the the belief lhnt hlllplllfe the: grcaUibt • f inisiiiess tentiem in this ci.nnl.ry ti,da,\'.' l^n't that the: real ihsne.' l.s it nut al. holiite:ly necessaiy (hat the w-.rl;< rn e-.oll(-e:t i ve-ly envn all the n,ean.- ol proebieition and elinti ihiit ie.n. in e.ide-i to I'ike: care ol (hat mi| ln- : and KO do away wit h the: iineu,|,li .M il I cm without tiinlini.' fe,tii(.'n uiaiket- at Ni ai l> all e-i\ il i/e-d i '• nut i 111,Hi an i.v (-1 | i ..duet ion, ai: Delinquent Notice. I Xlice of the- Ceivina Irri^atin^ (!om- |niiiy, pri ne;ipal plae:c ol bu.-.iner.-., I .</- vina, hfowlane] Tow nshi u, County ol Lei.-, Ant;ele,s, Slate of Cali lornia. Then: are deliiK|U.-nt em the fedlow- ! WANTKD Sm-.e-.e-iH M,lga/,ine re- (|iiire.-. t In- serviia-s of a man in Covina to lo.-k alter e-xpiring Mibse.riptioiih land to hec.ure new biiniiie-ss by means of special methods unusually elleclive; |josiiion pernrinent; prefer on.: with exper iene.e but v/oulel connider any a pplie;: nt wi 1 h t;o. d mi I lira I ijua iilicat , ioin-; -,aiai y -1 o per day, with j mUsion eiption. Aeldre-ss, with n-fi-r- enees, K. C. 1'e-acock, Keiom 102, Sue;; i•.i•-,.-, Maga/.ine: Blelg., New Yenk. White- Mineirca eugw, 1 Tj to I he net lint.', Sl.fiO. ('. \). I.lauielH. J'hone lir.o. if I. N, WILSON The Blacksmith With the nieist sUillful inechaiiicH and the hest e-e|iiipiiu:nt we can ele> ye)iir work in tlie inetst wf»rUinanlil<e and be-sl manlier in shorter time and at a reasonable ceist lei you. We- also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if yon are thinking of purc.hasirig a vehicle os any kind we invite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a sr|tiare deal and save: yeut a few dollars besiden. eM'.ri bed stock .i nl N... Mi, levi '*o*, th. .-.'• vi-ral ' lie ll'l me-, . Hi aecoiint i'l a -> il on Se jit e n i b< I' amount.-! ->ei ..ji- it 11; I'.: -.|iel I 1 VI v '3 Unwell & llowell BREAD IJ^ht, Sweet anej Wholcbonu: • , '''"', KKiv->n KVKKY OAV AT L' ' Cake and Confectionery ;', Moving Heaven and Earth Anel alse> a:iytliin«; else- thai will move. Tratisfcriti;.' I nniitim-, pianos, di-live-r- iii" i xurcs-, |iarka|.'cs, rarrs'in \' : I'ni'e-d Stale-, mail, takiiM' nut pat'lii-. te> tin- rail \ oils and liearhe-,. llaullil 1 ,', ul'- aiH'cs and all hinds •/! lu-av v ti-.nisin". Covina Transfer Company

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