The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 17, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1892
Page 6
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0. it v - J " HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, MAY 17, 1892. INSURE HAIL COUNCIL MEETING. \\V ;ir<" 11f i\v prcjmri'il to \\ riti- i ns uruIH'C and insnn* ^•rowin^ cnips sif ^iiinst hull in one of" our must ivliabh' ciiinpanics. Mail sturms is sinnt' si'i'lions of tin* count ry ;i n- of common occurnMcc anil Mien- is not. a season passi-h thai, wliolr nc'iKhhorhoods a IT <|i'vastat,tMl by On'si* descnu'tivr storms. 11 is prt't.t-y hard for a man to work industriously for a wlioU- season, und just, as, the harvest, is almost, secured see it cut down to Uic ground by hail, and the fruit of it whole season vanish. The Muyjir Scut in III* AppointmcntN- All CmiNrmi'il. 'Die city council met in their new quarters last night, in the Valley Sin to bank building, with President of the Council Mc.Curdy in the chivir. The following coumdlmen were also present: Norman, Uoladay, MeKee, Miskimen, Meyers. Brown, and Wins low. The minutes of the last regular and special meetings were read and up- proved by the council. Hill on the various funds were allowed as follows: Ueneral fund $ st»7 l$n Street fund rj'.MiO Sewer fund, -It) 00 A Few Cents The sight of our fields of waving grain, and broad prairies clothed in evergreen robes, with countless herds of fut and, contented cuttle grazing thereon, makes one feel that a Kansas home is not heartily appreciated until we see those who are not so fortunately situated. "KANSAS FARMS. per acre will protect yon. If yon do not happen to see one of our agents write to us. \\v will Mend you a blank application to fill up and return. We will also send yon the last copy of The Insurance Loan Jlntfle which will tell vou all about it. Winne & Winne, ill CORNER AVENUE A AND MAIN Hutchinson, Kan. It was Mr. Kmerson who said "th IW'fct wealth is health." and it was wiser than the modern philosopher who said Unit "the blood is the life." The system, like ihe clock, runs down, It needs winding tip. The blood gets poor and a score of diseases result. It needs a tonic to enrich it. A certain wise doctor, after years of patient study, discovered a medicine which purified the blood, gave tone to the system, and made men—tired, nervous, bra in-wasting^ men—feel like new. He called it his "Golden Medical Discovery." It has been Hold for years, sold by the million of bottles, and people found such satisfaetion it that Dr. I'icrce. who discovered It, now feels warranted in selling it mirierti positive guarantiee of its doing good in all eases. Perhaps it is the medicine for you. Vour's wouldn't be the first ease of scrofula or salt rheum, skin disease, or lung disease, it has cured when uoth- ing else would. The trials, worth making, and costs nothing. Money refunded it' it don't do you good, NlllItT, The Ladies Sewing society of the M. K. church will meet at the parsonage on Thursday p. m. at V o'clock, after which they will serve a dime tea from to '.' o'clock. The public in general nr.- most cordially invited to be present to part icipate i n the social us well a*- gratifying their appetites at another tea for which this society has been noted. Cstnl ot Tlmnlis. HHI:TTV I'u.MitiK. Kan.. May 11, IS'.i:.'. KIUTOI! News: Will you kindly express t hroiigh the columns of your valuable paper, my sincere thanks to the i-iti/.ens of Niekerson. 1'retty Prairie and vicinity for their generous assistance in my late misfortune. 1 feel under obligations to the citizens of Niekerson for the sum of S:„ M .U)0, and to the citi/.ens of Pretty Prairie and vicinity for Sl.voo. 1 feel deeply grateful tor the above ami would gladly reciprocate the kindness extended to me by t he cit i/.ens of the above named places, when circumstances are favorable and any of them may need my assistance. With thanks. I am yours truly. .INO. LAI'VKU. All who are contestants for the wreath in the "Temple nf Fame,'' will please report to Mrs. Slingsby, atU. A. 1!. hall, to-morrow (Wednesday) before I o'clock p. m. Total, Sl.VJii M The bill of Chilvcr for making connection from lire department stable to the sewer, was rejected, A petition, numerously signed by residents of Kirst avenue, west of Cow creek, asking for einriersiriewnlks, was referred to the committee on streets and alleys. The reports of the city marshal and police judge showed that there were :t? arrests during the month of April, and fines collected amounting to §107. The reports were received and placed on file. The street commissioners report showed mi expenditure of £02.1 for sidewalks and repairs during the past year. An ordinance, was introduced and passed locating the fire limit, or locating the district in which no frame buildings can be erected, which boundary is as follows: Beginning at a point ut Fifth avenue and Main, going west to ulley: thence south to Third; thence west to Wash" ington; thence south to 11; thence east to alley: thence south to Gi thence east to alley east of Main: thence north to II: thence east to Walnut; thence north to Third; thence west to alley, thence north to Fifth: thence west to Main. An ordinance was introduced and passed: vucating the streets and alleys, except Eleventh, of Murdis' addition to the city of Hutchinson, with the understanding that the Chicago Investment company pay expense ot publication, etc. Mayor Vincent not being able to attend the meeting, sent in the following appointments to the council, with the wish that they he contlvmed or rejected in open session. City Attorney—F- F. Prigg. City Cleric—('.. D. Barclay. Street Commissioner—S. N. Parker. City Marshal—Geo. Miller. Assistant Marshal—V/. D. Louderback. Day Police—Geo. Coleman. Policeman—Henry Craig. City lOng'mecr—Fred Carpenter. The council confirmed all these appointments, after which they went into executive session. When the doors were, again thrown open, the bids of Messrs. Bland and Shields, for sprinkling the streets, were read, and the contract awarded to John Bland, at ',':('.j cents per hour, Mr. Bland to keep up alt necessary repairs on the wagons, and to return the same to the city at the expiration of his contract in as good condition as when he received them, barring natural wear. All bids for city printing were rejected, and a committee of three— Meyers, Miskiinen and Winslow—appointed to draw up a notice for publication calling for bids for legal printing separate from stationery. Council adjourned to meet in two weeks. SonmGooil ttfMirtniiH Why They life More Viilnnlili. To-ilii.vTImn Thrjr tjurrtto He, A few years ago the entire surplus product of till kinds in the state of Kansas—wheat, corn, hogs and cattle, was shipped to the eastern states and to the Atlantic seaboard at very great eost of transportation and at a very great loss to the producer in various ways. To-day less than one-half of such surplus product is so shipped and in a very short period of time there will be little or none so shipped because the nearer and better market westward in the raining states and territories such ,as Colorado joining on the west. Utah, New Mexico, and other states and territories which are not grain producers in any considerable extent will soon require all of the surplus of Kansas and more too. This together with the new routes already opened up to the southern outlet to Europe direct via (lalves- ton, New Orleans, l'ort Royal, Gulf of Mexico, will shortly entirely change the course of marketable products in Kansas, much to the advantage of her people and possibly to the detriment of the people in the extreme eastern states. To-day lie can either ship or drive to over a dozen places, either in Kansas or on the immediate border—such as the great stock yards and packing houses of St. Joseph, Mo., Kansas City, Mo., both on the eastern line of Kansas, or to various other places such as Atchison, Leavenworth, Hutchinson. They can now and at all times get within five or ten cents of the Chicago or St. Louis markets of the day they sell and generally exactly tlie same price—all of these packing houses fixing their prices each day by the Chicago quotations daily received. The immense difference that such changes as these have wrought withiD the last few years in favor of the producer in Kansas which are still being extended more rapidly than heretofore are not known or full}' appreciated by the people living in the older and easteiii states of this country. These are not facy words compiled for advertising purposes, but ''cold facte" which any intelligent man can verify when his attention is called to the subject—but by the majority of the people not known or at least not considered by them. Numerous other instances can be cited showing wherein the state of Kansas has a surer foundation laid for future prosperity than ever before as well as more resources in the immediate present with which to acquire a competence or solid wealth than can lie shown in almost any of the older states. THADE A Tree is Known by its Fri PATENT "WENWORTH. KAWS1 Try King of Kansas Flour. SI. a sack. 1'rlcc List of THE CASH GROCERS. 21 South Main. SUGAK. 20 His Granulated 91.00 21 lbs Light llrown '... 1.00 ."J lbs New Orleans 1.00 COFFEE, Arbuckle $ .20 Midland -'0 .Santos 20 Moeha'and .lava 33X CANNED GOODS, lb can Tomatoes S .10 JUST RECEIVED IN OITR BOY DEPARTMENT 800 child's suits, $0.50, worth all of $1.00 .75, worth fully 1,25 1.00, new colors, worth 1.75 1.50, all wool, worth 2.35 1.75, beauties, worth 2.60 2.00, handsome, worth 3.00 2.50, hummers, worth 4.oo 200 child's suits, 300 child's suits, 400 child's suits, 350 child's suits, 500 child's suits, 050 child's suits, We have a handsome line of fine Prices low and correct. IN OUR YOUTHS' DEPARTMENT. .Sec our 83.00 suits, worth 31.00 il lb can Pumpkin 2 1b can Corn lb can String Henna. .10 .10 .10 4.00 5.00 11.50 S.00 10.00 12.00 B.B0 7.50 10.00 12.00 lli.OO 18.00 boys' isuits, Jerseys, 3-piecc suits, etcf HOYS' SHIRT WAIST DEPAttTMENl 500 dozetrat 15c each, worth 5 800 doxen, sateen, at 2Sc, worth 5f$! lCNEEI^NTS FORTWYST 500 dozen ut loe pair, worth 20 •150 " 30c " SB 351) " 25c " 45 250 " »5e " 50 Our 50c, 75c &• 81 pants are well known.] 2 lb can Lima 'Menus 08 2 lb can Succotash 08K 2 lb can Peas 08^ 2 lb can lllackberries 10 2 Ui can Kaspberries 10 2 lb can Gooseberries 10 2 lb can Strawberries 10 3 lb eau Peaches 15 2'i lb can California Peaches... .20 2><; lb can California Apricots..: .20 2!» lb can California Green Gage .20 2Ji lb can California Egg Plums .20 2},. lb can California Pears 25 2;,j lb can California Quinces 20 2 V; lb can California Cherries... .20 Gallon can California Peaches.. .40 Gallon can California Currants.. .10 Gallon can California Gooseber's .40 Gallon can Apples 25 1 lb can Mackerel: 10 1 lb can Salmon 15 1 lb can Oysters 10 2 lb can Oysters 17 SUNDRIES. 5 lbs Beans S .25 3 lbs Rice 25 (i lbs Oat Meal 25 5 lbs Tiulk Starch 25 Sour Pickles, per gallon .25 Hams 11 Hreakfast Paeon , .11 Lard .10 Above are the best values we ever had for the money. We say they are! worth more money—we know they are worth more—but We always give our! trade the benefit. Remember we are the acknowledged Leaders of Low PrieesJ in Clothing, Men's Furnishings and Hats. Kemember our stock is the largest clothing stock Hutchinson. We buy in such large quantities that we i-n say truthfully, CLOTHING RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. $100 IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33 )4 inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 Inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4, 1802. ANOTHER CONVENTION. TEXAS' PROSPECTS. B ON TON ^BAKERY Fresli BREAD Every Day. CREAM, HOMEMADE, GRAHAM AND RYE. Fresh Every Day Special attention given to orders for fine cakes for parties. J. W. Brelim, Proprietor. No, 15 North Main Street. AH Viewed l>y a 11 utt 'hliiNonluu— -11 err Wlit-ul antl <Jntlli>. Mr. R. .1. Cnnnell, who has just returned from a trip to points in Texas, where he went on legal business, was seen by the NKWS reporter this morning, to whom he gave an account of the condition of things in the Lone Star state. Saiduhe: "In many places in Texas the wheat lields are as brown as our streets, everything being dried up by droughts. There is no grass nor water, and in places whole acres of ground are covered over with the carcasses of dead cattle that have simply starved to death. There is nothing for them to eat, and to make the mutter worse, a quarantine has gone into effect, against Texas cattle in the region of the Creek nation, where they are wont to go to pasture, and they can't get out ot the country. In some cases the cuttle are being taken to other sections not covered by quarantine, but tho loss is tremendous. Two years ago texas was a booming state, speculation and excitement ran high, but eastern loaners and banks are withdrawing from them, and their case is serious. Texas is in a bad condition. Hut in the Territory the aspect changes. The country is covered with water, and vegetation is luxuriant. And when one returns to Kansas he feels that he has reached a new world, end never wants to see Texas again. The Aiullloriuiu and llHtchlllKou 'ri lU'pu- tullmi Illl It. As was announced in a Kingman special to the NKWS yesterday evening the nominating convention to nominate a eundidate for slate senator from this district, comprising the counties of Reno, Kingman and Pratt, will be held in Hutchinson duly 25th. At this convention there will be nearly 200 delegates, and the visitors present will bring not less than 500 strangers into the city. And, again, in this evening's issue of the NKWS wiil be found an account of a meeting of the Central Kansas Teachers' Association which convenesin this city during Thanksgiving week, three or four grand lodge gatherings coming, which will fill the city to overflowing upon several occasions during the next. year. We arc beginning to feel the effect of having one of tile best convention halls in the state. T HE HUTCHINSON MUSIC COMPANY. Dining IlK.Vl.KISS IX LEADERS ^ OF LOW PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS LARGEST STOCK West of the Missouri River. Only first class goods handled. All thoroughly guaranteed. A full stock of sheet music and musical merchandise. D.I. Galier, LIVERYMAN Fine rigs, stylish teams md the fanest funeral arand white hearse i a the state. ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND GALLING. 101,103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. Piano tuning department in charge of ,1. A. Me GAU01IAY. Write for terms and prices. Hutchinson, - - - Kansas. .SiiprTltit I 'liUeittH flli!«l. County Superintendent Sum Hill went io il unction City today to attend the state convention of county superintendents. The executive committee [ of the Central Kansas Teachers' association all being superintendents, and present at tliis meeting, of which Mr. Hill is chairman, will also hold a session to make arrangements for the Thanksgiving meeting of tlie association which convenes in Hutchinson Thanksgiving week, and remaining in session for three days. This will bring to Hutchinson about fifteen hundred teachers upon that occasion, and will be a very interesting meeting. The meeting will be held in the Auditorium, and will be as large as Cue recent Republican convention, or larger. Our new Auditorium did it. FRUITS. FRUITS. Strawberries, Pine Apples, Oranges, Bananas, arid all other choice fruits, at ' FURMAN'S. 22 Nona Mutll St. V A llutclilnKun .SluKtii'. Miss Myrtle Mitchell of this eUy, who is now taking a musical course at the Liudsborg school, is becoming quite famous as a singer. She sang a solo at tlie Presbyterian church hist Sunday, and is on the programme to sing at the great Bethany college festival at Lindsborg, which comes off on commencement day, on Thursday, May 20, and also at the Messiah eon- cert, to be given May 31, 1802. Miss Mitchell has an alto voice of musical elegance, and one that attracts favoroble comment wherever heard. J. '£!.. IP. PLATE, The 8 Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a f ull^L line of Groceries. - NO. 113 NORTH -MAIN STREET, UOTCHTNSON, KANSAS. > O m CO O O 73 n CO O r- m H C 50 Z m a CO X o Are as flexible and dainty us tlie fin. est turn. Are the easiest walking shoes made, the cork acting as a cushion to the foot. Are the most healthful shoes made, as cork is a non-conductor of heat and cold. Ladies wearing them need not fear cold, damp or rough walks. , The cork is secured in tt pocket, which is sewed in with the scam, holding it tirmly in place, and is guaranteed not to work loose or curl up. For sale by YOUNG BROS. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seed: L. G. DUPLER. Jill OF HUTCHINSON. We sell D. M 22 SOUTH MAIN Ferry & Co.'s celebrated bull seeds. THE BEST IN THE WORLD. % < /ox;/ factor...^ Every MAN who would know tho QliAND TRDTIIB, tho Plain Facta, th^ .1 Old Sooroto and tho Now PUaovorfes of Medloal Sclonco an nppUed 'r. Marrlod Llfo, Khould wrlto for our wotaderftit llltle book, calloA / ); "A TttHATISB KOII M19N ONLY." To BUT earnest man we will mall on*. J eopy Entirely free, lu plula soalod cover. "A refime from the quack*.*' THE ERIE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO. N. V.

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