Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 24, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 8
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CALIFORNIA'S CiOVERNOR. automobile f:nrnflo of over thirty owner) in this district n<:- Rovornor'H party to where lie. spokn to HD niirli- ence briefly, KOMIR on to AZIIPH, finrl from then; to PBRHrle.nn, when 1 . hn spoke to n Inr^n midieiire in n lent in the evening. Among thio men of Co- Ainu furnishing nincMnrH for UK- e«- rort WPIP: A. H. KVIIHH, I!. M. (iiven, VV. M. firiswold, ./. O. HOUH <-r, W. H. ColliriH, M. O. Pollard, I!. M, iJoiiKliiftt, \V. Waln-rboiiHC, K. M. ChrijiniHii, J5. I;. Ke.vnolilH, Jerome Reynolds, ('. I-', (,'lnpp, (;. H. Heard W. L. (JriflltllS, (!e<.rge I)H7 I. C. Fiiirly, lit: ,J. I). Keen*, ])r. O. ,}. Jennings, -I. Wright, of (ilenrlorii, ,J. (,'. Wright, (!. Iv lif^niin, A. P. Korckhoff, nniJ tnnny others. .). O. JlrjiiM'r wan an efHeietit rnarnhal of the rmrarle. Tho governor rode in Col. nirnprmiri'ft mfic.hine. mid marry of the automobiles contained Indies. Management Changes. "Ticklish Business." Ho the Argus rightly calls K Demo «:rnti>n reviflion of the tariff. A part, flondffly Afternoon Club. 1'hosfl IndieH who ntlrmlerl the meeting of the Monday Afternoon nlnb thin week weir- more than de- ! of those who will vote for president lighted with the excellent addreH'i I next month have tint, learned the civen by Minn Laura Liimmis on • tariff theories of the two great par- "VVhal, One Sees When One fines | ties by attending the discussions of Abroad." In n nhort time MisnJH political campaign in whirl) the Lumtnifl conducted her hearers across j tariff WHS the leading iiwie. Three the. Atlantic to fiibraltar, whence | terms constantly ippear in such dis- Democrats Rally Up. Jnd R. Rush, Democratic candidate for rep'esentntive from this district, will be the principal speaker at the Democratic rallv tonight In the Wriman'fl club house. Central Com mitteoman Welch of Covinn has made extensive plans for this rally and delegates 'from A/uea, (Jleridora, Kl Monte and Pomona will come to her ttineiary took her to Florence, | eiissionH-. protective tariff, tevennc hear the district standard bearer. fiorne, Napier;, Amnlfi, Venice, j '"i 'iff urid free trade, Hut a i/rot'-i:- 1 ------ — -----------through the Sirnplon I'IIRB to Kwltxer -! live tariff yields revenue; n revenue land, down the Hhine, into France tariff, an championed bv the fJemo- and rielgliim, across the Kriglish , crats. affords Home ine.idental pro- Channei to London, ihrouuh Hug -' tec,tioii, and free trade i.s not trade Independents Visit Us. The Independence League held n rally in the J. O. O. K. hall land and Hcol land to Uh*gow, and ! Iree of taxation, but a system in j on Thursday evening) at which (|iiito After a very 'MieeesHfiil year in the real eHlate buHiiieHH, MoHfitH. (,'lark «V, JJouglriH have by minimi consent <[\H Hnlvod f.artnei'Hhip. Mr. DnuglriK with hiH HOII llownrrl will continue the IIIIHHICHH in the f-arne. Ideation, mirl in expressing np- preciritiori for patronage in Uio pafll, rlefcire to Holicit for the now manage metit. n continuance of the mime. lilmore for nanajjer. ,J. II. C'oolrniin, preNidenl; and superintendent of the Covina City Water Company, i.s swimming on the top wave of tho reservoir this week. In recognition of his faithful and efficient, f.crviccH, the company him provided a now lOlrnorc automobile for his line. The car is certainly a crodit to the man who will ride in It. It, adds one more to the large num bur of machines in town, and a high (•lass machine at that,, Curious Freak of Storm. The electrical storm which accom paniod the downpour of last Matin-day placed one of the Covina electrics out; of commission as "quick as lightning." The car was between J01 Monte and Covina when allomed, mid the big machines wero burned out. it JH not thought, that, tho car was struck by a bolt, but it is explained that tho HiupluH of natural elootrioity In tho air overcharged tho bsti.vtrles. "uf.ff! woti l;uL one woman on the cur, Mrs. C. A. Loud of Los Angeles, who was on her way to visit Mr. and Mrs. N. ID. Mussity. Mrs. Loud says that sho fell, the shock distinctly, and that it stopped her watch. UiiiniiJes Mrs. Loud, (hero \vere 1'1 mrtn on the car,' and becaiiHe of the accident the our wan two hours getting to Covina. Herious damage was also done by the lii/htning to the sub power station of the Pacific lOlectric at lialdwin Park, burning thn tower, tank, high voltage wiren and swifc.hes, resulting in (iamauo which will aggregate wev oral hundreds of dollars. EVANS A CANDIDATE. Well Known Rancher Out for State Senate on Independence Party Ticket. .lolin H. KVIIIIH. I'm- I wellly-tlvc years a rancher an.I lniKlni'SH MI.UI in iliis locality, wns In Covina Ilils w.'i-k In tli<> inicrcsis of his camlldacv Tor iln> sialc sriiale on Ilic I nd.'i rend.•!!<',• parly ilcki>i. "lloni'si John" t'omul that In Covina. as well as 1111 In ihr vicinity of his honir ranch near (Jli'ii- ilora. the- people wen- Mndly to his proposal to represent them In the sen- fn<', and Mils li'i'rlloi-y lie t'omul many a 111:111 who said he would support him In the lUlil. The Independence pariv picked John K. h'vans for I his position out of a law iiiiinlier of men in (he noiilhern part of the slate who were willing to make ihc run. He was chosen because of his M;; list ol' friends and his undoubted ahilitv In executive work The coin- finally across the Atlantic, home which home product* hear an again. A vivid word picture of inch'lax equal to the duty upon the corn point of intercut, and a wealth of jiost ; pcting foreign goods, cards added to the charm of Mi«si Protective duties, say their friends, LummiH's gerierou.s sharing of her , Hlmrrld equal Ihe difference in cost of travel treasures. A vocal colo liy ; production of Americnn and compet- Mrs, Mcniis, "When the Heart in, ing foreign goods, plus a fair profit Vuiirig," met with a cordial recop-jlo the American producer. Kevenue lion. Next Monflay evening thn ladies will entertain their husbands and sweethearts. Kach rnemher in entitled to bring one guest, preferably a gentleman. Musical numbers will include vocal solos by Messrs. Marshall anrl Wells; violin solo, Mr, Phi I leo; cornet solo, Prof. J!. W. f iroorn. Chrysanthemum Pair and Uaby Show. Plans are well under way for the chrysanthemum fair- and buby show to be uiveri by the women's club during the week of election day. KnlrieH for these occasions will not. be limited to club members. Pre-' in in ins will be awarded. Anyone wishing to display chr.v- duties, say their advocates, should not be "above the lowest rate that will yield the largest amount of revenue." The .American mind hah fluctuated both in the quality arid the earnestness of its tariff belief. In 18112 dissolution of the Union WHS threatened because of excessive protection. In IHIS.'J a compromise reduction was made. Kollovvintr ihe business collapse of 18:'", a protective tariff was passed in 181'.!. Four years later a '•'revenue tariff with incidental protection" was adopted. Changes of detail vvil bout alter ing its character- in ]Hfj7, and following the stagnation of business of the year Ihe Mori-ill protective tariff wan adopted in IHiil. The necessity of increased revenue during the Civil war carried a large crowd assembled. The audience listened to f:orr:e good speakers from Los Angelen. and were formally introduced to John H. Evans of Glendora. who i.s thu Independence League candidate for state the liiith senatorial senator- district. from You make no mistake In using "Ragene" for falling hair and dandruff. At Nash's, GO, per bottle. simlhcrnums should notify Mrs. K. M. |( juties to tho highest point in order DouglasK, chairman. There will be pri/es awarded in show nicest for tho heaviest, looking, tiniest, the baby lightest, youngest, etc., boy or girl. The age limit is three years. The baby show will be. held on the afternoon of Wednesday and the (dub house will be furnace heated. The chrysanthemum show will be Wednesday evening. Anyone winding; to make entries for the baby show, notify Mrs. R. O. Simpson, chairman, Teachers Surprised. Among the «dvantages of our public school system, not the least is the training which the children get in oigtitii/ing and carrying out their little Hoeia! iiiTairs, This week several of tho classes hnve given surprise partlea for their teachers. On Tuesday, Professor Lcebrick was complimented by his class, that day being his birthday. After school they went to his residence with ice cream and wafers and made a proud and happy man of him. Tim same afternoon, Miss Widney'H second grade totH organized a Hump Itiotis spread, unaided. Vc,sterdny afternoon, Mii-s Heath wan Hiirprhied at her home with Mrs. Wm. Clark, who kindly presented Ihii children with ihc freedom of her properly. Ciallons of ice cream and all kinds of "goodies" were brought, and we bore MisH I leal h was able to throw away her crutches and dunce with delight. Oilier elastics have plans, but. we must not. lei 1. mindly In general Cnhrlel vallev will Kvans' iMiulidacv, allilial ions arc the not. i he till' in ihe t'pl'cr Sun he rlail lo know ol' vvhe! ht r his |ni ri Y same MS their; or a mim's con v id ions. I o a posit ion where he represclileil is 11 ' mill M til l hm one toi- Farmers' Heeling. The regular meeting of the Farm ers' Club was held yesterday alter noon of (he humn of Mrs. (I. ,1. Key nolds,who. assisted by her daughters, served delicious refreshments. An able addrchs WHS given bv J, li. Noll' of Anahrim, "Progressive Agri- culluro. " Miitu'cal numhiu-H were a vocal solo by Mrs. Domis and piano solo by Miss Anna Kcynolds. Tho club aniioiincos that, they have many inquiries for tho booklot do Hcripl ivo of Covina. In thn evening Ihn club altondml I hn npi-uing of (ho Farmers' Institute in I he Presbyterian Church. ! to maintain protection of industries whoso products bore internal revenue taxation. So little concern was felt, in tho tariff question in 1872 that tho Democratic party and a bunch of Republicans got together under the lead of the greatest of protectionists, Horace Clreek'y, in a futile attempt to defeat (leu. (Jrant's re-election, anrl eight years later, though the tariff was fought over in the campaign, tire (Democratic candidate for president declared it a local issue JJut in 1HH4 the election of a Democratic president and House of .Representatives brought the question to tho front agnin. The Mills bill, a revenue measure, passed the House but failed in the Republican Senate. Mr. Cleveland wan defeated for re- eleutiou in 1S88 and the Republicans, having gained control of Congress, feeling that if the tariff were to be revised, it should bo done by its friends, passed the high protective McKinley bill a few months before tho election of ]H!)-J. The Democrats then being .successful with Mr. Cleveland, again set to work "tinkering with tho tarifl." Jioth houses of Congress being Democratic, a real Democratic tariff should have been the result. H.O')IQ| hing like that was tho Wilson bill as it went to tho Senate, hut there, under tho management of the Democratic loader, (Jorman of Maryland, it was changed into such a thing that tho president: denounced it and would not. sign it. Ho would not veto it, however, and allowed it to become a law. So radical a change of a policy that had endured for over thirty years, allect- eil liUfiint'MS, us all such chanuos of duties must, and revision of the No. 13.579 IN THfC SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATIC OF CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. NOTfCK or' ffKAHfNf; OK I'KTJTION I-'OK I'KotiATK 01' VVIT.r,. In the matter of the estate, of Columbus C',. Mohan nan, deceased: Notice is hereby given that the petition of Mary E. Rohaiinan for the pro- bale of the wil! of Columbus C. Bo- hariuau, deceased, and for the issuance of letters testamentary' thereon to Mary K. Bi-haunaii, will be heard at 10 o'clock a.m. on the 2nd day of November, 1908, at the court room of department 2 of the Superior Court of Los Angeles county, California. Dated Oct. 15, 1908. C. (i. KEYES, County Clerk. By W. L. Warren, "deputy. A. M. Pence, attorney for petitioner. Hello! is this the advertsing- man? well, you're the man I want to talk with. This is Crenshaw— Bob Crenshaw, grocery iieaa the S. P. depot, meat shop and all that sort of thing- you know- Now what I want you to do is to put me up a good, readable notice—Got a fine trade here—want more. You tell the people that I handle Cudahy's beef, mutton, pork and cured meats of all kinds. Tell'em that Cudahy sends all his meet out in modern refrig-crator oars, killed riyht and cured rig-ht and kept rig-lit. You can't make native meat compare with this meat of Cudahy's. The peoole know it but I want to remind them of it again, finest meat shop in the valley. And then our grocery department—I want Covina to know that we keep tabs on everything- that's new in grocery tine, and every line of standard yoods. Got a l)i;^ stock now. I want tele- plioiu.' orilor^. my 'phono's Home tarilf by Democrats foil into dir-lav i>r, < 22, put that ill the ad. NVe'll deliver any where the stuff is ordered Aiulsav, don't forgx-t our line of fresh lii-mes, apples and all fruits in season. Wo put in oysters pretty soon. That's all. pal rioi !<• A uu-i lean ;uul s:iy thai John Kvan-t lias A AFFLICTION peculiarly 01 |i'it rioi jr. Kvans. willi a jiarlv of In di'lit'iidciii'c |'H, ly s,M-ai>i'rs. I'.IIM- held SOUK- splriii'd rallii'- 1 in this virtiiii) I his wed; CLUB QUARTERS SELECTED. Aiioiln-r iniiioriani IIIOM- hats IM-I-II Inadc liv llii> board of diivclors of ilu- I'm ina Clirisiian ('nlluiv anil . \lhlcllr (''iih Tlii- li-asinn of Coolinun's hall. I'car tin- Soiillii'in I'acllic depot, has j iu'i-n :i('''Mi]i|ili-,l)rd am) ihr clnh will lain- IKI.-.-I'^MOII :i> soon a^ il can l>c i tilled '.ip lor ihat pmpos'. The club l:iis aluad' i;-il .1 .-l:irl on Ihe alhldv- I ;t ra ) ill e : ual i a litiin the procei'd.^ <>l Ihe enl ei ! aiiiineni !--i\eii ivreiill.v. and inoi'i- will he added ].i|ii'.ll> ( 'i'ol niali '.I nil is one .,1 'he !M->I halls in :|M- icivvn II In :i :'ond siat'e and \\nlf Mid liL'Ill V. indiiw - 'I'lie hoai d el dl ; :i-cior.- decided upon Ihis clmice uii :-.niinou.-.l'. afiir inspi-ci in;.', lie- Imi'd ill:- 'Tin -,vorl; of ('I I in::. n|i Ihe hall •,•. i M I.e doi'e :iin|."r I he direct inn "I i'livhical Diiecio.' i>li\er l.u.-ue. ; IS SERIOUS. sail ailliciion is that as befallen Derius Overboil- :'er. a lanchei veil known ami re .-.pec'eil ill ihi.i IncalilV, Where he lias l e .jileil I'or a lil'el inie Mr. ( )\ el hull /.films lieell stricken with epileptic ill :mn\ ami will piobablv he taken in lilfhlamls I'or commiiiiieni until ie t-iivery. For :-'ome years tie has been allllcleil vvitli thijse attacks, having been lakeii suddenly several times in a violent manlier, and on Wednesday. ilnrilH! the lime when the crnwtl was assembled It) meet I he political speakers, lie suffered a serious allaeu lie w a -. laken into a nearby sline !>\ ii-ieiitl*. Inn his condition has noi nut improv ed The I'amilv has i he hv ot' evervone in this vallev ( Iv ei holt/.er his a!wa\.- be.'ii i IH really n "lii'liliwli curdiii^ly, the "piHtrlt'SH leader," .scidi'j.; that ant i -protect inn ua* a Miiru IDHIU-, iiidni'i'il his party to maUn t'n ¥ o doina^o of silver, It! t.o 1, the slogan for IH'.KJ, "niniiknyiii^ with tlu> mint," iiistcnd of ' 'tinkering with the turilf." Hut the country wanted iidilhcr. McKinley hecanii! pntsidi'iit. Tin 1 pri'HiMit tiirilf \MIH enactod ami has not lieen strongly attackod Hinoe. I'hn oppuru'iitH of protection do not n«!•(!»• tlia! tiiii liusiiii-rts disasters aiui "hurd liniivs" of ISliT, IHfiT and IS'.i.'i were canned liy the low liiriils then presailiuu. 'I'lrcy .just "liiip- |a>ned" at llinso times. That is re i niaikahle. Hut it is Miiiithor icinaik aide fact that in each instance, .\iili a change to a protective policy, liusr lie 1 ,;- 1-e^aii to revive, prosperity re' turne.l. S. 1'. .IKNNISUN. Bob Crenshaw Near ths S. P. Depot I'hone 22. CHARTER OAK. Mr. and Mrs. K. Wik'ox and u »f V'urmout are among the little latest settlers to urrivo liore. Mr. Wik'ox had accepted a pesitioti wild tho Slnwell t'u. lienry Hunting' has retiirnetl from a three \\eeks' visit with relatives in Nurllit'iT. Calitor uia. Krlit ii aisfki 1 I'lM 1!^ •JlS'J. llld eii dill' ,1 I:..ill III.- t .U ! Ml-. ' -.tree I, MI.-.S HI,-, end v. uh HeVt. Mi-.- lie i< 11-I v ill a Mr. I', n i,Mil,In;- tlrl.Cl 1 I'll UH I l'"lattT -! ('lit tilt 1 Wfl'k lu'r uruiiilii.iiihtM-. Mrst. ,•11 II,-alii h.ia t.-.'i'li --t-r 1 tilt- week. a v f roe is I'.rl 11 n-.-il 1 r ti [ i-11 y. \Vt-l Is Pargo & Co , Express. AN NO!! XC EM 1C NT (>n and after November 1, 1'ius, free tlelivt-rv service will be matte to msi- | N KSS Ht)\ Sl'lS. IM'HI.IC I NSTN I 'CTIO VS. Ill Sl.NUSS tll'l-'ICK, anil I'ACKINC. HllfSKri .if I'ovina, tiNi.v. Free delivery service will be extended to the resilience ttiilrict. We have made arrangements with the L'ovina Transfer Co., | whereby they will deliver express mat- j ter, at the following low rates, to all i patrmis \v ilhiu the citv liaiits (uther than named above) desiring Mich delivery made, viz: Package- 10' 1 Hi-, or Ic-s ....... In each linxea loo ...... ..... 10 " lirips am! Suit I'.iai's .......... lo " Trunk- i^is i 'i' b. pxes weiijhiiiij' more iK) Ibs. li'o per l'wt.. Miiiutiiium e .->,-• - l. r i.'. l-'i>r fttither itiforma- s retail! t.> rates etc., ^pply l-i M-ji-vv in. A^eut, We Promise that the store will offer the best line of values ever shown. We are in a very strong position this fall. We own all our own goods outright. We feel that we would rather seil goods at cost than see our trade go elsewhere. We have tried very hard to build business upon the basis of good values. It is, however, useless for one store alone to try to draw trade. We must co-operate and have the assistance of the ranchers and property owners as well 1 The next two years Covina will either go ahead, or sink to its eternal sleep. BROADWELL Covina C'O'V-E'R-T has sold $75,000 worth of paying- orange and lemon groves in the past month. The man who sells is the man you want to list with. Want to sell your ranch? Want to sell anything-? Doing-business when others are idle. George Covert Office on Citrus Avenue 11-7 We Arc Told That Taft Will Be Elected F>ut business is going- to be good anyway. Business is good with us now. We have the largest stock in the San Gabriel Valley of Builder's Hardware, Tools, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heateas and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Cutlery, Gloves, and House Furnishing Goods. Inspect our stock of scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, Plowing Season Again Make ii[> your mind to have some now machinery. Save time." labor and worry by ordering your fanning tools oi us. Gang Plows, Sulkies, Disc and Walking Plows Every kind of a vehicle or funning implement that you want, & Diller f I'.iineiiLt Si. ..i\- in v.\;i;ili liU.rk. lu-ar S. 1'. ikp'it I'OVINA. t'AL.

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