Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1912 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1912
Page 11
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I The Big Five Day Sale of the Season Extra special for This WeeK! Two Hundred Elegant Hats —Iho ?easo)^^^ sniMrU'sl st\l«'s at (int '-foiii-ih or 2.')'; off Oil tlic dollar. Sl.Ort Jhm "n •^(KW Hats. %IM .$2.00 Hals SI.50 .SS .OO Hats .>:(;.00 $5.00 Hats ...... .S:}.?.") ipio.ou Hats $7.50 We Six'rializc on Hi^h Qiiaiitie.s in Ladies' Tailor Made Suits Is it the stylo and lit as well as tlie unusually low price that will you in elej^antly taiK ored garments. moo Suits, spocially priced at $:10.0» $30.00 Suits, specially prict-d at $25.00 $25.()0 Suits, specially priced at. $22.50 $2t).00 Suit.><. specially.priced at' $17.50 $17.50 Suit.s. speci.-dly priced at. $15.00 $15.00 Suits, specially priced at $12.50 $12.50 Suits, specially priced at $10.00 If you are needinir a rRETTV NEW DKKSS in Silk or Wool, you .^houhl not buy .until you sec our splendid line. Big Extra Special on Coats of .-uperl) style ami <iualily. This w .tn <lerrul shuw- inic of new pretiy Suits and t'oats all in this hiuf sale at these e.xLra special prices: $.HiM)0 .X.strican and riush Coats $25.00 .Sl '5.( I (» .'\:(rican and Phisli ("onls S22.50 $2(».n0 .'\.>^tiican and Coats $17.50 $17.50 Coat.s, on .<ale J^I5.00 $15.00 Coats, on sale $12.50 $12.50 Coats, on sale $10.00 $10.00 Coats, on sale $H.50 $H.50 Coats, on sale 5^<J.75 $7.50 Suits, on sale $5.00 Warm Underwear —the kind that wears .so well—the kiml that fits .so well—and the very reasonable prices will you. Warm Blankets IVr pair, from $7.50 down lo :Wc WF: PAY CAM FAKE RICHARDSON'S 113 EAST MADISON Aridthier ^'ar of lahcy' ' NbtOttirn Fdtatoer just 6lkr Per Bushel in five bushel lots delivered to anv part of the City.. ' Bring your sacks. Bigus Fruit Store East Side Square PHONE 293 ,0X ACCOUNT OF ELECTIOX TttBBE - WAS so'Ticwwe^i!* craw: LlTmluck Caallaws to Cllnb. Steers QdoM al II Centx and H U^H From Seven to Eight. OF EOSE CHAKMEUSE I The Big Shipment oi NEW 1912 BOOKS Is ill at til - liiKiksinn-. Omt ••H of the i)Oi>iil ;ir li;ivi'jjifw books iliis \>-:ir. Uenirui' Fl ;ir- rad*"!!, Knimis IJiilf. Aliii' Ucu- gan RicH. Uoli .-rl- .1. Mnniott. nenry Vaiit-ivk<-. M;iin!iv<i J ^.iti;;- sler. givo.iis in>v. i.n,-.^ .-iff r ri rest of soiiif ytars AlUHisl- lud 111 t.-: " most of Ilit-U! ;il inici -s. Evans Bros. ,B00KST01!H. ' I! S \Vi!soii. of .Mari!i:iil:ili. i^; in ' »!..• I ity mi liiisiiH-ss Mr i; i: Mil Us..11. of 111.- Sp.'tK.-r li:i!u f. !i;|fuiiy. l.ft iK.l.n !.>i- I 'oiiway SiMiii;;^ I .I a laiiiily A. I.. HoatriKlil w .iit to Kric iliis af- I-: h Si*-ii.'. of l''t 'Scotl. is in tin- I .Tiiooii on busiii.'ss. .•:'> tu.lay ..u l.-.isiiH-ss — H.-:iiitiful Hats al. low .-Rl ^: .Milliiii'i'v Iii'iiaii Dt Ni'U Vork St>.ii' I,.-*- Means, of l .;inarii.' w. iii to Olunuii' tliis alicriioon. —Dr. II. L. lli-ndrlrks. Old Court :! .ans I'lanlalioii V,-:ir. •f rails IWin/. I'ork licans 2.'»c :! I 'ans Van ''ainii's Uutter Bj'ans for Stove Polish Should I T'S different from others because more care is taken in the mat-- iaz and the materials used df higher grade. Black Silk Stove Polish SaKesaljri'.iianl .'.nix-pf .lis^ Jrt-saot nb .cTf .^r .l::~t uti. : r.- ^MTJC !a>i'» iuur •..timeN ai lor..; ;:n..rv polisli. U>ed on samiiltf >:uvt .':5 aal iultl bf biirdware dealer.-.. AU*CA>l (t5fctr .»t. V— It oTi t riK.k -t.^T«. jDur lartur n-tvv ..r >-.ur r;*...;,- Ir.ou aootna>llcth«bMtstove l >oUft :i.% •tirr.^r u ^t -J. J «urd«»U^ 1" 1.1 r.*! u > uur utility. 4t»»l«:oQ Blit-HSilt V -li.'i. lUdtt in l.^juij or|-a ^U--Obe4i..all '..v. BLACK SUX STOVE FOUSH WORKS T Sterlint. UlinoU The BtaekSllk Ait-Onrtnt Iron Enamd cn (rrsto, Vrr ai *Gk Silk •«t>l PoUsn I r •il >.-r. i,!' _ci or )•• \ l>"aiii-. I .I riianiit.'. is a lui i-' ii.->.- \ in til.- <ily t.»lay l).:iii Moor.' of To|«'ka wlio lias li.'ii iii'ii- \isiiitii; fri.riiil:; w.-nl to (•o(Tfyvill<- this afL-nioon. „ .. , , ... Mls.s Davi.s of Chaiiiil". who II<.u«.P. lulls Hn*wor .Ml d.-iy or ul^ht. ,,..,.„ ,„.r.. visiiiiiK Mrs. It Y Mar^ ; , , , risoii i< turn, il hoiii.- this afl'Tiiooii : Mrs. O .1. Hinunl. of Oii.iwa ^^ I I.J • lias h.-.ii Vi.siliiig in Vat.s f-nl. r «as = ,. , si..':irs has iiisfai;.-.! a n.-w ' ill til.' ciiy today l..-tw..ii Irain.i . ii- JI,.- \V N.-w.-.iii.h Cr .H -.-iy on ! lout." hoin.-. of la.- s<|iiai.- au.l uill, , , . a|.i.ri-iiat.' a riiai'.- of your tiatro-nuK*". -\ have a Uno lot of Kriiit Tr.-os f.vr sal.>. .\H, ni-..\vn. .-.I,-, fc- tottonwoo.! , y,^^.,. j n sion.-, of Ch.rryval.-. ~ uJi.i b'.-ii h'Tf and in l.aHar|ii» Mrs. K. I.. of I iilsa. who \.j^i,j„^- r.'tiini.d honi.- this lias b«'.'ii h.Tp visiting fil.tiiis r. - .,|,, n,,,,,!, lurnt-d honif this afternoon. ' '.' [ •n 1. II .. . .' ^ .Marnioiiiji. who ha.-s Ik.-ii Iutc ; —Drs. Uull A Hull, Osleoi»atlis. ^j^i.j,,^ familv. r.-tum.-.l to his Telephinil-s litl. CM. j,. o.llinsvill... Okia . iliis afl.r- : Mrs. K. 11. Van t'aniii w.-ni to .Mo-'"'""' •, IhiP thi.s afternoon for a visit ^Vlth ._,f ,.,,11 hiiv vonr Hat at Iti.-hard- -^''ss Hosa Hoke went lo Chann'.- relativ.-s. . sons y.'m will'be siin-riscd al th.- lit-jafternoon to visit fri.nds -Dr. McM»l,.n.7'ho„e8 82 and "• "-''^ _ '• ,„ s r..n„Zu wh.. is now , , • , , ~,, . , , """'ills insist eateit at Htt.^b.iiK. arriv.iUn the ,iu A. I. M.-ad. of t hanni'\ wii.i has ,|,.„ ,i„. j,,„.oial whieli |>ass. d through this niornin!,- i.. perf.irni his .Inty in Just Received New line of Dried Churrios, Raspberrie.s, Prunes, Apple.-^, Peaches and Raisins. .1 e.ins Iowa SiiKar Corn . 2.'»c Il.-lni: om Piikbs. doz H»c Soda frac-k.-rs by the lio.x. -jier lioilnd. only T'ar Kiill line 01 M.-inz I'iekles. B>st line of Fresh VnK^-tabtes. Kish. Miat.s aiiii Staple t;i(n.-ries. Ncwby Grocery Co. IMmni- 210 1(MS S, Wasliincluu Ilidher to Any Part of the City (By the A «!toolafPd ITe.^-s) Kanras City. .Mo., Nov, .". —C"^ttl»». re- i»-i|it!» '..tiOo Market strouts .Native !<teer« $r, .-(nfid.So; lows and htdfers $,•{ :;.".iiiS 110; stofkers and fewlers 14.".u «i :.!".: bulls $4 $."..2.'.. IIOOS Keeelpts H.imO .Market is steatly. M,'avy $7 .S0 *i >•.<"': (lackers au.l (jiit.h.-i-s J7 Tii 'frT 9i', UkIii $.'>-.'if^ riliriieo l.lif;*tl<rrli. llii.aKo. Nov M -fATri..K. reteipts 4,.'.e(.> .Market slow and stt-ady. iieeves 2.'.<j 11 (H-; stoekers and ft-eders ti'.WilX-x; eows afid heifers f.'7.">'& HuO.S- Rpiei|.rs 14.eii'» Mark.t is slow to a .shade lower l.isrlit .".'"it ».!>'•: iui\ed |7 SO 'S /S.l.".; liKtvy $7 l .'.ii 5 1.'.; idgs jr..2.'>'ii 7 Cut Flowers 'fl When you want dut Flowers of anj kind, reuiember J. yf. PRIMMER 71U Kant LlDcolB bus theiu of all Kinds and of the best quality Hud Krowa nothing elie. rbrjsnnlheBiBmg, Ro^ps, C-arnatlon!!, S lolfH, etc. Quality ihe hiKbest—prices the lOWf 'st. *T We alsti furnl.ih any kind of derurations and all kinds of design work and guar^tee per- perfecl satisfaction. Phone 104 UatltsM of rooe charmMia^ Tha Voodid re<iulrea. la medium aUML yarda of 44-lnch material; X jranto of <-lncb rlblKiai 7 yarda of tl-S Inctt lace; ai-i yards of narrow beading. The petticoat require^ in medium alze. 2 3-4 yards of 44-lncb material; C yards of 21-2 Inch lacft Tba cap requires 1-2 yard of 19-lncta aUonr! 11-4 yards of lao* b<-,-n hrrc on hnsiness Ibis aftfinoon. itiiriu-.l lioiii. —Farm and City Ixians. n M. Cun ningbam. IJay Davis who has b,».-n h '-ri- visiting his family returned to his work in t'ollinsvilte this aft<-rnoon. Get a Can TODAY —Dr. 0. L. Cox, OctiHsL .T. I., Hatnilton wfnt to Chainit.- this alt»-rnoon on business. . —Graduate Nurse; tcniTi' reasonable. Phone 13t;3. J. r. Webb, of Altoonii. who has bet-n her" visitiiig fri.-nds,. vwnt to Chanuto this afternoon. j —For romplelc line of nursery stork j see .1. .M. .larkkon. Phone I INC. Georpe'Gilbert of Wicliita. who lias bften' liere on business w.-iit lo Cher- >fyvale this afttrnoon 4^ '- - • ' —The new Wool Dress Goods never ;were so pretty. Richardson. s ^How's This? • I p,^^ Sampson, pa.=tor of the Meth- -.J.'^or5,2^'SS ''^n^''t ;^5i';:3'1,>%S '.!odist church at I^me. Kas, will ^'^''"^ F.j.Cii™4CO..T<..^.^.ij''"'^"'='' at Trinity church tonight. tWe. themdnslsned. liive lino>ra t }. clMtry } ' iOTXbe'UMllSyrats.ui<iMi--2^^hitai^ni^»yUou- . Mrs. K J. Hoke Went to lnd ''IKIHi- SL'^Sh ^ou^T^w 'Sur.''!^^^^ this afternoon for a brief vi.sit X JITI.JN*L iiAMi ur towvKnj, With fri'-nds - luiKl.i. Oliil). BJkU'fl OttalTll i 'ure 1< !til.-n:a!;y. aftlng . — airecur uj>on ti »f WiiKi MiJ :nup."i--iri-».--i .r iiip \ f M-Kwen. fonn.Tlv of rf -oria. iwtue. tsiW bj all iTuniKi^ jliiinois. has :i.<-.-|.;ed a !»osition witli X-»lu! UiU-s t»iiil> fill!. lor lUi .iilpaUua. I'll.- .M.'.N'ei! liios Jewehy comiianv ii.-r.- Saiurilay iiif;hi. fOiisisN'd of s«-v- iti.- •-li-fiimi -•11 coaetn-s aliil not on.-, as .stal>-d .in last iiiKlit s K'-iisii-r. 1 ,''•"•"•'*> •"••••it tauie ui. fr..m U.iu. O. S. Morse w,.nt to Oklahoma City I "" ^' '^^'-in-^^^ "Uon business. i ,, . . — . . " < hiiieh, of Ilaldwin. is in tl:<- A Towd .if M.-.vie.-ins who h.Tve b-'.'n ' «™n*actinK business woikins on ih.' Santa F.- h-r.- l.-fi the ,, , , — •ther dav for the ohl eountrv. Th.-v .''',>• -'^ th and a party .,f wer.. not Kt out and had no uru.-in i ' lluiubohlt last at home, but n-ws j.ass.U 1 speeih at ti..-j _ .lown th- liii,' that a number w.-re ^ j Mrs () W. Bovd. of Top. ka who .1. M. Thoniiison b-ft this afternoon for St. Ixjiiis, Mo. for a brief business visit. I> W Wallis, of l-iwrenee. who has btfii hiT.' visiting friends, retiirm-d hoMK- this afteriKH.n. Dr Ira I'. Fr.ini/.. who lias ben in !liiiiibi<l<ll on biisine.-!s. r.-turned lioiin- this afternoon .ArcorilinK to i-veryone's point of vi.'vv, th.' vote in this part of Kansas w.-nt "'w.-f tliis aftern.jiin • .(.(till .'^.iMinii-rF. of Cherry vale, who has h.'vn h .-re vibitini;- friends. Went to Toiieka this afternoon \V T went to Colony tliis f; : i-.siai - ; .Mrs Ira |: Frant?.. who ' been •sitin:,' r.-lativ.-- in Kldorcid.. SnrinKs. .^.lo , i.'tiirnH.I h.:i!i.- yesten^iy evminR Hoy flar.l. u' fariy'.e. was a bu^laes? visitor ln'r." ;!iis afterntKm F \ .Ml.-n w.-nt to farlyle this af- iHrniMin <jn hiisiufss. .1 t) ir'111. 1',. I, r arrived iierc this .-ifi.-ni.ion for a brief visit witn fri.n.Is nil-.,n. of Tulsa. OkIa . wlio las I.'i-n I.-;.- visiiinj; frii-nd.s .1,-ft for Kansas fii.v: tuis afternoon. .Mrs. .1 0 Kittle, of Dodge City .who has ht -eii inT,- vi.-iitin.i; friends, rcturn- e; hoiii.- 'I'l.s- niominR. Mr- A W Wheeler left this after- n.mii fur D'tawa for a visit with rela- 1 i •. .'S Loral MarkeL<i. I Produce ijiiotatiuns 1 by t'ogbill Conimisslon Conipany hUTTKB- '.lie per pound. Ki;i;S-2:ic per dozen I I'tl'.M.THY - lleUB. <•... K.^. springs, ;>',i:c; ducks, liic; geese, tiirk.'vs. U'c; guineas. 2t>e i-aili. IIOK.SI: lUDKS—$2.(i« to 12 .... HKCP HIDKS—lUc. ilally 4o: •"•V; TRAI.M.\« SCHOOL FOR IJIRLS. KansaoH May Hare Opiiortnnily to Rerome Nurses Within Slate. Fniversity of Kansas, Nov Kansas girls now have an opiKirtuiiiiy to prepare tbeins.-lv.'s as nurses with ill their own state. The I'nlvfrsity of Kansas announce.<i a trainiUK school for the profession conducted in connection with the institution's Bell Memorial Hospital at Rosedale. Twenty young women bnve already registered for the course The course begins Octob,-r 1 and ends June 1 of each y .'ar, but- stud- rnls ar«' admitted at any tinu? when there is a vacancy. Th.- s(ude;its are required to siiend a probationary period of three months in th.> school, dur iiig which they r«><-eiv.» board, laundry and lodglni;. but no other comp «>n8a- ilou. For the reinitinder of the course an ullownnm of 17 a month is given by the hospital to cover the expense of uniforms, books and Instriiments. If accepted as u pupil nurses at the ••lid of Ibis probationary period, the students must agree to remain for the course of- two and one-half years, unless dismissed for misdemeanor. "Women between the ages of 20 and 30 of good character are eligible for admission." says Dean Sadler of the school of medicine. "Those with a high school education ar>- given preference. All applicants are considered and if thi- candidate is accepted, she will be notili.'d anil her name j^aced on the wailing list in the order of acc-jitaiio.-. As vacancjjfs occur they will b< lllled from this list." ..•oini: home and swel!.-.! \l,- V~, i • . l,v is t . J ''f ''•'"'';•!•'• ^'f^'K f'-'"'"'!^ '•'^t"'-"^ a... crowd ,0 a hundivd^ Kach did L'lw I'^ ""^ son,.- shoppl.iir and carri.d bom- a: Kan.-a.-,. H..o >v .rv at pn -s ^n, .Jm. hundl.- from th.- Stat-s. not to iii-n- i M . 11 . .Mrs .Tidin Boston, of ran.-y, who :r'i;.-'reX^: a^iX. Whin; ::-•!:'•;"•?•:.':"• t "'""'^ ^-."-••/i.i.i;.. rn^id; z tli.v wore and which will mak- th-m ) " ^-iftawa this af(.^rnoon. r :::::m pi".ab.onr^ Th 'r ;.MiLlX':..,;' •"^'•->yi<--l.^l mi. O. „. Wi.b..r.h, of Lawrence.^ <o..on iM._._ v-o . I afi.rnoon on ii!isin.-.-s. pxi,„ i,;,^ i.ere visiting friends. Ilerlare War on Colds. A crusade of education which aims "that common colds may iM-come un- trommon within the next generation" has been begun by prominent New- York physicians. Here is a list (J the don'ts which the doctors say will prevent the annual visitation of the cold: "Don't sit in a draughty car" "Don't sleep in hot rooms." "Don't avoid the fresh air." "Don't stuff yourself at mealtime. Overeating reduces your resistance." To which we would add—when you take a cold get rid of it as quickly as (lossible. To accomplish that you will tiiid Chamberlain's Cough Remedy most excellvni. Sold by all dealers. .\ RA.\K HAD ONLY SECURE VeilBSHf against the winter blasts of many winters! by purchasing a GartaodHeatingStdve See our big line. We have both Coal and .Combination Coal and Gas. I^BsSNSHMl W,E>Ncwqianh GOOD THINGS TO EAT! 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 Our Prices Are Right our deliveries are right, our groceries are right* Call on Us IRA B. FRANTZ TMB •rroMKTRivr Bxehiaivs Olaaa* Fittiw tpaalBliat Jawtf 17 8tor» NOT A GYPSY FORTUNE TELLER Chieaeo Institution Stormi^d by a .Mob of Depositors. Chicago. .Nov 4—Vaults of the Klr- by Savings Bank, vvhich was taken In charge by receivers, on the discovery that Wm. T. Kirby. .president of the institution bad b«-eif insane for some time, were found to contain only $S."(2.12 when the funds were counted yesterda.v. A mob tjf several hundred jiersons representing about $.'>0.Oi>tJ 'In deposits, it is said, crowded outside th.-_ bank doors and shouted in nige when { the information was given them. The fofil liabilities of the bank are uu; known. The $."<52.12 was made up fn part of change and stamps. The trial of D. .1. Kirby jr., nephew of the iiresident of the bank and acting cashier, charged in the municipal court with operating a confidence scheme, was put over by Judge N'ew- conier to .N'ovpmber l.". Jo:.n Francis jr., who is conn.-cted with th'- Secr.-tar.v of the Interior's d'-partn'"-ii; at Washington, came home to vol.» and for a short visit with his father and relatives at their home vast of Carlyle. of lo<-:il adulatjons. siM-nd tli-ir inon- (V and rone- back to the. section. J H. Thompson, of Kansas City, was a business visitor liere today. Sarsaparilia Eradicates scrofula and all; other humors, cures all their effects, makes the blood rich and abundant, strengthens al! the vital organs. Take it. t:- • il loil.i-.- ill ii .-!ual liquid form or Lbu.^u..iieti tubUt:: called 'Sanataba. MUSIC! TO-NIGHT! Morris & Howard's AVest Side Sq. Fre4 Delivery r.'turn.-<l home this afternoon. Mrs K. II Tobey. who has been vls- itiii!; friends in Vlnila, Okla . hits re- tiirne.l to her homeln IjiHarpe I ^Rorn. Tuesday. November 'th. i:tl2. to Mr s>.nd .Mrs Harvey 11. Howard. -T daughter. Mrs. Howard was form- .•rlv Miss fihidys Northrup. daughter of. Mr. and Mrs. U. P. Nortiinip.yf H. h. Henderson Is getting about I with the aid of a cane now. having discarded Ihe crutcheg which he used for a week or more after drnptvtna; a l^rge chunk of concr^-te on his foot some lime ago. He so unlucky as lo drop the heavy concrete on his ankle, fracturing ode of the sm-,iH ' bones. ttAJESnC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM Sales Co. -A HAD TA.MJLK" . A Good Comedy -WHITE CHIEF" Son«r by Miss Era UalL -A>T SEAT­ 'S^ There are many conscientious i^in*. Isters, many good doctors and soma bad ones, nnscnipnious lawyers and a few good ones. Just so with evaiT profession. Mine. I.,oniae iPerin, the noted life-reader who la at present located at 212 West Madison avenue^ this city, claims to be 'a_ gdod one. Her readings, which are thorough and scientitic. have nothing in common, whatever. With the fictitious readings of lliiteratd. unreliable huinbug 'tpalm- ists, astrologers, fortune tellen. etc," who, by tbelr disgraceful conduct, drag the noble profession into tbs mire for fortune telling and fraud. A satisfactory reading can only be hsMl' from one wbo has thoroughly mastered the laws of these wonderful' sciences through years of critical' study. .Mine. Perln.- it must be truthfully said, employs none of the niysterloua machinery which often serves to make spiritual' manifestations - suspicious. She impresses her gifts upoji the people wjio consult her without the employment of a single mechanical ag- •ncy. She uses neither darkness iior iiiiifai;^ery Ip her readings. You walk into h'br parlOr. wh'ere ajrisi,privacy Is maintained at all.times,,, find 'siC. down quietly at her desk with no i&ora mystery than if sfte were your lawyer. You ftnd yourself consulting a woman who respects and who commands respect, who indulges in no oracla vagueness, but gives you facts which . startle you by their accuracy . Amas- ed at her revelations, you will leave, an added one to the miiny_ who have consulte<I her and benefitted by her advice. The c0.1t of the reading is but 50 centi) if you are satisfied; not one cent if you are. not. _ i , Several months ago soiue good friend left in the Register office a copy of the Cleveland .Morning Leader at April 28, 1863. tl contained a report- af the assassination of Lincoln and tba great events immetilately foUcwJng. and the owner of the paper prolnibly .ralued it highly. If he did. and U,)ie wonld like to keep H and- this Item should meet his eye. It will be nOCketo him that he can have the papi^ bade again by applying to this; office.. For fefpiat tTsa a mild sootblBs -wash fhst instsStljr^ Ktofm thm Itch. We have sold, manjf other tcmedle* fo^ Aln troUbla (but none Uiat we eoqldj

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