Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1912 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1912
Page 10
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The Opei' „ Wby, ghotlld I ho^ue^ xdim' r^fity WWi 1 need'only "cioae liUhe eyes to Wfthln another vorld—who knows • * hoir-far From care and task and all tha tbings that are? ^ Her%rvtaeckOB nil tbe older tales I lo*, . With all the wonder, and the thrills ^thereof, ' Here tarry still the ancient mysteries treasure laden land beyond the - seas. Here I awaken at the huntsman's horn StJrrttiis the echoes of (he early morn. And strain to see the plumed horseman prance Adown the dim demesne of -old romance. . And- here when fwUlRlit skios brood low and gray. Sometimes I hear a wandering piper play A lost Arcadian melody, so sweet None other dare its cadences repeat. There Is no weariness nor solitudH, ' SlD^ I may have, companlonlnKi my mood, I Sbalow^ more real than any burdens laeera. When I pass through the open door /of dream! —Charlotte Becker in tlie NVw York Sun. PLATE BAIL PHOTdRAlL and other decorative moldings at BURRELL'S-^^ Tbe BexaU Store Mrs. S. R.. Uurrell tntcrtalnod the Unity elub yesterday afternoon for the regular meeting and tlie proBnnn was cnt'ried out as announced. At tlie close of the business meeting llie hostess served a dainty luncheon. • '> <' •:• —Are you in need of a New Dress? If so .attend tlie His Sale at tlie .New York Store. * • • The. meeting cJf tlie Friday card club is to be held in Lallarpe this week at the home of .Mrs. Uondy. All members are requested to meet on this car that leaves the square at 1:4S. * • + —Furs! Furs!! Furs!!! Bis Sale i Dow'on at the New York Store. Prices ranging^rom $l..iO up to |2 .*i .00. * + • MUs Laura Caughlan, of Rich Hill, Mo., Is spending the week with h^r One Week from next Frlda/ thf Current Kvents Club will serve tea in the Y. .M. C. A. building and the proceeds are to go for the benefit of that organisation. This Was decided at th<- meeting of the club held yes- tedray afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. .M. Thomas. In connection with the t<'a a musical program will bp §iven tliroughoiit the afternoon until six o'clock. The late hour was decided upon in order that the men may have oiipuitunity to attnnd. No other business of importnnce was nttetided to and the remainder of the afternoon was occupied with llie political jiro- gram, and owing to the great interest in such things at the present time the discussions wnre very animated. <' * •> —Cut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yollow, white and lavfnder, at Jl.r .O and 12.0(1 per dozen. Phone !tSi.'>-.' Pecklors Greenhouse + * Mrs. W. T- Allison Is visit log hi r sisti T, Mrs. Uawloy Collins, in .Mus- koRi't', Oklii. •:• • •:• Mrs T. S. llailce, who hiiS liecii si.'ciu'ing tlif suiiun»T in C:!llforiil». lias n-iurned to loin. + • • —.Vttcnd the sale of Ores.'^es at IIK- N.'W York Stoiiv $::;•.«! for $;.:.<) Dresses; $."..!».s for JI2.0II Dn'sse.-i, J7.!ti> for $10..'id Dresses. • •> + Ironing with the feot is one of the .'customs of Cairo, accordine to A. \V. Cutler in the Wide World Magazine for November. In the native tailoring establlshinents men do the pre.ssing with irons similar to'our own flat fn*Jj;"J; tJZ%t T'J^.1 ^ri '.!r ;i "-ons. except that they are fitted With it- tin iflr f .l ^t ±iTI „o^ f^^^ '>»"dies by which to guide the SaU'll^?ofVe "Me&i ?ct .r;h^ -'^ -'-^ '^-'^^ * • • Miss Ethel Harris will be hostess oT the B. O. M. girls tomorrow night. •i- • * —Fifty New Suits in all the wanted materials, priced from JlO.OO 'to |.''.0.00. RIcKai^son's. * • * The attendance at the meeting at "Trinity last night was splendid for Monday night and the interest in the work grows with each meeting. To- nlgbt there will be a special sermon and special music. Floyd Sampson, son of Reveifend and Mrs. A. L. Sampson will preach, and all friends of tbe young man and of the church are urged to attend. i * * * *-New Corduroys, Charmeuse and Crepe ^eteor4 now on display at the New .York Store Silk Dept. I • • • Tbe tegular meeting of the Oolden Link ciub was held yesterday afternoon at the Home of Mrs. D. K. Peck and the program was political in nature. Roll Call was res|>onded to with quotations from famous women. Mrs. 8. M. Snodgrass read a paper on VWjnnen as ilakers of History" and Mrs. Hall talked on "Different Types of Wotocnr ! The question for the round table discussion was "Are Our Polttica Groifing Cleaner?" t * * * —Big Iwess Sale now going on at the New York Store. I + + + Mra.. Archibald Jones, of Hartles- vllle, Okla.. la the guest of Mrs Fred Nelson this ^eek. * • • —A big shipment of new Suits.— Rlchardson'a. upon which the operators rest the foot while at'work. Tlie ironing boards are only a few inches above the floor and it is said that the system is very speedy and siffiple.' • • •> —.Another big shipment, of New Coat-s only in the advanced styles.— Richardson's. <f • * Mr. and Mrs. D. K. will entertain the Wednesday Kuchre cluli on Thursday of this week. * •:• <• • i Circle number four of the Methodist Ladies' Aid society will meet tomorrow at -':30 with Mrs. E. Becker. .•'.Ifi South Walnut. A .% .> The Young Woman's Missionary so riety of the Ba|iti£t church had a very interesting nn-eting last ni.!;ht at the home of Miss Flossie I..efner. i: *^ •;• Iine-ot,-blK!i grad4 Ctonfu- roya to be found only at the New York Store:'- • • • • The Wrijr .i.V'- Miaaionary Society of tlie R'>fc;Tned church will meet on Thurauay nfteruooa with Mra. R C. Remsberg. • ' • • « —HATS of all kinda and descriptions from $2..i0 to $15.00. Millinery Dept. New York Store. • * + . "The Woman's Foreign Missionary so<:iety of the First ^Methodist church Igr'lo mtmt tomorrow afternoon at the home of .Mrs. Reach, 414 South Buckeye street. • * —Silks that will delight you: the new things you will find here. Richardson's. • •> Mrs. J. n. Crowe, who has' been visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. W. Nau rettirned li> lier liome at Topeka today. * • * —If you are looking for your Dress Mat, you should not buy until you see the elegant showing at Richardson's. •5- T • The A. Y. }.. I. club will m.M»t tomorrow aftei|ioon with Mrs? K. V. Slack, t'2n South Second street. * * Mrs. Mllsclier will be hostess to the members of her Sunday school class on Thur.sday evening. The class is known iis the Alta Seta <-lub. * + + —Ilig Fur Sale at the .\i;w York .Store this week. * • + Carl Peterson, who has been campaigning over the state in his auto- inobiI«» drove home MondifJ'. He was fortunate in enjoying ,good weather and good roads, and canvassed some ihlriy counties while he out. He gained the inipn'ssion tliat thi Democrats stood a good chance of carrying this state, as he found suine countieji strongly for Roosevelt and otiiers strongly for Taft. so fur as the Kepuhlican vote is concerned. • + + —Reaiitiftil Furs at low prices. New York Store. $2.'..n« Red Fox Sets $18; .j S7..-.II nine Wolf .Sets »."..!)S; $2.-..0(' Klack Fo\ ?• ts $ • • « An Tola i.i-.ysician. who has liad some political experience, while making bis round of calls this morning, asked every woman on whom he called how she wanted him to voie on the suffrage amendment. He did not state how many there were, but said that the replies were unanimous thai ihey did not want him to vote for the amendment. • •> 4- . —An elegant line of New Suits and Toats inarlieil special. Richardson's. The Indis |M 'n<iah1e Shirt v/afst and Sep> urate Skirt. When the woman's wardrobe is tolerably well supplied with the indis- I>ensable separate shirt waist or blouse, and the equally indispensable odd or separate skirt, she has a pretty solid foundation, sartorially speaking: There is hardly a day that does not present an occasion demanding their use and of oourse, some variety is very desirable. for bovs and srirls—the Shofe that lets the foot grow as it should—j^- ent and dull. $1.50. $1.75. $2 WATCHES! ?A Truthful Timepiece is Tlie Business Man's Friend ^ Your old Watch has served its time. Why not get a modern timekeeper—one of mechanical perfection? We have a lai*ge stock, fresh from the shops of the world's greatest watch builders. ^ Ask for any priced watch from the least expensive to the famous Gruen, V Whatever price you desire to pay for your timepiece we can show you the best for the price Elgin or Waltham 15-jeweled movements in a -year gold filled case, at $12.50, $13.45, $14.50, 1^15.10, $16^0, $17.75, etc. Really "it will pay vou big to look over our fine /Watch stock. " • I • " m*. Pae, Suite Fa ami M..K. A i; Watik laiaerfiri. siderable expense. The akirt la of the six-gored type that is ever practicable and has excellent lines which an- .Most of the best pleasing models show marked simplicity, and the absence of overmuch fussiness naturally makes for a more distinct showing of line, and that's the point. In all things to wear this point is emphasized—line, good, straight, long lines. Skirts, no matter how many pleats are embodied in them, are long, straight and narrow. There are two distinct types of waists and skirts illustrated here, each expressive of what is generally favored in the style world. The little blouse No. 7240 is one of those charm ingly simple little affairs, that is made to slip on over the head having the closing on the shoulder. It is almost absurdly easy to make, and a bit of silk, eoliehne. or crepe de chine can be used without incurring any con long retained. There Is an untold variety of materials for making it. such as cheviot, serge, mixture material, and those many different diagonals in | monotone or two tone. Surely one must have at le.tst one | Norfolk blouse. There is something so naeful and becoming about It that' defiea description. This la .a partic-1 ularly smart version of that blouac.', having the applied yoke aa'a distinctive feature. It la effective In brown or blue aerge, but it la exceedingly attractive In the new soft velvet making ' the yoke of tbe same color aatln. The skirt is a one-piece pleated model that is sultablo for bordered material, but can also be made up effectively of satin or taffeta. itQi(6t-. wilf^'te ^-i>patpdlied iinUl. aome date? to Iw amiduiioeil^later. : jTlie'second^ dance-' of the aerier which'will be'given by':meial>era <tf the ClUaker Club occurred laat night atlthe^club robma. DelliHtfuI'inuale was fttriilahed by Shleld'a orctieatra and the entire evening proved very enjoyable to all who attended. Thoae who danced i^er^^ Mr. and Mra. E. D. Shields. Mr. and Mra. H. C. Wheatonr Mr. and Mra. R. Y. Harriaon. Mr, and Mra. H. K. HInde. Mr. and Mra. Bruce McIIhaney, Mr. Wnd Mra. Frank Wood, Measra B. H. DeHaven. Lee Bowlua, C. M. Ruaa, Loula Drake, George Del- gamo,^ iMUlk Drake, Paul Cooper, of KanaaiClty, Ben Wittenberg. Elvie GlUlatt, Arthur Brigham. .\ewion Brigbam, Frank Newton, Murl .Munger, Win. Achter. Harry Bishop, Dan Se'rvey. Misses Ruth Summers, Haa- el Goes, Mae Brigham, Elva Russell. Edna Nigh, Grace Thompson, IAJIS Talbert, Inez Potts, Flossie l-amiier- ton, of Kansas City, Miss Davis. =of CImnute. Hazel Beshears, Viea Eastwood, Bertha SwIeart and Haitle Fronk. • + * The social which the Members of thi: Kpworth I.eagne of the Methodist church were to have gi en last Friday IS to lie given this evening. The guests will meet at ther iiunh and from there will go in a body to ;iO .'i South Chestnut street. It is expected that a good number of tbe? meml)ers of the League will he in attendance. • •;• •:• Miss Mable Brewer is !n the city j visiting her sister Miss Theta IJrewer. .Miss Brewer Is spending the d.iy in Cr.rlylp but will return tonight .iiid remain here about two weeks. I •:• •:• • The At Home club will nu-«t on Thursday afternoon wiili .Mis. C. K Kirk. 2ii2 South Chestnut street. • • + .Miss Grace Moreaii of (liiiinl will i •ilop hen- on her way from Kiiipiiria ' tomorrow for a short visit with .Miss Alletia (J"|>harf. .;. .> Paul Cooper is here from Kansas City for a short visit with lil.s nioilier <• '> In order to replenish the treasury for the current exiwnses of llie Missionary society of the Presbyterian ihurcb tile nieinbers have decided to !;ive a tea at the residence of Dr. iiiil Mrs. S. S. Hilscher next Friday afternoon and .in invitation to attend is extended to all members am! friends of the church. oryl/okded Shot-Shells ' L6ad<>d wHh Black Powder The contmued favor of" Nublack" and ** l^ew Rival" black powder shotshellst among a large number of hunters is due to =. their improved construction and loading, which result in improved velocity, pattern and penetration. In these qualities, *'Nublack" and *'New Rival" shotsheUs are unsurpassed. Loaded only with standard brands of powder, shot and wad^ ding by machines which are absolutely unfailing in their operation, "Nublack" and "New Rival" shot- shells are models of uniformity and sureness. i They are made extra strong to stand reloading and the corrugation on the head—a patented feature—allows for expansion. To ^et satisfactory shells, be sure to ask for Winchester gans are made far aU lands of shooting and Winchester ammunition for all makes of firearms,^ Tbe Red W Brand > "SEE THAT BALD HEADED YOUNG MAN** •I know li.- is only n .S." .said one i >oung laily to another at a .soelal look.s like .'ill." I looks like (;ii.'" re- Mrs. E. E. Welch, of Chaniite, who has been here visiting friends returned home this afternoon. E3fP0tlI.\ IIERK TII.V>KS (aVI \(i. .Wldpets Match Unmf with ('olleire Town Bojs. The Tola Midgets football team has matched a game with the Emporia Normal high school, to lie lilayed here Thanksgiving afternoon. The Emporia boys have an excellent reputation and so far in the season iiiiictioii, "li '.ii h "lietler say li {•lieil llie other. Viiiing men wlio use I'urlslau Sage never grow bald the hair root is snpplifil wlih plenty of iiatiire'.s own mKirishiiitni. wiiich means at all times an ahiuulance of healtliy hair. Voung .Man, if ;yoiir hair is thinning out; if that jlittle lialii spot on top is lieginning to spread, try I'lirN- laii Sage. It is guaranteed liy (' U. Spencer & Co. to stop failing hair. Ijanish dandruff and scalii itch, or ifoney back. ."lO cents at dealers evt-ry- wiiere. ^-^// jwiMiIiI t." a ilruiikard. I ^OyVf know when iie toUl that pr( •Tk ^^if that it w.m!i! breed a cessp lie did not rofane story ooi of pro- I'anitv; anil viiUarity. .Miss Heiniie .^liarp led the Kndeav- cii- iiiei.tiii;; in verv iniere^ting and tifli'Tiil iii:iiini'i' /riie .luniors had a ihii-hMnl ai.eiing, led tiv .Mr Bennett. TIM- :iitenila in ail rtepartmeOtB of ! 111.-Siiniiii.x M-!i(iol was good The work 1)1' till- ii:n \\;i.- iiiiiicatlve of a very tTiiioiiffli an ov-i?rsiglit. tlie two! cliiircli notices, putliuing sernions^ preached Sunday, were omitted fioiii i .Monday's Register.) KIK.ST .SI.NCE CIVIL W.IK. r. ,S, Flair .Igalu Flies Over (lay County Court House. Liberty, .Mo.. Nov. .'..—For the first lime since tin- Civil war the iriiited States flag was unfurled to the breeze over the Clay county court house yesterday afternoon. Gen. .iohn \V. Hall, .-tate coniiuander of the United Confederate Veterans officiated at Uit^ good one. The game with Yates Center liav- ing been called off a game was sched uled for Emporia on that day but this game also was called off. STOPS SC.ILP ITCH. flag raised in ISGl by .Mr. Hail who was then a private in General Sterling Prices brigade. The D. A. R. local chapter influ- inceil the toiinty court to place the ; flag on the court house as a matter of patriotism and Iiundriids of iieopie from over the county were present. li«.MKir .S ODY.S.SEY," THE !R2(M1,(MM» KII.-M fROnrCTIOX. DandnifT and Evenr Form of Scalp! mst -aso Cured Quick by Zemo. : mnMirHT AT TP A Mil It is simply wonderful how Zemo; lUINllitll Al ljlVAi>L». goes after dandruff. You rub a little; ' of it in with tips of Ungers. II gets right down into the glands, stimu- -. lati's them, stops the itch, and makes; Thi.s is .vour last chance to see tills the head feel tine. No it isn't sticky! ' niasterpiei-e. Three reels in all. S |ie- Zeino is a line clear varnishing lii|uid. K-jal music. There will be two shows; You don't have to even wash your j first show beginning at .Aclinis- hands after using Zemo. Anil what a '• sitm .-. ami lo <-ents ! wonder It is for eczema, rash pimples, ICIeciioii returns will be thrown on and all skin affections, A 2r>-cent ' tlie curtain lieiwcn shows and afte; trial bottle at .Morris and Howard's' the la^t show. drug store is guaranteed to stop any' skin irritation. —S H. .Mass. lienchle.v. Texas, says: Zemo is prepared by E. W. •:yi< baby had a dangerous attack of Medicine Co.. St. Ixmis, .Mo., and is croup, and we thought we would lose regularly sold by druggists at $1 a liiin I'lit one Iiottle of Foley's Honey bottle. Hut to prove what it will do. Coiiipoimd pulled him through, at trifling expense. Zemo is now put \V.> would not be without it in our up In 2.'i-cent trial bottles. i house." BiirreH'.s Drug Store. First CiMirch of Christ Scientist. The lesson sermon at ilie Christian \ Science Church yesterday was an iinu- : sualiy clear exposition of the su!/Ject. "Everlasting Punishment." The Colden and Iloliiic .'is meeting at H and corn- Text, .Matt. 2.':2t: "These s .'iall .uo pany m.-etini; at 2. and night open air away into everlasting punishment; hut j at 7:::n .ind indoor meeting at 8 p. m. the righteous into life eternal." .Is the 1 You are all welcome to the meetings Tiie Saltutiitn Army Hall. ' i-ll West .Madison .Street) .Mimilay. Tue-iiiay, W'edtiesday, Thurs day and Fiiilav open air meetings at T:."" p. III. and indoor meetings at 8. Sarnnlay (.p.-n air at :'. o'clock in the at'reniMon and the ni.nht open air at 7::'." wii>. indoor at S ji. ni. Sunday irorning jail meeting at 10. nd of the story used as t!ie responsiv< reading—tellini: of the Son of man separating the siieep from tiie goats —typical of (lod .separating good from evil. Tiie heaiitifiil .s<«!o, "The Radiant Cr(;ss," gave out that finally every tiiuiight must he given to Cod, Good. The fo!; citations from .'Science and Health were read: l P. ".4Si In this Science we iliscover man in the image and likeness of God." iP. 3111, "Is man lost sidritiially? .\o. he can only lose a sense-material. It is a sense of sin and not a sinful soul w-hich is lost. Kvil is destroyed by t!i" :"i;.-e of good." (P. 310) Soul c ;;..t!i not. If Soul sinned. Soul would die. Sin is the element of self destruction Und siiiritiiul death is oblivion." i P. -JilT.) \Ve a<-knowIed ?e God's foi-giveness of sin in the dt-.-triiction of sin and the spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal. Hut l.'te belief in sin is punished so long as tiie belief lasts '" The service ended with tlie hymn beginning: There's a wideness in Coil's merry Like tin- wideness of the sea. There's a kindness in his justice. Wliicli is more than lihei;ty. j Co-lie and think the deep need of your own sijiil's salvation. LIKt^T. A PEDERSO.N. Coiiimanilering Officer .Assent Deloa Clarl< HERE AT HOME. IOIA Citizens L'ladly Testify and Con- tiih'ntlv KeiMiuimend UOBD'S • Kidney I'llls. The Food Route To Steady Health Many persons are kept ill because they do not know how to select food that their own particular bodies Mill take up and build upon. What will answer for one may not do for another If one is ailing it is always safe to change food and seek the Road to Wellville on a plain simple diet. The most perfectly made food for human is Grape-Nuts It contains the vital food elements of wheat and barley, including the Phosphate of Potash (grown in the grain) especially required far rebuilding brain and nerves. The food has a fa.scinating flavour.. "There's a Reason" Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Mich. . I'nlled Hrelhren Chnrch. A largi' aiiiiicnce heard'.Mr. C. I-:rn- est .Moody, the new pastor, at lu)th services yesterday. Mr. Mood)^ more than filled the fondest expectatitui of tliose present. The new jmstor knows how to handle an audience. He has all the enthiL-'iasiu of youth and prt»- sents his theme in a most able and convincing manner. The .sermon in the morning was on Eternal Lite. After show-ing how people will give for- t)int >6 to stay the stream of human life just for a time, the minister laid down the plan of redemption as given through Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. The evening sermon was taken from Mr. Moody's popular address to men. "The Man Who Went Wrong." and he was listened to by the closesu attention by the aiidieace. •.•\nd God would and .lacob wouldn't" was the main thought of the address. .Mr. Mooily told the story of .lacob's duplicity and how he failed to keipp the promise solemnly made to God after his vision of the angels. Recounting Essau's loss of bis birth right 1 which he traded for a mess of beans I he said: ! "You .^ay E.^sau was-a fool, but let us not be to* hard on Essau. There are many E.ssaus in this world today • and in this auditorium—men who have 1 traded their birth rights for less than ' a mess of bean.s.' 1 have talked with ' men who have traded their birth rights ' the right of their own home, the right ! to be a father, to possess a happy ! home surrounded by rollicking, happy children; have met men who have traded their privilege to hare a family for the enjoyment of one qiie.stionable sin "Two or three years ago t was call; ed to the home of on associate of my I 'lioyhood days to conduct the funeral services over his child who-was dead • at birth. The phy.sician. to save the : reputation of my friend, said the baby had died of heart failure, while the youn.g man knew tiiat his child bad ; tiled of venereal pol.snn. With tears I streaming down his |face he jiut his jarms around my neck and said. "Erni e«t. I am the murderer of my child ' If a man would commit one sin and ! stop* .it would l>e bad enough, but be I never does. You did not know when you committed that sin the other day that It would draw yi>« into t'lr ipiick- sand of a million other sins. The viutng did not sup|M>«e when he to»>k Uie first glas.s of whiskey that he lowing It is testimony like the fo| that has placed Doan's Kidnejy I'llls so far above competitors. When people ri.ght liere at liome raise their 'oifrc in praise there is no room left for doulit. Read the public statement of an lola citizen: Harry O. Cott, 14 N. Fourth st. lola. Kans.. says: '•-My kidneys were badly disordered and I often felt so • poorly that I was obliged to lay off from work. There ^was sedinieiit tn the kidney secretions and I was annoyed by their frei |uency in passage. My back ached terribly when I straightened after stooping. The con- teiifs of the first box of Doan's Kidney Pills helped me wonderfully and after 1 had used three boxes of this remedy, iny pains and-aches had dls- — appeared There has not been the least recurrence of my trohble and I consider my cure permanent." For sale by all deaUrs. Price 50 cents. Fosier-Milburn Co.. Buffalo. .\ew York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and hike no other. Out of curiosity today a man polled .=:evera! little groups of voters on the street as to how they had voted on the woman suffrage amendment and he found that the vote was about evenly divided. The cani|>aign in thU county has been less tense and effective than elsewliere and if it carries here the chances are that it will win state. In the The highest point of Troman's hap* pincss is reached oniy through notb* erhood. in the clasping of. bet^-jcbild within her arms. Yet the noUier-to- be is often fe^rfnl of oatore's ordeal and shrinks from the anfferias incident to its consummation. Bat for nature's Ills and discomforts aktur* provides remedies, and in MoUiar'a Friend is to, be found a medlclBe ot great Talue4i3 every expectant motber. It is an emulsion for axteraal application, coniposed of mcredteats which act with beneficial and sootk- ing effect on those portions at tfa* system involved. It is i«tea4sd to prepare the system for the crisis, mad thus great part, tlw aulter- ing through which the mother tunally passes. The rcsnlar usa of Motksr^ Friend viUrepay any mother.Ui tha coTnfort it affords befor*. and ths^ftp^ ful restoration to healtli and strMCth it brings about after baby oomea. Mother's Friend ia for sale at, drug stores.^ Write for our free - book for expectant mothers which contains much va4tutbl# informalion. and m:iny sugCMtioas of a. helpful natur««. .uAvnoo ucuuTot OQk. mam, 6k

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