The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 31, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1977
Page 4
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NAUGATl'CK NEWS (Conn.I Monday, June 7,18J6 - I'age 1 Report From America: War Hero Gets New Chance And By The Way... By K. MACK S1SK turnaround whan he and a SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (DPI) friend tried la sell Guajardo — Oscar O'Conner says he some lake gold coins, worth 45 almost got the Congressional cents apiece, [or $20. The Medal of Honor. Instead, he attorney agreed to help him — returned from Vietnam a drug without charge. acHid and was drummed out of "1 had talked to other and concern for his family the Army. lawyers, but everybody wanted helped him kick the drug habit. That was eight years ago. money," O'Conner said. He lias some strong views on Now the story of O'Conner, Although the Army originally the subject. "Anybody thai sells born to an Irish father and discharged him after 16 years drugs to juveniles should be Mexican-American mother and of service, he was allowed to shot, regardless if they're the reared in the city's rundown take a 20-year retirement alter barrios, is taking a turnaround, his attorneys intervened. Last week, his attorney, J "I always fell it was a bureaucratic error," he said. "Finally I decided to fight or mayor of the town," he said. "If I caught someone selling "I find that the beer solution makes them start blooming earlier and makes the blooms large;," he said. He said he got the beer rations idea from a magazine article he read some years ago. Torbeck bartered in Al- Anthony Guajardo, successfully argued in court lhal O'Conner's drug addiction was not of his making but began with morphine administered on a Vietnam battleground where he lay seriously wounded. Stale District Judge H.F. Garcia granted O'Conner four years' probation and a chance lo get his life back on the right Irack afler (he much-decorated lormer Green Beret captain pleaded guilty (o a house would be needed." run over by the machine. Kissinger. Too Strong, Gloria Says NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UPI) . . - Secretary of State Henry Sr^EE™^? «££.X3S! "to t ne to'the point according lo Gloria Schaffer, a where if 1 had a choice between a .45 (caliber pislol), I would have taken the .45." O'Conner, 38, said he starts work this week as a car salesman, will continue helping rehabilitate narcolics addicts in stale said Sunday Kissinger followed a policy of "personalized and secretive diplomacy." "Our foreign affairs should nol be conducted as a one man show. Our nation's foreign HARTFORD. Conn. (UPI) Sen. Lowell P. Weicker Jr., R- Conn., says having lo weather a primary to be nominated for reelection could hurl his chances in Ihe general election. Weicker Sunday said a primary challenge would be "devastating" lo both Ihe party and his own campaign. Former Itep. Alberl Morano, R-Conn. has declared his candidacy for Weicker's seal. The GOP. Ihrough delegates selected by parly members earlier this spring, selects its Senale candidale al the convention in Hartford. Weicker is the overwhelming favorite. If Morano gels 20 per cent of the vole al Ihe state convention next month he can contest tt'eicker in a primary. Parly officials say Morano has virtually no chance to get even that much support. Weicker, in an interview with the Connecticut Public Informa- secretary of slate." , ion Xclwork sa jd a primary Service Cross. Silver Star with Mrs Schaffcr said Ihe Uniled would force him to "direct our cluster. Air Medal. Bronze Star. si a tcs must recognize its limits monies and our energies away two Army Commendations for j n doling with world affairs, from Ihe Democratic candidate Valor and three Purple Hearts, p ul 5 he said there were areas and against ourselves." - specifically Western Europe Me said such a contest would and Ihe Middle East - where waste resources needed to the nation hart vital interests defeat a Democrat m the general election and could be ••We must change our ap- "very light,"'but said he was proach to Ihe "third world." a confident he coulii win group of nations just now Acknowledging he has alie- shaking free of centuries of rated some Republicans — colonial bondage," she said, mostly parly conservatives - By SAMUEL 0. HANCOCK But even plants can gel I'm not bitter. I was more hurt ALTAMONT, 111. (UPI) - pot'e^ "You can't give them because I had dedicated myself Edward Torbeck has tucked too much or they'll wilt just lo Ihe service." several dozen ever so slightly like people," said Torbeck. 1 O'Conner, a chunky, dark- boozy begonias, alcoholic alter- give them a mixture of one complected man with blue- nanthera, polluted petunias, part beer to 30 to 40 parts green eyes, said Christianity stinko sanlolina and inebriated water, echeveria to bed in a happy birthday lo America. Torbeck, 76, a retired barber, says it wilh (lowers on an inclined l2-by-l2-foot bed in the corner of his front yard in this community. „ What he has grown is a floral drugs to my kids, I'd shoot design. Replanted because ot a tamont and St. Louis before them mysell. No police action late frost, it has 2,616 plants retiring in 1968 and moving which Torbeck started in a back to Allamont. In SI. Louis, small greenhouse back of his his floral designs included one home. ot the baseball St. Louis The design includes two Cardinals' insignia, a clock and crossed commercial American a SI. Louis Bicentennial design, nags at the lop wilh parl of an His floral offerings in Al- eagle and the words "Long lament have included an May 11 Wave" lettered in American flag with the inscrip- alternanlhera. tion "God Bless America" and A birthday cake inscribed a floral calendar with a daily "Happy Birthday USA" dorai- change of dates, nates the design and is Lasl year it was a nag of Ihe bordered by hanging floral 13 original states with their baskets and Iwo 100-year abbreviated names, birthday candles. "About 2,000 people stop by "It took 963 santolina to make every summer (o have a look, the icing on the cake," said several of them from out Torbeck with a smile. stale," said Torbeck. Torbeck believes he has the "And I don't even count them happiest planls in town. "I give unless Ihey stop and talk (hem a drink of beer once " ^-wi"" monlh," he said. Weicker Opposes Primary awhile." VANCOUVER. B.C. — Margarel Trudeau (Iefl),wi!eol Canadian Prime MinislerPjerre Trudeau, leads 1 300 people ona Pi mile march lo illuslrale how many of the worlds rural popi^alions have lo gel their water. The march was sponsored by Habitat Forum, a parallel conference lo Ihe official Untied Nations conttrenceon human settlement. (UPI) scheduled lo receive Ihe stockade al Ft. Benning. •fo- policy proceeds of any book to try to obtain Ihe Congressional Medal of Honor which he said he was in 19f.B '"'b'l' d'm ,,i im in bccomcincreasinglyblurrcd." Mrs. Schaffer said, "the job of Ga. on a charge of heroin —^« 't'Te "ESnTta Army carwr . ^entrated in the office of the O'Conner won the Distinguished among others. O'Connor said he was given morphine for a wound while medics kept him alive until he could he transported to a hospital in Vietnam. Before thai, he said, IK had had no experience with drugs. "1 was on morphine for ahou' •vear while convalescing," he r ':vye.have come so far from our he said a primary would turn yil '' ,> r '-V"' ' 'owii'revolution that we have into a debale between pro- NvWtsWHf'ccm'rig"dowii'bMoVe the defender of the Weicker and , anl,i-W'eicker the Contract Bridge South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH saul. olf this thing. Mhought I was status quo in these areas:" going to die. I had hallucinations. It's a hell of a thing to "We must respccl Ihe right of kick. 1 Ihink it's easier lo sclf-dclerminalion in the third French kiss a wildcat in a world." she said. "We cannot, telephone booth." and we should not. be Me said his life began a world's policeman." . Prisoner's Campaign Gets New Mattresses NORWICH. Conn. (UPI) - A prisoner who olten complained about flammable foam mattresses is being given a large share of the credit for a state decision lo replace Ihe mattresses in Connecticut institutions. The Norwich Bulletin, which exposed Ihe hazardous mal- tresses, says Alexander DcSimonc's one-man crusade is finally paying of I. The state replaced 2,000 foam mattresses at "high-risk" institutions and planned lo replace about 20.000 others. "For more than a year, DeSimonc has been writing stale and tederal officials there was an inhcrenl danger in the continued use of polyurethane mattresses in correctional facilities" the Bulletin said. DeSimone, serving time for assault and being an accessory to a burglary, was at the Brooklyn Correctional facility last year when a mentally disturbed inmate lit a mattress and burned to death. The Bulletin rcporled a second Connecticut inmale, also adjudged disturbed, died as a resull ol lighting his mattress and about a dozen guards or inmales have been injured during the past two years. DeSimone wrote lo numerous officials, including Sen. Abraham A. Ribicoff and Corrections Commissioner John Manson, but it was not until the newspaper got involved changes were made. The Bulletin quoted Manson as saying in a leller to Ribicoff lasl monlh lhat corrections officials were aware of the matlress ptoblem before DeSimone began his campaign. Manson said they heard little about it from DeSimone until several months ago, soon after DeSimone was refused a furlough. Hanson said at lhat poml "we had been sun-eying other slales, testing present mallress- ha'd greater flame and smoke retardancy." "I should indicate that all ol this was in process long before Ihe (intimidation) campaign of forces rather Irian'ii conlesl between two candidates. Secretary of Ihe Stale Gloria Schaffcr is Ihe leading candi date for the Democratic nomi nation to oppose Weicker. Weicker Sunday was unani mously endorsed by District 26 International Association o Machinists and Aerospace Wor kers. said Kosty Costanzo district president. Costanzo said it was the firs lime in 30 years Ihe distric DeSimone," the corrections endorsed a Republican cand commissioner said in his letter dale for office. The dislric lo Ribicoff. Manson set off in covers 12 manufacturing plan parenthesis the word "inlimida- and about 2,400 workers in the lion." greater Hartford area. The newspaper said "DeSimone had been telling Ihe Bulletin about the mattress problem for more lhan six months before the furlough Manson cites was refused for still unexplained reasons." The Devil's Sinkhole, som times called "The Carlsba Cavern of Texas," is a ca located seven miles northe of Rocksprings in Edwar County. Famous Hand Here is one iucb deal from th e » AKQ96 WEST EAST *A972 V1075 « 10 7 5 4 2 4J1086 SOUTH »KQ10«63 » J «83 432 The bidding: Sooth Wat- Pass Pass 2 * Pass 3 * Pass Opening lead - (aclc of clubs. North 3* 4* East 2* Pass Most de»li played In the annual world championship achieve very limited publicity, even though they may have been bid or played exceptionally wtll. Apparently that is because the brldge- playtng public eipects good play from its top perform'"But tome ol the deals that are bypassed escape the attention ot bridge writers solely because the outcome al both tables is exactly the same and for that reason the deals do not serve as Brrt-rH* material. (6 1816 Km| Folnti Stndirtlr. Tomonw: Topsy-turvy. U.S.-Ilaly match in 1967. When Garozzo and Forquet were NtfruVSoulh for Italy, they got lo four spades in the manner shown. It was a sound contract that would ordinarily have been made, but Forquet ran into a combination of bad luck and good defense — and went down one. Wat (Edgar Kaplan) made Ihe normal lead of the jack of clubs and East (Norman Kay) realized lhat straightforward defense would nol produce more than Ihree tricks (two clubs and a spade). He therefore overtook the jack of dubs withlhequeenand returned the singleton Jack of diamonds. Declarer won the return in dummy with the queen, led the jack of trumps, which held, and continued wilh a trump, won by Kay with the ace. Kay now underled his A-K of dubs, Kaplan winning the club wilh the ten. Kaplan returned a diamond and Kay rutted to put Ihe contract down one. This high-class defense was later duplicated al the second table by the Italian East-West pair, Avarelli and Belladonna. They also cooperated perfectly to defeat four spades in the same way, and the deal proved to be a washout. In Connecticut It's Colonial Bank's N.O.W. Savings Account is Connecticut's newest banking service. Worth Checking At Colonial Bank: IT'S LIKE AN INTEREST-EARNING CHECKING ACCOUNT! 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Savings Account (or in any other designated Regular or Investment Savings Account) You'll earn Ihe top interest rale allowed by law and be able to write unlimited drafts [they look like checks, they work like checks, but we call them drafts) Free. There's a slight service charge per item should your balance fall below $500. Your bank doesn't offer you what Colonial Bank does-Worth Checking! No other bank has Worth Checking!-it's Worth Checking into the 5% Interest-Earning Savings Account that works like a Checking Account!... Worth Checking. Draft Savings is still on tap too! If you want a free checking account, and high interest on your bill paying funds, but don't want to keep a S500 minimum balance, Colonial Bank is still serving Draft Savings. Earn 5% a year interest from day of deposit to day of withdrawal in a statement savings account-when you need funds in your checking account just call our special Connecticut Toll Free number and the funds are transferred the same day. 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