Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1912 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1912
Page 9
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VOLUME XVI. NO. 10: EXTRA EDITION! TOLA, KAS., NOV. 6,19ia-WEDNESDAY MORNING. EXTRA EDITIONl FOUR PAGEiS UN LJUIDSLIDE nr COMPIEIE MILL HAVE OVER .100 VOTES IS ELECTUHAL (OLLEiiK. ! BDT 7 Oil 6 STATES ESCAPED ROOSEVELT CARKIKW FOIR OK FIVE AMI TAFT THREE. Rock RJIiltPd New Eiifcliind JoinrtI In ibp SttiniiH'de A«l«I«'d .>i'i>U- lesM Vutt's. «• . ' : « >VilsonV Sltiti 'iiiPiit. •> St. I-«ilis. .Mo.. Nov. t;.—Re-' * Bponding. to a telegram from •> the Democratic National Chair- •> man, asserting that Wilson was •> unquestionably elected, the • Democratic candidate for pre.s- • ident sent 'a dispatch as fol- <• lows: •!• • "1 deejily appreciate your •> telegram and to extend to <• you and tlie committee my •> warm congratulations on the •> Jiart you have played in the •> organization and conduct of the •> campaign fought out upon es- <' sential Issues. •> "A great cause has triumph- <• ed. Every Democrat, every true * Progressive, of whatever alii- <• auce, must now lend hf.s full • force and enthusiasm to the fulflUment of tlie peoj)!e's • hope." •:• • • • • • • • • • (By the A -isoclalPcl Press) New York. Nov. 6.—Shortly after \ o'clock Democratic National headquarters claimed the following states certain for Wilson: Alabama. Arkansas. Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,! Indiana. Kentuck.v, North Carolina. Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi. Wisconsin. New York. South Carolina, Tennessee. Texas. Virginia. Oklahoma, New Mexico, .MIsBOurl.-West Virginia and New Jersey, with B total of 291 electorjil votetv George M. Palmer, chairman of the Democratic Slate Committee, author- Ixed the statement at 7l'> p .m. clalm- Inc the state for Wilson by 2.'<0.000 plurality. The Kvcning Mail, a Roosevelt organ, at C:'>0 p. ni., conceded the state lo Wilson and claimed ^second place for Koosevelt. In 1.648 districts In New York state, outside of New York City, gave Tnft 182.r.l .-i: Wilson 1S»7,01.-; Roo.sevelt 121.9n0. With the election of Wilson assured, reports up to midnight indicated that his electoral vote will pass the three hundred mark. As the night advanced and returns from the West began to come in, the earlier estimates were confirmed and Montana and New Mexico were added to the states that seemed certain for the Democratic candidates. While scattering returns from San Francisco and Los Angeles made it probable that California might join the Wilson and Marshall column. The election of Wilson and Marshall by .a safe majority of the electoral rotes was made certain by incomplete returns from the country at large up to 10 o'clock. With Pennsylvania. Indiana. Ohio, and other large states represented by only mea­ gre reports, the success of the Democratic ticket in a -majority of the heavily populated states was certain. The returns gave to Wilson the "Solid South," embracing all the Democratic states south of the Potomac, and Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky. Maine. Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and apparently West Virginia. Indiana and Missouri. Roosevelt's victory in Illinois promised at 10 o'clock to carry with it a plurality greater than. IKO.OOO. New Hntnpshlrc and Vermont had api>arently given a majority to Taft. The states where results Were rebsonnlily certain nt 10 o'clock gave the loUnwing electoral votes: Wilson 2«:; Uoosevelt 2»; Taft 8. rallty of 30,000 votes over Taft, with Roosevelt third. Iowa In Donbt Des Moines, la., Nov. C—Figures from one-fourth of the precincts in the state early today reversed the slt-^ nation and put Wilson ahead of Roosevelt by a plurality of from four to six thousand. If the present ratio continues. With coiisideralily less than one- fourth^ of the total precincts heard from ut midnight, Roosevelt was lending Wilson by about 'M.ww. NebniNku to Wilson. A Omnho. Neb., Two hundred NelTras- ka precincts t at midnight showed a piyrallty of ovtir ri .mio for Wilson. Senator Hitchcock. Democrat. Issued n statement tit '.< o'clock claitii- ing .Nebraska for Wilson by a.">.oi)u. Gwifiy ms SAFELY nraii niAXrE FOR HAMSHNP TYLER TO LAM» VirTOHV. KLEIN'S ELECTION GONGEOEO iOLA MAX DEFEATS HOLMES 400 VOTES l> OWN COIXTY. Arlxona (o Wlbon. Phoenix, Arlr.., Nov. O.—Karly returns from Arizona indicate tliai Wilson has carried every one of the fourteen counties In thi'-stam. Wilson will lead Roosevelt by approximately ; I,(HMI votes with Taft a poor third. »w Me.\Ir» to Wilson. Albuquerque. N, M.. Nov. G.—Wilson has carried the state by over 2.C.'iu plurality, according to r<'iurn.s ui> to midnight. »w York to Wilson. New York, Nov. 6.—New York Slate will oast Its forty-five electoral votes for Woodrow Wilson. Congressman William Sulzer wafl elected governor. At-10:10 only about two-thirds of the u))-8tate districts and about one-half of the city districts were counted. Upon these returfls Ri -publican Chairman Barnes conceded tiiut Wilson hud curried the state by lUO.Odit. Democratic State Chairman Palmer claimed that Wilson would have a plu rality of 2.'>0.0(.iu. Judge FouNt Probalily Rp>p|i>r<rd Itj n (jo»d Munrin—Tuinnirt t'arrlr.s tlie fount}. X raliforuln In Doulit. San Francisco, Nov. (J.—'•'riie situn- tlon in California is too tnucli in doubt at this time to say just what the outcome will be," said Daniel A. Ryun. chairman of the Re|)ubljcau Stat Committee. "I believe that Roosevelt will carry the state." Oklahiiniu lleninrratli*. Oklahoma City. Nov. t!.—Wilson has carried Oklahoma by n majority estimated at ;i(i.Ouu. Si-nuliir Owen has defeated his ReinihMcan opponent, .ludge DIckersun. by a hirRc majority. Maine \>i-il Also. Portland, Me., Nov. «.—Returns from about four-tlfths of the state Indicated that for the llrst time sincK'the Civil. War the DumocratU- .Ndtional ticket has been successful. Marylund by 2:».m )ft. naltimore. Md.. Nov. —Wilson carried Maryland by about 2."..000 piunil- Ity, estimuted from figures reicived up to 11 o'clock. Roosevfll was second and Taft thifd. T. l{.'C>ei.s Sonth Daknln. Sioux Falls, S. D., Nov. C.—Slow returns from scattered precincts^ in South Dakota Indicate that Roo.«'evelt has carried the state by a small plurality. Chlcagu, Nov. C.—Roosevelt and Judge Uunne..according lo returns received up to 1 o'clock, apparently had carried the state for President and Oovernor. respectively. I^ate returns. Including many from Democratic counties, took away the Hoosevell plurality and irave Wllsun a slight lead. Senator Dixon, of New York, shortly after 8 p. m., said thaC Roosevelt would carry Illinois by 100,000. CIoKp in PpnnsylTtinla. Philadelphia. Pa.. Nov. «.—At rald- nlgA Wilson and Roosevelt were running neck and neck In Pennsylvania. In 1,043 but or 5.377 election districts outside of Philadelphia, Taft had 38,645 votes: Wilson 62,032 and Roosevelt 62.046. In Philadelphia, with less than half^of the returns in. Taft leads .WiUoh by 14.000 votes and Roosevelt By 11.000 . Returns from 2,'5«8 districts out of 6.593 in Pennsylvania gave Tirt4^73; Wilson 152,430; Roosevelt •;W6.«o. — ConneHIcat to WRSOB. ^ New Haven. Nov. 6.—^Wlth over one- balf of the vote counted at 10 p. m. indications are that Connecticut has Slven Wilson and Marshall seven ^jrotes in the electoral college. At that hour WMlsOn bad 55,073 votes; Taft 50,052; Ro^elt 34,913. Vflse^in by SO^. . Milwauk^,*Wis.. Nov. 6.—Wisconsin cave Wilson an approxinukte pl)i- Missouri Demorratlc. St. Louis. Mo.. Nov. 6.—A Wil.son victorj- In Missouri by lOft.OOO votes is Indicated by returns from one-third j of the precincts of the state. With oaly ten per cent of the precincts outside of St". Louis heard from at i0:3<l and the vote there just begun to come in, the state with its 18 electoral votes Is safely in the Democratic column. The election of Elliot W. Major for Governor is conceded by Republican managers. ^ With conu)lelp returns fro'm twenty- six out of the thirty-seven voting precincts in tlie county reporteil at three o'clock this nu>rning the election of the entire Republican ticket with three i)0ssib1e exceptions is indicated. Klein for State Senator has a good lead over Holmes. (R)'; Tyler leads Miss Wl.soa (R) for County Treasurer and Ilamm. of Humboldt. Democratic candidate for Representative is out ahead of McClaIn (Rj with a fair margin. The Republicans however are conceding nothing save the election of Klein, with chances favoring Tyler^ With but one precinct in Woodson county to hear from, Apt(D) for district judge has a lead tliere of r>0 vote.s over Judge Fouat. Hut In Allen ( ounty. Foust is out ahead of Apt i \Ti with the lead Incn-asing. Tlie totals of tlie vote rejiorted from the precincts where tiie returns arc comi>lete follow: • Taft 691: Wilson SS7: Roosevelt 47S. For llnlted Stales Senior—Slubbs !t7l; Thoinpson IMO. For Governor—Capper 1138; Hodges lOl.'i. State Supt. of Insurance-Peterson (D» 726: Lewis 749. For Congressman—Urady( R) 950; Taggart ID) 97.'.. F<ir State Senator—Klein ID) 1031: Holmes SSS. District Judge—Fou.'it IR) H^9S: Apt U)> 977. Repre'sentallve—Ilamm (I)) lOlS; Mcdain (It) SS\;. County Clerk—Culbert.'son {ID Ul 'i; Freeberg (D) 894. Count}- Treasurer-Tyler ID) 971; Wilson (R» 905. Register of Deeds—l^iiry (Rl 1093: Rodwell IDI 9S4. For I'oiinty Attorney—f^iUison fit) 1138;-Forrest ID) y.'.:{. Probate Judge—Smith (K) 11S9; Walker (D) .SOS. For Sheriff—Kerr (R) 11S3: Foster (D) 7:!3. For Coroner—McMillen (R) li:it;: l^avell (D> 847. Suiit. of Instruction—Myler (R) 9Si', Fetherngill ID) 887. For Surveyor—Palstring (R) 1002; Bartlett (D) 79fi. Clerk of the District Court—Brown (R) 113,i; Hess (D) 92.';. None of the lola wards reported complete up to press hour. The Republicans confidently expect to gain here. Paul Kleain carried Woodson county by a majority of 400 over Holmes. Telephone messages received by Carl Peterson last night indicate tliat the lolan has a good chance to win. (Continued on page 4) ^jons distance call from Joseph Taggart at Kansas City brought iiews that scattering reports showed the congressional race very close. TIJECONGRESSIONAL.RETUBNS »EI«.-ER (.'OES DOW V ALSO, Only SoriullKt Conirrossraan llefeated for Rp-Kk'ctioii. E\RI.Y >KWS IMUt'ATEI) THAT.' (By the Assocl»ted Press) | TAtJtJAKT WAS RE-ELE(TEI>. , 1 Milwaukee. Wis., Nov. C—Concress-; ' ! ini'.n Victor Uerscr. only Socialist in • • j Congress, was deflated ;for re-electiuu 1 PBESIDENT TAFTS STATEMENT \T II tn LOCK HE rO >TEDED MR. W1LSI >N'S ELECTION. I'nrle Joe Caiinfin Oefealed—.>Iurd«ck, Anthony. Canipliell and .\eeley Are WliiBjrs. by Former Congressman Stafford. ih>- ' Tariff to Re Modified and RooseTflt fui^ion candidate on the Democraiic Itths Vote SieniticaBt of (ticket. a Change. fBv the A5s-<i.-iiit<'il Pre*.-;) ToiHkii. .Nov. Kariy returns from i the Consr.-.^sional (li.-'tricts indicated I the <|.uti..n of ihf fotlowing: An-i thonv. iHi First District: Taggart iDl Secoiid Di.^i.; <'aiiipb.-ll iK) Third: Jack.soii, ilJ( Fotinb; Neelfy, cD; the Seventh. , SUFFeABE WAS SyCCES8FyL|^,,„,s ,..~S3>..,.« Danvillo. 111., Nov. i;.—At luidniilit E. X. I.e.~!:r<'. son-in-law of former Speaker Cannon, voiuedfd .Mr. Can- iicii's d>f«.-:it. • Leaven;<o!rli. Has.. .Vxv C —Parti:il ri'turns fin;', livi- of the i -islit c'liintifs if tlie Kir-i Ci iiKit-s.'^ioii:!! disiriti in- licali- Ilia' Anthony i.- .-U-ilfd by aboiil ."''I"" iiuijorily. Indlralions Are That Ihe Amendment Has Carried. Taft at 11 oclock last night issued the foUcving statement "The retiirns Insure the election of -Mr. Wilson.' 'This means an early change in the economic policy of the governmtr.t in reference to the tariff. If this change can be made without halting prosperity, I sincerely hope it may be.^ "The vote for Mr. Roosevelt and for fBy the Associated Tr'-s) Topeka. Kas., Ncv. fi.—Th »vtot .iI vote on. Woman's Suffrage available in ifl precincts of the static at H o'clock gave 3.;!29 for the auiondmeiu | Debs is a warning that their propa- and 218 against IL Leavenworth coun- ganda in favpr of fundamental changes ly is the only one known to hav.- voi-i in our constitutional representative j ed against Woman Suffragi'. K.-jions! ts"»ern:iituit has formidable support, showed that in soiiu' .<i -itiiins of the! Whib- the exiivriinent of a change In stall', till' country vote a):iiin.-i siiffragi'. while t!u» ciTv vote favored it. .•\ late re|)i.-rt from .\»*\vton, ini-li;(l- t !:C! tariff is lieiiiK carried out by a IVmi'cratic ailministration, it be- hooviv? U. ptiliiicans lo gather again JiwaiMi..&JUnlHUi. Wii .\"ov. f, -liicoiiliilfl"' liii'ii^ the K<K))<b Di^tricl iiidi- i -atf .Miirdui-k will carry vv>'ry crmiiiy U\ a i iiitifortuble majority. Kvliinis oil tlie fill lion of ineiiiber.'-' are slnv.-. Tl.'- iiidicatioiis aiv that (III- liciiiKcrats will iiiahituin tlii'lr iir-.^'-ni iiijijoiliy in !!»• House. In .Mi.«s..iirl. .'^•'loiid I>i.>;trici, W. W. Ruck<-r. 1 ifi'.incral, was eli-ctcd. In the I'ifili. Will I> llnrhiiid iDi was ii—1.. i.-.l; Tlih.! District. Joshua W. Alt\uiul.i MM r.' .I.'ctcd; Seventli lil»trict Ciiiirtn. y \V. Hamlin (111 iiig Harvey County. Kansas. 5-ho» s j to the party .st:uid:»ril and pledge anew iliat til'' Woman S^' aiin-ndmeiu j lost heavily iii that county, tin- i ounty | going l{<-pii!j|ican by a narrow niarf;i;i. their iviiili in ib> ir party's principles an<l to oiKani.a« againi to defend the <-i)itstitniional govcrninent handed liow II to us by our fathers UtlOII ATTEM»AM'E REtORDS. 1 loia Srhoul» ShoH llluhly (oinmi-nil-' iililr Spirit of Punrlualltt. Tin- prini'ipivls of tli<> school:: of t'r-;'^ city have bc.-n iniiiiig tin- s<:hi.'-i:s lo l><- piinclliul in .'illeiiduiice :illil tu lessen tin- niiiiilH-r of "tardy marks " Tle^ R0O>KVELT "UELMiHTEn." elecle.l; I'ifte.-mh I>i: trict. I*. <V Deck-! crusade has been goiiig on for sou. er (IM eliiiid; Fir.-ii Hi.-trlct. Junies i\e»rs, but it was ^ot until lil^t year that the pupilti lhenis«'Ives benan to take interest in the iiioveii)<-:it I MHI month, as shown by the report to i T. Llovil ii>» r.-ele«le.I. In the Ninth Distrlci Chaiip Clark was n-fleofe*!. In Oklalionia. Rinl .McOulro. Repub- „_ „ llcan was re-i-lectnl to (^ungrt-ss from (Su|ierintendenl C. C. Brown. Carlieia} ment. As for the Progressive cause. Ihe "t auHi- Will March On in SpHe . of TodiiyN Ueteat. > ^ <i:v tti.- .v-i-*-.!;!!'-)! Pre.«.s) " Oyster May. N. Y . Nov. 6.—Shortly [..fore ii:i.iiii»:ht la.-t night. Colonel K <H>seV'U iii4ile tlie following stale- iiient; •"JTiio .Viiierioan people by a great pltirality have decided in favor of Mr. Wilson :<ml the iVmooratlc party. Like all good ciii/ens. I accept the result with entire coixl humor and conlent- the FiiM District. Indications at 1 o'clock wer.- that in all exo'iit one district III (» tlie Deiiuu-ratic Ccmgre.<fii>lial i;<iii:!liees had been elected MR. HAI.OERMAX TO NERRA.SKA. I)iilt>> Ire llnNlncs lo Rrsnme Rank- inir. His Qlit Line. ^ J. F Halderman, after several'years* vacation. Iea \ea tomorrow for Wy- niore.. Neb., to'reiiamc his.old line of basine.^s, -banking. Prloi*'to conHng to lola to take f. position as ossisunt 8upcrintei:dent and secretao' of the lola Ice cnmpatiy. he was employed in various bahks «nd negotiated while here f>r a bank which he dei^ired lo buy. lie did not Feriire it, but has bought a block of stock in a state bank at Wymnre. wlfii an option of a con- trollln;; intercut later Mr and Mrs. Halderman have made many friends In lola who will be mighty eorry to see them-leave, but will follow them with the most cordial wishe.": that they may find their new home and their new life very t>I<-*asant. school led In the best attendance with 97 9'',. Lincoln school jiiniped from .•iiMh to second place with a p'-rcent- age of 97 s. The aver:ige atteii.lann' for the scliools of lhe''city uas 97 .1'. while but one school was as low as 96'.. In Jefferson helil first rank, having but three cases of tardiness during the month. The i<.-uisoTt school made a record on no tardiness. In tardiness and attendance five of tbe ten best rooms iiTtli*' city at at Lincoln school. -'. filRL LOVE0 EXCITEMEXT. So She Set a,.HoteI on Fire and I 'krM- Fenons Dled- (Hy tlie A«.<>oclated Pres--> St. Ixiuis. Nov: .5^—Miss Barbara filadyr, an 18-year-oId nurse, has been arresteil charged with setting fire to a Berlin,hotel-in which three persons died. According to the police she confessed she started the fire for "love of exciiement." J. T. lAwrence, of Chanute, is in th^ city on business. • ^ ' 1 can only rei«7it that the fate of the leader for the time being is of little con.seinience. but the caus^ itself must in the ond triuniph, for its triumph is essential to the well being oT the Au;ericuii i".niple." ^ nm>-» Veil sent the following tele- graiii to Governor Wilson: "The American people by a great jiiiirality have conferred upoq ^ou the highest honor in their gift. 1 congrat- ul.-ite you thereon. Tbeodore Roose- Vrlt.' , • ^ U: RRTIX PLEASED AT HEVTS. i Thinks wrif ^i^ Snctess Means JliMk ; /avtUr Cmntry. • (Ry tt<» Associated.Press) . Lincoln, Neb.. Nov. 6.—W. J. Bryan sent th*- following telegram to Governor Wilson: "1 most hi-artily congratulate you and the country upon your election. Your splendid campaign has borne fruit In a great A-ictory. I am sore your administration w^ill prove a blesir^ iiig to the nation, and a source of strength to our p»Tty." HAD LEAD OF 1.W8 IX IM PBl. C'lNTTS IX STATE. i sTuees AND CAPPER mnii CAPPER FOR fiOVERXOR FOLLEII STROXU VOTE tiENERALLT. Stvbbs for Senator Had 8«a« Mt barks but Generally Gained ra His Opponent fUy the As «x :lat ;ed Press) Topeka. Nov. 6.—^Meagre returna up to midnight indicated that the - Progressive national aiid tbe ^piibliiwi; state tickets were victorious. -'Progressive leaders claimed the state for Roosevelt by a plurality of lO.Otk) to.: ir>,000, but the Democrats maintained that the complete vote wbold-place, Wilson in the lead. One htindred vad eight precincts gave Roosevelt S^tt^ Wilson 5.130; Taft 3.296. Stubba wui^ leading Thompson for the Senate, lii^ It was evident that the result ;wIIL tie. very close. Capper, Republican, and.: Hodge^. Democrat, are numlng about' even for governor. The election of at least five Itepul}* llcan candidates for Congress seemed assured, with good prospects that a sixth Republican Congressional candl' date will be elected. Practically every precinc^ heard, from gave a majority for equal suffrage. The' returns are very slow from all over the state. Topeka. Kas.. Nov. 6.-^MaJortUes on President by counties .-were reported as follows: For Roosevelt—Cloud 200; Douglas 300; Dickinson 150; Doniphan 100; Sallna-250; Lincoln 150; I^yon 400; Ottawa 125; Franklin 100; Osage 200; Crawford 200: Greenwood 175; Nemn- ha 150; McPherson 400; Wyandotte 1,500. For Wilson—Geary 75^-Rono 160? Shawnee 100; Waubansee 300; Char-/-|| okee 300; Sumner 200; Cowley 100;' R Rice ,100; Jefferson 100. For Taft—Leavenworth 250. Topeka, Kas., Nov. 6.^At 1:S0 tbls' *\ morning the followiiig pniralitiea mtn reported by counties: Cloud—Stubba by SiOO; Capper Dickinson—^Stubbs TOO i. Capper Doniphan—Stubba-100; dnpttr IM; Lincoln—Stubbs 100; Hdt ^wt ^K > Lyon—Stubbs 300; Capper*300,"' f, • Ottawa—Stubbs 100; Capper'50.* . Wab'nsee—Stubbs 150; Hodges i^lM.^^ Cherokee—Hodges 300; Thompflbli 300. i . Crawford—Stubbs 200; Capper 25t> Cbiy—Stubbs 100; Capper_150. • -r Sumner—Thompson 150; BodffW: 100. • »' Greenwood—Stubbs 1-50; Capper 175. Nemeha—Stubbs 123; Capper IMU McPherson—Stubbs 200; Capper^ v Shaw^nee-^Thompson 1200; Capplur',''^ ,000. ' Reno—Stubbs 125; Capper 225.' Topeka. Kas.. Nov. 6.—One hnndfcd/; I and ninety-six'' precincts in Kawann give Roosevelt 9.198; Wilson 7,2S0; Taft 4A27. V" Kansas City, Kas.—Incompleto re-. ^ turns from Wyandotte County iddlcste:^. that Roosevelt has carried tKecooair-f by 1.500 plurality. ^ Topeka, Kas.—Incomplete tetdriia!' from 12 of the 23 precincte attUiv city give Taft 299; Wilson 28«; " Roosevelt 304. Stubbs 474; son 339; Capper -159; Hodges suffrage 2.643; against the a ment 1,755. / Emporia. Kas.—Estimates of County give Wilson .682; Taft Roosevelt 725; Stubba 1040; son 719; Capper 1115; Hodges for Congressman. JacksOn KO; Uttle 723. Wichita. Ks.—The esUm«ted at 8 o'clock in Sedgwick County Taft 1750; Roosevelt 6.000; "Vl .mi Stubbs 4.500; Thompson Capper 5000; Hodges 4500. For gress. Murdock 8000; Saund«rs'3(MM ;^i1 Independence. Ks.—Thirty>flT(t i cincts (estimated) in Montgomsry give Taft 2500; Wilson S3S0; J velt 3900. For Governor. Capper Hodges 4200; Campbell 4800; 4650. ^ -Tj>; Garden City. Kas.—Incoin]^«t» ~ turns in this city give Roosevel Taft €1; Wilson 80; ..Stufibs Thompson 93., Capper 139; Finley 137; Neeley 7». (.ji!< Coilumbus^ Kaa.-^t mldnl^^ turns from Cherokee County ~ llson for president; Hodges ernor and Brady (D) for are leading Iqr a majority .of- Russell County completogftsk 200; Wilson 900; Roosevelt 105ak^ per 1100; Hodges 1000; Tonhs^^L., Connolly 1000. 4'?^ Atchison, Kas-. Nov. fi.^—On dent^ seven precincts in Atclilsi Taft 174; Bboasv^ 61; WO: hton 344. SW«CHwsr8vC^ sl»B Anthony {Bhm^r i360. Hngoton, Kas., Nor, fti—' _^ cincts in Stevei^ county glv»;; 97; Taft 71;-Roosevelt 103. "~ ator, Thompson: 119; Governor, Hodges 103; Keeley's maJoHty" for Great Bend, lbs., JfOK* complete, gives. 157; WUson m; Capper: 255: StnblM »8t _ ney 255; Keeley 303^

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