Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1912
Page 8
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11912: : If We are noted for our Unens and in this sale we again demonstrate our supremacy. Word from Belfast, Ireland, Germany arid Austria indicates sbarp advances in price, bjit we maintain our own prices. In fact, in many offeriniirs we are quoting the lowest prices we have ever been able to make. , The Record of this Store calls for the Best QuaUties that satisfy; Right Price; Up-to-date Merchandise; Hain Figures; Full* Values Now Is the time to Buy! Note Prices: CO itnh Barnslpy Ulcjuliod Damask. 50c. qualify. 9Qp . special, per yard wuu as inch Bleached Damask. w\v 1912 pattPius, S5<- qmilify, CP« special, ytev yard UUb 72 inch Bleached Men-oriwd Damask. Pansy, I'oppyt Flenr de ^Listpatterns, 7'ic quality, pfln special, yer yard .Ullb Stamjied (lUpst Towels wilh your own ])ermaiient mon- fyC^i ogram, •ea<'h fcJU ' S<ami»e<l <Juest Towels^, of l> grade Linen Hnck Towels, 0C« each uuU 30x3(1 Union Linen S«|uares- •a HI hemstitch and drawn work, SJlc quality, each I Jb SATIN DAMASK. 12.35 quality D«»uhle Satin Da- nfcisk, the heaviest and most per- • feet woven flax thread; newest of patterns: Tiger-Lilly Boi-der wi(h Satin Strii)e, Dot i -enter; Violet, Bok Knot, Tulip, Bluebells; SJK?- cially priced, j )er ^1 QQ yard ^lidO Xai/kins t<» nialch; size 27x27, |H'r dozen ^. .$5.98 Size 22.\22. dozen ......... $4.50 72 inch-f 1.98 double sjitin Damask, every thread pure linen, good heavy (lualily, a wear resisting Dsimask, beautiful patterns: Fern Kiblton Bow Knot, Tiger Lilly or Bose; special price, Uf| l»er yard ^ liUU Napkins to match, size 22x22. ]»er dozen .ii^.SO Size 27.\27 j)er dozen $5.98 %\X)X\ quaHty Satin Damask-— heavy selecled fine fl:ix — full.v bleaclK'd; 72 inches wide, elegant assortment of patterns: napkins to match; s{iecial Dricc. ^4 ftP p«>r yard .ip I i^U S5c Sheets and Pillow Cases. .Slx90 S<>ame«l Sheets, worth 50c, each lOb 72x90 Seamless Torn Sheets worth 85c each, on sale 81x90 "IndeiK?ndent'' Torn and Hemmed Sheets. 4in sj»le, 7Cp each luu 81x90 "I'renjium" Torn and Hemmed Sheets, on sale, QQ#» each OJb 81x108 "Salem" extni size Torn and Hemmed Sheets. d'l 00 on sale, each t^liUU W" gnule Pillow t;as«fs, on sale "I'lica" Brand. •12x3n. on sale, each Hi-and. "('amhridge 42x3. each ... 10c .25 g Ub StaluiMMl Billow Cases, ^Qn ,50c quality, per pair jJb New Stanijied I'ilhiw X-tit% Ciiscs. siK 'cial. |Kiir UUb Towels and Toweling, i • 20x42 plain hemstitched or s«>'al- 25c 25c lo]>ed ]>nre linen Huck Towels, each ...; 18x20 fjincy linen Huck (luest Towels, caih 20x42 Linen Huck Towels, scalloped, each 22x45 Imported Satin Damask Linen Towels with embroidery <>r <lrawn work, on sale, each Ran .UUb .88c Bleiiched Crash, with Isir- der. siKH-ial. yard Ub Stevens' Crash, extra in»» gofwl <|unlity, yard.-. lUb Barnsley Bleached or rnblcacli; ed Crash, sjiecial. 1C*» l»er ,vanl lUb IS inch Linen Huck Tuwdin;;. fancy patterns, OPn per yard £Ub 22 inch Linen Huck T (»\vi 'lin^. fancy jtatterns. pH., per yard UUb SALE OF NAPKINS. 20x20 ylicHvy .Mcr. crizi'd Na[>- kins. S1.25 «|ualii.v. "QCr» I'lM- dozen uUb C.-rmaTi Silvc!- Blcarlu-d Linen Dniiiifsk Natikiiis. very 7C iH'w. |K 'i- <I<»zcn iP i il U 22x22iic:i\v Salin Damask Nap kins—a niosi cMinisite .•jssortmenf of paiii'iiis. ."*( i|ualiiy. CO ]>(M-<lozcii yUiUU Pattern '{able Cloths. S IxSf K' I'ansy. BlneU-ll or Clirvsaiitliciiiiiiii ]ial- ^9 HA tcnrs. s|x-ii:tl <PUiUU N txMi4 patterns siiiiil:ir t«i the ;ili.»vc. «-:ilra heavy nfl i|iialit\. |>ri <i' <^^iUU I .';(».\:'.ii K;iiicv Squares, on sale, .iacli. .. 25*', SO^- Our $1 .25 Table Linens. Special $1 .00 Yard. This will be-of inteii'.«;r to all Ii.>n>l 'kccjH >rs. \V<' aiv goini; to sell the Is'st $l.tH( jicr yard Linen to IM ' lia<l. 72 incli ^i-ass -bleached I'lire Linen Damask—«riiaranteed absohnely piiie linen; six swell jial terns: ask for them.- Pin Stripe Kosi'. Flenr de Lis. r.<»w • Knot. Tulip. Chiysaiuhemniii. I 'lain Satin I >:iiii.isk Napkins to ni :tt<-h. ISxlS li.ninii llattenlM'rfr: Doilies. 'I'M- quality. IQp sale jfliie. each I Jb FaiTiv Di-»'ss <-r and Table Sr;nfs ea .h..." 25:«><>, 50<^. 75c to $2.50 Shadow Laces and Flouncings, Special, 50c a Yard. •Beautiful Dainty Shadow La<-es for trimming party .dresses, evening gowns and dress waists; wide bands and wide edgos. ranging in width from 4 to 45 inches; absolutely new: .special Kfln l)or yard UUb BEA(X)N CRIB BL.VNKKTS. ea.h 39<* Kxtrjv size BKA<M)N.Crib Blankets. .$1.25, ?5J.0() CHILDRKNS WORK BONlvS. each... .:{5^, 5t)d 32 inch FRKNCH C.INC,H.\MS. ivgular 10,» 2nc quality. iK*r yard ., '.. I Ub 30 inch Fleeced KI.MONA CLOTH. 101« 'special, \viY yard ..142b Extra good quality AlMi(»N G1N(;- Cl^ HJVM , special. \y^v yard .U2b New Patterns NURSE STRIPE GIN(J- ip^ HAM, .s{>ecial. p<'r yard lUb 40 in«h high grade SILKOTINE. beanti- fuLassortment of patterns, yard lUb Big Valnes in Oiir Silk Department Tl^ursday, Friday and Saturday only we shall place on sale our choicest Dress Patterns These are all high grade imported Silks and Satins—exclusive novelties—^four to six yard lengths—priced 2^ follows: Oiie ]iattern. 5 yards. Blue CIV|K > Meteor. 40-incli. was *15.iHi: now One iiattern! 5 yards. Ijivender <'ivi)e-Meteor, was *1.5.0(l: n .iw One pattern. 5 yards. Yellow CII'IK * .Mete(»r. was ?1.5.0(); now One pattern. 5 yard.>». Brocade Civj»e Meteor. 40 inch. White, was $14.11(1; now... One j»attern. 5 yards. Brocade Crepe Meteor, 4ll-inch. V<'IIow. was ^14.(llt: now. .. One pattern. 5 yards. Brocade Crepe .Aleteor, 40-inch, Blue, was ^14.00: now.... . One patttjrti. imported embossed v«'lvet Satin Cli;irmeu>e. golden brown; w;is *4<i: One pattern, imjiorted eiiMsissed velvet <Miiffon Cloth, new Co |K 'nhagen. was^ltl; One i»attern. 5 yards. Charmeuse. AVhite. was ^1.5.(1(1: now One patti^rn. 5 yards, Cliarmetise. Coral. Champagne. Yellow, was .*:i2.."li: now... now. now. Sll .Sll .Sll .SIO. .Ji?I<), .."?10. .S25. .!i;23. .. ..S8, ,*)H ,!iS o:» «>D OO ,00 (K) ,50 SO .Special 5ale of Castile Soap, genuine Castile Soap, regular price 5c. 10 bars .. 25c .$1 .00 Qualitv Satin Messaline Goes on Sale at 89c a Yard. Satin Messaline. suitable for I'l iiieess Slips. waists..nnderskirts. etc.: all the K-adiny pQp shades: in tliis ^AW. yard UUb Ni:\V .<i''Al{Fl.\<:. per yard 50f .-.n ineh FANCY c.REY cl.OAKINO. (PI 00 S2..~ii quality. pery:n-.l (PjiUO .-)0 inch CHINCHILLA t'LOAKlNC. frt in tan. reil. navy: s|iecial. yard .ipfciUll ineb llVavy Storm Sei^e < "jujikiiij;. d *Q AA brown, ml. navyj quality: yard. .... .«P&ilJU New lines of -POLAir CAPS AND !H»ODS- all colors, sj-ecially inireii.... .'.ioC, 50c to Niw CHAFINC. DISH APRONS -the very lat- <>st oni: priced at .50c, 75<"-, i><S<*, $1.50 New Quarterly Home Journal Style Books i, '. Ai^e Now In. NEW YORK STORE Watch for announcement of our celebrated Gdssard Corset Demonstration. THE.UIGH SCHOOL YOTIXG. "^Tote Showed Pretty Well How Elec- tlon Would Go. • 7 The llBal count of the vote taken at | «ifae bigli school yesterday showed'91 :> .^Jjotes for 'Wilson: Roosevelt 42: Taft S -"0;.'Deb8 22. Stubbs won by a vote of ;107 out of 200. Capper secured 177, iKodges. 87. Paul Klein won for state -.isolator with 105 votes, over 101 for • :'H<dme8. Kerr led his ticket with I3o . t votes. •. Professor Sa«-tell says that the.vot- Axit was very successful, in that It gave •all the students instniction in the use I . lOf vote, .while at the same time , ijie preference of the scholars w-as . ;team«dJ All the high school scholars. „ »iti» the ezceoljon ofa few girls, used r .the ballot -.7 , ' - WOODBOW WILSON BABY. £ltabT Bom in lols Today is >'amed for Kew President ^i!£harle« Woodrow Wilson Wllliarts the name of the latest bom son in jflola. The bearer-ot all this name ar- iclved at the home of Mr. and Mrs. .•e ..S. Williams of 205 South Chestnut " ilarly this morning. Charles W. W. IWUIIams Is a fine looking ten and a liaU pound boy and it Is said he hur- jr,,-'tahed all d«y tor Wilson.^ " Tola was farored with a Woodrow I ~ Wllsbn baby on the day of the noml- .-ttatisn of the President-elect. SCHOOL OUT.TEACHBB GO!(E. iin Bat Tliiree. of lola Corps WiU ro :i % f« TOpelca STeetlng. •>J About ten happy high school In- ^^tfrnetors boarded the northbound J ]|^ta' T ^B- passenger this, afternoon >.»a51i'd"'for Topeka to attend the State . -^^F^Bafehers AssociaUon meeting. Al- •.•^'^Itftii^ the meeting at Topeka will \ ^tBMit. the-ieachers-busy it will be a ^^fjMtaT change from the monotony of • *'• * ^ork. The^lasses in the lo- dosed with the afternoon l^f '^SirliSteniooa uid ^esl'teac^M ^r ^il! for Topeka In tbe'"*niorning. three of the city teachers will ^ 5 — Br>-an makes $50,000 a year as 'a lecturer. Ex-Senator Frank I. Cannon. ex-Goverfcors Folk, Hoch and Hanly, Dr. Harvey W. Wiley and Mr, Francis J. Heney—every one makes $10,000 a.year or more. Speaker Champ Clark, Senators LaFollette, Bristow and Gore, Judge Ben Lindsey, Governor Hadley, Representative Victor Murdock. Rev. Drg. S. Parker. Cad- raan, Frank W. Gnusaulus and Newel! Dwight Hilles would every one make that much if he devoted his whole time to it at the rate he now receives for as many dates as he can spare from other work. These men ordinar ily receive $100 to $200 and their rail road fare for ever>' lecture. These are the "topliners." l>esser attractions are paid from $25 to $100 an api>earance. Perbapii $50 a week is a fair average for the humbler "entertainers." -• MCONGIIESSIONIIL RETURNS Jf (Dy the ..Vssociated Press) IrTopeka. Nov. C.-Early returns from } and Gracelcw Bachelor: the Congressional districts indicated, FUNEB.VL OF .UB. BOBBINS. ScrvIr «M« Here and Bodjr Taken Kassachasetts for BnriaL to The funeral services of the late A. J. Rob)>ln8 was held at the Campbell undertaking parlors this afternoon at 1 o'clock, Rev. Drs. S. S. Hilscher and B. M. Powell offic ({Lting. The body was shipped this afternoon for Winchendon, Mass., for burial. A son of the deceased accompanied the body to Winchendon. There was a goodly number of relatives and friends at the services, together with Masonic broth ers and the words,of comfort spoken by the ministers were most proper. Congressional elected. nominees had been •i:i(» HELPING HER PICK OUT HAT I HLUO POtlQE CONFB SSIOX OP BBMTRIOE COJTWIS^ OLBAES MYSTERY SUBROUNDINQ THE MUBDER OP SOPHIE SINt the election of the following: Anthony. (R) First District; Taggart tD) I Second Dist.; Campbell (R) Third; j Jackson. (R) Fpurth; Neeley, (D) thej Seventh.^ Can See Anything Comic About the Proceedings. "Dearie, I want you to go with me; one d .Ty this week and help me select j a hat." I This is not a request. It is a com- 1 Leavenworth. Kaa.. Nov. C.—Partial 1 mand that no married man dares dls- returns from live of the eight counties, of the First Congrcssionai- district indicate that Anthony is elected by about 3000 majority. W'ichita, Kas.. .Nov. G.—Tnrompletc returns from the Eighth District indi-' cate that Murdock will carry every county by a comfortable majority. Returns on the election of members are slow. The indications are that the Democrats will probably naintain their present majority In the House. In Missouri, Second District, W. W. Rucker, Democrat, was elected. In the Fifth. Wm. P. Borland (D) was ce-elected; Third District, Joshua W. Alexander (D) re-elected: Seventh District Courtney W^. Hamlin (Dj elected; Fifteenth District, P. C. D«ck- er (D) elected; First District, James T. Lloyd fD) re-elected. In the Ninth District Champ Clark was re-elected. In Oklahoma, Bird McGuire, Republican was re-elected to Congress from the First District. IndicaUona at 1 o'clock were that in all except one district in Oklahoma the Democratic , attend the meeting. I, ^tiUTAlTQUA LEGTUBEB^ PAT. ' fi»p Mak ^Vmeyj AH WeU l ^^rtirld'a, Work: Willlain Jejjnlugs THE ELITE. THEATRE- The Home; of the Good Plelnres^'-'''''^ i Saturday, Nov. 9th—AftemompalO Evening .• - \ DANIEL FROHMAN.J»ifESENTS' MME. SARAir BERNHARm And Her AU.Star Company, In ibe Great Spectacnlar Pboto-PIay QUEEN ELIZABETH—IN FOUR PARTS •One of tke Strongest Stories History Has Erer Becorded. ADMISSIOS' 10c and 15c SPECIAL MUSIC obey. Hubby Is right now bracing; himself for the shock that comes at i least, twice in every year. . A few of I the poor, unfortunate husbands harnj already received their orders, and the j. rest arelooking fo^the worst any day j now. This thing of helping your wife buy | a hat is tragedy. While It may seem j funny to a bachelor, this expedition! Into the Jungled of ostrich featherf I and mountains of bandboxes Is not a married man's idea of a good time. He submits to the awful torture twice a year. Just before Easter and again in September. No, he doesn't like it; he does it to keep peace in the family. It helps to keep the police away from the door. He would welcome the electric chair, a whole day'a •eaalon with the dentist or a double [. dose of grand opera If he had hU | choice. Not that his wife cares a rap i about hla opinion. No matter what hat I she picks out. ahe knows beforehand she is not going to like It. and: ahe • taker hljs^ along to shoulder tbe-Uame. j In the aprlng, when the young man's tancy la turning lightly to thoughts of love, the married man's frenzy—be haant any faney —ia tomlBC aerlonsly to thoagUti of the Easter millinery bunt It takes him six mpatTs to get OTer tiie experience, am^Just as he! has reached thenrnt where he caoj look at a ban^MKwlthont weeping be | Lh^ Jo «Btf«fe the safferlng aU over Mrs. George Stoner of Altoona arrived here this afternoon for a brief visit with friends. C Carlton went to Lawrence this afternoon on business. .•ophle a. •biflsr, Bsaulce Ryau_ Conway (top right). ciuiri«a N. Ctyiway and maa ahewbiajSButai lewlwtiw iBrdww

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