The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 31, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1977
Page 2
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N'AUGATl'CKNEWS (Conn.) Monday, June 1,1976- I'age3 Calls For Miss Connecticut Selected Hays Probe For USO Tour Of Europe IDAHO FAILS, IDAHO: AirvlewoMhe earth-filled Teton Dam as ol water cascading down the Upper Snake H!ver high as a 30-story bulging after !t collapsed Saturday sending a wall miles north of Idaho Falls. Valley some 40 (UPI) United Way Budgets Committee Reports Coast Guard Board Plans Case Review The budgets and Admissions Committee has been meeting regularly for the purpose of reviewing the 1977 budget requests of the 16 UW member agencies. Each of the current IVrlidpaling U\V agencies was requested to indicate its intention to continue as a member agency and to submit its 1977 budget request substantiated by financial data outlining actual Bank Policies Under Probe IURTFOHD, Conn. (UPI) The stale Departmenl o! Consumer Protection planned lo begin todo}- an investigation of bank policies on disclosure oi real eslale appraisal reports. DCP Commissioner Mary Iieslin said the investigation does not mean any law violations have been proved. The probe resulted from a claim by'.the civil rights group Education-lnstruccion that some banks charge for the income and expenses for 1975, those anticipated for 1976, and those proposed (or 1977. This financial data and the programs ol services rendered to Naugatuck and Beacon Falls by each agency was carefully studied by the Budgets and Admissions Commiltee. Based on these factors and the need for Ihe services in the community offered by the agencies, Ihe committee has recommended a 1977 UW allocalitm for each agency. These recommendations along wilh other committee proposals are included in the Budgets and Admissions Committee Iteport which has been mailed to all UW officers and hoard members lor their perusal. The report will 1» acted upon al the Tuesday evening Board Meeting. UW President Walter B. Davis asks any Board member who did not receive a copy of the report to notify the UW office. • Rihicoff r used r to . but reluse to show them to the customer uho paid for them. Other alleged abuses include failure of some banks to tell customers in advance of the non-revelation policy, and the occasional practice of keeping lisls of approved appraisers, u-hich were said to exclude 01 hers from getting bank business. Mrs. iieslin said all banks in the state will be subpoenaed for information on their appraisal policies, in what is believed to be the first use of powers granted the DCH under Die 1973 slate Unfair Trade Practices Act. HOUSE FOR SALE Classified PV ' a S c . Column 3-D :KI Continued Fr.q?nj£, a 8! k-ci race, color. at;crK&& Riiicoff said lie added "if a Catholic, or a Je«- or a black should have this right, why should not a Southern Baptist have the right as well. Who among -us uho insists on tolerance and objectivity based on character arid ability would deny this right to a man who comes from Georgia and is a Baptisl. "A Georgia Baplist is emitted to Ihe same rights and opportunities as a Massachusetts Catholic or a Connecticut Jew," Ribicof! added. Alice, Tex., founded in 1888, first was called Bandana, then Kleberg. It was finally named Alice for Alice King Kelberg, daughler of Richard King of Ihe nearby King Ranch, and officially incorporated on June 2,1904. —o&o— RADIATORS CLEANED S. RF.PAIRED 124 RUBBER AVE. NAUGATUCK S™ 723-2806 NEW LONDON, Conn. (UP1) - Officials at the Coast Guard Academy planned to begin a review today of their finding that four cadets cheated on a physics experiment. The Coast Guard Academy, like West Point, Annapolis and Ihe Air Force Acadamy, has an honor code for cadets which prohibits lying and cheating. One other youth also found guilty by an academy board has decided not to contest the finding and will resign, academy spokesman Lt. Charles King said Sunday. He said Ihe findings of the appeal would go to Academy Supt. Rear Admiral William A. Jenkins and Ihen lo Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Owen Siler for their approval. King said the results of the review probably would be available in about a week. He declined to identify any of the cadets involved, but said they were all sophomores. ( Last week, Cadet Steven K, Barker of El Paso, Tex., was -dismissed two'hours before-he was scheduled • to' graduate^for cheating "on" an 1 ' engineering is Seven Die Continued From Page 1 reportedly ignored "no trespassing" signs at the New Haven Water Co. properly, according to police. Police said Roger L. Ilaislip, 5, of Plainflcld drowned Saturday in a pond behind the Cemetery Koad apartments where he lived. Searchers in a fire department boat found him under about four feet of water 20 feet from shore. Eugene L Ball, 25, of New Hartford, died Sunday from injuries he incurred earlier lhal day in a motorcycle accident in Washington, Conn., police said. Killed in a one-car accident Saturday on 195 in Westbrook' were a Taunlon, Mass, couple, Edmund R. Perry, 72, and his wife Gloria, «. Four passengers were trealed and released, police said. Lee Sekas, 27, of Orange was reported in serious condition al Yale-New Haven hospital today after a two-car accident Saturday in New Haven. i/ Stale Approves Continued From Page 1 examination'. King said extenuating circumstances are considered in the cases of students caught chealing and some cadets found guilty might be allowed to remain at the academy. Olher punishments besides expulsion include loss of the right to leave campus. • State Tech Continued From Page 1 College. — Phase II of renovation of Ihe administration building at Western Connecticut Slate College. — Modification of the power plant at Southern Connecticut State College in New Haven. "The four projects, with a tola! preliminary cslimated cost of more than S3 million, are essential lo maintain and modernize our institutions of higher learning." Mrs. Grasso said. "One of our goals in the field of education is to make sure that Ihe finest physical plants are available for the benefit of students and teachers," she said. He added that he was appreciative of the fact that the roadway reconstruction 1 would probably mean fewer accidents •on the hazardous -low and high roads. "Everyone connected with the project should be commended," he said, "because it will cut down on accidents." WASHINGTON (UPI) - An expanded investigation into congressional payroll abuses is needed in Ihe wake of the Wayne Hays-Elizabeth Hay alfair, says Rep. Toby Mofleli, D-Conn.. Molfett said he supports House efforts lo strip Hays of his chairmanships pending the outcome of Miss Ray's charge she was hired by Hays at $14,000 annually to serve as his mistress. Hays denies the allegation. "Converting public funds to personal purposes is the real issue. It is a federal offense," Moffelt said. He proposed monthly congressional payrolls be open lo scrutiny by the press and the public. "In addition, we should institute scrutiny of payrolls by an independent auditing operation. There should be spot checks ol members' staffs in both Washington and back home in Ihe dislrict to determine if anyone is being paid, but is not working," Moffelt said. "We must seek to expose and eliminate all situations where federal payrolls are used lo suppor people who do no legitimale work," be said, Moffell said he was Ihe lone Connecticut congressman who signed a letler calling lor a full House investigation into whether Hays used federal funds for private purposes. Moffett's remarks were contained in a three-page newsletter to constituents. s Today's News Continued From Page 1 . instability of female income, and predicted the findings will reduce sex discrimination in mortgage lending. Department officials said Ihe study will be sent lo banks, savings associations, insurance companies and other mortgage lenders to be used as a "rule- oC-lhumb" for granting home loans. The study reported income growth and slability for single women was almost equal to the "industry standard" — the traditional working father whose paycheck is the family's onlv income. Mary Cadorette of East Hartford, Ihe reigning Miss Connecticut of The Miss America Scholarship Pageant and IS76 Connecticut Easier Seal Chairman, has been named one of six Miss America Pageant girls to join Miss America Tawny Godin for a USO tour of Europe this summer. Pageant headquarters in Atlantic City announced that Miss Cadorette was selected for her outstanding dance talent from among the 30 slate winners to join the 30-day USO Tour of Spain, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Ihe Islands in the Aegean Sea which is sponsored by the USO Tour and Miss America Scholarship Pageant in cooperation with the Department of Defense. Other members of the variety show song, dance and comedy team include Ihis Misses Maine, Georgia, Ulah, Kentucky and Tennessee. The USO Tour members will start rehearsals mid-July and leave August 1 returning in time lo perform in the Miss America Scholarship Pageant on September 11. 1976, in Atlantic City. Miss Cadorette, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Connecticut is studying for a degree in speech pathology. She is serving as Ihe statewide 1976 chairman of the Connecticut Easter Seal campaign for crippled children and adults — making public appearances to bring attention to the needs ol the handicapped. A high school graduate from East Catholic High School in Manchester, Miss Cadorelte received special training in dance-ballet for eleven years, tap for ten years, jazz for six years and piano, five years. At the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, she performed a modern, jazz routine. Miss Cadorette was the 1970-71 Junior Miss Dance of Conneclicm; the 9172 Junion Miss Dance of New York City; the 1973 Miss Danceof Sew York City and the 197-1 Miss Dance of America. Miss Cadorette is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michaek Kan- drysawlz of East Hartforri. MISS CONNECTICUT MARYCADOKETTE Beacon Falls Groups Planning Celebration BEACON FALLS - The Park Commission, Ihe Bicentennial Commission and the Horizons 7C Bernard H. Malthies Park Dedication Committee will meet tomorrow night at 7 pm ; at the park to further plans for the July 4 dedication ceremonies which will be held in conjunction with the town's Bicentennial program. Bids on a re-plica of the bandstand which once was a center of attraction have gone out and Ihe new bandstand will be constructed prior lo the formal dedication ol the park. Among Ihe guesls will be members ol the Malthies family. The park was once a summer feme of the late Mr. Mallhies who served as state representative. In offering the property to the icwn. Matlhics asM that it lx> used for recreational and educational purposes and the Park Commission has endeavored to perpetuate lhal request. Members of lh<? three committees are asked lo allend. as well as persons interested in taking part in doth Ihe dedication and the Bicentennial ob- servalions. i/" Arbitration Continued From Page 1 of Naugaluck) shall pay the cost of the arbitrator appointed by il; (2) the Municipal Employee Organization (Naugatuck Police Union) shall pay Ihe cost of the arbitrator appointed by ill (3) the Municipal Employer (The Town of Naugatuck and Ihe Municipal Employee Organization (Naugatuck Police Union) shall equally divide and pay the cost oi Ihe chairman. Due to economic conditions in N'auga luck, I plan lo return all monies that 1 will receive as an appointed member of this panel ($175 per day plus expenses 1.1 hope that during Ihis binding arbitration period, we the panel members along wilh the cooperation of the mayor and the Police Union can agree upon a fair and equilable contract." Why make a phone call before you make a phone call? .... . South Africa a'Pl) — South African doctors say they have made a breakthrough that may help prevent heart attacks. A three-man team at Groote Schuur Hospital has idenlified a body chemical which causes ventricular fibrillation, a medical term for sudden heart attacks. But the head of the team, Dr. Lionel Opie, said it will take at least another two years of research to prove (he theory "beyond a doubt." In an article prepared for Die British Medical Journal, the Lancet, and made available Sunday, Opie said the findings could lead lo development of new drugs to combat heart altacks. The researchers have identified a body chemical, cyclic AMP, as ihe cause of fatal heart failures, which in South Africa kill a quarter of all men before the age of 50. CAIRO (UPI) - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat says he will allow Palestinians to resume normal radio broadcasting from Cairo for the first lime in nearly nine months. The Voice of Palestine broadcasting facilities were closed Sept. 11, 19«. siier Palestinians attacked Egypt for signing its second Sinai' interim peace accord with Israel.-. ^ • ; ' ; The Voice has been'using Cairo Radio s'.udios, manned by Egyptian personnel, since Ihe closure. The Middle East News Agency said Sunday Sadal decided to let the Palestinians resume their own broadcasting from Cairo, but it did not say- when. REMEMBER FATHER'S DAY JUNE 20th BARNSTABLE, Mass. (UPI) - Two policemen were killed Sunday in the crash of their single-engine airplane. The plane crashed shortly alter takeol! from Hyannis Airport. The viclims were idenlified as Herbert Colby, Jr., 38, the pilot, a member of the Willmington Police force, and Richard Forgitano, 37, of the Saugus Police Department. "The aircraft apparently struck the ground nose first coming almost straight down," a slate police spokesman said. He said the two were returning from a breakfast meeting of the Massachusetts Association of Police Pilots. Since 1960. the number of malpractice suits filed against physicians and surgeons has risen 900 per cenl. Looking in the phone book for a local number is /<is I cr, in most cases, than calling Directory Assistance. We proved it in hundreds of tests calls. So, why make a phone call... beloic making a phone'call- But he sure to keep your phone book |f, *. handy. You don't want to look for the book. You want iff , _ to look in the book. Look in the book, il It's faster. Southern New England Telephone THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION IS RtPlETE WITH TALES OF VALOR AW EXTFtAOSPIftARY ACTS OF HEROISM. we have the chair dad has in mind GNB Dad a chair that lie can call his own! One that's rich in comfort, fashioned with masculine good looks and beautifully upholstered in long weaiiog materials. #*^m 3UT NONE IS V.O3E AMAZItiS THAN THE LEGENPARYEKPtOITS Of PETER FRANC/SCO, [SIGHTING mm me FIRST MARYIAHP CE&KENT AT HASP'S TAVERN IN VIRGINIA, '~' \. THIS GIANT MIONG PATRIOTS, CHAKGEP THE •r '' SSIttSH GUAM'S A\'P CIAIMEP >/REDCOATS WITH HIS S-FOOT SK'ORP. LATER, IN I78O, IN ANOTHER ENCOUNTER WITH Tt/E ENEMY, f.WC/SCO ADPEPFUEi. TO HiS IE&ENP ST SiNSLf-HANPEOLY DEFEATING M\>£ PXA6OONS IN HANP- TO-HMP COMBAT... MORE THAU 2OO YEARS iATEff, A.VEGICA 'S PATWOTS ARESTtU STANDING UP FOR FREEDOM. MEMBERS OF THE ARMY RESERVE, TODAY'S CITIZEfJ- SOWERS ARE KEAPY W /?£S£W£... A VITAL PART OF CUR NATION'S DEFENSE If you come in and make your selection, we'll put it away for Father's Day. Make your choice early. orison's Naugatuck Church St. 4 Floors 729-225V Our 76th Year

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