The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 16, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1892
Page 8
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THE MARKETS. UONKV AND STOCK. NKW Yuan. May 1(1. no per dozen: DIKCOIIH In demand at Jl.oo ilo'z.: geese 81 -. per 81.00®i..10 jjcr Am. Aithlnnn. : Missouri I'adtlc, OK', Rock Island, HS3(. St. Paul, "ill. tliilmi I'.iclllc. 41i Western Union. 11*. I'llOIHICK. GOSSIP. in the northwest is Mlnne- G'lilcitg-o. CincAon. May 10—(Special advices re coived by the Kansas lirain ami Live Stoclc company.]—Tim market opened weak on lower cables and fine weather. It held steadily until the visible was posted. This showing a smaller decrease than expected and late cables being easier, with predictions of a continuance of tin-weather, a fresh drive at the market was made near the close. ] Around .sue and Ho'j'c. for .Inly a good demand was encountered, It is often said there is little demand here for wheat and shipments would seem to bear out this statement, but while J_<: premium over .luly is being paid for cash wheat, it is far from being a drug. Indian shipments for the week are less than half what they were two weeks ago and they are light from other quarters of the globe. Itis quite certain that America will have to supply the great bulk of the foreign demand. The outlook for the next crop is not encouraging and we can see little on which to sell wheat. The amount on ocean passage ought to show a considerable decrease. Corn and oats have been weaker on better weather, but first prices were the lowest of the day. Stocks are light and receipts will belight. There is a good consumptive and shipping demand and crop prospects are far from good. The long side of the market for the present seems safe. Provisions \vere rather easier in sympathy with other markets, but trade was light and lluetuation small. The fnllowIiiK Is tiie range of prices for The weather clear and fine. Receipts in the northwest: apolis, 203 cars; Duluth, 57 cars. Chicago reports grain out of store: •Wheat, 2IH),00(); corn, ISMi.OOO; oats, :'27,0()0j rye, 2,000. inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, 5 out of 45; spring wheat, 14 out of M; corn, n out of oats, 10(1 out of 230; new corn, :!]!); No. 2, 3fl; No. 3, 119. "You must 1>e mistaken, Miss Pars- law," said Barrows. "I have never been ill. Whoro did you sco mo last?" "You wero in the park—a—horseback."— Now York Sun. Tribune Topic*. THIIIU.NIC, Kan., May 10.—[Special.] This county is enjoying n remarkably lengthy wet spell at present. Wheat is looking fine and there is every prospect of a magnificent crop, Jos. Heal, who took up a pre-emption some years ngo and relinquished it has now returned from Harpor county and rebought his old claim and put a homestead filing upon it. He estimates now that he would be worth SI ,000.00 more if he had remained in Greeley county. .Ino. Uloom who deserted his claim and went to Pennsylvania, has now returned. The schools of Tribune closed Inst week. The Republican pronounces it the most successful term yet held in Tribune. llev. Colby of Michigan, is In the county looking up his interests in real estate. BETRAYED. Perfectly Safe. Young Saphead—Do you know, Miss Smilax, my friend, Charlie Bighead, has got brain fever? Do you think I'll ever have it? Miss Smilox—Well, not as you are now,—Boston Courier. greeted with a I nil house.—Nebaska City (Nob.) Daily Press, April 15,1891. Duncan Clark and his female minstrel troupe play in this city to-morrow night at the opera house. Secure your seats early. For sale at the opera house book store. Didn't Kill Companion. Will—Been gunning? Bill-Yes. Will—Kill anything? Bill—No, 1 went alone. — Yankee Blade. Sotto Voco. joneird Higirt. Wll KAT. June Sl'o H'.'.'i Julv Kl Hl_ May Nl>_ Kill conn. •!•:?.( 42 . July •\"A\ 4:i .tune 4:1 4:i?a May •17 1H OATS. July •ill . 21) X May Julie •'MY, POHK. Julv II «~W II T'.'K September.. II 8.1 II III) i.Aun. Julv 11 •.•7',i 11 ao September.. (1 •).-, (1 15 ItlllH. Julv •'• 77',4 .1 H0 Sejilem her.. Low'st Cloa'g. si 4 so V, sou •r.'?i •1:1 .17 SI)!. II 117',4 II 85 0 4 .1 7714 Hl_ H0?» HI _ 4:1 4.3JS 4H uim •:ii>; SIP/. 11 :io 11 4.-. i H0 '• 110 clyi cash Ml _ft> SOjjc; Decern- WIIKAT—Close: No. 'J stead Hl_,c: May Kl'4«fi81),r.; Jtilv lier sac. (JOKM-N'o. -J cash -l[i<il-l''/tc; May 4Hc: June 4:1 \r: July <i:ic; August and Septcnl- her I'l'tic. OATS—No. *J steady; cash •JIIVc May fill _c; Julv 'JU'ic. MKSS 1>DI!K-U;IHII $0.U7«; July ?u.7:.'i4: September Sli.llO. r.A«U-Ca«ti»(1.20; July Sli.llO; September »ll.47'.i. SUOltT BlU.S-Cash*r..HO! JulySri.H0: September HVK-7.V. HAKl.EY-No. 2 nominal; «0c. VI,AX SKKD-No. 1 arm; Sl.(i::ii. • ITIMO'ril Y SKKll-l'rline. steady; $l.:l(l, HI.'TTEU-Qulet. HiIUS-Steady. KiuisnH City. KANHAHClTV. Maj HI. ptiees nominally un- WIlKAT-lmll; chaueed. t;OUN—Active but easy; No. May. :IH'4. OATS—Active and steady; aov. May. :io >_it :(o >. t e. cash. -He; No. 'I easV 1 , ilVl'h^k ^-steady'ahd 11 n changed. KC.'^.S—Steady and unchanged. Vorelan (jmln Mnrkultt.'001.. May HJ.-Rcd wheat very dull; '/4d lower: while llrinlv held and unchanged. Corn steady and uuchariKed. Market Lane spot wheat quiet but steady, flour tld lower. Corn has an upward tendency; American :irt higher. I.OMUIN—Cargoes off coast, with Increased arrlvals-.buyers hold olfiOallfornla :id lower on passage; wheat (|tilet; prices unchanged. Corn linn- French markets dearer. I.1VK STOCK. st. r.ouis. He llttil Slnml It I.onjr Enough, Si> HQ Vufc the Crowd On. As the train stopped at a small station in Kentucky it wits discovered that a switch engine had run off tho track just boyond and a wrecking crew was at work getting her oft. The conductor said we would bo detained half mi hour, and many of us went up to BOO the wreckers at work. There was a crowd of fifty around tho spot when a fat, good natured looking man, who had a raontli his enough to take in half a pumpkin pie, came sauntering up and bowed and smiled to everybody. He was just getting ready to say something when a little skinny man with a piping voice cried out at him. "Don't yo' do it, Bile Davis—don't y<v do itl If yo' do I'll give yo' dead away." The good natured man fell back at this, and I saw him wink and motion to the skinny man to draw aside for a confab. "I don't want no truck with yo', Sile Davis," was tho reply. '•! told yo' last week I'd do it, and so I will; yo' jest keep suet." The language aroused our curiosity, as a matter of course, and wo were anxious for the explanation when it camo. Tho fat man walked around for a minute or two, and when ho thought tho other was not looking ho slipped up to one of our crowd and Boftly remarked: "Stranger, would yo' mind lendin me a chaw of plug tobacker fur a day or two, till I nan git twenty-sevon dollars as is owin mo on a job?" "Hore, yo'l" shouted the skinny man, who had kept an eyo open all the time, "1 warned yo' I'd do it and now 1 Willi Gentlemen, I want to toll you about this critter. Ho chaws mo' tobacker than any fo' men in Kentucky and he begs every bit • A itl" "I only borrows it," protested the other. "Only borrows itl And never pays! Gentlemen, look at this memorandum book. HetVs his account ail put dow and figgored up to date. Ho begun bor- rowin chaws of me tho 9th of May, 1870, and iu tho ftftoony'ars has borrowed jost oxactly 54,003 chaws and never paid one of 'em hack. Don't no man in this 'ero crowd pull out no plug fur any sich critter to bite on." « "I don't want none—I'm a-chawin on sassafras," repliod the fat man, as he tried to brace up under tho shock, but ho didn't hold his nervo over a minute, and wont off to hido himself behind a freight car.—Detroit Free Proas. "IB that the clever Mr. Sparkle?" "Gracious, no! It's only ono of v ths Four Hundred."—Life. AuHtrlnn Matlind of Execution. The Austrian method of execution, to two tho wqrds of <v famous humorist, "is fatal if persisted in long enough," but it is by no means in keeping with the enlightenment of the age. The Austrians swing a baiter over the neck of a murderer and string him up, while tho exe- cntioner in chief, weariug white kid gloves, calmly beholds tho victim wriggle, and two ponderous assistants pull him down by the legs. The Programme.. of the Temple of Fame to be given at the opera house Thursday evening: 1 IChorus of Children—"We con.e with Joyful Songs to Greet our Queen." Queen. Attendants and PageB. CONTESTANTS FOB WHBATfl. I. Sappho. •;. J'hcobe and Alice Gary. :i. Diogenes. 4. Columbus and Uef. 5. Jetny Llnd, (Swedish Nightingale.) (I. Michael Angclo. 7. Xantlppe and Socrates. H. Maud Mullcr. ii. Camilla UrBo, (Italian Violinist.) to. Josiah and Samantha Allen and Betsey Bobbett. II. Ttutb. J 2. Uobert Burns. 1:1. George and Martha Washington. 14. Blue Beard. 15. Barbara Prietliic. Vigilant, (Italian Minstrel.) Mrs. Partington and Ike. Brlgnoll, (Italian Tenor.) Pocahontas and Captain John Smith Benjamin Franklin. Harriet Beechcr Stowc and Topsy. Christine Nllsscm, (Prima Donna.) Levy and.Arbuckle, (Cornetlsts.) Charity. Mother Goose. William Tell. A luiiillnt. Kraheck—j say, old chappie, got n postoffico order, eh? Grapp—Achl hero my mother sends me 200 marks and 1,000 kisses. I should liavo been a thousand times better pleased if it had been the other way about.—Lnstige Blattor. OFF FOR KINGMAN. 2(1. Song Mrs. A. ,1. Sllngsln- SYNOPSIS. The Temple of Pame represents a supposed contest for a wreath, and the notable char acters. duly costumed, who take part In It, appetr one after another and present their claims either in word or song. Finally troup of merry children petition the queen to award the wreath to Mother Coose. and some of the contestants generously with dralying 111 her favor, the crown Is awarded the famous dam POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. S. (to vernment Food Hepot last Saturday The jury found her a fit subject for the idiotic asylum. Ow ing to the crowded condition of the Winfield asylum she will likely be placed in a private place. Notice. The Equal Suffrage club will meet at their hall this (Monday) evening at 8 o'clock. By order of SKCIIKTAKV. SHUiOH .SVlTALIZER is what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite Dizziness, and oil symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price SO and 75 cents a bottle. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. til. ST. I.OUIS, May t;ATTLK~R>:ccl»ts 1.000; strong, lUXiS—KvcclMa2,000; lower; heavy, $4.50,; mixed, $4.0oa,4.r>0; yorkers, $4..',0ia> 4.00. SHKl'U'-Hecelpts 700; strong. Chicago. CinoAoo. Mrv It). The KvenlUK Journal reports: (!ATTUC--UedelptB l.'I.OOO; on sales 15,000 to 111,000: nice Handy steers fresh and a shade higher. 10c or so: others liarely steadi*. • UOGS-Kecelnts 4;i,000; all grades sell at r.c lower; rough, $4.0 (ltr!i4 .'.. , 0; mixed. 84 .r>o© 4.00. largely ¥4.(10; prime heavy and butchers' weights, S4.CI04 (;4.7(I: light, $4.<l0<«Vt.7O. SHEKP—Receipts H,000; steady and in fair demand. Kansas City. KANSAS CITY, May 1(1. CATTLK-Receipts 1.0(111; Blllpments*l,771: steers were steady to strong; cows 10c higher: feeders weak and dull, llOOS—llecelpts a .lill; shipments ll .HHn; market r >c. lower; extreme range of urlces, $4 .l>MS>4.IiO; bulk of sale at g4 .4D_4 .4o. SUISEl'Keeelpts. 0,1100; shipments H00; market dull and nominally steady. HUTCHINSON MAKKI5T. J*ro(lueu. -Highest patent, _ — extra fine, 12.00 12.40; second PI.OUK patent. $2.20. — BUTTKU—In demand; creamery, —, llnest dairy, 20c; line dairy, 15c; common, 10c. BUGS—In demand, 10c. I'OTATOHS-Cholce, 50@70c. APPL,15S~$l.liO t _2.00 per bushel. ONIONS-I11 fair demand; red, 7fic per bushel, home grown; Spanish, $1.2.") per bushel. C'AHHAHK—Fair, 4c per pound. TIIKN'II'S- In demand, 4oc per bushel. HKHTS—Kteiulv, r>0c per bushel. SWKKT l'DTAllJHS—Plenty, 60©75c per llUHhel. HAY-llaled, *r ,.o0 _:,.r ,0; loose, per ton. Urulii. 72c; WUKAT-No. 2 soft soft urn", hard OOr. _0UN-a»c. KYU—No 2 U5c: No. :i 110c OAT8-34C hard ur.c; No. :.i .17.1 Muck. Blockers »2.2f )_a .75 1 li " fat steers, $11.00© CATTI.1'1—Steady; . _ feeders $2.2 __!>.2o; fat cows and heifers In demand at »S.oo©2.' •1.00. IKXJS-Steady; wagon, .tops, $4.00; car, $4. 10*44.-',">. SUKKP-In demand; $4.00. 'poultry mill Wild 0«m«. CHICKENS-€htcke_s $a,00 per dozen; chickens OKc per pound: hens «c uerpouudi roosters 4c per pound; turkeys 7_e — P aAMK ~wnaduck*ludemand at gl.OO® A Busy Man. JtiBt as a Cass avenue man turned into his gate ho mot a tramp coming out. "Hero," said tho gentleman, "you the very man I'm looking for." "1 hain't done nothing, sir," pleaded the tramp. "Oh, 1 don't suppose you have. I don't imagine you over did, but 1 want you to now." "What is it, sir?" trembled the tramp. "Will you do some work for me out thero in the back yard right away?" The wanderer's fuco lost its Hues ot care, for lie felt that he was snfe. "I 'd lovo to, sir," he Baid, "lovo to the best in the world, but really I oan't do it now, fer I'm busy." "Busy?" And the gentleman's Bur prise was manifest in his tone. •'Yes, sir; busy." "Busy at what, I'd like to '.mow?" "Busy tryin to git a bite, sir. 1 have not had anything to eat since last night, and I've been to fifty houses. Youi cook refused me not five minutes ago, and I've got to hustle er go hungry. I'm dead sorry, sir, but you'U have to get somebody elso to work. Bye bye." And ho shied around tho corner and got away.—Detroit Free Press. IHtttreftglnir Ignorance. A young lady graduate of Vassar college got married not long Binco nud the young couple moved into the country. She said she wanted a cow BO that they could liavo good, reliable milk. Hoi husband bought tho oow and hired a mau to milk it. "Are you satisfied now, my dear, now that you have plenty of good, frosh milk?" ho asked hor ono morning nt the breakfast table. "No, Charles; 1 want another cow but not one like tW« one." "What sort of a cow do you want?" "One that will supply us with nice, fresh butter."—Tc .t.tH Siftings. Oil lib' reel Altuln. "Iam gldtl 11.) >-.M you 011 your feet again, Mr. Barrowa," mid Miss Pars, law graciously. "Ynvi looked very bod Vast time I siw. - you." The Second Uo„A m eiit litinil I.«ft tills Morning for the lteutiloii. The Second Regiment band left this morning to attend the annual band reunion of the Kansas Band association, which meets in Kingman to -day, and goes into camp, army style, for three days. There will be twenty -one bands in attendance, aud a good time is expected. These reunions, while they give the boys a vacation, and a chance for recreation, inspire a desire to surpass all former endeavors at excellency in musical renditions. They each get a new idea from the other, arid all the latest and best music is carefully examined. These reunions are a good thing, and bands attending them never fail in being benefitted hy such attendance. A Curious Clock. Mr. ,T. D. Wiener received a clock this morning which he placed in his store where it will remain for a few days, that is a curiosity in every sense of the term. It is a representation of a Swiss cottage in frame work, the front representing the cottage overhanging with grapevine, with a number of pods of the lueious fruit clinging to the vines. In the gable of the house are two small doors, on hinges, and manipulated on springs from within. The quarter and half hours are marked by a whippoorwill will sticking his head out tit the door and whistling his natural lay, the number of -times he whistles indicating the quarter—first, second, third or fourth—at the same time a chime strikes the number of the quarter also. Immediately after the announcement of the fourth quarter the other door opens and a euckoo puts out its head at the open door and announces the hour by whistling his mournful lay a number of times corresponding to the hour. At the same time a chime different from the other, announces the hour by the proper number of strokes. Tho whole is made of wood, and was carved by a mountaineer in the Hartz mountains from the timber of a tree for which these mountains area noted I on account of its ndaptibillty for carving purposes. It is, indeed, a won dorful curiosity. Stunner's Heliool Trouble. For some time the state has had a grievance against the Ost school in Sumner township. It seems that the Hermans, a large number of whom live at that place, want some German taught in their schools. The teacher who taught six months of school there last year, followed up, after the term of English school closed, by teaching two months of German school. The state, represented by County Attorney Wise, charges that the compensation was taken from public rut-iity for educational purposes in English, which do fondants deny. For some time the state has been trying to get the tpsttmony of the teacher, but he was „<>t to be found when the case would come up. At the present term of court, when the case came up, the defense was not yet ready, and the hearing was deferred until -he next term of court. The teacher in question wasin the city last Saturday, when Mr. Wise had him brought before, the probate court, and his deposition taken, to be used at the next term of court, when the case will come up for hearing. The state claims to be able to prove its charges, while the defense claims to be able to dis prove it. Such troubles are bad things and should be guarded against as far as possible. Excursion Itntcs. May 15th to 17th the Santa Fc will sell tickets to Pittsburg, Kan., and return ttt one fare, limited for return uu- til May 21st—the occasion being the. t.r.ii ,i. if. meeting of the Knights of Pythias. 5-1' ICedtieed Kates. The Rook Island Railway company will sell on June 1st to 5th inclusive, at oue fare for the round trip, tickets to Minneapolis and return, on account of Republican national convention, tickets good returning until and in eluding June 25th; also to Cedar Rap- tts, Iowa, at one fare for round trip, on account of the annual meeting of German Baptists, to be held June 3rd to 9th. Tickets on sale June 1st to 3rd inclusive, good returning until and Deluding Juno 3(lth. For further information call at Rock Island depot. JOHN. FOX, Agent. Columbian Cltib. The Ladies' Columbian club will meet on Wednesday at 3:30 p. m., at Knights of Pythias hall. MHH. L. Hot'K, President. Mns. W. L. MOOHE, Secretary. Yon Arc Invited. The gentlemen of Hutchinson and vicinity are invited to call at No. 22 North M:i in street, and examine J. M. Jones' stock of goods, lie will make you as nice a spring suit of clothes as can be purchased anywhere and save you money. Be sure you ask to see his pants patterns. Ono JTare. For the occasion of the annual meeting of the Gorman Baptists to be held at Cedar Rapids, lo., June .') to D, the Santa Ee will soil tickets June 1 to 3, good to return until June 30, at one fare for the round trip. 0-3 "OUR PLTASANT HJLL ROUTE," The Missouri riielll^ Itilllrond Company. Attention is agaiu called to our Pleasant Hill route, the opening of which was announced in July 1890. The new line reaches some of tlie richest and most productive portions of the east, and furnishes to the public facilities and advantages not obtainable, elsewhere. An unusual number of the leading cities of Missouri and Kansas are located on this line and the counties through which it passes in Missouri have a population of more than one-third the entire stato. To those desiring to take a pleasant trip east our Pleasant Hill route offers un- equealed facilities. We beg to again call attention to the fact that wc have the, most direct line to St. Louis, and all points east. Our train service is excellent and avoiding all transfers at Kansas City. Our rates are always as low as the lowest. Information cheerfully furnished. 5-5 P. J. LKI.MHACII, Agent. Only One l-'are to Portland and Upturn. The Union Pacific will sell tickets to Portland and return atone fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale May SI to 14, inclusive, limited to 'JO days from date of sale. For additional information apply to your nearest ticket agent. Sewing Society. The Ladies' Sewing Society of the Methodist church will meet on Thursday afternoon of this week at the M, E. parsonage. In the evening the ladies will serve a dime tea from 5 until 9 o'clock. Everybody invited. \T. C. T. U. The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will hold their regular business meeting Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Miss Kanaga, No. 15 Washington street. Chargod with Idiocy. Ora Carlson, the little girl taken to Winfield a few days since by Superin tendent Zimmerman, and who was re fused admittance to the asylum at that place on account of irregularities the proceedings on account of which site was taken there, was tried for insanity before Probate Judge Fontron IVORY SOAP 99* Pure. THE BEST I OR EVERY PURPOSE. Tlx© "0'n.x-\7'©r»a,l 3E_ei THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMMIIH SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURM.CW 8TIN08 BRUISES MAN m BEAST HA8 8TOOD THE TEST OF ,©c3._r for IT CORES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND BALLS SWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of djsease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it* It should be kept in every household for emergencies.*? It will save many doctors' bills/*-'I?.or sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1 .00 a bottle^ 1 ] HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT LOW GRADE PRICES. A Valuable Tum&tci. In the, garden of Pete Woggen stood valuable tomato, yesterday, one of the "Sumatra Seedless" variety and valued at 815. Vote was very proud of it, and it was possibly the only tomato of such value in tho state. But it was in a bad fix this morning "already." Pete owns a bench-legged pup, valued at about 15 cents, which discovered the tomato plant, sometime during last evening, late, or very early this morning, and—the world knows the result of the discovery. Pete is inconsolable. Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. lluucun Clurk's MliiHtrelB. The performance given at the opera house last night by Duncan Clark's Female Minstrels was witnessed by a large audience. Not a person ill the audience left dissatisfied. It is a clean, clever show, anything but suggestive of vulgarity. Iluncan Clark is a gentleman who has made a life study of the show business, and he now has what he considers an entertainment the people want to see. Twenty pretty womon, beautiful aud costly costumes, specialists, choruses, songs, dances and other features that always draw. He can return to Nebraska City nest season with the assurance that he will oe IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements* of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bod and Windsor Upright Bed Ke ^A H. W. WILLITT.

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