Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 24, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 1
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M. M .ft F. H.F^AtiRIGK Look Over There COVINA SEASON FOR HOUSE HEATERS Air-Tight Stoves, Gas Heaters, Fire-Place Grates RABRICK'S HARDWARE AR.GUS VOL COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, OCT. 24, 1908. 1NO. PROFESSIONAL CARDS PR. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. JS. STEVENS AND DARRON OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays Dr. Emma Barren Mondays and Thursdays ROXIE E. BATES, M.D. Special attention given to treatment of diseases of women and children. Office and residence East College St., first door E. of First National Bank Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. in. Phone 288 Covina, Cal. CALIFORNIA'S GOVERNOR Greeted by Thousands in the San Gabriel Valley. G. D. JENNINGS 10-12 m j^EED & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. REED 8-10 a m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Resi- <?«nce of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Photic 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA. CAL. £)R. J. C. BARNEY, DENTIST Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 California's chief executive found the maximum of enthusiasm at Covina on Wednesday afternoon, when ! his special cnr boomed in cm tho Pnciflc Electric lino at 3 o'clock, i promptly on schedule, and was sur- i rounded by a crowd of pie, cheering and waving the tri-color jot the American ling. Governor ' James N. USIlett looked out tho \viu- dow at the ch«.erng throng and oxclaimed: "By the Lord Harry, here'* a town that is alive!" As the party descended from the car a roar of cheers weat, up with cries of "Wbnt'g the matter with Governor Gillett? He's all right!" aud the children, assembled to the number of four hundred, took up the shout of enthusiastic applause for tho man who occupies tue gubernatorial chair of this state. The feature of the afternoon wa<< the marching of the public school children in the parade. Just before the governor arrived the children came up Citrus avenue in solid ranks and lined upon each side of the street, boys apd girla facing, and through this shouting assembly of Young America, Governor Gillett and bis staff, escorted by Mayor E. H. Lahee and did valley, where on every sldo 1 have seen evidences of prosperity and comfort, " he nsid, "litit besides the wealth shown in your orchards and fertile lauds, I see the greatest riches growing up in these children, who are to become the future American inen and American women of our nation. " The remainder of the governor's address was confined to outlining the policies of the Republican administration regarding the tariff, which in his estimation was the most ALL-DAY CARNIVAL IN COVINA. important issue to the citrus growers of the present campaign. "Both the Democrats and tho Ke- publicans aro pledged to a revision ; uf tho tariff," ho stated. "The 1,500 poo- j Dem()OI ,.,(. s have never been ablo to hoop their hands off tho tariff. The results, as you know, have repeatedly been disastrous to our country. Whatever the promises of the Democratic party may be at this time as to what will be done by that party should they bo placed in power, it •emains a fact that always in tho senate and house of congress when issue is to be passed upon, find the Republicans lined up on one "I™'- , - , ., , ., r. , M,,, IV,,,,. I his big sosrflon, lasting all (lav o side and the Democrats on the olhei, Oc|(l|ipl . ; ; |H|J w|1| ', )( , ,,,„%,„„, wlml . —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. £. H. WEDGWOOD ARCHITECT AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR Residence, Cieneya, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 (JEO. H. SKIDMORE ARCHITECT The Vernon, Myrtle Avenue Phone, Red 296 Monrovia, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Hotel Vendome, where the speeches were made. Proprietor FitzGerald of tbe Hotel Veudome had given over the upucr ! balcony of his hotel for the speechmaking, and tho hotel front was cay iu banners and bunting and pictures of the candidate for president on the ticket. Nearly every business man arid rancher in tho Covina district owning an automobile had assembled for parade with the machines decorated profusely, each one carrying a big photograph of William H. Taft. Every store in town was closed between 3 and 4 o'clock and the town turned out almost to a man to listen to the eminent political oratora. The children were placed in the front of the throng in the assembly at the hotel, uuder the direction of John H. Coolmau, chairman of the board of Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. Republican Campaign in s a n Clabriel Valley to Close with Oratory, Music and Feasting. Crimson posters next week will tell you all about It. ' Crimson posters all ovor the San Oabriol Valley, telling of I ho all-day carnival ou the Covlnn school campus tills coming Saturday, a Hallowe'en carnival with music, dinner and speeches. Senator Frank I'.! Flint, junior senator to I he national senate from California, will he the! principal speaker of the day. Uopro- sonfjitivo James McLachlan will deliver a powerful address on the nooos- slt.y for maintaining the present tariff on cllrus products, and will deal ox- UMisivHy with national and vital Is- suo.s. (ink's, one of !h<> most convincing speakers of this present campaign, will make an extensive address, and Sonator Thompson and Assemblyman Cogswell will also bo heard on tho program. Judges Wilbur, Conroy, Monroe and Willis of tho Los Angeles bench will bo present and make addresses, and it Is expected that (hiring — 'the day other inllueiillal men In stale we land milionul affairs will attend the car- HIUU uuu uuo ^ou,.^...^ „.....->. , Oo|()|)(M . ;MH|J wm , )( , whatever the pledges are in tho cam- i u) , „,. (h) , {-H,,,,,,,^,, fm paign, for the Democrats must follow I i| ca ns in llio °— "•• the leaders IJof their standards, and promises are empty things to them, which they do not intend and con Id not keep. ' I have sat in congress myself and have seen the attitude of the Democratic party. To allow the Democrats to have any manipulation of tho tariff means that Southern California, for instance, will become n poverty-stricken district of tramps, The Republican party always has |i^l i n^ f iii''nro%(5ti'ng''iiome'' iudu&tMesr rather than favoring foreign countries. I could rehearse to you a most doleful tain of the time when the Democratic party fooled with the tariff and the consequences of it to the country, but on this beautiful afternoon, surrounded by prosperous, happy people, 1 havo not tho heart to do ao." Governor Gillett was frequently interrupted by applause and cheers. .John L. AIcNab of Ukiah, Mondc- cino county, was introduced by Col. Chapman as the "silver-tongued orator frum the fro/on north, where it. is often 120 degrees in tho shade, and no shade." MoNab's speech met with approval from the be«inning. Especially pleasing to the citrus growers was hia tribute to I ho success of Congressman James McLaeh- lan of California, who he said had of the llt'pub- ({ahrlel valley. All forces are to bo concent rated In C'o- vina, and will practically closo all speeches in this section. Special arrangements are being made with tho Southern Paclllc and (ho Pacific lOloc- tric company for the trn.nsportnt.lon of I ho big crowds from Lou Angeles and tho nearby towns. Intorsiiori-UMl throughout tho program will he music by a brass band, male glee chorua singing, and male qunrtotlo selections. FROM MORN TILL NIGHT. fi^mi^j, Special Prices To Open the Dried Fruit Season New fancy Apricots per Ib lOc New fancy Peaches per Ib 10c. New fancy Pears per Ib 1 <>c New Seedless Suit- Raisins .1 II). 2Sc (lot our quotations in 25 1!). boxes. Headquarters for the whole valley on Bargain Day ~V~>~.L .-, - clone morn for the citrus industry education, after which Mr. Cooluian j tl)jfl Ht||to ,| )a|) any „,(„,,. ,„„„. -|'h ,.n^nni»rl a nn«iHnn mi the sneakers' I 8r)( ,' i)k( . r puintnd out the fact that Laohlari had been working fur an QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-3.3.S Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 42.S LOS ANGELES, CAL. Saturday's in Covina. •- : Arirus Bluck. occupied a position on the speakers' platform with other influential Covina citizens of tho Republican party. Governor Uillett was introduced in a few well-chosen words by Col. I 1 '. M. Chapman. In his opening ru- marks the governor jmid a high tributes to tho children of lh« city. "I have beou riding through mi It's of oranges and lemons in this spleu- Mr- in that crease in tariff on lenir-'is, and thin wan largely responsible for tint undoubted aupport which the K'opnb for ic-Hrcl ion would the citrus diviua Kpei-chrs, x-*g-V«^^lRB«V,5.jl^.S,M^,YJifi;».t»fli,j-..wi*«.*,f it 'a 'day iit Dai-gains Arid Display, 'Big preparations are being made by the combined utorekeepers of the town, and special prices will prevail, while deinonHl rations in sroiidH will go on In many of the department and grocery stores. Through tho streets In tho morning I here will bo a parade by I ho hand, with every automobile in I ho town In line. Kvory family In I he valley is asked to conic with pic-nly to oat In bankets, and tho picnic will h<> spread beneath the campus Irccs. Cof- fce and other necessaries will ho on sale by the ladles of the dlfforonl churches. Tho Kpocch-mnklng begins promptly al ones o'clock and will continue all the afternoon. While Iho carnival IH llio outgrowth, of a big cloning of a political campaign, It Is in one sense a general iiutnmn .lolllllciilloii, and parly lines will not *bo drawn tightly. Kvcrv- oi)i'. regardless of political afllllat ions, is invited and urged to bo present. Tho musical numbers will be good ones, and (hi- speakers number among them | ni'-n who have already achieved n-i- ilon rcpulailon as orators, A portion (if UK- cxcivi icn svlll probably In- hc|< ' in die s'-hool buildings, bin UK weather has been ordered of the kiln i be valley has been experiencing dur Ini- ihe past week, so thai noi a lhlii|L -.'.ill mar ibe occasion. The crowb innv Til:'' ibis opportunity also lo In licnn fund idati iccfiivfi from I'Vil Imvini? DIRECTORS OUTICJORS G. E. Arolorsou Murro If. Hnllmnn W. If. HOU..IDAY, C. P. Cl»l»l> H. M. MAKCO II. HUM-MAM, Vlri' I'mi. .!. II. Elliott J. O. IliiUHitr J. It. ICT..J,IO'rr, Vlco I'nw. \V II Holll/luy C. Mi.n«f<M) W. M. (IRIHWOI.n, (!m.lii..r A. I'. Kmrkluill 1 J. <•• IK/TCIIINHON. A«H(. CHH|I|..|- Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina Galley Savings Covina, Cal. DIKEC'J'OKS OKKICKKS do.,. K. Ai.dmmm W. II. IMII.Iiiy A. I'. K KltCK IIOKK, I'l.-.-oil-nl ,J. u. KlllnU. II. M. ll(.ii> ( ..r II. M. IIOIJ.HKU, Vir<- I'l.-i.ldi-nl. Mar.-o It. llnllidiin A. I'. K.-n-kli.,!! 1 .1. (:. IIHTCIIIINHON. Ciii.lil.-r W. M. GIU.HWOI.I), A.ul. Ci,,,| 1 i4-r Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo 5^«5*5.««W$***««*-W*«-W««««*WW«*S-« QR. O. T. AMVKAL'LD VETERINARY SURGEON AXD DENTIST Graduate McGill I'liiveraity,' M<jntreai i C>fhce and Res. S;ui Bernardino Road j {'hijtie Kilo. Down town orHce, Keefer's Livery. MADAME VAX VLIET Teacher of VOICE CULTURE (f-,ur !« urul PIANO I Graduate from Euru(>uan Con^«rviit/ii-y. t«n j fur ailvancoil pu|,iU. Rt-mut in« dufetui in the if£i\tiA tit ^pet-ch a -specially. METHODICAL Sl'KAKlNO >jtfiii(it;rs. Trial Ic-aiion Full attt'nt-.'jn free. Reception hours Thur.nliiy from two U> four. ce, Ea.-ii Coil>-i!<; Sireet. Covina. ROBERT M. PHILLEO i TEACHER Ut' THK VKJLIX | Special atteiiti<vti paid to the beginner. > Limited number of pupilb fur orchestral work under tnoit ituproved meth- ; ods. Telephune .m c .4. ! Tbe ladiea ot the Monday After coon Club will give a chry=authenmni show at the Olub Hou=ti tbu last of Oct<jLet'. ik-fiibeis ami non lufcii) ber-i wb<j (l-jjire to exhibit chrytan- tbeumuja vviil \,\<-a,->- uglily Mrs li M. Duugiasi, £ j ij.,ljc ,)', . it HALLOWE'EN Merchants' Carnival COVINA Bargain Day SATURDAY, OCT, 31st We're In It See Big Bills For Full Particulars Yours for businc-.s, Home's Grocery iOVKKNOU (ili.I.ETT Sl-KAKINC fl«,M VK1-.ANHA «!• Illi'l !•:!. VKMi'iMI. I-!,..'.. In 't^-.i-.-r'

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