Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1912
Page 7
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"S^y **The Next Time Yon Make a Speech, Fm Gwng Ito Be Out of Town,** Saya FeKx <o Pink f EUX . NE 6Cn TO MAKE A SPEECH AT THE VrOMAN'S CLUB lOMieKr. SOI W\NT ^-R) HEAR'', IT FIRST.-. LADIES OP -I >1E ' COUHTRX.RISEUPAI"© \ DEMAND **)UR RIGHTS MtREIiAHTio AND TEU-^OU 1 SAf FELIX » HEAR SOMEBODY OUTSIDE LISTENING TO TWE SPEECH. •» • MONBT TO LOAiri « * Will lend on bouselioid gootm, 4 « planoa. organs. Mwlng ni** 4 <> chlnefl. diamonds and ]ewalrr. ^ «• J. W. COKPEY • «> Offic^ HA !!• K«rft 8trM * •-• WANTS—ALL KINDS ; WANTS-ALL KINDS FOR SALE—FOR SALE ' FOR SALE—FOR SALE WANTKU-M K X A N I) 11 O Y S, uiothen: ami II:HIKIU<'I>: VVIT> IKMIV ; • to reiwrt at Trinity M l-.". olumli (o-: night at FAKM LOAXS W.ANTICIJ—1 AMi prepared to take car# of Farm Loans ^ large or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any interest pay- j ng time. See me and gel terms and i rate, before placing your loan. R. I.. Thompson. Over Kvans Drug Store. WAXTICD—MAN AXI) W'lFK TO i take cbarg«? of cliicXcn and bog ranch ' adjoining the city. Apply Baxter U. • McClaln. FOR EXCHANGE \VA.\Ti:i)-TlXXKR AXI) FLL'MH- iT. Must know sonti'thini: about hatd- wiir«'. A H Min .'S, I-!iH:iip»>. Kas. W'AXTKl) — DISH WASMKll AT KUi-i', Kniuso Cafe. Mi:X WAXTKD—TO i.OAIl CK-\ lui'nt at tlu' l>>Huni Plant of tlii' ITnit- I 'i] Kaiisa.< I'ortlaud CeuifUt. Couiiiany nt-ar Independpnce, Kans. WAXTKIV-UV DAY OR MOXiyi. J inon for farm worlv. Steady all win- i.'r'j! jol). Phone or ftrite to E. C. Mi'lssner, Colony, Kans. FOR S;\LE—BEST TEAM OF TWO- year-old mules in the country. S. E. McUinnis. Lallarpe. Kas. "''OR SALE—40, SO. 160 OR 200 .-icrps nii'e meadow land; .*> miles from lola: $3.1 per acre. Want no trade. See owner. S. W Lust. I.dllarpe, Kas. FOR SALE-ALL KINUS FRUIT i trees, grape vine.*, roses and sonje largo shade trees. Our stuck fine; call and .^ee it at :itC, S. Walntit. Phone IISC. J. M. Jackson. FOR SALE—AFTERNOONS BE- twoen 3 and C. household gooils. C. E. i'orhani, 422 S. Cottonwoo<l. : FOR SALE—ONE OF THE llEST , location.'^ in the county; So aor ^is .".14 ; aiilfs southwest of lola; giKnl 3 room ; house; fruit and water. See the owner, A. M. Miller, Route 1. lola. FOR SALE—ELM H'.MBER; EX- porl sawer; have new mill. I'ome and see whHe mfti is on the ground. \V A. Dawson. FOR EXCHANGE—GOOD CIJiAR western Kansas land foi dear lola or suburban property. .1. E. Quick. 203 S. Third St. FOR jaENT—FOR RENT TOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS. G04 N. Jefferson- TO TRADE—FOUR YOUXG HORS- . p.s for or on a 5 room house in lola. | I'hone 237. . I FOR RENT-TO SMALL FAMILY'; ntodem house six rooms and bath; electric lights. Location 415 S. Walnut St. Vacant Nov. 10. Phone 152. WANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL house work, at once. Call 407 S. Elm [ or phone 938. i FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR S.VLE—MANTLE FOLDING bod. Iwiuire 20S N. Buckeye St. . WANTED —WASHING, IRONING and plain sewing to do. WilLalso go oul to work by day. 512 E Uhcoln St- WANTED—GIRL FOR GEXER'AL bouse work. Apply COS East St. WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the finest fruit and farming eecUon In Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia, Florida. P. 0. Box 20. WHEN YOr WANT SOMEOXE TO serve lunch at*y""r sale sec H. B. Kepsinger. at R.>d Light Restaurant, I^aHarpe, Kans.. ' ' WANTED-GOOl) GIRL FOR GEN- eral house work. 1001 East St. ; FOR SALl-:—GOOD FARM HORSE : or will let out for his keep, lola (..aundrv. ! FOR SALE—SO ACRES; GOOD SI room house, splendid barn, good pave, wells; about .50 acres under plow; ', near sriiooU not far from lola. Priced ^ lower than any other land like it in the coiflfty. Small payment buys it ("•u! on The .Mien, County Investment V•^. Kelley Bldg., lola, Kans. FOR SALK-CO HEAD HIGH GRADE i Siiropsliire breeding ewes; 40 lauibs; ; 1 imrebred S.'iropshire buck. F'irra 1 : mile cast and mile south of Car- I lyle. Kas. Phone 0S4-4. W. F. Weber. FOR SALE—GOOD APPLES. 1.". TO 20c per bushel. S. H. WeiUi, LuHarpc. ' FOli SALE—GOOD S YEAR OLD liorse. '3011 lbs; 610 X. Washington. VOt SALE—AT A BARGAIN, OUR modern residence. Call at 608 E. .Madison. W. T. Watson. FOR SALE—HOUSE FURNISH- ings. 'rugs, linoleums, trunks, suit cases i and combination beaters. Bonnell. 9 N. Jefferson. Phone 1290. FOR SALE—FIRST CLASS MA- terial and workmanship on all kinds of books, at the Register Bookbindery. FOR SALE—RltODE IS1.AND RED eoikenels; T">c each. Plione 1)8-21. Gas. IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver.your paper, call IS and we will send you a paper by a special carrier fhe same eTonlng. UHMIPE NEWS FOB MY SrMM.lRY <>F VOTK .SIIOIV.S nA)SV. WVISlOX GENKHALLY. * * * w -s s * a * * ft s * * * * * * W.\LL r.VPER. * I TO EXCHANGE—A NlClS UTTLE' I home for goo<l team, wagon and harness. A. W. Beck. 15 E. Madison Ave. FOR SALE—REGISTERED Poland China boar, one year old; extra gooil. Also spring boar. Address More Bros., lola, Kans. Phone 988-33. FOR SALE—1 AM BREAKING UP house keeping in lola. My household goods for sale. Call at residence, 422 S. Cottonwood afternoons between 3 and 6. Must be sold at once as 1 am obliged to vacate the house. C. E. Perham. CHEAP PABMS IX ALLEX CdnTTY. 80 A. 3 miles Moran; fair improvements, $3,000. ICQ A. near Geneva; good Improve- 1 meats, $6,000. 80 A. 3 miles lola, all level, black land In cultivation unimproved, $3200. Unimproved 40. level land, $1200. These are aU bargains, wi^jt rent i when you can^buy them on good ; terms? lOLA LAND COMPANY. FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS for light housekeeping; 2>,^ W. Jackson. Plione 954_ FOR SALE OR RENT—FOlfR ROOM modern house. 412 E. Lincoln. See M. L. Decker, 211' N. Sycamore. FOR RENT—GOOD 7 ROOM HOUSE modern. Close in. Call phone 465. STRAYED OR STOLEN. FOR SALE CHEAP—TWO "PHILO Colony" Coops. Phone 1034. FOR SALE—GOOD, MODERN house, well located. Cheap if taken at once. See J. E .Powell, or call on J. F. Halderman at 319 S. Cottonwood. A GENUINE SNAP IN HAY I^ND— 160 acres in Allen county; 40 acres in pultivatinn; 120 acres good meadow, 3 mile.N from market. 8 miles from lola; offered at forced sale, only $4500. Henderson Realty Co. BETTER THAir SFJ.5KIIf6. Spanglns does not cure childreo ot bed-wetting: There la a constltatlonal cause of this trouble. Mrs. M. Summers. Box W, South Bepd, Ind.. will send free to aar mother her successful home treataient, with full instructions. Send no money, bat write hM todajr if your children trouble you in Uiia way. Don't blame the child, the chances are it can't help it Thi<> treatment AIFO cures adults and aged f-eople troub'ied with urine di:flcultiei> by day or night. STRAYED—AWAY FROM JESUS, somebody's l)oy. When last seen he was a manly fellow, but now the marks of sin are upon him: Bring him to Trinity, and to Christ, tonight. LOST AND POUND. LOST—S C 0 T C H COLLIE DOG about 4 years old; will answer to name "Bob." J. F. Halderman. Phone 1256. Reward. Several Pleasant Social Events lU- ported and Other >ews of In- teri'st to Many Readers. -I- "Wall Paper that has made a hit. Don't pa.<s it up. Buy some of tho .-ic iiapers even if you don't use them for a year. It's an investment that is worth your while. Early callers get the hist selections. i WATEKS & DA\F0KT1I llrugs'iind Jewelry Shtck- : .-i LAHARPE. NOV. C—A. J. ler and family are moving lo a farm near Ottawa. Monday evening at ihe borne of Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Halm on South Washington street a pleasant surprise party was given by the N. S. ladies for Mrs. G. A. Cowden. who leaves soon . for Texas. Refreshments were served and the evening proved to be ».very enjoyable one. The club presented Mrs. Cowden with a beautiful casserole spoon. At a late hour all departed wishing Mrs. Cowden happiness and prosperity in her new^ home. OUs Harrell, who has been attending the high school here left yesterday to join bis mother at Dewey, Ok. He will'probably enter school there after Christmas. The LaHarpe vote ^vill be found in another column but the following is the vote ot more g'-ueral interest: Ffrat Ward: Tafi 37; Wilson 23; Roosevelt 25: Stubbs 39; Thompson 39; Capper 41; Hodges 40; Brady 45; Taggart 34; Laury 52; Bedwell 32; Kerr 60; Foster SC; Stephenson 50; Brown 32. Second Ward:- Taft 10; Wilson 11; Roosevelt'10; "VStubbs I.'{; Thompson 14; Liaury 15; Bedwell 14;'Stephenson 16; Brown 13. Thitd Ward: Taf- 27: Wilson 21 ; Roosevelt 27; Stubbs 25; Thompson 44; C ipper 36; Hodges 35: Laury 44; Bedw 11 27; Kerr 43: Foster 27; Stephmson 39; Brown 31. Founb Ward: Taft 21: Wilson 2.S: Stubbs 33; Thompson 31; Capper 36; Hodges 27; Bradv :{1: Taggart 29; havfy 33; Bedwell 30; Kerr 37; Foster 26; Stephenson 37: Browa 23. School was dismissed ihig afternoon for the entire week that the teachers may attend the state meeting at Topeka Thursday and Friday. All • the teachers will attend. Mr. and Mrs; J. W. Arniitage went i 3r a; a; a; ^ j!i 3S jSi 5- i;; S ST * 3? w •S S « LOOK! LOOK! * Remember this is the last week ^ of our big.sule on Rugs. "All our $ * $25 rugs in assoned Floral and * * Oriental patterns go for $18.00 * 5! this week only. Come in and let .S 3? as show you of the many advant- * Hr ages of buving now. * « « 3? LAHARPE FCRMTCRE STORE « . H. R. .Martin, Prop. « The IjiHarpe football boys will go to I.#roy tomorrow for a game with the team of that city. Miss Floy McGiashen has returne<l to Moran iif^er a visit , wiili Miss Schloss.. —Car of potatoes 65 cents a bushel out of oar Tuesday.—J. R. Smith. Mrs. G. A. Cowden will leave tonight for Brownsville. Tex., to join her son .Arthur and make her home. She takes with her tlie best wishes of a host of friends. Neator Shearer returned to Kansas City, today to begin his duties on the Meiropolii.nn street railway. Dr. J. F. McGill went to L.awrence Monday night to be there in. time to! vote. He returned here Tuesday afternoon, j Word was received from J. H.' Vaughn yesterday stating ihit his brother George who recently under-; went an operation at Salida, Colo.,: was somewlmt belter. THEJUrSDOINESATGItSGin RtM»SKVELT SEEMS TO HAVE HAD FEW FKIE.XDS IX GA.S t 'ITY. A. Wiener Wunit and Marshmallow Koast the Latei>t lu> Way o( Picnic Dhentlon. to Corbin, Kas., yesterday where Mr Armitage will deliver his famous lec- j lure. • I Mr. and .Mrs. 3: W. Mulienis have pone to Wichita for an extended visit. .Mrs. E. H: Tobey will leav.- the hit-i ler part of the month for a three' months visit in New York. The board of education met Monday evening in the high school building G. F. Robins and Charles Wilson were elected delegates to the meetings; at Topeka. —Everybody come and see the demonstration of Cole's Hot Blast Heaters oil Thursday, October 31st, at Hines' H!""'lwa'''». Mrs. Martha Shaw came in yesterday from Sedalia. SIo., for a visit with j her d.'iugbter. .Mrs. L P. Malcom. be- | fore going to Collinsvllle for the win-1 ter. ; Manager Ransom is making an ef- j (on to, match a football game with the' Kmporia Normals for next we..k. ' Fourteen boy Boouts took the "ten- ' RELI.\BLE FIRE INSUR.\NCE^1N; renewing your insurance, place some of It with me. I will see that your In-! iterests are safely' guarded, by writ-: |ing you In a first class company. Be-' sides, we need the business and will, appreciate your patronage. R. L. Tbomp-eon. Phone 142. Over Evans j ! Drug Store. 3f 33- Uo To rOOKSEY'S DIIKJ STORE for all your needs in Expect only ^he ivest of evarjthing. Prescriptions and family recipes a si)ecialty f derfoot" e.xamination .Monday givm l>y Prof. Getty and twelve of the nutn- i ber passed. • • WATCH OIR THIS WEEK. WIMHIW SOMETHING \T.\\ EVEKY DAY. PAHKUrR .«)T 1^ w 3^ * ¥ * * V -J- * Train 409 Roes through Wichita. Hutchinson, Sterling and L.vons connecting at Geneseo with through.service to Pacific Coast. Train 4"7, leaving lola 4:4C p. m.. goes tliroiigb lo Wichita niak ing connection at Wichita for Colorado and tho Pacific coast Train 410 has through, first- elus.s coacli and standard sleeper to St. lA}»i». making good connections with all lines at St I»ui.s. Train 4ti8 makes connection al Rich Hill for North East aud Southern Missouri points. LLMDNGER i GAS CITY, .NOV. 6.—The eighth grade, chaperoned by their teacher. Miss Lois Bennett enjoyed something unique in the way of entertainment last .Monday evening. The class met ai the city hotel and went to the prairie just east of town where they enjoyed a "wiener wurst" roast followed by a marshmallow toast. The peculiarity of the feast added lo th<- pleasure of tlie evening. The LaHarpe and Gas City football teams will meet next Sunday on the Gas City gridiron. LaHarpe won last Sunday 13 to 7. Gladys and Ruth'Landis are reported quite ill. Leeter I>ewman received the sad news this morning of the, death of his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Lewman of Rich Hill. .Mo. At this writing Mr. Lewman did not know whether he would be able to attend the funeral. Mrs. 1. H. Taylor and children left today for Christine, Texas to join Mr. Taylor and make their home. The have the best wishes of a host of friends. Andy Hocli .ind family have moved here from Arkansas. J. P. .Miner and family an- moving into the property vacated by L. H. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Angel and daughter, .Miss Sarah of Providence. R. I., are here for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. F. S. McKelvey. Mrs. Angel and Mrs. -McKelvey are cousins. Mrs. Lottie Kinman entertained a, ff-w friends last evening until one! o'clock wailing for election reurns. .Agent Russell received the election returns at the depot last night and Gas ('fry people were acquainteid wfth election news as carly< as lola people. E. H. Boyd went to Collinsviile last nisht to be gone about ten days. His family will take charge of the store during his .nbsence. I The full Gas City vote will be 'found in another column tTie more ! imnorlant voto was: Second ward; T.tft 12: Roosevelt l; WUson 19; 'Siabbs 7: Thompson 24; Capper 7; Hodges 25; Brady 9; taggart 24; Lau. ry 9: Bedwell 25; Kerr 9; Foster 27. ' Third Wurd: Taft 23: Wilson SI: I Roosevelt'2; 6!:ubbs 13: Thompson 45; Ciippel- 14: Hodges 42; Kerr IS; • Foster 40: Mury 1?; B<;dwel! 39. ' Fourth Ward: Taft tlr Wilson 30; ' Stubbs 7: Thompson 39; Clipper 10: i Hodges 36: L-iury 15; Bedwell 3C; Kerr 11; Poster 42. The West Elm Tow^nship finished » 3« 3•E , . * OLD fiOLDEX rOFKEE * 3s • 3* lat « * S 3r TABL & Hr>TER',S 33; $ * b'as Kansas * 3- « 3-®.3-3 J *.3'3 JS «3-3- S$*S«» 3 --S «3-3;3-3--E3 -««S-E-E-ES« 3- * 3r Our store Is now open to serve S 3? you of the best there is obtain- S * able . We carry a full line of S -:• GROCERIFS « •'- W .v - ri .i and '^riiiiite Ware 3^• .ind .\oHoiis of All KIn-!s. S V Come in and. let us show you w 3; tuir stock. 3- Spilt Cash—Xo Delhcry 3- 3? F. H. and S. J. BOYD 3* ^ 3- a«3-3-3-S«-E$-ES«*3-«3-3- rount!ng this morning at 6 o'clock. Taft got 42 and Wilson 54. Ail the Gns City te:ichers will leave in the morning oh the early Santa Fe for Topeka to attend the Stat«* Teachers Association. It is gratifying to the public to know that every teacher is making this trip for the benefit of themselves, the scholars and the public. .\. KoII riti:rned; home yesterd;:y t'roHi Theresa. \V'i»!. wliere he was called by the illiiess and death of his niolli-'r. Mr. Koll says he got to see Woodrow Wilson at Chicago a few days ago. The high school and first fam will play a practice game of football to- mo.'row on the east grounds IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver your paper, call 18 and we will send you a paper by a special carrier the same evening. —Try a Rejflsler Want Ad. i •Jc.:t^Sc ' CXatturiaabodTtc Co. LOST—SATURDAY NIGHT BE- tween lola and Gas City ,a brown blanket shawl. Finder please leave at Register office. Tonight Tonight, if you feel dull and stupid or bilious and constipated, take a dose of Chamberlain's-Tablets and yon will feel all right tomorrow. For sale by all dealers. « * • • • • • • * • • • • • • * mc. X. BUSS * : Dentlit ^ Eztiactlon "witboot pain by tte •> use ot Nitrous Oxide Qw ^ • Boam S9. I Xorthrnp BUg. • • Phones—OIBca &5a: =Bsa.;SU ^ PHILLIP BSIGSLI • • • • HAIOESS AHD SABDLEU i« « dCMna BepalrlM ^ # « UOH South BtrMt—lola. BUr > • f • * - r>- •» F. L. B. LSJnraX, M. B. 1 • * BpodalUes: : '# « Diseaaea ot the Chest • * ' Dlaeaaes of Children • * • X-RAY ^* <> Pkaues-Office 147} Baa. 10 « Ida Stata Bank Bids. ' T.O.CANAtSEY Expert Piano Taninf and Repai^nir*" '. •with RoberU Music Co. PHOHI Ml * • • * . ••• * AUCTIOITEEBI , • •> A.». CoUIna <> 'General Farm Sales; Livestock 4> a specialty. Satisfaction -guar* anteed. Address. Carlyle, Kaa. • * • •: .'•^ « • •.•--••< Dona, by experienced mea. Prices reasonable. CanftoM A-ThomiiMil With the t. H/Wtthard-Bl^.,-, Phone n.. Farm Loans Lowest Batea Branch Office of TheHerriam mrtgageCo. Topeia, Kan.. Oritional Payments, Any Time. WUl Let 60% of Land Value. BE.ST LOAN I.V ALLEJf CODSTY , SEE lOLA LAND COMFY r( Fill IT •! HE m A Few AppHcat'onr, of a Simple Remedy W:il Brin? Back the Natural Color. I GMAluifUk Coal — _ JbtBlaa^anif^I^ti ' isieoirbMT Billing B «rB'» CoBiUBatlaa Coal Kk€ On Baofa—ae-best nadfr ThelJ.WsbardHdw; "PttH out ".V :.T V 'r:.'r end a dozen •will take iV; i .^.e" ; old saying, I which is. ton Rre;:c '';;Uiit. tvj<;, «f no] steps are taktn to . •'••.j i When ^ gray hairs aj-i-f-' ?t is 3. ai^ I -.i that Nature needs ;i.*.^i -::i..c'.-. it h Natiire'a call for help. G'tiy h.-, r. duli, lifeless hair, or hair that is /;:!; .-^ oat, is not necessarily a s5:7i nf a 'r ;ut age,-£ar Were are thc;u:;ar.ilj of erieriy peoplOp with perfect bca!.* of l.:'air ?^tnoat k cinprle strydc cf pray. .. o j dWhch grsy krsirs corns, or when tho bair seems to ha iifole^a or dead^ some good. rcli::blo liaf.'-rcstorisg trealmcsEitl should be rescrted'to at once, "—* ists sajr that on* of the beAV--, tjons tb t»e is tb« old-fa^Aioned'^; tca"whrchourgraiidparentaizs<s£- best preparation of thir khidis Wyetii'o. Sage and Sulphur HaifRiesi^,' 8prap-t> aration of domcstfe'eacM^and adlphnr,' scientificnlly ccenpoonded'with latar discovered ha:r tecucs «a<j atimnlnnta, the whole micclura being eargfaily balanced and tested by ecTwrts;^" >• s* f Wyetli'.s Su-:a:iuid Sulphur isdeanand, wfcoleSQrao aad;J^rrfcctly harmless. ; refreshes dr,-ii'pard^Bd JJair, notovea.' dandruff and giradcnlly'testoies f-- ^ >hf natural .color.# • 'ioa't delav ai^oither nhmte. 'SVr— u>tng Wyeth^a Bilge and Suljplmr :i|t once and see -whkt ai differwce »*Cnr. davs* treatment will inako la your bailL '^This preparatioa-via offezed.>to-,ti»' publie at dftr cents' a bottlV'wia'Ipt reconunendedind soki by all dnks^atai! ' Special Agent—a R. BorrelL What Is YourProlrfeiii? Cost of Livingr ^ G^odBoads Soil Problems Riiral Church and . Rural Life Factory Development Posfflbilities of the SmiiUFarm.. ' Farm HoiheiFToblems And numy other questionarwlU be discnssed by such Aperts'aa F. D. Coburn. J. H. Miller. H. X, Waters, Chancellor Strong,. ftrT. 5 Nicholson; J. R. Koont:^ H. -IK;^ Hudge. Arthur Capperi- Q. ..^ Hodges,.and others at •.-'}] THE Kansas A &iGOltaral Industrial Con^ss» MovembePria ^aO' le.- lost Ad iB tte itoti^iill^

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