The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 16, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1892
Page 6
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, MAY 1«, 1892. INSURE HAIL THE TANNER-COLE NUPTIALS, W'v. jivo now pri'^m't'il to wviU: msu rantv a rid in sun* jemwiny cn»ps ji^jiinst luiil in oiH- of outmost reliable (NJinjuinirM. Hail stonu.s is SOUK ? sections of the country si n* of common occurancc: itntl Uinv is w>l. a season pa.ssc.s t hat whole nci^iihfu'hoorls are tlt'vahlatctl by these desvrurtive storms, (t is prutty hard for a man In work industriously lor a whole season, and just as the harvest is almost secured, see it cut. down to the ground, by ball, and Die fruit of a whole sen son vanish. A Few Cents per acre will protect yon. If yon do not happen to see one- of our iij/unts write to us. We will send you a blank application to fill up and return. \Vt: will also send you the. last copy of The Iusurnnce Loan ftuffle which will tell you all about it. Winne & Winne, i, 21, mm mm A AND MAIN Hutchinson, Kan. A I .nilK Utile. .1. A. Murston <if t'hitaffo passed Uiroiiifh tin' city yesterday, en route for San l'Vaneisco, on a hieyelo. He left Chiciffo about three weeks ago tor the above destination, intending to' cover as ueai'l}'all the road as p 7 sihle •with his wheel, but he utatcs that in the valleys of the numerous rivers which he has encountered the rivers were all over the country, and he has hud to travel many miles other than on his e-hoel. lie is not running" against time, neither is he wagerhnj anything on the trip. He is simply out for a vacation and to see the country. 1 le is delighted with the Kansas prniries. :md states that central Kansas is now the prettiest and most prom- isinsHooUintf ree"iou of any country which he lias been privileged to s-'e. His wheel is of the Humbler pattern, ami is a beauty. lie will return, reaching this city in September, utuU- inef flic return trip on his wheel. Tne boys at the various towns and cities go (nit a few miles with him. and in this wny he makes many new acquaintances and whiles away many hours which might otherwise be lonesome to him. it was.Mr. Kmerson who said "the lirst wealth is health," and it was a wiser tliim the modern philosopher who said that "the blood is the life." The system, like the clock, runs down. 11, needs winding up. The blood gets poor and a score of diseases result. It needs a tonic to enrich it. A certain wise doctor, after years of patient study, discovered a medicine which purified the blood, gave tone to the system, and made men—tired, nervous, brain-wasting men—feel like new. lie called it his"tiotden Medical Discovery." It has been sold foryears, sold by the million of bottles, and people found such satisfaction it that V)r. fierce, who discovered it, now feels warranted in selling itundera positive guarantiee of its doing good in all cases. Perhaps it is the medicine for you. Your's wouldn't be the first case of scrofula or salt rheum, skin disease, or lung disease, it has cured when nothing else would. The. trials, worth making, and costs nothing. Money refunded if it don't do you good. At Home, Mr. and Mrs. A. A Tanner at home to their friends at Third avenue east. A I'lrniwnt. yulct Wnthltng at the Uesl- tlfWico i»f 11. J, Col<>, A happy little group of friends of the contracting parties mot ut the residence of 1). .1. Cole, last evening, at s» o'clock, to witness the ceremony by which Mr. A. A. Tanner of this city iimlMiss Dora Cole were made man and wife. The ceremony was performed by Hev. Mi/.c of the liaptist church. H was short and impressive, and when the "I will's" of tint bride and groom hail been spoken, the happy couple received the congratulations of friends. After the ceremony came one of those farm house wedding feasts, which no one can appreciate without seeing and enjoying. The long table I fairly groaned beneath the weight of the good things of life, and while Kev. Misc invoked divine blessing upon the bounties of life, each one could not help but feel that it was, indeed, n great blessing, and one for which to be thankful. «At the head of the table sat the bride and groom, with the parents of each on either side of them, while at the foot, and opposite the couple, sat the minister and his wife. Verbal congratulations were not the only ones received, for inuuy written remembrances were received, accompanied by some pretty token of regard, and a keepsake in remembrance of f,he occasion. Among the presents received by Ts]v. and Mrs. Tanner we note only a few, which were as follows: Hanging lamp, beautiful design, Mrs. C. Bowman and family. Silver pickle castor and fancy carving knife, A. M. Uaker and wife, Sa- bethu, Kan. Bohemian pitcher, uniquedesign and very pretty, Mr. and Mrs. T. ,1. liurtch. .Silver fruit knives, L. A. Jiunker and wife. Silver orange spoon, Miss Alice Taylor, Virgir.ia, 111. Individual pepper and salt, solid sil­ ler, elegantly carved, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dunn. Lamp and table scarfs, beautiful pattern. Mr. and Mrs. Loomis, parents of the groom. lied spread, Miss Ida Cole, sister of the. bride. lied and bedding, Mr. and Mrs. Cole; parents of the bride, and many other beautiful and useful articles. I Mr. and Mrs. Tanner are <piitewe.ll and favorably known to our readers, and they have many friends" Whowish them continued happiness and prosperity. The groom has been one of our successful, energetic business men for several years. The bride is a daughter of I). ,1. Cole and wife, and having made her home in the city, largely, for the past four years, most of the time with the parents of thegroom,it would be no wonder if she "had a host of friends who join in congratulations, which the NEWS also does. gan to float through space, and by day light this morning all traces of yesterday's beauty was gone. The quantity of moisture which we. have received this spring would be too much for any other country on earth, but central Kansas can stand lots of water, not being used to anything else. Vegetation has now got such a start that 't seems improbable that we should be fanned by hot breezes for at least another season. Hut, oilt for a few days of sunshine! COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Or Hie llfiptiRt College, I'riitt, Kan., ;iiuy in-si, I sos- May HI, S p. in.—The contest for the .1. Q. Adams medal for best essay by a young lady. Also, for the F. 1', Miller medal for the best recitation. May 30, 8 p. in.—The contest for the A. L. Wells medal for best original oration by a young gentleman. Also, for the. h. C. Elliott medal for the best declamation by a young gentleman. May 21, 11 a. m.— The annual sermon by Dr. 15. 11. Kay of St. Louis, Mo. Also preaching Sunday following, morning and evening. May 21, H p. m.—Oration before the I literary society, by Judge James Kelly, of Pratt, Kan. MinrnoxAi.. May 20, 11 a. m.—The South Central Haptist Association of Kansas, will meet in called session with the Pratt church. May 21, 2:30 p. in. —An educational mass meeting of the friends of education in Pratt city and county as well as surrounding counties, A grand time is anticipated, ami a cordial invitation is extended to all lovers of Christian education, and especially to the Itaptist lirotherhood of the state and elsewhere who feel an interest in the cause in western Kansas. A Tree is Known by its Fruit. Try King of Kansas l'lour, SI. 2.1 a sack. Price List of TUE CASH GROCERS. 31 South Main. SUC.AU. 2(1 lbs Granulated 21 lbs Light Drown 22 lbs New Orleans JUST RECEIVED IN OUR BOY DEPARTMENT 300 child's suits, §0.50, worth all of $1.00 .75, worth fully 1.25 1.00, new colors, worth 1.75 1.50, all wool, worth 2.35 1.75, beauties, worth 2.60 2.00, handsome, worth 3.00 : 2.50, hummers, worth 4.oo 200 child's suits, 300 child's suits, 400 child's suits, 350 child's suits, 500 child's suits, (350 child's suits, .91.00 , 1.00 . 1.00 B ON TON ^BAKERY Fresh BREAD Every Day. CREAM, HOMEMADE, GRAHAM AND RYE. Fresh Every Day llent In liwr VOOIIH. A Kansas correspondent to the Kansas City Journal, in his "Over in Kansas," tells the following story concerning our genial Santa Fe agent. Although to properly appreciate the story you must hear Tcdford tell it: John Wesley Ted ford of Hutchinson, the Santa l^e man of western Kansas, tells this apropos of the Wichita boom: "Here vas vonct a chay beeud, unci et vus dcr most peautiful chay beeud ever vas. Veil, dese chay beeud he fly oop und oop und he say, 'vat is der matter by me, alrctty.' Veil, den he say, k l tink 1 go by de forest over, undl got me a hole in a high dree.' So he gone by de forest over, und he foundt a dreo und he madt hees hole. Here he KHZ him on a limb und he say, 'yel, I tink dese is pooty nice. 1 tink 1 stay here more als ein hoondred yor.' Hut along cootnes olt Meester Hawlc und he chumps down on der chay beeud und der chay beeud get iu hees hole not so kvielt enough; und olt Meester Hawk ho limli owld some off dose pooty tail faydors und scatter dem all ofev del forest. Veil, pooty soon der chay beeud he sneek owid hee's hole und he look at himself und he see dose tall faydors gone, und he. scratch hee's ear, und ho say: 'Veil, 1 ben a turn fool chay beeud, don't if? Aber vhile I lost dose tall faydors, 1 still savt my life, which is a crate beeg ting auf you tink of it alretty.'" This, says John Wesley Tcdford. is the position of the Wichita boomer of the old days. MiiHt be l'aht. The gentleman \vl\o lms the matter in hand of collecting the dog tax, and enforcing tho city ordinance on that point, makes a request that the owners of dogs proceed immediately to place around their neck a leather collar, not less than three-fourths of an inch in width, to which is attached a tag, which must be worn continuously. He states that the dog tax law will be enforced to the letter, and that all dogs will be impounded as fast as found without a tag. Kumluy 'N SnuMhliie. Yesterday was one of the most beautiful of 'nil the days of the present spring and summer. The day dawned without a cloud visible in the sky, and no wind was blowing. This continued for the entire day and until late at night, when small, feathery clouds be- A Little mere. \ Although the cleanliness of this city is the pride of its citizens, and the surprise und delight of visitors, a little more yet might be done. Yesterday witnessed the appearance of many persons from the surrounding towns and country, who came here to spend the day. It was a common thing for these people to be making expressions of a commendatory nature concerning our clean streets. Hut, in the faee of all this, let us not retrograde one iota. A little more might yet be done to compel every person to keep from the streets and allies all waste papijr, refuse matter of every kind calculated to breed sickness, as well as to give the place other than a tidy appearance. Let us continue to clean up and beautify. We have an enviable reputation for cleanliness and beauty, and let us not only maintain that standard of excellence, but add materially to it. Neat IHunketH. The horses attached to the delivery wugou of the Hutchinson Manufacturing company have been provided with blankets to Vie worn on the street, upon which is printed in brilliantly shaded letters: "We pull far tho Hutchinson Manufacturing company." The blankets are both neat and attractive, besides being very beneficial to the horses when it is raining. COFFEE, Arbuckle S .20 Midland 20 Santos 20 Mocha and Java 33>6 CAM WED GOODS. 3 lb can Tomatoes S .10 :i lb cau Pumpkin 10 2 lb can Corn 10 2 lb can String Hcans .10 2 lb can Lima ileans 0S>£ 2 IV) can Succotash 08}tf 2 lb can Peas 08}S 2 lb can Blackberries 10 2 lb can Raspberries 10 2 lb can Gooseberries 10 2 lb can Strawberries 10 ;! lb can Peaches l.~> 2J-J lb can California Peaches... .20 2if lb can California Apricots..: .20 '•!} j lb can California Green Gage 2).; lb can California Egg Plums 2 a lb can California Pears 2 14 lb can California Quinces lb can California Cherries,.. Gallon can California Peaches.. Gallon can CalifomiaCurrants.. Gallon can California Gooseber's Gallon can Apples I lb can Mackerel: 1 lb can Salmon 1 lb cau Oysters 2 lb can Oysters SUNDRIES. S lbs Heans 3 lbs Rice » lbs Oat Meal 5 lbs Hulk Starch Sour Pickles, per gallon Hams 11 Break! ast Hacon , 11 Lard :. .10 .20 .20 '*;» .20 .20 .40 .10 .to .25 .10 .1.") .10 .IT; .3 -2; A (>ooil Show. The patrons of the Capital City Opera House were treated to a variety show last night by the Duncan Clark company. It was what the crowd went to see, and the evidently went away satisfied. It's as good a show of the class that lias struck town this season.— Dally Leader, Des Moines, la., February 17. At the opera house to-morrow night. Scats now on sale at the opera house book store. We have a handsome line of fine Priees low and correct. IN OUR YOUTHS' DEPARTMENT. See our 83.00 suits, worth St. 00 4.00 " " 5.00 " 7. SO 11.50 " 10.00 8.00 " 12.00 " 10.00 " lii.OU " 12.00 " 18.1)0 ' boys' 'suits, Jerseys, 3-pieee suits, etc. HOYS'SHIRT WAIST DEPARTMENT .100 dozen at 15c each, worth 25 % 800 dozen, Bateen, at 25e, worth 50 KNEET^A^TTFOTI^ ' 500 dozen at 10c pair, worth 20 450 " 20c " 35 350 '• 25c •' 15 250 " 35C " 50 Our Sue, 75c A 31 pants are well knc.^ Above are the best values we ever had for the money. We say they worth more money—we know they arc worth more—but we always give o'nr trade the benefit. Remember we are. the acknowledged Leaders of Low Prices in Clothing. Men's Furnishings and Hats. Remember our stock is the largest clothing stock in. Hutchinson. We buy in such large quantities that we can say truthfully, CLOTHING RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessiug the time or nearest the time it will take our candle V i burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33>.i inches iu circumference and 8 feet 5 Inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Caudle will be lit July 4. 1802. f PRICE^ IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS THE chinson i Music COMPANY. UKAl.EKS IN Special attention given to orders for line cukes for parties. To Select Knlglita. All members of the order of Select Knights are earnestly requested to be present at the meeting to-night, as the style of uniform and the number ordered will be determined at that time, Pianos and Organs. General agents for southwestern Kansas for Ohickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz, PIANOS. Farrand & Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. D.I. Galliher, LIVERYMAN Fine rigs, stylish teams and the Unest funeral car and white hearse in the state. ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND GALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. 4 UTCHINSON OPERA HOUSE. W. A. JL.O.E, Manager. Streetcars at the iVoov ufler entertainment H TUESDAY^- 17. Coming Sure! vl Write for terms and priees. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. FRUITS. FRUITS. Strawberries, Pino Apples, O m CO o' O 73 n CO o f Pl H C 30 Z Bigger, Greater, Grander than Ever. GENUINE FRENCH HIGH KiCKERS, Roman and Grecian Statuary by living models. New SongH, Jokes aud Funny Sayings. Ql _ i UAH»ICI ,• ftf— UnMinjfiEn J. P" . PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on band a fine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. L. G. DUPLER, m iiE LEADIN Are us flexible and dainty as the flu- est turn. Are tho easiest wul Icing shoes made, the cork acting as a cushion to the foot. Are the most healthful shoes made, as cork is a aon-eonductor of heat and cold. Ladies wouring them need not fear cold, damp or rough walks. The oovU Is scoured \i\ a pooket, which Is sowed In with the scum, holding: it firmly in place, and is guaranteed not to work loose or ourl tip. , OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s celebrated bulk seeds. THE BEST IN" THE WORLD. }/

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