The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 28, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1977
Page 5
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PagtlO-NAUGATUCKNEWS (Conn.) Silurday, Junes, IHt Saturday, Junes — Our lady of Fatima Church will hold a Salute lo America — Bicentennial Ball at the Parish Hall, 2071 Baldwin St., Waterbury. Dancing lomusie of Lee Gouvela and His La Un Kings from 9:30 p.m. - Bicentennial Home & Garden Sale, sponsored by the Hillside Covenant Women, will be held in the Fellowship Hall at the Hillside Covenant Church, corner o! Hillside Ave. 4 Elmwood St, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, June6 --The Naugaluck School Building Committee will conduclan Open IlouseatNaugatuck High School from 1 to 4 p.m. Student guides and teachers will be present to conduct (cms ol Ihe new addition and to answer questions about Ihe facility. A brochure will be offered detailing Ibe project history and including a map of (he school and Its additions. —The Naugatuck Junior Woman's Club will hold a Tag and Bake Sale from 3 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Peddlar's Market, New Haven Tid. — Tag and Bakery Sale featuring "Finger Foods" sponsored by the Naugatuck branch of AAUW at the Peddlar's Market on New Haven Road, from 8 a.m. lo 6 p.m. Monday.Junc7 - Naugatuck branch ol AAUW Family Picnic at Sandy Beach, Lake Quassapaug from 4 to 8 p.m. — Concert by St. Brigil's Choir from Stockholm, Sweden, in the sanctuary of Salem Lutheran Church, 14 Salem Street at 8 p.m. The public is invited, No tickets needed. A free-will offering will be received at tho concert. Tuesday, Junes — Cristoforo Colombo Aux. June Supper al American Brass Country Club 6:30 p.m. Full course dinner. Wednesday, JuneS St. Mary's Altar Guild will hold its banquet and installation of officersaltlieKnightsofColumbusIIall.SouthMainSt. - "Miss Naugaluck" comes to our town al approximately 2 p.m. Vvalch paper for more details'. - Ttie Naugaluck Emblem Club No. 160 will hold its regular monthly meeting at7:30 at the Naugatuck Lodge of Elks on Rubber Ave. - St. Mary's Altar Society annual banquet at Knights of Columbus Hall. For reservations call Lucille Lang (729-87%). - Ins ta lla lion banquet of SI. Mary's Altar Society, cocktails at 6:30 p.m., dinner at7p.m.Deadline for reservations June 3. Reservations made by calling Lucille Lang (729-87%). Thursday, June 10 — Salem Chapter No. 1857 AARP annual luncheon and installation of officers by Mrs. Mary Wymanat Fortin's, Rubber Ave., at 1 p.m. Reservations call Anna Bchlman (T29-3833) before Jure 2. — Naugaluck Young Republican Club Meeting, State National Bank, Rubber Ave., 8 p.m. - St Mary's Parish meeting in Ihe church hall at7 p.m. for anyone willing lo aid with planning Christmas Bazaar set for November 20. Friday, June II -ThriltShop,United Met ho dist Church open 10a.m. to3 p.m. Saturday,June 12 — Crisloforo Colombo Aux. Bus Trip lo Boston. Outsiders inviled by cont acting AntMmetle Zuccardli at 729-2063. D eadline Fri., June 4. :ai Sunday. June 13 - Senior Women's Friendship Club trip lo Green Mountain Race Track at Pownal, Vt. Call Mrs. MaUane, 72M1S3. Tuesday, June 15 - Luncheon at Fortin's for Retired Teachersof Naugatuck. Social Hour, 1 p.m., Luncheon, 1:30 p.m. For reservations call: D. Galvin (729-3967) or C. Green (729-0797). Final date lor reservations: June 4th. Saturday,June 19 — The Red Cross Ballwill be held al the Portuguese Club. Cocktail lour from 8 to 9 p.m. with dancing from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. to the music of the Mastertones. Tickets may be obtained by calling Alyce Erickson 1723-H16 or Ihe Red Cross 729-2219). Monday, Juiu 21 - Senior Women's Friendship Club will attend Ihe thealer parly and dinner al Ihe Chateau De Ville in Windsor. Wednesday, June?3 - Senior Women's Friendship Club trip to Chateau DeVille lo see show "Bottoms Up." Thursday.June 21 — MRP Chapter 495 Mystic Seaport and Aquarium. Friday, June 25 - VFW ladies Aux. Card Party at VFW Hall 7:30 p.m. Donation SI For lickels call: 729-7708, 723-1119 or 729-7875. Contract Bridge Good Management Pays South dealer. rnond tricks if the suit is divided Neither side vulnerable. NORTH *5 » 10 8 4 2 «Q53 +A9762 WEST A A 10 87 4 2 »J63 »7 + 1053 SOUTH «KQ6 »AK5 «AK962 *K4 ' The bidding: South West North East 2 NT Pass 3* Pass 3 NT Opening lead - seven of spades. The question, "What can defeat me?" is one declarer frequently asXs himself before choosing his course of play. He should nol dismiss even a remote possibility of failure without first attempting to protect against it. Here Is a (ypical case where West leads a spade against three notrump. South wins East's jack with the Xing and notes he has only tight sure tricks - one spade, two hearts, three diamonds and two clubs. However, he also notes that he may win two additional dia- 3-2. There is no good reason to expect a 4-1 or H> diamond division, and South might therefore feel tempted to follow the usual practice o! cashing first the ace and then the queen EAST rf diamonds. K ne did this, he * J 9 3 would eventually find himself * Q 9' going down one. Of course, he » J 10 8 4 ,,0^ indignantly ascribe Ihe *Q J ? outcome to bad luck, but actually it would be bad management. The proper play al trick two is a low diamond to the queen. Once both defenders follow suit, the contract is ice-cold. Declarer continues with a diamond and, if East produces the eight, finesses the nine. This assures nine tricks whether the nine wins or loses. If West wins the nine he cannot profitably continue spades. If East ptays the ten or jack on the diamond lead from dummy, South is all the more pleased. He wins with Ihe king and is now certain of mating five diamond tricks and al least four notrump, whether or not West follows suit. Declarer is on equally sound ground if it turns out that West has four diamonds. In that case, he concedes a diamond lo West to establish his ninth trick. Finally, even if East has an lire diamonds, the initial diamond lead to the queen still produces Ihe crucial ninth trie*. 6LAD VMM "THE ROOSfSR SETS OVER HIS Heart Of Juliet Jones MOSTLY... AWE HOPEFUL.TOO Bringing Up Father I PONT WANT TO SMOKE M3UR CI6AR- I JUST WANT TO LI6KT MINE: THERE 6OES PICKER-I'LL BET HE PIDN'T HAVE A WINNER.' / I HAVE SOME HOT TIPS FOR you. j awyer VOU PIP IT, WY SEWING -MACHINE FRIEND.' WE'VE SENT /MRYUE HOME HAPPILY BELIEVING HER FATHER'S A GREW GUY. FrHftT PHK SWEET GIRL! TO HWE FOUND OUT THBT A BUM LIKE SLOPPY JOE WAS HER FtfTHSR WOULP HAVE CRUSHED HER. SO, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, WE COULDN'T LET WARYLEE DOWN... COUIDWE) BUZ? Y YOU COMPLETELY BftMBOOZLEP HEK. GUESS I'M JUST A BORN ACTOR. MAYBE THE TOILET WILL STOP OVERFLOWING BY ITSELF.' BUT THEN HE /W6HT SET MAD AT US. MAYBE WE SHOULD WAKE HIM UP. HE5 STILL ASLEEP. BOTIFTHEYWASITA REAL. PISASTBR FILM, TUey SHOOLP PO OrJE COVEREP EARmOUAI«6 , WITH PUM-PUM/ YIKE? \T<5 A "31RAW6E 600NI! VEAH! AM TK OL' <3EA HA6 WEWT BACK TO HER ISLAND.' NOW WE CAKJ HAVE PEACE AMP QUIET.' YOU'RE WONOERFUL! VOU 60T OF THE VAMPIRE.' HE'S AStON' IF X KNOWS OH. I SEE .' YOUYWWT THE CAR IN SOOO SHAPE ANDYOU'RE AFRAID HE S COINS TO T/WA WITH IT.' WO.I NCAH THE CM? KEYS! I WANT TO HIDE THEM FROYiYOUR FATHER/ HE BOUGHT ANOTHER 800KON UNINSUP OFF THE SOUTHERN COAST OF / TRUER WORDS WUZ NEVER SPOKE ME KNOW TH OL' SflVlN'- "UNLUCKV AT CARDS-LUCKY ftT LOVE" CHIRK UP, HONEY POT- (SWIF-SNIF) THEM VARMINTS CLEflNED ME OUT RTTH'CflRDGflME, MflW by THOMAS JOSfPH 39 Songstress Home 10 B.A. or MA 11 European river DOWN 1 Buddhist monk 2 Homer's marketplace i Hilarious 4 Farming implement 5 Attach 6 Burrowed V Call - day 12 mis,) 8 Sneak up Yesterday's Answer 10 Finn great. " P<» Pan ' s Norma — 16 Dismissed 19 Invent 22100 centesimi creator 29I'oe's"- in Paradise" 12 *ds.) 30 Turkish city 24 Heady on 12 wds. I 25 Dr. 9 Ixiver ol beauty 23 Tranquilized 3! Winglfte 36 Malay gibbon 3; Henoivncd pugilist Xhivago's love ACROSS I Word with eye or whip 5 Liturgical vestments II Exchange premium 12 Caustic substance U A la' 14 Nebraska river 15 Uind measure 16 Understand 17 Type of tea 18 Go up 20 Not him 21 IJly 22 Stringed instrument 23 Bowler's bugaboo 25 Hard-lilt baseball 26 Colleen's name 27 Theda 28 Military unit tabtir.) 29 Pacific island •11 Likely 32 Danish money 33 Oklahoma city 35 Clothier 3? Soviet lake 38 Verdi opera DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's linvv to work it: A X Y D I, B A A X R is I, 0 N G F E 1. I. 0 W One Idler simply slanils lor another. In lliis sample A ii used (or the three "l.'s. X fur the two O'i. He. Sinjjlc letters apostrophes. Ihe length and formation of Die words are an hints. Eacli day Ihe code Irtlers arc different. CRYPTOQUOTK FUX1TXB IVWBTBS EGYQ XB TII-FZD, GBB BX1 ZFGRTBS XB 1CXVSCI XW GYITXB. T I. 1C F FZFUFBI XI) UGRBFLL.-PXCB ''Yesterday's Cryptoquote: ONE OF THE STRIKING DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A CAT AND A LIE IS THAT A CAT HAS ONLY NINE LIVES. - MARK TWAIN Investors' Guide Bond Redemption Risks Q. I've been attracted to some bonds carrying lOV* per cent coupons. I realize I wtU most likely pay a premium which (as I've learned frnm your column) reduces my yield, but the idea ol receiving $W5 a year Irom each Jl,000 bond appeals to me. I am Interested primarily In current Income. A. I think you have the facts in hand, so I won't argue — especially since you don't give me the name of Ihe bond and I have no way of knowing its rating. All that I would ailrl to what you already understand is the question or redemption. A 10'^ per cent bond is certainly vulnerable to being called in and paid of f as soon as the "non- callable" period expires. 1 would therefore suggest you add to your calculations: What is the redemption price, when does it become effective, and how docs that compare with what you would h£'. e to pay for the bond today? It could be you are heading right into a redemption at a price below current markeL 1974 to Ihe present? A. I suppose 1 could spend a couple of weeks doing this research but what good would it do? Q. In what amounts, and where, may municipal bonds be purchased? A. Municipal bonds are issued in $1,000 minimum amounts. It is quite possible your broker may have one bond, or two bonds, or three bonds of an issue. All you can do is ask. * • i Q. I am a widow of 81, living comfortably on savings and income from mutual funds. At my age, should 1 be concerned about making changes to gain a few dollars? My money will go to nieces. In lact, 1 give them money now from time to time. Friends keep telling me to buy this or that. A. You should NOT be concerned with any financial maneuvers other than enjoying the income from your money. Tell your friends the slock market is "out" as a subject of discussion. Q. I'm stuck with some electronic stock I bought al 45, now selling al 58. What should I buy when I can get out even? A. Maybe that same electronic stock. If it ever gets back lo 45, it could be because the company will by then have solved its problems, wiped out its losing operations and be well on the way to success. * • • A. I was recently oflered a I2W per cent guaranteed mortgage loan. O.K? A. Guaranteed by whom? • 4 » Q. We have some slock we wan I to give lo our son. Can we do that without paying brokerage fees? A. Yes. Merely write to the transfer agent (named on the Iront of the slodt certificate) and asX for Ihe necessary forms. Q. What stocks did besl from ENROLLMENT UP NEW YORK (UPI1 - Fifteen per cent ol high school home economics enrollments during Ihe current school year are boys, according to the largest Q. I am a woman, 29, considering the purchase ol real estate as a lax shelter. Where can I get information on Income tax benefits derived from property? A. The lax guide published annually by the Treasury Department has sections devoted lo real estate deductions. Your library will also contain books on both real estate — as an investment — and on taxes in general. In the main, the tax shelter provided by real estate owrcd commercially is based on real estate taxes paid, mortgage interest, running expenses and depreciation. But if you are going into the field, it will pay you to study it lirsl. Oxford, fia , 1 that owns itwll a tree forest. "«, w< named for iv, J W Ya rbrough who i* l'« "r*ir<:c of the ' Y»tfy,0, tff)URlrt a, of (tf lit* if is almost double the male enrollment three years ago. 01 wHch t}/. itself. '"* sUnds to

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