Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY RgGISTgR^WEmNESDAY E^SBm:tia.NOVEMBERM912. It is not alone the convenience, or the freshness, or the crispness, or tiie unusual food-value, or the digfestibijity, or the cleanliness, or the price, that has made Uneeda ' Biscuit the National Soda Cracker. It is the remarkable combination of all of ^hese things. If everjfone, everywhere, kiiew how good they are, everyone, everywhere, would eat them—every day. ^ Sold by grocers in every city and town. Bought by people of all classes. Always 5 cents in the moisture-proof package: NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY IS SHREWD'BUSINESS WOMAN Mrs. Frsnk King of New York Ha* Been Successful in Accumulat>, ing American Dollars. ! W'altlos on customers vith an Oriental cbarm and politeness that dftlly %\lns new patrons to bor laundr}' in rieeker strcot. Mrs. Frank Ulng. •Irughter of tl\e Flowery Kingdom, is npidlv accumulating American dollars tliat are estimated already to rt-acb i::to the thousands. -Mrs lling. who is a fine specimen of ri :i.':ese matron of niiddio age. is a ";illtant suffragist of the most pro- ncunced type. She is an advocate of •votes for woilien." and points with pride to the acition of the new Chl- i.< ae assembly in granting suffrage to i<r f!<rt€rs in China. Tht lirst Chinese business woman !•! aVw York city, and probably Jrt this oun'l.-y. came to the Vnlted States •'.•ly two years ago, qu(pkly acquired a T'aking knowledge of the English iangi: ge. and by reason of her nn# irtictdo for business was speedily el- ;vatf.l by her husband to take full rhnrg:i of the laundry. Mrs. lllng receives the laundry pack- ijres. gives out the checks. receiv« I'.e nionpy. pays the bills, and her hus- 'i :!nd stands ovpr the .washtub and •i-oks the meals in a rear room, as- •isted by an ISyearold son. Soon- after Mrs. Hing assumed -harge of the business she began to :iiir arid spll setond-hand clothing. .Ml day long, and rvon into the lata. lours of tl'.p nisht. men who are in 'rbuWe financinlly cr.n be seen entor- riR th.' laundry to part with wearing ipparel in order to raise money to «at >nd to i>ay for a nicht's lodging! "Many ot these come from the large men 's hotel nrross the street. ' in ail -«ch transactions Mrs. lilns; takes ad- vantacc of tlu-lr jOiRhl with Chinese unning and gets,for a trilling cost garments that are renovated and afterward sold at a big proiit—Kew York Herald. MELZER TO HELP DEBT-RIDDEN CITIES; WILL GIVE THEM MILLIONS IN 1912 FvansviUo. Inii., Xov. 4—(Speciali [ ii!;!r.iii;:a:iiie.s. It may not I»e the last. .\<loli )ii .M.'Izer. w.'aliiiy retired soa[> ' :>im ovf r. :(•= otlii-r cities groaning un- uianulactuvLT of tliis city. send.s a mos (ior ii »-avv indebti-dnc-s are expected ,sage of hope to all tlic • debt-ridden ' to :nail "thomsclvcs of .Mr. Melzer's i !innic :iiali !i.-.-: i »r the United States. He : off.r, in order that tliey may meet wi!! give them niillit n.<;. i.erliap.e Jiun- jjiri.- bont;.< in 21t'2. Says Mr. Melzer dreds of niiliinns if thoyu but show . in explaining iiis gift: tliat thvy arf- <i.--ir\in-s. .AH he ask .s "The <ity lia.« a bonded indel»tednes- i? tliiit cities df>i:iiiu !iis lielp shall Sit and nui .-t continui' to issue bonds in- down and patiently wait lor a ])eriod , order to make necessary improve- of 2.".('years. ments. I have^very faith that we wii! , ileJzor has just given- Kvansville ; bo a compact, progre.^sive nation two |2tt .000 ,uii (t. Or what amounts to the i and a half centuries hence and that Kaiiie thing. He has vni $1,000 at the citizens then will have much the same financial trouhies in municipali- , I tics that we have here today. In or• dor to provide a fund which many years from now will retire a great i part of the debt or wiN provide money i for extensive pulilic improvements. 1 ; have decided to make the. city a gift ; \;nder the terms and conditions • named." ; The Sl .ono on dei>osit will grow slow j'^y for I'O years and then it will ex- j pand by almost miraculous dimensions. The interest table upon which : tlie.amounts of the compounded principal and interest is figured wa.^ sup- niied hy C. L. Pelbridge of St. l.fluis. , Alo. He is the publisher of the interest I* tables used by the Cnited .States gov- :ernment.and the national banks. "Hf i is a close friend of Mr. Melzer and ha.' ' taken a live interest in tlie strange • gift wliich the latter is making to h'is , heme town. ' The gift furnishes to lawyers a so- hiiioii of tlie problem often debatec" if tnonf y can he perpetuated in trust t"i<r great ftretches of time. .A certificate n!' deposit >cheme has been deviled whcreliy neither Mr. Melzer not ills Iii'ir.-, nor the city nor the banV <-:'.n do anything Init let the money stay on inter -'s', for two and a hall ccnturit's. .Mr. Melzer says lie may later Increase tils gift to $.".«0(.t. Should he do so. ami yhould he or some oUier lihilantfiropi-st gi\e a like sum of , , , »miincv to evcrv municipality in the cof.ii.ound iiuen -st in a local hank, and rnited .staf<-s with « i.opulatlon equal at th eend of yars the iT.'eri'St ; •„ <r irreater than that of KvansviUe. aiMl principal wil! to yijt.'l.'.C,- ,\\it'A rlir nnder.standing t .'iat thl .*5 nipn- Hl'O.lS. This sum ll-<n to he turntnl ,« y is to l >e placed at compound inter; over to the. I ity. , .'-i for 2 .'i' years, the sums which Tlie gift is anitnie in several re- \ wmi!:! he turned over to tlie forttmate speets. It-is the first endowment of i nmriiripuiities in the vear 2102 would its kind in the hi.story of American ' ac .i .'re:;ate 48.232,000,000. \K>V D.VIKV EXPKKT HKHE. He Will be Ufachedlo Ihe \erivuU lural Cellegc Kxler.tion Work. Manhaiian. Kas., Nov. C.—.\ dairy exiKTi to take tii;- place of George S. Hine, new st;ue dairy commissioner, has been engaged for the extension service of tiie Kansas Agricultural College. He 's A. S. Xeale of Macedonia. Ohio. Neale is a. graduate of tho Ohio State Iniversity and was employed in extension work'fhere'. He owns a dairy farm and a holslein herd. He lived on a farm and did I 'M.nEion work in tiie winter while in Oliio. He will come to Kansas December 1. and give his entire time to work with Kansas dairytnen. I Mrs. C. H. Spencer and d.aughter, i Lucene went to Cherokee, Kas., this afterr.oon to spend the remainder of the week. —Farm and City loans. R. M. Cun- OLD SORE YOU CAN CURE AN BUT NOT WITH SALVES • • "Every old sore can he cured unless it beot almcUgaapt cancexp»ttrq«taj;fc 3ut no chtuu}_jciilccr can be cured by ^he application oTftlTvcs-or other S»* lenial lrcatmeittv-..Yim must get down to Uie origin and cstuse before you cajj produce curative e£fcelj(i,_ Bad blood is responsible for oldsoresaa;^ tiie one certain cure therefore is a thorpurjlt phrification and upbuilding of the circulation. As lonjjas'impuritics iare left ifl the blood they •wrll be depos* itcd iiito the ulcer to keep up the it-.nammatioa and irritation and nature can snake DO progress to\rard healing^the place, Koth- : healing and bloo<l -purifyJng properties. It remo\TS every jjar- licle of morbid matter frosa the circulation and assists l>TnMP1W nature to increase thehealthful, nutritious corpusdesol nXtnXJM ^K - t;,ei3ioo<l. S. S. S. makes pure blood and pure blood Js nature's uufailiug cure for old sores. Boole on Sores and Ulcers and iuiy medical aa\ ice free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC 0>« ATLAMTAt CA. SMALL LESSON IN ETIQUETTE Probably Mickey Shea Stretched th« Truth, but the Lesson Must Have Been Driven Home. Before Jlickoy Shea got into Tammany politics in Ntw York he was a newsboy in Toledo.' Then he became- a page .in the I'liited States senate. Then he came to New York and began to get .--ich. That sort of an edu- •ation qulc';ens ow's wits and sharpens any native ability one may own for a sort of physical repartee. "Mickey landed in Atlantic City >pe hot night last summer," said a .'riend. "Tiie only room he oould tind n the resort was a double-bedded one —and another man had already con tracted for the other bed. In thr •norning Mr. Shea rolled over with a sleepy grjnf, wakened slowly, anr •hen peered in hcrrcr intb the mirror. He beheld his roommate sharpening a Eel of yellov.- teeth with Mr. SheaV own toothnmsh. " 'Fine morning, ehipmate,' said the offender, when Jfr. Shea finally climbed out of bed. "•True for you,' said Mr. Shea heartily. He proceeded slowly wiib his toilet. . r.y and by he began tc look around the room. ; " 'See anything of a toothbrush around h^re?" he asked. ""Why, yes,' said the other. "Here Is one on the jdantcl.' "'O,' said Shea. 'That isn't my toothbrush. I use that to put flea powder on my dog."'—Cincinnati Times-Star.- Finesse. Senator Cummins, discussing a campaign victory, said with a smile: "It was won by Dnesso.. The finesst displayed in it reminds me of a Con cord banquet. "'Why is It that you fellows are omitting wine from your banquet tbif year?" one Concord man asked anoth er. "'So as to make sure of the presence of the .\\ after dinner speaker? of the country.' was the reply. 'Wr have invited them, and they wont dare to stay away.* "'Why not?' "'For the reason that if they did people would Say it wao because there was no jiine, you know.'" Flies In New Houses Explained. ''Moving Into an apartment that had never before been occupied," said a flat-dweller,"we were struck unpleasantly by the number of flies wo found there and for their presence we were 'lulte unable to account. "It was some relief to us to be told by a friend that there are always lots of flies in new houses; that they are drawn by the paste used in the papering, and while the work is going they have free ingress; and then when the house is finished it is likely to be closed up and the flies left there .tc bo found when the first tenant moves in." ACTRESSVSHOE BILL WOUiit) STAGGER US Pronounced Check. » Woggiey bad been found guilty, and sentisced to.Dajra fine of $50. -OlOffell,'-'. Jie sMdi "of couraft^.l'U have to'pay, becai^ I am in a great hurry to get on, but I haven't $30 in my j}oekcL Will you take my check?' "Stirc." said the ju^ice. Wo^gley drew his check, and al once prwecded to crank up his machine. *•• "Ilyar. mister," cried the Justice, "they hain't no need o' your doln' that I'd ought to have told ye well bev to hold that there car ex a'cnrlty till the .^heck goes through."—Harper's Week 'r . HlLDRED. (Belle McAdam) Xovember 6 .-^Mrs.-Irl Gibbs and- sons, from near Blue Mound, visited home folks, the first of last week. Mr. C .0. .W*lson went to lola Wednesday on. business. pany. was in Mildred Thursday on business. O. W. Hegwoml had business In Kansas City one day last week. • Mr. Jno Lewis, who has been home visiting Ills family several days, ref turned to Ida Thursday morning. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Blue and little | >jr. Chas. Dangherty left for Colo- daughter left for lola Wednesday ; rado Siinday morning, where they expect to make their fu-1 Tom .lackson went to Kansas City ture home. [ Sunday where his wife is in the tos- Dr. C. A. Forsythe, who has been i pHal. sick for several weeks. Is able to be • A. Bibbens went to Kansas Cltx on out again. ! business one cay last week. Miss Ruby Davis, of Tola, came up j Grant Lisunince had business in Thursday to visit friends and relatives , lola Monday. returning home Monday. Mrs. Hiram Hoffman and daughter, Mr. yoyd Reynolds went to Carlyle ; were 191a visitors Monday. Friday where he e.xpecU to get em-j Mr. Lewis Wilson came down from . T- siinday to visit home ployment. j Kansas City Mr. Frank Norton who has been at ; folk.s. work at/ Carlyle, came home Sunday. ; A Mr. Young, from Texas, moved He met with a severe accfalent while onto the Sprague farm -a eft of town, at work and will remain at home until ! ,;p„. ^vielie .chief ensrlneer of the able to work again. 'c. W. K, returned to .Mildred Satur- Mr. Frank Travis, of lola, who is! day. » I receiver of the G. W. P. cement com- ' Horace .Vorton loaded a car of kaffir com Saturday Professor COTC is on the sick list aud is r-t able to fill his place in the schojlroom this week. , Miss Lena Waters Wcfll to LaHarpe Tuesday. John Mc^dcmi wt-nt to Carlyle Tuesday. ^ Mrs. B. O. Uicks and dan.?hter went to Selma Tuesday to vioii relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Kan Riggs-o? M^tmin came up Monday ro visit home folks. ' Miss Wood, one of Ibe teacherj;. was called home Monday on account of the illness of her sister. —Joseph McCaifrey. Vice Pres. for Xebr. G renters of American. Omaha, states: "I cheerfully recommend Foley's Honey & Tar Compound asr a stire cure for coughs and colda. .1 have used it myself and have recom-r mendetl if to others who have since told me of its great curative power in disease 01 the throat and lungs.". Bnr- rell'.s I)!r 11 g Store. Fannie Brice. 1 "I couldn't speak my Unca It t . didn't ha\e my It «-t to gnsturo with.'*, devlarvs Kunnle iirice, who Is mak'* , Ing such a hit this season In "Tht ' Whirl or Sot -icly." "My shoes cause , me more worry than any other part ' of niy costume. 1 have spent.days • in slioe shops and bought dozens ot pairs of shoes before I was Ooally BUiieJ. Uist year my shoe bill con- 1 talned an item of 37 pairs of white ' canvas shoes. I Irad bought that | many and experimented with them : until I ««ally found what I wanted for tba pair I had made to order." • STONY 1'0I \T. (UMa .M.-Karland.t Novei«h<-r 4.—Misd .Messie Shopshire -•pent a p;'.rt <>:" hiis; week witli her aunt, .Mrs. lUrdie llalK Mr. 'Wui. i)lck.-<in rtttfrncd home with .Mr. Ciilliium Sunday. Jherc is no tichool at Stony Point tjii.s vvei-!\, on ai -co'.ini (>f tin; diiilitlieria scare. .Mr. T» W. Hall roturn«'d Sunday frniii a few day's vi.>;it witli his 'daugh- rer, .Mr .-i. Franuld I'arsous of! Uo<k 1- ricli. Lela M'. F;ir;:m(l has been confined i to her bed for it-n days wiUi; a bad | spell of rl-.eimiati?'!!. Kd Moiiptr and I'aul Har!an<l moved , Monday to the coal hank? soutli of • :-'ort Si -ott. ; Mr .an.i .Mr-. Tom .Iohn.-oii wa.s call- i ••d to Ittirlin liy tl:e serious illness of J .^Ir.-". .lohnson's sister. i .l::a JIattocks and faniiiy spent Sun day at Win. McFarland's. ! .Mr. and .Mrs. Olashy iiKned in the liouse roceml^ vacated l)y I'aul llurland. Mrs. Hiruic Hall and ehiUIren .'^pent • Sunday a; Kd S!ioiisiitre"s. j .Mr. Valliiirr spent Suiltlay in Bron-: ;on witli Iii« children. ' ' | Mr. and .M:-.=. .Mark .lolmson spent ' Sunday niz'.n at Mr. Tom Joliiison's. .Mrs. Hiise'.i^hton aiid little: laughter. \i-i !i -d Friday at .Mr. Joiin :iiirrc .tts. The liii: niin Tiuirsday nisr!.: filled • •Ip the ei.-ti 'rr.; ;iiid wells and made; ,iie!ify of ft.;<-K. water. | -Mr' an>! .Mrs. .1. }'. 1 larelcrode at-' end<'d the fiin.ral of .Mr and .Mrs. | 'haudlerV little pirl in .Moian last ; riif ,<d.-iy. \ .Mr.- l:en }x>w \i.-ited at \\'m. .Me-i •'arland's Tuesday. : l.inroluV Letter to .Mr -i. Bixhy, The following letter is r— by 'iterary critics as the most p>-rf<'ct bit of sympath"-tie. consolatory wriiing to be found in all lit .Tai nr.. Bead it.' and thin «"onder how ;inybody could ever have r »»r.;ard«d tli.- man who was catfible of writing it whol ly unf«Vding and lacking in all the finer emotions and sentiineiT:s. , AVashineton, .\ov.. .1SC4. To .Mrs. Bixb.v, Boston, .Mass. Dear'Madam: I ha\e h'-'-n shown in the files of the War Department a •iiatement of the .\djutaiit General of -Massachusetts that you are the moth- erof five sons who hav." died gloriously on the field of battle. I fee^ how weak and fniitless must be any, word of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming, liut I ciinnoi re/rain from tend«-ring you the coniiolation that may be found in the tlianks of the republic they died to sAve. I pray that our Heavenly Father may as- sauce the anguisli of your bereave- meiit, and leave you only the cher- is'ued memory of the loved and lost, i luid the solemn pride that must -Ix'j yVJCrrs-to Jiajr.e. Ja, costly a 8acri-| fico on (he altar of'freedom Yourst very sincerely and respectfully, A. LI.NCOUV. The .*«alvallon .Irmy IlalL (214 West Madison Street) Monday. Tuesda.v, ^Vednesday. Thurs day and Friday open air -meetings at 7 :ao p. m. and indwr meetings at 8. Saturday open air at 3 o'clock In 'he afternoon and the night ojien air 't 7:20 with Indoor at 8 p. m. Sunday morning Jail meeting at 10. md Holiness meeting at 11 and <om- pany meeting at 2, and night open air • It 7:30 and lndot)r meeting at S p. in Yon are all welcome to the meetings i Potiie and think tl;e deep need of your. own soul's salvation. I LlKrr. A PKDEUSOX, Oompiandering Officer .\8seut Delos; Clark. [ A Serious Joke on The Rabbit I I The U. S. Gov't has been experiiiienting to discover the poisonous quality of Caffeine (found in coffee). •57 HEALTHY RAinU'iS WEIil': GIVEN AN AVEi:AG,^ UOSE OF i5 1-10 GRAINS — —They all died. SEE GOVT IIULLETIN NO 1-48, BUREAU OF CHEMISTRY. A cup of coffee contains tner 214 grains of CAFF'EINE; enough in two cups to kill a rabbit. Of course this joke was on the rabbits. A. goodly number of Immorous Americans play the same joke on themselves and keep it ui) until some fixed form of disease sets in, as a result of the tlaily dose of Caffcini-, iii tiuantity ejiougii to kill a rabbity' but only enough to Cripple a Man ^ >rot at one blow, but by little Hlows repeated daily. Of eoui'se .some .sys! tMVis niv.strong o •uigli to stand all kinds of abuse, but when a man or woman oliserves a gr;iwinu iio»'\ousmss. or neart trouble, oi* stomach, bowel or eye disturbance.^, ii is time to quit the daily do. e f .f coffee and see if Nature will begin to beak - i It is to shift from coffee to Postum. 1 he food bever.' ve hes the fleep,. seal-brawn color which turns to a golden-brown when cream added The flavour has the crisp tanu" ?>o winning to the palatt?and the cup is made instant- er by onie struck .spoonfil of the powder, J . ^ . i . \. ^ x stirred in a cup ;f hot water, and ijierc you are. The change from CO •fci.'Jo Postum works wondci's". ^ « \. Grocers selilnstantPe&tum "^-'^'•'^--r « —100-cup tins at"^c,5<;rcup tins at 30c. ^ If your grocer doesi:'t have Instant Postum send his name wTttk^c^tamp for postage and we will send you a 5-cup sample free. V- * • "niere's a Reason" tor Pdstom Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Mich. ! r. I

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