Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 17, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Rtitcred at the PostofTicc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday hy thf (>>- vina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. Camp For thf) first limn in Hie history nf for v rnount.Bin (/nests nil \>n spared rnviflf' for iit. fur thfi SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Vcar in advance Six Months Three Months - - fl..".0 .75 AnVKXTlSKMKNTH: TMsplay advertisement at reasonable: • rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. I^incrs 5c per line each insertion. Le^al notices 51.00 per inch lirst insertion, SO cents each subsequent in • sertion. COVINA. October 17, 1'JOK, Our Ticket Taft For President Perkins For Senator Sherman For Vice-President McLachlan For Representative No Difference, I3h? Homo siipportern of tho PeorlesH Ono claim that, the tariff protention of California intoroslH are IIH wife in tho hnrulfl of Uomonrats an Ucpnbli- CIIIIH, ctiting tho allngorl net Ion of tho Into Senator White, who, they wi.y, though a Democrat,, voter! for tho fluty of a dollar a hundred pounds on ottniH fruits. There is good iiiHtnuition in Harm- tor White's course in that matter, bnl, the lesson does not teach what they Hay, IKSCHUHO tho faot is not as they state it. iMr. Whito did not vote Stir such a duty, hut against it. When the Dingloy bill as it, c.atriu j'rom tho llonso WMH cbriHidorod in tho .Senate, to dotormino, item by item, what, duties should ho propooed for (tnanttnonl, into law, Mr. Whito voted that tho duty to he proposed on elt rns fruits should bo the rate above stated; lint when tho question eitrne, in parliamentary language: "Shall tho bill pass?" shall the various duties heroin proposed hfxiorne tho Jnw--HonnU)r Whito votod "No." Whoro it, did no good to any citrus grower, nor any othor man in tho world, except, a little reputation among tho ill-informed or tho shal- Jow for Mr. Whito himself us a friend of California interests, ho gave a deceiving vote; but when tho tost came of friendship, to make good the pretense, Shall this bo the rate on California interests, Mr. Whiio, tho California senator, remembering that ho was n Democrat, gavo his voto as such nnci against this proposed protection to California products. Would not a Kopublican liavo boon wafer than a Democrat at, that, Lime? a. P. .FKNNIHON. Camp Kincon, this p. resort, will be open winter, and no effort hy tho management, t.o tlin comfort ami armi^emf eastern tonriHt, and others who desire t.f) spend a fe'v flays or weeks iri tho hnnutifii! and restful canyons of Sierra Mnrlre mountains. Tho Azuaa and Monrovia government trails arc In splendid condition, making Kin- t.hf; year. During the winter Mr. ,'uid \!rs. Chas. 1). JJriggs bf; in charge of the camp. CAMP ITKMS. Mr. Howe Sanderson and wife of tho California Truck Co. of Los An- j gelcH have hoen enjoying the bracingj weather and the fishing the past, two Ur. C. A. Smalloy of Los Angeles, with Manager Hriggs, returned from up t,ho West, Fork Tiif-nday, e;ic,h catching tho limit ot trout. Carl Itansdell anfl wife of Long Meaoh, with dins. L. Wall/ice and wifo of Los AngoloH, mado a trip to Pino Flats and Jslip, reporting having had n fine time. Republicans Rally In A/.usa. 'f'ho Republicans of Aziifia will hold a rousing rally in tho opera hniiHO of Mint, city this evening. Among tho principal speakers of tho evening will he Congressman .Jamou McLachlan. Tho stalwart fight of MoLachJan, which secured to tho orange growers tho one cent a pound tariff on oranges, makes him in this Hootion tho strongest man on tho He- finhlican ticket. A largo delegation of local Kepuhlicans will (it- tend tho rally. A Tittle for the Whole family F, E, WOLFARTH j »J< ; Large and co ;r Jeweler , , ^ z at the i complete stock of everything iri the line. , Hotel Yendome A Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch * work a specialty. Citrus Avenue Covina. Cal. We cater especially to home A i trrn'e and always to the traveler m ; and tourist. They say we serve f IITCLT * «* *JO I better nif:<t!<t than the bi# hotels of Los Angeles. Let us prove it to you. (token Dinner on Wednesday and Sunday. A new and uy-to-datc supply of Cards and Folders for your photos. J. J. FJTZG-F,KALD, Prop, VI Special prices during September. |! C. W. Tucker's Studio I KODAKS AND SUPPLIES *+• Covina, Cal. Experience is a Business Man's Greatest Asset We have been studying 1 fabrics and especially woolens for twenty-five years in the tailoring business. We now have a heavily stocked tailor shop in Covina, a branch of our big one in Los Angeles. Place your orders for fall suits with us at the shop formerly owned by Schumm & Sturdivaut on Citrus avenue. Call and get acquainted. D. M. Sutherland Co. Gentlemen's Tailoring Millinery Stock Sold. Mrs. Mary Loebrlok has sold to Mias Sam Kockard her (inf.iro stock of cnillinory,' and tho now purchaser has moved the goods to her millinery parlors on Citrus IIVODIIC, opposite Jlotol Vond'imo. Mrs. Lcobrick de turoH to thank hdi 1 many friends for I lie) r lilx'i'iil pntrona^'o in thu piiHt and to solicit a continitaiuio ot tho saino for her s.ncicnHHOr. Miss Jjeebviclf has aitceptiul a position with Miss Knokni'd and will tio found ready to wait, upon her mothor's 1'or- nior custoiner.s. 1 tp Important Decision. At a special mooting of tho Covina Union lli^'h School hoard hi Id on MoiKtay evening, it, was docidod by imaniiiions voto that thn stylo of iiriihiloctnro to be adopted for tho now hi|4h HcliiMil Imildinu should lie of the UoiinaisHauoc, or (Ifleenth ocu- tnry t.vp''< I'diiniderod by many moro beautiful than the ancient, rliishio. lienefkifil .Showers. Tho tight slunvecri, amounting In ,'.15 ul' an inoh, which have t'ulluii In this 'KeolioM binco oarly Thursday morning, have been o! groat benelll t.o cux'ei 1 crops and piiHtuntK'o. Tho rains appear to have hern general on tho Pacific co/ihl. The lolal rain fall in Cnvi:iu to date this fea^uu lias hot'ii 'J. 1 1 inoht's. CDS ilia Realty. !''ilie new H i.mill resilience, all modern eoiueuiences, surroundi'il hy orangi' I recs, .•* I, uun. Two lot.-; on I'.nl il In si : i el, between Itli ;al "iih. Hue \II-A, --IIITI work all in ; r-uch, ,r:'iM. Lois . -i. I 'in!. i .-111'!, i a .1 ul II h, I'hl .1 p. ' ' I • i 'il, ih .1.1!! li 'll-e, 1' I ."ill ,\ 1 7 ."., 1 .illl, I !•' , : 'i. Ulill. M i o. .m h. .ii^e, hi in i \ 1 r"i, unit tli i s. i I I.',. -•_''•.HI ( 'M-iip lul-, ..I, ( .1 ;.-•.<.! 1.1 II.i.-i. '>.{.{', I. I. :i! I. i i i\ IN \ I.i: \l.'!'\ in. Church of tho Brethren : Sunday- Hchool at 10 a.m. Mormon at. 11 a.m. by Nov. W. I' 1 . England of Lordsbiirg. Christian Workers' mooting (J:4Sj. Sermon at, 7 :DO p.m. A cordial welcome Is extended to all. Subjects to bo presented nt the gospel tout next week are as follows: Hunday night, "SpiritiiHliam"; Tuesday, "Is Man Immortal?"; Wed- ueadny, "The Condition o! Man ; ln Dentil"; Thursday, "The Fate of t»i« Wicked"; Friday, "The Thief on the Cross and the Rich Man and Lazarus. " Christian Church: Sunday School 9:45. Preaching by tho pastor 11; suhjoct, "The Lord's Huppor. " Junior;}. Senior 0:110. Preaching 7 :IK); Hiibjcict, "Tho Secret of Lifo." Special song hy Kollar and Stun ton quartette. Prayer meeting and teacher training class Thursday 7 :'M. All urn cordially invited. Services in l.ho Chinch of the Holy Trinity, St. Luko's day, Intor- cossion for Sunday-schools. Holy Communion 7:!U)a.m. Sunday-school !):in a.m. Morning prayer 11 a.m. - children's service; Hiihject, "Tho Obligation ot Parouls to Children." Mvensoiig 7 :'t() p. m. ; subject, "Tho CoriHooraiion of Intollool,." Offertory duet, by Miss Fletcher and Miss McLcod. At Mio Mothodiwt Church, tho paw- tor, l!ov. Harry W. While, will preach at, 11 a.m. on "The Friendship of n King;" and at 7;:.'!() p.m., on the "Tho firoatest Traveller Kiiuwn." Hunday School at Dr-lfi, CliiHN ti:cct,ing l'J:l, r >, Tntoriuodiato and Senior 1'lpworih Leagues li ::IO, (Please note change ot evening ser- vit'i'H to one-qiiiu'ti'i 1 hour earlier, i ^'oll aro ciii'dially invited to attend I IH'HO Horvices, "We aim to iiiako this a homo like elimvli. " Worship at. tho lla|itist Church: l!ilile school !):!!> a.m. Preiu^hiiig 11 1 a. m. hy tho pastor; .subject, ''The 'Truth." li.V.P.t'. (!::ill p.m. ; leader, i.\. M. I'onco; topic, "Our (lifts," '1 Cor. It): 1-1, Mai. 11:7 1U. Tho 'second great address by L>r. W. II. Walker of Lou Angolan on "The ' Taboiuiiolo," will be given at 7::U> p.m. These lectures by l>r. Walker throw groat light cm both the old lesiainciil. and tho new. Fieo to nil, uith llie privilege of free will ull'er ing it! clotn'. Pre.-.h.vierinn s»-r\ ices: Sunday School Hil.'i. Preaching 11 hy pas Snli lei't,, '' The Influence nt' mi' >r |-!ndeiivor M : Ilil. Mil. 'i'lie --(.ei-ial Ilii et ci lit i line i aeii even i n^' the Week. MllMc for Mornjiii; ' '( 'lu iM lull, I lie M Hi i ,iUs Sweetly < 1'ci- 'I'll, e ' ' SllelleX. I llt'el lol'V .(Illtllelle "The l\in^ ot l.o\e My SI'i | L.-i.l I-,," Shel I. > . I '\ eiiiug A nl hem | Utlc, ''S:. \li.r \\hrli Nielli liiVol\e& I In Skie>, "SI i Hey. (iltei i.,i> s.,|u, ' ' f l.i 1 .N i li' i , .i: .1 N ji:e, ' ' I ';iH. | i • •!). Los Anodes Mouse 280-28-5 Wllcox Annex 212 South Spring Covina Home Phone 84 WANTED— Paying Citrus Groves I make a specialty of selling orange and lemon groves. If you list your grove with me I will spend my own money to make a sale. If I don't sell for you, you are out nothing. Isn't that fair? H. G. Hagerty 304 Fay Bldg. 3rd and Hill, Los Angeles COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 W7V\. Tree Pruner and Budder COVINA Residence, corner 3rd and Orange St. P. O. Box 413 Over 20 veurs at the work. Very best references. People Will Persist in trading where they can get the best quality of groceries at the most reasonable prices—and it is quite natural they should. The best brand of canned vegetables, the best packs of canned fruits, the purest and nicest jams and jellies, the choicest table butter and the strictly fresh eggs at no greater cost, but much greater value, are always found here. Our soecialties are fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Government inspected Fresh Meats THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. JUST RECEIVED 1 Gross Safety Razors Guarantee with each one. 10 cents DON'T LAUGH—INVESTIGATE Bring in your PalmOlive Coupons W. W. NASH Prescription Druggist Are You Going to Build? If so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. FoISOm, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, CAL. tor Memi'iy " \ .p.s.c. i:. inns will Siimlav HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLKSOMK, SWEKT, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Mot Rolls O. (-JKMNEK, Prop. Before you let any contract for the FUMIGATION of Your Orchards think of the importance of careful, intelligent work, and consult the STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Oldest firm in the state, having the largest outfit of tents for every si/.e tree. We exterminate red, purple and black scale. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Phone L'JO Covina Phone 177 Charter Oak iiii B. L. JACKSON 1 J 1 ii m} ) i n g a n d T in n i n g I Ki/pair work prompt! v atU-mk-d to. Agoiu fur solar heater-.. Work Guaranteed First-Class i Store> \Ve>t l.udil'.o Street i , KeMiletu-e Phono 5n e'OVINA. CAK. Public Confidence One of the Best Assets. One of the best assets of a Bank is the confidence of the people. The First National Bank has the confidence of the people of Covina and vicinity and its Strength and Careful Management make it a Safe Depositary for funds. Your account, subject to check, is cordially invited; no matter whether it is large or small, you will always re- oive the most courteous treatment and prompt attention. s> .,> <•> | 8 upital .-rr.ii.nuo Surplus ?4U,

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