The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 16, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1892
Page 3
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, MAY 16, 1892. 3. FAIRBANKS CLAIRETTE SOAR fpraJI Household z3i Uvn4* purpofej. /Aivd* ojiy by N.K.FAIRBANKS CO. St. LOUIS. Guaranteed not to Harden in any Climate. OUR BRANDS: WESTERN, RIVERSIDE, DIAMOND, NEW YORK DAIRY SALT. '3Wc guarantee our Dairy Salt equal to either? the 'Ashton or Iliggins imported salt in every respect. Give it a trial and you i will ceretainly agree with us. R. S. V. P. TABLE SALT. Ask your'grocer for it. It will suit you, UNACQUAINTED WITH THE GEOGRAPHY OFTHIS COUNTRY W1U .0BTM MUCH VALUABLE INFORMATION PtOM A BTUDY OF THIS HAP OF THE GUnp, Ml M& Pacific By., Tl» Direct Ilouto to and from CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND, DAVENPORT, DES MOINES. CODNOIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, LINCOLN. WATERTOWN, SIOUX FALLS, MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL, ST. JOSETB. ATCHISON, LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS CITY, TOPEKA, DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS, and PUEBLO. Free Reclining Chair Cam to and from CHICAGO, CALDWELL, HUTCHINSON and DODGE CITY, and Palace Sleeping Can between CHICAGO, WICHITA and HUTCHINSON. SOLID VESTIBULE EXPRESS TMIIS if Through Oeachet, Sleepers, Free Reclining Chftlr - v andTJInina Can dally between CHICAGO, DE8 ilNES, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAIIA and LIN-,N, anu between CHICAGO and DENVER, otlADO SPRINGS and PUEBLO vifcfit. Joseph, :ansai City and Torwlca. Excursions dally, with __ CQ of Routes to and from Salt Lake, Portland, Los f 'U inflelM and Son Francisco. The Direct Line to and * from Pike's Peak, Manltou, Garden of the Gods, the Sanitariums, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colortylo, Via The Albert Lea Route, Fast Express Trains dally between Chicago and Minneapolis and St- Paul, Willi THROUGH Reclining Chair Cars FREE, to and from those points and Kansas City. Through Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Spirit Lake and Sioux Palls via Rock Island. The Favorite Line to Watertown, Sioux Falls, the Summer Resorts and Hunting and Fishing Grounds of the NortbTett. For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired information apply to any Coupon Ticket Office, or address C. ST. JOHN. JOHN SEBASTIAN, Oen 'l ataoagex, Gcn'l Tfct dt Fen, Agt* CHICAGO. ILL KIRK'S TARSOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. Cures Chapped Hand*, Wounds, Burns, Etc. Besnoves and Prevents Dandruff. WHITE RUSSIAN SOAP. Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Watefc »»«»3a*«.c .eeoee.o»eeaeoeaeeee«a "MOTHERS'^ FRIEND" To Young Mothers A NOBLE DESIRE. 'Mikes Child Birth Easy. Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Endorsed by the Leading Physicians. Booh la "Mather*''mailt* FJt£E. •RAOFIELD REGULATOR CO. ATLANTA, GA. BOLD BY^ALL, DRUGGISTS. MANHOOD RESTORED. 1 "»AMATIWO." tht Wonderful aVaniih Uemedy, la Mid with a Written Guarantee to cure all Narrow Die- cases, such as Weak Memory, Loaaof Bralu Power, Headache, Wakefulness, LoetlUn- hood, Nenrotiantal, Las- 4 sltude, all drains aud lots of power of the Generallr. Organs In either sex. caused by "»"-;««rtio«i, youthful Indiscretions, or «h« a.csealTe SS.°£J < ? , ¥ c *'.?P |unl . °r stimulants, which ultimately IMdto Inarrplty,Consumption anoVIusaultr. Pnt up '' In u,« vest pocket locorifwlent form to carry la *li«ve« pocket. Prim £5J8S** e,< "** >r * s > Witherery»sorderwoalv. a May 1 roach Th*t purest heaven, to to other BOTIIS Tho cup oC strength tn some great agony, Enfclndlo generous ardor, fowl puro lovo, Beget the arnica that have no cruelty— IJo the sweet prcsenco of a good diffused. And In diffusion even more intense. So shall 1 join tlio choir Invisible, Whoso music Is tho gladness of tho world. —George Eliot. JUANITO. Thorp lived at Seville, in tho faubourg of Triana, a youth of some sixteen years called Juanito el Moronito. Orphaned of father and mother, he had grown up sturdily as a wild weed that pushes itself forth from tho stouos of the Triana pavements, sleeping sometimes under, tho beautiful Btars, sometimes in tho stable of a posnda, nourishing himself upon a handful of sweot acorns or a fritter purchased half price from a strolling vendor, and doing for a living a thousand and ono haphazard jobs, tho most lucrative of which, perhaps, being tho sale of programmes at the doors of the theaters. A handsome lad, too, in spite of his tattered garments, with luminous oyes, smiling mouth, close curling hair, and a deeply sunburned skin that had won him the surname of Moronito. However, for that matter, there was really a strain of gypsy blood in his veins, and !iko all gitanos he was of an indopond- out nature, loving vagabondage for its endless freedom, and crazy about bull lights. Bnt, alaBl tho morning of tho holy Friday saw Moronito waken in morose and gloomy humor. All during the Passion w the theaters bad of course been closed, and ho, in consequence unable to continue his business of pro­ gramme selling, did not at tho moment possess a cuorto in his pockot. All tho moro was ho sensible of his poverty, as on Easter morning a superb corrida of bulls, with Mazzantini and Frascuelo as spadas, was to be held in Sovillo; and now, Beeing tho emptiness of his purse, he was going to be deprived of his favorite spectacle. But may bo after all it was not too late; fortune perhaps was still to be found in the streets of the city. Hope returned with tho thought, and with a murmured prayer to the Virgin do la Esperanza, to whom he was greatly devoted, Moronito shook the rim of straw that alone remained upon his curly locks, and hurried from the stable in which for the night he hod made his bed upon a heap of fodder. The morning was magnificent Against a blue, sparkling sky tho slender rose tower of the Giralda stood out with the clearness of a delicate cameo; tho streets already wero full of people arriving from tho country to view the processions of the Confradias, and already, too, on the square of the TorOB, a long tail of purchasers eagerly besieged the office "of location"— a sight that, you may readily believe, did not lessen the bitterness of his keen regret. For four long, weary hours Juanito beat the pavement of the Hue do la Siorpes, sniffing the odor of the fritters; and cinnamon cokes sputtering and browning in the boiling oil, or following in the wake of the toreadors slowly promenading and strutting the flagging before the cafe doors, molded as if they had been melted and poured into their short- velvet jackets and tight fitting breeches. Vainly had he racked his brains seeking an honest ineanB of gaining the necessary pesetas, vainly sought to affiliate himself with tho vendors that cried the programmes of the processions and the names of the different brotherhoods. All tho places wore filled in advance; they robuffod him everywhere. At last, unable to stand it longer, his stomach empty, his back broiled by the sun, ho turned aside into the Plaza dc la Constitucion, where tho procossionE would probably come to a stand, and finding under one of the portals of the Audiencia a comer full of shadow, he decided to rest there while awaiting tae passage of the Confradias. "He that sleeps well dines well," says the Spanish proverb, and Moronito, in default of breakfast, treated himself to a good, thick slice of dozing. Soon he slept and Blept profoundly, and, my faith 1 but he was handsome sleeping thus; stretched full length on the broad, white stones, one arm doubled undoi his black curly head, the long black lashes sweeping the brown of the cheeks, the red lips parted in a dreamy smile over teeth as white as almond kernels— an opinion shared in by a couple of tourists passing at tho moment, young people and doubtless newly married— at any rate, a couple of lovers—one knew it by the way they held each other's arms. "Ahl Bee him, the handsome boy!" said the young man to his wife, stopping a second to contemplate the sleeper; what a picture he would make —that pose particularly; that open, outstretched hand, as if waiting for alms to fall from heaven. See it!" "From heaven, yos," said the young wife, smiling; "but a better surprise still, Fernande—tho alms, give it yourself, some money in his hand that he'll find when he wakens." Lovers are always generous. It was a five franc piace that the young man drew from his puree and lightly laid upon the open palm, which mechanically half closed itself at tho contact of the cold metal; then, smiling at each other, the couple passed on their way. But Morenito continued to sleep, and while sleeping to dream. 11a dreamed that by a ladder the color of heaven 's own canopy, the puro Virgin of la Esperanza descended to him from the Bides. On her head was H crown of lilies, in her lingers lilies and roses, and the said to him in a voice sweeter far than honey dew "Juanito. thou hast never forgotten one single time to pray to-me each morn and evening. In recognition of thy piety, and in honor of the -esurrectKro * Wian tft reward'itriMk - ^Pri'w' Into Morenito's palm tho petals of hor lilies and roses, which in falling turned, each leaf, into a piece of mouey, and which caused him such joy that ln< rubbed his eyos and sat up; unci In! from ono of his hands—oh, wonderful miracle!—a wliite piece escaped und Ml with silvery ring to the stones. He could believe neither oyen nor esirs at first. Ho stooped and raised it. li was a boantir'ul, new and shining live peseta niece! Tho virgin, then, hart noi deceived himl Sho had told him the truth—ho could go to tho corrida on Easier morning! Cue leap and ho was down tho steps and running with all his legs for the Plaza do Toros. Suddenly*as he turned the corner ul the Oillo San Pablo, ho ran against u youiif; girl of tho Triana faubourg, whom he had known since childhood, and who was called La Chata. Sho was pale and sad, and her groat black oyes wero full of tears. 'What is it, Chata—what is it?" demanded Juanito quickly, "tell met" "My mother," responded she, "Is ill; for two days and nights now, I have neither eaten nor slept. The doctor came this morning and ordered now remedies, and I am going to the botica now; though it is useless to go, tho druggist will give mo no moro credit. What shall I do, Juanito? What sliall 1 do? If tho bells ring for her, they will ring for me too—for I will not survive hor!'' Morenito stood pensivo a moment, his luminous gaze plunged deep into the wot eyes of the weeping Chata; then brusquo- ly ho drew the white pieco from his pocket, tho miraculous five peseta pieco, and pressed it into the hand of his little friend. 'Take it, nina mia," said he; "take this money; it came to mo from tho Virgin do la Esperanza, and tho bonita inailro will not be vexed if I use it to cure thy mother." La Chata was so ovorjoyed that she did not stop for a word of thanks, bnt ran without turning to the druggist's shop. Truly it was written that Moronito should not go to the Easter bull course. But as there are always compensations in this world he did not on that account pass a less gay Sunday. On that day Chata's mother was better, and tho young girl came to the po- sada court to find and thank him for tho service that he had done them. She had also made for herself a festival garment, and with the rest of tho Blessed Virgin's money bought two blood red roses for her raven tresses, and then she and Mo­ renito had gono to stroll along the Gnad- alquiver under the flowering orange trees of tho Alameda. Spring had put I know not what flarno in Chata's black oyes, and perhaps, too, a txmder sentiment had lent its aid to this illumination. 1 only know that when they found themselves in a secluded corner formed by tho myrtle thickets, the young girl brusquely throw her arms around Morenito's neck with a frank: "1 lovo thee, comrade!" And that while the bells rang out tho carols for the Easter Bervice, tho lips of these two children tasted their first kiss of love. —Translated from the French of Andre Theuriet by Mrs. E. C. Waggener for Short Stories. Guvo Qlm I'lonty of Room. Americans haven't much reputation for veneration and in the general scramble aro not noted for courtesy to ono another, but ono day recently, when the mercury suddenly fell off thirty points and tie wind was tripping along at the average rato of fifty to sixty miles an hour, and two or threo times faster in spots, thero was wituessod a scene on crowded Broadway near tho postoffice that reversed all of this. An honest, sober, upright workman passed along, and the courtesy with which he was treated on all sides spoke volumes for American politeness. No matter how roughly the icy wind played with the mob, the individual members of the latter bowed right aud left to this honest workman. He was bowlegged and dirty too. They might jostle each other, bnt not him. For he carried a pane of glass about 18 inches wide and 5 feet long. And the wind oo- casioually caught it and shied it, shining and shifting in the sunshine, to ono side and tho other, and sent its nervous bearer swing around in iho viciouB eddies, filling his eyes with dust, as if intent upon first confusing and then breaking him up in business. Tho polite crowd parted before him liko the billowy Bea before a Cunardor, then fell together gurgling in his wake to tremble at what might have happened. It is doubtful if a workingmaii ever before cut BO wide a swath on Broadway. It was actually fascinating to watch his progress and to speculate into how many thousand fragments a single misstep might cause the glass to be divided. All the business world stood still for a minute to see him pass, —Now York Herald. CASTOR IA for Infants and Children. **eBa *s)Stofc »»iron adapted to children that I recomnMad Ita. superior to any prescription! tnowatome." n. A. Aacnaa, M. D„ Ul So. Oxford St, Braktrm, * T. "The use of 'Ciwtorfa'IsaOBBltWMl and KB merits so well known that It seems a work of supererqeatlontoendorMti, Few nrethe Intelligent ramllloa -who do sot keep Caatoria wltui& easy reach." Ca*U» 1L »*TTH, D. T)., New York City, fata CMSor BtaomlraTrtale Betormed Church. Oastorta, core* OoBo, CoosatpatSrn, 6our Stomach, Diarrhosa. Eructation, Kill. Worms, (ires sleep, and Wlth «nWii }urioua medLcatloa. " For aoTc -rei yean I have rw»mn_ . your' Castoria,' and shall always continue*!) do so as it has uwartably produced liiiiiissSaY results." En win p. PASSU , H D, " The WInthrop," 125th 8 treat aad 7th Awe, •ewlosfcOsv Tms Cirrsiia CSWFACT , TT KtmuT B-rmssT, Msnr Toaav HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a General Yard Business. Ample accommodation for cattle, hogs and sheep. This company's yaids have direct connection with all railroads running into Hutchinson—five roads. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET these yards offer superior inducements. Host distributing point All parties wanting stackers and feeders should try this market, furnished upon Application. in the west. Information BENJ, W. LAPP, General Manager. Mc A MM ON THE BARBER. SALT BATHS, HOT BATHS, COLD BATHS. No. 20 North Main Street. Open on Sunday until noon'. Managing- a Hoy llaby. Tired Woman (in a railway car)— Please, sir, will you hold my baby awhile? Ho's crying so I can do nothing with him. Male Passenger—Urn—what is he crying for? "Nothing at all, sir." "Well—er—what good will it do for me to take him 'r" "Then he'll have something to crj about." "Oh, he will?" "Yes, six. He'll bo crying forme then, and tho longer you hold him the londer he 'll yell." "I presume so." "Yes, sir. Theu, when he is real sure it is only me he is cryiiig for, I'll takt- hmi and he'll stop."—Good News. Afraid or Thirteen. Thero is not a player in the land today who will not think twice before siguing with a company whose total number of actors will he just thirteen. It Is con- COMPANY. Do all kinds of Transferring and Hauling. Especially pr Iron Safes and all kinds of machinery, being the only one in the necessary articles for the moving of heavy goods repared to move the elty having We Pay Freight on Local or Car Lots and transfer it from any depot to any part of the city at reasonable rates. Years of experience in boxing and moving enables us to move Pianos and Household Goods without tho least injury. If you want to move your office or household goods wo can do It better for you than anyone elsd and save you monoy. Storage Department. We have the largest brick store room in the city for storing goods. Parties leaving tho city can hawe their goods packed by us, stored away and shipped whenever dcBired. This is one of our specialties. We guarantee our work to bo first-class in every respect and use tec utmost care. A reasonable price is all we ask and a trial will convince you that we are the best. STOVE DEPARTMENT. We will take down your stoves, move them and take all the uickcl parts off, oil thom, wrap them in paper, oil your pipe, wrap it in paper and store them for the season for the small sum of 82.50, the season endlug December 1, 1802. Th.'s way of taking care of Btoves makes them absolutely rust proof, and makes a small job for the man who cleans It. We do not polish stoves, for that is out of our line of business. Hope you will give us a liberal patronage. Hutchinson Transfer and Storage Co., sJUfc-J-ttfllUfc.

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