The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon on February 2, 1960 · Page 13
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The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon · Page 13

Eugene, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 13
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Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregra RADIO & TV SCHEDULES 'Round the State Radio, TV Highlights Tuesday, February 2, 1960 SB TV Prepares This newspaper not responsible tor last-minute changes by stations BLICK KUGNrKASH0 KERGumKORE i4so Farm Bureau Studies Educational Problems Startime Schedules 'Greatest Man Alive' TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1960 SALEM (UPI) Secretary of State Howell Appling Jr., told the Farm Bureau Education Conference here Monday that the greatest Nationally known Independent automotive Journalist "WHEN you take a few minutes to drive the 1960 Bulck, you'll find lt the finest handling and most comfortable Bulck you've ever driven." BILL CARROLL 'Pilot' Films As a Gamble Current Output Heavy on West benefit of an education is the development of an inner confidenc in the individual to face the increasingly complex problems ot our Ed Wynn, Bert Lahr, Nancy Olson and Russell Nype will star in "The Greatest Man Alive," the Startime production on Channels 13 and 8 at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. Adapter from the 1957 Broadway comedy, it tells the story of a lonely New York widower who de UriCl.tllf ItLU 1 We're 3 MOTORS toultl tunes. Keynoting the two-day farm study of education problems, he said there is a "larger value to intensive education in developing an insight into the whole of life." He cited rising rates of crime and divorce and "distressing apathy toward government and politics," saying "these things may discourage them, but I hope it By CYNTHIA LOWRY Of the Associated Press Opel II Buick cides that "after living unnoticed for 72 years, by golly, when I die, I want a little attention." The juvenile delinquency problem will be featured on this Man Dawson, seen on Channel 6 at 7:30 p.m. Chief of Law Enforcement Dawson runs against a wall of bitter contempt and a code of false honor when he attempts to get to the core of the city's Till ft A Sts. 5:00 Lowell Tbomn News, Herb Skip A Long Klassifleds 5:15 Mln'tem'n Newi Olson Show Skip A Long Daly, Van Horn 5:10 Muslcman Stern, Olson Skip A Long Sports, News 5:45 Weather, News Show, Sports Skip A Long Headline News 5:00 News, Fr. Goss News of Day Shell News Ed Morgan :1S World Tonight Olson Show News, Sports Dinner Hour :10 Tom Harmon News, Floyd Pop Concert Sports, Dinner 9:45 Steve Belko Vlken Show Pop Concert Hour News 7:00 Backfirnd News News, Capital World Dinner Hour 7:15 Amos n Andy Assignment Tomorrow Dinner Hour 7:30 Double Pleasure News, World News of World Album of 7:45 Bob Ic Ray Today Paul Rymsn Favorites 3:00 Muslcman News, Floyd Paul Ryman Album of 3:19 Muslcman Vlken Show Show Favorites 3:30 Economics News, Army Paul Ryman Teen Town 9:49 In Wonderland Hour Show Top Pops, News 9:00 World of Music News, Floyd Paul Ryman Top Pope 9:19 World of Muslo Vlken Show Show Storkline 9:30 World of Music News, Floyd Coke Hi Fl Top Pops 9:43 World Tonlte Viken Show Club Night Lines 10:00 Richfield Report News, Floyd Coke HI Fl Top Pops " 10:19 Space Survey Vlken Show Club Nite Lines 10:30 I960 News, Music Coke HI Fl Top Pops 10:45 Space Survey Star for defense club Firellnes 11:00 1960 KORE News Paul Ryman Top Pops " 11:15 Muslcman Wheel Show Nlte Lines 11:30 Muslcman KORE News Paul Ryman Top Pops 11:45 Muslcman Wheel Show Mldnite Patrol NEW YORK UV-While are getting accustomed to the will challenge tnem to realize a greater potential in their time "1 OjlL, Anmiol than we have in ours." llfl AIiriUd.1 slightly revised program lineups juvenile delinquency problem by the use of compassion and following a few mid-season shifts Appling praised the Farm Bu and cancellations, the people who reau delegates for their broad Radio Other Tuesday TV highlights provide television's enormous en include: social responsibility in studying problems that extend beyond the tertainment output are actively Heart Fund Drive Opens Spokesmen for seven major 7 p.m., Johnny Midnight (8) Olds I I you more room, I smoothest ride. Sea fence-rows and farmsteads. 1 preparing for next Septembers An ex-producer is bludgeoned to schedules. In Hollywood, capital of the American and West European industrial concerns, with a combined 1958 sales gross of $4 billion and assets of almost $2.5 billion will participate in the fourth Diplomat to Attend death with an award statuette, and a friend of Johnny's is the prime suspect. SALEM l) James McDonald, 7:30 p.m., Dennis O'Keefe (13) British consul at Portland, will WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1960 broadcast of KERG-CBS radio's Even the friendly hand shake filmed shows, producers are pouring talent and millions of dollars into some 200 "pilots" one or two shows designed to indicate what a series would look like. It's a gamble because one attend law students' day observances here Wednesday, Atty. Gen, has Hal Towne in trouble, but he The 12th annual Heart Fund campaign of the Oregon Heart Assn. opened Tuesday in Oregon to raise funds for its many-pronged attack on diseases of the heart. Robert Burke, Eugene industrialist and Eddie Mays, Portland series, "The Hidden Revolution, at 8:30 p.m. finally wins out in a running war Robert Y. Thornton said Monday. with his landlord and his boss. 'Space Survey: labO, a special Thornton has invited students pilot is estimated to cost at least 8 p.m. Phil Silvers (13) A from Oregon's law schools to 55-minute program reviewing the three-day meeting this week held $50,000. The way things work sagging TV comic in search of a come here to learn of opportuni restaurant operator, are co-chair under the auspices of the Insti. out, only about one out of every ten made makes the home ties for service with the state new show idea, visits Foi"t Baxter and finds Sergeant Bilko waiting men of the month-long campaign. "Since diseases of the heart and tute of the Aeronautical Sciences in New York, will be broadcast government. Former Gov. Charles A for him with script in hand. screens. One of the trade magazines, on KERG at 10:15 p.m. 8:30 p.m., Dobie Gillis (6) Sprague, Salem publisher, will Other Tuesday Radio highlights give the luncheon address. When Dobie falls in love with Aphrodite Millican, a beautiful circulation are responsible for about 54 per cent of all deaths, and since they affect more than ten million Americans, including Television Digest checked around the TV film studios and came up with a list of work in CITY : WIDE Jl?k-t "" pick-up Cy SERVICE PRINGEY DRIVE-IN CLEANERS :.. 837 Monroe DI 5-4121 and robust young acrobat, her 5,000 Signatures include: 7:30 p.m., Invitation (KUGN FM) Lerner Loewe: Gigi sound- 9 p.m., A World of Music (KE family decides to make a muscle progress. WESTERN DEMAND about 500,000 children, it seems quite clear that they do comprise man out of him so he can join the act. the country's foremost health From a listing of pilot films, it is obvious that the series-makers RG) The Great Organ at the problems," Mays said. 9 p.m., Rifleman (12) When a young stablehand kills a wanted Morman Tabernacle, Alexander believe there will be continued Funds raised in the campaign desperado in North Fork, he en Schreiner, organist appearing in SALEM m Petitions to place the name of Sen. Wayne Morse (D-Ore) on the Oregon Democratic presidential primary ballot will carry 5,000 signatures, E. G. Neal reports. Neal, who is chairman of the Morse - for - President Committee, said the petitions will be filed demand for Westerns and more are used for research, profession counters resistance in collecting Westerns, plenty of crime-adven 6:00 News, Muslcman News, Bob Russ Doran News Roundup 9:15 Muslcman Dowless Show Russ Doran News Roundup 5:30 Muslcman, News KORE Classified World News Farm News 9:45 Muslcman News.Weather Russ Doran Let's Fish 7:00 Muslcman News, Music Russ Doran Hemingway 7:15 Min't'm'n Newi Music Parade Russ Doran Rural Roundup 7:30 Frank Gosa News, Weather, Shell News Sports, Rhythm 7:45 Muslcman News, Financial Russ Doran Weather News 3:00 Muslcman News, Sports Dick Cross Bible Institute 9:15 Muslcman Commentary Dick Cross Hour 9:30 Muslcman News, Bob Dick Cross Greater Eugene 9:45 Muslcman Dowless Show Dick Cross News 9:00 . Muslcman News, Dick Cross Breakfast Club 9:15 ; Muslcman Tally Ho Dick Cross Breakfast Club 9:30 Muslcman Show Dick Cross Breakfast Club 9:43 Muslcman News, Muslo Fashion Flashes Breakfast Club 10:00 Rt. Happiness News, Bob Dick Cross John Holbrook 10:15 2nd Mrs. Burton Dowless Show Dick Cross Tello Test 10:30 Dr. Malone News, Herb Russ Doran Variety Timo 10:45 Ma Perkins Olson Show Russ Doran Variety Timo 11:00 News News, Herb Russ Doran Variety Time 11:13 Cple. Next Door Olson Show Russ Doran News 11:30 Helen Trent News, Herb Russ Doran Variety Time 11:45 Just Entrtnmnt. Olson Show Russ Doran Variety Time 12:00 Mln'tem'n News Dial for Dough News "30" News Parade 12:15 Muslcman Noon News News "30" Farm Front :2:30 Muslcman News, Herb Old Trader Paul Harvey 12:45 Muslcman Olson Show Old Trader Weath Rndup 1:00 News News, Muslo Dick Cross Music Room 1:15 Arthur Godfrey Spfld Quiz Dick Cross Music Room 1:30 Arthur Godfrey News, Bob Dick Cross Music Room 1:45 Arthur Godfrey Dowless Show Dick Cross News 2:00 House Party News, Bob Dick Cross My True Story 2:15 House Party Dowless Show Dick Cross My True Story 2:30 Garry Moore News, Bob Dick Cross My True Story 2:45 Funnyslde Up Dowless Show Dick Cross My True Story 3:00 Muslcman News, Bob Dick Cross Siesta Serenade 3:15 Muslcman Dowless Show Dick Cross Siesta Serenade 3:30 . Musicman News, Herb Dick Cross Siesta Serenade 3:45 Muslcman Olson Show Dick Cross Siesta Serenade 4:00 Muslcman Fulton Lewis Jr Bob Houglum Sunset Ranch 4:15 Muslcman Olson Show Bob Houglum Sunset Ranch 4:30 Musicman News, Herb Bob Houglum Sunset Ranch 4:45 Musicman Olson Show Bob Houglum News g KFMYlSKEED KOMTlf ture shows and more situation al and public education and community service, it was explained. There are several important re the reward and is labeled a coward. 9:30 p.m., Philip Marlowe (12) comedy. lCCltt&l r 9 p.m., Podium (KUGN-FM) Haydn: Symphony No. 94 (Surprise), Krips, Vienna Orchasetra. Also, Mozart, Beethoven. 10 p.m., The Classics (KEED search projects currently under Among some familiar faces which may turn up in new shows Hired by a millionaire's ex-wife later this month. way in Oregon as a result of Oregon Heart Assn. grants. to prove a servant innocent of steeling a diamond, Marlowe encounters a slight case of murder. Neal, a retired logger and construction worker, says he hopes to have signatures from some precincts in all of Oregon's 36 are Gisele MacKenzie in a musical comedy series; Gertrude Berg in a situation comedy as yet untitled; Lon Chaney Jr. in a CASH FOR TAKES FM) Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Fritz Reiner, conductor. 10:30 p.m., Lock Up (8) Dar "This is certainly one time when we can't let someone else worry about the problem," Burke stated. "Heart disease has hit virtually every family in Oregon, either directly or indirectly, giv counties. Pilot Recovering series about the supernatural; Lew Ayres in a TV "Dr. Kildare" series; Frank Lovejoy and Barry Sullivan in Westerns; Joan Crawford and Joan Fontaine in their own anthologies; Walter Selzak, PORTLAND (UPI) Capt. ing but pains taking investigation enables famed lawyer Maris to discover a web of trickery and deceit victimizing a youth. 11:10 p.m., Showtime on Six (6) "Beautiful But Broke." Wartime romantic comedy about girls who form an all-girl band to help the boys put on show for factory Hauge Talk Set at UO ing all of us a stake in the success of this campaign." Adam E. Tyra, 41, who survived the crash of his F102A jet inter William Frawley and Pat But- The Heart Fund will he climaxed on Heart Sunday, Feb. 2R, ceptor last Thursday, was report when thousands of volunteers will ed in satisfactory condition at Gabriel Hauge, former special tram (Roy Rogers' "comical sidekick") in their own comedy series. stage a door-to-door solicitation. nursery. (1944) assistant to the President for Portland Air Force Base Hospital Tuesday. 11:15 p.m., Academy Mystery Some of these, of course, we'll never see. Some will be sold to a Tyra suffered second degree Theatre (12) "The Spaniards IF YOU IIAVE taxes, insurance, scattered bills, or other obligations to , meet come in and see us. We offer a complete loan service. One of our plans', will solve your problem. Calkins Finance Co. 20S (2nd Fir.) IS E. Broadway Phone DI 4-4211 Eugene's Lamest Home Owned- ' Finance Co. Economic Affairs, will' discuss "The State of Our Economy" on the University of Oregon campus Wednesday. Curse. An innocent man invokes network, others will go into syn burns on nine per cent of his body, a fractured leg, possible rib fractures and a possible ankle Morse Offers School Bill dication. Still other pilots will be an old Spanish curse on those responsible for his death sentence. CLEARANCE 1959 MODELS Hauge served as a presidential quietly slipped into somebody fracture. assistant from 1953 through 1958. He is currently chairman of the He was found northeast of WASHINGTON (AT A measure else s anthology series and then silently fade away. HEALTH IMPORTANT RCA WHIRLPOOL 12 cu. ft. combination. Automatic defrosting. 2 doors! RoeNgiv3!!95$278.00 Woodland, Wash., by a logger. to make available 150 million dol finance committee of the Manufacturers Trust Co. of New York His let fighter . crashed late Darren McGavin, bed-ridden In lars in federal funds to build private schools, including paroch City and a member of the board Library Act Bill in Hopper Sunday night's "Riverboat" epi Thursday. Tyra is a veteran of 151 combat missions in World War II and Korea. ial schools, was introduced Mon of directors. Hauge will be in Portland ear sode, really was laid up. He was in a Palm Springs auto crash and day by Sen. Wayne Morse (D-l lier Wednesday to address a con The Register-Guard Presents "A World of Music" 9:05 to 9:45 P.M. :1; ference sponsored by the uni-i suffered a sprained neck and back and slight concussion. Ore). He said ho will present it as an amendment to the aid of educa Legislation to extend for five years federal assistance to rural vcrsity's School of Business Ad Boy Wounded with post war operating trade, A refrigerator that defrosts Itself .-..& separate freezer that holds 107 pounds . . . both in one handsome appliance with deep door shelves, Jumbo crtspers, special com-" partments for butter, eggs. New Square Design, ministration. He will then come The health of a star or princi ' KLAMATH FALLS Wl John tion bill scheduled for considera communities for use in developing library services has been in pal player in any TV series is a to Eugene and will speak at Kohler, 12, and his brother, Nor matter of great concern. Last meeting in the ballroom of the man, 7, found a pistol alongside tion soon on the Senate floor. Morse's measure would authorize loan funds for private institu season, when Herschel Bernardi Erb Memorial Union at 8 p.m, Lt. Jacoby of "Peter Gunn' His personal association with President Eisenhower started in 1951. when he served as research fractured his leg in an auto acci the highway to Merrill Saturday. Only minutes later John suffered a foot wound. He said Norman pulled the trigger. tions equal to 15 per cent of the grant money in the bill. The grants would total 500 million director for Citizens for Eisen dent, the cameras followed him to his hospital bed for several weeks. Then they shot him in a Police said the .38 pistol, spot dollars annually for two years, hower and later as research di troduced by Senator Richard L. Neuberger. The Library Services Act authorizes federal funds for state programs designed to make library facilities available to the residents of small towns or farms. The law will expire next year unless extended by Congress. "This program has been of great benefit to Oregon," Neuberger said. "Extension of the law Custom FO IZt 70 W. 10th Ph. DI 4-6297 Under the bill borrowers would rector on the personal campaign stationary or sitting position for get a lower interest rate than ted with rust, apparently had been thrown recently beside the road. Two live rounds still were in the gun. Police are a couple of months. staff of Eisenhower. He has been an economics in they now must pay for private Wally Cox, who isn t on TV . KVAL-TV CHANNEL 13 EUGENE (Cable 2) The Great Organ at th Mormon Tabernacle, Alexander Schreiner, organist appearing la. recital. loans. much, will be a welcome sight on CBS' "The American Cowboy," a Morse said there are eight co- structor at both Harvard and Princeton universities, has held positions in banking circles, and The boys are sons of Mr. and sponsors of his amendment. musical comedy special Feb. 10. Mrs. George D. Kohler. He is the Enterprise Irrigation District will enable additional rural resi Recommendbd Tuesday: "The :30 It Could Be You . :00 Queen For a Day :30 Romper Rooa 00 Young Dr. Malone :30 From These Roots ;00 House on High St, :30 hplit Personality :00 Susie :30 Life of Riley :00 Buccaneers 30 Addte Bobklna 9:30 Arthur Murray 10:00 M-Squad 10:30 SA-7 11:00 Late Final 11:15 JackPaar WEDNESDAY, FEB. 3 6:00 Cont. Classroom 9:15 Education TV 9:30 Play Your Hunch 10:00 The Price Is Right 11:00 Truth orConseq. TUESDAY, FEB. 2 5:00 Charlie Chan 8:30 McGraw 6:00 Northwest New 6:15 Huntley Brinkley ;30 Your Star Showcase 7:00 Adventure Tom or, 7:30 Dennis O'Keefe 8:00 Phil Silver 8:30 Startime was an editor of Trend editorial page in "Business Week" magazine for two years. He holds watermaster. WEDNESDAY:,',! Prokofiev Greatest Man Alive," NBC, Star-time adaptation of a Tony Webster play with Ed Wynn and Bert Lahr. membership on many Federal councils and advisory boards and Democrats File 83 Countries Entered ROME (UPI) The Olympic Committee announced Monday that a total of 83 countries have entered athletes for the 1960 summer Olympic Games at Rome. The latest entry was Monaco. 1280 OVER KERG is a member of the board of trus SALEM Wl Don S. Willner, tees on numerous organizations Oswego, and Vernon L. Burda, such as the Fund for Adult Edu The Dalles, filed Monday for ??TERMITES?? Porter Mails dents to realize the advantages of access to books which is presently enjoyed by nearly all who live in urban areas." Neuberger noted that grants have been made in 11 counties in Oregon, according to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Three multi-county demonstrations have been started, five bookmobiles purchased and three field consultants employed. Centralized cataloging has been started in Clackamas, Tillamook cation, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and Harlem delegate to the Democratic National Convention. FREE INSPECTION All work performed and guaranteed Savings Bank. - Burda seeks to represent the by Termlnez Service Co. Questionnaire The economist is brought to Second Congressional District. Call SCHARPF'S TWIN OAKS DI 21261 Lucky You! the university campus as a Fail HICKEY-FREEMAN CLOTHES JlaAiM&Henmwt McDonald Theater Bldg, Willner, a former state representative, filed for delegate at large, ing Distinguished Lecturer. The WASHINGTON (UPI) Rep. public is invited. Charles 0. Porter (D-Ore) said KOIN TV CHANNEL 6 PORTLAND (Cable 6) and Clatsop counties. Monday postcards were being Director Selected During fiscal years 1957 mailed to 131,000 persons in Ore PORTLAND OB Tillamook through 1960, Oregon received Cubs Stress gon's Fourth Congressional Dis Mayor Loren McKinlcy will be $299,679 in federal funds under You bought the finest! '' trict asking their opinions on lo come full-time director of the PHILCO TV SALES SERVICE the Library Services Act. Coun Science Theme . 00 Hi Neighbor 30 Star Performance 00 KOIN Kitchen 30 As World Turns 00 Better or Worse 30 House Party 00 The Millionaire 30 Verdict Is Yours 00 Brighter Day 15 Secret Storm .10 Edge of Night 00 Cartoon Circus cal, national and international TUESDAY, FEB. 2 5:00 Cartoon Time 5:30 Soldiers of Fortune-:00 Weath. Spts. News 6:15 Doug Edwards 6:30 The Callforniant 7:00 Four Just Men 7:30 The Man Dawson 6:00 Dennis O'Keefe ft:.10 Dobie GUlla 9:00 TlRhtrope 9:30 Red Skelton 10:00 Garry Moore 11:00 City Desk, News 11:10 Film WEDNESDAY, FEB. 3 7:30 Cartoon Time 8:00 Grant Holcomb 8:15 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Red Rowe Show 9:30 On the Go 10:00 I Love Lucy 11:00 Love of Lire 11:30 Search forTnmor. 11:45 Guiding Light Oregon Museum of Science and topics. ties participating in the program include Grant, Benton, Linn, Industry when Douglas Hegli's resignation becomes effective "Cub Scout Scientists" was the Porter said he had added a theme for the January meeting Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson, Malheur, Clackamas, Tillamook, Clat March 1. McKinley, also presi "bonus" question which he hoped would spark a high response. Re of Cub Pack 177 at Howard School, held last week. sop, and Coos. . dent of the League of Oregon Cities, said he would resign his cipients of the postcards are asked to circle their preference Dens of the pack presented Of COURSE you want to keep your Frigidaire appliance, working at peak efficiency , J' GARRETT-STOCKSTAD has been your authorized ftlgldalr Salea St Service for 26 years . . . and recipient of General Motors "Award of Merit" for outstanding customer service. Call 0 It s for ALL appliance. TV and HI-FI repairs position as mayor. demonstrations and exhibits of tin can telephones, planets of the Stranded Boy solar system, electromagnets, Don't Miss . . . WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES KOIN CHANNEL FEB. IS THRU 28TH Colt PI 3-2143 today ABAR TV CABLE CO. static electricity, chemical gard Reactor Funds Sought BERN WV The Swiss government as asked parliament for 50 million francs ($11,700,000) to Taken From Rock You'll Like our guaranteed terv-. ens, water surface tension and Ice. Service Ph. DI 3-5034 periscopes. Den No. 4, under Den Mother Mary DeYoung, pre DEPOE BAY (UPI) Rickie speed up work on atomiu power sented a skit, "Blast Off to The reactors. KPTV CHANNEL 13 PORTLAND (Cable 5) Drew Motfett Moon." Grim, 11, Hubbard, was rescued from a rock in the Pacific Ocean adjacent to Fogarty Creek State Park Sunday afternoon by coast Awards presented at the meet ing included: Wolf Badges Mark guardsmen. Miller and Eddie Lobberegt; Bear for president, with six Democrats, including Sen. Wayne Morse (D-Ore), and two Republicans listed. Republicans listed were Vice President Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller. Democrats besides Morse were Sens. Hubert Humphrey, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy and Stuart Symington, and Adlai Stevenson. Opinions were asked on 12 questions, including medical care for persons retiring on Social Security; income tax law revisions; elimination of the draft; a National Seashore Recreation area in the dunes region of Florence and Reedsport, and aid for cranberry growers. Porter said the questionnaire this year was being more widely distributed than his first questionnaire of last year. ""T"'-TV-Radio IV-RADIO-TRANSISTOR SERVICE BY Former Chief Radioman, USN FCC Lie. - Phone & Telegraph fr N.Y. Institute Graduate k Payments Arranged The youngster became trapped 10:00 Theater 10:30 Keep Talking 11:00 Ore. Journal News 11:15 Academy Theater WEDNESDAY, FEB. 3 7:00 OMSI Presents 7:30 Eye Opener 8:00 Charlie's Cartoons 9:00 Romper Room fl:30 Early Show 11:00 The Better Half 11:30 Life of Riley 12:00 Restless Gun 12:30 Love That Bob 1:00 About Faces 1:30 Big Story 2:00 Day in Court 2:30 Gale Storm 3:00 Beat the Clock 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:30 Amer. Bandstand 4:30 High Time TUESDAY, FEB. 3 B:00 Three Stooges 5:30 My Friend Fllclta 6:00 Charlie's Cartoons 6:15 Ore. Journal News 6:30 Big Camera 7:00 Flight 7:30 Sugarfoot 8:30 WyattEarp 9:00 Rifleman 6:30 Philip Marlowe o CHARGE IF WE CAN'T rwrmr AT FIX YOUR HOME AU work Guaranteed SO Days Healy Radio & TV Service Back of Citizens Bank DI 3-4524 TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS' 136 E. Broadway 216 Main Eugene Springfield DI 4-5218 RI 7-3361 on the rock after making his way to it just as the tide was coming in. Moments after he was on the rock, water completely circled it, Clifford Moodry, a coast guards Badges Tom Aura, Steve Hengs- tier, and Robbie McDowell; Lion Badge Darrel Schacher; Gold Arrow Tom Aura. Tad Hardesty, cubmaster, announced that the next pack committee meeting will be Tuesday night at the W. C. Thomason residence. The Blue and Gold banquet celebrating the 50th anniversary of Scouting will be Feb. 23. 17 tniif o Keepsake man from Oregon City, made his way through shoulder high water to the youth. They stayed on the rock iVt hours until the tide was Wf DDING SfTI HAPCO HAS A LARGE SELECTION OF USED TV SETS from 37.77 to 127.77 HAPCO Inquire 11th A WlllametU About DI S-774 Guarantees low enough to enable them to get back to dry land safely. You Come Exclusively in Springfield At Privet's Jewelers 129 N. 6th RI 7 7121 i. KGW CHANNEL 8 PORTLAND (Cable 3) ...the BEST COST NO MORE THAN ORDINARY BUNS! 1st With the "Independent Man" No single Insurance company can offer you every type of business Insurance. That's why you come first with the Independent man, as he surveys your working site, and 11:30 Jack Paar 9:30 Play Your Hunch 1:00 Night Final 10:00 The Price Is Right 1:05 Prayer & Hymn 10:30 Concentration dfc William F. Rati ! TUESDAY, FEB. 3 4:00 Matinee 5:30 Pioneer Club t oo South of Border t:30 News Beat :45 Huntley-BrtnMey 7:00 Johnny Mldnite 7:30 Laramie 8:30 Startime :30 Arthur Murray 10:00 M-Squad 10:30 Lockup 'ill ' ' '-0' 'I WEPNEDAY, FEB. 3 S:45 Prayer It Hymn S:S5 Town 4 Country (:00 Aton'lc Age 6:30 Modern Chemistry 7:00 Today 7:23 News Break 7:30 Today fl:00 Tele Time 11:00 Truth or Conseq, 11:30 It Could Be You 12:00 Queen For a Day 12:30 My Little Margie 1:00 Young Dr. Ms lone 1:30 From These Roote 2:00 House on High St, 2:30 Split Personality 3:00 Telecourse 4:00 Matinee suggests only the best possible coverage available chosen from hundreds of different policies offered by different competing i fmmJJ ASMST J :00 Dough Re Ml 11:00 Night Beat tasty BUNS companies ... aannniiinMBMBiBBDininnnanm STRUCK LEASIIIu Choice of fltralffht Ium or leas with option to purchase ner two or three year pertud. Low fl coit 5 n Smith Crakes Insurance ! JWILWWUBILBJS ... 1465 West 7th Are. j 58 West 11th Avenue. Eugene DI 4-6221 Davidson' Fin Quality Buns Keep Fresher and Tastier... fry fhemf gwffK'i Open 8:38 to S P.M. Sat, TU1 12:30 ffCSS3S5SSE3SSS2S3CaEaC3l!.i

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