Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1912
Page 3
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J" 14? i1 Gh^ries; *!M|>jlJerHes,^j ' Primes, Appl^i^.P^ch^ es aSid Raisins- . • " Fresli flystersi Fish, Copyright Hiit S^liilTner i M ^r You see tjie Suit on yoiii- kick —you sio jusl how it looks—you see the siyle, the tailorinju:; the Hnish. the lining— everything you want to know about the Suit is right there before you. Hart, Schaffner & Marx [Stein-Bloch and Society Brand make the kind of ready made clothes you oui;-ht to wear Every Suit of theirs is u-uaranteed to you. We 'd like to have you see sonic of tile Fall models. Fresh Meats Staple Groceries We sell it cheaper at Newby Grocery Co. I'ltnuc mt IOC S. Wusliini;t«n, iniiur lo Auy Tart of Ihc Tit) A. \V. Slinpsioii. of Ottawa w:is biisiiicts visitor litre lofliiv. /BlJu Maiide Ajideraon vem^'lA'i retire this- afiernooq for a brief v|s^J^ with her sister Miss Mal>Ie AndentdE^ f who is attending K. I'. Mrs. joe'Small of Kansas City, whojl has b<-en here vialting frlendyreturn- ed home this ufternoon. • The iSooster Club will holtl a posi-^ ponetl nit'cilnx on Friiiay evening at] fight oVlock in the city hail. j .Mrs. I-. W. Smith of WiHiita, who* li:is b< luTc visitiii? frifntls roiurii- <•(! home iliis inornin},'. .Mrs. O. If. WoJireU of Hu!( liiu&on, who !uis tti-cn hero visiiiiis fritiids r<- itini<-(l !ioin<- (iiii; morning. 1'-.•.•!.:: Mr. Willisi!; " -ntifr whi- Ka.- injurt 'i! hy fa!i or. i(* stico' la?: fiiilay ovcnini', v.i l.ik«ii to St. .l'.)illis Ilosiii'.il ;.l It.!: SEEM TO HAVE LONG LIVES •OLD SWKiOTHEARTS" "STAR KYES' STR.\TEGY" •UILl. UOF.S His 0\V.\ YvASM- ING" ' K-nt.:ikj Sitt" MusicrPiano and Druras 5^- \xvsi:\T-- A. F. .Gialil aflt-rnoon. went to (iariKti this j II. I*. Uiith iif, riildii} \\:t» ill lh<' riiy I till tiusiiif 'Ss toiiay. v.. .M. Siiziili w.'iii III Colony iliis af- ! t'TneKiii. I — Conliuoys. Charnieiiso and ' Cri-;'!' .\Ii?t('or.s no»v i.n ill.<i>lay at On- j .\""\v Yorlc Store SilV: Df-pl. t ~- ^ ( .Mrs. J. C. Koust of Wi .liira. who ] has iM'Hn here vi.siiiiiR frii-uils wi-tit '10 ('!i!imil«- Iliis afli'rnoofi. I I -TU>- new Wool Cooiis never v,i';.- .so jiri'tly. Uii-liarili^oii.s Mr. and Mrs II. H. Slu-rman ami latiiily Went lo H;irll<'.<;vill«' tliis -.if- l<-niooii for a visit willi frii-iids. - For e»ni|ilele line of niirser}- .slock .see .1. M. Jiieksuu. I'hoiie IISU. li. K. S I out and son of Clinton. .Mo., who liavf IxM -n liirir vi.sitiiic fri>'iids, li'ti. lhi<i iiftcrtioou Okla. ' I for lilaikwell. —Graduate Nurse; ;o I'hono 1303. terms reason- Politicians, in England, at Lccct. Find It One of the Healthkst of Professions. Politics would appear to i-."^. .•»ntopjt the healthy professions, jiul-rii.c liy llic number of ineiubers of both I IUIIEKS of oarliament who havo p .iKiii -d tlio :ij;e ^f tlire.. !-ncr>- tiiid len. Tiic lfird.<. •• leri.-lative dut :<'S nrf leys s'.'-'n- •loiis, have. iinv .'Vi r. a [arp 'T i;:?mbrr if veterai:.-; in i!:< ir raiik'^ than thr- •oniinoiis. a«: t!i--rc ir/' 1':: peers v.Iio •,ave r -atai'd •i!-'''^" r<)il ov.'-r, while .•nly in !ii-.'!i !je-:< (.: i]v lower house uive zr^-n :!:; :r vi ; tietli birthday. The ol-,'"-; -tiMi- i:i tl-" e.arl of Weniyss. v.!!;> i- ty -feur years old '.<ird S'.rai'.iioiia ami the duke of Irafton I'ollowiiu' v i*li iiiiit«iy-f\ o anil nlnelyou'- y.: ;• • "-r , iHvely. to th;-ir •redlt. .">'• S:::!ei.-! VoiitiJ?. who is lineiy, in : pi'.- , . ii' r I.J.HH-. I S the loyen o!' ; a-'ri..)!-•. Mr. Tll(;Ina^^ ii'rt, llie !::!!•;•' ol' the house, beinv, sevi-af. -live. a!!d ji'.iiier ::i regard o a^e til .Mr. Jotetih ChaniJeTlain. .Mr lisse Ctdlings, Sir Henry. Kiniber, .Mr .'obi rt Caiinn-n. Sir .lohn Maker and Jir Thomas Iv .je —l.-.rndon Clobe. , Suils and Overcoats.. .. Other Good Mal.cs at... .'. .SI8.00 and up . ,. .SI0.00 ar.d up New Location in the Famous Building Alterations i^>ee! Pay Your j 'ERSONAl MENTION. Cut Flowers 5T When .vou want Cii! l'!..u. r-v of any' kind. lenieiiiher .1. W. n{IM>lKI! 7UI Kasl .olM has them of :'ll klii.l:- ai:il ul (luality and ihiihini; else. ('hr.vsanllii'iiiiiiii-. Kiiscs, (*jirnali (inv. • Violets. e!e. the liiehi JI - 1 .1 le< 111.-. •Quality Wo aI;.o fiiri )'!i any kimi of decorations aiid alj Uiad; ol i!..- slgm work and gTiaiai;'..' i»-r- perfeet satisfaction.- Phbne 101 (• I . (..' il,.- liU'li seijool I'-l' l.ii t,:. 1 111- atli 1 ci.iii 10 all' le. i I,. -.. : .•! . i; ill):. l: I f'lr your Ores i|:i;. y..:'. . muil.l l.iiy liniil yoil 'hi-. ;. 1 "ini ih.r.v:!;.. ai Ki(-lianl.>on's. :ll. . Hr:i'!ri.-!,l • I 'll'111. .-I 'l III I'iUsbtiri; 111! Mr. and Mrs. W. IC. Smith wi-nt tc Chanute this afternoon for a visit with frieinis. —Dr. 0. 1.. Cox. Oculist Mr. and .Mrs. .J(^seph I.a«-iizkii wh< have I M' M I visiting relatives in Peoria. 111., relumed lionie todav. •'II;ire is si'tiielhin;; sjie'-ial ai !li' Kn!;;!'-'s A- Ladies of Security Tiiiir?- •!:iy i-.inin;;. .Ail ire-iiher.-? reijuesie;' i • |i:i .-^en:. C.'iiimitlee. .Miss .Mildred ('jiminini;s weni u Ci.iiiiisviUe ihis aii'-nioiiii to sp> i'.' ill.' inainder of tin- wii-k with he; father. -Dr. MrMillen. rboneg S2 and 2S2 Miss C.ulda Patteii bf Westphalia who lias bi-e-n h.-r.' visitiiisr fiieiidr went lo OariH-tt IJiis afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.' W C. West, of Ki.: • .-'eon. "ho liavi- li.'<-ii le-re visitiiir W. W. I'erk V.I III to Humboldt thi: .-ifrernooii. ^ HorSKHO.M^ «Of)I)S KOi: SALK afti rnnim.s hotw-een and •!. ('. K. i'er- .r:p. •i-J2 S. Cetonwood. i Mrrdaiiii-s Fred and W. O. .Mass'-i i.;f S 'aike. who have bull here visi' •'i-.j Mr. and .Mrs. K. I". Swope. wenI to Miimholdt this afti-rnoon. Drs. Ilnll X- Hull. OsteopaUi.o. : ill pliones ISI), GCl. I II. W. rnstoii. of .MaiiiiaMaii. wu. I ha.-, Iw'ti lien- visitiiiu trieiids.return- I lioiiK- this .-ifiiriiKoii. .1 ('. (ifi-sory of l.ariieil. who has 111 i-'j her.- viviiiiii- trjeiids leiiirii.-i lniliii- l.l|,is afl.-riiooii. .\ W. Hose went li» l-iriied this af- tinil on 1)11 business. ' Mrs \r. T. Watson went to.Colony :>r!>;iioori on business. Mrs W. T. W.-nson wuii to t'oUm.i lliis aiti rtryoii <."''i.r-.;" S'I'luidl ol I"lierryvale, who h.:s I'ei n here on biuiness wii' 'it- i.-m-.i this afternoon. Frank Fnizc of Carlyle was in lle- ••iiy tills tirii -rnoon Hindu's Agonizing Penance. All I '.xiraordiiiary scene was wit- I iLi- J in Calciuia recently when a mall trolly, studded with rows of iron iiik'-s, on which a Hindu was' lying t full lenKtli. wjts being pulled I'.roiiKh the streets. A large crowd as following, iniiuiries elicited the ri.'ormation that the man was doing ii^nance, and was on his way to the < niple of the (loddess Kali at Kalig^ ;at. The Hindu had been several lays on the journey, and was in a •errible condition. The spikes, which •mmbered about l.'.O were quite sharp, ;i;d tho man wore only a loln-clnth. I'" must have been suffering acute ;, -n from the fact that his body was bruised r.nd lacorated:.alI ove- as a nv ^iilt of lying on the sharp nails. Neither the police nor any passer-by made any attempt to stop the self-imposed torture. WANTS—ALL KINDS mm LOSES h FRJCTIflN Ui.t.l! Tin: IIKVKS. I - ^"e Sleadv ill Kiin-ll'. i'il) hut 1 inier in ihii-r-'o—Ilo-s |:.UT« «( • h. C: and i|> at (hlciitro. t;« .\-'..-: lit .1 Pr. ss> CilicaKo. .\ir.. i;.— liii|iro\<-d erni •(in'iition'.i in .\rt;e!iii'ie teiideil inday •', bring alioiii ;• .-^.•le.-iek in whea' 1 he (.[.i-niai-, wn.; t'> lower, lie *eiiibt>r siar:-,'d a; ST-'i "I/Nojv »nd tliei ^•.ladled at sT"s. Close \\ heal -.! ilv !>1'.:..-: l!"<ei.. her S !'"NC ; .May '.i."i-"vc. COH.V —.li:ly .".'I 'i <f .".ie>e: I>.-eeiiibe '.'l-'^'</: .May VJ'^r. 0.\TS —liHi emiier :;lf; :a ; .Ma :!::<-. Kiuisas Cit} lir.-iin. K.insas C.ty Mo. Nov t;.-CASI W IIKAT—.Market uiiehanned lo 1. Ii.w.'r. .\'o. - hard, ^'.'.'.^'n.'.m.-; Stt. •i'jy^jii x'l^iv; .\i>. red. I'T <; !ISH.I-. Vo :;. •M'iiwti.r. COI!.\"—.Market iiuehangod. .Nn. •lived, ol'l. ."i.'.fi.'.tJc; new .'.li '.i 'fi \o. :{. old. ."".-IIi."..".(•; new ."ile: ' .Vcr : while, old. ."I 'li^i .'iTe; new-. .".IJl! .'.4<-: "No :! old. '>('.<•. n<-w- ."..'e. OATS—.Mark.t iine;.anged to 'j. h:ul;er. No L' white. :;:!'-•• .No. 1 iiiived. :fj^;:!2 Clos.- n '!ie;!t- ll.'e. S.'K',1 s:]^:, ; .May st'-'sif /sn -^^e. * ('i;N—Jil'.v 4>i : Dec. to May 4T-i;c. Iteci ipis wii.-at. :;ts ears ifHTc Kansiis Illy i.iu -Htoeli. City. .Mo.. .\i>v (UTTI.I -• Kei-eipts T.coii. .Market steady am •irong. Native steers $('...".nit $lii..".": •ews and heifers $:'..:!r)ifj js.iiii: Stock rs and feeder.s ?4..".0?>t7.I.'.. Hiilh »4.iiii5i $.•> 1'.".; calves $."..00^$'.t..".ii. . IIOC.S—Receipts H r,(M». .Market I 'U 'ower. Heavy «7,7^.'ri$7.S2; |ia<ker! :ii 'd butchers . $7.i;"'!> S7..«!'i: li;,':.t^ rhifiitru I.{ie>(<iek. C'licago. .Nov. 0.—CATTI.F-Ke •i -'pis L'lI.iinO. .Market steady: li.> ctt- lo.ver. Heeves $.">.30i!5 $lii.7.%: stocker; and feeder-' $4 .:{<''a $7..'?."); cows am heifers S2.7.".!fi.S7.4l). IIOG.S—Receii)t.¥ iM.Ono . Market i: a shade higher. Lights. $7.40@$7.9.'i- MLved $7.;'.0fi $.s o.'.; heavy |7.3-=i'5|8.I'' i';-4s $4.7 .".'ri $t ;.;Mi. .*. ^. Burn the gas and smoke which is produced by the combustion if coal. will do it. We have just received a new supply. i - Mr W.E. ^ GOOD THINGS TO EAT!' 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 Our Pi-ices Are Right our deliveries are right, our groceries are right Call on Us I .NOT A GYPSY , i<0RTUNE TFIXER WOMAN BREEDS ESKIMO DOGS Seems Queer Occupation, but Has Miade a Remarkable Suo* cess of the Work. Kaunas rily I'rodtiee. •• : Jlaiisas City .Nov. t;!-BCTTRU— \V\Vn-:i)-W)MAN T(» IKI WA-Jili'"'-;':""''''-'''/ 'i's<f;i'-<-: seconds 24c ... - ^. ... . • , .;!(-King stork SJ^rV TJ-^t: ' • •• ' I K(.:(5S-I-:.uras I'fu: firsts 2fic: sec , • iinds liic. liAY—.Market .-|.-ady. Choice tim M.VX ;>t e.- $is.."u''/ $1 Mill. Choice'prairie— ,;i.v7.".'r/$i3 2r>. W ANTKI)- f; OOI) S1 N(: 1-K :; firm. I'lione yi-i;;. i" VOTING—THE STONE AGE AND TODAY. - i! \'!>' "i ail. I.iii.!^; and de-rrii' j-i;iis f:. ::•' %-^'1 lo Jl.'.i.'ii .MlMiaery (l)''i);. .Vi •.\ V. rk .Store. T. 'I. 'l.i'l sf"i Krarri: w.-iit 'o ColT'iy viMe thi"; ati .M e.oou on iiusiiiess. From lhat poii.t .Mr, Clark will'go t<' .Vowaia. Okla. j --if you buy your'Hat at Rich.ird- I Min's you will he surjirisod at the lit' li«-iies.siii price. , . NEW PATTERNS ' IN DINNERWARE - / Buy a whole set or iian of n .'set, at same rui.e. .\!1 so-d f-zoin open stock and' ai i-\ire.iiie)y . moderate prices. A. Ka!!lkner wein to Chai:'ile .furnoon on business. th Joliu Simii !0!iK. of Cherrvale who h'a-i; l.e-'ii h'ere risiiing friends j lurnei! home, this afternoon. I House. re- U. L. Tleudrlcks. Old ConH {'alls answered iaj or night. Mhi iR. W.' Sauivders .of Topeka, [iriirho "Jiaa been* "Ytere visiting friends 'Jwbt to" Cherryvuie this afternoon. i Mrs. r. M. Kern, of Hitmljoldt. who has been here visiting friends return" d hotne this afternoon. —1 have a fine lot of Fruit Trees for sale. A H. Brown. ."il5;S. Cottonwood .Mr. and M^-^. Olto KJ»uper went Jo .Veodeslia tills-.afterWm for a visit wiij/their sous. -- J The Kg Shipment ! ' 1 NEW 1912 BOOKS Is in at lilt' bookstore. Over 50 of (he popu'ar authors liavenew .hii(d ;K rhis yei'r. lieatiice Har- radeti. Fru-n«-:s J.itile. .\lico^ gaii i:i'-e, Uoilelt .1. Bii ^bit, Henry ValiHyke, M:irgareir;SmST; ;'er. gijlf' us net|;i;ones uq^jja.. n-t of 7om<i yiA're.. \ Almost 100' r^al la ^^.^^i^^l' most of thenl.«4j ;rftduced I prices. Boei .^t Grove Park, one cf the suburbs of London, .Mrs. Scot: conducts a very interesting dog farm. Mer specialty Is Kskimo dot;s. which slle breeds and •rains for the market. The market i.s lot very large, btit it is sufllcient to Tiiert- ar,> tp.anv conscientiou.^ ministers, many good doctors and some • • o!!es. un^erupaloiis lawjers and a I '.v.- good Jast So wilij <!V «ry profess-on. .Miue. ijjuise i 'erin. the. , •loti-d life-read'-r ' who is at present located at XVj. West Madison avcnlie, his liiy. claia:s to l>t» a.gotjd one. .ler readings, which are thorough and icieiititic. iiave iiolbing in ebinmun; whatever, with lai frctliio.W readings >f illlterat.-. i !ari:l:able humbug "palm- sts. astro'ogfi.-. fortune lerllers, etc,"' vhi). l.y tlieir disgraceful conduct, ing the noble ijrpfession into ,the lire for fortune telling and fraud. A atisf-jctory reading can .only l)e had from one who has thoroughly master>'>d the laws of these, woiiderful sciences through pr-ears of critical study. :.Ime. Ferin, it must be truthfully said, employs pone of the 'mysterious machinery whic'a often,serves to make spiritual manifestations suspicioiiS. gjjg j Shu iiMpresses her,gifts upon the people wlio consult her without the em- I 'oyiitent of a single mechanical ag- -acy. She uses neither darknesb nor aiun.iueiy in her readings. You walk Into her parlor, where strict privacy s maintained at ail times, anil sit -lown (luietly at her desk with no more itiysiery than it she were your lawyer. Vou find yourself consulting a'Woman who respects and wlio commands re. spect, who indulges in no oracle make it worth her while to raise and; - . . , . i.. train the best possible t IS net the food market, nor the or- revelations, vou will leave, •hnary dog market. It is the market > an added one to the'many who have- 'or f:skimo dcgs which are trained for oimsitlteil her and benefitted by her .\rctic exploration. advice. " 1 If you decide to make a journey to The cost of the raiding is but 50 Jfooe of the poles,'you know thatiilSki- eents if you are satisf'sd; not one mi? dogs are absolutely essential- cf^"' "f -T"" are nor. You can get good Kskimo dogs in Gr.Tnland. or in Alaska. But the :Tf>od ijoge in Cro.-:iland may not bt s.xported e .'ceepi by special permisoion of til.; Danish government: and the gcod dcrs in .V.aska are not so good, Cne ir:;;;le witli ordinary Eskimo dof.-j is'that they have no breeding ar.d no uiceip!ine. They will obey the master -.vith whom ihej" have been brought w'j. but wh'en they start after Gsh or other game, even their master can control them only by the exercise of brute force. P'or the purposes .Of your e.^nlonition you need dcgs that will obey orders given by a white man, dogs that are broken to the har .".rss and arc net afraid of work, dogs that have learned team work. It is this kind of dog that Airs. Scott raises for the market. Her kennels have only puro blooded Animals of carefully selected stock.' and from : arli.-st i.iippyhood she trains them in how to t .it and how to work.; "\Mien she gets through with an Eskimo dog the animal is not nearly so ferocious as one that just "growed up" in the surroundings of an Eskimo village. "Hiey adapt thet-nselves quickly to new aasters. and tl'.ey have acquired good •atlng manners, so that they a^ not ;o likely to attack the cupboard or fresh game. .Mrs. Scott feeds her animals no meat except pemmican and" dried fish hrought fn»m -Norway; a largo part i.f the diet'is a specially prepared biscuit. She has supplied trained iKigs for a nniiibcr of Arctic and ,Vni-j arctic expeditions.-Scientific Amer icair. C. H. Vincni who came up from Parsons yesterday to perform his duly as a voter returned to his work this morning. Sloan's liniment' gives, qtiick relief for cough, coltL' ho:irsene.s.s. sore tliroat, • croup,; asthma, hay fever and bronchkii. HERE'S PROOF. McALBi-.ttT W.P&icB.o{FredoDla, Kiii., writrj : " Wo u.-jp<'i. liul- uii^uc iu the familr and Sinl It an ez- rollrat n.-i;.-r fi.rouiil* ai»l Iw- 'l»T«r ttat..|i«ct>Ui£lUiitfaika SUM^^' Inj. lUniof t iuutnti}.'* .V.t WHY ROOSEVELT BOt-TED. From the Clay Center. Kan.. RepubUcan. Taft was fairly nominated by the Republican natiojial convention at Chicago and Is the rightful nominee of His party. Had Roosevelt been the nomitiee. it would hve been tho duty of Republicans who atfiliate with the support him. Taft stands in lii^me relation and logically shotlld command the support of all who claim to be Republicans. Roosevelt bolted'his party: .not because Taft. was not the.rightful nominee, but buQause of disapiiointed ambition and bitter desire for revenge because of his failiire to get the nomination.. • . A bolter land incra ^e and a traitor a|e svf .ohywous terms'In his case ^off the peojJlelWiir see to it that •hi-ia properljepui&ished for his treachovi ' 'Ko, tiiiti^ ever succeeded ib'^'apj. d>mplisq(ng his ends. - liistorjr taujtever recorded an instance wliere a traitor did not meet ht.i just deserts. U will be the same wit»» Roosevelt REUEVED SOttE^dAT. >lB-». I.. ]ttiir(rKB,orM<>i1enn;FU., wrfle*: •• I iKaiiclit ono bottle of. y..ur ^ IJniment aoil lt<ndnioalt tliefEotNl ia' tho wi.rt.l. Mr tlucot-vrax Tcr /Mra,- andltcitreJnidat mytraublc.** ^ GOOD FOR COLD AMD CROOP. M IS. \V. It. .S -rRA>-«K ,3Kl Ehawiod. -VvBUue. Ctiicaso, III., writes: "A Jlt-- lle boy next <l«»ir JiaJ crpiip. 1 g»TO,- the' mother Slorui's Unlqieiit to ^ry.' Slie gitTe b<m thre^ dmps on innr before ROfinj t<> b<-.l, an.t he gptrup vitbout the crou|> in the morniuc." ,« Pi-ioe,230m, S0Om,St,00 Sloan's Treatise on the' Horse sent free;.

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