Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 17, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 1
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1 Ml . . H.F^AEIRICK: CAMPING OUTFITS, CANTEENS, CAMP STOVES. GUNS TO RENT, AMMUNITION FOR SALE. GOVINA PURITY FIRELE5S COOKBR5 Ever See One Work? RAQRICK'S HARDWARE ARGUS VOL COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. OCT. 17, 1908. NO. PROFESSIONAL CARDS PR. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 . Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg-. Covitia, Cal. . vSTEVENS AND BARRON OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays Dr. Emma Barron Mondays and Thursdays RoXIE E. BATES, M.D. Special attention given to treatment of diseases of women and children. Office and residence East College St., first door E. of First National Bank Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. Phone 288 Covina, Cal. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. n. REKD G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4pm,7-8pm 4-6 p m ' Offices in Reed blk.; Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jenning-s ou Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL,. DR. j. c. B'ARNEY, DENTIST Over Argus Office Phone 284 Covina, Cal. J. CLINE, : vV.- — DENTIST— ••'•- : - • OfiBce hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Hoice Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., Covina, Cal. £ g H. WEDGWOOD ARCHITECT AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR Residence, Cienega, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 (JEO. H. SKIDMORE ARCHITECT The Vernon, Myrtle Avenue Phone, Red 296 Monrovia, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL, Saturday's in A»gus Block. Covina. Office |)R. O. 1. AMYRAIJLD VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST Graduate Mc(iill University, Montreal Office and Res. San Bernardino Road Phone 1010. j Down town office, Reefer's Livery. \ jy|ADAME VAN VLIET Teacher of VOICE CULTURE (four lantrua^e.-.) ami I'lANO Graduate from Kup'in-an Conservatory. I'-n year» ex, r ;<-rienre in t*-achirii/ u!jp»a<l Spci-iaiist for tt(lvant--«l [»ui,ji.i. FN-in-jvin^ (lefvct-i iri th^ ortrana til .speech a specialty. METIIOUiCAI. SPKAKINd Full attention «iv«.-n to Ix-iiinnt-r.-i. Trial le.-i.son free. Keception hours Tt,u.-.,,|;iy from two to four. Kesidenc-e, Ea.-t L'olii.-ice Sireet, Covina. ROBERT M. PHILLEtJ TEACHER OF THE VIOLIN Special attention paid to the beginner. Limited number of pupils fur Arches- trial niork under most improved methods. Telephone .>054. The ladies ot the Monday Afternoon Club will give a chrysanthemum hhow at the Club House tli.; last of October. .Menil.t-i.i iind LOU mem - bt-r-i '.vtiu dr'iiie to exhibit chrywai)- Iheuinm-j will (.b-as.- notify Mm. li. M. Doii^la^. I'd nit :)T. H BRYAMSM VS. SOCIALISM Democracy Holds No Hope for the Working Man. Despite the inclemency of the weather, which can bo attributed to tho Almighty, and the frowns of the local central Democratic committeeman, the lion. \V. A. Welch, the debate between tho Socialists and Democrats in the Womtins Club House on Thursday evening uttracted 8 fair-sized audience. The absence of prominent local Democrats was noticeable, but the edict, htid gone forth from their tireless and "peer- lees" leader, W. A. Welch, that to debate with the Socialists was to lower the standard of pine Democracy. The meeting wna presided over by D. S. Foster of Azusu avenue, who is a candidate for the state senate on the Socialist ticket. The question was, "Resolved, that the election of William J. Bryan will be of more benefit to the American people than the election of any other presidential candidate." Tho affirmative was handled by Howard C. Tripp of San Gabriel, Democratic national organizer of Bryan clubs in Los Angeles county, and a close personal friend of Bryan. He prefaced bis remarks by stating that he was not here under tho auspices of the local Bryan club; in fact, he was given to understand that they were either.op- posefl or,all-aid to .debate with the Socialists, but as'far as be was concerned, when the Democrats could not meet the Socialists in fair debate, be was willing to band the reins of government to the Socialistic party, "i hold," said Mr. Tripp, "my commiBsion as national organizer from the national committee and do not have to ask the consent of any local central aomniitteemau as to when and where I shall hold meetings, " Rev. T. W. Williams of Los Angeles was the able champion of the Socialists. He lost no time in attacking the record of Mr. Bryau from the time he first entered politics, as regards the working man. "Do you," said ti.e speaker,, ''fancy for an instant th-ifc the Democratic party orators moan >• wrA of what they say about that party being friendly to workinginen? It is a clear, cold fact, proved by the record and not disputed, that the Democratic party has had absolute sway in the South for forty years, and in these southern states where the party leaders had every chance to make good, labor is unorganized, unions are almost (in- known, wagws are low, and conditions that surround the wage earners aro deplorable. " Following the debate forty minutes were consumed by the speakers in answering questions asked by individuals in the audience. Ladies' Night at the Country Club. One of the pleasantest social functions of tho present month was ladies' night" at, the Covina Country Club on Thursday evening. The Country Club house, unique in many ways and eminently artistic, was gay with Japanese lanterns, red flowers and greenery. With tho logs blazing brightly on tho mammoth hearth, the interior on this occasion was a scene of cheer and beauty, a striking contrast to tho drizzling rain which fell without. The guests were entertained in the spacious music and billiard rooms, where tables were arranged for the game o£ "live hundred." Tho prizes were won by Mrs. K. (). Simpson, a beautiful silver spoon, and Mr. A. K. Evans, a dainty watch fob. The games were interspersed with excellently rendered vocal and instrumental numbers. The evening closed with serving recherche refreshments. , Those who enjoyed this pleasant social evening were: Mr. and Mrs. A. P. KerckliofF, Mrs. Porter of Santa Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. William Crook, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Pratber, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Clapp, Mra. Capron of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. F. II. FabricU, Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Given, Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood, Mrs. Bailor, Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Cline, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans, F. E. Duddorar. nanagemcnt Changes. . J. O. Houser, manager of the viua Home Telephone Company, Colias resigned his position to take up other duties which demand his attention, hia placifl,, : ty?Jng W'sfy ';!««».£$.***«!&' by F. H,, "Wriflht, formerly with the Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company of Los Angeles. Mr. Wright's duties will be those of secretary and manager combined, and tho work of increasing the lines in the Covina valley will bo taken up under his direction. Tho business of the company has grown to proportions wherein it is necessary that tho secretary and manager devote bis whole time to the work, and Mr. [iouser did not feel that this waa possible for him. Mr. Houser will retain bis interests in tho company. Tho changing of the lines in A/.usa and Gleitdora, which has boon in progress for some time, will be brought to a close this week, and new linos will be placed in other localities. Puonte and Walnut Center will take up tho immediate attention of tbo company, as there are a largo number of subscribers waiting for the extension of the lines in that country. C. F. Jackson will C"ii- tinuo to have charge, of the outside work of extending lines as in the past. Monday Afternoon Club. Tho second meet'ng of the. Monday Afternoon Club was belt) last Monday at ;-J p. rn. The fenture of the afternoon was an interesting address by Mr. Fred Fabrick on "Modern Sanitation. " He spoke of the nefed of closer attei.- tion to limitary lawn in our kitoheo and hoim-«, and especially of the grt-nt need of a sewer fiystem in Covina. Mias Kvelyu Fletcher sang a pretty golo, "September," and responded with an encore, "My Mother tiirlu Me Bind My Hair." KefresbuifcntH were served. At the meeting on Monday after noon next, Miss L. L. Liunruis will give a travel talk ot; her trip to Europe. It bus been decided to bold a chrysanthemum show with other interesting feature.-j towards the end of tho Mrs. M. K. Clifford wiilies to an Hiiee thut she in prfe|.;ir«d to n.ukt; ijji-^. 1 lailoj niHib- c.,ata and .-,kiit-> fit:! ilol/n; '-II Cotluyi: I-UHC. City Business, At tbf) regular meeting of the city trustees Tuesday evening, tho following bills were allowed and ordered paid: Pacific Light and Power Co., street lights, 811.20; F. (J. DHHHOC.V, city engineer, t'M'i ; A. M, Pence. street iiumlierh, Jll).'); \. M. Pence, salary and incident ills. d'JT.iiO; J L. Mutthews, priiitinu and | nbl isliinu, 8);i.70; A NigK, labor, *; Johnson A N'igg, IjlackHinitliint!, *,'!. (ifj; M. L. Mehnert, salary us marshal, * 15; liunham A Hitciia, street work, *IO;,J. Trout, street work, *7.7. r ); M, L. Mehnert, street work, I'-'ii.HO; Walter |,arick, street work, % ' I ''•• D. Karnenl, utrfcot work, $ 1 'J ; A. (>. dun!., street work, $20.01). The council acted favorably on the matter ol the petition prehented b.\ C. K. Hlai-.kmitn for a f:oii:mit sidewalk ort both sides of Center street from First to Fifth streets. Tho cierk was instructed to notify the property ownera, and to unk th^m to take voluntary action in building thin sidewalk in order to nave thn «-xj.«-ns<: which entails uridoi tho enforcement rA the Vr-'iornan act. Mernbeis \itk-st-.iA wer tor and Hatekin; al.3<:nt Moxley. at ~-.;ilita iitjrbai a, -,! I..,-, \Ilii..-U-.r: H NEW MUSICAL INSTRUCTOR i Professor R. W. Groom Added to School Faculty. j Prof. R. \V. Ciroom, Into inimical instructor of thn Michigan Military Academy (if Orchard Lake, Mich..' has arrived t,o asHiune a similar position in the C'ovina High School. ; To Hoiiu 1 thin biief announcement inciiiiH little. To others who urn at 1 .- , ipiainted with thn mu.sical world of I America, it, (Mimes <is a source of surprise and much pleasure, for to them i Prof. (Ivooin is known as one of tho j foremost musical instructors, coin- J posers and orchestra leaders of Amer- Prof. CJrooni ia (icooinpniiied by his wife, niifl hero is tho secret of Covhw's Rood fortune. For several years Mrs. (irooin has been suffering from bronchial trouble and has been compelled to spend her winters in the South. This full they decided to malto a complete change, and severing all connections in the Kas(, they hnve come to California to reside permanently. Prof, and Mrs. (•room are now nicely located in tho Wilson cottage on the corner of the San Bernardino road and Second street. Prof. CJrooni received IUH degree as bachelor ot music troin Mount Union College, becoming the bead of that well known musical conservatory nrid teacher of harmony and theory. at the Cornell University, where ho conducted a chorus of three hundred voices. For the past ten yours he IIUH been director of music at the Michigan Military Academy. Prof, (iroom treasures among his letters one of introduction and recommendation from President McKinlcy, then governor of Ohio, also letters from Governor Fred M, Warner of Michigan, and Mr. Kllhu Root, Secretary of Slate. Tho following letter from President Lawrence Cameron Hull, of the Michigan Academy, Indicates the esteem in which ho was held by the faculty of that institution: The Michigan Military Academy. June 10, 1!)08. To whom it may concern : Mr. Kiohard W. (iroom linn been the director of music, at. the Michigan Military Academy for a period of ten years. Jlo JH in every way an extraordinary man; isaH keen and HII- gaciuuH in his judgment, of boys and in hi.s leadership of Diem, as l.e in scholarly and well trained in his | profession. Me is an exceptionally accomplished musician; able lo play any numbei of iiiHtrumcuin; full of J iiiHpiral i"ii for IIJH pupils; and'ablc to communicate lo the individual or to a body of muHicians IIJH own pun Himiatc interest in music. As an or guni/cr of it band or an orchestra he has few orpials anywhere; indeed, I never liave neen a man superior to him in Ms ability to take a body of bo.\H with varied tastos and training and out. of such a helcnigcneous col lection to organi/o splendidly har moiiioiis results. lie is certainly worthy of an appointment as muhicul director in any large institution in this country, and he will carry into j .inch a Inc. veihiitiiu training. llej in a broad minded, well balanced ! Mian, an well ah an aeeompl ihlied mu i Lawrence (.'ameion Hull, (.resident, and siiperinte'ide.'it. In itdiiitiun to bis school work, Prof, (iroom will give private lui tioii in piano, hiring, v.ind, glee and mandolin club work. Wo have just unloaded a Car of Fancy New Northern Burbank Potatoes They are in perfect condition and will keep until used. Over 100 sacks sold the first three flays we had 'them. Price, $1-50 per hundred DIRECTORS OFFICRRS G. E. Amleifioii Marco II. ir«llmnn W. If. IiOLUDAY, I'mnhlcnt C. P. Clu|>|> II. M. Hoimor MARCO 11. IIRI.LMAM, Vlco I'nm. J. It. Klllolt J. O. ll<)MM.,r J. K. KI.MOri', Vlc« I'I-PH. W. II. Hollldiiy C. Moiiiifi-ii W. M. (ild.SWOM), CiiHhlur A. I'. KoirkliolV J. C. IIIJTCIIINHON, Amil, CimliliT Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina tDallcy Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. IHKI'H'.TOKS OKKICKKS (!<•<•. K. Amli'i-m>i> W. II. llnlliiliiy A. I'. K KUCK1IOKK, l'1-.-nlil..iil ,J. H. lOlliol.l. II. M. ll'HMi'i- II. M. IIOUSKU, Vln- l>n>>iiili<iil. Mltmi II. ll'illiriiiii A. I'. K'-nliln-ir .1. ( '.. Iliri'l IIIINHON, Ciiiililur W. M. (iltlSWOI.I). AHM|. Ciinlilrr Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo CT $&A$&WttV»^tt!i$&s^tt^^ I Campaign Talk 50-Piece Dinner Set, Dainty Patterns $9.25 Lulu-n, Warner Pol and Fresh Supply Codfish and Salmon Bellies /loved Into Hettcr Quarters. Tin- ImilrlluK formerly t: \\aiiit;;, WhitHol At : bakery on (,'it/un avc/iu<-, ! ICDjOflcll-d (lllll lll-COClll'l), fill'] 14 HOW I (jficui-ii-'l 1'i tt''^ T'oviiiii )!akc/.v, <>. |(jrin<:i', |iioi,ni;t'.(, v.iio JH nicely -J-ll.l(:'l ill tilrt licv, '|llill t( I 4. J'V Dili riso 1 . <• Mr. '.iinei TI-COII-I a (jiuiTi l.t -I U I (A'-li. Allli i> ^M-ati-l r,.j,|i|l', ' J'.i 111 1 i.;i '< ••• ing i-'i-.lii'"--.-!. Yours for hii-ii Home's Grocery ] 1 julljr |ihoi;i t ', « 1 O •••»••••••••••••»•••»••••*••••••••••••••*•***

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