The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 28, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Friday, January 28, 1977
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Page Z -NAl'GATL'CK NKWS (Conn,) Saturday, JuneS. 19J6 Auditors Criticize School Headmaster HARTFORD, Conn. IUPII - Ttie stale auditors criticized Headmaster Ben K. llotfmeyer ot the American School (or the Dc.if for accepting a post on yers who serve on the school's board have been paid more than S32.WO in legal fees by the school. They said "such payments Ihe board of directors of a firm subject Ihe school to questions doing business with the school, of conflict of interest." The lawyers involved were Frederick U. Conrad and Atwood Collins of Both denied there The company. Voices o! the Unheard Inc., had a $22,500 contract with the school, according to Auditors Henry J. Decker Jr. and Ifo V. Donohuc, in an audit for the two fiscal years ending June 30, 1975. He resigned the directorship after staff auditor Frank S. Capoljianco questioned the arrangement. The slaff auditor also questioned Hoffmeyer about what he called the "nol uncommon practice" of luring administrators' relatives. The slate auditors did not mention any nepotism in their audit, but wrote Board of Directors President 11. Grant Thomas to suggest the practice "warrants the board's alien- lion." Hoffmeyer said he has no intention of changing the practice of hiring relatives "until somebody proves there's some-tiling wrong with it." Becker and Donohue also said firms which employ two law- Hartford, was any conflict and said they did not vote on payments to their own firms. The auditors said Conrad's firm was paid more than $30,000 while Collinsreceived 51,920 for legal services. Conrad's firm performed a variety of legal services, including tbe school's defense against a May 1973 civil suit by a dismissed school employe. Collins, who practices law independently, was paid for handling the $100,000 sale of a residence constructed for former Headmaster Edmund D. Boatner. General Motors de Mexico has offered to test tire smog tolerance level in Mexico City. This city of 12 million, located in a howl-shaped mountain valley, has one of the world's worst levels of air pollution. Television In Review By JOAN HAN'AUKR NEW YORK (UP1) - Mary "We *>n' Complainant Denied Access To Files HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) The slate Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities may legally deny public according lo a Freedom of *.. w ..-..t,, .- , — --o ---- - . journalist in me Information commissioner. Nancy Dussault. According to Im nol ajourna us .w u Colchester, ABC executives, it has cut into sense of he people Umuot as ^ JacK Berm^ ^j^i,,,, •k. "Tv^ u " ch™ rtnminanre lournaiists waller wu , ^^.^ ^ teen disraiss ed - . MB , Hartman may be the talk of the periods of lime on anytfimg ; - nightfolk, bal on morning our interviews last perhaps five television it's David, — or £ a <. ,Jd Dav id Hartman. Hariman ndb "« [»" HartmanisthehostofGood aboul his qualif.cations as a Morning, America," along with the "Today" show dominance John Chancellor, Harry Reaso uesl shot on "Good Morning, broadcast journa • i.k™ mipH Thurs- America" - the future looks "I don't see myself that way. ,.„.. My job is to elicit from my CBS is the province of Ihe guests what they have to say straight news report, and its as well as show something audience remains steady, if not about them personally. I don I exciting. The story lies in the think I have to be a journalist, struggle between "Today" and "I just try lo come at thing: "fi«S Mnrnins" wilh a sK & 1 ll11 ' from l^vin Mord, viee president human point of view. We're -rotes of research at ABC, recenlly going to cover all the ground could told the network affiliates that but I want lo show that these The "Good Morning" was in second people we talk lo are human Judith A. Lahey ruled Thursday. The CHRO had shown him part of the file, which Ms. hey said should also include his income-lax forms and a and "I just try lo come at things newspaper clipping. But she the said work sheets, investigative and other information added 640,000 additional every morning.' households for a 62 per cent . improvement since abandoning The top 10 network television the sinking "AM America." programs for the week ending STRATFORD, Conn. (UPI) - •oTgrowth hasten princi- May 30, according lo Ihe A. C. The town Is w,ta an pally at Ihe expense of the Nielsen Co., were: incinerator today. Officials said Today' show " lT said. "Last 1: Ali-Dunn Heavyweight Thursday a small explosion sel year 'Today'enjoyed a 62 per Championship Fight (NBC); 2: refuse burning and melted cent share of the three network "M-A-S-H;" 3: "Baretta;" 4: wiring Wednesday night, caus- audience. This year il's down lo "Starsky and Hutch;" 5- ing $1,000 damage to a crane 48 per cent while we've gone "Happy Days;" 6: "Laverne needed lo operate the facility, and Shirley;" 7: "One Day At The explosion resulted from a A Time;" 8: "Police Story;" 9: blocked chute, officials said. "Streets of San Francisco;" 10: They expected the facility lo be "Bionic Woman." oul of service for about a week. FOH SUNDAY, JUNE6,1976 1/iok in Ihe section in which your birthday conies and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. AHIES I Mar. 21 lo Apr. 20) Aspects not too friendly. Be taclful in speech, cautious in making agreements. Some "tricky" spots indicated. TAURUS H — ,f, (Apr. 21 to May 21) °W Home anil family concerns under highly beneficial influences. In fad, a recent dor.'.estic problem will finally be straightened out satisfactorily. GEMINI •nJi$' I May'22 to June 21) "^ An" unexpected invitation to an evening (unclion could strengthen your social standing considerably. Don't hcsilate lo accept CAN C Ell I June 22 to July 23) Don't take situations or persons for granted. Be a shrewd observer - especially in a romantic involvement. LEO f) .-fb (July 2410 Aug. 23) "SWA Do nol conclude a matter before all facts are known or a full chance for research given. You may be tricked into inaccurate moves if not wary. VIRGO irt>U!v (Aug. 24 to Sept.'231 "'3. Happy personal relationships indicated. Others can be won around to your way of thinking easily and willingly. LIBRA _ X~X (Sept. 24 lo Ocl. 23) it s "> Some pleasing surprises in store. You may find, quile unexpectedly, that a hobby lias money-making potential. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 loDee. 21) A day for listening! In even a casual conversation, you may pick up a most useful idea where job matters are concerned. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 20) Don'l expect associates lo be amenable to the usual approaches now. Certain situations will call (or extreme delicacy in handling. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Follow-up on a unique idea could be highly successful — if you are aware that present conditions are without precedent. It will be up to you to accommodate. ••••:.PISCES V^V (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) "<ibA Stellar influences favorable for overcoming personal limitations, solving problems; are especially helpful in ironing out family difficulties. NEW LONDON — Cadets on Ihe U.S. Coast Guard (raining ship Eagle climb down through the rigging ot the ship after furling Ihe sails. The Eagle returned lo its home port In New London following a brief stay in Philadelphia, Pa. and a training cruise on the Atlantic. The ship wi parlicipallngin "Tall Ships -16" in June and July ol Ihisyear. Ballerina Autographs For (UPI) TOLLAND, Conn. (UPI) - A Auditors OTB Contract Being CiteLackOf Studied By Auditors Inventory HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) - was authorized by the panel to Stale auditors today begin sign Ihe documents in its mul- behalf, Ajello said. Under Ihe contract, AmTote provided the equipment for reviewing Connecticut's HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) - timillion dollar contract for an Slale auditors today criticized off-track-bctting system lo de- the inventory control at the termine whether it is too Mystic Oral School. generous. Audilors Leo V. Donahue and Gov. Ella T. Grasso asked _.„__. . Henry Becker said the school, auditors to study Ihe terms of aboul 2 per cent to about 7 per November," located in Mystic, should keep the contract with American cent, depending on the tolal " n '"° »' ll " l » betler track of its supplies. The Totalizator Inc. after stale from 1C to 27 per cent. "In simple terms, 'Today' has lost aboul one million homes and most of them are now watching 'Good Morning, America.'" One measure of (he growing popularity of "Good Morning" is Ihe increasing ease with which the new show can attract top guests, from Henry and Nancy Kissinger in their firsl man with 18 pairs of Dame joint interview lo Billy Gra- Margot Fonleyn's toe shoes has ham, Timothy I^eary and Golda found at least one thing to do Heir, with them — present a pair to Hariman pointed out during Ihe famed prima ballerina for an interview that "Good Mor- her autograph, ning" has lurned on some new David Garrity, a collector of viewers, as well as drawing theater memorabilia, had lo from "Today," and the Nielsen talk the dancer into signing Ihe figures back him up as ABC shoe during a recent Hartford narrows the gap with NBC in visit. the prime age group, the 16- He obtained the shoes in 1968 Conneclicut's OTB "parlors in 4*rs. while he was studying voice in return for a percentage of the ."We have changed the show New York city and serving as money wagered, rising from very litUe since we started last head usher at the Metropolitan November," Hartman said. Opera House. The season's 'Our whole point of view is to supply of slippers was about to cover a very broad range of be thrown out by Dame education for deaf students. "Our examinalion revealed that no formal inventory and accounting controls were maintained over food supplies," they said. "No physical inventories pact . . .binding." parlors, maintenance, parking . Ajello's ruling only hinted at fees and all insurance costs, the issue of whether Connecticut is paying AmTote too much. News reports have said the stale pays Ihe Maryland firm three times what AmTote gets from New York State for Bill Would Check On Spending YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with versatility and activity — hallmarks of Ihe Gcnrin'ian - and those of you whose birlhdale this is are most typical of your Sign. You are innately energetic, concise, skillful and always effective in your endeavors. The dualily of trie "twins," who symbolize this sector of the zodiac, is best expressed in your personality — lighthearled and an interesting conversationalist usually, but contemplative and even moody at others. You have a great love of people and travel, and could succeed in any field which lakes you afar and involves dealing wilh Ihe public. You could also iake a success of the law, the (Oct 24 to Nov. 22) " (healer, art, literature or Mixed influences. Expect Ihe music. Birthdate of: John A expected. Others involved in Roeblmg engineer 1 designer of ur activities may have the .Brooklyn Bridge,. Pierr yoi misunderstood certain arrangements. Corneille, Fr. dramatis!; Tony Curtis, film slar. money bet. report covered Ihe fiscal years Attorney General Carl R. Ajello Connecticut is responsible for subjects in very human lerms, Margot's secretary, ending June 30, 1974 and 1975. ruled Thursday the controversy paying Ihe salaries of OTB lelling people what's going on When Garrity heard of her The school, is Bunder the a l pact was "valid and employes, Ihe rent .for (he .ina little.bil.liehter.way.^ . .May, ^ visit,,to ..Hartford,, ; he supervision of the slate Board o( Education and , provides The amendmenl revoked the requirement that AmTote also install five "teletracks" — at which bettors could watch horse races on oversized television screens -- and lowered it to one teletrack. Ajello commented on the fairness of the contract and Ihe amendmenl, saying only, "any comparison between the contract of Connecticut and those cor ding t 0 Rep. of other places engaged in Coller. similar business must be carefully done. "There are substantial differ- vv jthj n at leasl four years of should be assured thai such ences in the performances of a, a ciment. Congress could re- conlractural arrangements are the respective parties between authorize Ihe program only fair and equitable," said Mrs. New York and Connecticut," a (t er the House and Senate of Ajello said, adding the gaming vo ted continuation after "a commission was the best source d^ zero-based review." of thai information. The commission has said the pact does give AmTote a larger share of money wagered than it measure"would also require the upon Ihe stale," even though gets in New York because the president lo conduct a zero- they were only signed by a firm performs more services based review of present pro' and is exposed lo more g rams before submitting his potential loses here. budget lo Congress. The nine-member panel is Coller ^3 Monday his chaired by Paul J. Silvergleid, mea sure would require Cona Galslonbury Republican, who ffKS to rev iew all programs to has been having a running determine if they are wasteful, battle with Mrs. Grasso over duplicating or ineffective, the spread of legalized gam- -The era of uncontrolled bling in Connecticut, government expansion has examine these documents in comparison with similar agreements in other slates," the governor said in a letter to Ihe auditors released shortly after Ajello's ruling. "The people of Connecticut were laken during the audited nearly Ihe same OTB services, period." "1 am requesting that the They also said equipment office of the stale auditors inventory records were not being maintained. "Our examination revealed that deficiencies noted in the previous audit report concerning updating of equipment records had not been corrected," Ihey said. "Reliability of data reflected on equipment inventory records Grasso, staunch opponent legalized gambling. Ajello ruled both Ihe 1974 contract with AmTote and a later amendement were "a valid and binding obligation state Special Revenue Commission staff member. The executive director of Ihe commission, supervising all legalized gambling in the state, would be improved by a system of continuous updating of records as changes occur." GOP Leader WASHINGTON (UPI) - A bill Wednesday requiring Congress to re-authorize all federal programs every four years will introduced Wednesday, ac- William R. The bill would require (hat each federal program expire Standing committees would a^ (^ required to determine if program is necessary. The come to an end. We must make hard decisions as to where our limiled sources can most effectively be spent," said Cotter. He said Congress presently re-authorizes a program "merely because it's on the books." A member of the House Ways and Means Committee, (he Democrat said he was not "suggesting indiscriminate slashing of the federal budget." But, he said, many programs, "although laudable in their intent, simply fail lo meet their decided to ask her to autograph a pair of the custom-made shoes, which he would then donate lo the Hartford Ballet Co. as an inspiration lo budding dancers. She was reluctant to sign the shoes because Ihcy were in such poor condition, according lo Garrily. Finally, she boughl some ribbon to refurbish them and then signed the shoes. Dame Margot said Ihe shoes were handmade by Englishman Fred K. Freed until he died. She said she has been unable lo find identical craftsmanship since. She said Ihe ribbon was not precisely Ihe type she prefered, a double-faced ribbon which does nol reflect light while she is dancing. But Dame Margot "said thai'lype'of ribbon is no longer made anywhere on earth. Garrity said he would like to give the other 17 pairs away to a non-profit arts organization. The rest of his collection includes a letter from Giuseppi Verdi and Ihe signatures of Jenny Lind and Sarah Bernhardt. ALEXANDER ELECTED HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) Errol D. Alexander of Vernon has been elecled president of (he Urban League of .Greater Harlford. The league's directors at a recenl annual meeting requested a 24.4 per cenl budget hike for 1977. The 1977 budgel is 5205,369. Gov. HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) Wj s , Mj u Hamden, says Gov. Ella T. Grasso's handling of Ihe state's finances has been marked by "confusion" and "panic." Denardis, ranking Republican on Ihe legislature's Finance Commiltee, said Thursday he was convinced she did not have a grasp on the slate's fiscal situation. He said Ihe governor's handling of Ihe state budgel was marked by "confusion, panic, erratic behavior and cover-up activities that is •widening the credibility gap between her adminislralion and the public. "People are asking with incredulity and anger why the governor and her financial advisors speak of deficits and surpluses in alternating fashion almost on a monthly basis," he said. State officials, who had Rides Oil BRIDAL ENSEMBLES ORIGINAL DESIGNS CREATED BY MEADOV STBECT K»UG»TUCX. CONN. . PHONE 729AOM HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) A welfare mother cannot be jailed or refused welfare if she won't name a child's father unless Ihe slate shows such a move is in Ihe child's best interest, according lo a federal court ruling. A three-judge panel issued ^ ^g Tuesday on a 1973 ] avv ^iej, ;t previously found constitutional. The U.S. Supreme o^ S€IU the case ^^ to ^ ^^ r or further Q MM O bMfll 0 MM Federal judges M. Joseph Blumenfeld and William H. Timbers wrote Ihe decision, whi]e }aAge . j on Q. Newman . predicted the state would have issued a separate b ut support- a small deficit, announced last j n g jecjsjo,, week there would be a $7.6 They said proper hearings million surplus instead. under ftt y s s^i security State Comptroller Edward acl must ^ e p!ace tefore fte Caldvrell Thursday increased state can cnforce ^ laW| the projected surplus to S8.1 mtejlde<1 ,„ aid fte state in n" 11 ' 0 "- __ _ locating fathers who are not ROLLING STONE supporting their children. WASHINGTON (UPI) - John Mothers can lose federal Aid Dean III. the former White lo Families with Dependent House aide who testified at Children for refusal to name Senate hearings lo Richard fathers. In a suit, some Nixon's role in the Watergate mothers said the fathers were cover-up, will cover the Repub- unable lo pay, while in other lican convention for Rolling cases they were unsure of the Stone magazine. father's identity. Editor Jann Wenner called They also said questions 37-year-old Dean "one of the about paternity were often more unique observers of humiliating and pointless. Republican politics." AREA BUYING GUIDE WHKRIi TO BIY IT-EASIIY AM) QUCKIY AUTO BODY rtEFAIR PHOTO EQUIPMENT Frank's NAUCATUCK AUTO BODY 31 Yea sol Qualily wiknanship Collision Repair Towing Seivice * 4 V * 729-6711 Proijucl Si. BOB'S UMIRA SHOMiK. Camtm • Piojectou - Recoidos •Rollei «KoiJak»Agla«NiVon 'Polaroid »Aigus «P«ita« •RENTALS TIL 7M-M54 'REPAIRS FUHERAL SERVICE M.DERSON FUNERAL HOME., Inc. Wateibury Heine 70C«ft3lAve 753-5113 729-2253 oist SI. OPEN FOR BUSINESS CALL 729-2228 TIRE SERVICE RADIATOR REPAIR "ARMSTRONG TIRES^ JOE'S TIRE MOP SINCE 1928 2« North Main St., Pi«M.jtr Comonntui WaterbuTY farm rndcvrut * y.jf.'i'il! DependiMe Pick-up 4 Df livery Beacon Radiator Shop >p , v t» AIR CONDITIONING 't»,, c Robert I Roll Gondola, 0 BCT Q ••• O Q

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