Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 10, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 8
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*####*****#*### ••«* Social Mews Mifl.s Mand F,r]\vnrds nntertnined v.'it.h a chicken dinner laM, Sunday, her Kiin.stfi hrlriK Mm Missfa Ahbio nnd Mnmin Cook nnd Mi-ssrs. Onrnp- Vjrll and KrmnnnH (,'onk. At, their homo in Pomona, Mr. nnd MPH. H. J). Jiliiiir'mid KM I (Minified with n dinner party no (MB! Hnndny iti 'honor nf MrH. Hhirifthnrr] '« irn mediate fiimily, ^IK^(H In HIP: number fil ton bi'itiK p/'r^cnt,. Maud Kd<Mirds <'titf'i'tnin<'d on y fift.crnrmn ut, her | rct.ty nnw home uri IJoivlHtid avonut! wiMi a thiriiblf: party, followed by a supper (it, Ii p.m. Voting bidicH wliu wort: lt\ii'.n\H were Hie MisscH llerniti and (,'!i!irlol Ic Heiron, Iltir-d.iii({H, (,''i<ik, l)'iii^hiHH, {{fiiiNurri'! find Kiiriner. Mr. iusd Mrs. ().-o;n Miller enter taine.d <ni Kridiiy cveiiin« in honor nf tlto f(iriiif!i''H brolhrtr, ( Miller nf Mi'tiior, KatiHiiH. About t.wnnt.y yomiK pe«ipl<! wen; pr'wnt, ;tnd n delightful evening WSIH Hpent, \vil.h Ufirnes and music. KHreHhmontH wrc sorved. A very ple'i.Hfint, time WIIH ftpent. in honor of l,)ie hirthdayH nt Mr. Knlriifh find M'IHH Kt.hH Hnider, til, their home Niiturdfi.y evening. ThoHo present were: Mr. A. T. and i'Yank JiiM'.liilolt of \j>in An^'den, H. K, Trout, ,(, Smith, MJHHCIH JJerihdoll, and liarnt.ow of IJOH Angeles, MaM'J A.HhnrHt,, May and MnU.ii) Trout. At their beautiful lmrii<i Houlh of town, Mr. and iVIrH. Will OiHIf.hs entertained with tin ele^m! ly appointed dlnnnr on Wefinewilay evening, their H\I<-H(H l/eint? Mr. and MrH. Will I.joland of LOH An^elen, Mr. and MrH. JoHHf) Kuiifi of (Jlendnra, Mr. jind Mrs. films. 10. (Irilllt.liH and (laughter, Mins Mildred, of Hiintn Ann. Mr. nnd Mr«. K. M. DoiitfhiyH enlerlaitidd last, ni«nt with n. card party, the bein^C the inemberH nt the l-'ivn Hundred C'lub ninl Home I'l iendH. TlmHC preH(?nt wen: MOHHI'H. IIIK) Milieu, (iiven, (j'ook, Kllinlt, J-'niMior, I'otler, l{. O. HinipHon, W. II. (,'olliiiH, Kercldiod', and l.hc mo- thdr and Hi.Mler of the lal.tei', Mines. Clnpp and Oaproii, MJHH Oe Hoy nnd Merton KlliuU, KoiroHhmentH were Kerved. A Jartfo nnd happy parly of rela- tivea nnd frimidti runt, on Tuonday ovoninK to HiirpriHe Mrs. (Jon. Oool- innn nnd ttulobrnte her birthday. The evening, which was Hpent in .social enjoyment, (toiioludod with refreshments of Himdwiohi'H, coffoo nnd (lake. Mi'H. Conlman received iniinv pretty and nnel'iil jire.sentt*. Those pre.sent, were Mr. and Mrs. Milton Armid and dan^lilcr (iracc, Mr. and ftlri. Will Annul, i\Ir. nnd MrH. lluuli Armel and HOII, Mr. and jMr.n. Walter Armel, Mr. and Mrn. Kay, Mr. and Mrn. .Jasper Maker and threu children, Mrs. II. (>nu.Mi), David CroiiNe, MiHH Ulnnoho Croime, Mr,- 1 . Cbapmnn, Mrs. .lacknon and niecf, nnd Misn ijiuira Vonable. l:ntertalnnieiit Postponed. Tlio eiitoi'tniiimi'iit, aiinoum't>d for IIIHI, eveuiim by (be YIIUIIK Mun's ChriHlinn (,'ulluid and Athletic (Mill) IIIIH heen pc slponed fur ciiti \vc«)k, it I oiiiK found im puMsi liln In secure for that evening the pi'Kscuce ut' a team nf trained alhlele.s liuiu the Yuimy; Men's ChriHlinn . \snouint ion ut Los An^elen In ^ive aii exhibition ul' bin i/onlnl bur and club work. Mr. ( ). C. Lo^uc icceised on \\'ed nc.sday evening the lollowin^; letter from ( '. II. 1'ricc, director nf phy sical cull lire : Los AiiKiilcti, Cal., Oct. 7, 1'JOH. Mr. 0. C. LiiKiie, (^ivinti, ("nl. Dear Sir: 1 have delayed writing ynu an we ho|ii)d to net .some men for your entertainment but it in simply mil of tln< i|iieHtiiin nt thin time. We have been unable t<> handle all the work (hut Hlinuld bo dnmt in con ncot'inn with our own work here nnd havu nnl licen able lo ^et the time to conch any men Inr a^: nuttiido e\ bibilion. Tliis is not liecnnse wt> nre nul intei csieil in helping \nii but it is a bi^ problem lur UN t» niKiini/e on n t reiufudoii.sly increii.scil scale. Ihir rld.-s work t;cuiin Mnnd>iy and lluil cumins at ibis time with all mir iHitinisbi'il detail \\ork is cn. us fvt-ry minute, At u later Into \\e will be ple tu bt'iul yuu Mime men. \uurs truly, C. N 1'iie. Ladles' Aid Holds fleeting Thn LHrlip.H 1 Aid srcifty of the M. K. Church met in the ehuteh on Tnenday nftrrtidoii HIK! held tin-it annual ek-dion of officer*!. Over fifty larlji's were jiresnnt and tfie reportn denotr-rl a very siicre«Hful year in Ihe past,, both financially and otherwise. Tlif followitiK officers weir; elected : f'resldent, MIH. \-\. H. Kobifif-on ; vice presidetit, Mrs. Wm. Clark: secretary, MIH. !•',. 1'. Warner: 1 1 ensure r, Mrs. Coona. A I. the social hour, which followed, the oiilnoirit! president, Mr- j . C, If. KiMler, was presented wilh a vet of folid Hilver ten ^fioons ns a token of appreciation of her loyal devotion and Christian influence during her year of office mid all pie-i-rnt joined in offering her thanks and appreciation for Ihe same. Mrs. Kistler ".<IM so overcome that fhe uns unable (o respond In words, but Mrs. Whifpel, dressed in nome clothes of the former, easily reco^nixnlde. thrnii/h on her scant and ill fitting, caiiHcd much merriment by her splendid imper- soniflcat.ion. VnrioiiH kinds of sherbet and cake were served by the refreshment committee. Couldn't Illarney Blarney. The HtreiMiotiH oxertirinn of those (.ourintH who hung HiiHpended by the heels over the Hibernian ('lift' to kins the "niarncy Htone" are ns nothing l,o the (roubles caused on Knut Col- b-ge Htrcet, on Tuesdiiy nfle.rnoon by a little green parrot, of nimilar nnmo. K.Hcnpitig; from his t^age at 1 p.m., lie fluttered to n nearby tree fuid Inking n station just; out. of ranch, enjoyed the excitement with tantalizing indifference. With patient, de- volion IU'H mistress Hat under the tree nil the long Hiinny afternoon. The cage wan ready with fresh water nnd appetizing food, but; "Hlarriey" (locked his shining eye and said, "Not on your Hlarney; liberty forever." You see, although only a year from the jingles of Mexico, he has quickly adopted Americnn principles. Other birds were proem ed in hopes of luring nim I lirongh nlfeotion or Jen lousy, but, modeht filarney .said, ''I tun no Mormon and this publicity )H shocking." .Sundry small boys offered to climb (he tree and al.lach snline crysliils to hiw cnudal appi.-n- dnge. Finally Ilio pangn of unw(iiit- ed huiiger began to »H.sert themsolves, and bopping diflldenl l.v n little lower, lio WIIH nt 0 p.m. flnnlly secured nnd carried triumphantly home. Death «* a Father. The death occurred in Low Angeles on Wednesday of Mr. liiirkman Neilson, brother of our fellow-citizen, Mr. (Jus Neilwon. The deceased had been ill since November of last yeni, with valvular heart trouble, and for the piiHt, thirteen weeks run lined to his bed. The remains were brought to Co vina Thursday, funeral services being held by the Kev. I'nul HteveiiH at the I'reshyterinu Church at - p.m. The Interment look place ul. the Oakdale cemetery, where the membeiH of Co vina Lodge, I" 1 . A- A.M., had charge, UK? solemn ritual of the order being rend by I'IIH! Master K, K. Dudderur. Many beautiful Moral -ofleringH wore went by sorrowing friends. The deceased, n carpenter by trade, leaven n widow nnd three children, two girlH nnd n boy, Ihe ol.lost of whom is eleven yearn and the youngest ten months. A Under husband nnd father, he nt nil times, uiulei all circumstanccH, walked in the well beaten path of righteousness, commanding the re.spect of employer and lellow-laborer alike, Well may his children cherish his memory ns n precious legacy nnd hin widow lake comfort in the thought Hint, the temporary .separation will end in an everlnsl Ing reunion. The deceased, who at the time of hid death wna 4f) years of nge, was a nntivo of Sweden, doming to America in 1HDO ami locating nt Vail, Iowa, whern he married his wife, n foster sinter of Mrs. Kohl. Anderson uf thin oily. In 11HU he moved with his family to California, coming direct to his brother in Cuvina. Thu'e months Inter with his family he went In LOH Angeles, where be worked tin a carpenter until .stricken with his t'ntiil illnesH. lie was n memler uf the Swedish Lutheran church, and a M'tsnn, having joined this tcitcmity in Vail, luwa. In ad dilion to Ins vsidnw and children, be leaves a mother, brother nnd siMer in Sweden, and his brother, Mr. ( ins Neilbnn, uf I his city. Hotter-Hall. A wedding which created much interest in t.his flection WHS that of Klmer K. M offer of Cnvinn to Mies ! May Mall of 577 ('entiTil avenue, I^os Angeles, whi(rh took pbice on Tuefi- rlny exening at the borne of the bride. 1 The cerernoiiy nan performed by the liev. Mr. Henry of tin; Kirst Baplifst Church, LOH AngcleH, in the presence of invited friends nnd relathcH. : The groom is known throughout i the Covir.a valley, norf since the aiifpicifius event happened, luis V;een the recipient of runny congratulations. The bride also has n large coterie of ft lends in (lie city. Mr. and Mr?<. Mutter' hsi'.e dnappewred i for a short, hi.neymnun, and will return on Sunday to (Ju\ina. \ home has been prepared on Dexter Htrcet, : Mr. Mritter is thp eldest hon of Mr. and Mis. .1. L. Alotter i,f Covina. I The couple have been the recipients of many beautiful and serviceable ' presents. Assessment Notice. ('.oviii;i Valley Gas Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Ari- g;c,les, State of California. Notice is hereby given that at a regular meeting of the tlireetors, held on the twenty fourth (lay of September, \'KlH t an assessment (No. 5) of three (3) cents per share was levied upon tin-capital stock of the above named corporation, ;it the secretary'sofilcc. ;it Coviuu, County of Los Atig;tU::s, State of California. Any stock upon which this iissess- ment shall remain unpaid on the 2nd day of November. 1WM, shall be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before?, will he sold on the 2'.th day of November, VX)H, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising 1 and expense of sale. ('. K. Clapp, Secretary. Covina, Cab, September 2.i, 1'iiiH. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal plar<: of business, Covina, Rowland Township, Count v of Lus Angeles, Slate of California. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the directors, held on the eighth day of September, 1908, an assessment, (No. 4f>) of 50 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22nd, 1886) of the ahovc uamccl corporation, at the secretary's office at Covina, County of Los Angeles, Stati; of California. Any stuck upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 13th clay of October, 1'MJH, will betlelinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 2d day of November, 1'MIH, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the ofliec of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising 1 nnd expense of sale. H. K. I-;I)WARDS, Secretary. Covina, Cab, September 8, I'iCis. IX THIC SirpRRIOR COURT OK TH10 STATIC OK CALIFORNIA, IN A XI) K O R 'J" H K CO!' i\ T Y OK LOS AN(;iOLKS dKI'KK TO SIluVV CAI'SIC WH V OKdHI. 1 d !•' SA1.H HI' 1 KKAI. IjSTATK ANIi I'KK- SOSAI, 1'NOI'KKTY SllOfl.l) NOT li!-; .M AliH. EII the matter of the estate of dut^e Smith, deceased. IT Is (>l< DKKKII, by the Court, that all persons interested in the estate o! said deceased, appear before the said Superior Court on Monday, the 2iith day of October, 1'xis, at 1<) o'cIocU a. m. of said day. at the Court Room of said Superior Court, Department 2 thereof, in the Court House, in said County of Los Angeles, State of California, to show cause why an order should not be granted to the administrator of said estate to sell so much of the real estate and personal property of said deceased as may be necessary. And that a copy of this order he published at least four successive weeks in the Covina Ar^us, a newspaper printed and published in said Countyjof Los Angeles. JAM10S C. RIVK.S. Jiid^e of the Superior Court. Dated Sepiemher 1H, UK'S. A. <;. SMITH, Admi nistrator. A. M. IMCNCK, attorney for said estate. Notice. Office of L,a Puerile Co operative Water Company, Irwindalc, Cal. To Stockholders: Please take notice that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the La Puentc Water Company will he held at the office of said corporation at the pumping station, frwiiiflalc.. I/os Angeles County, State of California, on Tuesday. October 20th, TJ08, at 10 o'clock, H. m., for the ^nirposo of the election of directors for the ensuing year, and the transaction of such other business as t.iay come before the meeting. The transfer books will be closed at .T o'clock p. m., October loth, and remain closed till 10 a. in. October 21st, 19O . • Respect ful'y, \V. S. SA \VYLK, Secretary. October 7th, l'*OS. 1909 Model Kissel Thirty Motor— 4U'x4J/(— 30 h. p. Wheel Base—I 07 in. Floating Rear Axle. I Beam Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Springs ^ Eliptic. Weight— 2UOC Ibs. Timken Roller Bearings. Speed — 45 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 REO Garage COVINA Guy E. Fairly Electrical Contractor Everything in the Electric Line C'aM and see my fixture room equipped with the best line of fixtures in the valley. I,u.i Angeles prices. Office vvit>i U. I'. (Garrison's lticyi:Ie Shop Citrus Ave. James Corbett General Oleiok-smitHing All kinds of peneral and heavy Blacksinithing'. We manufacture Ridg-ers, Orange Racks arid Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty home Phone 6J Shop West ftadillo St, Csvina ihe (ir«ismu'e wliich lias imw uly for next I'Yiih llciiic \sill und> >u \\ Itli tin- V"UliU Ili 'I hi- pint for i if.,und at tin' di i; r -N'iish in tiif fikl iinti liU ii;ut'il and - itUilutii' t pi uiui>.H'il il iiiubi. tin- 'd I v In- eii • 't > HI I'll \ . v !••! -i-;il> i.- -t. i i- it' \'. i )n Saturday la.-l ul the l'ie.-by li-riaii Chinch, Lima Heach, tin- Kev. Cli-lland united in ,nan iai,'e CliHrlrs l>. !>rii.'is'» and Miss LUIUM- M. H.\att, l.olh i f A/n-ii. .Miss Hyatt, uliu ('liib unlil -i\ mi'iiltii a_'o \\as ni:r>in^ in udi'-i CuNiiiii, ha-, many \\aim filrinl.- ii, ; - ill I u'.s n. 'll:e y 0111:1; c- II | lr hit . I i- in.Mir,i iii'.i'l y til Cun |. Ill lie n. . t V\ A i; \\'\: \ In- L;I i . -in \\ 111 t i ii. i I..ii .;.d 111 11 • ^ 11. i • '.'. i r. 11 '. . Notice to Creditors. F.-late of Henry (J.ihriiii;. deeoa-.oii. ! Nutire i.-> hereby ^iven by the uinli-r- ! { signed adiiiini>ti'at»r nf the estate uf' j Henry tiahriiiK dei'ea>eil. to the i creditors nf. ;<iut ,v!'. persons having j claims against the de^ea^ed, to exhibit I the same with the necessary vouchers. I within ten months after the lirst ptiti- \ lu'ativii of tills notice to the said ad- inini>trator of the above n.lined estate. at the law oitici- of Ueo. L. Sainier.-., . Riiom .^-^ \\'ilcox Miiiulin^. Lus An- k'elvs. k.'uiint\ uf Lus Angeles, State .if l '."-liti n'ni .1. \vluch pla.'e i^ heri-tiy c.e>- IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before YOU let vour job. MtftftftftMUMfclMSMMWIUMUR* Guaranteed $ix .Months Women 8> Children SOLD RY BROADWELL Covina GENASCO Smooth Surfacc An absolutely new process that resists all weathers Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill and Lumber Ca. Home 148, Sunset 253. Covina, Cal We Arc Told That Taft Will Be Elected But business is going- to be good anyway. Business is good with us now. We have the largest stock in the San Gabriel Valley of Builder's Hardware, Tools, Oils, (Mass, Stoves, Heateas and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Cutlery, Gloves, and House Furnishing Goods. Inspect our stock of scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. Card of Thank?. It is my desire to (lunik tho many friomls and relatives \vho extended us their sympathy rluriuy the illness and after the death of the l>rloved Imahand and father, Mr. C. (J. Bohannan. The many helped to lift a portion fif the Brief from our hearts. Mr.s. O. C. Bohtumau and chiIdren. All work ffuaratiteeil and price reasonable. Edwurils & Wildey (o. "It Pays to Sec Us" Real Estate COVINA ORANGE AND LEMON LANDS A SPECIALTY D. W. MacDonald, Resident Agent Residence J'> blocks ^outh of car line on Barranca. Phone 125V Los Angeles ortice, 2-2 Lautthlin Bid^. Kxcluuiires made f >r YOU uf all kind,-,. X. 11. If \ ..u vai,! <|iiiclf :-.--,ults li>t yuiir property s-.i'.h Macl >oii'iid. F. E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , 'ir^'e .:i.i! c ^mp'.e'e v^.^k i.f every- ?:;iiic ii. tho '.ii.e. WALL PAPER BARGAINS C.iood Wall and Ceiling papers one ent a roll, choice of twenty yood pat- urns. I-'ine (Jilt papers 5c a roll, worth 20c. Ingrains, Raw Silk and Varnished Tiles. Finest styles in Tapestry papers. Our floods are all new a.ncl first class. The He-st Patterns of the Best Markets. Free sample books to everybody. NEW YORK WALL PAPER CO. Cor. Tenth and Main Sts., Phone F51-I1 Los Angeles C. H. Kistler -i!l I-, ii. :-, 1'i:.-..• v.-jtch ri .1 v v.- ::a .; •, . Tomorrow and every Sunday we serve an extra tine CHICKEN DINNER \'Y -i-rvt- thi- .->an.'- menu on \\Ydm->day uf -.-ai':: wi-rl-r. and every da\ a bett'.-r ireal than ai.y country hotel in the valley. Mr. Rancher and Familyman— Don't allow your rire to be A started at home. Visit us and X get the habit. SI t Hotel Yendome!

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