The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 27, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1977
Page 5
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1'agelu-NAUGATUCK NEWS (Conn.) Frld»y, JuiwU976 Summer Arts „ , r,-,, State , Gasolme BM p Shows Sharp Increase & _____________ . .._. * . ...... .. A Drama Workshop tor hi •*• . A Drama Workshop tor high City Hill Middle School, has had HAUTFOIID, Conn. <UPl) - counted for much of the rise, j ^ m]| le wju extensive experience in Ihe area Cov. Ella T. Grasso has asked The hike increased costs . ... . NauBa(uc |( youth o[ drama - as an actor and three lop members o! her $126,000, Brooks said. Leaving * OK * m "'- B administration to find ways to the I Services this summer. The director. .«i,wv, u ,^~. ..... -.-..., Serv j ces |t,| S summer, me _ - -- . .he transportation department wmksh is part „, the Sumraer A meeting of those people in reverse an increase in gasoline out, the rise was 3 per cent, he Ms program sponsored by lerested in participating in the use by state employes. said. Youth Serv j ces w j|h (he Drama Workshop will be held al Between January and April of state use of fuel oil, assis[arlce [rom th e Connecticut Youth Services, 89 Maple Street, this year, gasoline usage rose eleclricily, and natural gas Foundation For i ne Arts. on Wednesday, June 9 al 3 p.m. 14.2 per cent compared to lhe dropped 7.4 per cent in Ihe first The Drara a Workshop is The purpose of Ihe meeting is to same period lasl year, accord- third of this year compared lo desJKned (0 give participants an choose plays for the summer ing to Planning and Energy last, after adjustment for O pp^ r[un jty to ac quj r e acling produclionand persons attending Policy Commissioner Lynn differences in Alan Brooks. according to Brooks. He. Finance Commissioner The state Planning Depart day to look into the siluation. ihe governor has requested, Brooks said Transportation said a department official. Department snow removal ac- skllls by' working on voice are encouraged lo bring projection and various man- suggestions. Casting will take ---. - . nerisms used in the theater, place later this month and, Jay 0. Tcpjier and Transporta- men! is optimctic Ihe state s Parli( ,j. ants wi n a | so be exposed beginning the week of July 5, the lion Commissioner James F. 527.5 million energy budget can ^intricate techniques ol group will meet twice weekly. Shugruo were ordered Thurs- be cut 51 million by June 30 as j^^,, an( j production. For further information, please " "'"* Bob Gallagher will be directing contact Youth Serives at 729-8254. the Drama Workshop and lhe ,, .. , group will perform a series of • Mrs. Naugatlick one-act plays at Ihe end of the Continued,From Page 1 summer. Gallagher, a teacher at , ler visi[ hf , re Gif(s may te M A the Bicentennial office at Town Hall, or brought in person lo the public reception following the f\ , LtUt Convention Short S Planning Continued From Page 1 Buddy's Sates i Service to fur- diriner HAHTFOJ1D, Conn. (UPD - Slate Gloria Schaffer. She is ther discuss the project. Present ^ ]> Preparations for the stale and opposed by former Mayor at that meeting were myself national Democratic conven- Donald J. Win of Norwalk. Comsr. Krayesk, Hayes and linns include efforts to reduce Fiftyone delegates to the Buddy Kackowski. At that Regulations Continued From Page 1 The following regulations were the Male meeting from Iwo Democratic National Conven- gathering, we aereedlo advise designed for " your sa fety chvs to one dav and to get Gov. lion will be selected by Ally. Avcollie (o proceed with lhe proieclion". he said, asking for Klin T Grasso a seal as a congressional district caucuses final plans and hoped that we ,. your help in observing Ihese rational convention delegate. on June 12. could resolve the outstanding regulations." Democratic Stale Chairman In the Glti District, home of problems. It is my opinion tha "Trash, bottles, cans, assorted William A. O'Neill said Thurs- the governor, Ihere were not Ihese Iwo meetings were not legal household rubbish shall be dav he is considering axing lhe enough votes to elecl a delegate because no waiver of notice was contained in galvanized cans with traditional kcvnole speech and for her candidate, Sen. Henry prepared and, therefore, it was coverSi plastic barre i s with toping the state convention lo M. Jackson, D-Wash. not a legal meeting, and no „,„,,„_ one dav July 18. Party leaders in lhe area said minutes were required. The fact propcrly . 'Tin studying the party rules Thursday they are trying to l! 1 ^''?™ 1 ! 11165 ^'^'^ uiestions involved," he said. "1 arrange one of lhe nine 6th basis for Mayor Hado s charge o t .... _ i .. . _° ... innnl rar>r\vt\ lr Mint nil nn mP nan plastic bags, tied FIRST AND SECOND GRADERS from St. Hedwig's grammar school recently enjoyed a tour of the McDonald's on Rubber Avenue. Students under the direction of Mrs. Pam Jenusailis surveyed the entire food-dispensing operation, from lhe making of burgers and shakes to the crisping of the French fries. Above. .McDonald's hostess Michele Jordan (cenltrl runs the French-lry cooker while interested faces peer on at right and center. (NEWSphotobyDonOmsey) questions involved," tie saio. "I arrang would like lo avoid having 1,210 District seals for her. delegates lose a day's work on "The thing hasn't physically Monday (July 191." • The convention's Iwo duties are lo adopt a plat/orm and select a Senate exacted lo be Secretary of Ibc Strikers Now Eligible To Get Welfare Checks been nailed logcther yel," one leader said. "There seems lo be Krayeski. » general understanding Mrs. "The same charge could be --...,. made against Mayor Rado, because I have not seen any HARTFOnD, Conn. (UPD Gov. Ella T. Grasso has signed strikers eligible Mrs. Grasso, who has signed 421 bills and vetoed eight others, approved extending i^ Court Turns Continued From Page 1 accused." lleiiwlcd Ihere was no member of the bar on the grand jury, and Avcollie was not notified of the procedure, which ' ' prac- "Daily garbage accumulations must be wrapped in plastic or r ;eeping on the part p a pe r bags, placed in a metal myself and Planning Com- con tainer preferably, or a heavy missioner Secretary, Joe p] as |i c barrel type container. Krayeski. "Containers must not exceed 25 a D] ,, mxKm& j,,,uw:i!> v,, s > u .= "The same charge could be ga ii 0 ns, or bulk trash 60 Ibs. in for welfare benefits given to immunity from civil liabilities nominee, Grasso" should be a delegate." made against Mayor Rado, weighl unemployed fathers. to persons testifying before because I have no! seen any .. A n brush shall be tied f^ much-debated proposal, a groups evaluating health care meeting minutes for Ihe special secure ]y an d bundles shall nol center O f debate during the 1976 providers, meeting he called on May 3, in cxce ed three (3) feet in length, so legislative session, Was among The bill also extended Ihe the said Weather Conditions ne lorceu me rimming V.IIUI- Bv United Press International mission to call against my strong City & Fcst Albuquerque pc was "usual Conneclicul " CCl Anchorage pc Cohen told lhe court he fell lhe Asheville cy grand jury was a "blue ribbon At ] anla (5 professional grand jury" pipked Baltimore sy in a procedure which "was 1 un- B i]ijngs, conslitulional" by New Haven Birmingham pc County High Sheriff Henry Boslon sy llealey on McDonald's orders. He rjharlslon S.C. Is said he wanted lo pul the charlotte N.C. r members of the panel on the Chicago sy immunity lo all. members of medical review committees for .. action they lake within the - r . Opponents claimed passage scope of lhe commiltee's -..- „ - - "All loose bulk ilems, such as wou ]j pu i the slate in lhe [unction if Ihe action was taken hi lo Pep refusal thai evening at our nevvs p au ers, magazines, wood, position of subsidizing one side without malice. 89 61.... regular meeling. cardboard, shall be securely tied. j n labor disputes. Another bill approved by 51 47.... "OnDec.Zi, 1975 Ally. Avcollie "pi ea se do not place plain proponents of lhe legislation Mrs. Grasso will pul strict 6554 .03 called Joe Kyayeski, in my ab- p a(Kr bags filled with garbage or c i a i me d it was aimed at limits on the fees professional 83 56 .04 sence and requested a letter rubbish out for pick up. helping needy families, regard- fund raisers can charge chari- indicating formal approval by the "All trash and garbage must be less of how parents happened to ties Planning Commission to enable | eft al cur bside. Collectors will be out of work. 60 64 .... his client lo obtain preliminary no ( pj c ^ up (ras b or garbage in bank financing. Since assurances backyards, or away from lhe curb. under the program as long as reporl how much gas Ihey had in slock as ol May 31, the day before Ihe state gas tax went up from 10 lo 11 cents per gallon, lo avert windfall profits. -Give slate auditors the authority to examine the books of all local boards of education receiving state funds. —Tighten controls over state grants to local education programs for handicapped chil- rated basis. —Permil Ihe state Board of Education to commit slate funds for local school construction prior to the start of a project, subject to approval by the Bond Commission. - Exempt from local property taxes any value added to buildings by lhe installation of solar heating units between Oct. 1, 1976 and Oct. 1. 1991. —Establish a commission lo sludv alternate methods of 72 50.... 78 48.... stand lo establish Cleveland sy backgrounds ioictermine if they Columbus sy represent a cross-section of Ihe D a [|as SJ . people in tltc stale" as required Denver pc by law. He claimed there were rjes Jloines sy "conlrarliclions" in Healey's rjctroil sy testimony of Ihe previous day. gj p^ p. Judge 'l.cvine said he would Hartford sy assume none of the grand jurors Honolulu pc would know if there was a cross- ]i ous t on pc seclion or not on the panel and Indianapolis cy that these questions should be j ac kson Miss, pc asked of llealey. He also noted Jacksonville Is repeatedly that no attorney is Kansas City pc required by' law lo sil on the ^ Vegas sy grand jury, and lhal the law does ym e Rock p, not require lhe defendant bs L« Angeles f notified of the grand jury Louisville pc proceedings. Memphis cy McDonald noted he "un- M j ami u dcrstands a private investigator jii| wa uxee sy had contacted Hie jurors" and Minneapolis cl Cohen responded he would ^asiwiih: cy "pursue every possible available New Orleans pc recourse to protect my client." j; ew York sy ' ok | a Cit y f 71 53 ~60 67 .28 were given of Avcollie's client's 68 551.08 complying to all lhe Planning 72 57.... 74 52.... 74 86 _ _ . 88 64.... lyped letter by Ally. B8 58 .01 officeonboroughsiationery.This 80 54.... is Ihe lelter Rado has a copy of and refers to in his recent press releases. As of April 1076, final approval and require them to identify themselves as protes- Under the present law, state sionals before seeking dona- eranls strikers benefits lions. - ' ' Ihe dren. -Restrict the procedures for .. . out-ot-slatc corporations seek- sentencing criminals, ing to buy Connecticut firms. -Allow towns to exempt -Allow campaign surpluses elderly home owners if they to be lurned over to either Ihe impose a one-time property lax Democratic and Republican levy lo make up a local budget state central committees or the decifit or pay for future original contributors on a pro- projects. . He noted "Mr. Areollie's life is sy Philadelphia sy . the practice of law and he is on trial lor liis life." llealey placed on the stand only for a short lime when Ihe case was recessed lo June 15. , Avcollie, «. is free on bond of p or t| an d Ore. pc S100.000. He claims his innocence p ro ^dence sy and has asked for a jury trial. He g ( is accused of the Ocl. 30 dealh of Pittsburgh sy p or u a nd Me", sy his wife, Wanda. cit j. 77 51.... % 60 .18 77 48.... 83 73.... 00 72.... 77 61 .... 81 62 .... 86 65.... 78 54.... 96 70 .... 81 62.... 72 59.... 68 62 .... 80 65.... 84 71.... 68 48 .... 84 57.... 67 53 .01 86 67.... 75 52.... 84 59.... 83 48.... 75 53.... 99 70.... 71 50.... 72 44 .... 65 46.... 68 45.... 77 65... 89 52... The bill, approved wake of widespread complaints about fundraisers who kept most of the funds collected, sets (he following lee limils and imposed $1,000 penalties for violations a maximum of 25 per cent of lhe total collected when it is less than S500; up to 50 per cenl when contributions total be picked up. "Large Irash or cellar and attic J^QSUniG 1OU3\ cleanupscanbetakenloHunters Mountain, Saturday mornings STORRS, Conn. (UPD from 8 a.m. until 12 noon, on the Negotiations resume today be- r .. first and third Saturday during tween striking nurses and Ihe between S500 and 510,000; up lo slill had not been officially the mon ihs of May, June, July, Windham Community Memorial - . . granted and Sec. Krayeski wrote August,September, and October. Hospital at lhe University of to Mayor Rado requesting legal "Cardboard conlainers and Connecticut. opinions on lhe 16 percent grade boxes shall be securely tied to The sesion was the sixth and less lhan 15,000 sq. ft. lot p, even t bottoms falling'out when since the first strike by nurses requirements. At Ihis point, ! wet against a public hospilal began questioned why Mayor Rado is so "Matlresses and box springs April 21. involved in this project and why s j, a i| be rolled lengthwise and No significant progress was he is attacking Joe Krayeski and tie( j reported at earlier sessions, myself. "T.V. picture lubes shall be and a federal mediator said he "Upon'a formal request by Ray ven (ed to prevent explosion. did not expect much today. . Currier or any other citizen of "Broken glass shall be in metal Naugatuck, I will be happy to orp i as ii c containers,nolinpaper meet publicly 1 with the Water [, as or | ast i c bags. 40 per cent for between SIO.OOO and 520,000; and 35 per cent on contributions higher than $20,009. Other bills signed by Mrs. Grasso would: —Create a Connecticut Child Support Unit to find parents who have abandoned families receiving welfare assistance. —Require gasoline vendors to Jose M. Eguia, fvt.D. 95 UNION ST., WATERBURY wishes to announce lhe opening of un additional office at 152 MEADOW ST. NAUGATUCK for the practice of obstetrics, gynecology and infertility HOURS BY APP'T. 723-2225 574-5501 . Pollution Control Board and the "During winter slorms, trash Mayor and Burgesses to discuss s^A be placed in a clean area, these problems further. no t on top of, or in a snow bank. "If you wish to have a Irash taken away, atlach a 'Al our next scheduled Planning Commission meeling at _ __,... 7 p.m. June 7, we will publicly notes! at ing it is to be disposed of. answer any questions concerning lhe Corsino project or the Celanlano Development and lhe legal opinion obtained by the Mayor at the request of lhe Commission on lhe Celanlano Development," Brown said. jjoil t WMLPrVPER PRICES Repucep £jUfr 4.f\°/ SWt *•*> 3v/p SUBf ffi* 0* WTiRe I I Mayor Answers Mayor Rado said today concerning "Mr. Brown's accusations lhat there were HARTFORD, Conn. (UPD A study of how Capitol reporters and lawmakers regard reporters' work shows newsmen have a higher opinion of themselves. Seventy per cenl of the Capitol newsmen interviewed said their coverage of the legislature was "very accurate," bul only 7 per cent of .r^nr, r* riinii lne lawmakers questioned felt HARTFORD, Conn. (UPII - ., ? jri lh , d Hartford Zoo May Be Closed | country garden] ft/ff IATCX WALL PAINT KOL-TAR KEPWOOP LATEX STAlNl LATEX ONE VINYL I9 ew 36'tTT cwto st/e , SUM® —.-. - . . . . . ,. . in Town Hall: I don't know of any recommended closing ol Inc And mosl rcp()r [ers consid- meefing held in Town Hall on Sherwood Forest Zoo, opened 13 cre)J ltlernselves mOTC neulra | May 3. There was one suggested years ago with alizen contribu- and ^p^,-,^ lhan , awraak . by Planning Commission Con- tions. crs re g ar( ied them, said the sultanl Bob King, but it was The recommendation made $| ., emAas!uA by a g roup of never held because Mr. Brown Thursday, goes before the full Trinj Co|lege sludents who and Krayeski did nol show. council this month, where worfeed as , cgis | ative interns ••As far as Mr. Brown's approval is expected Officials d (he ]W6 sessjon slatement that 1 do nol keep good said dropping attendance and records" the mayor said, "I vandalism, combined with a remind him lhat I was only a 560,000 annual operating cosl, secretary once and that was for led lo the closing suggestion. - - • •-• - - • The cily's first zoo, begun in lhe Board of Education. I was at lhat time commended by the auditors for lhe excellent and efficient records, in addition lo being courteous to lhe taxpayers and citiiens al all times, contrary' lo the arrogance shown by his (Mr. Brown's) secretary. "As far as I'm concerned this is the last I'm going lo say on lhe Coll Park during Ihe 1930s, was washed away in the 1938 Connecticut River flood. The presenl Keney Park facility was considered for operation bolh by a regional cooperative and a private operator who was prepared lo run lhe zoo at no cost lo Ihe GREAT CAR N •BUYS subject. If in fact this letter was city. Both deals fell through, given to the developer and signed city officials said Thursday. by Jo« KrayesXi, and did not — contain the truth, Ihen it looks to me like a pure case of fraud. "I'm wondering why all of a sudden Mr. Brown and Mr. Krayeski, who in the past and until recently voted in favor of most developments including apartments, are now trying to have the general public believe Ihey are against these same developments. I would welcome a Classified LOOK NOW probe by the State's Attorney if Ihese gentelmen have any I evidence of wrongdoing on lhe | part of my administration," The name of ihe game is to reduce oil consumption. To this end an efficient Burner Tune-up and Furnace cleaning by PROFESSIONALS WILL HELP a lot. r-.«l,«»« Carefree 756-7041 Weeping Cherry Weeping Birch Birch Clump WEEKEND SPECIAL TREE SALE New shipment of fantastic stock. Cash in on ^outstanding bargains! Weeping Willow Corkscrew Wiiiow Pin Oak Silver Maple Locust (Large) was 23.50 23.50 19.95 18.50 37.95 1150 13.99 28.29 19.95 19.95 35.00 14.95 11.45 Sycamore 17.50 Fruit Trees 13.95 Dogwood 10.95 Birch Clump (Large) 45.00 36.25 Mt. Ash Scarlet Hawthorne 15.50 11.25 Poplar Flowering Crab 13.50 9.99 Magnolia Flowering Cherry M.95. 11.25 8.50 14.99 19.95 12.95 13.80 10.50 Selected Rhododendrons were 11,95 now 1.99 SALE ENDS SUNDAY EVENING A DIVISION OF WATTS ELECTRIC, INC. HOURS: Won., Fri. 8-5:30, Sat 9-5, Sun. 10-4 819 STRAITS TURNPIKE RT. 63, MIDDLEBURY 758-2414

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