The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 14, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1892
Page 8
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY 3STJSWB, SATURDAY", MAT 14, THE MARKETS, MONKY AND HTOUKS. NKW VflHK. MilV 14. Ati'hlntin, .''.4',i. Miwiourl I'acHli:, I Ruck Island, KIM. . St. Paul, 77V. Union l'acilli:. 4l )»i. lYcitcrn Union, 0!!!i.~> I'ltonnci; UlilrnKD. CldcAiiii.Mny II. —| Special advices received tiy tin; Kansas Oram unil Live Stock company.1 —WIIKAT —In .utitici- pat 'uin (if clear weather im Monday there lias been '[uite general realizing sales, as trailers look for a decline with 'unproved weather conditions. Home bearish advices have been received from the northwest. One correspondent- wires from Grand forks, N. I)., that. H),oo» seeder* are now at work that state while another not, to be outdone, wires that seeding is all finished in North Dakota.. With so mneh rivalry and enterprise among northwestern erop bears it is still rather difficult to get at the fuels. Exports for the week have fallen short of expectation!*, being about 700,000 bushels below those of previous weelc. If the weather should lie fine, on Monday an easier opening is probable, but the situation would se.cra to warrant purchases on soft .spots. COIIN ANHUATH —Shorts eovered early and freely on the unexpeetedly heavy rains, and the. market has been strong nearly all day, but eased olY near the elose on prospects of better weather. The longs have sold out so generally that, the market is likely tobnlge ..sharply on Monday if the weather should not improve. Provisions have been dull and featureless all day. The !<>H\,wiHK 1* the muite of prices tin* active future*. Opon'd iiiitirt. r ,ciw "st|clon'K, May S'!!.i s:i July K-.'Vl Nl',» June COUN. AllKlINt •i.'ili 4:i>4 4 MS .Illfv 14 k, •l-t v. 4:i*,, June •14'/, 4T, 44"* •l-t!i May •IN im; 4 7J; til OATS. July :io>,', :io :io May ••m :io .'III June :MI runic. :MI July 0 S'JIJ ii sr, 0 7r, 0 7ii September.. 10.011 1(1.011 n ir.'ii UAIU1. July i> :ir, (1 ar, ti an iii :io Sentc-mlicr. n r ,o 11 f.o 11 -l?',i II 171/4 nms. July r, x~y. r, ss I"I K."i September . .111,1 : steely; cash and May K'ijj: WHBAT-NII. July HI van H;C COKN—No. ea»vt cash \n\G%w\c\ Slav 40: June 4414c: 'July 4:i?,ic; Auguat anil Septeinher 4 -'(?.iC. OATS--N11. :J muartv; cash IlO'ic; Slay ,'IOc; July •JliTiP.HOe. l'OUK—Easy; cash S0 .70; Julv Sli.TT'J: Stiite in tier',, (,A1!I)-H;wy; cauli S».'~"."J: July 5U.:;i)C« (I.JWH; Senti-iulier Jtl.-I7(i. RIHS—Eiutv. rash and July 8.ViW!'j: Sep- leiiilii.-rSf.'i.n.'fo.'i.UTiS. KVK—Nn. lUltcl; 7(10. HAHbKY-Niiinlnal; No. ll(l,7r,(>-.!i-. l''l,AX SKHll-ririn: Jl.lVJti. TIMOTHY SKKD-Steailv; $1,110. Ill/'ITKH—Steady. KU(iS~SliM|ly. ' KIUIMIIS City. KANSAS CITY, May 14. WJIKAT—Very dull prices and nominal; N«. -J hard Ta<f(,.4i; No. -J red KlKTf.Slc. (JOHN- Hull lull linn; No. Scash -IOJ,'c bid: May :illc bill. OATS-AiMlve and itteaiiv: cash •'lO'.-.c: May :ioo. HGiis rirni; v.:y,K. UIWTRK—Easv; creamery nniidc: dairy »Ciil4c. ' _ 1,1 VK STOUK, L'lilciiKo. • Ciiie.A iai, May 14. The Mvenlup Journal Keport: CA'ITl^K-Hfrelpts ;'i ()0: HlllpmcnlH .100; the few left over yesterday made steady to strniiper prleeH. HOtiS—ltetulpts L',101); .shipments 0.000: active anil Imver; rnu>:li and common 54.00 (B >4.40; prime mixed and packers84. r>iV ?ii4.ii(i: prime heavy and butchers graden jl .o.lfii 4 70: Hunt jS4 .(l(>©,|.".-,. S1IKK1*—He,.clots .-i.iioo: about steadv; clipped natives S.I.OOfli.l.ilU: clipped lambs Sri.'.' . Kt. l.nllls. ST. LOUIS. May 14. OATTI.H—No fresh rattle mi sale. HCHiH-Uecelpts 1,000; market un- .'hanued. SHEKJ'-Nonc. KuiiHiiK City. KANSAS (JITV. May 14. OATTLB-licceipls 4i)0:«hlpment« 000; steers steady; cows weak ami 10c Ituver: feeders about steady. HOC IS— Uecelpts rf,','(l»: shipments a.aoi): utarketupeucd slow but closed stvady and stroni;; extreme ranee,; bulk »4.4i1 (S4 no SHEEP—neielpts 2,400; shlpnients none: market steady. _ HUTCHINSON MAKKKT. I'rodue*!. PLOllU-HlRlicst patent. *--'.40: second iKllcut, 82.90; extra line. J't.OO. JJUTI'ISW—Hi ilcmand. Creamery, Slic; ttwest dairy, - i0c; line dairy, tflc; common, 10c. B(J(IS—In demauil, ldc. IWATOHS-Clltilrc "lOriiTfiC. AI'I'I.BS—Jl. OOfH. -M per Uusliel. ONIONS—In fair demand. Iteil, 7,1c per buHhel; home grown, Spanish, 81.M per bushel. tlAllllAOK-l'alr. ic per iiound. TtiltNl^S- In demand. 4(lc per bushel BEETS—Htead " ' ' SWK13T InlBtiel. ' HAY—Haled. jri.ooos .riO: looac, {D .OOiijri .so IHir ton Steady. 00c per bastiel. 1'OTA 'roES -l'lenty, St. 00 tier WJIBAT--N». Ssoft soft 07c; hard tlOc. COKN—SHc. KVK—No. 2 (1.1c; No. OATS-tMc. tlrultt. :lc; hard 0.1c; No. 0 tutvtt Stoek. r CATObK—Steady, stockei-8 S» SG$)I».8IIL feeders ?2.:.'iV(d.'(.yii; fat cows ancl heifers In fat steers, 8 :1.00® tops, 84. Oo; car, demand at g'.'.ooCe 'J.riO; 4.00. 1IOCS Steady; waRon |4.JlViV,l.l,1. SllKKI'- 111 iremaail; Jl .00. Poultry mid Wild (liiiiiu. OIltdlvKN-S-Uhlckens s:Uiu jicr dozen; chickens ti'.jcper pound; hens ik: per ppund; roosters 4c per pound; turkeys 7 'f(c per pound. OAMK-Wllil ducks In demand at »1 .(KKifc '"''' ' at 41.00 S.00 per do*; w; ptKei eese il. eons In dviiiaud 00fi>1..10 per do/.. UOSS1P, 11 Is ruining hard ut Omaha. It S« vainhig htvyd in Memphis. It is cleur mid plcasunt ut Kansas City. At St. 1'ttul, JVlunoiipolls uud Dulutli it 1» no degrooa tiborc and looks llko rain. The signal service predicts rains for every state in the west, oluur thiough to the Hockics. The Missouri river is RV.U 1 raising from Bimix City to St. I.ouls, and the diimage to erops and property by the Hoods is enormous. Chicago reports grain out of store: Wheat, l.l.oou; com, I.'H.OOO: oats, mi,(100; rye, 1 LOW). In Colorado it is raining; in Minnesota It looks like niin, and in western Nebraska it is elunring. inspections ut tlh'umgo: Winter wheal - out of 2 (i; spring wheat, 25 out 01 1.1; corn, 7 out of lififi; oats, 1011 out of nevv corn No. 1, ;!48; No. 2, 17; No. .1, 101. l!e ]«»'tH from a reliable rsonrcu are that the weather in the dim IHver vnl ley is very unfuvorablu for sneding and the acreage enn't be more tlmn 70 per cent, of Inst yeur. A Grand Korku, S. J)., dinpateh says tin; weather Is sunshiney mid warm and 10,000 seeders started to-(hiy in the valley. If this weather continues seeding will he nearly done next week. Dodge dry JloliiKit. DOIKIK CITY , May II. — (Special, j— Heavy find boriolicinl rains have thoroughly soaked the ground in this locality. Prospects for the husband- ineu never better, and should their expectations be realized there will be, before the season closes, 11 renewed de nnvnd fo» fnrms in western Kansas. The trial of one of the parties en gaged in the attempted robbery of an old merchant here on the.niylit of the Oth of I'Ybruary, has taken up almost the entire week. An account of the ulYiiirnnd plucky resistance of Mr. I). T. Weagly was published in the Nutvs immediately following the act. One interesting feature of the court proceedings was the introduction and reading of a diary of the defendant licorge M. Logan. It was a fairly written account of the vicissitudes of a knight of the railroad or the varied adventure of a "bum." Whether the production was purely a romance as claimed by the author or his actual experience as a tourist is immaterial so far us its merits may be considered. The composition, the details of numerous trips on top of pullman couches, riding on trucks and rods, having tickets punched on freight trains, the. removal of abdominal wrinkles by gorging square uiculs when procured, sight-seeiug in San Francisco, a wearisome ride to Portland, Oregou. working 011 a farm and the mental dis tress because he was temporarily ••hayseed" was enjoyed by the spec tutors. Mr. E. il. Mudisou, county attorney made a good light for the state, and the prisoner was earnestly and ably defended by his lawyer, Mr. .lames 1 Whileltiw. He WHS found guilty and in due time will be sentenced by the court. Mr. Loviek Logan, an accomplice, plead guilty; and the other de-j fendnnts will probably have their cases continued until next term of the court. Col. T. A. Agnew, the division commander of Kansas Sons of Veterans, | was here yesterday on an inspection tour. In honor of his visit the camp 1 tendered him a reception and in every essential particular it was an agreeable success. The W. It. C. provided the repast, home talent rendered charming music, toasts were felicitously responded to, and when the. legitimate object of the gathering was ended, the rink was turned ovpr to the festive dancers. liich prolonged the joyous entertainment until late ut night. Nothing exciting here in polities. Republicans are not only satisfied with •lobn .1. lngall's preferment, but equally so with the nomination of Ceo. T. Anthony, Indications are that the Ford county iepublicnns will be firmly uniUd this year In support of the entire, ticket, in which event members of other parties will hove their applications for offices returned disapproved. Ulirdnn City (iilnt. (rAituKN CITY , Kan., May II.—(Special. 1—Weather still very cool and wet, the earth being thoroughly saturated. About three inches of rain hasfalleu this month; u. large excess over 18111. Hie wheat erop is now regarded as mode beyond tiny sort of doubt. It is estimated that fully 500 per cent, more land has been put in small grain this year than the last, without any very great accession to the population. It will be quite a task to take care of this erop, as harvest comes nearly alt at once for .small grain. The bees are out ntid busy at work on fruit blossoms and roadside flowers, the n! f i(!fa not yet being in bloom. 'i here arc mare cattle being fed, and more calves raised than over before in the history of the county. Truly tiii is n land of milk afid houey, for a fact and no mistake. John Ii. Garrison, of this place, has recently received the appointment of United States deputy marshal from United .States Marshal Die'.- Walker, of Topeka. A eoiiimeivuil traveler on the road declares that the steam plow has been a greater advertisement for western Kansas than tiny other sensation introduced here, and that n]l the little country papers in the eastern part of the slate are full of it. Beyond doubt tho steam plow is it splendid success. It was brought on trial and not to be paid for unless It worked well. Hut this was so manifest, almost instantly, that it was accepted the second day of the trial. Tho inventor, Mr. Price, has built forty of these grand machines, twenty-live of which are on the Pacific slope, and all doing well. The cost of prairie breaking is about oue-half that of horses, and it is bettor done. This is also the case with disk harrowing, stirring, and all farm operations of the kind. Notwithstanding the destruction of the peaeh crop that of apples promises to be move abundant than evur known. It is literally immense. This is u a great fruit country, us experience amply proves, and a very few years will till this country with it, to repletion, as orchards by the thousand are being set out everywhere. Though the weather is wet and lowering, and the sunshine is very scarce, roads are splendid uud farm pras.pce.t8 are No. 1 all over the southwest. Will Fnu tn I»M »t <Jurt!». KAXSAS CITY , May 14.—The Star's Emporia, Kan., special says: The Demand People's party leaders are making strenuous efforts to get together to defeat Charles K. Curtis, the Republican nominee for congress in this district. Koth the Democracy and People's party believe they can beat Curtis if they fuse on a strong man. So far the candidates for fusion :tre Levi Ilumbold and County Attorney Kd. S. Waterbury. The Democrats rather favor Dumbold, because he was once a Democrat, and because they believe he will hold the Farmers' Alliance in line. Waterbury was a Republican before he went into the industrial movement and it is believed he would poll many Republican votes in the event of his getting the nomination. I 'rnhnbly the Work of u Cruuk, HAKKI.TOX , Pa., May 14.— The grand opera house took lire early this morning and was entirely destroyed. The tire spread to the adjoiuing property and caused a loss of n hundred thousand dollars. A sacred concert was to have been given in the opera house Sunday evening. This was against the wishes of many, and the supposition is that the opera house was set on tire by some crank, in order to prevdnt the Sunday evening exercises. lilKUl 1 " (<> Curtis. TOPBKA , May M.— Among the letters of congratulation received by Charles K. Curtis, Republican nominee for congress in this district, is one from cx- Se.nator Ingalls, in which he says: "Accept my best wishes anil my sincere hopes foryouivsuccess. Yon have won a great victory at your oge. and may reasonably expect a strong career. He courageous, straight forward, studious and sincere, andhnve fivith in the intelligence and justice of the people." Kiilim In Oklahoma. KANSAS CITY , May 14. —The Star's lluthrie, 0. T., special says: The heaviest rain for years fell in the territory last night. The rain was accompanied by much hail which did great damage to crops. Nearly every stream in the territory is over its banks to-day. All traffic on the Santa Fe wits entirely suspended during the night, as uvauy bridges are reported in a dangerous condition. Mines Under Water. KANSAS CITY , May 11. —The Stttr's .lopliti, Mo., special says: Heavy rains the past few weeks seriously interrupted mining operations and the output is greatly reduced. Many mines are under water and prospecting is at a standstill. Gen. Kowley llcml. PiTTsnuun, Pa., May 11. —I'lcn. Thomas A. Rowley who served with districting in the Mexican war and the war of the rebellion was found dead in bed this morning. His death resulted from heart failure. of tho box. The wheat Is of'the early Mny variety, is three and one-half feet in hcighth, is heading out nicely, and is an elegant specimen. It was taken from a field of forty acres, unci is a fair sample of what the entire field contains. The corn was taken from a Held of eighty acres, owned by A. K. Hurrell, and is two and a half feet in heighth. Messrs. Detrick and Hurtford will now please take the witness stand and tell the court what they know about wheat and corn raising, lintel Arrivals. SANTA FK. S. Friedbery, Milwaukee; O, H. Odell, Kansas City; .1. W. Boyle and wife, New York; A. E. Rent, Lamar, Cal.; C. 13. Thompson, New Haven. Conn.; : Chits. Summers, Liberal, Mo.: ,1. S. Lytic, Kmparitv; V. 13. Miuuieh, South Rend, Ind.; W. H. Kuller, Kansas City; A. II. Richards, Huston; Tom Clabbey .St. Louis; M. E. Otis, Cincinnati,,).: T. II. Foster, Kansas City; F. R. Stewart, Columbus. <>.: B. S. Tlntnaker, Chicago; CJreen Tree, Kansas City; Jno. A. Nadean, Topeka. MIDLAND. Chns. W. DcWolf, Garnet; C. A. Hlnek- man, Omaha; .Tos. Huston, Sterling: C. O. Stotts, Sterling; W. T. Watson Larued; 15. \V. Roller. Jacksonville, 111.: John Sutton, Haven: James Liteh field, Louisville, Ivy.: .Tames Madden, Chicago; A. L. Smith, Milwaukee; A. S. Harris. lUoomington, 111. intuxswiCK. F. S. Winslow, Chicago: E. II. Hntlcr, Jacksonville, 111.; R. C. Raulings, St Louis; Theo. llalleston, Denver; W. S. Kenyan, .Ictiuove; ,1. II. Shirley, Mcpherson! II. Everstrndc. Wichita: W. L. Mustin, Chicago: A. 1"). Cordon, Chicago; W. 11. Hedges, Ohicago; E. L Vail. Preston, Ariz.; L. F. Brown. Omaha. Neb.; Miss II. Fuper, Jacksonville, 111.: Miss E. C. Jones. Jackson ville, 111.; C. II. Davis, St. Louis; C. H. Mcliuff, Atehinson. Kcarfy fur ltuxlucsft. The linn of Smith, Miller & Carpen ter are now fully prepared to take care of the livery business of the city. They recently purchased the Waterlield liv cry and consolidated it with the Carpenter stock, making it the largest livery stock in the state. The live stock of this Brut is till in rfrst-class BHD ECZEMA ON BABY Head one Solid Sore. Itching Awful. Had to Tic HI* Hands to Cradlo- Cured by Cutlcura. Spoilt on the Sun. PitovtiiKNCi--., R. I., May l-l.—Observer Scagrave of this city has discovered another group of spots ou the sun, distinctly visible with the naked eve. Auroral displays will probably follow. A Ilolllliil .Htlc Di-eilin. SiTiiNdKiKMi, Mo., May, 1 -f.—Two Taney county prisoners held here have been released by the sheriff, who discredits Milton Everett's story as the bombastic story of a crazed brain. In the House. WAHIUMITOX , -May l-t.—In the house Mr. Mcridith of Virginia, announced the death of Senator Harbour, and as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased, the bouse adjourned. Hunuer Past. Toi 'EKA, May 14. —The river fell four feet last night and is still falling rapidly. All danger from floods has ceased and there will be no more damage at present. Sloil uud Killed. KANSAS CITY , May II,—The Star's lluthrie, O. T., special says: In a quarrel over a claim near Tohee last evening, an unknown negro was shot and killed. Senator Vance 111. WASIUNUTOX , May 14. —A private dispatch received here this morning from Nashville, North Carolina, said Senator Vance is in a very precarious condition, Maw It,1 lllai. "Speaking of marriage, Mr. Larimer remarked Miss Manchester, Although the conversation had not touched that topic, "1 read tho othar day of a civil magistrate in Now York city who married fourteen couples iu twenty minutes." "Indeed," replied Larimer; "that was at tho wrnrecedtmted rate of forty-two knots an hour."—Pittsburg Chronicle. TuoMi'HoNi i On., May 14.—Coleman Wilson who brutally murdered Mr, Adyl kins was executed here yesterday. *l Point Hie Trick. "I sity, old chappie, how is it you con trivo to bo invited out everywhere dm- iug the ciu'iiiral?' "This is how the trick is worked. I sot out a report thii-t I intend going out of town for fiat ivriod. Polks then my to themsclvti, 'V ,i can invito him sure enough, for ho ivut't come in any case.' Of course 1 stay at lioruo and accept all the invitations."—Kuche. Our little boy brolto out on his head with a tiiul (•i.-m of oMuiu .-i, wlit-u ho was four mouths old. SVi- uluil tbruo doctors, hut they did not help hlui. M'I , ihuu uniid your throo 'JUTICUBA HKUCDIKK, uud uftur using fthcru clovi-a wuuks cxacUy accord, — Ingto dlructlotiM, he bcipni to steitdlly lmprovo, and after Uio uea of tlioni for Bi,vt>n monthsblBhi -ud-a-ng onllrely well. WhcD b «!UUi unlng tthla head auulld fioru from the crou'n to hli eyebrovva. It was al *o nil over hUFare, mobt of hlH face, and nmall pluci -a on different parte of hla body. There- wereiliteen weeloi thuttre bad tobcep Ida hondetled tolhecradlo and hold them when ho waa taken tip; and lied to keep mlttena tied on hla handa to keep hla fliuier- o -kllA out of tho dorcn, ae ho would acratch ff ha could In any way e.el hla handa looae. Wo fcuow your CUTICUBA lUgEmga cured him. We feel Hiifc in recommending ilium to otbera. GEO. B. & JANETTA HAK1UB, Webilcr, Ind. Cuticura Resolvent Tim new Wood and Skin Purifier, and greatest of Humor Humor).cn, duunaes tho blood of all impurities uud poisonous oloracuta, and thua removes tiio v.:.utio, whllo CUTICUIIA, tho great abin euro, and G 'uTicuiu SOAP, un exquisite akin bcautifier, clear thu tjfcla and nculp, and. rceiore the hair. Thua tho UUTICUUA UKSIBDIKS euro uvcry upecleaof Itching. burning scaly, pimply,arid blotchy akia, «c&ln, and blood dUcanuH, from plinplc* to scrofula, from Infancy to age, whui tho beat phjrslciana tail. fioldi'verywhcro. Price, Cimcrnu, COe.; SOAP, •1'ic. ; lUaoLVKNT, $1,00. Prepared by tho POTTBB DltUO AND ClIBMIOAL ConPOHATIOK, BotitOD. ##-Sund for " How to Cure Bbln Dlscaaee," 64 pages, 50 illustration a, and 100 teaUmonlals. BABY'S t> kin and Scnl; purified and beautified OUT j emu BOAP. Absolutely pure. PAINS AND WEAKNESSES Of female• InntantlY relieved by that nen-.eletfant, and ln»Nibla Antidote to Pfiin, lnliiimuiatlon, mnl *.Veakucae» tbfl Cutlcura Antl-Paiu flatter. POWDER Absolutely Pure. • A cream of tartar baking powdor highest of all in leavening- strength.— Latest U. S. Government Food Report condition, and their carring-es are tom- paritively now and in the latest styles. This Arm i« well fixed for a large Sunday trade, being 1 able to turn out lit least 75 rigs, so eall at their havn, on First west, to-morrow, and order a rig. You Ara Invited. The geutleuien of Hutchinson and vtein'ity are invited to eall at No, 32 North Atuin street, and examine J. M. .Tones' stock of goods. He will make >'ou as nice a spring suit of clothes as can be purchased anywhere and save you money. Co sure you ask to see his pants patterns. .Sure J>(.'tit)i. The dog killer started out this morning with Instructions to kill any nntV all dogs found without ta^s attached to their collars. The dog tax must be paid or the dogs must die. Coin inhliiu Club. The Ladies' Columbian eiub will meet on Wednesday at 2:30 p. m., at Knights of J'ythias hall. Mits. IJ. HOIMC , President. MBS. W. IJ. MOOIIE , Secretary. affected you have a' Pinched look. Secure good health and yon will have good looks. Electric Hitters is the great alterative nnd Tonic, nets jljV rcctly on these vital organs. Cn Pimples, Blotches, lioils and give| good complexion.. Sold nt'C. K. Hnger's Drug Store. 50c per bottle.' Cliiimljorltttn'a Eve nnd Skin OUltment. A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes, Tetter, Salt Rhem, Scold Head, Old Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Soro Nipples, and Piles. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of eases have been cured by it after all other treatment hail failed. It is put up in 25 and 50 eeat boxes. For sale by C. H. Winslow. Olid FHTC. For the occasion of the annual meeting of the Germon Baptists to be held ut Cedar Rapids, lo., .tunc 3 to «, tho Santa Ke -vill sell tiekets June 1 to 3, good to return until June ,10, at one fare for the round trip. 0-3 Pronounced Ifopele**, Vet Hdvod, Krom a letter written by Sirs. Ada E. Uurd of Clroton, S. D., we quote: "Was taken with a bad cold, which settled on my lungs, cough set in and finally terminated, in consumption. Four doctors gave me up, saying 1 could not live but a short, time, ' I gave myself up to ray Savior, determined if I could not stay with my friends on earth, I would meet my absent ones above. My husband was advised to get Or. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs nnd colds. I gave it a trial, took in all eight bottles; it has cured me, and thank God \ am now a well and hearty'woman.'j Trial bottles free at C. 13. Sidlingcr'i drug store: regular sine, 50c and 81. Tho Tlie Gates. The ladies of the Columbian club are making great preparations for "The Gates," to be given ut the auditorium on June 2. 3 uud 4. It will be a spectacle well worth seeing. • Notice. The entertainment committee nand the "heads of the gates" are requested to report on .Monday at lo o'clock, at Dr. Comsstouk's office. Jilts. W. L. MOOIIE . Chairman. "OUR PLEASANT HI LL ROUTE." MlHHuurl paelllu Hnllroad Com- lmny. Attention is again called to our Pleasant Hill route, the opening of which was announced in July 1800. The new line reaches some of the richest and most productive portions of the east, and furnishes to the public facilities and advantages not obtainable elsewhere. An unusual number of the leading cities of Missouri and Kansas are located on this line and the counties through which it passes in i Missouri have a population of more ' than one-third the entire state. To those desii'ing to take a pleasant trip east our Pleasant Hill route offers tm- equealed facilities. We heg to again call attention to the fact that %ve have the most direct line to St. Louis, and all points east. Our train service is excellent and avoiding all transfers at Kansas City. Our rates are always as low as the lowest. Information cheerfully furnished. 5-5 P. J, LKIJIDACU , Agent. (ioild f .6nkH. Good looks are more than skin deep depending upon a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver be inactive you have a Ililious' look, if your stomach be disordered you have a Dyspeptic look, and if your kidneys be Dark, yellow, greasy skin is a symptom of -> disordered kidneys and liver, and unless treated promtly may result in a dangerous disease. One bottle of Heggs' Jdood Purifier will entirely remove the cause and leave tho skin cleur and transparent, sold and warranted by A. ,1. IJaum- hardt. Tla© TJxLtxr&v$aaX XtoaooLOcaLy TOY IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM . SCIHICA BITES CUTS LUMBAQ0 NEURALGIA 8TINGS BRUISES THE AILMENTS OF MAN- HAS STOOD THE TEST OF BEAST IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND GALLS SW1NMEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.* It will save many doctors' HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT LOW GRADE PRICES. A VahllllilK Ulril. A farmer living near MUlo River shot and killed a line specimen of Golden eagle, this morning, which from the marks ou its body and the absence of feathers both from wings and tail, indicates that it has been made an unwilling target of the sportsman with shot and shell. It very much resembles the editorial page of tho Stute .lournal of May 13, or the sporting-column ofthelumau Uoview. The Nnws office has tho only thoroughly equipped job printing oftice in tho county. Fine 8umiil0t. PoteShafer brought to this officii today, specimens of wheat uud corn, which take the cako, und knock Dr. Detrick and Henry Hartford both out Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Bed. andlvem^A. H. W. WILLITT. i

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