Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 23, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1954
Page 4
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5HV \., f - HOM Sf A*, MOP I,-A ft KANSAS Saturday, Jdftudry 21, 1954 CLASSIFIED i^ 1 " 1 L Afcs Must S« til tJlfi66 Cay fief ore Publication ,r VvTll t* A«eph>d .n* Aftd Aeewno» .. Allowed With Tht IT* Account t« Pay- I* UNFURNISHED five room house. One-halt block from business district* No children. Phone 7-3662 1'tf 6** ,1,20 I.'M 1,20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 170 1.00 M* OH* 2.09 2.50 8.00 8.50 4.00 4.60 •.00 6.08 7.60 0.00 10.60 13.00 It.tO 16.00 BOLEY'S Court, all new "safer" two people $3.00 Four people $5.00. Panelray heat, Innerspring, and foam pillows. Jan. 1-lMo. (tea. DISPLAY .»...„, TSc p«r ta<* *....,.... 60c per Inch „ „ 60c per Inch obov» am tor tan- IrutrtlorU, Irregular or sklp- i VvlH toko th« ons-day rat*. ill dally Classified advertising copy ib«, accepted until S p.m. for icatlon th« following dgy. publisher! reserve tha right to _ of edit all adveiilsemenw of- n tSt publication and to reject 7obiectlw>abl» advertiilng «ub- , *of on« Of more lerteri, M 'or figures such at home* elephori* numbers count at one Hope Star will not be resporw : for effort In Want Adt unless J, are. "called to our attention '«FIRST Iruertlon of ad and the ONE Incorrect SMALL furnished house on South Elm Street. Phone 7-3535 after 3 p. m. 21-3t SMALL Farm 5 rooms, Butane, water .system, Bath. Cow and hog pasture, Barn. 8 miles south. Glendon F16wers. Phone 7-5597. 20-St %PHONE 7-3.431 DAIRY Feed. Hog feed, meal hulls, mixed. C. S. Meal. Salt $1:15 per liQPE STAR 1899; Pratt elldated January', IB, 1927 1929 every, weekday afternoon by - PUBLISHING CO. -. , Polmor, President lexrH. Woihburn, Secy-Tim. -'<• the Star ,BulWln 9 12:214 South Walnut Street, Hopo, Arkansas H'Washburn, Editor & Publisher H. Jones, Managing Editor ,e W.'' Hosmer, > Mech, Supt. /i Bavli, AOvorflsIng Manager I at' second class matter at Offke at Hope, Arkansas, -Act'of March 3, 1897. er "of the Audit Bureau of 1 ' Circulation* itcrlptlqn Rates (payable in ad- iicarrler In Hope and rielghbor- yV*fl' i i>*«r...u«f.>» • ,_~5 fear „£..,.,...... '3.00 rail r In -' Hempitoad, Nevada, (/'Howard, and Miller coun- 1.60 2.60 4.30 n.th% '- ^A...... 1 ;... 1.10 3.25' ..;,,„...„ 6.60 „.„ 13.00 Representatives: qiiio. ...i.;; 1602 -Sterlck .pfiis'2; Tennv'505 Texas ,,•• Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. I7/.H. Y.; 1763 Detroit 2, Mich.; Oklahoma City 2, reof,, the Associated Press: /ated 'Press is entitled ex- tp <be use (or republlcation e local news prinied in this .,'ciE Well- as oil AP oewt N WESTERN SHARES iversified Income Fund ,,ahc) pallas Fund ospectu&' available from- BATES, Agent Cay Before Publication for Rent UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment, hardwood floors, private bath, private entrances, near grade School. Phone 7-3588. J. O. Luck. 19-6t ROOM furnished garage apartment, couple or 2 working girls. Phone 7-3534, Keith's Jewelry. 22-3t room house. Call Mrs* Howard Byers or Byers Drug Store. 22-61 For Sale sack. DANNIE HAMILTON 21-lmo. MIXED grass hay, Top quality at barn or delivered. Elbert May. Jr. Phone 7-2094. 22-Ot 400 BALES mixed grass hay. 100 bales at 50c. Call Jack Lowe. Day time 7-2381. Night 7-5863. 23-61 CHILD'S baby bed Good condition. Mrs. Billy Monts 1103 South Main. 23-3t Real Estate Wanted HAVE buyers for all size farms. Need replacements for 15 recent sales. Fast Action, United Farm Agency. 101 East Phone 7-3768. Front Street, Jan. 1-lm.o. Notice SUBSCRIBE Texarkana Gazette, 30c weekly daily Sunday complete sports. KCMC-TV programs, • Dale Hartsfield. Phone 7-4610. Dec. 11-1 Mo, INCOME Tax Service, Nearly every farmer and many others are required to file tax returns <. in January. Maybe we can help you. Phone 7-3731 J. W. Strick land. Jan. 4-3 wks INCOME , Tax Service. No wait 'ing. Two y accountants. Farm Bureau Office 101 East Frdnt "Political Announcements The Star Is authorised to an* nounce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections. For Treasuref HARRY HAWTHORNE CLIFFORD BYERS DW1GHT RiDGPILL for County Clerk ARNOLD J. MIDDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-6830 Or bring items to Mis* Turner •t Hicks Funeral Home Funeral service for James Dou- jlas of Kalamazoo, Mich., will be icld Monday, January 25, at Bee- Bee Memorial CME Church at 1 p. m. Services will be held at the Methodist Church on North Hazel St.. Basketball fty The Atftociated Prett Thtol 67, Alliance (PA) 53 Queens (MYj Academy 52 65, Coast Guard Bo.vlJng Green 78, 6hio tJmv. 72 Xavier (Ohio) A&M 78, New Mexico Highlands 65. Southwestern OkJa 68, Northeastern Okla 66 Betnany Kan 78, College of fern- poria 73 s Pruty 74, TarKfo ,62 Kansas .Wesleyan 84, Friends (Kan, .46'.",';:.'. ''.,.', , ... , ,, . Coneordia (St ,tirf>uis!t 83, jQiiiHcy '' Culver- Stockton, \6S, Westminister ,'IvlQ.)' ??...<'.:-. {..... : -.j.- Arizona-.79,'Arizona St^te 'CTerhpe 65': ., ,..; ..,',.;.... .... - .,...... . Eastern New. Mexico.,77,,St..Mi chaels (NM) 53 < • ,,.•-.; Idaho 76, Oregon State 55. Oregon , 77» Washington; 76 Dorothy Liked That Nightgown MONTREAL (UP) — Film Star Dorothy Lamour robbed of a $7,500 mink jacket and a blue nylon nightdress, said today sho mourned the loss of ire nightie more than the mink. The thief didn't get hc*v sarongs. They were safe in her dressing' room la a nightclub wh-svf she has been.rucying for a Wiek to large crowds. The sultry star confessed, through the shifileV.pt''a coftl 'she was more worried, about losing the high-necked, long - sleeved nylon nightie than,- the :: jacket arid her ship at 11 a. m. The Melody Five of Magnolia will give a musical progra'm at BecBee< Memorial CME Church' Sunday night, January 24, sponsored Circle No. 4. by Cpl. James Charles Elliott has returned to Fort Lewis, Wash., after spendnig two weeks visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.'.B. Elliott and. other relatives. Twice as much heat is produced in burning a given weight of charcoal as is produced by burning the same .weight of wood, odist Church on North Hazel. St.. husband 1 ?'$350 camera. .She asked Sunday, January 24. Sunday school Kpu 2e inspector Treffle Sevigny-'o 10 a. m, to 11 a. m. Morning wor- ^ sigri ; h i s . .bqst'-rnen'- to .find it. ": -u,_ „* 11 „ m "I .still love ..'the . w.qn.d'prful pi pie ot Montreal," .she. told,a repo er. ,in her .hotel. ."The thelt a the \yejither'haven'^ tur,ned i Play Prescott Tonight Hope Independent Boys Basketball teafh will play an Independent team from Prescott Saturday hight at 8:45. The Prescott boys are considered one of the strongest teams to tangle with the local team. The Independent girls journey to Texarkana tonight to play Red River Arsenal. Game time 7:30. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK -- Listening tonight: NBC — 6:30 Big -Review; 8:30 Grand Ole Opry; 9:30 Pee Wee King; CBS —•• 6 Johnny Mercer; 7-:30 Gnng Busters; 8:30 Goun- Ly Style;, ABC— 7 Dancing Parly; 8:30 : Rep.. Jos. W. Martin Jr.; MBS —i 7 Twenty Questions; 9 Chicago Theater. .•. Sunday: NBC .<— 3 p. m,..Week- end Review; 5 Toscanini and ,NBC Syfnpnotiy; 8 Star Piayhouse;: CBS — l:aO-N. Y. Philharmonicr v* Stage struck; 7 Bing Crosby; ABC — 4:30 Greatest Story; 7 Music Hall; MBS — 2:30 Author Meets Critics; 4 The Shadow, 8 Oklahoma City Symphony. SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYLt TALBOT. By MftRAY (For Gayle falbot) NEW YORK Itf! — Jack Dempsey's suggestion that an elimina- tionainent be held to uncover a "real" challenger for Rocky Marciano is a worthy idea but Bobby Gleason thinks he has something bette.' to offer. "Make the champion light the No. 1 challenger within six months or take awuy 'his title," says the fierty little manager of Cuban "des, '"That's the way they do it in Erirope. If the European champion doesn't meet No. 1, he's tossedout on his ear by the European Boxing Fndei ation. "Otherwise, what good is it to rank fighters Or have a No. 1 contender You can't eafr a ranking." Bobby, of course, is not entirely unselfish in advocating the adop- in its latest rankings a few weeks back listed nc logical contenders for Mariciano among the big boy Ezzarj Charles, the former champ headed the list of "outstanding boxers," followed by Valdes, Dan Buccaroni and Roland LaStarza. Dempsey suggested that Charles, Valdes, Bucceroni r.nd Nafdico fight it out in an elimination hour- ney. Gleason is willing to have Valdes Charles but he wants a "payday" this time. He's willing to give Ole Ez a return fight but he wants ?30,000 il Valdes wins and $40,000 if Charles evens the score. Actually, the w;iole thing is academic. The heavyweight champion — rathei his manager, in this case Al Wi;iU — calls the tune. : . AnJ of the moment, Weill doesn't look too kindly on any lowing EzzaH a decision Charles and a four-round KCMC Television Sunday, January 24th 1:00 Test Pattern 1:15 What's Your Trouble 1:30 Hinshaw Quartet 2:00 Churches of Christ 2:30 This is the Life 3:00 The Best Side of Life 3:30 The Living Book 4:00 Omnibus CBS 5:30 You Are There CBS 8:00 Paul Winchell NBC 6:30 Private Secretary CBS 7:00 Toast of the Town CBS 8:00 *Mr. Peepers NBC 8:30 ' Man Behind the Badge CBS flfOO Letters to Loretta NBC 9:30 Dillard's Musical Varieties 16:00 News Headlines 10:05 : The Pastor Calls 10:30 Sign Off tion of the European system. Fol- eliminations among the contenders, victory over]His reasoning is that his Rocky will take care of all the eliminating himself in du<- course. If the contenders knock each other off, then the champion is liable to run out of opponents, And opponents are scarce. knockout over Heinz Neuhaus, the European king, Valdes was anmed the No. 1 contender by Ring magazine. The National Boxing Association love weather.. THEY GO EVERYWHERE CLEVELAND, . 0. (UP,)_ — It seems now that even, in jail a inan can't shake, off the tax collector. An Internal revenue deputy will go to. Cuyahoga County jail Feb. 3 .to.help .350 prisoners make out their returns. And, if. there are any irregularities, it presumably will be an easy task to. spot the miscreants. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press New York Madison Square Gar- .den Vince Martinez, 149 Paterson JST. J- stopped Rocky Cosillo, 150, BJue Island, 111., 3 West Palm Beach, Fla.-George Holzmar, 163, Bayonne, N.J., stopped Irwin Shultz 165, New York, 9. Philadelphia - Jimmy Soo, 135, Philadelphia, out-pointed Earl Cle< mons, 136, Baltimore, 8. W tW« Mwk. tUnt FMUrw StnteM* OUT OF DOORS with By JOE STETSON "es I've done it to, and more glad that 'others I'm to admit it so won't make ' the same mistake." I was talking to Bill Stark, who was showing considerable concern over his pup. The pup had beeni retrieving' with quite some dash and Bill Was very proud of him He'd s,hown him off to several of the boys on occasion and it was true that the pup had been doing very 1 well for his five months. "All I tried to do was steady him,"-said Bill, trying to explain thechange in the pup. "One minute he can't get to the buck fast enough and the next minute he has lost, all interest in retrieving. no amount of pleading will get ~ : him to go near the buck and if asked Bill. "Whp doesn't he know I try to forre him, he runs out I want him to retrieve now that of reach and tries to hide. You'd I'm asking him to do so?" f Hope Bobcats ln59-45Win Over DeQueen A fourth quarter rally gave thB Hope Bobcats a 59-45 victory over the DeQueen Leopards lat night in DeQueen. This was Cats 12th straight win. The Bobcats and Leopards traded points evenly in the initial period, but two quick crip shots by Spanky Mitchell enabled the Cats to a 15-liM lead. The second quarter was nip and ; . tuck as the score was tied some five times, but Hope managed to squeeze out a 24-23 halftime lead. The lead changed hands a few times in the third quarter but Hatch's 6 points and Griffin's 5 gave Hope a 40-36 lead at the ertd of the quarter. The Cat really caught fire in the ^ final psriod when they dropped in^ 19 points to 9 for the Leopards. In** this quarter DeQueen's first team fouled out giving the much taller Bobcats the advantage and a victory. In the preliminary game, the Bobkittens after leading for three quarters droped a 33-26 win to the Jr. Leopards. Hope G Hatch >. 5 Griffin 2 Halbert 4 Stanley 0 Mitchell 2 Russell 1 Mangum 0 Totals 14 DeQueen G Parks 3 Elliott 6 Turner 0 Mattison 0 Staggs ....'; 4 Pearson 3 Downs 0 think I'd beaten him or something. "Right ' I .tried .to break the news to fused," I Street. Phone 7-37C6. 5-lmo, COX'S Cafe at Fulton will serve Turkey dinner, Sunday January 24. $1.00 per plate-plus drinks. 21-3t Services Offered MATTBESS renovation and Innerspring work. Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington Phone 7-2622. Dec. 30-lmo. jpp^v, Spring ,L ine for ] 954. - 1 "" 1 V- Everything new. roMWARDLAW Street Tailor Shop .Highway 67 West USED FURNITURECO. < of City Umlts West e' Buy «y» Sell Ueed Furniture Phpne 74391 Hope, Ark. ETAPING and RECORDING u, Venetian Blinds. Picture ', Framing. All types of Floor overing, Paints, Wall Paper., interior Decorating, ,_t_ >• ; ' 0'f Decorators Supply Main St. Dial 7-3445 CALL Payne Brothers. House movers, insured contractors. Public service commission number rn-1425. 313 Central Avenue. Stamps, Arkansas. Phone 3-4481 in Stamps, Arkansas. Jan. J-lmo Services Offered CERAMIC Tile Work—Baths, floors drain boards, walks, mantell, steeps. Free estimates. Also repair work. W. E. Highfill. 501 Spruce. Hope. 21-6t Female Help Wanted $2.00 HOURLY possible doing light assembly work at home No experience necessary. Write Sanco Mfg. Company. 1637 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Illionis. 21-3t Found FEMALE black and white pointer bird dog. Call and identify at 425 North Elm. 22-2t Taken Up MATTRKSSES M*lt«v* ft Mottrw C*. WHITE horse. Weight about 1,000 Ib. Owner may have horse by paying for damages and for ad. Call 7-3531. 221t Salesman Wanted WOULD like to hear from man with car who wants tp step into busit riegs of his own in Hempstead County. Buy on time — pay av you sell, also other ' localities available. , Write Rawleigh's Pept. AKA-641-TC Memphis, Teiin. 23-lt |pment,.an Bl"S« With original n<J rewflnlit •» In- CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE" PALE carried an armful of dresses and suits' to the clothes closet, and pulled -the door r She brewed her feet hard >Into('- She held his note with both ine resStVasa and shoved her hftnda against her. Even before hands to the very bottom of 86r slack* poo*«t». "I «W tB X r '*' » __ »_ _ —^ i_ kim MAH*4 «4* naa* Wood that has charred on its outer surface often lasts much Ion gerd than wood that has not been s treated. Whalebone whales have enormous tongues, compared with those of toothed whaieb. The row of hangers held other garments, from another life. Tailo,rea shirts, slacks, the red velvet negligee ... You look like a cardinal in that! Dale kicked the door shut, feeling tensions mounting In her aa memories swept over her. She looked down at her armful ot silks and woolens and cottons, and suddenly let everything drop to the floor. From a hanger ahe took a pair of gabardine slacks and a white silk shirt. Her fingers were not quite steady, buttoning the shirt down the front, zlpplHg the slacks' side fastener. The dressing- table mirror was so dusty that she could not see herself In It, but she did not stop to dust It off. The suit she had just taken oft was tossed on the floor with the other things. There was one way of discarding them, anally and forever. Grandmother would cringe at the wickedness of wanton destruction, but Pale was in no mood to consider the needy poor or church missionary barrels. She scooped up everything and went outside. Two more arrafuls added the rest of the dresses and h*te and lingerie to the pyramid on the lawn, and then, stooping, she touched a match to it. A flame like sudden sunlight rushed up, only to be lost in the brighter dazzle of reality. Pale stepped back a pace or two as the heat scorched her face. The smell of burning cloth was sharp and acrid, but she stood watching the curl of smoke, unwilling to move away until she was sure that nothing but ash was left, Was it possible to consume tour months of one's life in a bonfire? She glanced around and saw Grandy coming toward her along the path used so seldom, now that the raspberry canes had almost taken it over entirely. The old man stopped beside her, hands thrust Into his gray flannel trouser pockets, hia eyes fixed on the rolling smoke. "What's this you're burning up?" he asked, 'V»ridges, or barriers?" . "Poes it matter?" "Maybe not," he, agreed. "It you're burning your !?ridgea be» hind you, there's nowhere else to go Lu? forward, and that's good. It It's barriers you're burning -r-«»a^ means a torward He shook hia'nead at tier. "There-ore.no Islands any,m •'You quoted Browning to tool" k -"> -t* ( ^;. 1 - ',,, He bUw*a4 « toU ot her ahlrt .bVtween.W« : Wumb and for* nge. , in that closet," he'-JwUd. ' Then, vrtth some hia eyea and going to ; <realiz« that' l lt's a' long time since Kettjr died?'"1 know exactly how long,,a time It was," ahe said. "1 know every endless day and hour of It. >pf t . . - . The old; man sighed; "Tou'd bet-. tei- pour a v dead cornea upi THE OAKS Under New Management SPECIAL LUNCHES Choice «>f 6 vegetable? eatp. Home B On HJehway §7 and Pies. PLUMBING MvlnMofrii movement, too, doesn't it?" "No," pale said, "I'm going back, Grandy," Almost desperately, she begged, "l know your pr«* diiection for wise sayings, but Just let me alone, will you, please?" He took out his pipe, but he 4W not light it, He cupped the smooth bowl in his palm and she saw the whiteness of his knuckles. "What happened, to you In, the cjty, Pale? What sent you runn&g back here?" safe here, Qrandy," she :0n If * wind start &%- ing. Ypu ; dpiB!t'W^Mitr;to burn jrour hbiise down, do you?" ..-;., . Her deflance dropped from her. "Don't worry. about nie," she said, laying her pand tor a moment .on his arm. 'Til be all right, now that I've come honie." She went back, Into the house. Only a few things remained now in her J?ag8, among; them— stIU Jn its wax paper wrapping— Grand- mother'a fruitcake., On only pne occasion had Dale cut it: on thai June night, for Lora Thornton. She thought ot Lora, who had been her own, Judge and Jury and executioner. No islands? Grandy had forgotten that one. Or had ne known that she, Pale, would never seek the far and final retreat of Lpra's island? Pale stood on a chair and put the square of fruitcake on a top shelf of the kitchen cupboard. One ot Grandmother'B favorite renol- nlscencea was the one about her mother, Pale's great-grandmother, who had kept the top layer of her wedding cake for her silver aniu> versary, "Pldn't It," pale as^ed her once, "go moldy?" And Grandmother replied proudly, "No W' deed. Made right and kept right, fruitcake'M last a lifetime." The shelf paper was yellowed. and brittle as thin glass. I'll p« on fresh papery pale, decided. I'll scrub and polish troni attic to cellar, until the whole IKHUM shines the way it did when we lived tie«>. Buoyancy at the prospect ot physical war* jjghtened her heart as she clln>be4 slown. oft the chair. She was about to close the cup- bo,ar<J when.. she saw the sllp.ot paper protruding from the blue she unfolded and read it. It had banished the present and plunged her 1 deeply and passionately Into the past. , ''.Kelly was no artist, but he had drawn a flower resembling a half- open tulip, Its pistils tiny hearts. And he had written: / wear you on my heart. Some men could say things like that without sounding stickily sentimental . . . She atared at the words until tears swam in her eyes, blurring them. Finally, she buttoned the note hi her breast pocket and walked over to the window. The concrete L, of the dock was a 'sun-white protrusion into tha blueness of water bluer than the sky. A green tendril of the rambler rose swayed gently against the. windowpane. Near the.buoy;« solitary fisherman sat to a rowboat. Farther out,, plumy smoke rose from the funnels of the twice- a-week lake steamer, carrying its summer's end cargo ot vacation- ists.' ' ' ' '•' : - " " .•''• A carload of young people rode out on the dock, and the morning's stillness was suddenly shattered by their shouts and squeals as-they raced about in a violent game of tag, and then plunged single file into the water, slashing it to foamy whiteness. Dale's hand reached up to her blouse pocket. Kelly, where are you? Help me out of this 1 1 belong out there on the dock with those blithe, ardent youngsters, not here In the shadows. Where, In all this grayness, are you? She found the second note when she was brushing her teeth after the lunch she had almost forgotten to eat, ft was rolled around her toothbrush glass and fastened with an elastic band, and at first — using tite clean glass she had carried into the bathroom — she did not see it. Then, sputtering mouthwash in the delight of her discovery, she slid the elastic band off. The message said only, Olean and sweet as « summer skyl Sleep ioett, my lovely. Evidently he bad intended her to discover this pne p,t' bedtime, Dale buttoned it carefully into her pocket w^h the other one, knowing now that Kelly hacj left the notes for her to read while he was in New York, seeing tjje ipubllshers, Qn the •following day, while she was taking down the Uving-room draperies, Pale came op the Jhtrd pote under the little onyx RuJcinea. . Only one .person ,U» the could bava put it there. Only one person »n paje/a ute itad wrlttep messages for her and stuck then) whimsically into the toea ot shoes. in. dresser drawers, tn mirror . jlrames, under the cjpck. , «¥ouj- row toe iiW f towiy, He 9 pebble an.<l Pftlp, «Y»»r Who To wttut y<Wt i/ t forget (9 8<*V I you , , . For Kelly 4a4 often lived In 9 world apart. Paring nte most intensive writing, Pale reaped that for days on end she was .less rein to KeUy 'tJWR the people M create^ ftn<J shaped and controlled. ^ haj n?ver occurred to fter, fo} pe, jeaJWW qf Sfeem, or reseftfiPtft 01'h.te /«ftr« he m m* h&d written. Pale crossed .eagerly to the bookcase and took down Untermeyer'a translation ot Hein- ricb Heine. KeUy had ticked o« the first stanza of the poem with a pencil. "The years keep coming and going Men will arise and depart; Only one thing la immortal; The love that is in my heart." Tears stung her eyelids. Kelly """" " ftjffl known death had awaiteo: than November Uiz*»r4> coulfl ftaye left her no more endur- "J ft»V« ing contort than found you, KeUy,*' she never him gently. He !had a very sensi- ive -dog. And by .trying to steady lirh, which is a negative process i involving holding and warning 1 with a threatening tone, he had associated displeasure with the re- :rieve and his dog was definitely confused. 'To put it another way'— by stop- ling him he had indirated to him. 1 ,hat he did not want him to relieve. How was the dog to know that he was to stop only until i 3ili gave him the command to go? "Well, what will I do now?" CHAPTER THIRTY ON THE following day, while she was playing the Irrelevantly gay waltz from Tchaikovsky's Fifth. Dale switched It oft. Tchaikovsky in his more familiar mood of the Pathetique was more to tier liking. She found tha record in the cabinet, dusted it off and .Inserted it, started the machine. As the sounds rolled over and over her, she forgot the Ethel Merman recordings she had forced on Lora Thornton. The draperies lay on the floor In a .dusty heap. After the Pa- thetique, she played some Sibelius, and it was while she was listening to Chopin's Sixth Prelude— the somber cry of the man on Majorca who was sure he had lost his love in a storm off the mainland — that Dale heard the knock on the door. For a moment, she made no move to answer it. After the second knock, insistent and determined, the door flew open. "DaJe?" It was Phil Parrish. . Her resentment of hia coming was so sharp that it pushed her tb her feet to face him, her eyes angry. "For the love of Mike, that funeral march!" Without even a token salute, Phil strode to the machine and silenced its needle. "No one but a man who lived on an island with bad weather and smoky fireplaces and a chronic cough could, have composed it! Do you have to listen to it?" "You don't!" He kicked at the heap of monk's cloth on the floor. "What's all this?" 1 "Oh, stop sounding like Aggie! , I was going to hang the draperies outside for an airing." "You look as if you could use soine air yourself," be said, his eys searching hers intently "Come along, -'11 neip you najig this stuff out, and then we'll ait In the sun and talk." «<We haven't anything to say to 1 eaejj other." , f «f think we have. Po we safety- pin this stuff to the clothesline, or what?" "Clothespins," she said shortly. "Andy used to wear one on her hose, She really did snore, you The grasshopper, vaulting long leggedly from topic to topic. Bu phi) Parrish was neither as oUrec tlonJess nor as guileless as n seemed, Hia irrelevancy were meant to disarm her and lowe fter guard. Qn.ce he cornered ne In the yielding mood of laughter he'd press home the main point. 1 Certainly he had not driven all th way to Swanscombe to tails abou Frederic Chopin's mistress an clothespins 1 They squared off the draperle together and pegged them on th J}ne, Watciuj>g th$p hang With 814 movement «» ^gS±; JJ o leave him alone "for [f he has been retrieyi Mfe' or boy let 'thenn Duck for hi rnwh'en ' around. He probably libitions where they :erned. If it works you can .probably' wa act in a few days ai auck -for him. If he r ably, you're bark wher before trying to stead lot, you'd better' let 3arry on for a while. "When you taokle aid absently, "There < breeze, to blow out i Phil drew her down n the grass to a pate I've been talking grandfather," he said. She pressed her sho gainst the gnarled ti Id elm. He continued, "You ather told me it looks ecided to bury, yours the rest of your, life." "The word Is live," d him. "With that ghost I s around the rosebushes "There are ghosts i world." "In us," he said t In ourselves. Ghosts and beliefs and ideas nherited, so we can ne ree of them. Is tha mean?" She looked out over said slowly, "Love nev It is imperishable." He gave her an •You're alive, DaJe. to keep in step with tl "I tried that, and g on." ','And you'll get. t again!" he said flerc you know yet that th iving, getting up and "Why— when 1 car and not be hurt?" "And lull yourself bility with that musi playing when i cam /oice changed, becam know there's a hard £ fering in you. Why d the hammer blows of sharp scalpel of anal of opiates?" She did not answer. "You've been burnin he observed, seeing U patch of grass, the me ash. "Pity, right In t your nice Jawn. Lea spar," Then, changir on a tangent, conf us old were you when : died, Dale?" "Five," she said. " "In China?" "Yes," "And you made thi ney back to America Wondering where t ing, she answered, "1 "Scared, weren't yp alone and scared to kid." She stiffened. "1 twenty years late wt J.V. lit ' pathy!" "Aral? Fmnotsui Some scars take a lot ing," "I forgot that ho she said angrily, « Grandmother helped it." loved 8ga,Jn/' pfee iU'e^y A ftSCP» X'< now, the dog is con- said. "Your best bet is a few days you're not has no' in. are con- with them, Ik into the nd toss the eacts 1 favor- 3 you mere ly him. If the family the job of F 14 7 5 4 0 1 0 31 F 3 4 0 1 4 1 0 13 TP 24 1 4 4 3 0 59 TP 9 16 0 45 Totals 36 In the games played in the local gym last night, the Hope Jr. and Sr. Girls came out victorious over the Gurnsey quintets '38-29 and 5445 respectively. The Hope "B" Boys dropped a 51-47 game to tho Gurnsey senior boys. steadying in the future," I continued, "wait until the dog is older and then be sure that fiur approarh is postive and not negative. Tell the dog to sit or hup before throwing the dummy. Hold his collar long enough to give him one. pat on the head and an enthusiastic word,, then let 'him go. "After a whlie you can hold, him longer and make him like the short period of waiting. On after he gets to know that you c: pect him to wait and then retrieve can you insist upon the waiting." (Distributed by NEA Service) Why does everyone make me feel ,'s a crime to want to be safe T You, and Aggie, and Grandy—* Her voice broke. "All of you." 'It's no crime," he said mildly. Probably It's a universal Instinct," •^Then why—" „ ' (| ''You make a fetish of it. You've got some crazy notion that outalde lie boundaries of this village with your aiders back of the "Your gr a n d- here. A five-year-old kid, suddenly bereft of a home and parents and jut on a ship by herself to travel lalfway round the world— Sure, 'our grandparents' home was a taven! And ever since you've been angry look. You've got trampled on "Don't here in!" His Leaves a nasty feel P«e an< there's world! no secure Sure, you place In the found refuge haunted by the fear that if went too far from Swonsoomba/l tou'd find yourself back on that ship, alone, sobbing in your berth, and frightened out of your wits." "Shouldn't you stick to real estate, Phil?" she said, curiously cold and furious. "Psychoanalysis sn't for amateurs." He went on ruthlessly. "You came back here, this time to recapture that v childhood security- net to brood over memories your marriage, as you've undou edly deceived yourself into believ- ng. And speaking of your marriage— that was tailor-made to fit n perfectly with your obsession to remain here, wasn't It? You didn't even have to leave your grandfather's farm! You hc.a everything nice and safe and impregnable, and marriage, too! What if Kelly had ived, would be have been satisfied to spend the rest of bis days here in Swanscombe with you? A ' would you have gone with h: wherever he went—or stayed right here, safe? You never had to ask yourself that, did you? Ask yourself now!" She Jumped up from the grass. "Go away," she said furiously. His anger collapsed heavily. "I'm sorry," he said. "But someone had to say It," "Go away and leave me alone!" Phil stood up, too. "Is that wl you really want, Dale?" "Yes," she cried. "Yes, yes!" He pulled her to him by the shoulders. "I could kiss you Into denying that," he said softly. "I could, and you know it, But you'd hate me for that, wouldn't you?" "I haty you now," she eaid thickly. what I said?" He let her go. "Yes, yeu do. Now, Pale, darling, go to work with that hammer and scalpel, will you? Whw| I come bach—" ''Pon't come .back.," "Your grandfather wants me to go fishing with Wm some weeH end." "You're making that wpl Bf never goes Sshlng." "ThsS'a odd," He cocke4 a brow al; her. ''Ftehing, lw eaiO, Spe- ciftc&Uy," <'f9

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