The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 27, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1977
Page 4
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I'ageg —NAl'GA TUCK NKWS (Conn.) Friday. June 4. IMS Dear Ann Landers: My husband and I are in our 40s, married over 20 years. The problem I am writing about is Ihe bed. lief ore you jump toany conclusions, let me assure you that our sex life is terrific, but like most people in llwir 40s our sleep patterns have changed. We used lo sleep cuddled up together, but now he complains that 1 am "leaning" on him. Our bed is the slanJard 57-inch type. Space was never a problem before, but now I'm conscious of Ihe facl lhal he lakes more than his 28',j inches. And be snores louder lhan he used to. Much louder. If I get up in Ihe night logo lo the bathroom he is annoyed because "I woke him up." Last week 1 said, "Honey. I want twin beds." He was hurt insulled and outraged. Why do men consider il a sexual rejection? 1 guess the only solution is to START married life in twin beds, but it's too late for that now. Any suggestions? - Morpheus Where Are You? , Dear Morph: Sleep is cssenlialto good health. You will both profit from Ihe change. But this sort of a transition, after 20 years, should be engineered with imagination and tact. Buy him a whistle for his bedside table. Have the following inscription engraved on it: "If you want me, just whistle." Dear Ann Landers: Topic: Family Hassle. Our parents will soon be celebrating their 50lh wedding anniversary. We, the children, are getting logelber to give them a lovely party. Now comes the problem about Ihe family picture. My brother, his wife and children had Iheir pictures laken for their last Christmas card. You'd have toseeil lo believe il, Ann. They all wore red and green plaid jackets. A more ludicrous sight would be liardloimagine. They looked likea musical unit. Mv sister-in-law lold me today they've decided to wear Iheir plaid jackets in Ihe 50th anniversary picture, the resl of us think the women should all wear plain, dark dresses and Ihe men dark suits. Tlie children can wear pastels not prints, stripes or polka doLs. Are we being unreasonable? — Say Cheese. Dear Cheese: Put il on Ihe basis of majority rule and lake a vote. That's the democratic way lo settle (he problem. Dear Am Landers: I gol out of bed at 2 a.m. to write this letter. I tope "Super-Secretary" will read it. I'm a secretary also, and 1 have a friend who thinks she is a Super- Everything. Recently she bought her boss a very expensive suit of clothes for his birthday. When she told me about it 1 was appalled. II seemed like a very personal gifl - and outrageously expensive. To my amazement. I later heard that "Super's" boss was bragging to everyone in (he building about it. I Ihoughl maybe 1 was crazy and asked my boss for an opinion. He saidhe would never accept such a gifl — thatl was right. What ar e your vi ews, A nn? — Neva da Girl Friday. Dear Girl: I'm with you. A fuit of clothes is too costly and too intimate a gift fora secretary to give her boss. By the same token, no boss should buy his secretary a dress - or worse yet. a fur coal. What grist for the gossip mill! Discover how to be date bail without falling hook, line and sinker. Ann Landers' booWet, "Dating Do's and Don'ls." will help more poised and sure of yours elf on dates. Send 50 cents in coin along with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Ann lenders. P.O. Box 1400, Elgin. III. 60120. FIRST off, i WANT 10 CUT OUT ALL 1M CORM ON THE CO&... HearTUI Juliet Jones _...ANP IT COUIP TAKE THE REST OF W LIFETIME.' AS LOUG AS IT , TAKES ME TO FORGET. PO you PL AH TC STAY iri TANGIER LONG, MR. RAH6ER 9 PIP COS. RMISER SAY WHAT HIS PL Art. WERE, JULIE- by THOMAS JOSEPH DOWN 1 I'ale 2 Mr. Mum'- ACROSS 1 Church pan 5 .Skiers' Bringing Up Falhei milieu 11 Arabkini! 12 Univ. in 13 Dwellinu H Appear 15 Tree 16 Vitality 17 Measure for wool 18 In a blustering way 20 Silkworm 21 Orlando or Martin 22 Brink n Early Debbie lieynolus role 25 iipced demon 26 Hoberl - 2J Mediocre 28 Burrows or Fortas 29 Try 32 lielfry denizen 33 Stain 34 Usually 72.1 Italian IKWK'^<' :| Diplomatic FOU FHIDAY, JUNE 4, 1976 Ijjok in the section in which SAG1TTAHIUS your birlhiiay comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. (Nov. 23 lo Dee. 211 «C?> Financial matters now have an cement ot risk, so make your moves slowly anil deliberately. Personal rclalioaships, however, promise to be exceptionally congenial. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 201 A relatively easy day - once you get the gist of trends and go CAPRICOHN ahead at a steady pace. Per- (Dec. 12 to Jan. 20) sonal relationships highly congenial. TAURUS nr—f I Apr. 21 to May 21) °TOf In both job and financial matlers, use only time-tested procedures. Don't altempl anything risky now. And DON'T Irv for Ihe unreasonable. GEMINI (May n to June 21) Fine Mercury influences. Be on the lookout for good leads, projects with substantial background. Written matlers especially favored. CANCEti «^~i I June'221o July 231 *>*>-} Don'l listen to what others say when you have reason to believe lhal the source is questionable. Stress your good judgment and objectivity. LEO A r-Tc> (July 24 to Aug. 23) «C\VA Don'l mix pleasure with business and don't Iry to force issues. For Ihe present, it will be better lo let things take their course. VIRGO nf)U. I Aug. 24 to Sept. 23i * 2i An excellent day for making You may have lo revise some views, revamp a pre-planned program if you are to attain the goals you desire. But do this efficiently and good results are certain. AQUAKIL'S (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) __ Walch and wait before you engage in new undertakings. but do not hesitate where real advantages are obvious. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) _ Personal relations accented now. In fact, a comparatively' new acquaintance could be responsible for a complete and better - change. YOU HORN TODAY are an exlremely intelligent individual, highly imaginative and original in your ideas and methods. Your curiosity is boundless, thus you are unceasing in your quesl (or knowledge. This curiosily. incidentally, makes you a -natural" for the fields of journalism, science and exploration. However, your unusual versatility and new coriiarts. putting unique readiness of comprehension fit ideas into action. Influences you for many other vocations. and you could succeed admirably as an editor, musician, research worker, ac'or or novelist. You love Iravel but, unlike most born under Gemini. also favorable for romance and travel. LIBRA - r~r (Sept. 24 to Oct. 53) it'* « You have instinctive know- how in many areas, but may you have great stability, not tend to get off Ihe track now, go scattering energies but content. off unwiselv on tangents. Be when necessary, to "stay put' and concentrate on immediate objectives. Thus, you often succeed more quickly in alert — and avoid. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Brace yourself for some opposition. Prepared, you can reaching your goals. Birthdale of: King George III, of OPDOSlUOn. nelMlCW, JUU mil v. e -a- cope mlh il more easily, even England; Rosalind Russell, outwit il. stage and film star. HALEY CALLS TIME WASHINGTON (UPD - The 77-year-old Florida Democrat said he felt he should - "consider taking a less de- James Haley, a v veteran of manding role." Now chairman of the House SHE'LL CLOBBER MS_) I CHANGED MV MlNC I FORGOT I PROMISED MAGGIE I'D TAK£ HER DOWNTOWN SHOPPING; ABOUT GOING DOWNTOWN, DEAR-DON'T BOTHER SETTING DRESSED, Buz Sawyer FL HffTE 10 KEWIMP 1011 PEOPLED BUT ITS TIME TO TflKt* MARYIEE TO THE AIRPORT, j 0. t6T II SURPRISE WHEN YOU GH HOME, '^/THERE'S HOT MUCH 1 CAH GWI SEEMS 1 FOR A WtTPDIMG PRESENT, «Y PEAR, I JUST i BUT 1 MOPE THIS WILL PLEASE XOU f,01 ; Hf WHAT IT IS, DADDY? MOM, COULD YOU PUT A PATCH ON \S HARPseu-THese PAYS. EX/EM THE WGATViER CO^ES SET YOU.' AHOV. _ . . A PACKAfiE T WAMT<S PICKED UP RiGHT AWAV. V AS SOON AS ME WAKES V UP HE'LL BE SACK VAMPlRlWG THE LID WONT KEEP MV COUSIN IN He comw WE'LL BEGIN Wl OFSVNMX.' 1 RECKOW I BETTER GIT STARTED WIF MV CHORES- UH-LET'S SEE-FUST, I'LL STRfllGHTEN UPTH'BED DAILY fRYL'TIMU'OTE- Here's now lo work il: A X V I) i. B A A X R is I. n N f. F E 1. I. 0 W One Idler simply slamls f,r annlher. In this sjmplc A » u«l-J for Ihe Ihrw l.'s. \ f..r I In- lm. ()>. rlf Mnii •• tvltn>. anoslrorihcs. I In- loi'Jlli nrul [.unuilion ,,f 111.- v.,,nls :m M hints Eneh "lay llu- cuile lelii-rs .in- .IHTercnl CIlYPTOflUOTF. F T E H D N E W 0 'L <i 0 W E E Q 0 E K Q T HJJ flFHW ODFKH PQTE HDKH TJTW FKW PFQK CYII VDJ_FKW SQTE.- COMES FROM YOU CAN'T GO OUT AND BUY IT. - DOfilS DAY • The Most From My Money' Q. 1 am26,hope lo retire at 50, T. 4 T. attract capital, and therefore wan. to get lie A. A. T. & T. is a corporate mosltrommymoney.lwaslold giant which enters the new to put some money into a capital market from Ume to mutual fund which would time to raise funds for ex- produce 10 per cenl growth pans ion A record of generous annually. However, my annual annual dividends stretching dividend later worked oul lo back 95 years is far more at- aboul ZU per cenl. Would I do tractive to new investors Uian a • skimpy one interrupted by the ups and downs of the economy. better In a 5 per cent savings account? A. I think you did the right thing. The mutual is a growlh- type fund, has a good record and, il seems to me, is well suited lo the investment needs of a 26-year-otd who is interested in building capital. Q. I hold quite a lot of pre-1961 silver colas. Should I hold on, or Scposil them in a savings account? A. Hold it! Whatever you do, DO NOT deposit pre-1964 silver Y~o7r~ dissatisfaction'derives "ins in a bank, because you from 1) phoney promises by a will get only »1 dcpos it or edilfor losing sight of your goal. rnore No one — repeat, NO ONE — If you want to continue to can promise you, or guaranty, speculaleonafurlherriseinthe ANY rale of annual growth in price of silver, hold the coins, an individual slock or in a If you need the interest Uiis collection of stocks — which is money could earn in a savings whal a mutual fund is. That 10 account, sell (he coins lo a per cenl figure was salesman's reputable coin dealer and then malarkey, sliding off a tongue deposit the proceeds in a which, as the saying goes, "had savings account, no bones," and therefore could • • • be bent at will. So just forget q. if I transfer stock (on that figure. »hlch 1 have big losses) to my Secondly, your disap- soos will they be ahlc to take the pointment over the dividend ui losses? isn't justified. Growth-type A. Yes, in such a gift of slock mutual funds do not invest in your original market cost high dividend slocks. They seek becomes Iheir taj cost. So if primarily growth of capital - they sell oul for less lhan what which is whal you want, too. A you paid, they h ave a deductible growth-type mutual will do well loss, to distribute 1 or 2 per cenl in > • • dividends it receives. f|. We bought a mutual fund H One vote (or sticking with the years ago. I am thinking of fund. One year's experience Scllln 8 it t>"l was told ! would means nothing. And don't waste !*« .<° Pi' a bl S r "P lla ! 8 al . ns . paper and ink telling me you tal - ' ""Ngnl my paying In— " '"" ""• -------- '"•" wan! "to get the most from your money." Who doesn't? come taxes every year would suffice. Warning Number 4,289: Please, please do NOT send A. It may very well have sufficed. Add all the reinvested r,w«, v ,™»: uu ,, U i JEHU ^^ 8 ains an(l dividends to slocX certificates, brokerage V our wl S inal purchase price, statements, money, checks or YOTr la * able 8™ (it any) is anything of value in letters to ""* lhe amount by which your this column. I cannot be P">«cds, upon redemption, responsible for what goes < ? ceed lhat ^ l Your 8 ain > s through Ihe mails. NOTIiguredonlhebasisofonly . . . your original purchase price. Q. A recent financial story • • • reported that an "A. T. 4 T. "' »««.«* .«o™i .mien spokesman said... we have to ^"'jT.^'.rS'sC iwoJS'iht pay a decent dividend lo attract "^",,(0,^,1^ „ ,„ „„ ,, a tie capital we need lor in- '" '•'"•'•' ««» t'm« ,n'w«« vestment." 1 fall to see how a "«',"",""' V.'^,"'""'??'™ dividend Increase to thousands l> " s '' ""' °' "•* "•»«" of presenl stockholders helps A. A cheetah can run as fast as A^ul 33 million persons own 70 ra.p.h. stock in American corporations. retire «t the end of this term,

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