Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1912
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lOLA V VOLUME XVI. NO. 11. 8ucoMM>r to the lola Dally Regltter, th« •' lola Dally Record and tha tola Dally Indax lOLA, KAS., NOV. 6,1912—WEDNESDAY EVENING. Weekly Rafllater. EiUbllahed 18C7. Dally Regleter, EaUbllahed 1897. EIGHT PAGES ECOUIilYlKETSHBOUI BREAK EVEN McCLAlN, CULLISON, REYNOLDS, SIBVENSON, MISS WILSON AND MRS. MYLER LOSE TO THEIR DEMOCRATIC OPPONENTS. WOODROW WILSON—PRESIDENT ELECT. SIUBBS. cm. BBADY UNO HOLMES ARE VEBY HMO HIT BULL MOOSE CANDIDATES FOR GOVERNOR, CON : GRESS AND STATE SENATOR ALSO LOSE. In Spite of the Flag of Truce That Was Kept Flying Dur. ing the Campaign, Returns Show That Factional - Knives Were Used on Both Sides with Effect. V Tlio vptiTs of All«^n couniy mlniiii- Istorod a stinging n-buko to Giivcr- i.or Sfubbs, Arthnr Capper ami J. 1.. Krady jit Jhf i»olls ycsttrday. Judp*" Thompson rolled u|) the inipressivo tnajorlty of 707 over Stubbs; Taeeart fjistanced Brady for Congress by iiOl : nd Capper lost tlie county to Hodges by ISO. •- In the county race six Deniorrnls i*-en> winners. Klein for senator se- Vi|irt>d a majority .of 727 over Holmes lilK,' Republican opponent and carried Wiwdson county, Holmes's home by •io,. winning in the district by 11-7. Mudge Foust has been re-<'lected by a ^uijoriiy Uiat will probably reach ir>it. ^Ir. Apt has a small marten in Wood- sch couiiiy to be ov«'rcome here. •• In the contest for Repn-sentative. •-Jam-'f W. Hamm, of Humbold' wor. over Haxter 1». McCIain by 235. Tj.ler -I'lcmofraf was electt-d treasurer by 'SSa ov<'r .Miss Wilson, Kepublican: A'ullison. R:. for county attorney lost •-to Forrest, P., by 70 votes and Kred 4- Iteturtis from .\llrn (wunl). t)n page six of this pai>er, will be found the complete unofficial returns from the election h«ld in Allen County yesterday . The official count, which will be made next Frida.v. may change some of these figures slightly, but in the main tliey will be found to be correct for they were taken direct from the official i:eturns by friends in every pulling precinct in the i -ounly to whom wo an- deeply jtidelited Two or more members of the Register force have iH 'en engaged almost continuously since six o'clock last night in tabulating these figures and Tlie Register takes some pride in being able to present them within less than four hours after the last voles were <'()unled. state and county was shown tlrst by the heavy vote polled and later by the way people remained out of their iM 'ds and watched the reHirns. The Register otlice was packed from 7 o'clock until midnight, in spite of the the nemoerats received the Home Telephone news in the old Court House building. Restless or doubtful voters made the rounds seeking con. • firmation or comfort. . ' The election of Wilson was general- fact that a big crowd at the Grand . .., was given the bulletins as fast as •Schmidt, n., for "count V asse^sor ^ind ''•>^'>-. "'•''",'^":5- ^•'*|r „ . ,., • . ..received Register I lletins as well. ,Miss \ide Fetherngill for supenntuid ^he KIks had the Western • Vnion enf of public instruction won by nta- news by direct wire at their hall and ' jorities of 187 imd 111 re8i >ectively. t'"or county ifoinmissloner. Brown, 1>. won from Stephenson, K.. by n : good margin. Elsewhere in this issue a fable o • unofficial returns appears. This table i does not purport to l>e the last vord b' admitted early in the evening. In: affecting the result. The figures were terest then centered in the relative ' madf- up in time to be put Into ty :H' • allowing of Taft and Roosevelt, and for today's Issue and before 8i\ pre-' siK ?culation as to how general the cincts had rei>orted.. The tahlo ai?- Wilson boom would sweep. On the - pears, in resjwnse to the eaRi^r detn.nnd state ticket the race for Governor of the public for anything iif the wav • and I'nited' States senator was the of detailed news. 'Those interested i chief item, but from an early hour-it •in details may search the t.nble to find ' looked like Stubbs and Capper had who carried this or that precinct, ex-' won. although at press hour today . cepting the precincts that could not 'hf Democrats were hopeful for be obtained in time to be induced Thompson and Hodges, in the table., i The success of the woman suffrage 1-ate this afternoon the returns , amendment seemed certain at an ear- were completed and (he Regislei- si - ly hour, and various disgusted citi- cureS them as sooiv as avnilabie ar.d zens talked stoutly of the foreign they are given here; as additional and ; climes to which th^y intended moving complete information concerning th' if the report prove true, official figures. Following is a list of the winn'is. the vote and majorities. For President— HALL SWEEP COUNTRY Tafi .. Wilson 1.7*2.1 .^laj. ^4 . Roosevelt ' Sit2 "For r. S. Senator- Stuhbs R 1.S02 Thomi)son D., .. .... 2 .5U9- -707 For GoTemor— • Capper, R.. .... 2,1 ^-J Hodges. D 2,2Sy- -isr, Sii|H'r!ntendent of Insurairre - Ivewis R ... Peterson D 2.0it7- -141 Contrressmnn .Si-rond DNfrfct— Rrady R 1.S9H, Tapgart f) 2 ..'iMl_ -.•.01 IMstrIrt Jwdp*^- Fousj R.. 2,24 S- •n;.i Apt 1> 2.(is:! StMte Sennlor Holmes R 1 .740' k'.eln -I). 2.4 <;7 - 727 It«'nri>enf«lhe— .McCialii H 2,i>j.S Hamm 1) 2.2^3— -2;ir, CoHiily Clerk-- Cun>ert8on R.. . 2.421'.- r.i;i Pr« eburg D.. . l.Jti:! ronnl)' TmiNuni-- • WlUon K 2.nti;5 Tyier I) 2.:us- :(:ir. 1t<'irt^t<'r of I>i>«-d»>- Ijiury, R - 4«'. IVdwell D .S.... 2.15t; County .\ttornej-- CulHson R 2.1 KS Forrest D 2.2r,!>- 70 Probate Judjre— Smttli R 2.579- -77H Walker O l.SOO ShrtlfT— Kerr R 2.G74—942 Foster I) • 1,732 Coroner— McMillen R. .';,27fi—2C7 f..envell D.. . 2.049 .<«iip<>rlii»endeiif rnblle Iii«tnirtion— . Mrr. Myler R 2,137 : Miss Fetherngill D. 2AMS—111 SnrTejor- Palstring Jl.: 2,275—281 The county ticket, by reason of the slowness of the count, was the most exciting. Candidates on both tickets ; blew alternately hot and cold. There ' was more straight Democratic tickets than Republican and as these • were counted first lola seemed to have given the Democratic ticket a three to one -victory. The scratched ballot ' however steadily swelled the RepuLli- i can vote and as the cpunt was not : the lead changed. Thft: VtHvmbtrfdt vote decided the .McClain-Hamra contest. The Foust-Apt race was uiic-r- lain to the last. Cullison and Forrest I alternated leading, the lola vote fin, i .ily lilting the scale in Forre.-^i's j favor, just a.« if gave Foust enough 1 lo :)\erc«>me .Vpt's majority in Woodi son <ouniy. It was criainly a wild 'night lor ihi- (ounty. candidates and tnany of lh<in sal up until 4 o'do'k bifore they reasonably sure of tlie rt'sults T>'« RegisK r slr.pped the Associated I'ress bulletins which it recoU.d about 2 :30. as tlie national contest was setlb-d and the slate results seemed Hi luUy forecasUHi art could be Jioped for until the tlnal count. About 5 o'clock the e.Mru was sent to press with the three stories, na- iioniil, sliUe and county as completely stated as possible. The carrier boys showed up in the dark hours before dawn and sturdily went forth with their burdens. If you didn't see tliem tills morning yoii might remember them Saturday with a little appreciation. The Register donated the extra free. If you appreciated it—express It to the boy. SUFFRAGE WINS BY 50.000 UOOSKVEI.T .IIAV M»K U.1.I>01S. TVII, (JOKS WITH TIIK HIDE. Ifelurns ludicaie lliat Women <il" Kiui- >«s IIJUC Won Their Klsrlit by liund-uine Miijorilj. WJh One-Third of Ihe State tit Hear Kntni IHs I .eiid;!^ Oalv Fiileeu 'I 'hoHoand. Toii 'l:;!. .\.>v. >;.—WoniauV suffryg" in Kaii.-^as carri '-d by a majority of ."lO.liu" acc-or.lini; to indicitions in the. rrui'.i.s lie insca:tir "d parts of thej state up !o early ihis afternoon. A compari .-i.'in of tli'- ballots from a do.'.-^ en pr 'Tiiu :s in iii -a'ir.i; tlitii r.ot over lwo-!!iiriis of l!u- ni. n iMok ilie trouble lo i!i :ir!; s\iflr:ige I'allot. Dozens w. re nnirniij lo thf bo .ves without IHing 01 'IK d. . . ! INil !| l .(i >t in Wisrnn>!n. ^lilwaukee. Wis.. Nov. 6.—Returns ffii tht; woman's suffrage amendment [ jSliows III? proposition overwhelming- ' in Wisconsin. I'HKSIUKM T.IFT.S .Vf.VTK.MKM. Cliicii .KO. -N'ov. t; • Clinois niii.iinv in ilie i'rogressiv.- ((iluiiTi lor I'ri'.-i- d<nHaI electors I'.y l(;;r. ].-,.(iiHt \vii!i a third of ihc sUHr y.t t,i ln-ar iroi;:. Wilson liys i;;iin»d ten th .j !:s:!nd ci; :i plurality of 2t>.4T7 ov.'i* Koos 'vcl! Y'V-- en b> Clijcago. tloviTnci' I)<r!.'ii ap- jiarently ran tiiird. Rig Ma.iiirily in the n «ii>>e. Xf-w Yor'.;. .\'ov. •; Tin- Hoti«>- m' Rei)r 'Seniativ. s will .sl;iii(I I)tni('.r:ii.- 2(!7; Kei:ubl:<a!is ProL-resi^ives i\: Districts ui:r>)'ir''d foial in<ri- ber.^-hlp 4:'.S. T!i.- for. •;oii'.!; .-l.ow. •! the 8t :!n'!l;:g :it noon of tin- il..ii^'' lii the new Cwvj^xcfi. Remocnits Will Control the Sonalo .\fler .Next .Varcli. Wafliington. Xov. fi.—With an over•Ui. I'liitig majoriry in the Houst', the ri'iirn.s- tlii.-» afternoon indicate a jircbability of the success of a suf- lii ien; number of Democratic sena- loriiil candidates to give the Demo- cnrs ccmtrol of botii branches of < 'OIILT'SS. Canlf-n City. Kas.—Incomplete re- ti'iti': in this city give Roosevelt 102; T;.ft .-.1; Wi!.-on SO; .c;iubbs 127; Tlionipson '.':!. Capper Wi; Hodges TT; Kinl .y i:!T; X.-el«y 70. Kam-as City. Ka-.—Incomidete re- iiiriis from Wyandotte County indicate that Hoo.^evelt has carried the county by l .'.Oij plurality. BartletrlX. District Clerk— Brown R., . Hess D.^..;.... Assessor^ Reynolds R.r ... Schmidt D.. 1,»94 2,4021,928 -4C4 2,031 2,362—331 fommiHsioner Srd. District• Brighain R., , 972—32C Roblnsoa D 646 CcBSliisloiier Sod District— SteidtensoD R., 676 Brown D 818—143 ^ Old General Apathy threw up his bands and quit «arly yesterday and interest la tli« election,, national, TurilY («• l>r .Mnilitied nnd ltno «e \eIt an ;l lleiis Yittr .siirniiiranl. Cnciiiiaii. n. Nov. fi.- I'resid. at Taft at 11 ii"< Im-k last night issued i!i>- follDw in:; siattnieiit: "The r.iiurns insiir.- the et.cilon of ! .Mr. Wil.sdii, 'rtii-i ni-'!iii.>; an early I in tli«- economii- i.olliy of llii; ,t;ov.ri:iiirnt In refi-rence to tarilT. If liii.- change can' Xw inadt- wiiliout halliii:; pnu-perity 1 siu< > rely lu>pe it tiiay bt. "Tlie vi>!.- fur .Mr. Koosev. !i and Mr. I>' lis IS a wariung thai iheir prop agand.i ill favor of fundamental ei:;i;,r'" in our ronsiituiioiia! ri i r-- sentaiivf j ;ov .riimi tit has formadiUI.- ."iilpl.oit \Vl;ili' <\perlmen! of a! iliaiiu.' ii; the tarilf Is being carried • till by a Iit'iiiiiiralic ailmiiilstratioa. It. b« l.oi)\>-i Kepublicatis to gallierj again lo (I K - pany standard and pledg"' jitieiv t .'Kir f.iilh in thrlr party's priiiripl.'s and in organize again to di'f.jul th« constitutional goverii- nifui baiidid down by our faUiers." UKIlt.r.K «a»KS DOWN -VLSO. THE WEATHER. F'orecast for Kaoiiits; Fair tonight and Tiiur>da}-; warmer toni^lit. THEY WILL HAVE NEARLY 400 OF THE 531 ELECTORAL VOTES—ROOSEVELT WILL HAVE ABOUT ItK), AND TAFT WILL HAVE 12. BATH HOUR'S Oi- CaN6RESSNILL BE HEUHLY OEMOCRHTIC • RESULT IN KANSAS IN DOUBT, BUT STATE WILL LIKELY BE DEMOCRATIC BY SMALL MAJORITY. With No Possibility of Electing Their Own Candidate the Roosevelt Followers Succeed in Defeating Taft and Turning the Country Over to the Democrats. Data recorded at the local office of the Weather Bureau: Temperature: Highest yesterday at ll^a. m.,'6S; kvwtfst this morning at 7.3«^a .m., 43: normal for today.^iX- (deficiency since January lar, 292 degrees. ^ Yesterday. Today. 6 p. m .'7 5 a. m o2 9 p. m 56 6 a. in 47 12 mdt. 52 9 a. tn 47 Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, .26; excess in precipitation since January iist, 5.96 Inches. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today,. 78 per cent; barometer reduced to feea lev^ 29.94 inches. Sunrise today, S :I >3 a. in.; sunset, 6:18 p. a. . Oiily .Siuialisl Con&re.xsmiin Defeated For IiV -Klerflon Vc>«ten!aj. ii;.v <h«-' A .»>«H-iatfil JT OS?) .Milwaukee, Wis.. Nov. C.—Congress- uian Victor Herger, the only in Cor.?ress. T ((as defeated for re-tlev- ;ion Ly rorniet Conitressmaji Stafford, the~«-.islon <.a»!it«^e on the Den;ccra:- ic tickci.-^-^ Da.'iville...lli., Xov. 6—At midnight E. X. Lesure; son-in-law of formeV Speaker Cannon, conceded Mr. Cannon's defeat. r.lPIT.iL lI-tCK TO GITMKIE. Ok!a:;orja City, Ok., Xov. .-).—Governor Wil-on bus carried Oklahoma, .{juofitm a3Jt ;i M -tlSniuwos Indications are that the amendment for the removal cf the permanent capital to Guthrie lias carried by a small majoritjr. _ . . _ . _ IltlW THE STATES VOTED. New York. Xov. —l-liirly this afterntKm Wilson had carried' Alaliama. A;i /i >iia. .\rkan«as, C:>liforiiia. (Colorado. (,"onnetticut, Delaware. Florida. G>-orgia. Indiana. Kentucky. I ..oui8ibna, Maine, Mkryland. Massncbu.setts. .Mi«s(»iui. .Mlssis.«lppi. Montana. Xebm:ika. Nevada, New Hampshire. New Jersey -New .Mexico, .New Vork. .North Carolina, North Dakota. Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma. Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee. Texas. Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Taft had carried Idaiio. I'tah and Vermont. Itnosi-velt carri'-d Illinois. Kansas. .Michigan, I'ennsyli-ania. Wa.sbington. Iowa, Miiiiies-ota. South Dakota atrtl Wyoming are doubtful. . Ovi -rtiirlJing big Rejiubiican majorities in "states never before captured by the litiiiiKrats in a presiilential elention the Wilson-Marshall ticket was .swept into bffice yesterday on a wave of victory that carried with It state offioTs. Co^gn-.^isiimal ^cats and the contT<il of several legislatures that will ha«e the.Dpporliiiiiiy In oust Kepiibllcans from the Cuited States Senate and :-ild to the •Deiimcralix- stfiixlli there. On .the returns received up to. 3:30 this aftern <Min from .vtaii -s wlnrt: the re-sult is reasonably certain. It appeared that Wilson would h::v,- four hundred of the five hundred thirty-one votes In the ele .toral college an.l that KooiidVelff will have nearly a hundred. Up to that hour Taft had received but twelve votes, those of Vermont. Idaho and I'tah Wilson not only carried his own state by a large majority but !.lso the states of hi.-- oiponi-nt.-j. the state of his running mate. Indiana, and the stall' of Roosevelt's running mate. California. Karly returns from various cities in Kaiisa^ led to the claim that Roosevelt had carried this state by a large i>i«r«Uity l..;iter returns, however, coming from the country counties, have changed these estimates. At 3:30 Roosevelt was. second to Wilson with pros |HH't that the latter would carry the stale by a small margin. Henderson Martin. Democratic State Chairman, claims the state for Wilson, and also dec-lares that Thompson has beaten Stubbs for Senator and Hodges has beaten Capin-r for Governor. The votes on all these candidates are rnnning so close that the official returns may be riecessary to detarmlne the result. For Congress Rrady was btaten-4n the Second District, while Anthony, 5n the First. Campbell in the Third, and probably Jackson in the Fourth, were re-elected Murdock was re-elected in the Eighth; Neeley. (Dem.) was re-elected in the Seventh. The Fifdi and Sixth are stUl In douW. MISSOURI. (I'.y the A .<isociatMl l>ress) St. Louis, Nov. ' 6.—Congressional returns show that in the Tenth District, Hartholdt. Republican, was elected: in the Klevenlh William I... Igoe, Democrat' was elected; in the Twelfth, Dyer, Republican was elected; In the Founh Chas. F. Booher, Democrat was re-elected. Returns to noon from sixteen hundred and eight Missouri precincts give Wilson 168,054;. Taft 110.396; Roosevelt 62.015. Major, Democratic candidate for goverpor 157,8S4; McKinley Republican candidate for governor 89,234; Xortoni Progr^sive can didate for governor 18,180. Wilson carried the city of St. Louis by 12,45o. Kansas City. Xov. 6.—Wilson carried this city by a plurality of 6.410, the complete vote being Wilson 2C,- 825; Roosevelt 20,415; Taft 4.573. In the Sixteenth Congressional District Thomas L. Rubey, Democrat was re-elected. In tho Sixth District, C. C. Dickinson. Democrat was re-elected. • <. .> .> <, <. ff ff ff ^ <. .> ff.*,j^^^fy !• • i •> Wilson's Statement. * <f St. Ijauis. Mo., Nov. 6.—Re- ^ i <• spondijig to a telegram from * •:• the Dtun»xrratic National Chair- • <• man, as.serting that Wilson was <• ; <• unquestaooablr elected, the * •> Democraiic candidate for pres- •> !<• idem s(:nt a dispatch as fol- •> !•:• lows: • '<• "I deejily appreciate yoiir * (• telegram and wish to extend to * j <• you and the committee my * j <• warm congratulations on the j • part yoo have played in the i <• organization and conduct of the ^ campaign "bought out upon es- • sential * • . "A great.cause has triamph- * i • ed. Every EVeroocrat, every true <" j • |Progressiv»i, of whatever _aUi- •> t •> ance, must, now lend his full • I •> force and enthusiasm to the * fulfillment of the people 's * hope." ' • •> • I PE.NNSYLVANL\. j cratic Congress mi^n and state officers Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 6.—A plur-j were elected. ality of over 23.00U for Roos'-velt in ; IN'nnsylvania is indicated by additional returns received today. Phila- d-lidila gave Taft 12,0U0 plurality with Roosevelt Vbnning second, \A,m» ARKiA.VSAS. Little Rock. Xov. 6.—Practically complete returns from ail sections of ..... i> ., state indfcate that Wilson carried ahead of WUsoiL^f Wilson ran stvond „„. g,.,,^ by BIX^ thousand in the staft> outside of Philadelphia. ' RHODE IS1..AND. Providence, R. I.. Nov. 6—Practically complete returns giv© Wilson a plurality over Taft of 2.G44. -WEST VIRGINI.V Wheeling. W. Va.. Nov. 6.—Wilson's plurality is estimated, at 3 ,ri(H) with Taft and Roosevelt separated by only a few hundred votes. NEW HAMl >SHmE • Concord. X. H., Nov. 6.—Wilson is leading by over 1300 on returns from all but twenty New Hampshire precincts THE SOLID SOl'TH. Atlanta. Go., Xov. 6.—"Solid South" rallied to Wilson as expected. The probable iiopular plui-ality may be available by noon. Arkansas 60.000; Georgia. 35,000; Texas, 150,000; Plori da, 25.000; Kentucky, 100.000 Cover Taft); South Carolina 50,000: North Carolina, 60,000; .Mississippi. 100,000; Oklahoma. 15,000.'' OHIO.. . , Cincinnati, O., Xov. 6.— All of Ohio's twenty-four electoral rotes, all the important state offices, the state leg- islajjirc and ali but two or three Representatives in Congress went into the Democratic column. TEXAS. • Dallas, Nov. 6.—Wilson's majority in Texas will approximate one hundred and fifty thot^sand. The combined vote of Ta^t and Roosevelt was about 5,000, considerably less than Tatt'a Tote in 1908, All the Demo- OLD HIH, NEIiSO.N IS HAPPY. HP Confrnilulates ItoosPTelt I'Don the -Destruction of IKepabllran Pwiy." Kansas City. .Nov. 6.—"The battle Is lost but th© fight is w ^on. The 4e- struction of the Republican party signifies that the couRtry will no longer stand for domineering private control of govermnent." This Is the declara- tloK of Colonel Nelson, Editor of the Star in a message today to Roosevelt. TKYI.XW TO QFIKT FE.IRS. "Dont Be Afmld of t's" Is Prof. Wilson's Plea. Princeton, X- J., Nov. 6.—Governor Wilson this afternoon issued a statement declaring that "there is absolutely nothing to fear for the honest and enlightened business men of the country to fear from '& Democratic administration." ELECTED WITHOUT XOTICE. Edgar Huzard, Denoentv Honored In . loU TowBskip. George Freeman had the laugh on his brpther-in-law, Kdgar Hazzarti, who lives in lola township, west of town iind who came to Tola yesterday to vote. • Mr. Hitzzard is an ardent Democrat and had a fine time hearing the strange tidings ^'Ahich the wires carried. Today be was consid- ^erably amazed to learn that while he was rejoicing h© had been' elected. Justice of the Peace of lola township o.n the regular Republican ticket, though he did not know he waa runntng.

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