The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 14, 1892 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1892
Page 5
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATUUDAY, MAY 14, 1892. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. HE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. I.. srONHI.KK, Secretary nnrt HuslnaM Manager, Good Things IN STORE FOR YOU Th8 Good Things we-refer to are in our Btore, and are there for you and everybody. Our Stock is Like a Stream —Hundreds take from it, yet it never diminishes. This, of | course, is because there is a never-dying spring of supply that feeds the stream. Sluggish Streams Stagnate— So do sluggish stocks. They become decayed. They are not lit for commercial use any more than decayed meat. Finally they are known as ' 'dead." Constant Motion Keeps Water in the i Best Condition— And a con. • stant flow of trade keeps a 7 stock in best condition. We have no dead stock because our stock never stands still It is always flowing out and flowing in. Do You Appreciate the Advantage of buying always from a clean, fresh stock of new goods? If you do, you can have that advantage by trading with Sue these prices on WALL PAPER. Browns, 10c to 12}£c per double roll. Whites, Lie per double roll. Gilts, liOc to fiOe per double roll. Hirge's specials 50c to §1 per double roll ingruins, 4ue to 00c per double roll. Other papers in proportion. All paper matched in combinations with borders and ceilings. Kxperienced hangers furnished. All work guaranteed. H. D. WINSLOW'S. given on the conservatory plan, and pupils will receive the same advantages J that they would at any conservatory or j school of mnsic and art. Watch for further notice. lit. .7. h. Williams, the finest peninon in Kansas, will teach writing at the Bus"ness College. See hiin about June 1st. tf One car of stoneware at Urchin's. It Wanted—At the Santa Fo hotel 1,000 plover at 5 cents each. CITY NEWS. Clothing repaired and Wanumakor & Urown's. cleaned at 2t ^EMERSON CAREY, COAL The Temple of Fume" will be given in the opera house instead of the Auditorium, us heretofore announced. Tuo American Steam laundry will wash j'our luce curtains. ' Our Pups." tf Durnall's new bakery, strictly home made bread, cakes ana pies. All baking done by lady bakers. No. 417 IN Main street. . 3t Won't forget Mrs. Partington and Ike are "utter the wreath" in the Temple of l'ame. Smoke the Lawrence Harrett cigar Sold at Carroll liriscoe's. You can get cream pull's at the Clarendon hotel bakery. Try them Sick headache yields to Beecham's pills. Make your carpets look like they were new by taking them to the American Steam laundry and have them washed at a cost oi only tive cents per yard. iVnybody wanting a genuine bargain in job printing presses should call ou or address at unco the NKWH. Carey is still in the coal business, tf Buy of the business men who advertise. Diogenes, in the Temple of Fame, is looking lor un honest man. If you want to buy or sell an article if you have lost or found anything, lei it be known through the NKWH want column. The American Steam laundry does a cash business. Hutchinson lodge, K. of I\ met for work in the secona degree last night and "Maggie" says he knows now who is the "best jaybird in the woods," .1. M. Jones, the tailor, wishes to re mind the people of Hutchinson that he is still in business, and can be found Dealer in 4pES, TALLOW, PELTS and FURS. .^Yards and office opp. court house. his old stand, No. 2'J North Main No. 13 lOt South It We are "Backing the Pool" ON WALL PAPER, And underselling everybody on all grades. We have definitely decided to go entirely out of the wall paper business, asweneedtheroom for our DRUG STOCK And guarantee to make the lowest figures ever quoted in Hutchinson. Go to Cunningham's Main, for bananas. The "Temple of Fame" is coming. Watch for particulars. All vegetation, with the possible exception of corn, is growingnicely. The prairies are one vast ocean of waving grass, and the cows arc consequently lat and sleek. But oh, for a ray of sunshine! Attend the opening of the Business College, Montana block, June 1. tf Buy your pants made to order, best fit, Wuuainaker & Brown's 4t styles, at 4t tf A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents auieee, at the New York Backet. tf Duncan Clark's Female Mistrels at the opera house Tuesday night. Ladies', gents' and children's shoes at bottom prices; also a full line of groceries at Blackburn &. Co.'s 3!!5 N. Main. The latest complete bookkeeping taught at the Business College. tf Mrs U R. Patton, Rockford, 111., writes: "From personal experience 1 can recommend De Witt's Sarsaparilln, a cure for impure blood and general debility." Beam's Midland Pharmacy. Xautippe will scold and Socrates philosophize in the "Temple of l'ame" at the opera house next Thursday evening. Go to Cunningham's for your lee cream. Large or small orders filled on short notice. 13 South Main street. A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York liacket. tf Admisslssion to the "Temple of Fame," next Thursday night 28 cents reserved seats 35 cents, children under 14 years old, 15 cents. See J. fj. Williams about June 1st, at the Business College, Montana block, 28 North Main street, and will prove to you that writing as taught in the public schools is a fraud tf Gahan quits business July 1st. Now | is the time to buy your pants. tf. PERSONAL. W. E. Milam of Harper, was in the city last night. K. A. Cully of Pittsburg, Kan., \vus| in the city last night. T. Malory of Hoisington was in the eity on business to-day. Willis 12. Uresham of Burrton was in the eity to-day on business. Albert Fnusler of Junction City, spent last night in the city. Henry Zimmerman of Normal, Kan., spent last night in the city. C. Q. Bullock of Ellinwood was registered at the Midland last night. G. Wainright of Chicago, was doing business with our merchants to-day. A. H. Hutchinson was the guest of | his cousin, W. E. Hutchinson, to-day. V. E. Minnich and wife of South Bend, Ind., are registered at the Santa Fe. Judge liotkins' court, was in the city last night, the guest of Sheriff Jones. He reports everything quiet in the southwest. A. L. Mnrlin of Eureka, representing some of the most popular medical works in the land, will Sunday in the eity. He states that water in places was so deep on the Santa Fe track near Lawrence yesterday, that it put out the fire in the fire-box. P. Martin returned this morning from ;i purclinsing tour of the cast. He returned vluNebraska, where he lias another store. He states that nearly the whole state of Nebraska is under water, the rains having been very heavy all over that state. 8n<l Newt*. Howard Waddles, one of the most popular traveling men who make this city, received a telegram yesterday announcing the death of his father, at his home in Emmettsburg, Md., whither he started on the first train. TTIOH s.u.F.—A horse, harness and phaeton. JJ S;mie can be seen by calling at the llv- cry barn of Smith. Miller & Carpenter, First avenue west. at DAYLIGHT CLOTHIERS. Disposers of Reliable goods at Wholesale Prices. 2,7(53 pins were in our last "pin cushion," and Maud S was won by Miss Ethel Hartford. We now have another pin ennhion in our window and the party guessing nearest the number of pins therein will 'get'a fine Burro on June 7. HOW ABOUT THIS? j,Ien s Men's Men's Men's Men's Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes worth worth worth worth worth 81.-W, 1.7.-1, 3.00, •I. no, only only- only only only $1.2.-i. 1.38. 1.75. I.Ml. M.S0. SI.60. 2.00. 3.0(1. 1.00. About Shoes. T sell shoes for men, women and children, and I think T have one of the best lines of goods carried in the city for the price asked Call on me at 28 North Main and ask to see them. No trouble to show goods. All the latest style toes in light heavy and medium weight. Also a full line of Oxfords in the latest styles. When you want anything in the way of children's shoes, don't forget to look at my line of Sussex shoes for children. WM. REDDERSEN, Corner of Main and First. Boots at 50 cents ou the dol 1 At 81 2.1 Ladies' Shoes, worth At MS Ladles' Shoes, worth At 1.08 Ladies'Fine Shoes, worth At 2.3D Ladies' Fine Shoes, worth Men's good hats -IS cents, good wool. Men's heavy hats ~r> cents. Men's line hats SI.00, fine fur. Men's cowboy hats from 7.1 cents up. Men's large shape hats 81. IX, worth 82.00. Full Line of Dress Itats. We Save You SO Per Cent. DAYLIGHT CLOTHING STORE I. GOLDBERG-, Proprietor. 19 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kansas. •THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OF- lluiauu malum J. M. BEAM, Prop. Going into the NO OLD PATERNS. NEW GOODS. We are not • Experienced soiling it at cost, hangers furnished but at a to put it on fair, living profit. the wall. COBURN & DETAR, • \ AT THE - wPERA. HOUSE BOOK STORE *^re in the wall paper business to stay Some FoollBh People Allow a cold to run until it gets beyond the reach of medicine. They often say, "O, it will wear away," but in most eases it wears them away. Could they bo induced to try the successful medicine called Kemp's Balsam, which is sold on a positive guarantee to cure, they would immediately see the excellent effect after taking the dose. Price 80 cents and $1. Trial size '- free. At all druggists., A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man. Are you billious, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache, bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and between the I dioulders, chills and fever,- etc.? If • you have any of these symptoms your liver is out of order and your D blood is being slowly poisoned because your liver docs not act properly. Hcrbine will cure any disorder of the liver i stomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by all druggists. One Thousand Dollars Reward.—To any one who will furnish us a receipt "(fit will cure a cough, cold or any lease of the throat or lungs sooner more effectually thanlieggs' Cherry Cough Syrup. Sold and warranted by A. .1. Baumhardt. any $ For lame baolc side or chest, us. Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents For sale by A. A. Drug Co. Buy spring suits, newest W'anuinuker <fc Brown's. The "Temple of Fame" at the opera house, Thursday evening May 10. J. M. Jones, the tailor, iB turniugout some very fine spring suits. lot Everything new at Mrs. Berglof's gallery, 10 South Main. If Let your children learn to write this summer at the Business College, tf Nice fresh strawberries at Cunningham's, No. 13 South Main. Where do you buy ice cream? Try Cunningham, at 13 South Main. The new short shorthand is taught at the Business College. Opens June 1st. tf Evaporated fruits in great quantity and low price, at Brehm's. It A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket, tf Spring Brown's. overcoats, Wanamakcr & 4t J. M. Jones will not be undersold. See him before buying your spring clothing. Kit You can buy a nice lamp very cheap, at Brehm's. It If you take a ride to-morrow and want a first class rig, go to the Wolcott barn on First avenue west. It Fine cigars, tobacco and fruits, at Fred Lewis', first door north of the Reno house. 2t J. W. Kanaga has two boys in his store who are rivaling each other in the art of window dressing. The work in his'south window at present was done by Master Willie Willett, and shows remarkable taste. The choicest of all kinds of green vegetables at Brehm's. It Wanted—At the Santa Fe hotel, first class order waitresses. Wages, S-ii per month. tf Early Risers, Early Risers Early Risers, the famous little pills for constipation, sick headache, dyspepsia and nervousness. Beam's Midland Plmrma- cv. Edwards & Co., at 403 North Main make a specialty of fine butter. You can always find it, as well as anything else in the grocery line, at their store. The prospects now point to a large erowd to the state line on next Sunday. The Hutchinson and Southern fellows are arranging good accommodations and plenty of room for those who wish to go. The country through which this road pusses is as tine as can be found on earth, and if you wiBh to see what the prospects are, and have not been in the country for some time it will pay you to go. The fare will be 81 for the round trip. Mr. Henry Rudesill, who is attending the university school of music and art at Lawrence, will return homo June 1st, and will teach those branches during the summer. The work will be A. J. Alexander of Lamed, was among the Brunswick arrivals last night. I. S. Lewis, u ex-register of deeds of Stafford county, was in the city on business to-day. C. P. Dawson of Abbyville was the city to-day on business, lie called at the NKWS office. II. A. Olsen, brother of Olo Olsen, of I South Bend, ind., was among the Santa | Fe arrivals last night. Miss Ilettie Ellsworth of Danville, | ill., will spend the summer with her sister, Mrs. ,1. B. Fleming. F. R. French, editor of the Lakiu Index, was in the city to-day and made this office a pleasant call. E. N. Skinner, Wichita's great life insurance man, was in the city last night. He was registered at the Brunswick. Mrs. Charles Collins and Miss Me- Millin left this morning for Medicine Lodge to spend a few days with relatives. Lew Lebrecht of Harper, was in tliel city a short time yesterday evenim,', en route for Kansas City to visit the j wholesale houses. Scott E. Winne came in this morning from Arkansas City and the southwest. He reports prospects growing brighter and brighter. Messrs. Blume, Heudrix, llobbs, Reaves, Foster, Bartlett and Ford, I members of .Shaw's orchestra made the | music for the Emanons lust night. Joe Larrabee, » stenographer for FEAZEE & WILSON |" The Plumbers. WHAT? HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL, $100,000, SURPLUS, $7,500 DIRECTORS. JOHN HA.I.1., Banker. ,1AS. HUTIIUIK, Banker. L, C. WKLTON, Preident. JNO. J. iNGAtxa, ex-Senator. T. E. BOWMAN, Capitalist. J. W. WILKINSON, V.-Pres. C. W. TKMPr.nn, Vice-Pros., A. .7. HIOI.KV, Insurance N. O. HOIXISTEK.Cashier. Kan. Grain & L. S. Co. and Real Estate. CURTAINS. Saturday, March IV), we opened the largest line of these goods ever shown in the city, consisting of They do all kinds of plumbing and piping, and sell the old reliable Goodyear Hose. HOW? They do alljtheir work in a first-clasB manner, and niajte very reasonable charges. WHEN? A FEW of the many BARGAINS to be found at ll They are prepared at times to do all repairing, or any work in their line. No. 13 Second Avenue West. Teloplmiie 14(1. STATE AGENCY II. S. Life Insurance Company of New York City. | |R. M. HENDERSON, Manager. Issues all the popular policies, the continuable term and the guaranteed income being the most popular. The former furnishes insurance at cost; the latter can be used as collateral for a loan from the company. These are very popular plant). All policies non-contestable and non-forfeitable. The Full standard prints, 5c Best indigo blue prints, 6f c Soft finishd blchd muslin, 6J -C Half finish brown muslin, 5c Outing flannels. 10c to 20c Yard-wide ElPaso challie, 7c simplest contract extant. All 46-inch D69 Henrietta, 85c losses paid without discount BOOH as proofs are received. It. M. HENDERSON, Manager. And the only line of Hartford and Lowell city. Onr new illustrated catalogue for about April 1. Send for one. carpets iu the be out 1802 5 will U I have a. full line of plain and striped crepon (the latest dress fabric in the market), chevrons, Bedford cords, hansdowns and other late novelties in dreBS goods, 1 have the only full line of dress trimmings to be found in the eity, ranging in price from 3c to $8 per yard. S. F. RAFF, H OTEL THORN. Kansas City, Mo, has ;i „'ain passed into the management of Dudley Rhoads and wife, who vill '• be glad f n.see all their Kansas f riends BAKING .POWDER 25OZS.FOR25^ ABSOLUTELY PCJRE - J write IT. F.f.JA«Ui« * CQ. KAH3A4 CITY,NO.

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