Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 10, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 3
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TRY THE COVINA FURNITURE CO FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF .FURNITURE or FLOOR COVERINGS SAFEST PLACE TC TRADE W. Q. CUSTER, Manager Yosemlte Valley. Yoacmitc Valley is now reached daily after short and pleasant trip via Southern Pacific to Merced, Yosemite Valley Railroad and 12 miles stafre ride. Itiformation may be had at Southern Pacific office. *#*###*#***#####** • * * * Saturday Scribblings J *######*######**** Time was when there was sotne fun in a presidential campaign. O, where are the torch-light processions five miles long that made the night spectacular and the heart of the citizen glad? It is almost inconceivable that we are on the eve of electing a president. There isn't as much enthusiasm as there used to he. More solid thinking, perhaps, but the typewriter and the pen seemeth poor substitutes for the soul-stirring strains of brass bands and the shrill skirl of the fife and drum corps. The Scribbler remembers one of the Harrison-Cleveland campaigns when the last month of the contest was a blare of trumpets and marching men in fantastic costumes— the Harrison Carrels. What an inspiring sight it was to see this body or' men tramping beneath gleaming transparencies, while the sidewalks were jammed with cheering American citizens! • Along the line of march (which generally embraced every street in the city) the flags and banners were cheered continuously, until the marchers arrived at the final point of disbanding with throats aching and feet dragging. Is the torchlight procession a thing of the past? The .young voter must rely largely on newspaper notices for bis enthusiasm nowadays. It is a sad thing to contemplate that campaign speeches have detonated into bald affidavits, typewritten speeches, and newspaper controversies. JSo doubt we are progressing, but it is a sad thing for youth to see the torch-light procession relegated to the dim past. The annual fall festival arjd fair of Brockton (Mass.) has been in progress all this week. The Brockton exchanges tell us that 70,000 people were on the grounds on the biggest day. What we want to remark here is the .fact that this great annual .holds some of the finest harness and saddle racing known to this country, with stakes aggregating over 8100000, during the four days, and a book has never been made on any race at this fair or betting of any kind allowed. Yet it is the big closing event of the New England racing season. Horse racing can be maintained and financed without gambling. This fair is an exemplification of it. The horse is a noble ani tual to all true lovers of sport. The horse is not to blame for the prostitution of the racing game. The voice of Caruso and oC famous grand opera singers issuing from the interior of a humble shack where a laborere's family is gathered after the evening meal, would be a source of wonder a few years ago, but the genius Edison and other great inventors have made it possible. It is no matter o( surprise nowadays to hear the worker in the ditch whittling bits of grand opera riither than rag time. The phonorgaph ia a big educator iu muaio, and it has improved so much in the past three years that it cannot longer be looked upon with contempt by music lovers. Covina is within an hour's plensiint ride from Los Angeles. This fact is lost sight of by the average advertiser, but it should be incorporated in every prospectus or private letter that goes out ot thin city. Eastern people have little Idea of the size of our state, and reckon everything by a vague knowledge of out three largest cities. Be explicit aa to our locality. It will bring results. To write a check on a bunk where you have no funds in now a criminal offense in tbia state. Korno fit' our fcireinn population have learned this to their Morrow lately. It i.s little oomiort to the old tnisinetis house, however, which has a bundle of faded paper in its \ ossessiun, fit for nothing gave to look at and mourn over. Katber ticklich business to bother: the people with a Democratic revision of the tariff. The citrun men have been on unstaUt; ground for time, and tht foundations of the i business have just begun to feel solid bottom. Auy meddling with the Republican tariff polieitd just now j Uiight mean a long season of reuretu for Southern California, and an up hill cliui^ again. You iii like no mistake in "Ha^fij'-' ' t. i falling haii an-1 ruff. A i Na = L'->, ."jiji. 1 i t-r L'.tll Plowing Season Again Make up your mind to have some new machinery. Save time, labor and worry by ordering your fanning tools of us. Gang Plows, Sulkies, Disc and Walking Plows Every kind of a vehicle or farming implement that.; you want. Tw/omey & Dtller B'anch of Pomona Store in Cool man Block, near S. P. Depot COVINA, CAL. L. JACKSON Plumbing and Tinning Repair work promptly attended to. Agent for solar heaters. Work Guaranteed First-Class Store Rooms West Badillo Street Residence Phone SO COVINA, CAL dand- Beaumont Fruits Win State and World Medals Apple Profits 100 per cent per Year Y fX T T Can Get Rich on a ^-^ ^ Beaumont Apple Orchard Fortune is at your finder tips—once-in-a-decade opportunity—the privilege of buying- Beaumont apple lands that have bf-en tied up for nearly a quarter of a century under a bank mortgage. When you've planted a Beaumont apple orchard you've founded a fortune. ^Thirty years of experience have proven this the supreme apple center of Southern California. Far size, quality, soundness, markctableness and delicious flavor Beaumont apples rank Supreme with apples of any apple section. Beaumont's apple market is Southern California, not New York, Chicago and other Eastern cities 300 miles away, as is the case with oranges. Apples, the aristocrat of the deciduous fruit world, bring more money and find a more certain market than any fruit that hangs from the limb of any California fruit tree. Kipe today, the apple appears on the shelf of the grocer within a hundred tnilesof Beaumont tomorrow—freight minimum, handling inexpensive, cash returns immediate. Apples of Beaumont quality everywhere are as marketable as wheat. Last year there was a shortage in the apple crop exceeding 1,000,000 bnr- rels. Market prices in Southern California compare with oranges as follows at the orchard: Oranges, one and eighty-hundredths cents per pound. Beaumont apples, one and ninety-live-hundredths. One man at Beaumont, Mr. A. A. Warren, took $5000 from 75(> apple trees. We repeat, "fortune is at your linger tips" this privilege of buying Beaumont apple lands. Out of 4000 Acres of Beaumont Apple Land Only 1000 Remain Unsold, Buy Yours Today. It is planting time now. (iet to work at once and save six months' time. Buy now while apple lands are selling for S140 per acre. In live years every acre you plant now will be svorth $1000. In the meantime you can be raising alfalfa, vegetables, small fruits, poultry, stock, bees, etc., which will more than pay for the lands themselves. Water in abundance is here—several hundred miners' inches already developed. Here's an Example of Beaumont's Apple Prosperity Mr. A. A. Win-run, n Beaumont apple raiser took from 75« tipple trees on lii.s 7-ucre ranch the handsome Hum of $5000 Seven arrest of Hcamnont apple lunil lit preHcnl $MO price. r-ijualH Apple tn:e.s in plunl .tuiin; HI $ar, an acre, equals ('oHt of your 7-acre orchard $175 $1155 You can figure your own percentage of profit. This land will duplicate Mr. Warren's ranch. We sell these lands in 5, 10, I.T and 20-acrc ranches water certificates with each purchase. We make the above example on seven acres to show you a comparison with rancher Warren's results on *ame acreage. Again we say, "fortune is at your finger tips." liny now. Apple Lands $140 Per Acre Terms: One-fourth down, balance payable in two years at 6 per cent interest. Covina to Beaumont and Rex turn, with dinner, Only $2, Iv.V'iir-ii/n.-> every Sunday and Thursday. Take electric car and join our parly at K) Mont": •/. here Southern I'acin'c train arrive-, about ^:4 r . We return same d:iy and fan refunded to buyers. JJon't delay, reserve y;,ur tickets by letter or long distance ]>h",ne today. C:I;T OUT AN'O MAIL CJOI.TON HKI.OW - JOUA Y HHAUMONT I.A.M> ANI) WATliW COMPANY !.*•( tun- r»j<jrr: 'A i .South Ui <>:ii\ /, ay 'an'i '££*» M*T^anliJ<; I'lur.t-, Is,*. An^cl I am i.'it*'ri-.',t»f(i in knowing rnor*- fih<;'jt. B*-.v.urf;ont ami it-, apple /a. .it,^ iiM^ *<,uhJ like to havt: >ou -.ciid n, i; litt-rafurt- info/rrjaMon. At«<jiit. i ,-sUiL Tiif- t*.- f and if inforr;iat:oii u ,-aU-.f.i' t.ory I r/.ay want to y_'» f'j fit auu.'/(f\ j oi jr .Sufula 1 - <>r '1 hur:''Jay *•>.' ur-.L^i, L (Jr. i- (/.<• raiii <>n.>l i ft <>it; h<:i ••. of Na,,, D. E. STITES Cement Contractor IHUT.niNG HT«OCKS A 8PKCIAI«TV Can save you dollars on your building. Am equipped to do your job large or small. Blocks for sale cheap. S. W. GAGE, Agent, Covlna Call and See Us If you need anything in the HARNESS line and we will jfivc the best goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cowl rid Harness & Saddlery Co. Phone Home 1170 BARBERS AND SHAVERS ATTENTION Shavhiy a delight. Use n Sunset Dry Hone. Four strokes before each shave all that necessary to insure perfect shave. Mailed to any address on receipt of price—regular size $1.00; large sisse $2.00. Agents wanted. J. T. Growc, Manufacturers' Agent, S07 Delta nidg. , Los Angeles, California. KILL™. COUCH AND CURE THI LUNG8 WITH Dr. King's New Discovery C8SS4 18 AND ALL THROAT AND LUNG TROUBLES. GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY OB MONEY REFUNDED. Q. W. MARSH Practical I CARRIAGE AND AUTO fltainter Shop opposite Postoffice COVINA COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. Citrus Avenue Ilavintf recently installed the latest improved shoe machinery, I am now prepared to do all kinds of shoe repairing at short notice. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every respect. Mini's Hewed half Holes 7-^c Ladies' newen half soles iA)c. Ladies' nailed .SOc THK NKW IRambler Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogden Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the East without change of cars. Through the warmer climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '4% and across Great Salt Lake—"going to sea on a train," D. B. SCHENCK, Agent. Covina Home phone 144 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agent, Pomona Home phone (>1; Htinsct Main 70 Southern Pacific 1,08 Angeles Ollice, <>00 H. Spring St., corner Sixth, Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor .COVINA, CAL. 7VYONEY WANTED 1 have notes falling due in almost every month from $250.00 to ,|')00().0() secured by lirnt trust deeds on new city residences, orange, walnut and alfalfa ranches, which I will sell to net lender, H per cent interest, payable quarterly, free of taxes, and guarantee payment of interest to maturity of note, and collect interest fret;. lean loan $500.00 to HMOOO for you on modern homes in Covinn or I,osAn- tfelcs or on ranches near Covina for 2 or ,1 yearn on good lirnt mortgages at. <> per "lent net; the borrower pays all taxes unit expenueH and my commission, n iid tin; banks collect interest free. Tel. .'125'). OSCAK M I fJJDK, H E A L O ' S -—~=— 614 South Grand Aventio, Loi Anifolni, California. Tim biiHliiKHH IriiliilnK limUlulloti In lint iioulli. OIMIII ilurinif Lho inillnt yunr. Wrllo for purticulni-H. J. W. IMCKICY, MuniiKiir, liflter than ever. Hotter than any, regardless of price. We can "hhow you." See local agent or W. h. COWAN 'rt.Vt S. tiroadwiiy, I,OM A ni;' le-, Agi-nt for Siiiithrrn < '.aliforni;i I. N, WILSON The Blacksmith Witli the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. We also carry a line of Farm Implements- Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle OH any kind we invite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides. 'A 'J *. .fc *. ,U'< *.• .ft *. .fl *. »w * *+' Howell & Howell BREAD W Light, Sweet and Wholesome FKKSII KVKKY I>AY AT Cake and £-<\ Confectionery ~|| Wagon through valley daily. Moving Heaven and Earth And also atiyl liin^ else that wi! I movr. 'I'r.itJ'-ifcrinj^ tuniiltin-, i»iaiios, delivering express packages, carryiiif.;' I'nitrd Statt-s mail, lakijij.; o\\\ partic-, to tin- catiyfin-, and beaches. Hauling i.r- an/.;ehani! all kinds ul heavy teaiiiiri;-. O I- 1 KICK Wilh Wells-l''ar^(; on Citrn, Avenue Covina Transfer Company Horn" I'lioiie so K.:s. Phone i Ki:S

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