Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1912
Page 5
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"A MAN DOESN»T HAVE TO DRINK TO GET THE SNAKES," SAYS FELIX TO FINK. YOU SEE »'M LEARNIH&ToBE A SNAKE CHARMER wa­ its GONE f IHAOA BAfiY RATTte SNAKE IN HERE BUT ITS GONE t WANTS—ALL KINDS FARM LOANS WAOTED—1 AM pr«pared to take care of Farm Loans large or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any interest pay- tng- time. See me and get terms and rate, before placing your loan. R. L. Thompson, Orer Evans Drug St6rei WANTED—MAX AND WFE TO take charge of chicken and hog ranch adjoining the city. Apply Baxter D. McClain. . WANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL bouse work, at once. Call 407 S. Elm or phone 938. ' WANTS-ALL KINDS | FOR SALE—FOR SALE i FOR RENT-FOR RENT ' FOR EXCHANGE WANTED—TINNER AND PLUMB- { FOR SALE—BEST TEAM OF TWO- or. Must know sonicthinK about hard- year-old mutes In the country. S. E. ware. A. H. >lines, l>aHarpe, Kas. j McGinnis, Laliarpc, Kas. FOR SALE :—40. SO,, 160 OR 200 1 .M/,^^«^«<iW>^S«VS~W««W«MWS«>«VS««^ ! FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, i <i04 N. Jefferson. THE POLLS DO NOT Cr..OSE AT Trinity tonight until you are saved. "Make your election sure." FOR SALE—FOR SALE acres^nice meadow land; 5 miles from Iola;| 135 per acre. Want no trade. See owner, S. W. Lust, LaHarpe, Kas. FOR SALE—MANTLE FOLDING bed. Inquire 20S N. Buckeye St. FOR SALE CHEAP—TWO "PinLO Colony" Coops. Phone 1034. FOR SALE—ALL KINDS FRUIT i trcps, grape vines, roses and some large shade trees. Our stock fine; call and see it at Sl'i N. Walnut. Phone 11S6. J. M. Jackson. 1 FOR RENT—TO SMALL FAMILY; 1 modern house six rooms and bath; electric lights. Ixjcation 4iri S. Wali nut St. Vacant -Nov. 10. Phone 1:12. FOR UK.NT—FCRNISHP:D ROOMS [for light 2'i W. .lack- 1 son. Phone 954. FOi: ENCHANCE—GOOD CLICAR ; wc.storn Kansas land for clear Iol:i ;or -suburban property. J. E. Quick. ! 2ii:'. S. Third St. i TO TUADK—FOUR YOIT.XG HORS- I PS for or on a 5 room house in lola ' I'lione 257. WANTED —WASHING, IRONING and plain sewing to do. Will also go out to w«rk by day. 512 E Lincoln St ^1. — -- III " • — « WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL house work. Apply 606 East St WANTED—A WIFE. >L\NY WIVES and husbands too ,to attend the revival meeting at Trinity tonight Arc you saved? Jesus loves you. He alone can save. WANTED—Y OUR MAGAZINES, old books and Bibles to bind and rc- lover. The Register Bookbindery. WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the finest fruit and farming section in. Florida. Address H. O. Gates. Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTED—GOOD GIRL FOR GEN- eral house work. 1001 East St FOR SALE—SO ACRES, GOOD S- rooni house, splendid barn, good cave, wells; about 50 acres under plow; npar school; not far from lola. Priced lower than any other land like it in the county. Small payment buys it. Call on The Allen County Investment Co.. Kelley Bldg., lola, Kans. FOR SAI..E—AFTERNOONS BE- twecn ."J and 6. household goods. C. E. Perham, 422 S. Cottonwood. FOR SALE~60 HEAD HIGH GRADE Shropshire breedins ewes; 40 Iambs; 1 purebr«?d Shropshire buck. Farm 1 mile east and Vj mile south of Car- lylo. Kas. 1 Phone.9S4-4. W. F. Weber. FOR SALE—I AM BREAKING UP hnn.«e keeping in lola. My household goods for sale. Call at residence, 422 S. Cottonwood afternoons between a and 6. Must be sold at once as 1 am obliged to vacate the liouse. C. E. Perham. FOR SALE—GOOD APPLES. 15 TO 20c per bushel. S. 11. Weith. LaHarpe. -HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOR SALE afternoons between 3 and 6. C. E. Perham. 422 S. Cotonwood. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, OUR modern residence. Call at 608 E. Madison. W. T. Wateon. FOR SALE—HOUSE FURNISH- ings. rugs, linoleums, trunks, suit cases and combination heaters. Bonnell. 9 N. Jefferson. Phone 1290. FOR SAI>E—FIRST CLASS M.\- terlal and workmanship on all kinds of books, at the Register Bookbindery. FOR SAI.£—RHODE ISLAND RED cockerels; 75c each. Phone 9S2-1, Gas. IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver your paper, call 18 and we will send you a paper by a special carrier . the same evening. , TO EXCHANGi5—A NICE i.lTTLE ; home for good team, wagon and harness. A. W. Beck. IT, E. Madison Ave. FOR SALE OR RR.VT—FOUR ROOM modern house, 412 E. Lincoln. See M. L. Decker, 211' N. Sycamore. FOR UE.VT—GOOD 7 ROOJI MOUSE modern. Close in. Call phone 465. ; A GENUINE SNAP IN H.\Y U\ND— 1 160 acres in Allen county; 40 acres in 1 cultivation; 120 aeres good meadow, 3 miles froni market, 8 miles from lola; offered at forced sale, only $4500. j Henderson Realty Co. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—SCOTCH COLLIE DOG about 4 vears old; will answer to name lOBob." J. F. Halderraan. Phone 1256. Reward. LOST—SATURDAY NIGHT BE- tween lola and Gas City 3 brown blanket shawl. Finder please leave at Register office. j CHEAP FARMS IX ALLEX COUXTT. 80 A. 3 miles Moran; fair improve- iments, $3,000. I 160 A. i^ar Geneva; good improve; ments, $6,000. j 80 A. 3 miles lola, all level, black land in cultivation unimprove<:, $3200. Unimproved 40, level land, $1200. These are all bargains. Why rent when you can buy them on good terms? I OLA LAND COMPANnr. TRAIM>« SCHOOL FOR (JIKI.S. Kansans May Hare Opportnnily to Become Xiirses Within .Slate. Professional Directory. • .. •> DB. C M. BUSS • •> DcnUst • •> Extraction without pain by tba • •> use ot Nitrous O.xide Gas O •> Boom >'a. 1 Nurlfamp Bidg. • •> Phones—Office &53; Res. 852 . • •> •: * • •» • • *.« • * •> -c- • • MONET TO LOANl • Will lend on household gooda. 4 pianos, organs, sewing ma-- chines, diamonds and Jewelry. • J. W. COFFEY • Office, So. UU Aortfa Street • Tonight Tonight, if you feel dull and stupid or bilious and constipated, take a dose of Chamberlain's Tablets and you will feel all right tomorrow. For sale by all dealers. FOR SALE—FOR SALE —Try a Register Want Ad. FOR SALE -f! O O D. -MODERN house, well located. Cheap if taken at once. See J. E .Powell, or call *on J. F. Halderinan at 3i;t S. Cottonwood. University of Kansas, Nov. 5.— girls now have an opportunity to prepare themselves as nurses with in their own state. Yhe University of Kansas announces a training school for the profession conducted in con- 1 nection with the Institution's Belli Memorial Hospital at Rosedale. | Twenty young women fcnve already) registered for the course. The course begins October 1 and ends June 1 of each year, but students arc admitted at any time when there is a vacancy. The students ate refjtiired to. spend a probationary period of three months in the school, dur ing which they receive boarij. laundry and lodging; but no other compensation. For the remainder of the course; Hp a!loT.-anf:'» of *7 a month is given | by the hospital to cover the expense • of uniforms, books and instruments, j If accepted as a pupil nurses at the j end of this probationary period, the [ students must agree to remain for the course of two and one-half years, unless dismissed for misdemeanor. "Women be^iween the ages.of 20 and-j 30 of good character are eligible for admission." says Dean Sudler of the ^Lsehool of medicine. "Those "with a ^highi school education are given pref- i ' erence. All applicants are consid- • ered and if the candidate is accepted. | .she will be notified and her name * •> •> -:• <o> • • * *•>•>«*•*••• •>->*^**»* •> • PHILLIP HEIOELI « •> HABXESS AXP SADDLES! • •:• Generai BepairinR <• « * •> UO^ ^utta Street—lola. K M. | • • •> F. L. B. lEAYELL, M. D. • < •> Specialties: i •:• Diseases of the Chest • • •> . Diseases of Children • • X-RAY • <r Fli «ne8— Office 147; Res. 147 • •> lola SUte Bank Bldg. • •a T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Tuning and Repairing, With Roberts Music Ca FH05X m • • • it •:• AUCTIOXEEBl • •> A .».CoIUn8 • •:• General Famr Sales; Livestock •• • a specialty. Satisfaction guar- • •> anteed. Address, Carlyle, Kasl • • LJUIfflPE NEWS FORTODtr AD BBEXXAX WILL COME HOJZ IX TIME FOR BIO GAME. Three Hnndred and Fifty Registered Toters in the fity and They T?ni AH Vote. LAHARPE. NOV. a—-Mr. Voter, you ; have until six o'clock to vote and if j you haven't voted make haste. Of the 360 registered probably all will vote. More interest Is taken In the present election than at any previous contest in county, state and nation. P. T. Ashley stopped at. the telephone office yesterday and got a directory before leaving for Baldwin. Mrs. William Newman gave a dinner Siinda>' in honor of Mr. Newman's 43rd birthday anniversary- Mrs. C. E. Lee. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rickctts Mr. and Mrs. William Scllman and the Newman family wore present. Miss Ada Deen entertained tlie following friends at dinner Sunday: Misses Mabel Ransom. Nellie Busley, Llda Grimm, Effie Stephenson, Cora Pitzpatrick. Dora Ashley and I-aura Peet 3. Q. Roberts made a business trip to Tonovay, Kas., yesterday. Mrs. Will Perkins and son Alfred of Moran were In town calling on friends Saturday. Logan Zentz has gone to Moran to work—Everybody come and see the demonstration of Cole's Hot Blast Heaters on Thursday, October 31st, at Hines' Hardware. Mrs. G. A, Cowden spent Sunday ' with her parents in I'nlontown. Mrs. C. A. Walker, who has been visiting at Ottav'a stopped off here yesterday for a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. W. R. Mitchell. The Normal Training class of the high school visited Allen Center school yesterday. Reports will be made tomorrow. —Car of potatoes 65 cents a bushel -out of car Tuesday.—J. R. Smith. G. G. Dick was in town trading yesterday. William and Martha Myers who have been visiting their brother and 3- WALL PAPER. . "W^all Paper that has made a hit. Don'£ pass it up. Buy some of these papers even if you don't use them for a year. It's an investment that is worth your while. Early callers get the best selections. WATERS & DAXFORTH Drags und Jewelry « $ * LOOK! LOOK; a 3r Remember this is the last week * * of our big sale on Rugs. All our 3? S $25 rug.s In as.sorted Floral nnd 3r 3- Oriental patterns go for $1S.00 * * this week only. Come In and let * 3r us show you oT the many advant- S 3r ages of buying now. 35 « 33- LAHARPE FFRXITFRE STORE « H. R. .Martin, Prop. 3* 3f 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 --e3 -3-3"3-«3-**3- H. .1. Neilson returned Sunday from 1 business trip to Coffeyville and Bart lesyillc. J. L. Shoarer came down from Kansas City yesterday. Add Brennan will return from Kansas City today to be in readiness tor the big ball game at Humboldt Thurs day when he opposes Walter Johnson at Humboldt. THE DUn DOINGS AT eJISGin ELECTIOX XEWS WILL BE RECEIVED BY WIRE TOXH.'HT. Xnmber of Pleasant Siirial Events Reported, Together With .Many Pergonal Ite/hs. after were S*SS«3-3-®S3!*3-v-*«3-3- 3? 3? 33- 3? $ 35 3$ 35 Hair Brushes in all grad'SS and sizes. Combs, all kinds, both for ladies and gents. See our window display. F. A- COOKSET PreserlptloB Draggigt LaHarpe, Kansas. 33- 3- S 3- m 3- Bister at -Mutual and Barflesville, Ok., returned home yesterday. R. Peet went to Kansas City Sunday to bring back an automobile he recently purchased. Harry Peet accompanied him with the intention of buying one from Kansas City headquarters. Clyde Taylor of lola. was a caller In I.aHarj)e Sunday evening, i!!. -Mr Ri'miUKton will not mike ill. Mrf. Remington will not make his regular trip for the Candy factory this week. -Mrs. Ed D.mforth is ill of intermittent fever. Mrs. Hugh Borders and daughter returned to their home iii l.ouisburg Sunda.v. Yesterday was pension day and the old soldiers were in high' spirits. C. M. Morgan, who has been head tinner and plumber with the Hines Hardware store will resign this week to accept a si .Tiilar position with W. H Root at lola. , -Mr. and -Mrs. H. M. Wright returned yesterdijy from a sueressful trip, giving mu^Icil entertainments. A Mgbt of Terror. Few nights are more terrible than^ that of a mother looking on her child choking and gasping for breath during an attack of croup and nothing in f'^S CITY. -NOV. S.—Mrs. A. J. Goes the house will relieve it. .Many moth entertained a f«w friend.s In.sf even- ers have passed nichts of terror in '"g ^'th a card party complimentary this situation. A little foretyjucht to her sister. Miss lx>ra Whitmore of will enable you to avoid all this. I ^^'eir City who Is her guesi. Pro- Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is a cer f K''<'S'''^c Whist was played tain cure for croup and has never' which dainty refreshments been known to fail. Keep it at hand.! served. Prizes were won by F. O. For sale by all dealers. j Russell, Miss Whitmore, Mrs. F. O. , Russell and L. C. Sarten. A nJhnher RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCE—IN' °f musical selections were Included renewing your Insnrance. place some * 'I'*' entertainment. Those who. en- of it with me. I wHI see that your in-i ioy<"'l the evening were: -Mr. and terests are safely guarded, by writ- 1 Mrs. F. O. Russell. .Misses Edith How- Ing j-ou In a first class company. Be- 1 ell, Blanche and Xenia Goes and Miss sides, we need the business and will; ^\^Jitmo^e. .Messrs Bennett and Mora appreciate your patronage. R. IJ . ' Livingston. Connor Sarien. and Vern- Thompson. Phone 142, Over Evans • Drug Store. -Let a Register For; Sale sell B. 53-3-3-*3-*3-3t*3-3r353:3-3- 3- WATCH OCR WIXDOW THIS WEEK. SOMETHIXG XEW EVERY DAV. — PARKHrBST —- 3r Jl.*. LUill Ullk MISSOURI , PACIFIC V IRON HOUrJTAIN/ IMPORTANT! • Train 400 goes through Wichita. Hutchinson. Sterling and Lyons eonnectin'g at Geneseo with through service to Pacific Coast. Train 407, leaving lola 4:46 p. in., goes through to WIchila niak Ing connection at WIrhita for Colorado and the Pacific coast Train 4Hi has through, first-, class coach and standard sleep- ' er to St. Louis, making gooil connections with all lines at SL Louis. ^ Train 408 makes connection at Rich Hill for North East and Southern Missouri points. E.L HUNGER AGEHT. on .Moore. Today is election day. and that was about all the information the reporter could get this morning. The Board of Education m''t last evening in the Central school building. J. O. Thompson of lola was in town yesterday. A numh 'T of en'-rgetie and inten-sl- ed politicians in the eit.v h;ne eollecl- ed a purs- to presi-nt 10 -\g<'nt Russell and havf him st.-iy at the depot until an early hour In th<' inorninc lo receive the eleelion returns A number will I"* at the depot while others will p-niain at the Herald office. Mrs. Mattie Spencer Is esjieeted today from Delaware. Okla.. to make das City her home this winter. A f«*w from here vill be guests of I the Repister at the Grand in lola to( night. } Mrs. M M. Roberts of Chanute, I who is visiting at the Roberts home ion Stanley street was taken ill yesterday and wPI probably be detained I here for some time. 11. C. Elliott is ex|>ected home from Deerin? today. A number from here heard Chas. F. (Seoti at fhn Grand in lola last even- i Miss Bertha Montgomery.. who Is j tcaehtng school near Humboldt sj>ent ; Saturday and Sunday with her mother here. Mrs. Katy Coger returned yesterday , from Earlton where she ha.i been ; visliing the Fred Torbett family who ! recently moved to that cit.v. L-ir^e crowds are attending the re- ;vixal m»-etings at the Christian 1 ehurch. Additional chairs have been installed 10 accommodate the large congregations George Coger of near Gamett is visiting his mother here this week. •H3:*3J3-3?*S35ft*3 -w«3T3 -3- OLD GOLDEX COFFEE at CARL & HUXTER'S Gos'J « 3- * 3- 3- * 3- 3-3? $*««3T3- S-£ 3r*353-3-*3-3-3-3-*3-3-3-**3r * 335 Our store is now open to serve 5J5 515 .voii of tile be.-f there is obtain- 555 35 able. We carry a full line of 35 « l.'ROrERlK.S ? 3- dhiss. Tin iiad <:ra;iile V.arp 5?35 And Xotloiis of All Kinds. 5: * Come in and lot us show you 3 35 our stock. 5!-15 Spot Cash—No Dellvrry F. IL and S. J. KOYI) 355g 35 35a»35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 3»3535 He expects to go to California soon to reside. E.STOPPE A Common Sense Treatment for Colds and Catarrh. Gives Instant Relief. Ko matter how mi.«erable yon «ro with estturh or a cold in the h««d, nose stopped up. throat sore, eyes running, <luH pain in t tie head, dry cough, fever, foal breath. Ely** Cream Balm ..ill give you instant relief. It gets right at the toot of the tronble. cleanses, heals and strengthens the raw. sore membranes, stops the aastj dJschaige BO that you are not constantly blowing the ncse and spitting. In a few minutes after applied you can jnst feel it doing its work of clearing the head, the pain and soreness are relieved, the breathing becomes natural sad the stuffed up feeling is gone. This cleansing, healing, antiseptic Balm contains no mntnuy. cocaine or other harmful drags. It is easy to apply, pleasant to use, and never fails to give relief, even in the wont cases. Kever neglect a cold, and don't-suffer the miseries of catarrh nor dismast yonr friends with your hawking, spitting and foul breath. GetaSOcent bottle of Ely's Cream Balm from yonr dmggist, and start the tiSi^nMmt at onoe. Yoo will find that it will be the best investment yoa ever mads. Spbclal Agent— S. R. Bnrrell. olaced on the waiting list in the or-1 •ler of acceptance. As vacancies oc- • eur they will be filled from this list." I Derlare War on Colds. A crusade oi education which alms, "that common colds may become un- i common within the next ^generation" i •las been begun by prominent New ! York physicians. Here is a list of I •-he don'ts which the doctors say will,' prevent the annual visitation of the cold: "Don't sit In a draughty car." i "Don't slnep in hoi rooms." "Don't avoid the fresh air." "Don't stuff yourself at mealtime. Overeating reduces your resistance." To which we would add—when you ake a cold get rid of it as quickly as possible. To accomplish that you will find Chamberlain's Cough Remedy most e.xcellent. Sold by all dealers. A BAXK HAD OXLY Chicago In^titntioH Stormed by a Mob «i* De]iosilors. Chie.ipo. .Nov 4.—Vaults of tile Kir- iiy Savings Bank, which was taken in eliarge by receivers on the discovery that Wm. T. Kirby. pres'denr of the institution had been insane for some time, were fotind to contain only 58.12.12 when the funds were counted yestei^ay. A mob.of several hundred persons representinc .•tboui $3i».O00 in depos- ils. it is said, crowded outside tli,- bank doors and shouted in ragp when the information was given them. The totil linl»ilitie» of th« bank .ir,- unknown. Th.e^$¥.S2.12w:is made up in part of change and stamps. Tho trial of U. J. Kirby jr.v nephew of the prf.«i<l<'nt of the bankaui! ner- ing cashier. <liarc»'d in the niuiiieipal court with oprr.-itin;; a eonfidonc*- scheme, was put over by Judcc NfW- coiner to Novi-mlier \~t Done by experienced men. ' Prrc(» reasonable. , '- '•\ Canf ie!d &*Thoinps«n With the L. H- Wishard HdwJ Phone 39. ' Coal, Gas and Wood Heaters! .Combination Coal and Ga^ ' Hot Blast and Air Tights ECOXOMT BAXGES Bom's Combination Coal and Gw^lH Range—tbe best made. Prices BigbtJ , TlieLH.WidiardHdw. —Mrs -\. Grove. JH.\ I>ayt<>n .\ve . Wichita, Kas . states.: 'T suff« red with kfdn»',r trf'iilile. v.iih n •-•>ver- pain HiToss my I.aok and fell m:.'=c-n<l>!e and •i"l tir«^il 1)11' after taking Foley Kiiiney Pills for a few days, the pain left my back ar.ti 1 felt full of^e and actnity. (llaiily do I recomlliend Foley Kidney PiMs to all whom have kidney trouble." r.urrell's Drug Store PBOPHETS POST THEIR CUESSES Elerlion Predirtion.< b» Mer. of Three Parties Shown In the Park. The prophets are busy today as uj- ual and forecasts of the result of »he election are many and varied. An in- terei?ting placard bearing the guf'sses of three men. representing each of three parties is tacked upon a tree in the court house -.lark. The forecast eoncerns ih^ r.-suU of the vote in the electoral colI «'i;»> on President only and is as follows: By a Regular Republican—Taft, 215. Wilson 17S. Roosevelt 14. Bv a Democntt—Wilson 35S, Roosevelt Tafl 27. P.y a Progressive—Roosevelt 256, Wilson 169. Taft 31. .1 T. I-awrence. of Chanute, is in the city on business. What Is ; Your Problem? Cost of Living Cood Roads ; Soil Problems Rural Church and Rural Life ^ Factory Development Possibilities of the Small P'arm Farm Home Problems And many other <|i!estions will he discussed by !?uch experts as F I> Cohurn. J. 11. .'Clilter. H. J. Waters. Chnneellor Strong. G. T. Nicholson. J. R. K<»>iif7.. H. U. Mudge. ^rthur Capper, G. H. Hodges., and others :u THE Ka&sas Agricultaral IndQStiial Congress. HUTCHINSON November 1&-20 GO TO HirrcirijfsoN viii Santa Fe For information about fare and train schedule apply to W. E. Ralston, Agent Phone Sti lola, Kaos. —A lost Ad In the Register finds 1^

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