Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1912
Page 4
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^ Ihelola 7, 7,,. , .Djifly Register } J^SIw tcto Dally jlMwd^and tiit ioU Dally 'iVm-BSeiSTER POBLISHING CO. BtaUrad at,th»>U PonDmoo M Baoond- dAM M«Uer. . -'iAT «rtlalnB n«t »i Mnde Known on AppU- i . outlon. Orrtelal l»«p»r City of lela. Official Ptptr City of BatMlt. Ofrielal Papor ff AlUn Cetinty. •UMCIVIPTION RATCS. By Carrltr In tola, Oat City, Lanyon> Villa, Conertte, LaHarpt and BaaMtti Ona week lo «""'" 5»« Month " «•"«; Ona Tear • • B» MAlUi Ona Taar. Inuld* ounty t2.M •Ona Tear. ouUldo county •S .OO TELEPHONES: Buabioaa Office .., " Society Reporter , ij Job and Ba[ndcry K >cpt. i*l T^E ACMCrLTniAL rt»>tJRESS Xwtg at Hntrhinson, >ar. 19 and 20 With Blgr Propram. ' Wednesday. November 13. - "Our Soil Problems." K. K. Call, . Kansas Agricultural COIIORO. "Studies in Cost of Living," F. \V. Blackmdr, Kansas rnlversity. Afternoon. 2. p."Tn. F. I). Coburn. presiding— "Developing possibilitiop of Small . Farm." Dean Hunt. (Jalifornia I'ni- vcrsity. , "IJvc Stock the H.-isis of Our Agri- CuUure," E. H. Webster d<:in eif agriculture, Kansas Agrlcultunil College. "The County Farm Advisor," Chns. F. Scott, cx-Congressmaii. "Problems of the Fnrni Woman," .Mrs. Cora K.. Bullard, Tonganoxie. Wednesday S p. m., Hill, of ^ State Normal proslding. - "Strengtiiening the Rural Sihool." P. P. Clnxton, r. S. Commissioner of Education. ' "Rural Church and Ilunil I.ifo." Claire P. Adams, swrotary Presbyterian board'bf missions. Thursday. November L'O 0 n. m.-j J. U. Koontj:, g<>neral Froiglit .\g<nt Santa Fe railroad pn-siding— "Possibilities of New Fat-lories." 1) ; E. King. Industrial Commissionor of Missouri Pacific milmiiri. "Development of prosont faeforlos." W. L. A. Johnson, cx-l^ibor Commia- Bioner. "The Railroad and the Industries," George T. Nicholson, traffic m.uiagcr Santa Fc. "The Comraercial Clubs .'jnd Agri. 'culture." Edwin Tn-fz, Field Secro- , tary l^ational Chamber of Commerce. "Relation of Carriers to Produc- ' era," H. U. Mudge. I»resident Rock Island railroad. Thursday 2 p. m., Fmnk Strong Chancellor K. IT. Presiding.— "Co-operative Handling of Farm Produce," H. J. Waters, president Kan sag Agricultural college. "Farm Credits." H. C. Price, Dean Ohio Agricultural college. "Relation of Public Roads to Highest »Agricultural Prosperity." Paul Sargent. Assistant Director bureau of public roads. Theursday 8 p. m., Presidctit Taylor presiding.— "Unification of public Service." Ar-> thur Capper and George W. Hodges. ' "This Conference and Ije^islation." Chas. F. Scott, chairman resolutions committee. . ^. . ^ work, for no:.t year's garden rtonld-bo don« now. Good gardeners, mys Albert DIckeni, head of the liorticultunil department of the Kansas AKricultural ColloRo, arc removing their tomato vine*, (lotato vines B;id corn Mtnlks and either puttlnir them in a comitoat heap or burnlnic them. - niiming them la the quiekeitl and luoMl sanitary way of ROtllng rid of this trnsh but where hiiniua Is scarce it Nlioiild be piled up In n comer of iJie garden and allowed to rot when It will IM^ In a shnpe In spread over the garden In I he spring. In a large garden a well-Hharpene<l disk run over the ground will cut his trash Ho thiit it may be plowed under. Ittit In a Ktuall town garden the compost heap.Is not particularly desirable. U'lth the grmind cleared, a ton or two of well-rottcd manure should be spread over a plot fifty feel square. The ground then should' be plowed. Ground well plowed in the fall will hold moisture lielter. Freezing will unlock vomc of the Ktored plant food and the plot is ready to be worked the firt't warm da.vs of early spring. There are some gardens that should not be plowed in the fall because of the tendency i)f the soil to blow. Blowing is less likely to occur in ground left roiight but such soils may well have a go <Nl. heavy inulch of coarse manure :;iid the coarse parts raked off before the g .irden is planted in tlie spring. Kail idowing also is helpful in clearing u'.i an ucly backdoor landscape. -Chas. S. Hedge, 14r, K. 2nd*Sf., Haf^fings. Nebr., writes : "I liave been troiililetl with severe pains in my back and kidneys, and pains were e.-'pecially severe niorninss. I have used three Ii(»xe< of your Foley Kidney I'iMs and thi' ^lalns hav« entirely leXt me. I no« feel well as ever." Iliir- vell's UruK Store. AMI. ltltK.\KKI(S Then HHIG TIM.STY. The> Cut Klewn Run*. Scale >Vall and FSrnpe lo Hills. i:ak-r>rii'id. Calif.. .\ov. .". After il;;;ng a trusty, sawing througli elev en Inm bars and scaltug a Jail yard wall, four former Inmates of the Kern county Jail are fleeing through the liitls with t<\o possees In pursuit. T. H. While Is the trusty who Is 1"-- It'Meit to haxe been given a smiiggle'l il-iv: by another prisrner. When he IK'I inn- iineimsciotis In the corridor. I'i'.r jail breakers sawed through eljj'.if lion liars In their cells and three in a jril window. Then they deseendeil to the K'oiind liy a rope ni.ide of their lilankeis and sealed the 2'1-foot J;ill w.-t!) by another rope which hiiiiK from the top of the wall. UORSK THIKVKS GROW ROM). Karly Rays in Indian Terrllorj .\re ReeaRed by Recent Raids. I'.artlesville, Ok.. -Vov. ;">.—The early days in Indian Territory when band.^ ot horse thieves terrorized the section are being recalled by the large number of hor.«es that have been stolen laiely in adjoining counties. The officers believe flie thiei'es are former members of the notorious bands. They are not only clever but d<'sp( rate. Reeently City Marshal Jim Murphy of Fairfix was killed Vvhile atieiilpiing to arrest W. C. Shervington. who was wanted on a charge of stealing a team of mules from a county commissioner of Osage county. Shervington xvas captured and is held on a murder charge. : A EVENING: NOVEMBER 5,1912. A TURKISH DEFEIIT DESHIEO WILL MEAN PEACE IX R>\LKA>S A.ND 1IK1.I' EirUOI'K. Fiiiknrful InlrrpMa llo|wriil Tliul KIrr. Miun Will Not riiKPt liuNliiesN Gmitl)> (Hpecial Correspondence.) New York. .Nov. 2.—The finaiiclal sitDnllon here has again been largely dominated by deveUipments abroad. The Rnlkan war coiniilclely upset all expectations. Tlie Turks met with a .•merles of surprising defeats, the results of which are sure to lead to important changes In the map of Ku- rope. There is now little doubt but that Turkish rule will disappear forever in the Halkans. and that the Chris tian imputations in that p.-irt of the world will no longer be under Mohammedan control. Kventually this will work for more stable political conditions in that part of Europe, which for igenerations has been a point of seripus international complications. Thalt sacred and indefinable thing, "the balance of power in Europe," has been broken; and. while the war I>roniise-s an early termination because Of the serious defeats administered to the Turks and because of the limited financial resources of the Balkan .States, the final readju.etnient may re(|uire time and skillful diidomacy. The most .serious possibility of friction lie- between Russia and .Austria f) to the reasonable attitude of the latlT. however, latest advices indicate ilie chances as being in favor of an amicable understanding. Kncland is likely to play an important part in ;!;e final :'djustiiient. Sl-.oulrl Itu.-sia and .\iistria get Into difficiiltles France wotiK' probably take sides with Itus- .ia liiM Kngland Is voty friendly with I'ninre, and has to keep in view tli" I'l-a.-efiil control of millions of .Mussiil- ii'.ans. iiniler her donilriion In India and c!se\\ln"re. German interests also II-in the ilirection of pe:;i-e, for she can ill affoid to provoke the hostility of e'tlier France or Riissla. being wholly ;.r<<)-cupied with piofitalde Industrial :liMeli:,iilielit. .M the moment, tliere- :or'", t!ie g,<neral oiitl<M>k is for an e-iiiy termliiatl'in of the war. and an .-idjiistiiient of disturbing issues on a la.-i.- will iiroiiiote the peace of IC<ito|ie ;in<l Jit least i>artially remove : n element of serious inti-rnational rrt<tirm. Witiiin a few days it will be definitely l.nown who is to be our next I'ri'si- 'ii-r.! .\s the time for decision ap- iip 'tches Ill-re is ji welconie and slg- nifii-ant sislisldiMK'c of political agita- Jif.f.. .\'. this writing indications point to ipiiet election, for the reason that l>reli!vbly all voters have made u|i their mitids regarding the candidates, while p.ipiilar agitatirm exhausted-rf.-elf and the people scnerally are eager for l.erioil of political rest. The qiiiet- be we cannot Ignore the fiuropesB »lt> nation in tbeae daya of growinr International sympathy and interdcpen- donee. It la well also to wait lyid learn what surprise* the elecUona httvo In Htore for (he country. HENRY CLE\V8. •—Twliigex of rheumatism, liAekaehe, Klirr Joints and shimtinK paina all ahow your kidneys aro not working rlgitt. Uvlnniy iiTegulnrilies. loss of sleep, nervousnc's. wealt ba'k and sore kidneys tell the mted of a gfUHl reliable kidney medicine. Foley Kidney I'llls arc tniilc, atrengthening and restorative They build up the kidneys and regulate ihelr acthdi. They will give y.^u <|ulck relief and contain no habit forming drugs. Safe and always sure Try them. Ilurreirs Drug Store. wmm SAVED FROM Hospim Telb How Sick She Was And What Saved Her From An Operation. TlIK VKTKRA>.S .\>D Jl'DGK FOIST Friends of the Jurist Proud of the IMgaified ('ainiinlim lie Has .Made. r An interestlns feature hf the campaign whie'i dosed today'i .i; the pathetic significance which man.v of the veterans attach to the candidacy of their friends and comrade. .ludge Oscar Foust. .\ majority of the old soldiers are well nigh their allotted four score years anil ten. The^ next elft- ti»;n of ,T liistriit judge will be four year* from nmv. .\t that time the veterans that still are alive will be long past tlielr exi>ectancy of life and unless there should be a wonderful rever-al of the mortuary records and ratio aOK'nc <dd .••o!(!iers. few of the oilier ones may have another chance to vo'e for a cimirade fi.r judge of the district gniirf. .\n .\:ie:i couniy soldier thouKht of thi.-! fact tlie oiler ilav Ml may be our !a.-t c'lnnie :i> »i>re fur a comrade for the office o!" .Iili!;;e.' s;iid he, "and 1 shall-|,lnii iiie.;! |ile:!Miie in availing myse;! 1)1' !lie |>ii\i"ece" The Veteran-, as well as the many oili.r friem.s if .luilj;e IMH.SI, are pii-I.1 ef tlie diuiiifiel c::!lipalgn t!ie court lias made lie has held ills office i.ibovi- ii.ilitlcal a'fairs ainl has not per- iieitted Slid: lonilliions to Inierferi' In jtlic iea.'-r Willi I'i.- iudlilal duties Ills j record as Jiidae of the .Al |i>n- Woodson. I county district stands unimpeHclied jand itnliii|ieacliable His friends con I fldi'tltlN eviiect Ills reebi Iltin by ;i liir-;e iiiajorilx. MhMTH TO .>IR.S. RIITKRVS AIR. TiiKa ( ili/cns Prnffer *.VMMMKI as lioad for \ceiiMMl fVonian. Tulsa. Ilk, .\ov • .'i. - .\ttemi>f to send Mrs l.anra M Kiiiier to jail will be \iuoi'oii>Iy lesisleil by liiT eoiui.'^el. am; in i:ie event the court enters such an I "lier I'.n iiiiineiiiati- ;!iipeal will be tak en to i!:e .-iipretiie <•• tirt for a writ ol habeas c«iriiii.-< Tiier'- is some feelinu in the city ag-iins! idacing .Mrs. Keuter in jail .inasiiiitc.'i as the eviileni e connecting her with the murderof ('has. T. lieiiter. her hii.'iband. for which Clime nvo men stand c<mvlcted. i.-c large!.v hearsay and circumstantial. pared to makr Upper Safrfusky.Ohio, -'' Three years ago 1 war married ami house- j keeping. I wxs not feelini; well and- could hardly dra;; myself alon^r. I haii such tired feelings, my back ached, my sides ached, I had bladder trouble awfully bad, and I could not eat or sleep. IhaJ headachco, too, and became almost a nervous •WTeck. My (Joe- tor told me to go to a h'spital. I did not like that idea very well, so, wh?n I saw youp advertisement in a paper, I wrote to'you for advice, and have done as you told me. I have taken Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound an .l Liver Pills, and now I have my health. " If sick and ailing women would only know enough to take yourminiicine.they would get ndief."—Mrs. Hf:Nj. H. S rA.v.s- BKRV, Route 0, Rox 18, Upper San'iusky, Ohio. ! If you have my.'sterious pain.^. irrgu- Inrity, Imckache, extreme nervo-i.-n-.-;.-?. intlammation. u 1 c i' r a t i o n or djsplac-- ment. don't wait tiKi iong. hut try I^ilia E. Pinkham's (xmifxini now. For thirty year.^ I.ydia E.'n'.s Vegetable Compouml, mtidc fn.r-. ri .t;-, and herhfi, h&s lieen the stnniian! rem d/ for female ills, and such utwiuesliorirdiet te.<limony as the above proves tlie value of this famous remeiiy and should KtV"? every one confidence. Burn the gas and .sn^okc which is produced by the combustion of colli. The kom Air Blast Stove will do it.. Wc have just • received a new ^supply. 1 iiy 111- Kin-St i: llo,i-_-. <«i- of tin- sciiiiul l:> u'-in'- •. whevi-i'V le.c liir.-, ami - may leain in ;(!•' n.os' •r piissible Ille till- children Intnisj.-d i<. jail. Fred Casmiro dropped • into The'abo've is only a partial program 1 Sunday and^tiuidc a short visit several prominent speakers other than these mentioned, being expected whose acceptance had not been received at the time of printing this program. lol.-. with 5EXT YEAR'S GARRE>S >0W. Clean the Beds and Put the Ground in Order >ow. Ilhattan. Has. Nov. —Tl.e good BS of 1913 are being made now. this is the time to sow seed i/lay;out the beds, but the first be the main issue, trusts and citrreney hnvin.g been relegated to second and third place-. If .Mr. Taft is elected tin tsriff will be readjusted on a moderate 5 ;ale downward. If .Mr. Wilson is •^Iccted it is extremely improbalde that 'e wi;! take the radical attitude some. . attributed to him. The tariff is/'aimers toi::iy. This r no longer a one-party issue, because.''" \prifie:|. although it the l)en;ocratic ranks now include a . ronsiderablc | element. By \ I'hi re was aflo:;! todriy a rumor thai the money and diamonds taken from Heiiier l.y his luiini'Ter and which Bud Bellew in his confession said were bidden along the Turley nortli of town, were feiiTi: road, by some •lort could not. iiained general cirt aiation. .Mrs. lleuter is anxious to trieil at once anl will h:;\e her gain a.-k line " pr- I Special iia "i '-i for ilie Stall •clirmi nurse (lire I inaiiii. crindition cf ii"ir cari- "lialioiial ci >nscrvaii"ii >;! i.'ie mental and pliy.-i'-al liealtli «S on:' ^ !;'iol cliildren." is I!''- iiliiia:'i- ide.fl f i!;is .-ind other cimi ni loMi'li j<'. I.-. reiii)M .-i| to llic rMi:< I S'^.t.- i'.;iriau of ICdiieailon Th" appointnieat of a s|ii-cial-St:il- r'i:e-i <ir fur .•.e!;o-.| liyiziene. ;inil iustitiiiion i.f a ;;'Mn hiii;.; but n'^tiiec!:- rii'-.ll |ie :i!lli survey by leai-tiefs .-ind .-cin.el nurse..-, ari- iiiiporlan' '••mrri- hiitioii.-. til i.Ve sc;inol-liv::eiii'' iiiovi- iinn' te.i; i.s IIDW- si<-,!<iily makin:.; it.'.•.a> il;reii;:h"uL the country. NOTICE! .STOVIO OIL or DISTII.LATii A full .^iiiii'ly on liaiul at •{'<:) North .JefTer- Yxnx Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. 'IVk'iilioiU! 7wO. M. Ilunfjerford, A«:ent Nu Dflivcric;; Made f»n Lest; Than iJarrel Lots Cause of Instiinnia.. 'Ill"' iiio.4t coaiiuon c;'US'' of in..i'iii- iiia i.i disorders of the sioiiiaiti .••let Chamberlain'.-. T.ildets disordT.s and , a.ibl' For .sail- liy all dcili-rs.. I .i coTisli|>:i':'iii. (orreet ll.i-.s you to .slei'p. TBE NORTBRUP NATIONAL BANK lOl.A, KA>S.VS OMR FOl.TY Yi VRS OF roxSIRV A«I Vi: RANKING JN lOLA llcp"^ili>rv ier Ihc 1 niti d .Stales, .-lair of Kansas, and Allen <:o«nty 01 rin .KS: ' . 1- f Mll.l.Kl:. ITcsident I.. I.. .VOKTITKITP. Viee-Prest M V I.VIN KItONK, Cashier I'- A. NUKTIUMU', Viee-Prcst.- i: I CI»FKI-:Y A.SSI. Ca:,bicr 1). I'- NOin IIKIti', Vicc-Prest. CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 VOIR i ;rSI .>£.SS ^Ol.tdTKR Interest Paid on Tit:ic Depo-ils .SaiVtj Heposlt Boxes for Rent, .10!I.\S0> PIT! RK.S TIUK.SRAV. PoNlponed Rail (ianic Will be Plaved at lluiiiboldt.. aary, .Alberta. Canada, and bis winters in I>os Angeles. Calif. .•^re still measurably d'^pendent upon ^ i!s .-upport. and tisat therefore a de^' firiietive policy ca-nnol be justified. .\o sane business man wishes to see til tariff sin-ashed. What the country ••Tells the Whole Story." . To sav that Foley's IP ney Tar Co;u!>oiind. is be-t fi;r children and 1 g'-o'vn per.-ons and contains no opiate? 'til's only part of the tale The whole .lohn Francic jr.. who is connretid with the Secretarv of the Interior's - , , , , •„ deoarttUnt at Wasbincton. came needs i.. a 'gradual downw-.-ird rev sMon to vote and for a short visit ' in ^^^^^^ '"''NO tariff le' 1 f"= co.i-,s, colds, croi. with his father and relatives at i''^: t «ttl hrmemi.t^T dn^^^^^^^ ""e.-tions of hnme east of Carlvle. '''^-''VClreLf^^^^^^^^^^ '"""=''" "''"'"^ Ills believed that I coauhs am! has a healing anil s.mthiag . bronchitis the throat. i - .-.ort sessitm of laber to .March. Baby is Precious Blessing ! x 'r WiNon, if elected, has no intention That ef.'i :-t. Honey P .emi -aiber th" name. Foley's (c Tar Comiiound. and accept ioi callin; a .•'peiial session. That ] nouev A .- i^ir i iiiiiiiii.iiiu. .n... ..... I V :i;ild iiostpone reojiealng of the tariff' no suh-titiile. Iturrell's Drug Store. ; •iijejiior. until December. lOl,"?. Should ' new liill lie then intrriuced. exper- i irn:i' sliows tiiaf three t« six months j may I e required for discussion. Cf)n- ' S'(i;ieiuiy the probabilities are that no | a lual change in the tariff can o<eur; for a periol of about eighteen months T>:s should set at re.= T all apiirehen- S1.AI\ ON HIS OWN FARM. RIM!* of Muskogee Couiily Farmer, Mis>inL' T«" Months. Finind in IViied"-. .\"nv. .". - Much inu- Thc b:ise! g.-iir." which to have hi >T! idayed l.-fsi Thiirsihiy at llumboldi bi'iween th.- liiimb'ihlt te:-!ii. with Walter .lohiisoii in ihe box anil the lola leam with Ad Br'iiiiaii on i!ie firiim liii'-. bei-ii s't oiiii nuire for Thiirsday of this w-i-k. Kain and .sno-.v marie li; • fnni'T •r.w\- imi>ossii>le. bin it ile- weaU" r |P" r- mit.s liie cotil'-st will be s:.i:;eij .-|l Humboldt on 'rhursday. Tin- inl'iiis- sioii will bft rl!.' saiiic, iw •niy-fiv.' ceiiis. ami it is exiiect'-d if Ih.- w.-alh- er is i;ood ih;ii tie-re -.vill Ic- a huv.- .lovd pr.-si-iii. .lohnsiiii iiiic'-'-d ••i.uaiiisi ;> <-olbclion of professionals and s iiii-i'rofi ssioiials a; I'iUsbarg .'^tinday and \-\ .hi- ooiiosifiiui down with tv.o ECatierocl bits. iiiiiiiilWiirti^^ I'^Sjjp.VT 'I'!.' lola Rt-gi.ster, NoTi-iiiher iril2. i .Mi;sk<mi I I'K 1 tih.te.i by animals. bo!!> To Make It Hcallb.T and Keep Healthy I'se a Reliable ' * Baby Laxaliir. It I In spite of the greatest personal care and the most intelligent attention I to diet babies and children will be-j come constipated, and It is a fact that i constipation and indigestion have! wrecked many a .voiing life. To start I .with a good digestive ajiparatiis i.< to j start life without handicap. But as we cnnnot all have i»erfect working bowels we must do the next l»est thing and acquire them, or train tiiem to become healthy. This can be done by the use of a laxatixe-tonic very highly recommended by a great many mothers. This remedy is called Dr. CaldWell's Syru.i> Pepsin and has been on the market for two geoera- -tlons. It can be bought conveniently at any drug store for fifty cents or one dollar a bottle, and those who arc already convinced of its merits buy the dollar size. Its mildness makes it the ideal medicine for children, and it is also vcr.» pleasant to the taste. It does not hide behind the name of a fruit or a vege- table.aiid yet it is genuinely harmless. - Very little of it is required and its frequent use does not cause it to lose its effect., as Is the case with so many other resudies. \ Thoufands can testify to 4fs mcrii-s j in'constipation, indigestion, bilious-1 H ness, side headaches, etc.. among them relUble people like Mr. p. C. Head, lisn- Bead iDrug Co., Fort Worth. Tex., father xffi Clarence Carroll Head, and Mrs. Jl-b^. Htirrman. Esmond. S. U. "Tliejr keep It constantly io the house, for even! member of'ttie rnmib' ean use It from tnfiuicy >ta old n^e. The I r Flave a small '•i.s farm gr< w- a farm .-ior.s oflany disturbance on this s-ore i Carver was foiind u.lay nea i !!iring the approachin.n winter. |s!r<-am in a «• -1 iiart if The local stcck market has been • in'-ir r.:ii--!.by mntain HMH -Ii uiiset by financial derangements j .'•''ii;e dis'-ov.- ivas made nli .nai!. The sudden precipitation of a, hard -otikiiig lor horses, larte suiiply of stocks ui>on this mark-j ''ar<<T's -kiill was ei 'i ••: naturally caused more or less tem-j t'leri- were iw.. bullet ho!-- I^n-ary strrin. and only ihe intrin,sie feiinrtness of seneral contliticns pre- virt^-^l a more Ferloi>s decline. Our own money market .is firm and likely to so ren-yin for some time to come. The ,\'oveml)er dishfirsements tempi.! arily adde:| to the stringency, and another period of firmness may be an- apjiarently been dead for six w«-eks. "i "ipated tow.-ird the close of the year I'arver came here when th<' r.-«i!roaii \ia= built thirty years aso. inarrieil an KEEPBM5 SKIN CLEAR •-••I. and ; just below 1 the. neck .Ml indiiation* point tn | menb-r. T!i» body was i-lentifled b\ > t'arver's s n. Waller, and y a I'entis; ' who i.aii ilone soau- -.vurk n the dead !i;.-:n"s teeth. .'•!--sing for tv.o months. Carver was : tti ;icht to be in fVid Mexico Hi> had ^ '.•-sv... CLARENCE. ( ARROI.L HEAR pat _ \s an icdication of renewed activity and confidence in the I'nited States the larce amount of new security Issues annuoiinced for October is worth nr .iing. the total being $2ti3.00o.i;(iii. against J»;<.<'fii>.0<|0 at the .same time a y.'ar ago Tlie most significant feature In our industrial situation Is the continue-J extraordinary activity of iron : and steel, the production of which is • breaking all rcords. The railroads ! ••ontinue the princl|iat buyers, having .' idaced heavy orders for rails and 'equipment. This demand is ahno.-t •-•ertain to continue for some, time to Indian wife and went into the cow liu-ini'ss .lohn Su'ioii wa.- arr '--'ted this afternoon, the f fficers believing he may be able to throw light on rhe events lead- Inc to Carver's death Cut oot the «Woeoaoc».wid.fiT9 other, of coMeeutiv«d«te». Uiem «;"th« office•mtl.Uie.xpeMobonc*nniountb^ifuiittoppotrt^.my »tyfa ^ K of Dietion.rT .elected (which corer. the itrn. of Ihe co.t of P*to«. from tho f .ctorr. checklns. cleric hire and other cecMury EXFEPiSt. AtmY, * - amd recoiTs your choice of thcM Sireo hooks: , 1 cia lin.ii-vn.nry 1-. •. • •- — - VVFPCTEHWI rs .f Wcb.t-r's di rl-r -.ury or by. their successors;^ i A ^n^ It isthcONi-Y cn :.: / r -mpnation by the-worjd/s' Vd \A grc.ii.-st .imh.>ri:ics fr- :ii 1 -. :!i -v^ luiivcrsitics; is boundm-.; DICTIONAR 'yi-n IJmp I-c.iibcr. f!r-:.= ' . E-.-.T ip -,^i in gold oit back artd^ Illustrnlcd sides, printed <'TI HiMc i . - r, v. ;:h rr 1 cdgcS and corners trotmd'.l: b-iotiftd. strone, o -;nibV.. T- V -. I 'l- grrxr .^l contents., there % are map> aeJ ovcr'fr^ sril. -."s oc.!::ti; : 'v i' •: :r .it .-I l.y three- | ^N.,^ Boauiat I are map> aeJ ..vcr'6r.o STtl. -s IK .•.::ti: : '•-• , '•: -I l.y three- X J»col>r pt.v.numerous S'J^ie'-t.s Iw res, 16 ,,;,._..,-s ,n I i> cduntio:: V cb.-ir;<i a:,.l the Int - t r.e-M •-•-•s . -n---:^. I rcscr.t » at th.3 oiTi c SIX Consect.'.:vo P;c.::-:i.~.ry Coupons ard the •> an 98c v^n-N l-^^J^ ;:.^n ^ntAM t-^-,^ Boon of A=y Es'.t Bf T-'ai'. •• -•-'"•« fo' Po«t«!:e BREAKS (Ol.R WITHOl T llEl.P ..;d: • .I'.s"iih Mefaifrey. Vi-e I'res for .Vebr • Orrercrs of .\merican. Omaha, slate.-:: •"! ehe'-rfully recommend Foley's Honey Tar Coniiiound as a •sure cure for coir.;hs and colds. I ha-.e iiseJ It my.-el:' r^nd have recom- nifTided i' to otiiers w-'ao ha'ie .-in<-e told me nf its ^reat curative iiower in dise:ise of tiie throai and IiinK.-- " Itur- reii's Drug Store. u^'-rs of Svnii> Pepsin have barned tojcme, and many idants already have avoid cathartics, salt waters, i.ills mid orderi; oft hand which will keeri C;»ro, other harsh remedies, for ib-y do but | fully employed throughout 191«. tcmiKjraiy good and are a hiiotk loj The late decline in stocks has not. anv delicate system. j bwn entlrelv welcome, yet may lave if no member of your family ha-«' beneficial r'-sult.s '"X'iiiv Political .S.T.|fm iu .Minnesota to As- ever used Syrup Pepsin and voiM tested our financial^ stren8th.__ejiniin^ certain Facts. HKALTH OF TIIE .St HOOL t Hll-R CUTICURA SOAP Alifctimeof disfiKurcmcnt aiiflsuffcr- iti;; often results from the neglect, in infancj 'ortjhildhood.ofsimpleskinaf- f cct iojis. In t he prevent ion and t reat- ment of minor eruptions and in the promotion of permanent skinandhair health, Cujticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are absolutely unrix-aled. Cattem Se.|> « B 4 Otstmrat inM ihmiclutnt thii ». rl.l. tilxrul Mia|>l* of mrli imlW-J lr»«. i S-lv honk AlarM "t\lllr«n." f>H<<- t. Il «i4<'n. «VTi>lt4««>timl wri, »>>«»• 1 n r^miUtl »ilU <S »11. l*Hpc'>i Cold i'iini |Hiund iruns I ohN and tiripiM- in a ie« hour.-. |i i-: .-1 "1" itiv.- fact th;,! a do:--' of l'.-i!< s I'oid (.'oiiipouti'l. iik.-ii '-iiiv |-AM hours unlil thro- roiisi-cu'iv'- 'lo.-'-.-^ :ire taken, will indtri" ^^l>l'" ;itiil break up 111'- niii-i n- .eoM. • in ih<' he.irl. clest, !• •I'K, c'oni- ::'.li. limbs or ;.!iy \n:v:^ij'i 'h- Ix.d.v-. ; P |-roiiipl!y r>li"\«s ih<- tiiosi niiri- i :.;b'.- lorn; n he, dullness, 'c-ad an*! :i-\-ii- --..iitTi''! n|i. f.-vi-rislin-s-. sne^.z- •n:;. «>r- iliront. rumiii:^ of the nosi\ ".;t'!cO'!s c;'i:'rrh:i'. ('.i.-i'ii:irs< s. sore- ; ->s. stiffness :'i!d rln-iimaiic twinges. ; Take ihi-s won.b-rtul Comiiound a-s liirieted. \vjtti :he k:io-.» !fil:;e ihat i ih^ re is iioiluiiR > h-' !ii the world ' whiih v.iti cure yviiir cold or end' Crippe uii-ery i<s pronoilly and with-; nut H'v other a.«:sii»i!ine.' ^r b,id af-t l.-r ifTicis ;is n ;.'r> .-cut p.ickrige of rape'* Cold C«)mpi»ind. ,which any •i;m.-ci (-.-ii! supply—accept no sub- nit- eitiMains no quinine. Belongs . v< ry iiome. • Tastes nice—acts Mr. rind Mrs. R U. Hickson left rd^'V Conway Springs. Kas., participate .in a family rsunion. Farm Luan.s Lowest Bates Branch Office of TheMermm Mortgage Co. Topelw. Kans. Optional PaynTents. Any Ttme. Will 50';> of Land Vala«,-= RV.ST LOAN IX .\LLEJi COUSTX SEE IOI.A LAND COMFY I

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