Covina Argus from Covina, California on October 3, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 8
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Social IHcwsj " * The four tonrihers *vho linve rented thr< "HnrriKitlow" mi Cottfme Drive, the Mimes Williams, Abbott, Lum- niis, and Ibnves, on Monday evening •won: jdenHantly purnriped }>y n mini ber of Uifiir friends, m:holHHtir and otherwise, wild a kilrhen shower. On \VerlneffJay evening a farewell reception WIIH jmen li.y Mr. and Mrs. f'has. KiimimiiH hi honor of Mr. and Aim. I' 1 , p. U'filner (ir,d daughter .Ruby, who have left, fur the North. Ice cream and cake uere served and a very plf.asant ( veiling WIIH enjoyed hy nil. Invil.ed fiiinsls wore Mr. and Airs. S. .1. Walton, Mr. and Mrs. MclJniinld and little daughter Annie, jMr. aiifl Mrs. Cheney. Mr*. K, Tiueblnod enterlained on V.'edncHday last with a thimble party at. her ranch home northeast, of town. There were nine Indies from Los An- KO!OH rind Alharnhra who came hy the electric rnnrj, and the following Covina ladies: Mines. Warren, A. J. Wnrnei, Tripp, H. DouglaH, Kistlei and VVhitsel. A HtiinpliiniiK dinner \VIIH nerved ami the ladies Hpent a most en.joynhle day, returning ho rim about 0 p. in. A. M. Pence WIH pleasantly snr- priHed at hi.s home on Kriday evening last hy the members of )I!H Hundny- Kihool class and a few of the-ir young friends. The evening passed quickly •with gnmoH and nitisio. J{ofreslj- nionts of Htrawherry ic,e nroam, cake mid candy frisson were nerved. Those T-roHent vvoro: Knlh Arthur, Mn/e! Clifford, May Caney, Mat.tio Cliilton, .Julia Hnshor, Helen Uroadwell, Celo Potter, Minnie Hisson, Kst.her H<!0- Ikdd, (llndys and Lois Heal. The clnss presented thoir teacher with a beautiful silver pitcher. Monday Afternoon Club. Tho llrst meeting of tho Covina Monday Afternoon dub of the HeaHon ol ItKJB-!* will bo held on Monday afternoon next at ',\ p. m. Tho tenth birthday of the club will I'e celebrated, and as a birthday cole- bration always involves a present, a voluntary silvor offering will bo col looted, tho proceeds of whioh will bo devoted to tho furnishing of the kitchen di.'partment, The first mooting of tho club was held Soph. 21, 1H!)H, ut tho homo of Mrs. J. J. Morgan. Thoso present wore: Mines. Anderson, Amos, Hur- pt-o, Clark, Douglass, Kauldor, (Iris wold, MorKan, Prather, Kalokin, IJood, Wmith, Warner, Wilkins, and the MisseH Uhinehiird (now .Shearer), Jiavin, (iriHWold, and Hilda Wllltin.s mow Mrs, .J. IJrun.jes. ) For some years meetings were held at, the homos of the members, but the oliih quickly outgrew these acootnnio. dations and meetings wore thon held in Workman hall. In April, lOUIi, tho handsonie building now owned by the members of tho Hub us stockholders was built, al a cost of U-1000. The following ladies have Herved as president: Mines. Douglass, Morgan, Miss (now Mrs. I). Roichard), Miss Hawks, Mines. Rate kin, Klllolt, (iriswold, Harris, and M iss Anna HOITOII. The Monday Afternoon Club, which now boasts of over 100 members, has always worked for the mental, moral and social betterment, of its inomborH nnd of the town at, large. The splendid program of this noa- •HOII VMIH given in full in our (HHUD of .Sept. lUth. Of special interest are tho domestic hc.ionno and cookery demons!rat inns by Mis. Jlirr/ard of the Slate Normal School. Attention will also be given this year to oivie, improvement, wbioh includes such matters as clean streelH, alleys and empty lots, the tilling of long felt wanttj, IIH tor instance a public drinking fountain, play ground, Hwimming pud, and park. Mirths. H"rn t.. Mr. an i Mrs. \>. U. Kiggins nf ( Jian^c street, u mm. Hni'ii to Mr. and Mrs. Jlmiser, Tliiiisday, Oct. 1, pound liny. Horn to Mr. ami Mrs \V illiain I )t to Snider, Supt. -J7, a .-mi and heir. 'I'llC birth ni'CUII'rd al I hi- hnlill' ot -Mrs. Snidcr's parents, Mr. ami Mrs. Win. II. ()\ erliult/cr nl Row land a\ e nun. ll is ll.i- Hist grandchild an the hearty youngster has been named William Donald .Snidei Wetlrintf Prom Business Mi.-. Mary I.eelnii has been engaged in business mi ('ill ns a\ i out her stuck of ( ;ouds am ll "in lill.iln.--- fi :| ill! illlll Mi-,. Li-1-biick has Well ill hi'I e.-taiiii-! thai ,-ilu- c-an n< Work, o'.ung I- Notice. HOUHK NUMUKKINO OIMHNANCK NO. 01. Kvery occupant, lessee, tenant B ibtennnt, or anyone in control of any building fronting on H public street within the City of Covina, shall within ten days after thin publication present to tho city clerk at bin office » description of such premise* according to the official mnp or plat thereof and pay to the clerk seventy-five cents and receive street number to Mich premises. Anyone neglecting to comply with this notice will be prosecuted according to the penaltieH provided in said ordinance. The clerk 'A i 11 bo in his office from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. during the ten days 'except the 7th and 8th. ) A. M. Pence, city clerk. Dislocates Hip Joint. C. K. Curley, an employee on the Will turn Rowland ranch, was thrown from a fractious horse this week and his hip joint dislocated. The dislocation was a very serious one. Dr. •Jonninus attended the man and succeeded in reducing tho dislocation, but, the man had been given whisky before the airival of the doctor in order to allay the pain, and this when mixed with the doctor's ether, made, the man i, raving maniac for a few nilnules after the operation. It, took all the men on the ranch to hold him. An American farm hand in the employ of the Hurst brothers of Walnut Center was struck by the tongue on a hay-baling machine one day this week arid suffered a serious injury to the right, leg. It, WIIH thought at first, that the bone was broken, but the man ia able to bo around again, although the bruise is a bad one. Club Entertainment. If, Is necessary for a hustling crowd of ticket ("ellers to get very busy in the interests of the ei.tertainrnent to be given red Friday night by the Covina Christian Cnltuie and Athletic Club. The affair is the introduction of thin organization to the Covina public, and a fine musical and athletic program bus been arranged. Some of the best t-tlent to be procured locally in the way of musical and ins rutnental perform- malice has been secured, and a team of athletes from the LOR Angeles V. M.C. A. will give good exhibitions of what can be done in a gymnasium by practice. A glee chorus composed of club members will render two nongH and «olOH and duets will augment the program. All the talent will consist of male singers and performers. Tickets for reserved seats will he on Hhle all the week at Clapp's drug store, and the general admission tickets can be procured fiom a number of the club members, The entertainment is to be a good one, and will definitely place the club before the Covina public. Prof. Collins, president, of the club, will make a short, address, setting forth the principles of the organization. At, the meeting of the board of directors on Tuesday night, definite action was taken about building a home for the club. It was thought, advisable to rent a meeting place for the time being, and at a later date consider the advisability of owning a club house. There were nearly fifty members preoenl at the general meet- (.otters Started Again. Two letters, duly cancelled by tho Los Angeles postal service nnd sent on their way to delivery, turned up In Covina after a year's elapse, in a most peculiar manner. JJoth letters were addressed to Peter (Joldhorg, '2'22 North Main street, Los Angeles, one of them bearing the name of the nsnder, llaiiH IJorg of La Vornc, Minnesota, Tho letters had been slipped into a crevice in a box of tobacco consigned to J. C. CJoodell of the VendoHie pool room, Coviriu. (joodoll found them when he opened the package, and turned them over to Postmaster Mnfthows, who re-sent them on thoir belated journey. are An Unselfish Work. Rev. E. K. Moon and wife of Castle Rook, Wash., are guests of Rev. nnd Mrs. Conley. They are under iippnint.mcnt as missionaries to Africa, to bo associated with Dr. Royal J. Dye in tho marvelous work it' tho Unlcngi station, on tho upper Congo, Mrs. Moon will lie mipporl- d by<J. H. Waters of Pomona, and Rev. Moon by the Christian Church if Covina. These successful and .iniiHooratod Christian workers are on tho way to the national missionary Miiuontion of the Churches of Christ in New Orleans, beginning Oct. 8. KVom there they go direct to their mission Held. They will speak in the Christian Church Sunday morning. Frank a ten Cement Work All Kinds. 1 have in my yards in tho rear of the Covina Irrigating Company, East College street, cement irrigation pipe of all si /ON ready for instant delivery. Lot, me furnish you estimates on all cement curbn and sidewalks, foundations, old. Long years of experience in laying cemont irrigation pipe. You can nave money by seeing mo. JAMES DON HAM, CHARTER OAK. Mrs. H. A. Htowell was the guest oi a cousin, Mrs. fiice of Alliambra, on Thursday last. Mrs. W. E. Cole and her aunt spending a week at Long Beach. Miss fJoHtrice Cole has returned | from FrorJnlba and the adjacent mountains, wheie she has been camping with a party of friends. Her brother has not yet returnee], The riev-B reached here last, week of the sudden death of Thus. L. Frator, a rancher of thia place, which occurred at Milwaukee Sept. 13, while he was on a pleasure trip in the East. Deceased leaves three brothers and two sisters, including the Misses Belle and Jennie Frater, who live here, and WiJl Frater of Los Angeles. John Smelt/.er reoorts the sale this week of a five acre young navel grove, adjoining the school house on the south, the property <>'. Austin Warner, of Covina, to Mr. Ezra Ulery of Monrovia. The trees, whioh are four years old, are in a flourishing condition. The price paid wna 8:1000. ivlr. Ulery was formerly a resident of Covina. The Charter Oak grammar school opened thin year with a very gratifying increase in attendance over last year and new names are being added to tho roll daily. Excellent work is being accomplished and Miss Clara Thompson, the principal, is deservedly worthy of praise for th« high standard this school has acquired in tho county. Four bright students, Asa Hell, Lloyd Dolcater, Leland Congdon and Morlo Urniishaw, graduates last year from this school, are in attendance HUH term at tho Covina Union High School. IRWINDALE. P. O. box :iU. Yards, E. College St., Covina. Mr. nnd MTH. Hcott KUCHtH thin week of and Mrs. WalerhmiHe. i if Hawaii were rolativus, Mr. Mr.s. Liuvis, who was lioiiHekcoper fur th« Into Dr. JIiinLetloi uf Covina, JH sptiiiiihiK tho week with Mrs. C. H. Ntnvlan. MIHH Canton Convenes. Canton Covina P. M., I.O (). V., will have a strong representation at the annual encampment al llanford next Tuesday, when cnuipanies from all over the stale will assemble and mako format inn al in ( ,'chick. The Cn\ ina company will go into camp j,>,|slv ill, immediately mi arriving. The an ..,,. ..i-ii.,, (!eo. ("!nnn in spend inn in LOOK lit'aoli. fow days Hprolte, who is .study inn in the (Juod Siuiiuritiui 1ms- pitnl, is enjoying a ahort viu-atimi with her parents and frienda. M. K. ('oil niiiii, \vhii has heen nual count v fair is alsn being held al i.'k, and the Odd art nt ilm pagrant l''n 11 at i angemeiils i'.! t he met'l iiiv,' of the Tin -day evening, a nws | n i he numl'cr ol t ui nty were \ isiioi - li mil ( lleiidiTa. Caplaiu ('. !•'. I'lapp Male-, that I hi con pany \sill be in camp for one week '1 'hi^i' memlers leaving . n is imw nut li>u ly. nf L and se I'll' Howdl & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRp;SH E VICKY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wapon through valley daily. Mftft*ftftftftftftftlUtfMMURftftft**l * 1909 Model Kissel Thirty Motor—4;<x4>.{—30 h. p. Wheel Base—107 in. Floating Rear Axle. I Beam Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Springs -A Eliptic. Weight—2000 Ihs. Timken Roller Bearings. Weeels—32x3>S. Speed—45 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 REO Garage COVINA Guy E. Fairly Electrical Contractor Everything in the Electric Line Call and see rnv fixture room equipped with the bust line of fixtures in the valley. !<<>* Angeles prices. Ollice with II. I J . (Garrison's Hicycle Shop Citrus Ave. James Corbett General BlaoRsmitHlng All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks s.ud Box Presses horseshoeing a Specialty home Phone 63 Shop West Badillo St, Csvina Hair ' 'Sageiii- make hair \ igni'i i Xa.-ii'fj dm.; store nl i.-i ( iel a ma li- l;i>itlc tu in. MlSS M libel mn ti'iim a ih her fi ii>Ui of ( iniarin. u Smith bus pb-a-ant , Mi.-- rhaii Mrs. I-'. I'. U'al.-er \vns niecteil last av attci IHHIII wish n tan-well | arty l-y tin- little t,irl^ nf lur Sun day M'luiid das- in iln- l'i i .-i,ylei ian IK YUi: WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, hL'i' bei'ore lull. et s'our >rk n iKirauteod ami prices U'asntuib'e. C. N. Kistler Guaranteed, Months Women & Children SOLD BY BROADWELL Covina GFNASCO Smooth Surface V^trf I Vi Bk^^^X/ An absolutely new process that resists all weathers Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill and Lumber Ca. Home 148, Sunset 253. Covina, Cal. We Are Told That Taft Will Be Elected But business is going to be good anyway. Business is good with us now. We have the largest stock in the San Gabriel Valley of Builder's Hardware, Tools, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heateas and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Cutlery, Gloves, and House Furnishing Goods. Inspect our stock of scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, RRPOKT 01' THK CONDITION OF THK First National Bank of Covina AT COVINA n the State of California, at the close of business, September 23. 1908. (Cnarter No. 58.50) $224.fi2.'i.4-l H KIiOL'UCKS. Loans and di.icount-i ....... Overdraft*, secured and nn.socured U. S. Iximls to secure circulation ....... 2u,l)()0 00 I'ramiimiH on U. S. Honda .............. 376.00 Bonds, HucuritUiS, etc ............... 17.DSo]oO BankiiiK house, furnituro and fixtures . 17 filn'32 Due from National Banka (not reserve agents) .. .. ..... 1,496.06 Due from Slate Banks iind Bankers. . 1,691.72 Due from approved reserve at'enu ..... 58,2-13.77 Checks and other items ............. 285.6.'! Notes of other National Banks ........ 120.00 Fractional paper currency, nickela. cents .57.15 Lawful Money Reserve in Bank, viz- ?!"*'« ...... 12.8.1H.OO 12,846.00 KedemptioM Kund with U. S. Treasurer 5 per cent of circulation ................ 1,250.00 Due from U. S. Treasurer, other than a: fund ............................... 700.00 Total ... I I \IIII.ITIES. Capital Stock paid in Surplus fund . . ... t'ndi\ided pn.lits, lens expensed and tii\e.-> (.aid National Bank miles oiit.-.tundini; Due to 1 Companies amlSai i Hunk- . 363.151.72 WALL PAPER BARGAINS Good Wall and Ceiling- papers one ent a roll, choice of twenty g-ood pat- ertis. Fine (Jilt papers 5c a roll, worth 20c. Ingrains, Raw Silk and Varnished Tiles. Finest styles in Tapestry papers. Our poods are all new and first class. The Best Patterns of the Best Markets. Free sample books to everybody. NEW YORK WALL, PAPER CO. Cor. Tenth and Main Sts., Phone F51-U Los Angeles 11 $ 50.000.00 :)0,(KJO.OO a i ul every Sunday extra rim- Tomorrow we .serve an CHICKEN DINNtR inei.u oil \\et-k, and li'e.i! than t :•••.• valley. F, E. WOLFARTH , . Jeweler , . Mr. Rancher Hun': a'.lu\v and Family man — your tire to be et th at hun;c. habit. isit aud^e mpU-tc stuck iiy in the HIIL-. f cvery- kind.-.. Fine ...rk w V Hotel Venflome! KnV.iiKKAI.I), I'r,

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