The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 25, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1977
Page 5
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f»ge 10 - NAL'GATUCK NEWS (Conn.) Thuriday, June 3,1H6 Redeye YOU 60 TAKE IT EASY -1'U GATHER THE FIREWOOD TODAY HOLD IT/BUSTSR! SLOW UP THe BALLOON Dear Am Landers: A while back 1 read the letter from Ihe woman who is Ihe only one who goes lo visit her mother in Ihe convalescent home. Her sister and brother "can't stand the smell." Her brother says, "ll'sdepresslrg to sec all Ihoseold people." I'll go you one better. My mother is 80 and lives in her own lillle tome. Her house smells just /ine and she is always bright and cheerful. My brother lives right next door and stops in once or twice a month for a brief visit. Her other son lives 15 minutes away. Same story. They never offer to mow the lawn, run an errand or fix anything • around her home. Her son-in-law (my husband), age 60, does everything. My brothers (not yet 50) both run to the altar rail every Sunday and consider themselres fine Christians. Care lo comment? - A Sister Dear Sis: Why bother? They aren't worth thespace to tell them off. That husband of yours sounds like a pen*. Give him a big hug (or me. He's my kind of guy. Dear Ann Landers: The maul was engaged lo marry has decided IK isn't ready to give up his freedom. We went together for two and a half years. My whole life revolved around him. How will I face my family and friends? 1 think I'd rather die. I already quit my job to prepare for the wedding. 1 was living for the day when I could stay home and be a 100 per cent wife and mother. My world has collapsed, f had great faith in ihe Lord, was active in our church and taught Bible classes. Now I'm beginning to doubt everything 1 once believed in. Please help me think straight, Am. I'm - Hanging By A Thread Dear Friend: Get your Bible out and read about Elijah in Kings 1:19. Elijah was so dejected he asked God to take his life. God suggested three things: (1) Get enough rest - which means sleep. It is impossible to repair a shattered spirit when you are exhausted. II natural sleep refuses to come, ask your doctor for medication to get through this crisis. (2) Eat. Grief-stricken people often become weak and ill because they have no appetite. Start with small o! amoungs of nourishing food, then on to three meals a day. (3) Go back to work at once. Sitting around and mourning never solved a problem. Keeping active and involved canbe good medicine for a broken heart. It's all there in the Bible, dear. Seek and ye shall find. Dear Ann Landers: 1 know from reading your column that you don't believe in lonely-hearls clubs, computer dating or third-parly matching of mates. You even put thumbs down on a scientific foundation run by a doctor and a minister. Since you get so many letters from lonely people, Ann, why don't you consider interviewing them inyourhome — Ihe mosl promising ones, tha I is. You could then see for y ou rsel f what they are like. What a wonderful service you could perform, dear Ann! Please reconsider 11 could ch ange your life. — A Caring Person D rar Person: It could char ge rr.y life all right. Thanks a heap. All I need ishundreds of lovelorn in my living room, waiting to be ."paired up." If you don't mind I think I'll just do the best I can with this column. As il is I'm putting in a 10-to 12-hour aday. Are your parents too stritl? Hard to reach? Ann Landers' booklet, "Bugged fiy Parents? How to Get More Freedom," could help'you bridge, the generation gap. Send 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Dox 1400, Elgin, 1U. MHO. : FOR THURSDAY Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. r ARIES •(Mar. 21 lo Apr. 20) Mixed influences. Check impulsive comments, action. You could step into (rouble with little eitorl through wrong or heedless tactics. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) . A period of adjustment. Profit by experience and study the methods of successful persons. Make moves designed lo enhance position, insure gains. GEMINI •tn£$' (May 22lo June 21) UB 7 A day calling for your best judgment. You could cause unnecessary misunderstandings by involving yourself in the affairs of others. Don't underestimate Ihe competition either. CANCER 6&i-\ (June 22 to July 23) »vV Emphasize your stability. Many will look to you for support' and guidance. Without overtaxing yourself, give help wherever you can LEO flf-Qf (July 24lo Aug. 23) <WW Mined planetary' influences. Good opportunities for advancement abound in your area but you may have lo search them out yourself. Personal interests highly favored. VIRGO (Aug. 24 lo Sept. 23) Workaday routine may seem more tedious than usual, but evening activities will more than make up lor it. Look (or exceptionally stimulating hours with highly congenial companions. LIBRA JV^TS ( Scpl. 24 Oct. 23) — Be alert to deceptive elements now. Even your closest friends may be telling you only half the story. Here's where your innate pernptiveness and intuition can be of great help. '.JUNE 3. 1976 SCORl'iO (Ocl. 24 to Nov. 22) This day will be a far better one than you may anticipate at first. Be enthusiastic, bul nol hurried; resolute, bul not obstinate. You have much to gain SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Group activity is highly favored. Stars indicate lhal now is the lime for you to m ake some exciting new contacts. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22lo Jan. 20) Give careful thought to financial affairs — not only business-wise bul where your personal budgel is concerned AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Quite unexpectedly you may find the solution to a difficult problem. Another's casual words could put you on the right track. PISCES VcS 5 ? (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) A <tiA Present conditions may not warrant Ihe expansion you have in mind. Go slow if conservative opposition arises. YOU BORN TODAY have been endowed with a fine mind; can Iruly be called brilliant in your keen interpretation ar^J analysis of almost any situation. You have a gift for words and could excel in any career where this is an asset writing, lecturing, teaching, the theater, the law and politics. This gift extends to the linguistic and you learn foreign languages with unbelievable ease. You are extremely adaptable; in fact, il has been said of you that you could be dropped into any country of Ihe world and feel at home. Try lo conquer a tendency lo scatter energies, however, or you may nol realize your truly glorious polenlialilies. Birthdale of: Jefferson Davis, Pres. Amer. Confederate Stales (Civil War); King George V, of England; Maurice Evans, dramatic actor. speakers. JUST A MINUTE, MAWSQUAW,' Heart Of Juliet Jones 'I WOil'T BE GONG BACK WITH '/OH. YES, I'M HAPPY HUSgAHP ARE REUNITE!?... I OUST POH'T WANT TO STANP AKOUNP WATCHING, THAT'S ALL... HE'S HOT ABOARR EVE. THIS NOTE WILL EXPLAIN Y/HY — WHERE'S COLE RAUSER, JULIE? Bringing Up Fathei NOW, I WANT TO/ TALK TO YOU ABOUT THAT YOU BROKE, I'M QLAD I DIDNT BREAK ANV MORE. I THOU6HT SHE'D KILL M£ FOR DROP PI NO THAT PLATE. ONE OF MAGGIE'S BEST DISHES -I HOPE SHE OIPN'r HEAR THE CRASH.' Buz Sawyer YOU SHOULD HAVE COME WITH US TO THEYOOPOO CEREMONIES, BUZ. IT WAS AWESOME. r HO, 1 NO LONGER BELOHG IN THE STATES. THIS 15 «V HOME NOW. HERE'S WHERE I'M UEEPEP -WITH K< PEOPLE YOU'VE /WE IK1 VISIT 50 WOHPERPUt, PAPPY. YOU'VE GOT TO COWE HOWE WITH Hi TO Mf WEPOWG, UNDERSTAND, PAPPY SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH YES, IF YOU CALL CAN I \ AND ASK HIS HAW DUNCAN W MOTHER; SMITH OVER LTOPLAV, MOM?,. TURBB/IU-E OVER? LOOK WHAT HE V/OR6 TO AAV POUCH PARTY'/ WHY DO YoO SAY THAT? PlMA-DlM IS SUCH A POUT A FEW NAILS V3AFE! HAi WILL KEEP THE SWAB NICE AW / HE'LL HE "SAFE 1 NAILS WON'T HOLD 1 PUT THE BLASTlD VAMPIRE IN H!<3 COFRM TO SLEEP IT ORF!! I YEAH. IT WAS JU<5' LIKE A SILVER BULLICK.' YOU KNOCKED MY VAMPIRE COUSISJ OUT WITH RIMS OW OUT A6 SOON AS HE COMES TO! RCKIE, PLEASE LETTER SISN FOR THE DOOO THAT HEREMEOIAISPEIUNS AIISSGRUSOliWHl CERTAINLY, MS WEATHERME: THE REMEDIAL SPEIUJJG Cl ASS THIS AFTERNOON ''. I GOT TO SON-SET IN HERE WIF TATER MAW!! COME OW OUT WATCH TH V SUNSET by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS I Polish cake 5 They're often drawn II Kace shape 12 So help me! 13 Sapient 14 Revolve 15 Yale student 16 Sunder 17 June beetle 18 "My Cousin —" 20 Alpine herdsman 21 Sound Ihe bell 22 Indigo plant 23 Linger 25 High! now 26 Victorian and Elizabethan 27 Original and mortal 28 Lady friend 41 lioman highway DOWN 1 Arbor 2 Spanish city 3 Boot camp ordeal 12 mis.) 4 Drink for Kalstaff 5 Ear- piercing 6 Kind of skirt 7 Aardvark's tidbit 8 llelative of a blind alley (3 wds.J 9 Neighbor ol Latvia Yusterday'sAnswer 10 In a harsh 25 How ol ivay 16 Trust 19 Kinil of upera 20 French liver 23 Brewing gadget 12 wds. i l\ Sill 1 of Mount Ararat seals 21 Grew trite 30 Lift; hoist 31 "-'s Tune" 33 Court attendant 36 Publication, for bhurl 37 Indian title DAILY fRYl'TOdUOTE- Here's hois to work it: A X Y D I, 1! A A X R is . I. 0 N n F E 1. 1. 0 W One lellrr simpK stands for another. In Ihis sample A is uscil fur the Ihrce'l.X X fur Ihe two O's. dr. SinRle letters apostrophes, llic lonRlh and foniialimi of Ihe wurils nre all linls. Erich (lav I Ho fule tellers arv different. CRYPTOQUOTE JNCCDXVZZ UKOVZ MBKO RDFJ- DX-GKI. UNX'F EK KI.F N'XII II-G UF.-IIKBDZ H N G Yesterday's Cryptoquolc: A MAN'S HEART IS CLOSER TO HIS WALLET THAN ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE. - REV. BILLY GRAHAM Investors' Guide Bonds Pay Fixed Dollars Q At age 66, believing thai predicting the trend of short- high rale Inflation lies ahead, 1 term (or long-term) rates over cannot see the advantage ol the next six months or over the purchasing long-term bonds. I next 60 years - because I intend to stay short-term. haven't the foggiest idea. A Bonds - long or short - All I can say with any cer- can be of no help In combatting tainty is that if a retired person inflation wants income NOW, he or she A long-term bond-20,25,30 should invest for the highest, years - generally will pay a safest income he can get NOW. higher rate o! interest than the The alternative - as I see it same Quality bond due in five is to go quietly daft trying to years On the day your letter figure out the long- and short- arrived a U.S. Treasury 8V 4 per term effects on mteresl rates of cent bond due in 2005 yielded M-l. M-2 (all the way to M-7) 816 per cent lo maturily. A money statistics, Federal Treasury bond due in five years Reserve open market yielded? 5 per cent and one due .operations and political a year from now yielded about promises to balance the budget 51 (wheredotheygetlhenerveto ' If yuu are going to pay higher still make those promises?). If prices for bread and cheese and you work out the formula please shoes, you might better get let me know, , , $81.60 a year Irom each $1,000 Q Wna( sort O f growth slocts invested than $75 or {64. WOI1 i<j b,. t, cst f or a retired Point 2: If you invest $5,000 in ^^^i a long-term bond you (or your A ^ en j, 011 say retired, I heirs) arc promised $5,000 in mus [ assume you are 2005, or will have to take describing an investor who whatever Ihe market will pas' wan ts current income. The for your bond, if you should "book" answer would be that if decide lo sell before maturity. youtoo x a yardstick and labeled That price (in a high-grade me end ,.j no)lne " and ^ olner issue) will he determined en(i "growth" you would gel a mostly by the fluctuations in the pretty faif picture o[ your money matkeL And don't ask pr oWem . u should be obvious me to charl that unul 2005! thatyoucan'tbeatbothendsal But the fact 1 must stress is „ ' .. that long or shorL a bond in- \^p r obkmtransl«testalo vestment pays oil in a iixea .. ( dwiHp uWi> vnn vrill number of doUars.fc B you buy g^SSl-tteffi wiu rf gTS<>M^ fed^iTisra tawa ' d ^ ^ ovrth end ' l< ™ ard Assuming you will still want same $5,000 I generous dividend will also be protect your $5,000 against - with $5,000 in 1WS dollars! , , , The only reasons for staying short-term are: 1) you will need Tomorrow: A 26-year-old that $5,WO cash for a specific warls ,'™ raosl [rom "% purpose in a few years; 2) you more y' are confident lhal if you get ' ' * your money back. In 1979 (in- «,,"i'!,w?" u i5 l< M*»!!i < 'u* ( "t 11 " stead of 1999) you will be able to *,«;£ ' r ""' M " '"«•"" '"• reinvest flt a higher rate of r^ ir.iorr.aihso oo t«pw»f* MA interest. \"'l'^^\,^"H ^"'p* This was the game played JJJ[J" <1T ,'J'J| «.'??»'«"»*"" many small investors who ' " **""*' ••discovered" Treasurj- bills a ne tolon Cmmm , , w re park in Boston, wai for 4^ to 5^ per cent I am not

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